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Why I Am a Jerk
Micah Johnson, Josh Marshall, and Charles Pierce
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I normally keep my head down on the Internet but recently I’ve been a near-troll-y jerk on the subject of what I see as inaccurate/misleading liberal media presentation of Trump statements on anti-Semitism and racism.

Long story short, I think Trump has the white racist bloc sewn up and he doesn’t need to dogwhistle it. His opponents in the media, on the other hand, are desperate to attribute overtly racist actions to him where they don’t really exist in order to keep the focus on discrediting Trump & preventing him from gaining political traction.

One case in point the “Red Star Over Trump” brouhaha over the purported Star of David slur.

Second case in point: the “No one ever called for a moment of silence for Micah Johnson” attack.

This meme is much beloved by Josh Marshall and Charles Pierce. Jeet Heer approvingly retweeted Marshall’s article.

Under the headline, A Propagator of Race Hatred and Violence, Marshall wrote:

Trump claimed that people – “some people” – called for a moment of silence for mass killer Micah Johnson, the now deceased mass shooter who killed five police officers in Dallas on Thursday night.

There is no evidence this ever happened.

Bold in original, btw.

Charles Pierce at Esquire:

This Isn’t Funny. American Democracy Is at Stake. Anyone who supports Donald Trump is a traitor to the American ideal.

This is what he said on the stump in Indiana on Wednesday…

“The other night you had 11 cities potentially in a blow-up stage. Marches all over the United States—and tough marches. Anger. Hatred. Hatred! Started by a maniac! And some people ask for a moment of silence for him. For the killer!”

To be blunt, this didn’t happen. [my bolding this time]

There is no evidence from any news source that this happened. By anyone. Anywhere. Nobody can find anyone who “called for a moment of silence” for the mass killer of policemen.

Utter bollocks as you might expect. Marshall and Pierce, two middle-aged or worse white fellows (like myself) do not have a total lock on the attitudes of every black American. Only an ass would pre-emptively make that kind of statement. Or, as George Galloway sometimes puts it, three cheeks of the same ass.

If you go to facebook and search “Micah Johnson moment of silence” and wade through the avalanche of posts on Charles Pierce’s article, you find…some people calling for a moment of silence for Micah Johnson. Black people. Nice people. Anguished, conflicted people.

Couple examples:

“I have 17 yr old African American male n also a 10 yr old male, with that in for-front of my mind, I must take moment of sencere silence for Mr Johnson Family. ”

“Plz take a moment of silence….for the late Mr.Micah Xavier JOHNSON”

One additional individual was quickly identified and contacted by ABC News. In response, he posted a video statement on his facebook page as to why he thought the call was justified that I found dignified, sober, and compassionate.

I won’t give his name. He’s already received death threats, of course. But you can find it easily enough.

As to whether this represents the sum total of personal expression on the Internet, bear in mind the police have arrested individuals in multiple jurisdictions—Detroit, New Jersey, Connecticut, and Illinois—for making threatening statements concerning cops, as the Intercept reported:

Last weekend in Connecticut, police arrested Kurt Vanzuuk after a tip for posts on Facebook that identified Johnson as a hero and called for police to be killed. He was charged with inciting injury to persons or property.

I, well, trolled Marshall and Jeet Heer about this and, unsurprisingly, received dismissive replies that skated past the insistence that no such statements had been made to declarations that the statements were insignificant.

Let us wave a fond adieu to the motorized goal posts as they disappear over the horizon.

From Charles Pierce, nada.

Not too surprising, perhaps. He had keystoned his column on the predicate that Trump was lying America into a race war:

Not until Wednesday did we realize the true magnitude of the threat that this reckless clown poses to American democracy. Not until Wednesday did we hear clearly the echoes of shiny black boots on German cobblestones.

Well, ahem.

I personally hear some black-booty clippety-clop when somebody uses an untruth—Hey, a Big Lie! There’s catchy phrase!—to accuse people of “treason” not even to the government of the United States but to some ill-defined abstraction called “the American ideal”. Notify Hegel! Page Godwin! Cue the Volksturm!

