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Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad
An unrepentant Israel lurches to the right
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It is decidedly uncommon to watch a nation self-destruct by making series of bad decisions, each one worse than the one that preceded, eventually leading to a complete loss in both credibility and respectability. One might argue that the United States has been proceeding down such a path since 9/11, boxing itself into a corner where it has become a state with a single mission externally, perhaps best summed up as imposing an American model of pseudo-democracy worldwide without regard for local preferences. The strains of continuous warfare and conflict overseas have resulted in a domestic governance that mimics the foreign and defense policies, with great reliance on executive authority, coercion and overriding of constitutional principles.

The self-destructive impulse since 9/11 has brought ruin and instability to the Middle East, Central Asia and North Africa in the mistaken belief, apologies to both George Orwell and Tacitus, that “war is peace.” Rather than retrenching to correct course and mitigate the vast costs of empire, the United States is currently embarking on a new wave of engagement on a number of fronts, upping its involvement in Afghanistan and in the Iraq-Syria theater of operations while increasing military presence in Africa and Asia. No one is immune from being admonished by the US government, most recently NATO member Hungary while pivots and White House enforced doctrines have combined to unnecessarily turn competitors into enemies. Russia and China now have more in common in their opposition to unrelenting American pressure than they ever had under communism.

As the United States is a vast country with a diverse economy and a large population decline and fall will inevitably be measured, but without adjustments in the way that American politicians view and interact with the rest of the world it will proceed unabated. Not so necessarily for Washington’s most preferred client state Israel, which is in free fall as it moves towards national elections on March 17th. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will likely shape his campaign around fear mongering over national security, casting himself as the protector of Jews against homicidal Muslims.

While Netanyahu-fatigue could mean that his Likud Party might suffer losses, probable gains by his even more hardline coalition partners likely will move the new government even farther to the right. The latest crisis began when Netanyahu fired two of his own moderate centrist coalition cabinet ministers Tzipi Livni and Yair Lapid for openly speaking out against the government supported nationality law which would make Israel a Jewish State both practically and legally.

Inevitably, not much of the mainstream American media has taken note of what a bizarre place Israel has become, a nightmare vision of mob rule democracy. The country’s president Reuven Rivlin has recently called his nation a “sick society.” Four American journalists who have been paying attention to what has been happening are David Rosenberg a business editor for the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, Peter Beinart author of “The Crisis of Zionism,” Max Blumenthal author of “Goliath: Life and Loathing in Greater Israel” and Phil Weiss of the Mondoweiss website. All four are themselves Jewish, demonstrating how the diaspora has grown increasingly disenchanted with developments in Israel. Rosenberg has, in fact, written on that very subject, describing the side of Israel that is “paranoid, angry and uncompromising,” while Phil Weiss has explored the dilemma for progressive American Jews when confronted by the reality of today’s Israel.

As Weiss describes it Israel is “going crazy.” There has been a virtual avalanche of bad news, including reports of a book burning at one of Israel’s few bilingual schools. Non-Jews are already systematically de facto discriminated against in Israel but the new nationality law defining Israel as “belonging to Jews around the world” will codify the second class status of Christians and Muslims, making Israel a faux-democracy at best. Avigdor Lieberman, the former Moldovan bouncer who has been serving as Foreign Minister, has proposed paying Israel’s Arab citizens to leave the country permanently while Netanyahu is promoting the idea that the Palestinian flag is an enemy banner, making those who display it subject to legal penalties. Another proposal by Netanyahu would permit the deportation of Arab citizens of Israel to Gaza for committing unspecified crimes.

Israel is also getting a lot of bad press for other reasons. It is refusing to cooperate with a United Nations investigation into war crimes in Gaza. The UN has also passed by a large margin a resolution calling on Israel to open up its nuclear facilities to international inspection. There have also been reports of a new Israeli spying operation at CalTech’s Jet Propulsion Lab seeking to steal US high technology that the university and Justice Department were characteristically reluctant to investigate, leading to punishment of the whistleblower rather than the Israeli scientist involved.

In addition, former Mossad officer Rafi Eitan has blown the lid off of the plausible denial exercised by Israeli politicians over the Jonathan Pollard spy case. Pollard, who was twentieth century America’s most damaging spy, is up for parole next year. In spite of agreements to do so, Israel has never returned the roomful of highly sensitive documents that Pollard stole and has maintained public ambivalence about him while also granting him Israeli citizenship and naming a Jerusalem city square after him. Many Israelis regard him as a hero and requests for a pardon have been a regular feature of meetings between Israeli prime ministers and American presidents. Eitan has now revealed that the Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Peres and Defense Minister Yitzhak Rabin knew all about Pollard and approved of his recruitment, meaning that far from a “rogue” operation it was a deliberate plan to steal US defense secrets.

Meanwhile as the preferred narrative erodes the defenders of Israel become ever more shrill. Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz is now arguing that Israel “has to” preemptively attack nuclear Iran if no deal can be reached prohibiting the development of nuclear weapons. For Dershowitz, Iran is a “culture of death” so Israel must attack if “Iran…is on the threshold of making a nuclear bomb.” As Iran is already technically at that point, the Dershowitz message is clear, though he avoids articulating it fully. Because Israel cannot succeed alone it is Washington that should be doing the attacking. To bolster his case, he fantasizes that Iran will develop suitcase nuclear bombs that will then be given to Hezbollah for use against the United States. He also cites Neville Chamberlain because, of course, it is always 1938, Hitler is threatening and the Holocaust is about to begin.

