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Lloyd G. Reynolds Archives
Lloyd G. Reynolds • 12 Items / 10 Books, 2 Reviews
Job Horizons (1949)
A Study of Job Satisfaction and Labor Mobility
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Published Reviews
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    Cooperation, Limited (2 Reviews)
    Job Horizons, by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    1. Job Horizons by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    2. Social-Class Influences Upon Learning by Allison Davis
    The New Republic, March 21, 1949, p. 24
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    How Men Are Hired (2 Reviews)
    Workers Wanted, by E. William Noland and E. Wight Bakke
    1. Workers Wanted by E. William Noland and E. Wight Bakke
    2. Job Horizons by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    The Saturday Review, June 4, 1949, p. 34
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    The Businessman in America: The Issues and the Books (23 Reviews)
    Labor Unions
    1. A Philosophy of Labor by Frank Tannenbaum
    2. Financial Reports of Labor Unions by George Kozmetsky
    3. From the Wagner Act to Taft-Hartley by Harry A. Millis and Emily Clark Brown
    4. The Structure of Labor Markets by Lloyd G. Reynolds
    5. Labor Relations and Federal Law by Donald H. Wollett
    6. Goals and Strategy in Collective Bargaining by Frederick H. Harbison and John R. Coleman
    7. The Impact of the Union by David M. Wright
    8. Economics of Labor and Industrial Relations by Gordon F. Bloom and Herbert R. Northrup
    9. Industrial Peace in Our Time by Hubert Somervell
    10. Problems in Labor Relations by Benjamin M. Selekman and Stephen H. Fuller
    11. The Right to Organize and Its Limits by Kurt Braun
    12. Steeltown by Charles Rumford Walker
    13. Current Trends in Industrial Psychology
    14. Profit Sharing by Kenneth M. Thompson
    15. Trade Unions in the New Society by Harold J. Laski
    16. The UAW and Walter Reuther by Irving Howe and B.J. Widick
    17. Job Horizons by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    18. Foundations for Constructive Industrial Relations by Richmond Carter Nyman
    19. Partners in Production
    20. The Labor Story by Aleine Austin
    21. Labor and Management in a Common Enterprise by Dorothea de Schweinitz
    22. Greater Productivity Through Cooperation by Ernest Dale
    23. Unions and Capitalism by Charles E. Lindblom
    The Saturday Review, January 19, 1952, p. 58
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    Round-up in Capsule (87 Reviews)
