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Don't Scapegoat Israel
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Like my friend Byron Roth, I am tired of the Israel-bashing that has become characteristic of some of my fellow right-wingers. These critics gush over the Palestinians in a way that is seldom evident when they speak about other Third World populations and certainly not about American minorities. Those who cheered for the Afrikaner hardliners against Nelson Mandela are grief-stricken over the failure of the Israelis to hand over their country to their enemies. As for the comparisons between the Israelis and racially restrictive societies, let me make another point that will offend those whom I’m criticizing: I’ve been in Israel numerous times, and I traveled through the American South during the days of Jim Crow. Let me assure Kevin MacDonald and other practitioners of selective indignation that Israeli Palestinians are treated far better than American blacks were when segregation was in force. (Since I’m not exactly a favorite of the neocon-liberal establishment, no one could mistake this observation for an attempt to accommodate the Left.)

During my visits to Israel I saw Palestinians eating in the same restaurants with Jews, and in Jerusalem many of the hotel managers I encountered were trilingual Palestinians, who spoke Hebrew and English as well as Arabic. Palestinians also attend the same universities with Jews and Christians and have access to the same courts, which often to the disgust of the Jewish majority, find in favor of Palestinian claimants.

Note that I am not depicting Israel as a country that does not discriminate in any manner against non-Jewish minorities. There is certainly evidence that Israeli Jews practice discrimination, especially in economic relations; and the Palestinians on the West Bank and in Gaza represent a territorial problem that sooner or later will have to be addressed. Moreover, negotiating with the other side while dividing up Palestinian land among ultra-Orthodox settlers and nationalist constituencies has not worked well for Israeli governments.

Having conceded the obvious, it bothers me, when all is said and done, that my fellow-warriors on the right rage over the transgressions of Israel’s “racist,” “tribal” society. These right-wingers are not inclined to display the slightest diversitarian concern when the topic is Euro-American countries; indeed tribalism is something the Right is justly accused of promoting, when it defends the cultural and ethnic integrity of Western nations. But unlike my comrades-in-arm, I am just as well-disposed toward a Jewish nation as I am toward Euro-American nations. In fact I wish European countries would imitate the Israelis and treasure their historic nationalities. I am delighted to see nations basking in historic pride, and this includes (notare bene) the Israelis, despite the complicating fact that they are related ethnically to a group that in America has produced a large share of liberal journalists and nutty leftist academics.

And that academic-journalistic establishment riles my comrades. Going after the Israelis typifies what psychologists call an abreaction. A secondary target will have to do if the angered person can’t get the real target of his anger. The Israelis substitute for the journalists whom the anti-Israel Right would really like to pummel. But they cite special reasons for their anti-Israeli fixation: We give the Israelis lots of foreign aid and therefore have the right to criticize what they do. But treating the Israelis as a special pariah nation goes beyond being merely critical of those who take our foreign aid. One can oppose foreign aid (like Ron Paul) without feeling an urgent need to dump on a particular recipient night and day. And in this case to single out that recipient for special opprobrium in a way that exceeds its relative evil-doing in today’s very nasty world.

A second reason that anti-Israeli right-wingers vent so much against the Israelis is that it’s relatively safe for those who want to deflate the bubble of Jewish moral pretension to go after Israel. Listening to Jewish journalists and advocacy-groups talk about Jews, one would think that they, and not the Poles, are the true “Christ of nations.” No matter how successful and influential Jews become in this country, my fellow right-wingers observe, they always play the victim card and thereby get gullible Christians or post-Christian Westerners to treat them with undue deference. For those right-wingers who want to call critical attention to Jews and their social effects, it might seem expedient to start by focusing on Israeli sins.