But politics ain’t beanbag, right? Marshall & Pierce hate Trump, love Hills, all’s fair etc. etc.

So why should I care that a few Big Journo practitioners streeeeeeeeeeeeetched it just a tad. Going after Trump’s a virtuous crusade, right?

I’m not a Trumper, for goodness sakes, something I have to assert with monotonous regularity.

Well, what bugs me is the campaign to twist the truth to serve a narrative.

The narrative, in this case, is that through the efforts of President Obama and the Democratic Party, the Gordian knot of US race relations has been untied: the system works, people of color have effective channels to address their grievances, and Micah Johnson was a PTSD-addled, panty-stealing freak whose delusional descent into violence had nothing to do with the condition of African Americans in this country.

Well, bullsh*t.

Pro-active/pre-emptive policing against young men, disproportionately young men of color, is the bedrock of police policy in this country. Philandro Castile, as has been widely, reported was stopped 52 times in his short life for a laundry list of minor infractions. I’m 60 and I’ve been stopped once for playing with my earhair and leading a cop to suspect I was violating the newly-minted ordinance against using a cell phone while driving.

I’m guessing Philandro Castile he died because he incorrectly assumed that he was enduring just one more harassing traffic stop, when actually he was dealing for once with a freaked out cop looking for an armed robber, who lost it when Castile told him he “had a gun”…licensed, in the glove box.

And lots of cops are freaked. In addition to going after people who say the wrong thing on facebook, there’s “Police nationwide order officers to ride in pairs after Dallas police ambush” as the Washington Post put it.

There’s real anger and real fear on both sides. Trump is sticking his finger in a raw wound.

Expressing dignified grief for the Dallas Police Department, by all accounts one of the “better” police departments when it comes to blending pro-active and “community” policing, does not seem to do a lot to address the core issue: the serial assaults on dignity, safety, and human life, especially for people of color, by current policing practices.

I will grant that anybody who takes an automatic rifle and shoots up 11 police officers, killing 5, is a criminal and probably had serious mental issues.

But denying the fact that people might pity him, sympathize with him, even if they don’t emulate him is delusional.

I too think we should have had a moment of silence for Micah Johnson. A moment of anger, of compassion, of understanding, of self-reflection that one man’s warped response to warped policing practices had caused him to commit a terrible crime.

I think that acknowledging that would have been a positive step in defusing the justifiable anger over American policing. I think it’s sad and dangerous that America lacked the will and courage to do that, and defaulted to wishful thinking and full-court press media management instead. Although I think it would take something close to a social revolution to change the relationship between the police, the poor, the people of color, and the well-off.

It didn’t happen, and that didn’t please everybody. There’s angry cops & p*ssed off people of color.

Trump recognized the issue while dismissing it with the assertion that Johnson was “a maniac” who didn’t deserve a moment of silence and ignoring the roots of the crisis with the standard Republican “I’m the law and order candidate” pandering.

Democrats tried to ignore the issue, and when that didn’t work, they resorted to empty indignation and untruths.

I think that’s wrong and dangerous. It does not honor the victims and it doesn’t solve the problem.

I think people who take that tack out of political expediency just to try to nail Trump should be called on it.

That’s why I’m a jerk.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    What is the American Ideal?

    It changed since America became a Judeo-centric “Nation of Immigrants”.

    Making US into a ‘nation of immigrants’ sends American Indians and Blacks to the back of the bus, especially as homomania is the new globo-religion of America.

    Before US was a ‘nation of immigrants’, it was a nation of native red savages, white conquerors and settlers, and black slaves. Though whites ruled, white narrative was inseparable from the Native American or Indian narrative and the black narrative.
    After all, whites conquered Indian lands, and whites brought over black slaves.
    So, the conqueror-settler narrative was closely linked with the Indian and Black narratives.

    But as America goes into ‘nation of immigrant’ narrative — especially involving immigrants who arrived after America was conquered and Civil War was distant memory — , the American Narrative is less and less linked with the Indians and even blacks.
    Black Narrative is still strong but has been twisted to favor Diversity than Black Interest. MLK is elevated increasingly as champion of diversity and ‘inclusion’ than justice for Negroes. When MLK was marching around in 60s, he was all about justice for Negroes who’d been denied full rights.
    But MLK is now supposed to be the champion of ALL minorities, and that means tons of immigrants. MLK and Emma Lazarus might as well be the same people.

