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All Republican Presidential Candidates Stand for War
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here is not a peaceful person among the Republican candidates. Even the female is heartless. Carly Fiorina positioned herself along side the macho men as a warmonger. She let the military/security complex know that she, too, was for sale. Send in the campaign donations, and she will see that the money flows back to the military/security complex in the buildup of fleets and armaments that will send the Russians a message.

Alas, the only message US politicians want to send to the Russians is a war message. The Pentagon has upgraded the newly orchestrated “Russian threat” to “potentially aggressive” and is updating its plans for war with Russia.

What has Russia done to cause Washington to plan war with Russia? Don’t you know? Russia invaded Ukraine, just like Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and al-Qaeda connections.

If Russia invaded Ukraine, how come Ukraine is still there? If weak insignificant Ukraine fought off a Russian invasion, then how is it possible that Russia is a threat?

To deal with the “Russian threat” Washington has sent armed German jet fighters to patrol the skies over the Baltic oligarchies. Washington tells Russia that the fighters are not directed at Russia. So why the fighters? Perhaps they are there to protect the Baltics from Iran like that anti-ballistic missile system Washington placed in Poland to protect Europe from nonexistent Iranian nuclear ICBMs.

It is reckless for Washington to take provocative actions against Russia and to tell Russia that the actions are directed elsewhere. Russia knows full well that the actions are directed against Russia. What Washington is teaching Russia is that Washington can never be believed. As everything Washington says is a lie, Russia cannot risk making an agreement with Washington to end the orchestrated conflict, because Washington’s word is meaningless. A liar simply cannot be trusted.

Russia’s president, Vladimir Putin, has often remarked that Washington’s provocations and propaganda are destroying trust between nuclear powers, thus raising the risk of nuclear war. But Washington is too full of arrogance and hubris to hear. Washington only hears itself.

In February 2012 President Putin made it clear that Russia rejects Washington’s policy known as “airstrike democracy” that overrides international law with military force. Putin said that Washington’s pursuit of hegemony makes every other country unsafe. Washington’s policy of violence, Putin said, might have extremely serious consequences for Washington.

Three and one-half years later the morons competing for the Republican presidential nomination are making it even more clear that they have not heard what Russia has been telling them.

If any of the Republicans are elected, or for that matter any of the Democrats, war will be the result. There is no point worrying that both parties intend to take away your Social Security, Medicare, and private pensions, because you won’t be here to collect them.

(Republished from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the great article, Sir. Our candidates of both parties don’t stand for war per se—they are just lying down for the Israel lobby. These candidates are for sale, and the Israel lobby owns and operates them, so they will lie down and lie up and lie left and lie right or just lie, lle, for the Lobby. 50% of the Campaign contributions to the Democrats and 40% to the Republicans are from the Jewish lobby.

    I presume Putin knows this. Once Putin realizes that the US govt. is owned and operated by the Judaists, he can change his strategy. For eg, instead of fighting with US directly, he could arm Syria and Iran with many fighter jets, nuclear weapons, or short range missiles targeted at Israel.

    Repondeat Superior: Let the master answer. Once the master knows its the target, it will think twice.

  2. Isn’t it really “airstrike plutocracy”? Name one country that’s been bombed, couped or invaded into democracy. The reality is that nascent signs of indigenous democracy are not in the interest of western plutocrats and are targeted for regime change, not by ballot, but by bullet.

    In Afghanistan, in a last ditch effort to avoid a grave for our empire, we support the worst against their own people, elevating to command pedophiles whom the villagers vainly complain to our military about. Our soldiers are sickened by those they are forced to harbor within our occupation bases there, dismissed or even murdered if they don’t go along. It’s gotten to the point our soldiers can no longer keep silent and are speaking out.

  3. Some people think we are on schedule for WWIII. The market crashed in 1929 and WWII started 1939. Our recent market crash of 2008 would put in line for WWIII about 2018. If we go plus or minus 20% we get 2016 through 2020.

    Something to think about as we leave the summer of 2015 heading into 2016.

  4. Realist says:

    “All Republican Presidential Candidates Stand for War”

    That’s what the Zionists are paying them for.

  5. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Same to of course for all Democratic candidates. SOS Hillary named neocons like Victoria Nuland and Samantha Power to powerful positions. Ms. Nuland of course led SOS Hillary’s drive to provoke a war with Russia by putting a fascist government that attacks its own people into power in Ukraine. And of course, SOS Hillary also promises to continue her personal long-term policy of giving Israel whatever it wants and standing up and applauding everytime Israel decides to kill a few thousand people.

    And its not like Bernie is an alternative. He refuses to discuss an end to the policy of throwing money at the Pentagon so that they can invent more problems to solve. And of course, he’s right there pledging fealty to Israel at all times.

    So, if you oppose war, voting Republican or Democrat is not the answer. Heck, these days even the libertarian minded candidates seem to promote more and more and more war like Rand Paul does. That means you are left with the Green Party or something like a real socialist candidate if want to vote to end these wars and stop giving a trillion dollars plus of our national treasure to feed the every growing standing armies/war machine.

  6. Carly Fiorina, like the rest of ’em, is a bought-and-paid-for horse’s ass. She also said that her first phone call after her election would be to NuttyYahoo, assuring him of her fealty. (Hey, Carly, are you one of Sheldon Adelson’s dwarfs, too?!)

    ” . . . As everything Washington says is a lie, Russia cannot risk making an agreement with Washington to end the orchestrated conflict, because Washington’s word is meaningless. A liar simply cannot be trusted. . . .”

    You may be sure that Vlad Putin understands this. He’d better keep an ICBM ready for Washington, District of Corruption. . . .

  7. Realist says:

    ” (Hey, Carly, are you one of Sheldon Adelson’s dwarfs, too?!)”

    But of course she is.

  8. Truth says:

    So, are you guys going to vote for a “Chick-and-Hawk” this time?

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