There are of course some truly nasty things one could lay at the door of different Jews in different places. One could mention the role of Jewish Communists and Jewish Communist agents in the forced Ukrainian famine created by Stalin’s regime. The numerically disproportionate role of Russian and Ukrainian Jews in this horror becomes obvious if one looks at the leadership of the NKVD. But one would do well to avoid this sticky wicket, lest the press comes after you. An obscure Christian Democratic deputy in Germany Martin Hohnmann was professionally and socially ruined after he alluded to the Jewish role in the mass-killing in Stalin’s Russia. Hohnmann, by the way, did not condemn Jews in general because of the involvement of some Jews in Stalin’s crimes. Instead he made the moral point that “one should not declare entire peoples to be criminal because of the deeds of minorities.” Although clearly a noble attempt to explain that not all Germans should be viewed as murderous Nazis, Hohnmann was thereafter denounced as a “right-wing extremist” in every major newspaper in the Western world. He was expelled from his own bogus conservative party, a fate the New York Post explained was justified because of his “Nazi views.”


In short there are things in recent Jewish history that are reprehensible but which one is not free to mention, if one wishes to survive as a journalist, politician, or academic celebrity. Although Tom Snyder in Bloodlands does bring up the Jewish participation in Soviet crimes, he might have survived as a professional historian because he devotes more space to Jews as victims than to Jews as persecutors.

But those are serious things to get upset about. They seem to me of an entirely different order of evil than the behavior of the Jewish population of Israel. That population even in the face of Palestinian violence treats Israeli Palestinians with a generosity that is unimaginable in most countries in the world. Even during their war for independence, the Israelis did not behave worse toward Palestinians, many of whom took up arms against them, than did American settlers dealing with Amerindian resistance. When was the last time, by the way, that my anti-Israeli friends on the right went ballistic over what white Americans did to the Cherokees? Yes, I know: beating up on Israel is another matter. Unlike making reference to the hideous crimes of Jewish Communists and the nuisance of the Jewish Left, it’s safe to take sides with the Palestinians against the Jews in Israel. That’s something the leftist press does everyday, when it defends the Palestinians as victims of fascist imperialism. Our right-wingers have found that they can achieve their goal (which is pissing off their enemies at home) by taking swipes at Israeli “fascists.” By now it’s so predictable that I tune out when I hear it.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Israel 
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  1. Thank you Professor Gottfried!

    Thank you for standing up for decency and for nothing less than the plain and simple truth.

    As one who reads almost every word you have penned, this affirms your basic integrity and intelligence. Also, considering how this will certainly not endear you to your paleo colleagues, this is also an act of singular courage.

    Once again, Herr Professor, I salute you!

  2. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The organizations protecting human rights don’t have the time to deal with the followings:
    *The speech of the Muslim brotherhood leader in Cairo delivered in Arabic, before 1 million people saying is:
    !!!!! Hitler didn’t finish the job against the Jews.
    !!!!!! Now the Muslims brotherhood will finish the job.
    Watch BBC program Third eye Egypt.
    * Bombs killed Christian’s prayers from Cairo to Bagdad,
    * Non Muslims have been decapitated from Algeria up the Philippines,
    * Slavery is still practice in Sudan and Golf states,
    * Arabs kill Israeli civilians,and later requiring to get immunity for their crimes when the defending Israel responses.
    * Women have been raped and the women is punished while the men are free,
    * Non Muslim praying shrines have been destroyed,
    * Amputations and stoning punishment.
    * Hate preaching and teaching worldwide funded by Arab countries ( Refer to BBC program Panorama)
    * Hate TV shows dedicated to children garden,
    * Honor killing of wife’s, doters, brothers,

    They are busy in a mission: Building the false myth of Israel

    The anti Israeli chorus will not be confused by real facts.
    They will not demonstrate, not initiate protest weeks, not vote or boycode the countries and political groups practicing the above atrocities :
    What should be the name for the so called human rights groups that are supporting Arabs,Iran and organizations that by ideology and practice are against all the values they pretended to protect?

  3. Mr Gottfried deserves praise for his contributions to genuine conservative thought, and Israel is a vital U.S. ally. I owe my desire for a college education, in part to the kindness of Jewish friends living in my working class area of NY city. BUT, this statement by the author can’t be simply overlooked:
    “In short there are things in recent Jewish history that are reprehensible but which one is not free to mention, IF ONE WISHES TO SURVIVE AS A JOURNALIST, POLITICIAN OR, ACADEMIC. If freedom to debate crucial issues like the Iraq war and Mid-East policy has been effectively stifled, just what kind of a regime are we living under? Cong. Trafficant found out the answer when he was framed up and served seven years in prison for being an Israeli Lobby critic.

