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A Clear Opinion That Iran Is a Facilitator
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Yesterday CIA Director Michael Hayden said “It is my opinion, it is the policy of the Iranian government, approved to highest level of that government, to facilitate the killing of Americans in Iraq. Just make sure there’s clarity on that.” Admittedly the whole statement is a bit awkward, but Hayden was speaking in Kansas at the time and obviously did not think that anyone would demand complete sentences. The use of the three words “opinion,” “facilitating,” and “clarity” in such a short space and in such a fashion as to completely obscure the meaning suggests that CIA might benefit from some remedial English training. Or is it actually “disinformation,” intended to confuse?

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    Moaning about Iran isn’t going to solve anything since it’s abundantly clear as to what Iran wants which is the end of everything that isn’t Islamic. European countries and the United States are going to go extinct if Islam continues the way it’s going. Trying to be civilized and intellectual about the ever increasing spread of Western civilization’s most lethal enemy ISLAM is as stupid as stupid gets. These crazy religious Bozo’s are out to kill everyone who isn’t a Muslim and the time will most certainly arrive when these religious zealot nuts have enough numbers to carry out their insane ideas referred to as jihad.
    There isn’t any such thing as bargaining or making peace with Islamic religious crazies that have one main goal in life which is to make the entire world one big state of Islam which is simply insane nevertheless they will try and die in necessary for their murderous madcap cause. European countries MUST remove the Muslims out of their lands OR many innocent people are going to die. Damn it, quit messing around with these Islamic crazy people – they hate you and want to kill you and your children or convert you to their ridiculous faith which is as backward and senseless as any mindset can possibly get – “DO YOU NOT UNDERSTAND THE PERIL YOU ARE IN RIGHT NOW?” In not, then it’s time to wake up you dumb jerk because if you don’t the soldiers of Islam will arrive at your door and that will be the day you go to Hell. This Islamic crap and all of it’s murderous nonsense is FOR REAL so you had better start acting right before it drags you out of your house and slaughters you in the street! Wake up people time is running out, thank you. . . Wait a second, some of you don’t believe what you just read, well, too bad for you morons, looks as thought you’ll be the first to die when the Muslims arrive, later dumb ass.

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