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Wikileaks: Burn Before Reading
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I have an article up at Asia Times on the perspective the Wikileaks diplomatic cables provide on the North Korea situation.

Don’t read it if you work for the U.S. government and don’t have the appropriate clearance.  You’re improperly accessing classified material.

I also have an article in the Counterpunch print edition on the Koreas that quotes from a Wikileaks cable.

Please subscribe to the Counterpunch print edition.

But don’t comment on my piece on Facebook or Twitter if you’re in school and hope to work for the State Department. 

A Columbia University grad working at the State Department warned his alma mater that things could get sticky if a background check by the State Department revealed that a prospective employee had been dipping his or her beak into the Wikileaks cornucopia.

I was going to write about a funny cable sent by the US embassy in Bishkek, but I decided against it–at least in the stuff I e-mail around.

No point in making trouble for people.

In fact, that e-mail that I sent out a couple days ago–Whose Core Interest Is It Anyway?–better go and delete it.

It quotes from a Wikileak cable.

But you should read this piece by Alexander Cockburn: Julian Assange, Wanted by the Empire Dead or Alive.

It talks about how large swaths of the public and media organizations have eagerly bought into the US national security mindset.

Don’t worry.

It doesn’t have any Wikileaks stuff in it.

So it’s OK to read.

I have friends who are uncomfortable with the idea of posting classified documents on the Internet.

I understand that.

But I’m also uncomfortable with how comfortable so many people are with surrendering their right to know.

It’s the government’s job to keep the secrets.

But it’s not our job to make it easier for them.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Wikileaks 
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