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Dallas Shootings: Don’t Mention the War! the Race War, That Is
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For me the central tragedy of this week is not the massacre in Dallas, horrific as it is.

It is the video shot in Falcon Heights of the aftermath of the police shooting of Philandro Castile.

Absolutely wrenching to watch. And it should be watched to the very end. It is a heartrending depiction of a family destroyed and the survivors desperately trying to keep it together with courage and dignity…until they can’t.

Micah Johnson, I expect, also watched it, and it may have contributed to his decision to shoot the police officers in Dallas. He probably also watched the video of Alton Sterling getting shot while struggling with two police officers in Baton Rouge. And a few other videos.

We can’t ask him because sending in a robot with some C4 strapped to it to kill Johnson was, in the judgment of the Dallas PD, preferable to waiting him out. I have a feeling part of the cop omerta code involves extrajudicially executing, well, murdering cop killers like Christopher Dorner as an example/deterrent, but we’ll probably never get the final word on that, either.

On July 8, an African American man opened fire on passing cars on a highway in Tennessee, killing one and wounding three. He was wounded, detained, and told officers “because he was troubled by incidents involving black people and law enforcement officers”.

Micah Johnson was less circumspect. Before he died, according to Dallas PD, he told “negotiators” he wanted to kill white people, especially white police officers.

The New York Times started its story on Johnson with the misleading lede that “A military veteran who said his goal was to kill white police officers opened fire Thursday night in downtown Dallas…”

Pretty sloppy, Grey Lady. And shunning an absolutely dynamite, click-generating lead. Blacks hunting whites is hot. A vet blowing his stack at the cops…not.

I’m increasingly of the opinion that the fix is in, and that the US government at the highest level is determined to use the tools at its disposal to keep a lid on this thing lest it escalate into a national nightmare of copycat and retaliatory killings. I’m guessing it involves a crisis room (run by AG Loretta Lynch? Somebody higher up?), outreach to surrogates, media, and opinion leaders, with one message:

Ix-nay on the ace-ray ar-way

“Play down the race war angle” for those of you not fluent in pig latin.

Or as Loretta Lynch put it, “Do not let this precipitate a new normal”.

I expect it includes “outreach” to Donald Trump himself, explaining his statement on the Dallas attack that was characterized as “un-Trump-like” in its dignified avoidance of race baiting and, indeed, included a sympathetic if name-free shout out to Castilo and Sterling.

I think a high level of image management is going on, starting with the inevitable characterization of Johnson as a “lone wolf” (Talking Points Memo does the pro bono work of walking back the initial multiple shooter reports here using the NYT story).

Mid-day July 8, VOA does not seem to have received the “lone wolf” memo, by the way. Nor has Dallas PD.

Cornered by police after the ambush, a suspect — believed to be Johnson — told a negotiator he wanted “to kill white people, especially white (police) officers,” and said he was acting alone and was unaffiliated with any groups, Brown said during a news conference Friday. …

Later in the day, Brown said the investigation, however, has “revealed to us this was a well planned, well thought out, evil tragedy by these suspects.”

Note term “suspects” a.k.a. plural, which means that DPD probably regards Johnson’s statement that he acted alone as conspiratorial opsec.

But by the end of the day on July 8, the mayor of Dallas, got the memo, stating in a press conference—first reported by Buzzfeed!– “We believe, given the facts we have today, that Mr Johnson, now deceased, was the lone shooter.”

Then there’s the need to knock down the extremely unpalatable possibility that the attack could be characterized as terrorism, thereby tossing a nice grenade into race relations in the US. The “terrorism” framing is suitable for Muslims, apparently, but nobody wants to hang that tag on 13% of the US population.

The obfuscation was executed by the rather hasty pre-emptive announcement by the US government that there were no “terrorist links”.

Well, the FBI definition of “terrorism” does not involve “links”. It is defined entirely by actions and intent:

“Domestic terrorism” means activities with the following three characteristics:

  • Involve acts dangerous to human life that violate federal or state law;
  • Appear intended (i) to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (ii) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion; or (iii) to affect the conduct of a government by mass destruction, assassination. or kidnapping; and
  • Occur primarily within the territorial jurisdiction of the U.S.

There is a determined effort to provide a pleasing narrative of a lone wolf outraged by cop violence and going berserk.

There is a distinct and understandable queasiness about exploring Johnson’s explicit black nationalist sympathies. One of the few photographs of Johnson shows him clasping hands with Professor Griff, one of the members of Public Enemy (Professor Griff by the way, denied any and all relationships with Johnson on his twitter feed).

In our clickbait driven journo world, one would think the magical intersection of celebrity, murder, and black nationalism would spark a feeding frenzy. But the story played overseas, at the Daily Mail, first, and only got picked up in the US by the NY Daily News, which led w/ Griff’s repudiation. In other words, crickets.

Another issue is the right-wing talking point that public expressions of sympathy for black victims of police violence by President Obama and Hillary Clinton created a condoning and legitimizing environment for expressions of black rage against police officers that might go beyond swelling the crowd at a Black Lives Matter rally. Awkward, but probably true. Again, we’ll never know. And the media is, I am pretty sure, disinclined to speculate.

So much to keep the lid on. So much lid-on-keeping going on. A story in itself. In my opinion.

In my opinion, America is not “torn apart” by violence. It’s held together by violence, in a complicated and extremely fraught way. The state lost its monopoly on violence virtually at its inception and managing the impact of non-state violent actors has been a full-time job for the last 240 years. Sometimes it gets very, very hard–remember the Civil War?–and I don’t think it’s a walk in the park today.

Today, thanks to the proliferation of guns and cell phones, and the rising narratives of white nationalism and black empowerment, and the liberal mantra that the best way to resolve social tensions is through economic growth and opportunity (while cops slice and dice the malcontents), job’s especially tough.

Plenty of tinder, plenty of matches. Plenty of suffering and frustration that the US government is trying to manage when they can’t be ignored. And for me, concern thatthe government focuses on managing the symptoms–and the optics– because it is losing a struggle to address the underlying causes.

(Republished from China Matters by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Somebody thinks “liberals”, as they are more verbally facile than “conservatives”, tend to subconsciously believe in the absolute power of logos.

    Thus, according to this theory, “liberals” may feel not mentioning facts will eventually make the facts disappear.