    MLK-ism and American Indian narrative are morally compelling because whites did take the land from Indians and because whites did buy black slaves and exploited them.
    In contrast, as nice as Emma Lazarus poem may read, it has no moral justification whatsoever. If white Americans did wrong to Indians and blacks, what do they owe to the rest of the world? If there is huddled wretchedness around the world, it’s not America’s fault. White Americans owe something to only those to whom they did wrong. White Americans didn’t create the conditions in Russian Jewish ghettos or poor villages in China and India. America never owed anything to Jewish Europeans or Chinese or Indians or Arabs or Africans(who were not brought over as slaves).

    MLK-ism used mean ‘something for blacks’. Now, with MLK as a hero to ALL minorities, he stands as a brotha to Emma Lazarus.

    What blacks fail to understand is that the demise of the white conqueror/settler narrative also means the demise of the black narrative. The Immigrant Narrative isn’t linked with the Black Narrative. Late-coming Immigrants didn’t enslave blacks and owe nothing to them. So, as America becomes more Diverse, blacks matter less.

    Also, the Nation of Immigrants concept totally trashed the American Indian Narrative.
    The Conqueror/Settler Narrative puts Indians at the moral center. It says, “yes, white man did great things in America, but it came at tragic expense of Indians who lost their ancestral lands.” The Conqueror narratives means America was conquered and taken from a certain people. Who were they? Indians.

    But since Immigrants came after America was already settled, they feel no special historical bond to the Indians.
    The Nation of Immigrants Narrative pisses on nativism. It says all nations(except Israel for some reason) should be open to massive immigration, and any nativist who opposes this is evil.
    But that also means that American Indians were wrong to resist the White Conquest of America. After all, the Red Man was a nativist who fought to keep the land of his forefathers.
    The globalist concept of ‘nation of immigrants’ pisses on nativism all over the world, and this is the new imperialism. After all, the great anti-imperialist struggles of the 20th century were all nativist. Native indigenous peoples were telling white European colonizers to go back home. The Vietnam War was also nativist as it was against US occupation of South Vietnam and the resulting diversity of US soldiers using women as whores.

    The Nation of Immigrants Narrative not only does violence to White Americans but to American Indians and Negroes. Whereas the white conqueror/settler narrative does pay special tribute to Indians and Negroes, the Nation of Immigrants Narrative does not.
    “America is a nation of conquerors/settlers” narrative is linked with “America is a nation of the conquered Indian tribes” narrative and “America is a nation of enslaved blacks” narrative. This narrative says Americans owe something to Indians and blacks.

    But America as Nation of Immigrants places the main moral burden on foreigners to whom Americans never did any wrong. If indeed America is a Nation of Immigrants, it must keep taking in more and more immigrants to be ‘American’. So, America’s main moral obligation is to the world than its history.

    65 killed 64. The 1965 Immigration Act undid the promises of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. It turned White America away from the needs of Indians and blacks(whom white Americans had done wrong to) to the needs of a world of foreigners(whom white Americans hadn’t done wrong to). But since Jews gained power as relative late-immigrant arrivals, it was in their interest to put Immigrants above Indian natives, white settlers, and black slaves. Indeed, now MLK has been transformed from a black leader to leader of diversity is amusing indeed. But King’s message was not, “white folks should favor the interests of masses of foreign immigrants pouring into America over that of Negroes.” People like MLK who supported the Immigration Act probably thought non-whites would side with blacks against whites. But as it turned out, non-stop immigration turned blacks from the biggest minority(by far) to the second minority behind Hispanics. And if we take Hispanics, Asians, and Muslims together, blacks are becoming less and less significant. But then, white/Jewish/homo Liberals really love this since there is nothing they fear more than strong, aggressive, and hostile black thugs who nearly destroyed cities like NY and Chicago in the 70s.
    But if Liberal elites honestly admitted why they love immigration(as buffer between themselves and blacks), there will be much anger. So, even as they push for more immigration, they say all the nice palliative things that keep Negroes believing that they is #1 in the hearts of Liberal America. So, even as NY increases Diversity to drown out blacks, the pages of NYT pay special tribute to a moron like Tahenisi Coates the ‘genius’.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  2. D. K. says:

    You are correct, Peter; you are a jerk. Philando Castile was shot dead because (a) when Officer Yanez arrived at Castile’s window, Castile had his weapon SITTING ON HIS LAP, and (b) Castile, with his weapon SITTING ON HIS LAP, failed to follow Officer Yanez’ command not to move.

