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The Guardian is reporting that “The Obama administration has moved to grant political asylum to foreign women who suffer severe physical or sexual abuse from which they are unable to escape because it is part of the culture of their own countries.” Traditionally, political asylum was just that, providing a refuge for individuals being persecuted for their political views. The paper cites a recent case of a Mexican woman who will apparently receive asylum because she was repeatedly raped by her husband, who also threatened to kill her when she became pregnant.

I must admit that I don’t quite understand how and why the problem of spousal abuse in other countries becomes something that the United States has to address through the immigration process. I wonder how broad the new guidelines will be, i.e. when does abuse become abuse justifying asylum, who will ajudicate the process, and who will be responsible for the women once they are admitted into the US? How much fraud will there be? Are we trying to pass judgment on social conditions in countries that we know little or nothing about and will we have clueless State Department officers running around conducting investigations in places like Kabul? If so, it would smack of arrogance on our part as there are plenty of abused spouses in the United States.

I also wonder why I had to see the article on the new policy in The Guardian and didn’t notice it in any US publication.

(Republished from The American Conservative by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Immigration 
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  1. President Obama will soon announce his progressive plan to grant asylum to victims of “racial profiling” in other nations.

  2. The new TAC popup is really irritating. Go into a post and read the comments, then back out to the overall blog view, and there’s the popup again.

    Is this a case of someone sabotaging you (trying to irritate your bloggers), or just plain stupidity?

    I’m not a terrorist (by the Kelley Vlahos definition, anyway). Maybe Obama could give me $20 million to go live in the bahamas, with some abused mexican lady?

  3. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    I saw this info in the NYTimes last week

  4. 2 + 2 = 4

    In 2002, Zeituni Onyango, a native of Kenya, and the half-aunt of United States President Barack Obama, sought political asylum in the United States citing violence: Kenya and East Africa have seen an escalation in violence in the 2000s. Her case was denied in 2004 but she remained in South Boston, Massachusetts, and has since retained legal representation.


  5. I guess its implied by the inscription on that famous French statue all the refugees saw upon approaching Ellis Isle. “Give me your poor, huddled…..”

    Hey anybody wants to come, be a Real part of we the people, enjoying life liberty and persuit of private property is welcome in my book, even if all they want is to keep their own body parts. Isn’t that crap part of some imposed religion back in the bush anyway. Political, personal and all that hard to separate stuff…. Of course I believe we should have one world government….the U.S. constitution….if only we believed in it more….

    I read that one Great Britan is caving into demands for Islamic Cops in the hood. This refuge status might be just the tea to combat it! Call me a bleeding heart, but life liberty and retention of labia seems reasonable.

  6. @waltinseattle, I left Seattle 12 years ago, came to Oklahoma.

    Sounds like you folks have really let it run down hill since.

    Phil Knight (Nike, Portland), Bill Gates (Microsoft, Bellevue), two of the country’s biggest libs. Get the stuff made overseas (and/or by minimum-wagers), then sell it for a mint, then get US laws changed to protect their operation. The LIBERAL WAY.

    Hey Waltin… How many people does it take to run a liberal newspaper? …depends on how much in stimulus funds are available.

    Maybe what Mr Giraldi was saying was, “Shouldn’t we get to vote on who we let in, rather than some “stealth-lib” taking care of his personal agenda, then hiding his actions under the cover of “nobility”.”

    Take Oregon. They used to be conservative, before the 70’s, low unemployment. Then they got overrun by liberal Californians. How’s that unemployment rate working out for you now, folks? How do you like the invention of SALES TAX in Oregon? Working pretty good?

    Drive around the SEATTLE AREA, ask yourself, “Why such a huge number of GATED COMMUNITIES?”

    Check out California, to know what is coming. Health care and schooling for the undocumenteds. Remove welfare for the “anglos”, and reduce health care for the elderly, and send out IOUs in place of tax returns.

    As Sean Scalloin says, “Find me a conservative, and we’ll find someone who wants to blame LIBERALS for that mess out on the WEST COAST”.

    Better than dealing with your realities, why don’t you bring us your fantasies, especially if they’re “noble”.

  7. …Sorry for painting Sean Scallon with an extra “i”.

  8. Why is it that so many people find it difficult to accept that governments do insane things? Clearly this is one of them. It comes close to an open invitation for every Muslim woman on the planet to make haste to our shores.

    Female genital mutilation is not in the Koran and is not practiced in all Muslim countries. Still, by opening up this issue we do insult the religion of those countries who do condone this ugly practice.

    Theodore Roosevelt warned about America becoming “The rooming house of the world.” Are we now to become the battered woman’s shelter of the world? And if we must grant asylum to abused women, can we have special emphasis on the plight of abused Icelandic French and Swedish women?

  9. QUOTE:

    “Reading the trend right now we see that we’re moving toward a larger society, faster growing, more diverse, more multicultural, and less peaceful. We’re moving toward a stale of steady civil war between the various groups that we’re encouraging to come here. I see nothing but disaster ahead for us if we continue chasing after multiculturalism.”

    This certainly sounds like something Lou Dobbs or Michelle Malkin might say. However, those are the words of Garrett Hardin, former CEO of the Environmental Fund and a well-known crusader against nuclear power and for abortion rights (he received the Margaret Sanger Award from the Planned Parenthood Federation of America). Hardly hard right credentials.

    Progressives and conservatives are saying it: be it legal or illegal, immigration is causing us to run out of room and resources and increases crime and cultural clashes. Let’s have a break for 10 years or so. If there is domestic violence or economic crisis, or war, famine, pestilence somewhere in the world, let’s try to provide educational and humane help where we can.

  10. Rules for listening:
    1. What did the candidate say, while they were running? Has their stance changed much?
    2. What are they saying now? Do they change often?
    3. If we assume that everything in #1 above, or #2 above, is a lie, what might that tell us about what they are saying?
    4. How does the current policy help them keep or acquire power?
    5. How does the current policy help them enrich themselves, or one or more of their family, or supporters?

    If we measure the question of why Bush and Obama want illegals and undocumenteds, and foreignors en-masse, look to #4 above. If we register EVERYONE to vote, and lower the lowest common denominator of the enfranchised, we tap into the “security/peace” (read “feminine”) vote, and into the “welfare mentality” (also known as “entitlement” or “dependent” mentality). This makes the population susceptible to the political promises of “gimme” programs.

    The uneducated do not understand the “trickle-down” effect of the illusion of “taxing the rich”. That is, raise the cost of making bread, and the price of bread goes up. Then politicians say, “I only raised taxes the rich breadmaker, not on you.”

    A dumbed-down electorate will then fall for the “look at what all the government is going to provide you for free.”

    Conservatism cannot offer us a way out, until we get our politicians away from the “crook/ruling-class” mentality. If you can’t show me a plan for this last, then all the other “yak-yak” isn’t doing us any good, whether we are talking about immigration, or war, or CAP&T, or Health-Deception.

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