    And if facts prove pertinacious, no need to lose hope: more pertinacy in denying them is all what’s needed, in order to overcome.

  2. The underlying causes are impossible to meet. We aren’t handing over ALL of our resources to THEM. Aff-Action, set asides, preferences, B/S, make-work government jobs with all the fixin’s, free houseing, food and medical, everything they ever asked for and all of it for naught.

    So? If these folks are on a suicide mission to accomplish nothing, let’s get to it. They want war, clearly, so let’s get to it. 13% of the population is violent? Clean them up. Jail them, kill them, whatever it takes, we must have law and order on our streets and neighborhoods and cities. And especially, since war is declared on our police, they have declared war on the public order, really, on the United States. Make it so.

    As for THEIR neighborhoods? Let them police themselves. Come into our neighborhoods, get in our spaces and faces, we will police you. Who the Hell gives Black Lives Matter the right to storm our streets, create anarchy, loot, kill our cops (spare me the Lone Wolf, BLM LOVED the cops getting killed, they celebrate and encourage it) and mask the so-called lone wolf while setting up cops for the kill? Let them do this shit in THEIR neighborhoods and leave the cops out of it except to keep them IN their neighborhoods. If we need military, use them. It’s war. But THEY make it so in this day and age. It would take all the cops in the U.S. 40 years to kill as many Blacks at current rates as Blacks have killed in Chicago the past six months. This, in over two THOUSAND shootings in Chicago since January. Wake the Hell up already. Stop entertaining them, we need law and order.

    It’s really 1968, all over again. Calling Richard Daly and J. Edgar. They knew what to do. I’ve been told to shut up about my sensibilities for 40 years now. How did that work for everyone?

  3. Jim says:

    The underlying problem is simply the one standard deviation between white and black IQ in the US. This also the underlying problem between ethnic Chinese and Malays in Malaysia.

    • Replies: @Anonymous (sorry)
  4. @Jim Christian

    I diagnose a severe case of Negro fatigue. There used to be cure centers in Sweden staffed by no one but blondes, but well, you can probably guess how that’s going these days.

    I wonder if whites still have what it takes to protect our race, our land, our children. The deteriorating situation in South Africa is not reassuring.

  5. After watching that video I sense narrative collapse. Her story is, naturally, a bit confused and inconsistent but it sounds like it was quite possible that Philandro Castile was shot after he told the police officer that he had a gun and that he continued to reach for something after the police officer told him not to move. And if he was stopped because he was an armed robbery suspect the police officer is going to be on edge from the beginning. The deceased may have been more of a fool than a criminal, but if you have a gun and are confronting a police officer, make certain that he can see your hands. If he can’t, expect to be shot. We’re way past Sheriff Taylor in Andy of Mayberry

    The car seems to have been configured for driving on the left-hand side of the road, not that that’s necessarily relevant. The girlfriend seems at least as concerned that someone come and pick her up as she is about her boyfriend’s recent death.

    But if we’re in a race war, and it seems to me we are in at least the “skirmish” stage, why bother to pick apart the casualties one by one? They’ll be in the dozens, then the hundreds, soon enough.

    • Replies: @CCZ
  6. Max Payne says:

    This poor prosecuted minority rebelling against a central occupational state: We should encourage the EU and Russia to send weapons and training to these rebels who are only trying to protect themselves from the state and its overt aggression. Just like Syria!

  7. I started out feeling the same way about the Minneapolis shooting until I read this: The fact is that the MSM, the race-baiting bozo in the White House, and his race-baiting political appointees have been trying to wrap a narrative around facts that basically just won’t support it. It started with Trayvon Williams (a teenage Negro thug shot in self-defense by a Hispanic man); it continued with Ferguson (a Negro thug attacked a cop, tried to grab his pistol and was shot in self-defense); and it’s continuing now with this case which is far more complex than Bozo and the MSM want to admit.

    The fact is that Negroes are far more inclined to commit violent criminal acts than Whites: six times more likely to commit murder; sixteen times more likely to commit armed robbery; ten times more likely to commit rape. This forms a useful background for considering statistics on interactions between Negroes and police of all races. Negroes are also currently waging a one-way race war against Whites in this country that is totally ignored by all the elites. See here: for just a few details.

    Maybe it’s time for the 99% of Whites in this country to acknowledge the facts and push back. From LBJ forward, race-based policies intended to improve the general situation of Negroes in this country have not just failed; they have increased the incidence and prevalence of dysfunctional Negro behavior at both the individual and group level and created a wider chasm of separation between the races than has existed since pre-Bellum days.

    Elite, “progressive”, MSM, academic, and Negro leadership dissimulation about the underlying problem is just leading us further into this morass. It’s time to recognize that there are profound, genetically-based, group differences between the different races in this country, e.g., Negroes and Whites. Once we acknowledge this fact maybe we can start the process of devising solutions.

    • Replies: @CCZ
  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    In this age of social media, ‘plenty of tinder, plenty of matches’ just doesn’t mean what it used to.

  9. After watching the video again, I now think that the girlfriend was pretty coolly trying to win the ghetto lottery. Even while her boyfriend is bleeding out next to her, she whips out her phone and starts building a narrative story to try and set herself up for a big payout from St. Paul, or whatever jurisdiction the cop worked for. “Shot for no apparent reason.”

    Oh, and towards the end of the screed she mentions that there was some weed in the car as if that’s perfectly normal, which, of course, it probably is for her. But if Philandro was high as a kite he probably wasn’t thinking straight about suddenly moving his hand towards his body after telling a police officer that he had a gun. Stupidity and intoxication can be fatal.

    Even in a race war, there are war profiteers.

    • Replies: @dahoit
  10. Since the 60s and the “liberation” of lively vibrants and the vast increase in their numbers there has been a corresponding vast increase in violent crime. In addition to Blacks who have ALWAYS been a problem we now have huge numbers of Mexicans and some Asian species (I’m looking at you Hmong and Viets) who are many times more lively and criminal than Whites. Police have to deal with these extremely dangerous people in which entire neighborhoods and jurisdictions support the criminals and hate the police. In this situation you have conditions analogous to the Vietnam War in which the nonWhite enemy does not play by civilized rules, and danger can come out of nowhere.

    The police have been forced to respond to this by meeting violence with violence. Since we now have a Fourth-Generation War in the U.S., the police have had to adjust their training in the direction of militarization. No amount of “politeness” or measured responses are going to gain any respect or cooperation at all from our nonWhite hordes. They will, in fact, see it as weakness.