    Alternative to Serfdom, by John Maurice Clark
    1. Alternative to Serfdom by John Maurice Clark
    2. The American Economy by Sumner H. Slichter
    3. Cartels or Competition? by George W. Stocking and Myron W. Watkins
    4. Challenge of the American Know-How by Pearl Franklin Clark
    5. China's Economic Stabilization and Reconstruction by Ta-Chuen Liu
    6. Economic Man by Charles Reinold Noyes
    7. Economic Policy for a Free Society by Henry Calvert Simons
    8. Economic Security and Individual Freedom by Albert Lauterbach
    9. Economics for the Practical Man by George Howe
    10. Economic Thought and Language by Lindley M. Fraser
    11. The European Recovery Program by Seymour E. Harris
    12. Foreign Economic Policy for the United States by Seymour E. Harris
    13. Freedom and the Administrative State by Joseph Rosenfarb
    14. Individualism and Economic Order by Friedrich A. Hayek
    15. The Keys to Prosperity by Willford Isbell King
    16. The Law of Free Enterprise by Lee Loevinger
    17. The Location of Economic Activity by Edgar Malone Hoover
    18. Mechanization Takes Command by Siegfried Giedion
    19. Ordeal by Planning by John Jewkes
    20. The Pattern of Imperialism by E.M. Winslow
    21. Politics and Poverty by Lewis C. Ord
    22. The Responsibilities of Business Leadership by Harwood F. Merrill
    23. Saving American Capitalism by Seymour E. Harris
    24. Small Business by A.D.H. Kaplan
    25. The Social Politics of FEPC by Louis Coleridge Kesselman
    26. A Survey of Contemporary Economics by Howard Sylvester Ellis
    27. The Theory of International Values by Frank D. Graham
    28. Trends in American Capitalism
    29. The United States in World Affairs, 1947-1948 by John C. Campbell
    30. We're All In It by Eric A. Johnston
    31. Government Costs and Tax Levels by Lewis Henry Kimmel and Mildred Maroney
    32. How Tax Laws Make Giving to Charity Easy by Jacob Kay Lasser
    33. Money Market Primer by John T. Madden
    34. The United States and Foreign Investment Problems by Cleona Lewis
    35. The Business of Farming by Herrell DeGraff and Ladd Haystead
    36. A Critical Review of Research in Land Economics by Leonard A. Salter, Jr.
    37. Farming and Democracy by A. Whitney Griswold
    38. Forest Influences by Joseph Kittredge
    39. From the Ground Up by Paul M. Tyler
    40. Our Plundered Planet by Fairfield Osborn
    41. Plowshares Into Swords by Arthur P. Chew
    42. The Road to Survival by William Vogt
    43. Main Street Merchant by Norman Beasley
    44. The Management of Men by Ronald B. Shuman
    45. Managerial Enterprise by Oswald W. Knauth
    46. Organization and Management by Chester Irving Barnard
    47. The Advertising and Business Side of Radio by Ned Midgley
    48. Business, Legal, and Ethical Phases of Engineering by Donald Treat Canfield and James Harold Bowman, ...
    49. The Genius of Industrial Research by David H. Killeffer
    50. Improved Foremanship by Auren Uris
    51. Practical Handbook of Industrial Traffic Management by Richard C. Colton
    52. Your Public Relations by Glenn Griswold and Denny Griswold
    53. Assessment of Men
    54. Education for an Industrial Age by Alfred Kahler and Ernest Hamburger
    55. Highways to Jobs for Women by Josephine H. Garth
    56. Job Horizons by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    57. Personnel Management for Supervisors by Claude Edward Thompson
    58. Bargaining with Organized Labor by Richard C. Smity and Matthew J. Murphy
    59. Beyond Collective Bargaining by Alexander R. Heron
    60. Effective Labor Arbitration by Thomas Kennedy
    61. Government Regulation of Industrial Relations by George William Taylor
    62. Labor-Management Cooperation and How to Achieve It by Emil John Lever and Francis Goodell
    63. Labor Unions in Action by Jack Barbash
    64. The New Industrial Relations by Louis M. Hacker
    65. Our New National Labor Policy by Fred A. Hartley, Jr.
    66. The Union Challenge to Management Control by Neil W. Chamberlain
    67. Unions, Management, and the Public by E. Wight Bakke and Clark Kerr
    68. Wage Policy for Management by Sumner Charm
    69. Why Men Work by Alexander R. Heron
    70. Juggernaut by Wellington Roe
    71. The New Men of Power by C. Wright Mills, Helen Schneider, and Nelson Lichtenstein, ...
    72. Wobbly by Ralph Chaplin
    73. America's Fifty Foremost Business Leaders by B.C. Forbes
    74. British Economy of the Nineteenth Century by Walt W. Rostow
    75. Economic Policy and Democratic Thought by Louis Hartz
    76. The Industrial Revolution, 1760-1830 by Thomas Southcliffe Ashton
    77. John Studebaker: An American Dream by Edwin Corle
    78. Liberal's Progress: Edward A. Filene by Gerald W. Johnson
    79. Main Line by Ernest La Marr King and Robert E. Mahoffay
    80. The Maritime History of Maine by William Hutchinson Rowe
    81. Men, Cities and Transportation by Edward Chase Kirkland
    82. The Nickel Plate Road by Taylor Hampton
    83. Operations Santa Fe by Merle Armitage and Edwin Corle
    84. The Pabst Brewing Company by Thomas Childs Cochran
    85. Pepperell's Progress by Evelyn H. Knowlton
    86. Revolution in Glassmaking by Warren Candler Scoville
    87. The War Lords of Washington by Bruce Catton
    The Saturday Review, January 22, 1949, pp. 38-40
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    Businessman's Briefs (136 Reviews)