  4. I think Dr. Gottfried has a point. We paleos et al must learn to distinguish between Israelis and Jewish-American Leftists (neocon and liberal). When the nation in question is Israel, many on the trad right protest the same sort of tribalism and policies there that they excoriate Americans for not embracing and advocating here. When called on that, the response often is that Jewish-Americans advocate ceaselessly for multiculturalism here, so Israeli Jews should have to embrace it there. But Israelis are not behind the multicult push here – it’s Jewish-Americans and other left-wing Americans – so that reasoning seems to me to be nonsensical.

    In other words, the neoconservative Jewish-American position is to advocate ethnocentric government for Israeli Jews while denying such to Americans. The position of too many paleos seems to be to advocate ethnocentric government for Americans while denying it to Israeli Jews. Rather than damning Israel for adopting policies we want for ourselves, in my opinion we should praise Israel for adopting those policies while demanding the same for Americans, and while condemning neoconservative/AIPAC/ADL hypocrisy.

  5. As one of the right-wing critics of Israel excoriated by Dr. Gottfried, I feel compelled to respond to this piece. I must confess that I do not recognize the unnamed anti-Israel conservative who is set up as a straw man to permit Dr. Gottfried to make his points. I know of no serious conservative who “gushes” over the Palestinians. On the contrary, I suspect that most would agree that the Palestinians have a corrupt government that often borders on the dysfunctional and that they are often their own worst enemy in terms of ability to make their own case. Perhaps Dr. Gottfried is confusing occasional expressions of sympathy for the humanitarian plight of the Palestinians with “selective indignation” on their behalf. His point that Jim Crow segregation was somehow worse than present day Israeli apartheid is, of course, a very subjective conclusion, particularly given the hundreds of Palestinians who have been killed in Israel’s so-called security operations. Perhaps Dr. Gottfried is himself being selective as he appears to be referring to those Arabs who are Israeli citizens “that are treated far better” rather than to the inhabitants of the West Bank who are subject to systematic abuse by both security officials and settlers.

    Dr. Gottfried’s theory that criticism of Israel is a surrogate method of going after the left wing and presumably largely Jewish academic-journalistic establishment is an entertaining conspiracy theory but difficult to take seriously. Deflating “the bubble of Jewish moral pretensions” by attacking Israel, presumably as a tactic to make Hollywood behave, would seem to be a convoluted explanation of something much simpler: that many in the US are beginning to realize that the Israeli relationship is very much a liability.

    I could rebut nearly everything else claimed in “Don’t Scapegoat Israel” point by point, including the odd observation about Arabs and Jews eating together in restaurants and the comment that the occupation of the West Bank is little more than a “territorial problem,” but to do so would be to ignore the central issue, which Dr. Gottfried adroitly sidesteps. Conservatives and many progressives alike criticize Israel not because of how it behaves towards its Arab citizens and neighbors but because of what the relationship has done and continues to do to the United States. Israel and its lobby have corrupted congress, the White House, and the media and have certainly brought about one unnecessary war and are agitating for another. The relationship with Israel has made the United States a target for terrorism and has cost the US taxpayer some hundreds of billions of dollars even while Israel continues to steal our defense and industrial secrets. It really is as simple as that – the Israel connection has been very bad for the United States. If Dr. Gottfried believes that calling attention to that fact is somehow unfair and “scapegoating,” I would have to disagree.

