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July 1960 to July 1, 2004 /
  1. July 1960
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1960 Issue, 29 Articles, 79pp
    World Population by Sir Charles Darwin
  2. January 1961
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1961 Issue, 37 Articles, 84pp
    Population Distribution in India by Mohd. Naseer Khan
  3. April 1961
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1961 Issue, 26 Articles, 76pp
    Psychic and Cultural Traits and the Classification of Human Races by Corrado Gini
  4. July 1961
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1961 Issue, 46 Articles, 80pp
    The Cultural Hypothesis by Gutorm Gjessing
  5. October 1961
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1961 Issue, 19 Articles, 76pp
    The Mankind Quarterly Under Attack by The Editor
  6. January 1962
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1962 Issue, 27 Articles, 84pp
    World Population by Sir E. John Russell
  7. April 1962
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1962 Issue, 17 Articles, 72pp
    Juan Comas on "scientific Racism Again?" by Donald A. Swan
  8. July 1962
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1962 Issue, 24 Articles, 72pp
    The Will to Live by S.D. Porteus
  9. October 1962
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1962 Issue, 42 Articles, 76pp
    Prehistoric Technology and Human Evolution by Robert E. Kuttner
  10. January 1963
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1963 Issue, 23 Articles, 76pp
    Evolution and History by H. George Classen
  11. April 1963
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1963 Issue, 19 Articles, 72pp
    Some Neglected Aspects of the 'Minorities' Problem by George A. Lundberg
  12. July 1963
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1963 Issue, 17 Articles, 64pp
    The Bantu and the European Occupation of Southern Africa by T.S. van Rooyen
  13. October 1963
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1963 Issue, 11 Articles, 68pp
    Northern European Elements in the Eastern Mediterranean by R. Gayre of Gayre
  14. January 1964
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1964 Issue, 22 Articles, 64pp
    European Elements in Afro-Asia by Henric von Schwerin
  15. April 1964
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1964 Issue, 29 Articles, 64pp
    Australid Assimilation by Stanley D. Porteus
  16. July 1964
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1964 Issue, 17 Articles, 64pp
    Racial Biodynamics and Biogenesis in the Study of Population by Branimiro Males
  17. October 1964
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1964 Issue, 9 Articles, 64pp
    Psychodiagnosis, Prognosis, School Desegration and Delinquency by Clairette P. Armstrong
  18. January 1965
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1965 Issue, 15 Articles, 64pp
    Problems of Aboriginal Mentality by S.D. Porteus
  19. April 1965
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1965 Issue, 12 Articles, 72pp
    Ethnological Elements of Arabia by R. Gayre of Gayre
  20. July 1965
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1965 Issue, 8 Articles, 64pp
    Ethnological Elements of Africa by R. Gayre of Gayre
  21. October 1965
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1965 Issue, 8 Articles, 70pp
    Ethnological Elements of Africa by R. Gayre of Gayre
  22. April 1966
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1966 Issue, 9 Articles, 72pp
    The Dilemma of Inter-Racial Relations by R. Gayre of Gayre
  23. July 1966
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1966 Issue, 13 Articles, 72pp
    The Scottish Pre-Celtic Heritage by Robert H.S. Robertson
  24. October 1966
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1966 Issue, 26 Articles, 72pp
    The Population of Gilbraltar by R. Gayre of Gayre
  25. January 1967
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1967 Issue, 21 Articles, 72pp
    Negrophile Falsification of Racial History by R. Gayre of Gayre
  26. April 1967
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1967 Issue, 9 Articles, 72pp
    Proposals for Separate Ethnic Development in Rhodesia by R. Gayre of Gayre
  27. July 1967
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1967 Issue, 6 Articles, 56pp
    The Biological Foundations of Hellenic Civilization by Norman R. Phillips
  28. October 1967
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1967 Issue, 12 Articles, 64pp
    The Rozwis of Tandi by R. Gayre of Gayre
  29. January 1968
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1968 Issue, 7 Articles, 64pp
    Unesco and Race by Stefan T. Possony
  30. April 1968
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1968 Issue, 6 Articles, 40pp
  31. July 1968
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1968 Issue, 6 Articles, 48pp
    The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire by F.J. Los
  32. October 1968
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1968 Issue, 2 Articles, 56pp
    The Evolution of Man in Relation to that of the Earth by Walter Arnold
  33. January 1969
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1969 Issue, 10 Articles, 64pp
    The Evolution of Man in Relation to that of the Earth by Walter Arnold