    But since we are ruled by Leftist tyrants, the country is infected with the social pathology of racial marxism in which Whites are the primary object of hostility in order to lower them to the lowest common denominator of Blacks and Mexicans, etc. This is classic communist doctrine in which the successful are targeted as well as the criminal and parasitic. Therefore the police are rigorously trained to treat Whites exactly as they treat third-world savages.

    If the police only used draconian, militarized tactics against Blacks and Mexicans, that would be perfectly appropriate. But Leftist imbeciles insist on equality of outcome and are infected by the false assumption of disparate impact. Therefore Whites must be treated exactly like the nonWhite savages. That is the problem.

    Since we are in a Fourth Generation War situation because of nonWhites, the police MUST treat these people with brutality and violence. Somebody is going to have to do this. The police are doing it now to the extent that they are allowed to. This is good. But the police are, at some point, going to have to understand that their Leftist masters are as much the enemy as nonWhites, while the vast majority of Whites are either benign or their allies. The ONLY problem with the police right now is that they are caught between their Leftist masters, who are on the side of nonWhites, and the need to actually do what they are supposed to do and fight the nonWhite savages.

    I remember back in the 60s when we said we had to fight the Communists in Vietnam so we wouldn’t have to fight them in L.A. Well, now we have to fight the communists and their nonWhite allies in L.A. and the rest of the country. White police will eventually act accordingly as will White military men.

    As suggested here and there around the online village, open war in the U.S. won’t be pretty, but it’s obvious that it’s already started.

    • Replies: @Stonehands
  11. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I don’t think people fully understand what the consequences will be for all of this. Eventually there will be a race war, and eventually America will be broken up into smaller pieces. Probably a North vs South divide plus others fragmenting off. This is going to happen folks. What do you think will happen when they try to take guns from Texans?

    While America forments civil disorder amongst other nations, how easy will that be for Russia or China to do to us?

  12. Oldeguy says:

    Thoughtful, insightful, non-hysterical, well balanced, frank article. Thank you Peter.

  13. @Diversity Heretic

    Well, it was a beautiful and therapeutic thing watching local network feeds from Louisiana last night after the cops declared the budding riots, errr, BLM marches an illegal assemblage when they started throwing rocks. Who got peppered? Whites, many of them. I LOVE seeing White BLM protestors turned purple with pepper spray. Then, local Fox affiliates with their helicopters showed the coolest shit yet. A block from where White BLM marchers were being pepper-sprayed to a lovely purple haze, White BLM marchers were getting their asses punched, kicked and one of them shot for being, well….WHITE! Ha! Race traitors. So, tonight, popcorn, turn on the riots and root heartily for the death and destruction of Whites who have turned traitor to their own heritage. I suspect maybe fewer Whites in the crowd after last night.

    I’m ugly, but I mean well.

    • Agree: Che Guava
    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  14. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    Blacks and whites are like men and women.

    No matter how much feminists point out that men are brutes who commit crimes against women, women are attracted to men.

    No matter how much ‘racists’ point out the blacks are brutes who commit crimes against whites, white boys worship black rappers and athletes and white girls worship the negro saying ‘muh dick’ and want to have his kids.

    White race is doomed.

    The question is ‘do yelloids wanna follow this path’?

    Hopefully, china won’t. But Japan and South Korea have been totally jungalo-ized in imitation and worship of american culture.

    And with homomania turning yellow boys into effete dorks(even straight ones), there is no yellow male pride to resist globalism.

    • Replies: @Joey
  15. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    The real race war is black-dominated sports, rap music, MLK worship, J-WOW(Jewish war on whites via ‘white guilt’), jungle fever, and etc.

    Even if whites didn’t shoot blacks and vice versa, there is a race war where stronger blacks beat up white boys, clever Jews castrate whites with ‘white guilt’, homomania feminizes white males(even straight ones), and black males impregnate white wombs that reject white seed as inferior.

    Race-ism is survival. It is the bind that holds a people together.

    Look at roots of a tree. Fibers of a tree are stronger and bound together. Race-ism is the fibers that holds the white race and roots together. That is Jews attack race-ism in whites(but not among Jews, blacks, and etc). Jews seek to unbind the strong fiber of white roots.

    White Race-ism is necessary. It is good.

    Ism is belief or consciousness. White race-ism is belief and conviction in the white race to survive and win.

    Anyone who uses ‘racism’ or race-ism as a pejorative is a cuck even if on the Alt Right. Race-ism is the fibers that hold the white race together. It is power.

  16. Dave37 says:

    Chinese don’t seem to have race problems, that we hear about anyway, but then if they kill someone they deserved it and besides I saw a report that they make good money on body organs. Two birds with one stone, very efficient.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @dahoit
  17. “Well, the FBI definition of “terrorism” does not involve “links”. It is defined entirely by actions and intent:”

    The FBI has forever forfeited credibility- nor do they deserve allegiance from any Americans.

    Focus on who the perpetual terrorists are:

    The Federal Reserve system- comprised of the crony banks on Wall St.

    And the revolving door to their enablers in DC

  18. CCZ says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    The phone camera has a back side lens, meaning that the displayed image is displayed inverted (why selfies are often aimed at mirrors). Corrected images showing normal driver configuration and police officer at normal driver’s side are available on the web.

    • Replies: @Diversity Heretic
  19. CCZ says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    How much attention has this July 4 live stream from Ms. Reynolds received?

    Not familiar with original post web site, but video appears to be authentic. Twelve minutes of Ms. Reynolds, daughter, and apparently Mr. Castile in his car, with Ms. Reynolds smoking a marijuana looking cigarette. Listen close to minute 7;35 with what sounds like “Have a safe night, put the guns down” (you decide if those are the words). Paints a very different image, especially smoking (weed?) in the car with daughter present. Affect to “credibility”??

    • Replies: @dahoit
  20. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    “White police will eventually act accordingly as will White military men.”

    Keep dreaming… But, then again, you think we were “fighting communism” in Vietnam.

    • Replies: @fnn
  21. @Jim Christian

    I agree completely. All police should be removed from negro neighborhoods. Let them kill each other.

  22. El Dato says:

    There is a reason for why Han Chinese are being exported to periphery areas like Nepal in large numbers where they stand out like a sore thumb but take over the whole shop, making locals behave somewhat irately. Or so I hear.