  6. Reader says:

    Mr. Gottfried, as always, is a voice of intellectual clarity and honesty. His forthright condemnation of Protestant and Liberal Jewish masochism, the latter’s tribalism, and the paleo double-standards for Palestinians vis-a-vis have probably earned him enmity or, hopefully, a grudging respect. His point about paleoconservatives and others attacking Israel because they lack the courage to address domestic American concerns is well taken. Why not rush to judge white South Africans? Something like this duplicity happens when so-called mainstream conservatives rail against “liberals.” Many of the stereotypes associated with “liberals” are the old anti-semitic canards. I don’t know if I would term the anti-Israeli or GOP anti-liberal bias abreaction, seems more like triangulation to me.
    The level of intellectual and honest debate on cultural and demographic issues in this country has reached a nadir, obfuscated by a century of contradictory religious messages, social experimentation, and political machinations.

  7. “Unlike making reference to the hideous crimes of Jewish Communists and the nuisance of the Jewish Left, it’s safe to take sides with the Palestinians against the Jews in Israel.”

    Criticism of Israel and the Israel Lobby in American is not “taking sides with the Palestinians against the Jews in Israel.” Americans are perfectly capable of supporting American over Israeli interests without taking the Palestinian side.

    One common Israel-firster spin is that we HAVE to choose between Israelis or Palestinians and that of course we should choose Israelis “because they are so like us.” Israelis are no more like us than Palestinians and even if they were, we do not have to choose either side. Americans should choose the American side and if Israelis or American Zionists see it as taking sides with Palestinians, tough. Readers who are genuine patriots should see it as a duty to unapologetically educate themselves about Israel and the Israel Lobby.

    The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy, by John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt

    Spy Trade: How Israel’s Lobby Undermines America’s Economy, by Grant Smith, forward by Michael Scheuer

    The US mainstream media is useless for learning about Israel and Israeli-American affairs. The best place to go is straight to the source: the Israeli press. Some if not much of it is written in English or dual Hebrew-English editions: Jerusalem Post, Ye’diot Achronot, Haaretz, etc. and have translations of particularly informative Hebrew-only articles.

  8. Raashid says:

    I make that a TKO to the Giraldi. I don’t believe any Westerners truly have a hatred for Israel, nor any great love for the Palestinians, but as Phil points out, Israel is just about the only country in the world that costs the US considerable blood and treasure, via its ethnic kinfolk who enjoy powers of manipulation in the US.

  9. Jack Ross says:

    Gottfried makes a perfectly good and valid point in his broad strokes about the “scapegoating” of Israel but his particulars are rather problematic. His general principle of consistency is to be commended, but he loses me with his examples.

    To raise the parallel to Jim Crow both misses the point and is decidedly disingenuous if not false. Gottfried’s examples of Palestinians being able to eat in restaurants with Israelis and attend Israeli universities reminds me of nothing so much as the review of Jimmy Carter’s Peace not Apartheid in The American Prospect, which generally endorsed the book while emphasizing that apartheid was an inexact label because the Palestinians are not a servant class like the black South Africans. If only the Palestinians could be allowed decent lives as domestic servants instead of being herded into giant open-air prisons!

    But then there’s the truly lamentable entry of Kevin MacDonald into the discussion. MacDonald is a classical anti-Semite, and this is hardly the beginning. That he has so seamlessly applied the theories of classical anti-Semitism to “evolutionary psychology” and be respected by at least some in the field for it should be as decisive an illustration as there need be in the conservative case against philosophical Darwinism. But the truly frightful thing about MacDonald is that his frank theorizing about the “Jewish collective” has made him respected by many on the neocon right, sharing with them the idealization of collectivism against individualism.

    Anyone who doubts this fundamental kinship need only peruse the works of Jack Wertheimer, who once a year has an essay in Commentary warning about the dire threats to the “Jewish collective” from any kind of individualism, including a particularly infamous one on Jewish birthrates. Occidental Quarterly is but the white people’s version of Commentary.

    Gottfried’s dwelling on the Jews in the GPU and NKVD is not necessarily misplaced, but he should probably take his own advice and avoid that sticky wicket. There are certainly more repressive regimes out there than Israel, but Israel is in a category all its own in its assault on simple decency. When a Gentile friend called me on this point once, I ultimately recalled the scene in the movie Kundun where a PLA officer forces a child at gunpoint to murder his parents, and had to conclude that this was probably a line the Israelis would not cross. But how damning is it that this can even be said with a strait face?