    Would you like me to dissect The Narrative on the other police shooting that has jerks like you thinking that Blacks are persecuted by police in America, based on racial animus rather than Blacks’ own anti-social behavior?

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Sociobiology’s become the only medium for telling truths about humans.

    My favourite character in Wilson’s The Insect Societies is Monomorium santschii. This species, over evolutionary time, has lost its worker caste altogether. The host workers do everything for their parasites, even the most terrible task of all. At the behest of the invading parasite queen, they actually perform the deed of murdering their own mother. The usurper doesn’t need to use her jaws. She uses mind-control. How she does it is a mystery; she probably employs a chemical, for ant nervous systems-are generally highly attuned to them.

    If her weapon is indeed chemical, then it is as insidious a drug as any known to science. For think what it accomplishes. It floods the brain of the worker ant, grabs the reins of her muscles, woos her from deeply ingrained duties and turns her against her own mother. For ants, matricide is an act of special genetic madness and formidable indeed must be the drug that drives them to it. In the world of the extended phenotype, ask not how an animal’s behaviour benefits its genes; ask instead whose genes it is benefiting.

    Richard Dawkins, quoting Edward Wilson

    • Replies: @Drapetomaniac
  4. Philandro Castile did not deserve to die. I’ll grant him that moment of silence. Micah X. Johnson did deserve to die. His anger made him succumb to evil. No recognition of any kind is due to a coward who shoots people from afar — whether those victims were cops or civilians.

  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    “Marshall and Pierce, two middle-aged or worse white fellows (like myself)”

    Peter Flea, you no Chinee?

    Damn you, Flea. You makey me look like fool.

  6. At this time in history the only rational thing to be for White people IS racist. The only other choice is to be a Leftist coward and traitor who wants to flood White countries with nonWhite, third-world savages (Mexicans, Asians, Africans) and pander to our very own Black domestic savages.

    NonWhites are flocking to White countries as parasites and they are finally destroying the host. Domestic Blacks see White ethnomasochism as terminal weakness, and they are simply reverting to their natural tendency to engage in violence.

    The bottom line is that it is finally crystal clear that nonWhites have no place at all in White countries. They ALL need to go; to be deported with all summary force.

    It will be easy for the U.S. to do this. All we have to do is dump them ALL on Mexico and let out worst enemy deal with them. It won’t be pretty, but it is necessary if civilization is to survive. Any measures short of this will simply be a reflection of denial of reality. The deadly Leftist pathology that has been killing us for decades must be rooted out with the most draconian methods necessary. Whites are at war. Many of us just haven’t admitted it yet.

  7. Peter Lee,

    your practice and preaching diverge more than they should.
    You hold China and the USA to completely different standards, skewed according to your preference.

    Now, make no mistake: I agree to what you say on the South China Sea matters.
    But as soon as the topic isn’t that sea, you are very conservative for China, extremely liberal for the USA.

    This is what we find in 99% of pieces, but not the 1% journalism I am interested in.

  8. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Actually, Japanese politics has been a one-party system since the Cold War. US needed Japan as ally against Russia and China, and US aided LDP to take monopoly power. The Socialist Party became a mere shadow party. For nearly all of Japan’s history after WWII, there was one party domination. It’s rather like China under one-party rule of Communists.

    US had no problem with this arrangement. Also, Japan is doing American Neocon bidding of siding with US against China.
    Japan has been a neocon dream.

    t seems LDP won enough of a majority of parliament to rewrite the Constitution that was forced on Japan by the US. If the NR piece is correct, Japan will boost nationalism and de-emphasize its guilt and war crimes in WWII. In other words, Japan will reject the path chosen by suicidal Germany that must atone forever.

