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Pictures of Drowned Migrants Divert Focus from Those Who Are to Blame
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Four years ago, I was standing by the grave of Alan Kurdi, the three-year-old child who drowned when the rubber boat carrying him and his Syrian Kurdish family from Turkey to Greece was flipped over by high waves. The picture of his small body in a red shirt and black shorts lying face down on a Turkish beach with his head in the surf was supposed to have focused public attention on the hideous plight of refugees in the Mediterranean.

Alan’s grave was an ugly stone rectangle in a cemetery beside the ruins of the Kurdish city of Kobani in northern Syria which Isis had ferociously assaulted and nearly captured in a prolonged siege in 2014-15. I found the scene all the more moving because there were no flowers and Alan’s little grave was surrounded by fresh earth gouged out by a bulldozer preparing the ground for more graves.

I thought of Alan again this week when a photo was published of a father and daughter, also refugees, lying face down in muddy brown water close to the bank of the Rio Grande which they had been trying to swim to reach the United States. Like Alan and his family, Oscar Alberto Martinez Ramirez drowned together with his 23-month-old daughter Valeria on what they hoped would be the last lap of their journey to a better life.

The photo of Valeria and Oscar, her small head tucked inside his T-shirt and her arm embracing his neck, evoked a wave of emotion around the world. The Democrats in Congress sought to pass a $4.5bn humanitarian aid bill to ease the suffering of migrants on the border with Mexico. Predictably, President Trump aggressively counter-attacked with tweets claiming that many lives would be saved if only the Democrats would change “broken” immigration laws.

Over the years I have become suspicious of photos which epitomise some tragedy by portraying the death or injury of a single individual and are supposed to be galvanising international action to stop the same thing happening again. The emphasis is on pity and grief but attention is diverted from the person or people responsible for some horror. Where such attention-grabbing pictures are not available, tragedies remain little reported and unnoticed.

How many people in the EU states, who are appalled by what is happening on the US-Mexico border, know that the death toll among refugees there is far lower than on the frontiers of the EU?

So far this year 427 refugees are known to have drowned trying to cross the Mediterranean to reach the EU according to the UN Refugee Agency. “Between 2014 and 2018, more than 17,900 people died or went missing in the Mediterranean – the remains of almost two-thirds of those victims have not been recovered,” says the International Organisation for Migration (IOM).

“More people die on the EU borders than any other borders in the world,” says Nick Megoran, a political geography lecturer at Newcastle University, who specialises in borders and border conflicts. He says that the EU holds itself up as model of civilised behaviour, but this appears to apply only to its actions within the boundaries of the EU, while it defends its external boundaries from migrants just as aggressively as Trump.

The number of refugees trying to cross the Mediterranean from Turkey or North Africa to the EU has fallen from a peak of just over one million in 2015, the year Aylan Kurdi died, to 15,459 so far this year according to the UNHCR. In 2018, six migrants drowned every day in the Mediterranean, making a total of 2,275 dead for the year.

Sometimes there are witnesses to mass drownings as fragile craft packed with refugees are swamped or capsized by the waves. A sparse but typical account of one such incident by the IOM on 2 June reads: “according to IOM doctors onsite: migrants reported over 95 were on the boat before it capsized, among them were women and children. Two bodies have been retrieved and 73 migrants have so far been rescued.”

Some boats simply disappear: in the first two weeks of June two boats, carrying between 40 and 50 people, are known to have left Libya but neither has been seen since and there is a growing likelihood that they sank and all on board were drowned. The only evidence for such tragedies is when human remains in various states of decay are washed up on the beaches.

The sharp increase in the rate at which people are dying is partly the result of Italy’s populist government’s determination to stop migrant boats and a consequent “reduction to search and rescue capacity”, says the UN. When refugees are rescued, they are returned to detention camps in Libya where conditions are appalling and they are in danger of being overrun by marauding militias in the latest phase of Libya’s endless civil war.

Lost in all this is the responsibility of individual European politicians and governments, notably David Cameron in Britain and Nicolas Sarkozy, who overthrew Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. The aim of the intervention was supposedly to save the people in Benghazi from revenge by Gaddafi’s advancing forces. In practice, it doomed Libyans to perpetual warfare in which their country is torn apart by predatory warlords acting as proxies for foreign powers.

In previous years, I used to see West Africans working on construction sites in Tripoli who were very much the same sort of people who today make desperate voyages to find work and safety in Europe. What happened was a wholly predictable disaster, since it was evident from early in 2011 that the anti-Gaddafi forces could only win thanks to the close support of Nato airpower and would be incapable of ruling the country.


Much the same was true of Syria from 2012 on where the western powers did not want either Bashar al-Assad or the jihadi-dominated opposition to win the war decisively. Self-interest alone should have told them that a state of perpetual warfare in Syria was bound to destabilise Iraq and provoke a mass flight of refugees towards Europe. If the powers and their regional allies had set out to create the chaotic conditions ideal for the growth of fanatical fundamentalist movements, they could not have done better.

