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Draining the Swamp
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There has been considerable commentary over the possibility that the terrorism in Norway will trigger a reaction against “conservative” websites and will stifle legitimate debate over immigration and asylum policies. If one reads the European media, it is clear that there is considerable debate over the recent wave of new arrivals with those on the political left urging a wealthy continent to take in immigrants on humanitarian grounds while those on the right are pointing to social disruption, soaring crime, and loss of national identity. In the United States, most Americans want all illegal immigrants to be removed and the country’s borders controlled, but apart from that there is little discussion as both the media and the two major political parties are essentially pro-immigration. Hispanic immigrants, which make up the vast majority of the illegals, are culturally closer to the indigenous population than the immigrants that are flooding Europe in any event and the United States does have a tradition of assimilation lacking in the Old World, so the discussion itself would be quite different if it were allowed to take place.

But the immigration angle is only part of the story. Many of the websites involved in the tragedy in Norway are not conservative at all but rather neoconservative and the only immigration they oppose is immigration by Muslims. Some leading American neoconservatives cited by mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik in his rambling commentary are David Horowitz, Daniel Pipes, Robert Spencer, and Pamela Geller, all of whom have been leaders in the incitement against Islam and each of whom is, not coincidentally, a vocal advocate for Israel and its policies. They are the alligators in the swamp that they have created and are now frantically engaged in distancing themselves from their words and deeds. But sometimes the truth will out.

Are the neoconservatives responsible for the atrocity in Norway? No, but nor are they free of any involvement as they have done so much to stoke the fire of Islamophobia, giving it credibility and broadcasting it to a worldwide audience.

Pamela Geller posted her own approving comment followed by a rambling message from a Norwegian admirer back in 2007. Could it have been Breivik? Possibly. He speaks of stockpiling weapons and violence. Did Geller alert the Norwegian authorities? No, but she did make sure the Norwegian’s message was read by her thousands of supporters. Geller has now removed the posting from her website but it can still be found through Google.

“I am running an email I received from an Atlas reader in Norway. It is devastating in its matter-of-factness:

‘Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29 000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35 000 immigrants from Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan. The nation’s capital is already 50% Muslim, and they ALL go there after entering Norway. Adding the 1.2 births per woman per year from Muslim women, there will be 300 000+ Muslims out of the then 480,000 inhabitants of that city.

‘Orders from Libya and Iran say that Oslo will be known as Medina at the latest in 2010, although I consider this a PR-stunt nevertheless it is their plan.

‘From Israel the hordes clawing at the walls of Jerusalem proclaim cheerfully that next year there will be no more Israel, and I know Israel shrugs this off as do I, and will mount a strike during the summer against all of its enemies in the Middle East. This will make the Muslims worldwide go into a frenzy, attacking everyone around them.

‘We are stockpiling and caching weapons, ammunition and equipment. This is going to happen fast…

Oslo and the southeast may fall easily, but there are other lines than “state” borders drawn across this country since long before there was even a single Muslim in the world, and we have held them this long, against everyone else too. We are entering a new golden age for my people, and those of a handful other countries, but only through struggle.

‘Never fear, Pamela. God is with you too in this coming time.’”

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: European Right, Neocons 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The word missing from several of these TAC discussions is “polarization”. Elites and institutions are going their own way, often quite wilfully against well-established public opinion.

    Alienation of the ruled from their rulers is a grave and growing problem.

  2. For the curious, here is Wikipedia on Oslo’s demographics:

    Taking it at face value, the population of Oslo is about 600,000, of which about 30% are “of an immigrant or non-Norwegian background.”

  3. Great article, Phil.

    Seemingly all of the US commentators/thinktanks/pundits who agitate against Islam day in and day out are also some of the most staunch Israel-supporters; the neocons. Their goal is to conflate Israel’s enemies, who happen to be Muslim, with ours, who happen to be Muslim. This makes it easy to convince Americans to take out Israel’s enemies (such as Saddam Hussein, next up is Ahmadinejad).