Some might argue reasonably enough that what happens in Israel stays in Israel, but it would be naïve to believe that. Israel has both the ability and the inclination to drag the United States into its disputes and that is precisely the problem. That Israel and the United States are indissolubly linked is deep in the DNA of all aspirants to high office in Washington and it is equally taken as a given by Israeli leaders. President Barack Obama, surely no admirer of Netanyahu and his policies, constantly asserts how the US nevertheless “has Israel’s back” while the incoming Secretary of Defense Carter Ashton visited Israel last year and enthused “Protecting America means protecting Israel…,” surely an interesting assertion for the defense secretary of one sovereign nation to be making regarding another.

That senior US government officials feel compelled to sing the praises of Israel without any shame or embarrassment is precisely what is wrong because they know perfectly well that disaster awaits if the leaders in Tel Aviv do not come to their senses and seriously address their nation’s rogue status. President Barack Obama has more than once suggested as much while characteristically packaging the issue with vows of eternal and immutable support. Given the realities of domestic politics, it is perhaps too much to expect that any US Administration should put pressure on Tel Aviv to force it to perform a serious assessment of its priorities and pull back from the brink. That is unfortunate but Washington has long since abdicated any serious role in either reining Israel in or encouraging a political settlement that would benefit every state in the region. The reality is that fear and loathing will likely dominate the upcoming Israeli elections, just as they did in the United States post 9/11, leading to a loss in liberties for everyone involved and the further strengthening of an authoritarian and reactionary government. It will not be a good outcome for anyone.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel 
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  1. donut says:

    To call Israel an ally is akin to classifying a malignant tumor as an organ.

  2. TomB says:

    The crowning irony of it, given all the failures and damages inflicted on us by Mr. Obama—which, because they include our increased racial rancor and his Caesarean immigration actions, might well be seen as particularly deep and fundamental—is that the best hope that we can have that Israel will not pull us even deeper into the tar pit of the Middle East and perhaps open cataclysm is that he stays healthy and his relevant policies be continued by our next President. No matter if all his other policies and practices remain followed.

    Either that or elect the next Republican nominee and let whoever that is continue the game of merely pretending to be against amnesty and illegal immigration all the while approving of same (a game Mr. Boehner and Co. are *already* re-playing at, incredibly enough given the recent elections have hardly concluded); continue to betray the police and the good people caught up in uncontested rioting and ignore the issue of law and order; and then let the Republicans have at the wars and conflicts they so manifestly want not only across the rest of the Middle East and with Iran, but possibly even with Russia too.

    I.e., let all that they have simmered at boil over and loose their dogs of war. Let the people see and feel the cost of all the glory they say they stand for, both economic and otherwise, including the massive new incitement to making us into a terror target. Maybe indeed that’s just the quickest way to just stop this slow-motion descent into madness and bankruptcy and national suicide and force us to start living according to some sane precepts.

    Unless, of course, the damage done by the end of all that will be too great, and historically terminal in terms of our national health, of which it seems to me there is a very good chance indeed.

  3. Hal says:

    Shorter Giraldi:
    Israel is a failed state with nuclear weapons.

    • Replies: @Dr.Joji Cherian
  4. Washington’s most preferred client state Israel

    Israel IS NOT Washington’s most preferred client state.

    Washington IS Israel’s most preferred client state.

    • Replies: @David
    , @terryt
    , @William
  5. Sheldon and Haim, AIC and AIPAC, distort both Israeli and U.S. policy. If they are so rich, why aren’t they smart?

  6. Quercus says:

    I wonder who they will blame because it certainly won’t be themselves, as it seems to me from years of looking at Israeli papers, they have an undeservedly inflated opinion of themselves and the country.

    • Replies: @donut
    , @Karl
  7. Lucius says:

    The author leaves unexplained just in what way Israel is behaving irrationally (as opposed to reacting to threats rationally). Israel has had the character of a “Jewish state” or “a national home for the Jewish people” since its beginnings, so this is hardly a new development. If Israel is becoming more paranoid, it is because Iran has been allowed to reach the brink of becoming a nuclear power. Nuclear weapons in the hands of a Shia theocracy is a very disconcerting prospect indeed, and not just, or not even primarily, for Israel. So that too I would count as ostensibly rational. Finally, recognizing as “enemies” (and their flag as an “enemy banner) a group that keeps telling you they are your enemies, who shoot at you with rockets and who attack and kill your civilians whenever and wherever they possibly can also does not strike me as irrational or crazy to say the least. I submit it would be mad not to treat as enemies any group who is as consistent in word and deed that they are indeed your mortal enemy and will not rest until you are destroyed. So frankly the point of this article isn’t clear to me.

  8. @Hal

    Failed state with nuclear weapons and Sampson’s options.What is the danger level with mad Netanyahoo at the helm?

    • Replies: @Hal
    , @Anonymous
  9. David says:
    @Stone Garden

    With respect, I suggest Washington is Israel’s most preferred puppet state. Clients expect a modicum of advantage from the relationship. Puppets are senseless tools.

  10. War for Blair Mountain [AKA "Bill Blizzard and his Men"] says:

    Well now, I think we can all agree with the following:1)Pastor John Hagee is a traitor and a fat repellant cockroach and 2)America urgently needs an Israeli legal immigrant Exclusion Act…including the exclusion of dancing Israeli Art students.

    Remember the USS Liberty!!!…Remember who slaughtered the American Teenagers serving on the USS Liberty in 1967…a slaughter that was done enthusiastically.

  11. TomB says:


    Nuclear weapons in the hands of a Shia theocracy is a very disconcerting prospect indeed…

    This is a little blind though, isn’t it Lucius? After all don’t the arabs and muslims at the very least have an equal point in saying that nuclear weapons in the hands of a jewish theocracy is a very disconcerting prospect?