    The obfuscation was executed by the rather hasty pre-emptive announcement by the US government that there were no “terrorist links”.

    Yeah, I absolutely liked it when “terrorism”, previously used to describe armed organized attacks against civilian soft targets for oppression or political gain was suddenly expanded to anything between attacks against military targets to copying DVDs, all in the name of justifying the Surveillance State and the open money spigot for the MICP-Complex.

    Now there is problem, so suddenly it’s no longer terrorism. The comedy practically writes itself.

  23. Che Guava says:

    Re. left-side driving

    One article I saw said that the video was horizontally flipped. Easy to check, if there is any legible text in it, the directions of buttoning, etc.

    I haven’t watched it, probably won’t, since it doesn’t show the key point: why? I generally don’t watch such videos, in any case.

    From what I’ve read about it, the cop’s reaction makes it unlikely that he was a racist killer firing for no reason.

  24. BenKenobi says:
    @Jim Christian

    Precisely half of our number have abdicated their Whiteness in pursuit of some bizarre and grotesque “moral purity”. Let them go. At this point they are living Darwin Award recipients.

    They shall be the offering we exchange for our own Zion. They will have their absolution, and we ours.

    Gentleman, please remember that in the ongoing collision between the thesis of the Post-War West and and the antithesis of Post-Human Globalism… We. Are. The. Synthesis.

    What a time to be alive!

    • Replies: @dahoit
  25. Che Guava says:

    For a little levity, a great typo on Breitbart at 2.20 a.m. in the relevant time zone, with poor grammar to boot.

    Most of the crowd has diapered by now, but the police are holding its barricade on Roosevelt Street and 7th Street.

    the police are holding its barricade


    ‘diapered’ really made me laugh, a vision of the rioters being into infantilism (which they are, but not generally in the sexual deviation sense, one would guess), or changing into nappies (‘diapers’) before wearing their fur suits.

    Not that I like the US trend of using nouns as verbs ‘cos of semi-literacy. ‘Homered’ in baseball comes to mind. Always makes me think of H. Simpson.

    • Replies: @5371
    , @another fred
  26. @CCZ

    Thank you for that information. I had not known that.

  27. fnn says:

    The usual suspects (not Tribal per se, but utopian liberals/social dems) launched the Vietnam War to bring non-Stalinist social revolution to Indochina. Then LBJ came in and screwed it up even further:

  28. @Jim

    It’s not just IQ. The Malaysian government deliberately divides and conquers. Malays get all sorts of free government handouts while simultaneously having to live under Sharia law. The Chinese are given nothing and left to fend for themselves. It makes the Malays lazy, needy and stupid and encourages Chinese entrepreneurialism. I think the differences could be a lot less in a free society (like Singapore).

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  29. 5371 says:
    @Che Guava

    I particularly enjoy “scapegoat” and “genocide” as transitive verbs.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  30. Che Guava says:

    Having some portion of my upbringing in Singapore, mainly local school system, Malaysia many times. Both very different to now.

    However, I would suggest that Malays are also handicapped by their adoption of a retrograde religion, and the effects of it becoming increasingly retrograde.

    I never saw a woman in a hijab, either in Singapore or Malaysia. They are common now. Could write much more, but it is off topic.

    Do, however, have books to recommend.

    Mahathir’s original text on why Malays require affirmative action and many other points, forget the title, but it is well-written, condescending to other Malays, and was a major factor in the separation of Singapore and Malaysia.

    Recommended reading if you can find it. I am sure that if you live there now, you can easily find it.

    The British were moving out or moved out in the part of my childhood in Singapore, but the Malayan Trilogy by Anthony Burgess, set much before my time there, gives a great picture of things before the original independence (prior to Singapore’s departure), my childhood experiences, much later as a child, but seeing my father’s friendships, many places in Malaysia, experiences, Burgess’s narratives ring true.

    Both strongly recommended.

    • Replies: @Anonymous (sorry)
  31. joef says:

    Libs always seem to go through convoluted verbal obfuscations to explain away reality that displeases them. Either they are truly reality challenged or they are intentionally deceitful (probably depends on the individual liberal). Liberals love mankind but their interpersonal relationships are poor (they love mankind from afar). They are the main cause of this mess:

    > Liberals probably believe that this racial & economic mess they have fostered will not lead to race war but will instead lead to their version of racial harmony where we all just pander & praise afro americans indefinitely, and all non blacks accept a degree of white guilt and admit to white privilege. – – Of course this is an intolerable solution for any sane man.

    > Liberal believe in blanket praise for afro americans while giving blanket condemnation to whites,
    but if the opposite was the case they consider that racist – – Now it easier to describe certain groups in general terms for the sake of brevity (not muddling a conversation in specific exceptions); however reality challenged libs really believe their own generalization without exception (with exception of themselves because they are the ‘Good White People’).

    > Liberals have irresponsibly fanned the flames of racial animosity which has led to racial balkanization in this country. — Instead of saying that 600,000 whites died to free the slaves, they tell afro americans to demand reparations, – – They hype pseudo incidents of racial bias but never focus that afro americans have committed more acts of violence against their fellow citizens then all other groups combined (and that includes terrorism) – – the only thing more destructive then them was war!!

    > However Liberals never admit failure. There ideas may be bad (where we can simply agree to disagree), but the real problem is how they continue to implement a failed idea. They believe that a failed liberal idea constantly repeated will eventually produce success. In addition they constantly demand more money for failed policies that is obvious to most reasonable people as being a money pit.

    > To a reasonable person you should formulate your opinions based on reality, however liberals believe that reality should correspond to their opinions. This is fundamental difference whereas a reasonable person relies mostly on empirical evidence, a liberal will rely on self reinforcing academic studies. Libs like to say that experience is unreliably anecdotal. Obviously that is fallacious (eg if you are looking for a surgeon, et ceteris paribus, you would prefer the more experienced one).

    > Most liberals with very few exceptions are totally clueless about the nature of violence having never really experienced it or seen its results. That is why they believe a resistant violent offender can be talked into complying with the police. This is totally reality challenged! And that is why I say without modern protections, that libs are totally depended upon, they would die off from natural selection (societies protections would not be there to save liberals from their own real world incompetence).