    The kicker is – our support for Israel was given as the motive for the 911 attack by many of the hijackers(Bamford’s The Shadow Factory), the mastermind, Khaled S. Mohammed, and by OBL himself in his fatwa of the late 90s.

    The mainstream media have kept mostly hidden the fact that Breivik was an Israel-supporter. But that’s what one would expect from an Israel-friendly media in America where virulent agitation against Islam is standard fare. Were this extreme vitriol to be directed against Judaism or Christianity, it wouldn’t find such a friendly ear.

    And frankly I’m surprised that someone in America didn’t yet commit this type of crime, given the atmosphere.

    Finally, Breivik is a terrorist but the media backed off that term when they discovered he wasn’t a Muslim. Thus is the saying true that all terrorists are Muslim because evidently, only the Muslims get labeled as such.

  4. Neocons like Mark Stein have been playing the game of “let’s you and him fight,” for quite some time now. I was once “His Reader of the Day” for mentioning his offhand semi-obscene jokes at the expense of Arabs. My site was bombarded with comments from his fans. Few realized that I was more right wing then they were because they didn’t bother to read any other posts on the site.

    The crisis of Muslim immigration needs to be confronted and stopped. But the Neo’s and their Israeli confreres are not our allies but opportunistic operators.

    Their latest meme is refrain that defense of the State of Israel is the defense of the West. A cursory review of Jewish History reveals that no such connection exists. Yet the FOX simpletons eat this stuff up. Jews sided with the Persians against the Greeks and Romans, with the Muslims against the European Christians and the Ottomans against the West. The very existence of Israel was to escape the hated European Christian West.

    From their point of view all this made tactical sense, but we should not allow them to influence, for their own purposes, our confrontation with the Muslims. No Israeli soldier will die to save Norway or anyplace else.

  5. A big reach Phil.. Look, your a virulent critic of Israel. You think AIPAC is the nexis of evil. Gabby Giffords is a Jewish congresswomen who supports Israel. Who is to say that the guy that shot him wasn’t a fan of yours.

  6. Regarding the quoted statistics on Oslo, who would have guessed that mass immigration paired with high fecundity would become the most effective way of conquering a nation in the modern age with all of its technological advances?

    The bottom line is that native Europeans must start having larger families, or they will inevitably become minorities in their own countries. The same could probably be said about the southwestern United States.

  7. Cfountain72 says: • Website

    “‘Well, yes, the situation is worsening. Stepping up from 29 000 immigrants every year, in 2007 we will be getting a total of 35 000 immigrants from Somalia, Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan.”

    How ironic. I thought we were busy liberating all these backward nations at the behest of these same neoclowns. Why on earth would they want to leave countries constantly under threat of US attack by robot death kites?

    Peace be with you.

  8. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    From Chip Berlet

    “Breivik in his Manifesto, incorporates whole sections of other authors’ work. The Manifesto is a compilation and compendium with Breivik’s comments, text, and a self-interview included.

    “According to Dennis King, the original party line in the LaRouche cadre organization was set in an essay by LaRouche himself in 1977, “The Case of Walter Lipmann.” A long examination of LaRoucher’s conspiracy theory appeared as “The New Dark Age: The Frankfurt School and `Political Correctness’” in Fidelio, Vol. 1, No. 1, Winter 1992 (KMW Publishing, Washington, DC). Fidelio was LaRouche’s culture and arts magazine. But since LaRouche considers himself an extension of Marx, Marxism itself is not critiqued, but a plot by the Frankfurt School ideologues to create a “New Dark Age” which crushes Christian nations. LaRouche wrote a book: The Science of Christian Economy, and other prison writings, by Lyndon H. LaRouche, Jr., 1991, 506 pp, which expanded the framework for the attacks on the Frankfurt School theoreticians.

    “Some 20 years later, around 1997 William S. Lind and Paul Weyrich (unwittingly or wittingly) expanded on the thesis of LaRouche. Much of this discussion appeared on the website of the Free Cngress Foundation, but has now been removed. An example of Lind’s work is an essay on “What is Cultural Marxism?”