    Seems to be rather little difference between, say, Iran and Israel when it comes to the shared secular/religious nature of their governing ideologies. After all, there you yourself are defending the idea of this new Israeli law by noting that Israel has *always* had the character of being a jewish-supremacist state. And then, just like the ridiculous statements we’ve seen emanating from some of Iran’s religious figures, has it not been the same with Israel’s? Rabbi Ovadai Yosef—*officially,* the *Chief* Sephardic rabbi of Israel for a long time and head of the important Shas political party: “The sole purpose of non-Jews is to serve Jews… Why are Gentiles needed? They will work, they will plow, they will reap. We will sit like an effendi and eat. That is why Gentiles were created.”

    Whereupon this officially feted and honored figure went on to not just compare but equate the souls of all non-jews to those of donkeys.

    Or the statements of “the settler’s rabbi” Dov Lior saying that “The lives of a million non-jews isn’t worth one jewish fingernail.” ”

    And on and on and on.

    But no, somehow the arabs and moslems (not to mention the rest of us) are not allowed to regard these statements as “disconcerting”?

    And then there’s the kicker: On any day of any week Israel could take a giant step towards the quick, absolute and utter negation of this great disconcerting threat that Iranian nukes supposedly represents to it by accepting the *already* long-standing agreement of Iran and most if not all of the rest of the region’s countries to enter into a Nuke-Free Mideast Agreement.

    Except that Israel has steadfastly refused to even discuss same.

    So where’d that “disconcertation” go, Lucius? Given this, isn’t it just a matter of immutable proof now that Israel is far less concerned about being subject to Iran’s nukes than it is to remain the *only* Mideast power with the ability to rain nuclear devastation on everyone else?

    So how is this not disconcerting? Having a neighbor who demands that you abjure the possession of nuclear weapons whilst simultaneously demanding the exclusive right to keep its own?

    As with almost all issues involving Israel somehow we are told that some sort of special, upside-down sort of logic has to be applied to same. Resulting in an all-encompassing, eternal double-standard.

    • Replies: @Carnaptious
    , @Anonymous
  12. Quercus says:

    On a grey day your uproariously amusing comment brought the sunshine for a few moments. Thank you.

  13. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    The lies are finally catching up to the immoral Zionists.

    The impossible ‘holocaust’ narrative allows the racist Israeli parasites to get away with slaughtering Palestinians and stealing billions from the US taxpayers every year, and then demand that US soldiers die for their greedy self interests.

    We can live without them, they cannot live without us.

    The laughable ‘holocau$t’ propaganda is an easily debunked, impossible as alleged Jewish supremacist scam.
    discussion here:

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives
    ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and
    persecuted. That is why violent, racist, & privileged Jewish supremacists parasites demand censorship.
    What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

    Who runs the Federal Reserve?
    Who runs Wall Street?
    Who owns the US Congress
    Who owns the White House?
    Who runs the media / entertainment?
    Who dominates ‘academia’?
    Why is AIPAC the most powerful, dominant lobby, which regularly writes the text of Congressional bills and resolutions.
    Who is it that wants to censor free speech via the “hate speech” canard.
    Who is it the demands the US shed the blood of US troops for their interests?
    Who are the biggest racists on the planet?

    see: Suppressing Jewry’s Role in Slavery

    Fight racist Jewish supremacism.

  14. Mark Green says: • Website

    The situation involving Israel is even worse than Mr. Giraldi describes. Not only has the US become hopelessly entangled with the Jewish State on virtually every level, but the marching orders involving war and peace come not from Washington anymore, but from Tel Aviv. The rest is theater.

    This is why the US is locked into needless but endless conflicts throughout the Middle East. Due to persistent opposition, the Zionist project regretfully requires (1) ceaseless a US military presence, (2) never-ending diplomatic pressures that forever stain America’s international reputation, and (3) boatloads of US economic aid in order to knock out Israel’s never-ending foes.

    Israel’s looking at a Hundred Years War.

    What’s worse, Israel is not interested in a brokered agreement if it requires compromise. Americans therefore are looking at decades of additional conflict. There’s no way out.

    Indeed, not only does AIPAC and an army of Zionist pressure groups dominate the US Congress, but Cyrpto-Israelis even run America’s State dept. Uber-wealthy and highly-placed crypto-Israelis such as Sheldon Adelson, Haim Sabin, George Soros and Stephen Speilberg are just the tip of the Israeli iceberg. Consider the minions in Hollywood, Big Media and on Wall St.

    America may be a superpower, but it’s an occupied superpower. The real power lies elsewhere.

    This is why America’s ‘Peace President’ ended up expanding America’s wars on the Muslim world and why every US administration finds itself on the same trajectory. The political fix is in.

    Yet this astounding situation somehow escapes the attention of even the most erstwhile Jewish critics of Israel, such as Greenwald, Blumenthal and Weiss. They may boldly state that Israel has become a “paranoid” or “sick society”, but the situation is actually far worse than even that. Israel has contaminated America with the Zionist flu, for which there is no known treatment or cure.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  15. Hal says:
    @Dr.Joji Cherian

    It is our duty to be Israel’s true friend and divert her from a course of Samsonish suicide/murder.

    We should confiscate her nuclear weapons.

  16. TomB says:

    Whether you are a genuine Holocaust denier and thus a repellent individual or a agent provocateur trying to tar some or all of the rest of us and thus a merely sneaky, malicious one, go away. Go far away. Stay away.

  17. rec1man says:

    Most islamic countries have laws that make non-muslim citizens as second class citizens

    So if Israel does the same, it is Karma, muslims getting a taste of their own medicine

  18. schmenz says:
    @Mark Green

    Mark Green writes: “Yet this astounding situation somehow escapes the attention of even the most erstwhile Jewish critics of Israel, such as Greenwald, Blumenthal and Weiss. ”

    I imagine the explanation is simply, blood is thicker than water. They cannot bring themselves to face ugly facts about one of their own.

