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Iran Behind 9/11?
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Three days before Christmas a New York Federal Judge George Daniels signed a default judgment that found Iran, the Taliban, and al-Qaeda responsible for 9/11. The judgment was the end result of a ten year judicial process in which family members of victims of the attacks have been seeking $100 billion from those held responsible. Previous iterations of the case have seen claims that Saddam Hussein, the Saudi government, and individual Saudi Princes and billionaires were involved rejected by the court. Somewhat ironically, the Federal government’s Justice Department has never filed charges against anyone claiming that he or she planned or executed 9/11 though it has always been assumed by the media and punditry that it was Osama bin Laden.

Iran is, of course, the flavor du jour for those who seek a new war in the Middle East, so the new “evidence” of its evil nature is being promoted by the usual suspects at the American Enterprise Institute and the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies. Iran did not defend itself in court but witnesses were brought in by the plaintiffs claiming that travel patterns of 9/11 plotters prove that Tehran was complicit in the al-Qaeda attack. The information used to implicate Iran was known to the 9/11 Commission and President George W. Bush, who concluded that “There was no direct connection between Iran and the attacks of September 11th,” a conclusion also reached by the CIA. Most intelligence officers working on the Iranian and terrorist targets would also agree that there is zero liklihood that Iran and al-Qaeda could have conspired to attack the United States.

Ironically, if anyone had prior knowledge of 9/11 it was Saudi Arabia, which had been dropped from the case in spite of 16 of 19 hijackers being Saudis, and Israel, which was running large scale illegal intelligence operations directed against Arabs resident in the US. Saudi intelligence clearly knew about the radicalization of several of the hijackers while Israeli intelligence officers under cover as “movers” danced in front of the burning twin towers in New Jersey’s Liberty Park. Other movers were arrested driving vans carrying explosives. The 9/11 Commission did not make a serious effort to determine either the Saudi or Israeli role, but it now appears that somehow the Iranians were responsible.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: 9/11, Iran 
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  1. FN says:

    “Israeli intelligence officers under cover as “movers” danced in front of the burning twin towers in New Jersey’s Liberty Park”

    – is this often-read story actually more than an anti-Israel rumour (at best) / anti-semitic smear (at worst)? I always had my doubts, though I would not consider it impossible. What is the source of this?

  2. Why a Shitte government would want to help Sunni terrorists renders this theory moot. Oh but it won’t stop them from trying though.

  3. FN – Justin Raimondo goes through the story in some detail in chapter 4 “Smoldering Gun” in his book The Terror Enigma. A shocked observer in a NJ highrise nearby videoed the performance and also informed the police. The story was also reported in the mainstream media in the days immediately after 9/11 but then the whole thing disappeared from sight. It is my understanding that the Israelis involved were held for a couple of months, interrogated repeatedly, failed a series of polygraph tests and were then released when a deal was cut with the Israeli government.

  4. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Actually it’s pretty clear that both Saudi Arabia and Israel had some advanced knowledge of 9/11.

    The FBI witnessed a Saudi intelligence officer meeting with hijackers in LA, and the Israelis had several of the hijackers under surveillance in summer of ’01 – those who remember the Israeli “art students” issue (which the MSM touched only fleetingly, of course, and no politicos in DC wanted to examine) will recall that several “art students” were hanging around the town of Hollywood, FL, the same time as Mo Atta and the boys. Hmmmm …

    As for Iran, I have zero trouble believing that Tehran (meaning the Pasdaran) had ties to al-Qa’ida, indeed those have been there, clear to see for those who want to, since the mid-1990s, mainly through Hizballah, which is of course a branch of the Pasdaran. And who, really, is KSM? Hmmmm again …

    The interesting thing is why the big push for “Iran was behind 9/11!!!” now, of all times, when the basic facts – which neither the MSM nor the 9/11 Commission seriously looked into – have been available for years.

    I suspect most readers of this blog can connect *those* dots.

  5. LarryS says:

    Go to youtube and search ‘dancing Israelis’.

  6. FN — You’re getting into deep 9/11 conspiracy territory, so caveat lector, but try here:

    To be fair, you can find plenty of other sites claiming to “debunk” this material. IMO, they fail to completely do so. If nothing else, nobody has been able to erase Netanyahu’s creepily blithe reaction to the 9/11 events, which is pretty well documented.