  34. April 1969
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1969 Issue, 8 Articles, 64pp
    The Evolution of Man in Relation to that of the Earth by Walter Arnold
  35. July 1969
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1969 Issue, 8 Articles, 64pp
    The Evolution of Man in Relation to that of the Earth by Walter Arnold
  36. October 1969
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1969 Issue, 10 Articles, 72pp
    Practical Considerations Which Are Fundamental in Bantu Affairs in Rhodesia for an Understanding of Negroid-Caucasoid Problems Generally by R. Gayre of Gayre
  37. January 1970
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1970 Issue, 8 Articles, 72pp
    The Ethnology of the Maltese Islands by R. Gayre of Gayre
  38. April 1970
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1970 Issue, 10 Articles, 72pp
    The Aharaibu Indians by Francis J. Knobloch
  39. July 1970
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1970 Issue, 8 Articles, 72pp
  40. October 1970
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1970 Issue, 7 Articles, 72pp
    Miscegenation and Racial Improvement by R. Gayre of Gayre
  41. April 1971
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1971 Issue, 10 Articles, 72pp
    The Population Explosion and Its Relationship to Africa by R. Gayre of Gayre
  42. July 1971
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1971 Issue, 13 Articles, 72pp
    Dangers in Propaganda for Population Limitation by R. Gayre of Gayre
  43. October 1971
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1971 Issue, 15 Articles, 72pp
    A Rationalisation of the Ethnological Divisions of Mankind by R. Gayre of Gayre
  44. January 1972
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1972 Issue, 23 Articles, 72pp
    Racial Discrimination and the Conservative Outlook by Nathaniel Weyl
  45. April 1972
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1972 Issue, 16 Articles, 72pp
    Anthropological, Sociological, and Psychological Investigations of Swedish Children by Bertil Lundman
  46. July 1972
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1972 Issue, 20 Articles, 72pp
    The Family in Communist China by Amrit Lal
  47. October 1972
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1972 Issue, 12 Articles, 72pp
    Heredity and Environment in the Development of the Brain by Robert E. Kuttner and Donald A. Swan
  48. January 1973
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1973 Issue, 12 Articles, 72pp
    Twin Studies and the Inheritance of Mental Ability by Frank Miele
  49. April 1973
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1973 Issue, 5 Articles, 71pp
    The Anthropology of the Brain by Donald A. Swan
  50. July 1973
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1973 Issue, 4 Articles, 72pp
    The Anthropology of the Brain by Donald A. Swan
  51. October 1973
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1973 Issue, 19 Articles, 72pp
    Population Control and the Anti-Eugenic Ideology by Nathaniel Weyl
  52. January 1974
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1974 Issue, 3 Articles, 72pp
    The Anthropology of the Brain by Donald A. Swan
  53. April 1974
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1974 Issue, 7 Articles, 72pp
    The Anthropology of the Brain by Donald A. Swan
  54. July 1974
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1974 Issue, 22 Articles, 88pp
    Natural Selection Through Slavery and the African Slave Trade by Nathaniel Weyl
  55. October 1974
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1974 Issue, 18 Articles, 88pp
    The Baniva Indians and Their Reaction Against Integration by Francis A. Knobloch
  56. January 1975
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1975 Issue, 16 Articles, 88pp
    The Unpublished Tracks of Snowman or Yeti by W. Tschernezky and C.R. Cooke
  57. April 1975
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1975 Issue, 12 Articles, 88pp
    The Black Death and the Intellect of Europe by Nathaniel Weyl
  58. July 1975
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1975 Issue, 12 Articles, 88pp
    Twins and the Nature-Nurture Controversy by T. Koervelyessy
  59. October 1975
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1975 Issue, 29 Articles, 88pp
    Hashish and the Decline and Fall of Arab Civilization by Nathaniel Weyl
  60. January 1976
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1976 Issue, 18 Articles, 88pp
  61. April 1976
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1976 Issue, 16 Articles, 88pp
    Disease as a Eugenic Force by Nathaniel Weyl
  62. July 1976
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1976 Issue, 19 Articles, 88pp
    The Living Races and Peoples of Europe by Bertil Lundman
  63. October 1976
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1976 Issue, 21 Articles, 88pp
    Rhodesian Man and the Evolution of the Hominid Brain by F.J. Irsigler
  64. January 1977
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1977 Issue, 22 Articles, 88pp
    Survival Past the Century Mark by Nathaniel Weyl
  65. April 1977
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1977 Issue, 9 Articles, 88pp
    Brain Size, Gray Matter and Race by Sandy Gellis