    But American Foreign policy is confused and schizo on this matter. On the one hand, US wants Japan to feel enough war guilt to remain a servile dog of the US forever and be a military dependent.
    On the other hand, US wants Japan to underplay war guilt so that Japan can side with US against China. Indeed, while Obama has recently visited Hiroshima, he has made no gestures toward China. He hasn’t visited Nanking to pay tribute to 100,000s killed.

    Incidentally, Jews have never admitted their role in Communism. And Jews have yet to admit their war of Nakba on the Palestinians.
    And most of the new wars since end of the Cold War were cooked up by Jews who smashed Iraq, Libya, and Syria. Jews also worked with Neo-Nazis to overthrow the legit government of Ukraine. US that throws the term ‘fascism’ around to denigrate other nations never apply it to Israel and Jews. US made Nakba possible. US is mum about the continuing Occupation.

    So, all this talk of ‘fascism’ is bogus.

    While some right-wing elements in Japan are indeed lowlife scum, America is hardly better when it comes to history. Has US faced up to its role in division of Korea and Vietnam that led to disastrous wars? Has US faced up to its lies about Iraq and the utter destruction of that nation? Has US faced up to its destruction of Libya and Syria at the behest of Neocon mass killers?

    Japanese who don’t face up to WWII are shitters, but Americans have been glib about all the destruction they’ve caused since the end of the Cold War when US, under Zionist control, became the #1 aggressive power in the world.

    From NR:

    “In just the last five years, Japan’s press freedom — as ranked by Reporters without Borders — has fallen from 11th globally to 72nd.”

    Who decides these matter? So, what is press freedom like in US? Ask Rick Sanchez and Helen Thomas(now six feet under ground).

    US is a nation where the presstitutes in the media aided and abetted Bush’s war of deception into Iraq. The US media remained mum about Obama/Hillary’s war on Middle East, North Africa, and Russia.
    US is a nation where businesses are destroyed if they defy homomania.


    “Five years ago, President Obama called for a foreign-policy “pivot to Asia.” With China seizing and militarizing the South China Sea, and North Korea testing delivery systems for its new nuclear weapons, it would probably be a good idea — “pivot to Asia”–wise — not to stand idly by while our most important Asian ally, and the second-richest democracy in the world, reverts to fascism.”

    Oy vey. It is precisely because US wants to use Japan against China that it has overlooked the rightist turn in Japan.
    Besides Japan’s going homomaniacal, so all’s fine.

  9. But he’s actually defending Trump, anthony @44. In today’s world, that takes steel balls.

  10. @Anonymous

    Gene replicators needn’t be the only ones to control what their genes do.

  11. Boris says:

    So Trump was digging through obscure Facebook posts? That’s your story?

    Even if you are right, that means Trump is searching out the worst statements he can find and pretending that they are common. That’s as bad as making shit up, and worse than being delusional. Good job, I guess.

    • Replies: @5371
  12. Jason Liu says:

    I almost wish Trump really was the man these people make him out to be.

    The “American ideal” is fucking stupid, and should be attacked. There isn’t anything special, or worthwhile about democracy, western values etc. Look back over a few hundred years and you will see that all western achievement was founded on, or during times when it was neither liberal or democratic. That stuff comes afterwards.

  13. Joe Wong says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    The North America and Australia do not belong to the White, they belong to the First Nations of the North America and the indigenous people of the lands. The White stole the lands from the rightful owners of those lands thru organized violence and committing crimes against humanity against the rightful owners and other non-White people. The temporary administrative rights held by the current regimes on those stolen lands do not qualify the aliens on those lands as the legitimate owners of those lands in the eyes of the rest of the world, therefore your resentment and bitterness against non-White is totally unwarranted because the White is squatters and thieves of those lands. Squatters and thieves cannot claim rightful ownership of loots because their temporary holding possession of the loots, and squatter and thief do not have to right to evict other squatters and thieves.