  9. cfountain72 says: • Website

    Just listened to your interview with Scott Horton a few hours after the disaster in Norway. Kudos to you for maintaining a level head and questioning the ‘This is Al Qaeda in Norway’ narrative which was already taking hold across almost every media outlet.

    For those who are interested, the interview can be found here:

    Peace be with you.

  10. Marc says: • Website

    At this blog, the above link, I am currently looking at what a morrass of, at best, ineptitude to, at worst, murdering thugs are currently being supported at the UN by our US Tax dollars. With all the budget flap and wanting to drain the swamp, why not start with cutting off funding to this group of thieves.

  11. cfountain72 says: • Website

    “Who is to say that the guy that shot him wasn’t a fan of yours.”

    Maybe he is. Maybe he also follows the Manchester United soccer team. What difference does that make? Nothing (that I’ve read anyway) of Phil’s writings would indicate that we are ‘at war with Islam’, and that we must wake up to the ‘clash of civilizations’ and fight the ‘creeping doom of sharia law.’ By comparison, those notions are absolutely integral to the neocon worldview.

    Of course, this doesn’t justify taking up arms against innocents. But then again, the deaths of hundreds of thousand of innocent Iraqi’s wasn’t justified either, yet it was those same neoclowns who pushed us into that disaster. This would seem to be a far worse crime to be associated with; do they deserve any responsibility for that?

    Peace be with you.

  12. Andy says:

    The author and some folks on this site seem to feel it’s not in US interests to support the Jewish State of Israel. Some reasons given are:The costs are too high as alienating a billion Muslims.We should be more “evenhanded.” If we have to fight the Muslims over oil OK, but Israel is not vital to US interests. That a Jewish State exists or not is not US business. If Israel goes and if extreme Islamists who hold power want to take on the Europeons and the US then we’ll go to battle. Maybe they will be satisfied with the US out of their countries, and we can work out a deal re the oil we need. While this view is understandable, even if in my opinion mistaken, Israel is a nuclear power that will not go away as a Jewish State unless it self destructs from within. Acccording to my understanding the bible and sages who comment lay it out well. I’m not a fan of Pam Geller, but I think the statement you mock re the relationship of God and the Jewish nation/people is true. “Never fear, Pamela. God is with you too in this coming time.”

    As stated I believe it’s true ,however how being “with you/ Israel” plays out seems to be, according to the biblical prophets, dependent on the behavior of the Jews.In particular those learned enough in bible to know their responsibilities. IE. the Orthodox. Unlearned/captured Jewish souls denied their own heritage seem hardly responsible for poor choices. According the the sages all the politicians and military powers are tools in the hands of the Creator. The glorious end for mankind is known, but how we arrive there is contingent on making wise free will choices. As the author wrote in jest but I believe it,”God is with you “but being with you is painful when the wrong choices are made. Th ebible states:”I set before you a blessing and a curse, choose life” An interpreation that makes sense to me is that Either way works to get to the destination of a perfected self and world , but one way is with tough love, so we are implored to choose life, which while requiring greater effort is for certain the wiser way to travel. The journey can be very painful[as it’s been so far], or not, depending on actions taken, or not. It is written that when the Jews keep the commandments the word of the lord will go forth from Zion, all the world will recognize their positive role as a people, and Israel as a nation throughout the history of mankind. As the sages state Zion will at that time be a blessing to the righteous of all nations and peace will be over the earth. i believe that God keeps his covenant. It is one of many mysteries that the Almighty allowed Zionism which began as a consciously anti religious, socialist movement to be a force ushering in the redemption. The movement has been undergoing a steady transformation. Both the army and the general population of Israel are becoming more open to hearing and learning God’s law, and the demographics continue to be encouraging with the religious being blessed with large families. It’s still a challenge, and the forces which seek to delay, and if possible, derail the redemption do not rest.
    The majority of Muslims in Europe and the US are law abiding. Still,it does seem to me that Islamophobia is based on a real threat. At times in history nations and religions have been dominated by extreme sects that have taken power and exerted a powerful negative influence on their followers. That seems to have happened in several areas under Islamic control.