    Controlling Factors in Economic Development, by Harold G. Moulton
    1. Controlling Factors in Economic Development by Harold G. Moulton
    2. The Commerce of Nations by J.B. Condliffe
    3. Business and Government by Marshall E. Dimock
    4. The Vital Center by Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr.
    5. U.S.A.: Measure of a Nation by Thomas R. Carskadon and Rudolf Modley
    6. The Economic Mind in American Civilization, 1606-1865 by Joseph Dorfman
    7. The Return of Adam Smith by George S. Montgomery, Jr.
    8. The Economic Munich by Philip Cortney
    9. Twentieth Century Economic Thought by Glenn Edwin Hoover
    10. Has Market Capitalism Collapsed? by Allen Morris Sievers
    11. Economic Planning by Seymour E. Harris
    12. Enterprise in a Free Society by Clare E. Griffin
    13. The Theory of Economic Development by Joseph A. Schumpeter
    14. Economics and the Public Welfare by Benjamin McAlester Anderson
    15. Strategy for Liberals by Irwin Ross
    16. Security for the People by Roland Willey Bartlett
    17. The Epic of American Industry by James Blaine Walker
    18. Turkey: An Economic Appraisal by Max Weston Thornburg
    19. Backgrounds of Power by Roger Burlingame
    20. Human Action by Ludwig Von Mises
    21. Maintaining Competition by Corwin D. Edwards
    22. The Consumer Interest by Persia Campbell
    23. Government Financing of Private Enterprise by Douglas Raymond Fuller
    24. Wealth and Welfare by Norman Ware
    25. Cycles: The Science of Prediction by Edward R. Dewey and Edwin F. Dakin
    26. The Basing-Point System by Fritz Machlup
    27. A Dictionary of Economics by Harold S. Sloan and Arnold J. Zurcher
    28. Effects of Taxation: Inventory Accounting and Policies by J. Keith Butters
    29. Business Insurance by Edwin Harold White
    30. Our National Debt
    31. Your 1950 Income Tax by J.K. Asser
    32. How to Finance Real Estate by Stanley L. McMichael
    33. A Primer on Budgeting by C. Oliver Wellington
    34. An Analysis of Government Life Insurance by Dan Mays McGill
    35. Handbook of Cost Accounting Methods by J.K. Lasser
    36. Money in a Maelstrom by Johan Willem Beyen
    37. What's Behind a Financial Statement by Robert G. Rankin
    38. The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham
    39. Dictionary of Insurance Terms
    40. Monetary Management by E.A. Goldenweiser
    41. Lasser's Business Tax Handbook by J.K. Lasser
    42. Current Trends in Industrial Psychology
    43. Profit Sharing by Kenneth M. Thompson
    44. Trade Unions in the New Society by Harold J. Laski
    45. Job Horizons by Lloyd G. Reynolds and Joseph Shister
    46. The UAW and Walter Reuther by Irving Howe and B.J. Widick
    47. Foundations for Constructive Industrial Relations by Richmond Carter Nyman
    48. Partners in Production
    49. Teamwork in Industry by William Seward
    50. Left, Right and Center by Sidney Lens
    51. The Labor Story by Aleine Austin
    52. Union Guy by Clayton W. Fountain
    53. Labor Dictionary by Paul H. Casselman
    54. John L. Lewis: An Unauthorized Biography by Saul D. Alinsky
    55. Labor and Management in a Common Enterprise by Dorothea de Schweinitz
    56. Greater Productivity Through Cooperation by Ernest Dale
    57. Unions and Capitalism by Charles E. Lindblom
    58. The Scientific Appraisal of Management by Jackson Martindell
    59. Communicating Ideas to the Public by Stephen E. Fitzgerald
    60. Bottom-Up Management by William B. Given, Jr.
    61. The Department Store Story by Frank M. Mayfield
    62. It's Your Business by J. Lewis Simon
    63. What Every Corporation Director Should Know by Percival E. Jackson
    64. Management Planning and Control by Billy E. Goetz
    65. Vitalizing the Foreman's Role in Management by Glenn Gardiner and Robert L. Gardiner
    66. The Power of People by Charles P. McCormick
    67. Administration by Albert Lepawsky
    68. Processes of Organization and Management by Catheryn Seckler-Hudson
    69. Business Ideas Handbook by Lillian Doris