    • Replies: @Carroll Price
  19. schmenz says:


    This person may indeed be an agent provocateur. I don’t know. But we must be judicious when talking about this “holocaust denial” business.

    I claim no especial knowledge of that episode but I am aware that there are reasonable people out there who find the narrative not altogether convincing, at least in the case of some of the numbers of deaths quoted. One such person was Pope Pius XII who, given his sensitive job before the war years then as reigning pontiff during and after the war, was in a good position to know exactly what was propaganda and what was fact. I suspect that it was when he expressed his doubts about the exactitude of the narrative that the whole controlled media began their ridiculous (and grotesquely unhistorical) smear campaign against him which continues to this day.

    • Replies: @TomB
  20. Priss Factor [AKA "Andrea Ostrov Letania"] says:

    “Whom the Gods Would Destroy They First Make Mad”

    I dunno. Maybe Zionists are getting madder, but they also seem to be growing more powerful.

  21. David says:

    I recall a French guy set about to write a book to disprove the Holocaust by demonstrating that the death-camp infrastructure was inadequate to the alleged atrocities. In the end he wrote a book that, in his view, proved the Holocaust by lining up production (deaths) with inputs like zyklon b and the fuel to vaporize the corpses or whatever disposal method was used, complete with invoices from the manufacturers for the machines and the consumables, all adding up to a productive capacity very close to what’s alleged.

    If anyone knows what book I’m recalling, I’d love to be reminded of the author or title.

    I think Who Profits? questions are good ones even if he pastes them in too many thread. Asking Holocaust affirmers, or whomever, to provide non-anecdotal evidence for their views is totally legit. I’ll add two more questions: What triggered kristallnacht? and What were the principal causes of the Holocaust? Reread your Mill. To shut people down for their opinions is to assume personal infallibility. Certainly doubters or deniers should be at least grudgingly welcomed among us, the general outcasts.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Shadow
  22. TomB says:


    there are reasonable people out there who find the narrative not altogether convincing, at least in the case of some of the numbers of deaths quoted.

    So what, schmenz? To anywhere near *any* reasonable (or even moderately unreasonable) degree of colloquial importance?


    That is, if, say, one is a serious (if albeit incredibly, oddly persnickety) historical type and wants to contend that no, it wasn’t the 6.X million jews who perished in the Holocaust flames and that it was instead … 6.Y, or 5.Z, okay, then go argue it out in some historical journal or technical book even.

    Or even if one has some evidence going to, say, how the Holocaust was launched or with what person’s greater or lesser degree of guilt than is commonly accepted, okay once again, such historical journals would seem to be the place for such cheese-paring.

    But you and I both know what the vast run-of-the-mill Holocaust deniers who post in venues such as this are about. (Assuming they are not agent provocateurs.) And you and I know that the general common understanding of the Holocaust is true enough for the general moral and other lessons that are commonly drawn from same.

    I’m just so sick of the extremists on both sides of the issues today working their innumerable ways of poisoning the well of discourse so as to make any reasoned narrowing of differences impossible. A “Who Profits” posts this s__t here showing the breadth of their stupidity (not only denying the Holocaust but believing he or she is really going to persuade anyone) and what happens? Adding to their stupidity it doesn’t add anything to any opinions expressed here critical of Israel, but instead just accomplishes the opposite. One or more people who perhaps lost relatives in the Holocaust, or say anyone who has the moral imagination to conceive it could have been them say “I’m not reading another word of what appears on this blog again,” and wham: There goes flush down the toilet the ability to hear what *that* person thinks about the real issues here. To be persuaded by them, and to persuade them.

    This is seems to me is a big challenge today: Whether the center (as Yeats may have put it) can hold when we start to accord *every* radical idea the same respect as all others, because all that does in the end is result in nothing but babel, with no real intellectual progress ever being made. It’s the most anti-intellectual thing imaginable, and the most destructive.

    Thus as tiresome as it may seem, call it out, I say. Especially in venues such as this in which the owners of same are good enough to trust to their commentators to self-discipline themselves instead of resorting to censorship.

  23. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    This is a tangent, but don’t most cultures tend to expel, harass, segregate and otherwise make the “other” second class? And if everyone does it isn’t it normal? And isn’t the real goal to make the “other” leave? Even when the majority truly need the invaders for their tech, medicine, farming tech, etc, they still want to expel the “other”. Wanting a land for the nation is normal, right?

  24. donut says:

    Who cares who they blame as they go up the chimney .

  25. terryt [AKA "Terry"] says:
    @Stone Garden

    I think you’ve hit the nail right on the head.

  26. Svigor says:

    It is decidedly uncommon to watch a nation self-destruct by making series of bad decisions, each one worse than the one that preceded, eventually leading to a complete loss in both credibility and respectability. One might argue that the United States has been proceeding down such a path since 9/11, boxing itself into a corner where it has become a state with a single mission externally, perhaps best summed up as imposing an American model of pseudo-democracy worldwide without regard for local preferences. The strains of continuous warfare and conflict overseas have resulted in a domestic governance that mimics the foreign and defense policies, with great reliance on executive authority, coercion and overriding of constitutional principles.

    I can’t remember who Giraldi is, but I seem to have good associations with his name. Which is odd, because the preceding paragraph is the sort that screams, “libertarian bore.” They go into histrionics about how America is killing itself without ever using the word, “immigration.”


    Bombing brown people is not destroying America. National security policy is not destroying America. The burgeoning American police state is not destroying America. These are all policies that can be reversed.

    But race-replacement is forever. There’s no un-polluting one’s DNA.