    You should know “the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. The Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.” The White invent racism to legitimize the organized violence and the crimes against humanity they committed against the rest of the world and to keep their loots and ill gains on the moral high ground. It seems you have forgotten this fact because you have been brained washed by such racism from cradle to grave with excessive flag saluting.

    The White has been waging reckless wars against the rest of the world like ‘God-fearing’ morally defunct evil ‘inquisitors’ since they could sail off from the Mediterranean Sea. The rest of the world needs to put a straitjacket on the White so they cannot wage more reckless wars against rest of the world.

    • Replies: @D. K.
    , @Priss Factor
    , @mtn cur
  14. 5371 says:

    Or someone else could have read them, and told Trump about them. Wild supposition, I know, Baruch!

  15. D. K. says:
    @Joe Wong

    Did you enjoy your recent visit to Tibet, Wong, where the Han have ruled since time immemorial? (Well, I, for one, can remember back to 1959– but only a little!) Where might you be off to next? Indonesia, perhaps, where they have always peaceably worshipped Allah? Or, southern Africa, perhaps, where the Bantu-speaking tribes are as old as the rocks themselves? How about majestic Istanbul, near where the Turks fought the ancient Greeks, over the honor of a purloined Greek queen, a few thousand years ago? So much immutable culture, worldwide– except where we evil, blue-eyed devils descended, out of Europa, from the malignant Renaissance onward….

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Joe Wong

    “The North America and Australia do not belong to the White, they belong to the First Nations of the North America and the indigenous people of the lands.”

    Tibet for Tibetans!
    Uighria for Uighurs!

    “the West won the world not by the superiority of its ideas or values or religion but rather by its superiority in applying organized violence. The Westerners often forget this fact, non-Westerners never do.”

    That is the universal rule of life.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Ray
  17. Svigor says:

    The Conqueror/Settler Narrative puts Indians at the moral center. It says, “yes, white man did great things in America, but it came at tragic expense of Indians who lost their ancestral lands.” The Conqueror narratives means America was conquered and taken from a certain people. Who were they? Indians.

    If you point out that “Indians” are not a real people, and never have been, but a catch-all term invented by white academic to refer to various peoples who were generally at one another’s throats, you be raciss.

    If you point out that Palestinians are a real people, and not an invented one, you be “ANTI-SEMITIC!!!”

    If you point out that Whites are not simply “a social construct” in any meaningful way, you be White Supremaciss.

  18. Svigor says:

    This species, over evolutionary time, has lost its worker caste altogether.

    That sounds ever so familiar…

  19. mtn cur says:
    @Joe Wong

    Beg pardon gentlemen; you fail to give due credit to the power of pathogens moving through a vulnerable population. All the Spanish had to do was drop off a few hogs in Florida and then come back later and the result would have been about the same, but without the cool title credits. Meanwhile, the noble savages forgot that they were blood kin and so, waged fratricidal war on each other, just like stupid white men. There were no human “natives” of anything but the world island. Still, the alleged superiority of white intellect is belied by how their most profligate slaughters have apparently been reserved for fellow Caucasians in millennia long murder fests.

  20. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    Agree with you, except that there must be an exception for non-white spouses of white native-born U.S. citizens. This is not at all a large number of people compared to the tens of millions of Africans, Muslims, and illegal mestizos whom we must deport.

  21. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    Love your idea of dumping our savages on Mexico. Deport both illegal mestizos AND Africans to Mexico and see how they, and the Mexicans, fare.

  22. Joe Wong says:
    @Priss Factor

    Tibet and Xinjiang are part of China, all Chinese are equal and they share China together. But the White, if Fisk Ellington Rutledge III is a speciement of the White, steals other people’s land but they want to deport others from the land they stole with all summary force and root the others out of the land they stole with the most draconian methods necessary; there is a big difference between the Chinese and the White in case you haven’t noticed.

  23. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Two wongs don’t make a white.

    At any rate, when you yelloids come to the West, remember that your yelloid women compare you guys with men of other races and find the latter superior and offer their wombs to them.

    Chinee women have policy in their wombs: No Dogs and Chinee Males Allowed & Chinese Male Exclusion Act.

    Just ask Amy Chua.

    So, bitch all you want about American ‘racism’ and ‘imperialism’.