  66. July 1977
    The Mankind Quarterly, July 1977 Issue, 7 Articles, 88pp
    The Distribution of the Abo and Rhesus Blood Groups Among South Mississippi Anglo-Saxon Children by Donald A. Swan
  67. October 1977
    The Mankind Quarterly, October 1977 Issue, 17 Articles, 88pp
    The Races and Peoples of South-East Asia by Bertil Lundman
  68. January 1978
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1978 Issue, 17 Articles, 72pp
    The Dermatoglphics of South Mississippi Anglo-Saxon School Children by Donald A. Swan
  69. April 1978
    The Mankind Quarterly, April 1978 Issue, 5 Articles, 88pp
    The Dermatoglyphics of South Mississippi Anglo-Saxon School Children by Donald A. Swan and Garnett Hawkins
  70. December 1978
    The Mankind Quarterly, December 1978 Issue, 15 Articles, 100pp
    An Ethnohistory of Amerindians in Guyana by W. Edwards and K. Gibson
  71. March 1979
    The Mankind Quarterly, March 1979 Issue, 17 Articles, 100pp
    Cause and Effect in the Evolution of the Hominid Brain by F.J. Irsigler
  72. June 1979
    The Mankind Quarterly, June 1979 Issue, 12 Articles, 100pp
    Medical Anthropology by K.A. Hasan
  73. September 1979
    The Mankind Quarterly, September 1979 Issue, 12 Articles, 172pp
    Ecosystem and Genetic System by F.J. Irsigler
  74. January 1980
    The Mankind Quarterly, January 1980 Issue, 17 Articles, 188pp
    The Bayaka Pygmies of Central Africa in the Light of Human Ethological Research Work by Armin Heymer
  75. Fall/Winter 1985
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1985 Issue, 11 Articles, 196pp
    A Symposium on Indo-European Society and Religion
  76. Spring/Summer 1986
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring/Summer 1986 Issue, 19 Articles, 180pp
    Northwest Hispania Ca. 1200 B.C. to 19 B.C. by Terence H. Wilbur
  77. Fall 1986
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1986 Issue, 11 Articles, 132pp
    Defining Life by Michael R. Brett-Crowther
  78. Winter 1986
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 1986 Issue, 7 Articles, 132pp
    The Island of Reil and the Roots of Language by F.J. Irsigler
  79. Spring 1987
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1987 Issue, 9 Articles, 116pp
    Thomson's "Bonds" or Spearman's "Energy" by H.J. Eysenck
  80. Summer 1987
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1987 Issue, 18 Articles, 132pp
    War and Peace in Primitive Human Societies by Umberto Melotti
  81. Fall/Winter 1989
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1989 Issue, 12 Articles, 180pp
    Human Skin Color by Peter Frost
  82. Spring 1990
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1990 Issue, 7 Articles, 132pp
    Educational Reform in Mainland China by Diane D. Pikcunas
  83. Summer 1990
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1990 Issue, 21 Articles, 132pp
    Uath Mac Imomain (fled Bricrend), Opinn, and Why the Green Knight Is Green by William Sayers
  84. Fall/Winter 1990
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1990 Issue, 13 Articles, 196pp
    The Evolution of Psychophysical Dualism in Ancient India by Noel W. Smith
  85. Spring 1991
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1991 Issue, 7 Articles, 132pp
    A Typology of Manuscript Evidence for the Runes by Frederick W. Schwink
  86. Summer 1991
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1991 Issue, 6 Articles, 132pp
    Some Changes in Social Life in a Community with a Falling Intelligence Quotient by Raymond B. Cattell
  87. Fall/Winter 1991
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1991 Issue, 19 Articles, 196pp
    The Tyranny of the Myth by Oleg Zinam and Ida Molina
  88. Spring 1992
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1992 Issue, 9 Articles, 132pp
    The Indus Tradition and the Indo-Aryans by Subhash C. Kak
  89. Summer 1992
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1992 Issue, 8 Articles, 132pp
    The Ash Tree in Indo-European Culture by Darl J. Dumont
  90. Fall 1992
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1992 Issue, 9 Articles, 132pp
    Problems and Patterns of the se European Ethno- and Glottogenesis (ca. 6500 bc - ad 1500) by Adrian Poruciuc
  91. Winter 1992
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 1992 Issue, 8 Articles, 116pp
    Human Populations and the Indo-European Problem by J.P. Mallory
  92. Spring 1993
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1993 Issue, 8 Articles, 132pp
    A Nongenetic Approach to Language and Language Origins by F.J. Irsigler
  93. Summer 1993
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1993 Issue, 9 Articles, 100pp
    The Role of Cognition in Evolutionary Theory by F.J. Irsigler
  94. Fall/Winter 1993
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1993 Issue, 9 Articles, 148pp
    The Human Trinity by Richard Atnally
  95. Spring 1994
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1994 Issue, 10 Articles, 132pp
    The "African Eve" Theory in the Light of Paleontological Evidence for the Outward Diffusion of Hominids by Brunetto Chiarelli
  96. Summer 1994
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1994 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    Analytic Adjustment of a Function for the Sagittal Cross-Section of a Human Skull by G. Dermigny and M.E. Dehousse