    Don’t even know why I bother clicking the links for these other blogs. They’re always liberals, oops, I mean libertarians. Big difference. Huuuge difference. Honest.

  27. Israel’s leadership is making some terrible mistakes, including acts against humanity, but it is also true that humanity in general is also complicit. Jewish leaders haven’t done any worse than others, although some historical players have done worse to human beings because they were Jewish.

  28. rec1man says:

    I find the jewish holocaust numbers very believable

    In 1971, with backing of Nixon and Kissinger ( read Blood Telegram , by Bass )
    Yahya Khan, the Pakistan President, killed off 3 million bengalis in 8 months, using guns and knives

    • Replies: @Wally
  29. geokat62 says:

    The author leaves unexplained just in what way Israel is behaving irrationally…

    Let’s leave rationality out of this. If the defenders of the Zionist project have to fight a fair fight in a battle of ideas, they wouldn’t stand a chance. That’s why deception is their only weapon. Why else were the authors of the 9/11 report so afraid to admit that it was US foreign policy of unqualified support of Israel that was a key motivation for the attacks? Why did Rudy Giuliani say with a straight face that they hate our freedoms and ridiculed Ron Paul who said that 9/11 was blowback for US foreign policy? Why did David Frum include North Korea and left out Syria from his infamous “axis of evil”? What happened to “a land without a people for a people without a land”?

    What happened when Frist Hollings gave his impassioned farewell speech on the floor of the Senate before the invasion of Iraq, when he clearly identified AIPAC as the force behind this strategic disaster? Was it on the front pages of the NYT or WaPo? No, it was covered in a local newspaper (in Charleston)!

    What happened when they tried to pin the use of chemical weapons on the regime of Assad? Wasn’t it investigative journalist Seymore Hersh who revealed that it was the “rebels” who were responsible? But who were backing these “rebels”?

    The defenders of the Zionist project can’t afford to come clean with all these facts. They must operate in the shadows as the former head of AIPAC admitted: “a lobby is a night flower, it thrives in the dark”!

    The task of those who care about truth, the rule of law, and the national interest is to lift the shroud of darkness from this sinister idea.

  30. Suicidal Madness. The US is deploying 239 missiles in Romania, 409 in Poland and on 32 ships in the Mediterranean Sea “to protect us from Iran”. They forget that the Russians aren’t idiots. This may lead to Launch On Warning by 2017. And Adiós! Suicide by mistake forced upon us by the bloody fools in the Pentagon aiming to achieve a Disarming First Strike Capability. Long ago the US Navy got the capability to track and destroy all enemy submarines simultaneously according to missile engineer Bob
    Professor J. Ed Anderson: “There is no doubt in my mind that deployment of anti-missile missiles in Eastern Europe is part of a first-strike strategy.” Bob Bowman, Chief “Star Wars” Program: “Missile Defence is the missing link to first strike.” Please help make decisionmakers understand: There is no defence against Launch On Warning !!!

  31. Giuseppe says:

    Your ordering of the facts reminds me of the Austin Powers movies, thinking of the Empire as Dr. Evil and the Empire’s strongest ally in the Middle East as Mini Me. In our world, Israel, Mini Me, experiences chaos and deterioration in advance of the Empire, Dr. Evil, due to the relative disintegration in the Middle East, a disintegration that will eventually engulf the whole world if things remain on their present trajectory. As a kind of portent of things to come, Israel therefore represents a nation-as-redoubt–Masada is iconic–that traces in the desert sands the future of the larger Empire. While the Empire drifts toward the craziness presaged by Israel’s present status, it will not be able to trust to its own hegemony for enduring protection, because hegemonies are ultimately fleeting. They vanish in the mists of history. The time may come when the enemies of the Empire will band together and confront the hegemon–it has happened before–and the Empire will come under siege. Dr. Evil Empire will then feel as misunderstood and as crazy as Mini Me Israel does now. Alone in the world, the Empire will be left to its own paranoid self, a large dysfunctional iteration of a redoubt like Masada. Everything will be going south, like you already seem to be saying.

  32. TomB says:

    Apropos of the talk of Israel’s “madness”/rationality or not it seems to me there is a very interesting and potentially very valuable political issue that lies in Israel’s history, even if, so far at least, the question it poses can’t be definitively answered yet.

    To wit: While it can certainly seem to be acting in a way that appears highly likely to bring it to tears at some point in the future, well, one might note, it certainly isn’t doing too badly right now, is it? (According to its own lights and its own narrow self-interest, that is.)

    And indeed if we look back on its history it can often if not always be seen as acting more out of short-term calculation rather than the longer, no?

    Where, once again, I think it must be conceded that hasn’t done badly at all for itself.

    So how come nobody seems to examine this and what dubiousness it throws on the idea of the validity of “long-term” thinking in geo-political terms, if not in general political or even just general terms?

    Everyone agrees, after all, that the further out one looks the worst one’s forecasting ability is: So why doesn’t this, bolstered by Israel’s history, lead to some examination about the smartness of always trying to act according to what one’s (poor) long-term vision perceives?

    For another instance: Geraldi and others here note what certainly can seem to be Israel’s short-sightedness. To the point of it being “mad” indeed.

    But haven’t predictions of disaster for it due to previous perceived “madnesses” it engaged in turned out to all be wrong? So what if it *does* just continue its slow-motion ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians and even its own arabs? And what if it *does* just ultimately grab up all the West Bank land and keep the Gazans in that ghetto?

    Is the world *really* gonna stop it? Hell, Europe can’t even bring itself to recognize Palestine as a state after all these years.

    And well, hasn’t the U.S. always prevented anything like the world trying to stop it really? And why can’t Israel rely on that in the future, to a reasonable degree?