    In conclusion we are left with the mess they created. They have created a Frankenstein Monster by cultivating violent afro american animosity and made them totally dependent on entitlements for their basic needs of survival. Now the monster they created is berserk, totally untethered from the directions of their liberal handlers, and if it continues, coupled with our severe economic problems (which will start to manifest itself with multiple state and municipal financial defaults), there will be a race war. I wish it was not true, but currently this is the direction we are going with unappeasable afro american animosity, irresponsible liberal racial balkanization, white racial fatigue, and an overburdened economy.
    Pray for peace, hope for the best, but prepare for the worst.

    • Replies: @another fred
  32. Che Guava says:

    Yes, it is language barbarism, but, as I said, ‘homered’, and its relatives ‘medalled’ and ‘podiumed’ really set my teeth on edge.

    Use of transitives as intransitives, too, ‘commit’ as the worst example, but can see that that is a lost cause, shame upon those who have better educations but omit the direct subject.

  33. Your enemy is not black people or liberals. Your enemy is not white people or police. Your enemy is the .01%. If there is a race war it will be because enough stupid people take the bait. Our rulers foment hatred and resentment to keep us divided against ourselves. Take the ax to the root. Take the ax to the ruling class.

  34. joef says:

    You may be right but it still does not absolve liberals from pursuing recklessly destructive social agendas that helped foster this situation. This racial brinkmanship (coupled with an overburdened economy) will eventually lead to very bad results. However Liberals may be just the dupes of the elites. Also when I criticize liberals I am talking of the New Left variety that came of age with the baby boomers (a very vacuously selfish generation that will only be surpassed by their children: the millennials). I do not want to be harsh but those are the facts as I see them, and I always acknowledge where the date leads even if I do not personally like it/benefit from it. After all most lib ideas are endearing but its their implementation in reality that does not work.

  35. @WorkingClass

    To get to the puppet master, you must first get through the puppets.

  36. Che Guava says:
    @Anonymous (sorry)

    Since this thread is continued by others, I will continue.

    Malays (many of whom, though claiming to be bumiputra, ‘sons of the soil’, were actually immigrants from Java and Sumatra, when the evil British administered parts of the place, never mind they emigrated for conditions of relatively prosperity, created by the Brit. administrators and advisors), under the federal constitution, were only subjected to Sharia law under the state constitutions in the same places as before: the northern states except for Penang, the southern states except for Malacca, and a few, Johore, Negri Sembilan, and Selangor, where they didn’t much care about Sharia bullshit until very recently.

    Last I checked, the Malaccan state government was Islamist.

    East Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, also have non-Islamic state constitutions, but are under pressure.

    In the peninsula, one of the earliest acts of the new federal government (long ago) was to decree that the animist and animist-Hindu mixed-culture people (the true indigenous) inland and in jungle villages to be Malay and therefore automatically Moslem.

    One of the many recent examples of forced conversion by that often hateful ‘faith’.

  37. Che Guava says:
    @Che Guava

    Oh no,

    I was thinking in Japanese, object of course.

  38. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    So basically a longish essay asserting that multicultural empires are inherently unstable and require a police state to hold together. And the poor bastards at the top who have to struggle to man that police state they themselves engineered. When America was ~ 90% white you could show up at an airport 15 minutes before your flight and get on the plane. Q.E.D.

  39. prusmc says:

    Fine post; however, true about enthusiasm for black empowerment, nonsense about white nationalism. From preschool on white males are degenigrated and taught to hate themselves and the American system. Those under 40 will never fight back no matter how many guns and how much ammo they have at hand. Those over 40 are a step slower and dying off as planned by our betters.

    • Replies: @joef
    , @dahoit
    , @pink_point
  40. BooBoo says:

    As a former prosecutor I have a few insights into police use of excessive force.

    Psychologically, cops include the entire spectrum off humanity. At the top end (top 25%?) are the men (yes, men – women run when the fists/bullets start flying) who are the finest people in the world. Not some of the finest – the finest. They took on the most unimaginable situations most every day. It was not only thankless work, they were usually spit on and degraded by the very people they were saving. They reaffirm one’s faith in humanity.

    At the other end, though, are a very few really bad actors. One of the best decisions I made as a prosecutor was to prosecute a bad cop for a minor act of excessive force. He punched a particularly loathsome suspect after that suspect spit at him and verbally abused him. He was acquitted, but it sent a message to the entire force and the guy got out of the police work. There was one cop who was doing horrible things and I had no idea it was happening until years later.

  41. joef says:

    Unfortunately, you are correct.

  42. dahoit says:
    @Diversity Heretic

    I think your main problem is no weed.
    Race war?You knuckleheads are so scared you’d probably shoot your family members by accident.
    Blacks aint going nowhere,so get used to their presence or move to Sweden?
    Totally agree that the ghetto is filled with violence ,and guns.Who makes these handguns?Zionists?Why are they so prevalent?Profit over people.
    Poverty is the driving force behind violent crime. They have no future and no hope.What the f8ck do you expect them to be,choirboys?
    The cops are afraid.I guess they shouldn’t be cops then.
    Trump will help lift all Americans boats,so there is hope,if we can exile Zion from America,with all its America destroying policies.

    • Replies: @bomag
  43. @Che Guava

    diapered’ really made me laugh…

    Me too, but the image in my mind is blacks arming themselves, whites arming themselves and seeing the silly little pricks on TV pissing themselves to avoid bringing up the reality.

    Interesting times.

    /Don’t worry Feds. I’m too old. I’m just watching. You don’t need to put me on any more lists.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  44. dahoit says:

    There are very few blacks in China,but they are just as racist as anyone else.
    You didn’t see the black guy in the washer,coming out lighter?
    And its the Jews who make money on body organs,as they steal dead Palestinian ones.
    China,sheesh.Commies huh?

  45. dahoit says:

    Again,your problem is no weed.Everyone smokes weed but the brainwashed.
    Legalize it,and decriminalize drugs,and all this violence ,or most,disappears.
    I hate alcohol as its drinkers are dumb.:)

  46. dahoit says:

    Zion;who the f*ck wants to be the most evil hated humans on earth?The ones that manipulate morons in divide and conquer,illustrated here ,every day.
    When you wake up to their being our mortal enemy,you will reach nirvana.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
  47. dahoit says:

    Nationalism in America precludes race.It will be a revelation for all Americans after the curse of Zion on our souls and wealth.
    Trump for POTUS.