    Inside every Chinee woman is an American(white or black) baby trying to get out.

    • Replies: @Joe Wong
    , @Ray
  24. Joe Wong says:
    @Priss Factor

    There are many examples I can quote to prove the White fenales have the same policy: No hairly animals allowed in their wombs, they are simply too gross, prone to family violence and homo hobby; just ask Jane Dole.

    Perhaps you have mistaken Vietnam and Japan for China; there are a lot of White and Black war time babies in Vietnam and Japan waiting for the American to show remorse for abondoning them there. When will the American take up responsiblity to compensate those war time babies in Vietnam and Japan?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  25. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website
    @Joe Wong

    “When will the American take up responsiblity to compensate those war time babies in Vietnam and Japan?”

    That was then. Today, those yelloid girls WANT and PREFER American men to yelloid men like you.

    Chinese girl no wanna have your kid. Look at China. A huge imbalance of men and women. Too many men, not enough women. But, when American go to China, Chinese women wanna go with American men.

    You loser.

    • Replies: @Jim Christian
    , @Ray
  26. @Priss Factor

    Harsh assessment, but largely true. The imbalance thing might be a major reason for China-girl angst. Chinese families, ruled by Chinese men, drowned the lady-babies in China for many decades (that we know of, officially anyway) because after all, for what is a daughter good? The imbalance spreads throughout the Asian region, they all practiced infanticide. Never a decent female balance in those societies, but many “empty branches”. Where not employed in the armies, the un-mated men cause much trouble. And those women want OUT. They would have made great feminists in China and had good reason for their anger there. Instead, they come here and join feminists who have no good reason for theirs. More is the pity.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  27. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Jim Christian

    FYI, the commentator you’re responding to has an obsessive interest in this sort of thing. The commentator goes by a variety of rotating handles, and one of its other hobby horses is the topic of blacks attracting and copulating with and impregnating white women. Very weird interests and obsessions.

  28. From the weird, a little truth, whatever the source. You ok?

  29. Ray says:
    @Priss Factor

    Most of the Tibetan Chinese do not live in Tibet but other part of China. It is obvious the emigration is from West to East, not the other way round. If Tibet is an independent country what are all those Tibetan Chinese, illegal immigrants?

    “In Tibet alone, there are not only Tibetan but also Bai, Blang, Bonan, Dongxiang, Han, Hui, Lhoba, Lisu, Miao, Mongols, Monguor (Tu people), Menba (Monpa), Mosuo, Nakhi, Qiang, Nu, Pumi, Salar, and Yi Chinese.”

    “The Han Dynasty (206 BCE–220 CE) established military colonies (tuntian) and commanderies (duhufu) to control Xinjiang from 120 BCE, while the Tang Dynasty (618-907) also controlled much of Xinjiang until the An Lushan rebellion. Chinese historians refute Uyghur nationalist claims by pointing out the 2000-year history of Han settlement in Xinjiang, documenting the history of Mongol, Kazakh, Uzbek, Manchu, Hui, Xibo indigenes in Xinjiang, and by emphasizing the relatively late “westward migration” of the Huigu (equated with “Uyghur” by the PRC government) people from Mongolia the 9th century. The name “Uyghur” was associated with a Buddhist people in the Tarim Basin in the 9th century, but completely disappeared by the 15th century, until it was revived by the Soviet Union in the 20th century.”

    Please don’t drink the cool aid created by your own propaganda to make you look stupid on the international stage. Tibet and Xinjiang are only issues in the mind of foreigners trying to meddle into China’s internal affair. You might want to shout “Free whatever” 54 more times as there are 56 recognized minorities in China.

  30. Ray says:
    @Priss Factor

    In Asia, most white males there are not viewed favourably. They are considered losers who can’t make it at home. Jolin Tsai is the most popular female singer in Taiwan so there should not be any anti US sentiment. These are what real Asian women think of white males.

    Enjoy the music videos.

  31. Ray says:
    @Priss Factor

    I have never seen someone showing off his sexually transmitted disease until now.

    The racism and fetish of America created this paradox and it ultimately hurt its society. Read up on the subject matter.


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