    Moreover, so what if the U.S. were to gradually become less supportive of her? Israel has its nukes, and will have its ever-growing economic weight and relations. So why can’t it sit back, take the far-less-than-fatal negatives that go along with the great great positives it sees it is getting (the entire West Bank, Jerusalem, a permanent jewish-supremacist state) and just wait those negatives out for surely they cannot last forever?

    Understand and again: I don’t mean to be talking normatively here; just analytically in terms of the nature of decision-making and what kind seems to work “best.”

    Of course it might be said that the denouement to much if not all of Israel’s behavior has yet to occur and who knows that might be right. But as I said … how *exactly* does one see that happening given what can reasonably be foreseen on the horizon?

    In any event I think there may well be some lessons in all of this, albeit lessons that need lots of nuance to get right. But at the very least it seems to me to cast doubt on any idea that Israel is truly acting “irrationally,” no matter how abominably one might otherwise view its behavior.

    Likewise it may cast some serious doubt on some of our own attempted long-term thinking, such as indeed lots that animates our Middle East policies. For instance a good dollop of that sort of thinking is that we should protect Israel as it provides a long-term foothold for us in the Middle East and etc.

    But, it seems to me, that might just be a vision too far, and our far shorter-terms benefit from distancing ourselves from Israel very much outweigh the rather ephemeral promises of benefit from some super-strong future Israel.

    It’s an interest issue even entirely separate from the Israel/Middle East situation: Just how far into the future, that is, should we be trying to think when assessing our options? Oddly enough, perhaps due to our human limitations, the answer just might be a whole lot less than we think.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr.Joji Cherian

    The “real” Sampson Option is being worked on by the US at the present time.
    It involves teleportation. It’s aim is to render nuclear weapons and their respective launch sites completely useless.

    • Replies: @Dr.Joji Cherian
  34. @Anonymous

    “” Fight racist Jewish supremacism.””
    America can not fight Jewish supermacism. It has no will to do it.See Hillary Clinton probably the next president grovelling before that Jewish Supermacist Haim Saban for his money.What type president she will make we all know. I see or hear no one in America even discussing this aspect.America is finished. The story is over.How can you survive if treason is coming from your own congress where a motion typed on toilet paper get passed by over whelming majority if it is sponsored by the LOBBY.

  35. @Anonymous

    Teleportation. I hear it for the first time.It may be great and formidable., I don’t know. But America has nothing to be proud of it.It will be owned controlled by Haim Saban or Sheldon Adelson.America will be a loser only

  36. It amazes me that this country believes that we have historical and religious ties to Israel. Christianity and Judaism are anathema. Biblical Israel only existed as a historical note. Judea was a blink in history. Israel survives today, only because of American support; otherwise, it could not survive on its own. Why do we not say it as it is; our politicians are corrupted and compromised totally. If Israel wants a war, let it fight it on its own; no more Christian blood in the name of zionism. Israel is more than aware that it cannot, and has never won a war on its own strength, and therefore must engage other nations, through subterfuge, to fight its causes, which is to eradicate Christianity. It is a paranoid state that fears everyone everywhere. As long as Washington DC, ship of fools, guarantees her safety, Israel will never compromise. Time to cut the line to this sea anchor, before we go down.

  37. Wally says: • Website

    You can ask all manners of questions about the ‘holocaust’ storyline and debate them freely here. Crude name calling and dodging are not permitted, civilized discussion only. No topic about the narrative is or has ever been censored, all views are welcomed, go to:
    The CODOH Revisionist Forum

    Anyone can register and wade in.

    The ‘holocaust’ storyline is one of the most easily debunked narratives ever contrived. That is why those who question it are arrested and persecuted. That is why privileged Zionists demand censorship.
    What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.

  38. Karl says:

    HAL >>> We should confiscate her nuclear weapons

    Step right up to the plate and give it a try, friend.

    Rachel Corry is nowadays resting peacefully – right next to Eichman – and a few steps away from the grove containing Pharaoh’s chariot drivers.

    We can make room for you there, also.

  39. @schmenz

    Noam Chomsky could also be added to the list.

  40. Wally says: • Website

    You need to lift your head out of the Zionist sand. The highly profitable yet thoroughly discredited “holocaust’ numbers” can be debated at the discussion site below, don’t be afraid. The truth is liberating.

    You will be asked for proof of your position. Well now, how different.

    The CODOH Revisionist Forum

    Anyone can register and wade in. No name calling, no dodging, civilized guidelines.


  41. “What sort of Truth is it that crushes the freedom to seek the truth? Truth needs no protection from scrutiny.”

    Leaving all numbers, statistics and details aside, the above statement should prove beyond doubt that the official version of the holocaust is a fraud.

  42. @TomB

    There are quite a few of us out here who see very little difference between Islamic and Judaic theocracies, and the idea of nuclear weapons in the hands of either is equally disconcerting. I hasten to add that the thought of nuclear weapons in the hands of the US Government, currently embarked on a neocon inspired Pinky and the Brain scheme to Rule the World, is no less disconcerting.

  43. Mooser says:

    Who stole my heart away?
    Who makes me dream all day?
    Dreams I know will never come true.
    Seems as tho I’ll ever be Jew!
    Who means my happiness?
    Who would I answer “yes” to?
    Well, you ought to guess who!
    No one but Jew!

  44. D505 says:

    “One might argue that the United States . . . has become a state with a single mission externally, perhaps best summed up as imposing a model of American pseudo-democracy worldwide without regard for local preferences. “

    Model of pseudo-democracy = global domination for the corporatists?

  45. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Rachel Corrie was a superior person than you or your ilk will ever be. You dare God with your hubris. Your time is coming!