    70. Management Men and Their Methods by Luis J.A. Villalon
    71. The Development of Executive Leadership by Marvin Bower
    72. Controllership in Modern Management by Thornton F. Bradshaw
    73. Conference Methods in Industry by Henry M. Busch
    74. Graphic Presentation Simplified by Rufus R. Lutz
    75. An Introduction to Business Principles and Practices by John R. Craf
    76. Public Relations for Retailers by Tom Mahoney and Rita Hession
    77. Making Conference Programs Work by Marquis F. Stigers
    78. Public Relations in Management by J. Handly Wright and Byron H. Christian
    79. How to Sell Through Mail Order by Irvin Graham
    80. Sales Idea Book
    81. The History of an Advertising Agency by Ralph M. Hower
    82. Handbook of Sales Training
    83. Cutting Sales Costs
    84. The Technique of Selling by Kelso Sutton
    85. Merchandise Information for Successful Selling by Harry Q. Packer and Louise S. Hitchcock
    86. Advertising Dictionary of Selling Words, Phrases, and Appeals by Harvey Ronson
    87. How to Sell to Latin America by Abram A. Preciado
    88. Advertising and Editorial Layout by Charles Matlack Price
    89. Adventures in Advertising by John Orr Young
    90. Advertising Copywriting by Philip Ward Burton, J. Bowman Kreer, and John B. Gray, Jr., ...
    91. Case Histories of Successful Advertising Methods
    92. How I Raised Myself from Failure to Success in Selling by Frank Bettger
    93. The World's Biggest Doers: The Story of the Lions by Robert J. Casey and W.A.S. Douglas
    94. The Electric-Lamp Industry by Arthur Aaron Bright, Jr.
    95. Empire Oil by John P. Herrick
    96. Metal Magic by Isaac F. Marcosson
    97. Harvest Triumphant by Merrill Denison
    98. Oil! Titan of the Southwest by Carl Coke Rister
    99. Granger Country by Lloyd Lewis and Stanley Pargellis
    100. The House of Baring in American Trade and Finance by Ralph W. Hidy
    101. The Story of Tobacco in America by Joseph C. Robert
    102. The Man Who Bought the Waldorf by Thomas Ewing Dabney
    103. New England Son by Marjorie Wiggin Prescott
    104. Bristles and Brushes by Merrill Denison
    105. Wells Fargo: Advancing the American Frontier by Edward Hungerford
    106. The Great Pierpont Morgan by Frederick Lewis Allen
    107. Not So Long Ago by Lloyd Morris
    108. Making Work Human by Glen U. Cleeton
    109. Working with People by Auren Uris and Betty Shapin
    110. Winning Your Way with People by Karl Culton Ingram
    111. Problems in Personnel Administration by Richard P. Calhoon
    112. Psychology of Personnnel in Business and Industry by Roger M. Bellows
    113. Appraising Vocational Fitness by Means of Psychological Tests by Donald E. Super
    114. After the Whistle Blows by Jack Petrill
    115. The Hoover Commission Report on Organization of the Executive Branch of the Government
    116. Big Government by Frank Gervasi
    117. Growth and Trends in Social Security by Earl E. Muntz
    118. The American Spirit in Europe by Halvdan Koht
    119. Business Writing by Charles M. Carey
    120. Sources of Business Information by Edwin T. Coman, Jr.
    121. It's Your Business by Alden E. Moore
    122. Railroads of Today by S. Kip Farrington
    123. The Command of Words by S. Stephenson Smith
    124. Communications Research, 1948-1949 by Paul F. Lazarsfeld and Frank Stanton
    125. Brass Hat or Executive by Lester F. Miles
    126. How to Do Business with the U.S. Government by Oliver Hoyem
    127. Cybernetics by Norbert Wiener
    128. Automotive Transportation by Wilfred Owen
    129. The Market for College Graduates by Seymour E. Harris
    130. Giant Brains by Edmund Callis Berkeley
    131. Elements of Investigative Techniques by James S. Eiseman
    132. The Toastmaster's Handbook by Herbert V. Prochnow
    133. Word Power Made Easy by Norman Lewis
    134. Handbook of Export Traffic by Charles J. Moran
    135. The Road Ahead by John T. Flynn
    136. Out of the Crocodile's Mouth by William Nelson
    The Saturday Review, January 28, 1950, pp. 34-37