  48. @Jim Christian

    It’s worse than ’68. Much worse..

  49. @joef

    I enjoyed your well thought out post, but would like to offer a couple of observations. I hope you don’t mind.

    Liberals love mankind but their interpersonal relationships are poor (they love mankind from afar).

    Without going in to a long song and dance I offer that I think they are mostly people who are put off by the reality of life and just want it to be less harsh. As you observe later they then create a sort of fantasy reality where everything should be better.

    However Liberals never admit failure. There ideas may be bad (where we can simply agree to disagree), but the real problem is how they continue to implement a failed idea.

    They also blame others for the failure/frustration of their ideas, that is why they get so angry at conservatives. Stalin’s blaming of “wreckers” for the failure of collectivization of farms is the quintessential example, his starving of the kulaks should be a warning to all.

    In conclusion we are left with the mess they created.

    While they have certainly made things worse in the USA than they had to be, the world was headed for trouble anyway. The spread between haves and have-nots has been with us since the dawn of civilization and no system has been able to close the gap. It is a natural source of instability that guarantees to throw a spanner in the works when any system grows to a point that makes it vulnerable to instabilities (see link below to TED talk by Sornette). Evolution cannot work without the inequalities.

    As far as the race war, or any other kind of unrest, one should understand that the Federal Government has enormous legal emergency powers under the Defense Production Act of 1950 (& knock-ons). Since 9/11 there has been a concerted drive to be sure that every law enforcement agency in the USA understands that they answer to Homeland Security in the event of an Emergency – all other lines of authority vanish in that case. There are very few people who can hold out after the food, gas, water, and electricity are cut off. I just would not expect any wholesale disorder to last long.

    After the economic troubles do away with “globalization” really big wars will come and the population will be reduced.

    Human beings really are part of Nature and are subject to the same laws.

    • Replies: @joef
  50. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Black Pigeon on Black Lives

    weird movie

  51. KenH says:

    There is a distinct and understandable queasiness about exploring Johnson’s explicit black nationalist sympathies.

    Of course there is since the Jewish owned and controlled media and their underlings of all stripes don’t not want whites to know that blacks, quite a lot of them, harbor a racial animus towards them that borders on the satanic. Moronic whites still cling to the belief that most blacks are just like the Huxtables or Fresh Prince of Bel Air (or could be with enough economic incentives) and tell themselves that Micah Johnson represents an insignificant minority when the reverse is true.

    Conversely, when a white man like Dylan Roof kills blacks or other non-whites we get to see his full manifesto and a complete replay of this life and opinions with which to collectively punish and bludgeon whites with. The media narrative is then that all whites are suspect, put on notice and share in the blame for the actions of the white killer of holier than thou racial minorities.

    It’s always collective guilt for whitey, but limited liability for blacks and other non-whites.

  52. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    From my experience, Occam’s Switchblade says BLACKS BE CRAZY.

    America has too many blacks.

    Blacks + Freedom = Sheeeeiiiit.

    Cuban blacks act better because it’s a police state down there.

  53. I blame this shooting on the msm horrah over every cop shooting – the ones where the cops pulled the trigger. this was inevitable.

  54. @Che Guava

    “direct subject” ?? That’s a new one on me. Care to contribute to my edification in the realm of grammatical terminology?

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  55. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Al this talk of ‘racism’ misses the point.

    In fact, we are all ‘racists’. It is impossible not to be because we have eyes, ears, and flesh. We were designed to notice things, and humans notice differences. It was part of evolution, to notice differences.

    The real difference isn’t between ‘racists’ and ‘non-racists’ or ‘anti-racists’.
    It is between c-racists and d-racists.

    C-racist is a candid racist who is candid and honest about his awareness of the existence of races and racial differences.

    D-racist is a dishonest(or disingenuous)racist who comes up with all sorts of rationalizations, evasions, and deceptions to mask or obfuscate what he really sees, feels, and thinks while he pretends to be ‘progressive’, ironically often by championing the blatant racism of other peoples. So, while it is wrong to ‘virulently white’, it’s okay to be virulently Jewish in NY, virulently Cubano in Miami, virulently brown in LA, and virulently black in Detroit or Baltimore.

    D-racism can be conscious or subconscious(because so many people have been raised to reject the notion of race altogether and to see whites and only whites as the source of all evil — they think dealing with ‘white problem’ will be a cure-all since whites are the sole evil while other races are naturally good. It’s like a communist thinking the economy will prosper only if the capitalists are gotten rid of because Marxism blames all evil on the bourgeoisie. Of course, the economy gets even worse without the presence of evil capitalists, so communists end up calling each other ‘capitalist roaders’ to explain the worsening economy.) Incidentally, d-racists are too stupid to realize that PC is racist against whites. Radical Justice has blinded them to reality. Their morality is high on the nihilism of preening righteousness.

    Racism can be based on truth or falsehood. There are correct racial theories and false racial theories. The theory that whites are faster than blacks is false. The theory that blacks are faster than whites is true. Jesse Owens destroyed the false Aryan theory and established the true black theory that blacks can run faster. His feat didn’t prove racial equality but black superiority in sprinting. But d-racists only focus on the discrediting of the Aryan theory, as if that proves all races are equal. If a beagle claims it can run faster than a greyhound and loses, does it mean all dogs are equal? No, it means greyhounds are superior in speed. False racism has been replaced by true racism.

    A theory that Eskimos are smarter than Jews is false. A theory that Jews are smarter than Eskimos is true. Perhaps, to c-racists and d-racists, we can add another category: the f-racists or false racists who peddle false racial theories. D-racists(who pretend to be anti-racists) claim to have disproved racism by discrediting the false racists. But they never disproved the c-racists who notice REAL existing racial differences.

    F-racist says beagles are faster than greyhounds.
    D-racist says all dogs are equal because the greyhound beat the beagle and discredited the beale theory of superiority.
    C-racist says greyhounds are faster and superior in speed to beagles.

    C-racism is the only truth.

    When we look at how people respond to sports, music, crime, residence, academics, justice, sex, policing, etc, everyone seems to notice racial differences on some level.
    C-racists admit as much. D-racists deny that they do even though they do.