  46. @Lucius

    Human tribalism — “We’re always right, they’re always wrong; we’re always good, they’re always evil; we always tell the truth, they always lie.” — creates massive disconnects from reality concurrent with massive self-delusion. That’s what we see here. That’s why Lucius is unable to see the point.

    The Zionists stole Palestine from the folks who lived there. Ethnically cleansed them by murdering some to — successfully — set the rest running for their lives. And now, as their victims understandably fight back against these crimes, the Zionists brutalize their victims with near-overwhelming power, all the while adding to their foundational crimes the monstrous lie that the “enemy” Palestinians, seen by most of the world as self-evidently fighting for justice, are the terrorist homicidal monsters. Projection at its most glaring.

    The political leadership of the rest of the world has long been “discreetly” silent because the Jews worldwide are incredibly wealthy and powerful, and the Zionist criminals, drawing on these “tribal”resources, punish any who oppose them, even those who merely dare to speak the truth — often passionately — regarding the injustice.

    I’m an American and a Jew, and I repudiate both USG and Zionist crimes. Appeals to loyalty and accusations of treason will not extort from me complicity in their crimes. That said, I am a person of no importance, my views irrelevant, my protests devoid of force.

    Reality, on the other hand cannot be evaded by wishing it so, or truth “erased” by unrelentingly abundant propaganda. Five thousand years of Jewish history — a string of catastrophes consequent to serial Jewish misconduct — bear witness to this truth.

    I don’t approve of it, I don’t advocate it, but I wash my hands. Zionist aggression and tribal supremacism, all wrapped in mythological justification, puts worldwide Jewry on a trajectory to the next holocaust. And the Jews have no one to blame but themselves.

  47. bondo says:

    iran is a rational, humane, decent country.

    israel is insane, fanatic, barbarous, savage, genocidal, crooked.

  48. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Interesting how author cited the most “self hating ” Jews in America to boost his
    cleverly disguised anti semitic rant.
    So laughable, so transparent, so sad…..

  49. annamaria says:

    Dershowitz and such invite a logical proposition that the most ardent proponents of a special Jews-ony state should move to that state ASAP, along with their progeny. Those in the US Congress that put Israel interests above the US interests should be stripped of their US citizenship and shipped to the Promised Land of ethnocentric and bloody fantasies. The Moldovan bouncer has become the true symbol of Israel: a criminal bully and racist of uncertain origin.

  50. annamaria says:

    First it was Iraq and Iraq’s WMD and now it is Iran…. Enough already

  51. rec1man says:


    I am not a jew or a zionist
    I support Israel ,bcos it is giving payback to muslims

  52. redwood says:

    Nutty Yahoo should resign and be sent to the ICC along with George Warmonger Bush, Ehud Barack Obama, Tony Blair Witch Project etc. Iran should have nuclear weapons to keep its enemies from attacking them, that’s why nobody will attack North Korea.

  53. William says:
    @Stone Garden

    Stone Garden is one of the few who says exactly what is happening now. Israel is now the dog that wags the U.S. tail. There are many reasons for this, but the main reason is the absolutely cowardice and moral corruptness of a prostituted congress. The U.S. senate and house of representatives now, if forced to make a choice, would serve Israeli interests rather than those of their own constituents and those of the U.S. as a whole. Congress has betrayed its oath and must be called to account.
    A major problem is that a significant majority of the mainstream U.S. media is rabidly pro-Israel. Whether that is due to the fact (fact: do the research before you ignorantly contradict something that you know nothing about) that the largest and most powerful print and electronic media are either directly owned by American Jews or else controlled by American Jews through corporate interests and through the senior positions they hold in all major media needs to be thoroughly researched and documented. Until U.S. media inform the U.S. public, they will remain just as ignorant and biased in favor of Israel as they are now.
    Again, if anyone wants to say that this is pure bull, absolute anti-Semitism, that person should provide credible evidence that this is not the case before speaking out. Do your research Americans. Those of you who are still able to do any research.

  54. michael says:

    The Netanyahu with the most potential died on the tarmac in Entebee, Uganda(1976). The individual known as BEN NITAY(see YOUTUBE) is an example of American private school education, it didn’t help that his father was the hagiographer for Jabotinsky. Consonance——-Dissonance HOLODOMOR——-HOLOCAUST PERPETRATOR—–VICTIM
    POLLARD—-KATZNELSON Is this a riddle?

  55. Sam J. says:

    The truth is the Jews are a tribe of psychopaths. If you just keep this little fact in mind all their silly behaviors make sense.

    Dr.Joji Cherian says”…I see or hear no one in America even discussing this aspect.America is finished. The story is over…”

    Well maybe not. Germany was even more controlled by the Jews than the US is and a a hundred guys in a beer hall eventually threw them out of the country.
    It’s also going to be tough to take over the country like they did in Russia. We’re VERY heavily armed. The number of hunting licenses in just Pennsylvania alone is larger then the total number of Army and Marine corp troops. If only 1% of the hunters starts sniping at who ever wishes to take over, well…they’re fucked. Wouldn’t even have to stand and fight. As for MRAP’s try staying in one of those when it’s hit with about 10 coke bottles full of gelled gasoline. Unpleasant. Not to mention you got to get out of them sometime to get anything done.

    If the Jews do take over like Russia everyone’s going to know who’s responsible. Every day more and more people are disbelieving the Jew corporate line. It will become extremely difficult for them. In the past they could decamp to a different country and the lack of communication allowed them to hide their past. Who will want them if they outright take over the US and lose?

    Cheer up. The Jews have been thrown out of every single country they’ve gone to.