  97. Fall/Winter 1994
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1994 Issue, 9 Articles, 160pp
    The Cultural Pressure Factor and the Culturo-Genetic Lag by Raymond B. Cattell
  98. Spring 1995
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1995 Issue, 4 Articles, 140pp
    Antropological Investigation of Osseous Remains as a Source of Historical Information by Bogdan Luczak and Andrez Malinowski
  99. Summer 1995
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1995 Issue, 7 Articles, 104pp
    Bones and Diseases in Prehistory by Lidia Ilnicka
  100. Fall 1995
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1995 Issue, 7 Articles, 120pp
    Etruscans (Tursha) at Troy and on the Phaistos Disk
  101. Winter 1995
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 1995 Issue, 8 Articles, 106pp
    Caucasus-Aegean-Etruria:A Bronze Age Etrusco-Luwian
  102. Spring/Summer 1996
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring/Summer 1996 Issue, 10 Articles, 196pp
    Languages of the Proto-Historic Indus Valley
  103. Fall 1996
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1996 Issue, 11 Articles, 112pp
    The Body Height of the People of Poland in Historical Perspective
  104. Spring 1997
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1997 Issue, 7 Articles, 116pp
    Prehistoric Art---The Missing Dimension
  105. Fall/Winter 1997
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall/Winter 1997 Issue, 10 Articles, 190pp
    Raymond B. Cattell and the Fourth Inquisition
  106. Summer 1998
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1998 Issue, 9 Articles, 116pp
    The Mystery of the Kalasa
  107. Fall 1998
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1998 Issue, 10 Articles, 128pp
    A Geometic Perception of Cropland and Village in Eurasia by Using the Words for "Four, Square"
  108. Winter 1998
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 1998 Issue, 7 Articles, 132pp
    A Giant from Ostrow Lednicki
  109. Spring 1999
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 1999 Issue, 20 Articles, 134pp
    On the Races of Man
  110. Summer 1999
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 1999 Issue, 6 Articles, 132pp
    Social Organization, Group Conflict and the Demise of the Neaderthals
  111. Fall 1999
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 1999 Issue, 9 Articles, 132pp
    Etruscan Viewed as Greek Creole Language
  112. Winter 1999
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 1999 Issue, 7 Articles, 100pp
    Nerthus/Njoror and Georges Dumezil
  113. Spring 2000
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2000 Issue, 6 Articles, 132pp
    The Origin of the Legend of King Arthur
  114. Summer 2000
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2000 Issue, 8 Articles, 132pp
    Etruscan and Lemnian as Twigs of the Pelasgian Branch of the Indo-European Language Tree
  115. Fall 2000
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 2000 Issue, 8 Articles, 132pp
    Age Trends in Anthropometric Characteristics among an Elderly Population of Bengalee Hindu Males in Calcutta, India
  116. Spring 2001
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2001 Issue, 6 Articles, 116pp
    Neanderthalers and Cro-Magnons
  117. Summer 2001
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2001 Issue, 7 Articles, 116pp
    The Riddle of the Tarim Basin Mummies
  118. Fall 2001
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 2001 Issue, 8 Articles, 100pp
    Rare Developmental Disorder of the Sound-Conducting System of a Skeleton from an Early Medieval Cemetary in Poland
  119. Winter 2001
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 2001 Issue, 9 Articles, 126pp
    Reproductive Health and Culture among the Mapuche and Tehuelche of South America
  120. Spring 2002
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2002 Issue, 8 Articles, 130pp
    Medical and Psycho-Social Problems Relating to the Quality of Life of Institutionalized Elderly People
  121. Summer 2002
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2002 Issue, 11 Articles, 128pp
    Debate on Race
  122. Fall 2002
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 2002 Issue, 8 Articles, 122pp
    Aztec Cannibalism and Maize Consumption
  123. Winter 2002
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 2002 Issue, 5 Articles, 120pp
    The European Origin of the Finns and their Relation to the Indo-Europeans
  124. Spring 2003
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring 2003 Issue, 7 Articles, 128pp
    An Archeologist Speculates on the Origin of the Finno-Ugrians
  125. Summer 2003
    The Mankind Quarterly, Summer 2003 Issue, 7 Articles, 140pp
    An Atypical Burial at the Gothic Cemetery in Maslomecz, Lublin Province (Poland)
  126. Fall 2003
    The Mankind Quarterly, Fall 2003 Issue, 7 Articles, 124pp
    Finnic-Type Pronunciation in the Germanic Languages
  127. Winter 2003
    The Mankind Quarterly, Winter 2003 Issue, 12 Articles, 132pp
    Symbolization and Conceptualization of Cardinal Directions in Central Eurasia
  128. Spring/Summer 2004
    The Mankind Quarterly, Spring/Summer 2004 Issue, 12 Articles, 180pp
    The IQ of Gypsies in Central Europe
  129. No Items Found