    Look at yuppie Liberal Gentropolis. It is because Jews and Asians are smarter than there are more of them than blacks in those areas.
    Look at the NBA, and blacks dominate because blacks are bigger, faster, and stronger.
    Much of interracist sex is black male and white female because white women find Negroes to be superior studs.
    Look at gentrification carried out out by affluent urban ‘progressives’. It is essentially about pushing blacks out to make safe spaces for bobo yuppies and hipsters who went to good colleges and/or have generous trusts from grandparents.
    Jews are smarter and control US policy to favor Israelis over Palestinians. Jewish ‘progressives’ or progs seem to have no problem with this Foreign Policy racism that prioritizes Jews over Palestinians.
    And on an on.

    ‘Racism’ is something far more complicated than saying the n-word. Ism means belief or consciousness, and it is impossible not to notice racial differences and be affected by it.
    Even when you prefer another race more than your own, you are being ‘racist’.
    When a white woman prefers a negro man and when a white boy wants to be like a black rapper, they are acting on premise that black race is superior to the white race is fuc*ing and fighting(and acting unruly).

    So, it’s really about c-racists and d-raciats.

    I notice racial differences that are the product of 100,000 yrs of human evolution, and I see how they affect society.

    After all, the main reason for black aggression isn’t history but biology. Blacks are more muscular and have more aggressive temperaments. I grew up in an integrated community, and black boys tended to see white boys as flabby and slow weakling wussies easy to pick and beat up. (That was the main reason for white flight in which Jewish liberals took part. Jews are the biggest d-racists around, always denouncing white gentiles as ‘racist’ while doing everything to seek safe space from the tougher and more aggressive blacks. After all, NY made a comeback by getting very tough on black crime. But it never got tagged as ‘city of hate’ or ‘city of greed’ because NY owns the national media that serves as its publicity machine.)

    Needless to say, I’m a c-racist or race-ist.
    Ism means belief or consciousness, and I believe in the existence of race and racial differences.

  56. joef says:
    @another fred

    Thank you for your comments & constructive criticisms:

    This is not easy subject matter since I rather live in a peaceful coexistence than a fractured society. But I rather see things for what it is instead of using wishful thinking in my analysis. I believe it is important to divorce oneself from their own emotions in making these economic/social/historical observations measured against empirical life experiences. Then make logical conclusions from there on where things are going if they follow the same chain of events in the future. This is not rocket science – – if you walk the same direction eventually you will get there.
    My basic premise is this, despite all the obfuscations otherwise, afro americans have killed more of their fellow citizens (of all races) than all other categorized groups, including terrorism. The only more destructive event that killed more people in this nation is warfare. No one has to believe me, it is in fact better if you look for yourself into the data from reliable sources.
    Thus I feel like a lonely German Jew (I’m actually Roman Catholic) in the 1930s who is telling his peers that the political trends will be unfortunate for them, and his fellow Jews returning mocking disbelief.

    In regards to the ability of the Feds to prevent a race war:
    a) We are in major economic long term decline. In addition there will be less people who will want to be police officers in the future. The only thing sustaining the recruitment now is poor employment opportunities. Also we will see austerity eventually hit many local governments in this nation causing a further reduction in the ranks of police officers. Thus DHS will have less local police resources to tap into.
    b) If you review the history of other nations around the world who went into decline and civil war, their central govt came apart rather quickly or became completely ineffectual nationwide. We hope that the USA never becomes a failed state (and it probably will not) but I would not discount areas becoming equivalent to failed states, or major municipalities becoming feral cities (look up a paper published by USN War College Professor in regards to definition of ‘Feral City’). That is not beyond the realm of possibility.
    When would this happen, who knows? Thats equivalent to predicting when a financial bubble will blow (you know its coming, you just don’t know when).

  57. BenKenobi says:

    “who the f*ck wants to be the most evil hated humans on earth?”

    Ain’t we already? Let’s roll with it.

  58. KenH says:

    Jesse Owens destroyed the false Aryan theory and established the true black theory that blacks can run faster. His feat didn’t prove racial equality but black superiority in sprinting.

    The National Socialists never said Aryans were all better sprinters than blacks. Their world view was much more comprehensive than just Olympic track and field events so Jesse Owens’s victories didn’t destroy anything. Regardless, Germany won the most gold medals in the 1936 Olympics and won the entire Olympics with 89 total medals while the USA was a distant second with 56.

    It also appears that a wicked Aryan superman helped negro Owens qualify for the long jump event:

    From Wikipedia:

    Jesse Owens won four gold medals in the sprint and long jump events. His German competitor Luz Long offered Owens advice after he almost failed to qualify in the long jump and was posthumously awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal for sportsmanship

  59. @Che Guava

    I not so sure that it is all that barbaric to coin verbs from nouns or vice versa. Take for examples:

    To whore around. Whoring. (to go out seeking sexual adventures, commercial or otherwise)

    To get whored up. (to make preparations– i.e. put on make up and a slinky cocktail dress in preparation for an encounter with someone who is out “whoring around”)

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  60. joef says:

    Another example of the problem is when yellow taxi drivers refused to pick up afro americans out of fear for personal safety. Of course the Liberal MSM tried to categorize them as white racist who did not perform the pick ups because of personal dislike of afro americans. The problem with the MSM argument was that yellow taxi drivers were being robbed almost exclusively afro american males. And second the majority of yellow taxi drivers were no longer white males. They were mostly Dominican, Arabic, Pakistani, and Sub Saharan African. The white bigotry story did not exactly work which caused a confusion in the liberal paradigm.
    Incidentally if you ever ask a Sub Saharan African why they do not like to pick up afro americans male passengers if they are black like them, many (if they do not think you are an TLC tester) will tell you that they may be black but they are not like them. If allowed to elaborate further they will tell you that the poverty complained about by afro americans is luxury in their own country in Africa.
    Of course the liberal solution was to force the taxi drivers to violate their own rational self interest in safety, and pick up afro american males. Liberal always love to ignore danger signs, and that is why you hear about lib hikers who stupidly feed black bears (“I’ll make friends with the bear”), and then get attacked and eaten by the bear.

  61. nickels says:

    Seems like a war between the mensheviks and bolsheviks. M’s are Obama who wants to socially engineer a police state of multiculturalism (white slavery) while Soros and his Black Lies want a bloody revolution RIGHT NOW!
    That would put the media in the menshevik camp.

  62. bomag says:

    Poverty is the driving force behind violent crime. They have no future and no hope.What the f8ck do you expect them to be,choirboys?

