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It’s Indicative of the Post-9/11 Tunnel Vision Afflicting the American Policy Debate That the Main China News Coming Out of the John Bolton Confirmation ...
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It’s indicative of the post-9/11 tunnel vision afflicting the American policy debate that the main China news coming out of the John Bolton confirmation hearings doesn’t concern the marked pro-Taiwan tilt of his political views. Instead, it relates to another alleged incident of Mr. Bolton bullyragging an out-of-step intelligence analyst.

Via Laura Rozen:

A fourth case of Bolton berating an intelligence analyst, whose skepticism about a report on Chinese WMD outraged Bolton. From Newsweek:

Congressional sources say the Democrats are already examining at least one new case in which Bolton became angry after a State Department analyst raised questions about an alarming CIA report about Chinese WMD. The report had so interested Bolton’s aides that they quickly sent a copy of it to Deputy Secretary of State Richard Armitage. Before the report reached Armitage, however, sources tell NEWSWEEK, an intelligence analyst attached a note to both Armitage and the CIA questioning its accuracy.Capitol Hill investigators now are trying to verify allegations that either Bolton or people in his office inappropriately berated the analyst for his action.

Mr. Bolton’s past role as paid cheerleader for Taiwan’s readmission to the U.N. is perhaps more relevant to the issue of his fitness and effectiveness as U.N. ambassador than his gonzo Godzilla management style. More on this tomorrow.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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