    As far as political arrangements go, I emphasize not nationalism but devolutionism. A two-state solution as its been understood for the last 20 years has proven to be untenable. While the idealist in me would like to see one man-one vote in all historic Palestine, I would be the first in favor if, once there is an enfranchised Arab majority in Palestine, the Israelis decide to secede in the small strip from Tel Aviv to Haifa, about the size of Cape Cod, where 75% of them live.

  10. LarryS says:

    As a former Christian Zionist (I’m still a Christian) I know that nearly all evangelical Christians in the US support the Jewish state of Israel.
    They believe that Genesis 12:3
    “I will bless those who bless you,
       and whoever curses you I will curse;
    and all peoples on earth
       will be blessed through you.”
    applies not just to Abram but all Jews up to and including the modern state of Israel. They also believe that Israel today is entitled to all the land that God promised Abram in Genesis 15:18. They are often surprised to read that the promise includes all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates river.
    “On that day the LORD made a covenant with Abram and said, “To your descendants I give this land, from the river of Egypt to the great river, the Euphrates—”
    I have heard Christian pastors such as John Hagee state the Israel is entitled to take every square inch of that land. Take a look at the map of “Greater israel”:

    I changed my views after reading Jewish-American Alfred Lilienthal’s book,
    What Price Israel?
    and I am now reading The Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine by Israeli historian Ilan Pappe.

    I think modern Israel was founded on terrorism by terrorists, is guilty of war crimes and crimes against humanity and should pay reparations to the Palestinians.

    The evidence that Israel and AIPAC has too much influence over the US government is demonstrated by Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert bragging that he had forced president Bush to interrupt his speech to take Olmert’s phone call. “In the night between Thursday and Friday, when the secretary of state wanted to lead the vote on a ceasefire at the Security Council, we did not want her to vote in favour,” Mr Olmert said
    “I said ‘get me President Bush on the phone’. They said he was in the middle of giving a speech in Philadelphia. I said I didn’t care. ‘I need to talk to him now’. He got off the podium and spoke to me.
    “I told him the United States could not vote in favour. It cannot vote in favour of such a resolution. He immediately called the secretary of state and told her not to vote in favour.”

    Modern Israel is not the Israel of the Bible, it is not entitled to take all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates and the US should not be facilitating the oppression of the Palestinians.

  11. TomB says:

    Five sentences. That’s it. Five short, vague sentences. In a long piece accusing some Americans of overly fixating on Israel, despite the billions if not trillion that we have given Israel, despite the billions we have given Egypt on Israel’s account, despite the trillions in additional financial costs we have sustained due to our backing of Israel such as, for instance, the OPEC oil business in the ’70’s, despite Israel’s role in pushing us into innumerable wars and thus the American blood we have shed at least partly on Israel’s behalf, we get five short vague sentences noting that same just might have a tad bit to do with the amount of attention paid to Israel.

    It’s our country, Professor, and we have the right to insist that its interests come first. And yet the absolute clear and fundamental principle that you are espousing is that no no, *before* we can insist on same—such as Israel getting its hands our of pockets at least—that *first* we have to think of Israel’s interest. Indeed even just its reputational one.

    Can’t escape it Professor; that’s what you are saying, period. That we simply have to consider Israel’s interests before considering our own.

    And thank you, no.

    (And, P.S., go look up the definition of what an “abreaction” is, such as that adopted by the APA. It simply means “an emotional release or discharge.” It implies absolutely *nothing* about transferring or displacing that release or discharge from one person or object to another.)

  12. Ken Hoop says:

    Giraldi is right and Gottfried is disingenuous.

    In the 17th 18th and the 19th Century -America (and Europe)
    there were no “conservative” “right wing” Palestinians vying for solidarity against intermarriage with the Other….”sitting shiva” as it were when they lost.

    While preaching against the Christ of Christianity, the rabbis were perennially fighting off attempted intermarriage and absorption into the Western Christian…”spiritual race,” one which preceded MacDonald’s biological racialism.