  13. Mad Doc MacRae – – I’ve seen the figure of 23% for immigrant community in Oslo, but part of this is from other places in Europe.

  14. @James Canning – I suspect variations are due to the definition of a “non-Norwegian background” – but that’s likely to be the case for most demographics statistics with that kind of vague definition.

  15. Andy, the change in Israel to the far right has been much for the worse. Socialism is quite rational compared to any form of religious orthodoxy, be it Judaism, Christianity or Islam.
    As an Irish-American Jew who has lived in Israel I can tell the racism and fascism are quite thick in the air there.
    The Arabs, Muslim or Christian, do not hate America qua America but only FedGov for its support of Israel to the tune of a quarter trillion and Arab Reaction.
    It is the US’s business when we subsidize a ‘Jewish’ state where 25% are non-Jewish. Imagine a Christian State here since only 1.58% of us are Jewish ?
    Pam Geller is an Ayn Rand Objectivist Atheist, a position I share, who has absolutely no use for that ghastly genocidal, pornographic collection of Arab fairy tales known as The Unholy Bible, particularly the Old Testament. I share her views there but do not share her manic anti-Arab racism which has been promoted by the Ayn Rand Institute, David Horowitz, the War Street Journal, Leonard Peikoff, Robert Spencer, Jennifer Rubin and numerous other racist haters of the Far Right including most of the GOP Presidential candidates.
    Andy, read The Invention Of The Jewish People by Israeli Professor
    Shlomo Sand.
    Bill Pearlman, Phil has had many well thought out, heavily documented and reasoned columns on Israel over the years.
    AIPAC brags they control 400 House Members and 95 Senators.
    Why not try to refute this ? Because you can’t.

  16. Phil must have noticed the utter hypocrisy of FOX, which for two days has been screaming against “the hate-filled bigotry” of Breivik for saying thngs about Islam that one regularly hears from FOX-contributors. These opinions may be right or wrong but why aren’t they “bigotry” when “the FOX-NEWS contributors all” express them?

  17. Andy says:


    Your entitled to your views.I know both Israeli and American Jews with similar opinions. I may be mistaken but what I’ve expressed is based on much questioning and a traditional education. I view the bible differently than you. I do agree that racism and fascism are a potential danger. It is being confronted. It seems to me it won’t easily go away as long as the political reality remains as it is. Imagine Iif during the Civil Rights movement in the 1960’s that instead of wanting equal access to the American dream the Blacks in the US wanted the whites removed from much of the land at best, and killed at worst. Do you think it may have provoked some racism and fascism?
    Re your comment to Bill P Isn’t the purpose of lobbyists to get elected officials to vote in a way that furthers their interests? AIPAC bagging re controlling 400 house members and 95 senators seems a bit much. They probably have access and some degree of influence over that many,but control only in their dreams. Your comment reminds me of the Jew who when he was feeling overwhelmed and down in the dumps would buy an antisemitic newspaper in order to cheer himself up by reading the articles claiming that the Jews have all the power and control the whole world.

  18. pete says:

    Paul Gottfried asked – “These opinions may be right or wrong but why aren’t they “bigotry” when “the FOX-NEWS contributors all” express them?”

    FOX has to be careful. Whoever gave money or “aid and comfort” to Breivik will end up on the wrong end of some pretty tough post 9/11 anti-terror laws. In multiple jurisdictions.

  19. pj says:

    “Never fear, Pamela. God is with you too in this coming time.” waswritten by Breivik, not Giraldi as you seem to think, Andy. Since misconception informed most of your post, perhaps you should wonder how many other misconceptions inform you on an hourly basis?

    Israel is a graven image for people like you. Before you start interpreting The Bible, maybe you should just consider what The Ten Commandments say about graven images for a few years, and then check back in.

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