    If you’re a Jew. I don’t know what you can do. You keep cheering on these psychopaths. If you were to come out and tell everyone they were psychopaths, drag BB down the street and hang him maybe you’ll survive. If you don’t there’s a real possibility that you’ll all go together. That’s what your “leaders/psychopaths” tell you, is it not? It will be difficult to have any compassion for you after you’ve prompted the Blacks with, “400 years of slavery”, for the 100,000th time or any of the other propaganda you’ve pushed to dispirit Whites.

  56. edwardk says:

    The Bible says to judge an ally, tree, by its fruit, or fruits: The US Gov has a lot of crazy fruits: Some of these fruits got their training from our ally Israel, which prompts the question: Is the US Gov the ally of the American people, or an occupation force?

    Sexual Assault and Rectal Feedings: The CIA Report’s Messy Details
    Interrogation Chief Said Forced Enemas Needed to Demonstrate ‘Control’
    Soldiers admitted to ‘anger issues’ prompting sexual assault of prisoners

  57. donut says:

    We have room for you too Abraham . Remember where you put your clothes so you can retieve them after your shower.

  58. @David

    You’re thinking of Jean Claude Pressac.

    Apart from all of the other issues, the fact that the Soviets (all of the so-called death camps were in areas that fell under Communist control after the war, the pile of bodies at places like Dachau were the result of the collapsed German infrastructure due to massive US and British bombing and no one claims gassing took place in the western camps) did not permit outside observers to forensically investigate the eastern camps (like the Germans did at Katyn) is highly telling.

  59. Johnny says:

    reading yehuda’s comments helps me understand Hitler. gloating evil jews will inspire good men to risk much in reaction. no israeli will ever be safe from good men.

  60. I saw this coming. You are what you think. I don’t know if it will destroy them since the rest of the Middle East isn’t much different. The Anglo countries are also moving in a rightward direction but I can’t imagine them going as far as Israel and Saudi Arabia in the suppression of their own people. Israel supporters will no longer be able to hide ethnic nationalism behind liberalism. They are going to have to choose between one or the other. I bet Fox News will spin it and teach Americans who tune in how to be good little racist like Israel. I wouldn’t be surprised if they try to adjust the civil rights act to exclude Israel’s enemies from its protection but I don’t think they could get their way. Fox News has already taught Americans that torture is good. They are all addicted to their violent and primal inclinations. Where does one go (countries) to avoid this rightward drift?

  61. […] so much chaff in the air it is hard to get a bead on any of it. Ron Unz continues to publish this guy, despite the radioactive weirdo vibe that pulsates from his text. He hangs out with conspiracy […]

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The same thing that happened in the US and Germany happened in China in 750’s

    The An Lushan Rebellion was immensely destructive and caused an identity crisis within Chinese society as up until then any person regardless of ethnicity could occupy positions of power.

    The link is Ashina (Turks)/Sogdians (Babylonians?) using huge wealth to infiltrate and subvert.

    Gog and Magog – George Bush declared to the French president – “When I look at the Middle East I see Gog and Magog at work”

    In the City of London district there are two commemorative statues of Gog and Magog complete with Turkic/Asian battle dress.

    I recommend people look into who or what is Gog and Magog.

    Sorry for the inarticulate nature of my post – I am using my phone.

  63. @Karl

    is the implication that you, Eliezer ben Yehuda, and those who are unwilling to disaffirm your demanded version of holocaust, will NOT one day rest, more or less peacefully, next to Rachel Corry, and Eichman, and even that most crazed of all paranoid supremacists, Benzion Netanyahu?

  64. Sam J. says:

    Oh goody. “satans army has fruits” is quoting the bible. Here’s a good one.

    JESUS CHRIST, speaking to the Jews in the Gospel of St. John, 8:44 “Ye are of your father the devil, and the lust of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is not truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and the father of it. – then answered the Jews — ” (which makes it clear that Christ was addressing the Jews.)

    Why I’m a Catharist.

  65. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Actually, even if the Holocaust was real, and I believe it was, it hardly justifies what Israel is doing today.
    Two wrongs, as the cliche goes, don’t make a right.

    “Zionism is Nazism with Jewish characteristics.”
    — Quotations from Chairman Zhu

  66. Karl says:

    Quercus >> as it seems to me from years of looking at Israeli papers

    how many Swiss or Irish or Finnish or Ukranian newspapers have you spent years studying?

    yes, the euro white cream rises to the top…. but the cherries sit on top of the cream.

  67. Bill says:

    Spectacular comment. Israel is not an “ally”. There are no mutual defense treaties. Americans are getting sick of this shit.

  68. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Bravo. Thank you sir.

  69. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation, and the cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population.” – David Ben-Gurion, a.k.a. David Grün (1886-1973), Israeli Prime Minister (1948-53, 1955-63) revered by Israelis as “Father of the Nation” nation of bloodthirsty whores. That’s all you need to know about who these whores are. Americans need to wake up before it’s too late and all its blood is sucked dry by these parasites.
    quote by Netanyahu:

    “Once we squeeze all we can out of the United States, it can dry up and blow away.”

    Sharon’s quote:
    “don’t worry about American pressure, we control America.”

  70. Shadow says:

    David —- I believe I read that book about 20 years ago or so. Lent it to a Evangelical friend, which
    I now believe, are best described as Judiacized Christians, who was and is decidedly pro Israel. He
    never returned the book. Don’t recall the Book’s title or the author’s name. Didn’t this French
    author, claim that only about 1.5 million died instead of the claimed 6 million? I like your concluding opinion, that censors assume personal infallibility. Shadow

  71. […] there is also the moral dimension. Israel has increasingly been transformed into a militarist theocracy that is substantially racist in its orientation. If Washington is truly concerned about human […]

  72. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:


    6 million was a deliberate falsehood to help engender ersatz “Israel.”

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