  7. Perhaps Frontline should do a programme on the dancing Israeli intelligence operatives?

  8. “Perhaps Frontline should do a programme on the dancing Israeli intelligence operatives?”

    And get raked over the coals for being “anti-Semites”? I doubt if it will happen anytime soon.

  9. In regards to the United States, George Orwell has been spinning in his grave for a long time. Of course our government is going to pin the sins of Saudi Wahhabists on the Shia Islamic Republic of Iran. Saudi Arabia allows our oil firms to operate on its soil where as in the Islamic Republic of Iran the nation’s oil resources are nationalized. I don’t just think the Saudi’s were complicit in 9/11. I go a step further in saying that I believe that there are U.S. government officials who were also complicit in 9/11. That doesn’t mean that I believe they did a controlled demo on the twin towers, but I think they pulled a Pearl Harbor II where they knew the attacks would happen and they did nothing to stop it.

  10. If Israel was pulling the strings on well everything. Which seems to be the attitude here. Why couldn’t they find Gilead Shalit without vomiting up 1000 terrorists. Or for that matter why is Ron Paul ahead in Iowa. Surely the international zionist conspiracy. and yes I am a member. Can do something about that.

    No way you let this comment go through.

  11. This decision is a contrivance of the sort that looks like it belongs in 2002. The culpability of various Saudis has been exposed and explained at length. They put up the money, they put up most of the people, they support the theology that didn’t just excuse, but promoted it. They knew correctly that they were shielded from harm by their business connections, and the fact that their lawless absolute kingdom has no joint liability that can’t be severed by the lack of accountability for the part of their myriad “princes”.

    Only the bloody neocons would go to war on the basis of a default judgment against an unrecognized government, but they’ll to flack this harder than ticking bombs, aluminum tubes and unfortunately parked tanker trucks. We’ve seen this tragedy before, now we must raise our loudest voices to make this iteration a farce for the war party.

  12. Fox News 12/12/01 Israel Is Spying In And On The U.S.? Part 1 of 4

    The story was covered in numerous publications, including The Forward which helped break the story open.

  13. Dimitry – – Aramco was nationalised years ago. Iran would allow more foreign oil companies to operate in Iran, and does allow them to do so. Israel lobby tries to interfere.

  14. Bill Pearlman – – Most American Jews in fact opposed the illegal and idiotic US/UK invasion of Iraq. But the Israel lobby favored it.


    Here, a Jewish member of the political elite admits what Pearlman denies.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    What were the strategic consequences of our policy reaction to 9/11? Who received the corollary benefits from those reactions? That amounts to anybody that wasn’t either Saddam or the Taliban. Now who had the motive, the method, and the opportunity to execute 9/11, and in addition who was sufficiently desperate that they’d accept the risk of failure in order to obtain the desired U.S. response? Again one is forced to include Saudi Arabia, Israel, rogue elements of the USG, AND Iran among the set of suspects. Surely Al Kiyaada was involved on 9/11, and my how convenient they’ve been to statists and foreign policy activists ever since. But the question remains were they acting on their own, or were they just willing associates hoping to become made men?

    If bin Laden and Zwahiri had support outside their organization what would they gain afterwards by concealing that connection? Why Putin’s nearly frantic phone call on 9/11 to Bush to quickly declare in essence, “Hey, it wasn’t us!”? It was as if he was confident of the perps’ identity even as events were still unfolding.

    Like TWA 800 before it, the excuses the government has presented to the public about 9/11 just don’t add up. The case needs an open and thorough public review, but it’s too radioactive now and unfortunately won’t be safe to touch for at least another century. Perhaps just the credible threat of an investigation would be sufficient, however. It would at least allow us the opportunity to observe who gets suicided as a result.

  17. tbraton says:

    “Bill Pearlman – – Most American Jews in fact opposed the illegal and idiotic US/UK invasion of Iraq. But the Israel lobby favored it.”

    James Canning, as an acknowledged member of the “Lobby,” Bill Pearlman is not likely to recognize your important distinction, which happens to accord with my experience. I wonder if Bill Pearlman can explain to us why the American taxpayer is required to subsidize the standard of living of Israeli Jews to the tune of $3-4 billion a year (which doesn’t include the $2-3 billion we give to Egypt annually) and when such obligation will come to an end.

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