    Gotffred pretends conservative descendants of the Western race, as it were, should ignore the ongoing “competitive”
    (metaphysically anti-Christian) ethic of longstanding traditional rival ethnics if they are indeed “conservative” in other areas of life.

    Politically, a secular intermarried Jew like Phillip Weiss
    (Mondoweiss)-because of his choice of pertinent issues– has more value to anti-Empire America Firsters than does an influential pro-Israel/Zionist Orthodox rabbi.

  13. TeaShirt says:

    Phil Giraldi: “Conservatives and many progressives alike criticize Israel not because of how it behaves towards its Arab citizens and neighbors but because of what the relationship has done and continues to do to the United States. ”


    But I don’t think that Prof. Gottfried needs any instruction in this, and the points he’s making are more sophisticated and nuanced than Giraldi seems to think.

  14. TomB says:

    Two things:

    First, I’d like to apologize to the Professor for the tone of my earlier post which, perhaps most egregiously, could be taken as not being appreciative of either his courage in posting his piece here, or of AmCon’s open-mindedness in publishing it. I stand by the substance of what I said, but regret the tone.

    Secondly though, and substantively again, I’d take a little issue with the Professor’s take on just how bad Israel is behaving towards the Palestinians. After all almost regardless of how it is so behaving it’s still essentially acting as a colonial power, and that’s what we fought a revolution over here against.

    But then there’s also the mountain of reporting about how indeed Israel is conducting itself as an apartheid state, with lots of famous S. Africans such as Tutu and Mandela even saying so, if not saying Israel is worse. Particularly given the ethnic cleansing aspect of what its doing, not to mention the regular invocations by prominent and indeed government employed rabbis of what amounts to the utter worthlessness of arab and indeed all non-jewish lives. In an entirely defensible and perhaps even valid line of argument the Professor faithfully follows his logic by saying he believes other ethnic groups ought have the same right of solidarity that the jews of Israel have. Well okay, but there’s limits to that, and, for example, it seems to me they don’t include what seems the continuing problem in Israel of Christians on the streets being spat upon. Nor of little Palestinian boys and girls being stoned while trying to walk to school.

    Again however I regret the tone of my first post and apologize to the Professor and salute him for posting what he did here.

  15. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    An intractable problem. Nationalism is an integral part of modern conservatism, yet the modern nation-state itself is an idea directly descended from Jewish religious philosophy. Israel can be accused of nothing that any modern state or “people” are not guilty of as well. My favorite query for those Americans who fixate on criticizing Israel is “Do you plan on handing your house keys over to a Native American?”

    With that said, I do get frustrated with the level of fanatical devotion and misplaced loyalty shown by some Americans (especially Christians such as myself) towards our ally in the middle-east. America should come first for Americans, period.

    Listening to the endless Jewish/Arab imbroglio as a young, working-class conservative American living through the palpable decline of his own great nation, I often just wish: “If only they could both lose.”

  16. gcochran says:

    Stalin supported the establishment of the state of Israel, because he thought its existence would radicalize the Arabs and hurt Western interests in the Middle East – mostly British, in those days.

    Uncle Joe was right about that. But he didn’t see all the baroque implications.

  17. Phil Geraldi is right. Were it not for all the foreign aid, mostly arms, given to Israel and AIPAC domination over US foreign policy, hardly any Americans would care what Israel does and whether or not it is a multi-ethnic or mono-ethnic state.

  18. eep says:

    I see the article as attacking white nationalist. It has a point. It is hypocritical for people who support ethnic nepotism to attack another people for doing the same. I agree with Toddard that the Neocons are hypocrites. I also agree with Philip Giraldi that Israel needs to get out of America’s affairs and America needs to do likewise for Israel.

    I think the left needs to stop pretending that ethnic nepotism doesn’t exist, that they aren’t affected by it, that those they support don’t experience it, and that we can all get along. I’m of the opinion that people should live, fight and die where their affections lie.