    The link between poverty and crime is almost nonexistent.`

    At some point you have to build your own future and supply your own hope. Demanding that someone supply it for you is not a good long term strategy.

    • Replies: @joef
  63. joef says:

    dahoits solution of ‘they are here and get used to it’; and

    Poverty is the driving force behind violent crime. They have no future and no hope.What the f8ck do you expect them to be,choirboys?

    Is no solution at all when things have become so intolerable. What I expect them to do is behave like civilized human beings and work their way up (like the rest of us have to do).

    His response to the ‘Diversity Heretic’ comment shows his ignorance:

    Race war?You knuckleheads are so scared you’d probably shoot your family members by accident.

    What he does not get is that many people are veterans, cops, correction officers, EMS, FF, and hunters who are very very handy with guns. Second is that many of us were white flight refugees (this also includes many hispanics) who are not impressed with afro americans street act, and know how most fold under a real challenge, as demonstrated by experience. They may fool ignorant suburban white people but they do not fool urban ethnic whites & hispanics with there stupid street act. Many afro americans thugs are bullies who hate a fair fight. They only engage when they out number you, or bigger than you, or armed, or can ambush you (attack you from behind).

    The most laughable recollection of this is when an acquaintance related a story that while working deliveries a afro american pulled out a knife and stated “give me you f- money white boy”, where at my acquaintance pulled out his own knife and said “lets go n-“; the afro american promptly said “man why you pulling out a knife, I was only robbins yous (sic)”. If the consequences weren’t so real they would truly be God’s clowns.

    • Replies: @epochehusserl
  64. Walter Oleg says: • Website

    BLM,college leftists,La Raza, Muslims in Europe are all part of the Globalist Occupation Army in The West (GOATW) .See link below for details:

  65. @joef

    I have seen the same. Unfortunately our society has abandoned the idea that criminals are responsible for their behavior.

  66. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says:

    BLM should be pronounced as BLAM.

  67. “but nobody wants to hang that tag on 13% of the US population”

    but we have no problems hanging tags on the 63% of the population and that’s why this war is going to escalate. When a group having protests is chanting “what do we want”, “dead cops”, “when do we want them”, “now” is it any surprise we got them?

    we are creating a whole generation of people who feel it’s their duty to hate whites.

  68. @WorkingClass

    So Blacks will stop being violent after we dispense the Koch Bros.?

  69. Che Guava says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    I already did, see post 38 in this thread.

  70. @Che Guava

    Never saw a woman in a hijab? Amazing! Outside of KL, hijab use is now almost universal amongst Muslim women. A Malay girl without a hijab stands out like a sore thumb.

    How times change.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  71. Che Guava says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter

    Of course, I agree on some, including your first example, but there seems to be a problem with logic in

    To get whored up. (to make preparations– i.e. put on make up and a slinky cocktail dress in preparation for an encounter with someone who is out “whoring around”)


    That appears to be a new definition.

    The older one, ‘To get whored up (to make preparations– i.e. put on make up and a slinky cocktail dress in preparation for random encounters that may or may not involve cash payments.’ appears to be the original, and is the top on Urban Dic.

    ‘Whoring about’, perhaps UK, is a variant with the same meaning.

  72. Che Guava says:

    Of course, I agree on some, including your first example, but there seems to be a problem with logic in

    To get whored up. (to make preparations– i.e. put on make up and a slinky cocktail dress in preparation for an encounter with someone who is out “whoring around”)


    That appears to be a new definition.

    The older one, ‘To get whored up (to make preparations– i.e. put on thick make-up and a slinky cocktail dress in preparation for random encounters that may or may not involve cash payments.’ appears to be the original, and is the top on Urban Dic.

    ‘Whoring about’, perhaps UK, is a variant with the same meaning.

    Usually applied to female whores or homosexual men, whether or not whores.

  73. Che Guava says:
    @Anonymous (sorry)

    Seriously, never. Even in the northern states of peninsular Malaysia, although the inland parts of the far north were out of bounds, at the time, not because of Islamist morons, as now, but because of the ethnic Chinese communist army.

    In the end, the Malaysian govt. made a deal with them and with the Chinese govt. to deport them (as the Singaporean govt. had, much earlier, with their own contingent) to China.

    Since it was well after the tail end of the ‘Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution’ at the time the of the final treaty, it would be interesting to read an account from a deportee.

    Likewise for the much earlier deportees from Singapore to the socialist paradise.

    Some must have become Red Guards. Some must have fallen afoul of the same.

    Even in those parts, Malay women did not wear hijabs.

    • Replies: @pink_point
  74. Che Guava says:

    I must correct myself, the original deportations of ethnic Chinese communists from Singapore were under British rule, well before I was born, so I guess the Brits must have been involved in the negotiations with China.

    The agreement between China and Malaysia to deport the ethnic Chinese communist army in the northern Malayan peninsula to China was well into the late eighties.

    Per custom, I post from memory. None of the above is from a ‘net search, just from a little more thought.

  75. @Diversity Heretic

    How can the white race survive, it’s the weakest of the races, genetically.
    If you mix it with anything , you dissappear!
    I would feel vulnerable too!

  76. joef says:

    The weakest race is the one that provides everything for afro americans, a group who cannot provide even the most basics for themselves?
    I think the weakest ethnic group is the one who is unable to survive without white man handouts, who produce nothing, cannot take hard work, who cannot handle the consequences of their own doing (needing their white sugar daddy to save them from themselves) and only fight when they have an unfair advantage because the majority of them are cowards who like easy targets = many ghetto afro americans (of course with a some afro american ghetto outlier exceptions who don’t endorse radical afro american complaining)

  77. @Playingwithkrackers

    It’s not the weakest, of course.
    In the civilized world, power comes from intelligence.

    Whites/Asians/Jews could completely wipe away the whole populations of Africa and South America, if they wanted.

    They are not doing that. But, maybe, they are not doing that because they use those people?

    Of course, all with smiles and words like “help.”

  78. @Che Guava

    You mean Moros when you say “morons,” right?
    Why the need to use a derogatory term.

  79. @prusmc

    History makes sudden turns; you can never know.
    If it were as you say, they wouldn’t be so nervous about any murmur suggesting whites have an identity too.

    From preschool on white males are degenigrated and taught to hate themselves and the American system.

    This has roots going far in the past, really (early 20th century.)

  80. @Playingwithkrackers

    It’s like mixing cake with feces.

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