    Also why do some people experience ethnic nepotism more strongly than others to the point of obsession and violence? The left can hide behind social determinism all it wants but that isn’t the reason for ethnic nepotism. I believe that a majority of Palestinians and Israelis could live in peace together if time healed their resentments. However there seems to me at least a minority on both sides that is willing to fight “the other” to the death just because they exist in the same location.

  19. TeaShirt says:

    Both Gottfried and Giraldi have a lot of credibility with me, and I’m sorry to see Giraldi threatening to disagree even with Gottfried’s many interesting and valid points.

    On the other hand I don’t understand why Gottfried bothers making some of them. Like Giraldi I don’t know any conservatives who “gush” over Palestinians, or who think Israelis can’t be found who will sit down at the same cafe with Arabs.

    Gottfried acknowledges our right to criticize countries that take our money, but seems to think Israel is singled out respecting the frequency and temperature of such criticism. I disagree: despite its tiny population it receives more money from us than any country in the world. It has the humiliating distinction of being the biggest per capita recipient of foreign largesse in human history, and we have the humiliating distinction of being its supplier. Predictably, it regularly spits on us in return – not forgetting the spying, interference in our domestic politics and so forth. For the past decade Israel has been either a principal or contributing factor in our involvement in a growing number of devastatingly costly wars. Israel is obviously a special case. That’s what accounts for the especially hard look it gets from conservative critics.

    We obviously need to ensure that we convict and fry the next few Israeli spies we catch, get Israeli agents out of American domestic politics and consign Israel itself to some dimly lit corner of the American foreign policy agenda – an agenda in great need of shrinking. Aside from that I don’t have much interest in whether Israelis take tea with Arabs or not, or in comparing their relative levels of political development, intelligence, brutality or moral depravity. In fact, the subject bores me to tears.

  20. I really don’t understand why our relationship with Israel should cause people so much grief, whereas our relationship with the Saudis and other noxious elements does not cause any similar feeling of frustration or lead to sympathy for Saudi women, foreign immigrant workers in Saudi, or the blacks who enslaved in that “country” to date.

    I don’t understand how a nation that forces its military to account for every bullet is worse that one that fires on unarmed protesters.

    I don’t understand how a nation where rave parties and the Holy of Holies can co-exist is better than one where non-Muslims are officially accorded second-class status.

    I don’t understand why paleos think that Israel got us into the Iraq War, I & II. Have they not heard the old Saudi joke about how the King simply hires the US military when Saddam frightens him? Who profited most from the initial removal of Saddam in the ’90s? Israel? Or Saudi Arabia?

    No, Professor Gottfried is right. Anti-Israel hatred is at best a substitute for frustration with leftist US Jewish intellectuals. At worst, well, you know what.

  21. eep says:

    Aditya Barot, I agree that Saudi Arabia is very underrepresented in the discussion concerning America’s problems. It is a lot easier to attack people who rely on popular support rather than those that primarily use official channels. The US needs to solve it’s energy problems and stop feeding the terrorist sponsors.

  22. Thank you eep!

    Another good point. We can see Israelis, warts and all, because they have an open and free society with noisy elections and the rest.

    Heck, Saudi girls can’t even leave their home without a male escort. Christ, they still amputate and behead people!

    And besides, have paleos forgotten the sight of thousands of ‘Palestinians’ cheering 09/11? And have they forgotten Israeli grief and commiseration?

  23. Raashid says:

    Aditya it’s quite simple. The US-Saudi relationship is one of mutual benefit. The US-Israel one is not. How Saudi females or immigrant workers are treated inside Saudi Arabia has zero effect on the US. How Israel treats Palestinians on the other hand does, as the Arabs are naturally going to hate the protectors of their arch-enemy. Since the US has found itself to need oil which the Arabs have, it naturally doesn’t make sense for them to jeapordize their relationship with oil producing Arab states. Israel’s behaviour therefore threatens the US’s relationship with Arab oil-producing nations.
    But in some ways the paleo-cons have got things the wrong way round. Instead of concerning themselves with Israel’s behaviour, they should be concerned about how they allowed their nations interests to be held hostage to the whims of the ethnic kinfolk of Israel inside the US.

  24. TeaShirt says:

    “”the paleo-cons have got things the wrong way round. Instead of concerning themselves with Israel’s behaviour””

    Most paleocons aren’t very concerned with Israel’s behavior, except for the constant, ongoing espionage. They are urgently concerned with the catastrophic effects of Israel’s lobby here in the United States.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No matter your views on Israel. We America are out of money. Israel wants to be friends fine. If we have to give them money for this friendship then no deal. For one that means they are not our allies to start with. I am sure they will throw around BS terms like anti Semite. Like a spoiled child that cries every time they dont get what they want. No judgments, like, dislike,soldiers, but more than anything NO MONEY. If they dont like that then I say it is time to wash our hands clean. Should we go under to keep them afloat? Last time kids WE ARE OUT OF MONEY. Ron Paul 2012

  26. Andy says:

    It seems to me that Israel can get by without the 3 billion in annual aid from the US, which mostly goes to US companies as does Egypt’s aid to buy military equipment. lf it can’t get it here Israel may cut a deal with China in exchange for hi tech info etc. Russia? India?whomever. They are a nuclear power an dcan take care of themselves. Other than upsetting Muslims who have many grievances with the big Satan in addition to the US supporting Israel I don’t think this is a big issue. Two wars and now a third costing over 2 billion a week, weak dysfunctional public achools and the US entitlements in big trouble are a greater priority as I see it ,but for sure a case may be made that it’s better for both Israel and the US to cut the seeming welfare. If the military industrial complex and the lobbyists can be silenced it’ll happen.

  27. What kind of Orwellian dream did I just wake from? Am I now reading the pages of FrontPageMag or something?

    If I want to read pro-Israeli viewpoints, I’d read or listen to the 99.99 percent of mainstream American media outlets that carry them on a regular basis.

    ButI don’t want to hear it. That’s why I’m a supporter and long-time subscriber to TAC. I like the refreshing honesty and candor put forth about Israel here, I don’t want to hear from people who have a passionate attachment thereof, and who would want to continue to deceive my fellow Americans about its true nature. Frankly I’ve heard it long enough.

    I would hope that the posting of this article was a fluke.

  28. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The article simply states the Palestinians are “evil” because they dare resist the dominion of Jews over their homelands. The Palestinians are no more evil than Indians when they bloodily resisted intrusions by Europeans or rebellious slaves in old Virginia lead by Nat Turner. The author has turned cause and effect on its head. It is the Jewish rule by force over Palestine backed by US military and economic aid that compelled to Palestinians to become radicalized or “evil”. It must be remembered the original PLO did not just have Muslim members but Palestinains christians too.

  29. Ukrainian says:

    I normally like Gottfried, but this time I think he doesn’t quite “get it”. He doesn’t state a position on the Israeli government. Yes I’m pro-Israel, but I am strongly against the Israeli government. I wish he stated his opposition to the corrupt corporatist neocon Israeli government, which is quite the same as the one in America. A rational approach for Paleoconservatives on the matter isn’t the neozionism of the neocons, or the pro-Arab/anti-Zionist position of the liberals. Neutrality seems nice; however, there is a Tea Party in Israel that has actually NOT been overrun by neocons- so perhaps we should pick a side. I think Paleozionism would be by far the most rational approach.

  30. Ukrainian says:

    I do believe I also forgot to state that so many Jewish civilians are killed by rockets, but many of them are unreported- whereas liberal “human rights” groups keep track of every single Palestinian allegedly killed. I see the power of the Arab oil companies at work here. Very nice going, liberals.

    Furthermore, the only reason any paleocons would support the faux Palestinian “cause” is because they’re simply furious with the Israel lobby- my view as well. Little do they know that by embracing the Palestinian cause they are effectively playing into the hands of the Islamic dictators.

    I embrace the Israeli cause, but I can do this without supporting the neocon Israeli government. This is because Zionism is an actual cause, unlike Islamic imperialism- which is simply an outdated and highly oppressive cause that no one who values human rights should support- yes, that means you, liberals. Just ask the Serbs of Kosovo (rightfully Serbian land).

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