West Europeans have a hypocritical sense of superiority over Americans when talking about Trump’s plans to build a border wall between the US and Mexico, but the defences of the European fortress against migrants are even more cruel and lethal.

When I was looking at the grave of Alan Kurdi in 2015, I thought that at least his death had led people to see the plight of the Syrian refugees for what it was. There was something in this, but emphasis on grief and tragedy has an unstated benefit for governments because it diverts people from examining too closely who is ultimately responsible for the death of these infants. Questions about who encouraged or tolerated the growth of murderous regimes in the Middle East or Central America are brushed aside. So long as governments never pay a price for their bungled military interventions – Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Libya, Somalia – then they will go on doing the same thing.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Here is an article that looks at the very small number of Americans who benefit from Washington’s never-ending war stance:

    It is this perpetual war stance that has created a very significant portion of the world’s refugee problem.

    • Replies: @Fitzhenrymac
  2. I do remember that picture. Unfortunately I also remember it was staged.
    In fact I am surprised they do not outright kill a number of fugees every so often for that one prize shot, complete with “angry sea” and “setting sun” or whatever.

    – What irks me more is the unspoken proposition that burglary, rape and genocide (= “migration”) are “human rights” as long as the melanin content of the perpetrator tops the victim´s – they are only “seeking a better life”, after all.

    Go do that in Israel 😛

    • Replies: @Fitzhenrymac
  3. A123 says:

    Trying to invade a foreign country is risky. This is why there are LEGAL channels for immigration.

    Here is the best picture summing up the problem:


  4. peterike says:

    Pictures of drowned migrants make me giggle and wish for more.

    • Replies: @Angharad
  5. The people on those boats have cell phones, and the boat trip isn’t free. This is a planned invasion.
    It’s no different at the US border. How do “migrants” arrive at the border from South America and Africa without financial assistance to get there?

    • Agree: anon19
  6. Up to me, the migrants would be sent home from cannons.

  7. anon19 says:

    Pardon me for asking, but what gives these people the right to invite themselves to the U.S.? Or Europe?


  8. The fuller truth of the story, not shown in the photo, shows the real tragedy here.

    Their plan was to spend a few years in America to save up enough money to eventually return to El Salvador and buy or build their own house.

    ‘I begged them not to go, but he wanted to scrape together money to build a home.

    ‘They hoped to be there a few years and save up for the house,’ Rosa Ramirez, Oscar’s mother, told The Associated Press on Tuesday.

    Determined to eventually get to the US, on April 3, they left El Salvador for Mexico.

    There, they were granted a humanitarian visa in Tapachula, which would have allowed them to work for a year there while they awaited news of their asylum request in the US.

    After two months in southern Mexico with no prospect of entering the US legally, the family decided to make their way to the border to push their case forward.

    The Facts

    They lived with Tania’s mother and were surviving on $10 a day which he earned by working in a Papa Johns pizza shop in El Salvador.

    Tania had quit had her job at as a cashier at a Chinese restaurant to look after their daughter

    Their dream was to move to the US and save enough money to buy a house

    In April, they arrived in Mexico and got a humanitarian visa which allowed them to work there for a year while awaiting news of their US asylum request

    Tired of waiting, they made their way to the border on Sunday to try to push their case forward

    When they arrived, the consulate was closed and they were told they would have to wait weeks or months anyway because so many were in front of them

    Oscar decided to try to cross illegally, taking Valeria with him first and dropping her safely on the US side of the river

    When he turned back to get his wife, Valeria jumped in the water after him and they were swept away

    • Replies: @anon19
  9. As long as there’s ‘free stuff’ to be had in the US people from all over will want to partake of it. It is ‘free stuff’ that draws the poor, lazy, uneducated towards US shores. When they get inside the US, they know they will be taken care of by liberals with no brains. Then they send for their relatives, wash, rinse, repeat.

    The solution isn’t a stupid wall. It’s totally unnecessary. Stop supplying ‘free stuff’ to illegals and while at it stop providing it to the millions of citizen loafers, addicts, baby factories, etc. Fixing the legal system that is the magnet that draws the unemployable to the US is all that’s necessary and that costs nothing compared to a stupid wall.

    I believe it is the absolute right of every human being to travel to wherever he wants to go without any authorization from some gov’t entity. What’s not included in that right is being financially, medically, educationally supported by others once you get there. There’s not much employment opportunity in the US for goat herders, subsistence farmers and in general, people with near zero education or first world marketable skills. The illegals don’t know how uneducated they are compared to the admittedly pretty dumb average USian. Therefore they think they can compete in a first world economy some how. Their mistake is not knowing how comparatively stupid they are and the US’s mistake is supporting them once they cross the border.

  10. Markster says:

    Yes, we feel very sad at the fake photos of “dead” kids washed up on some beach but we yawn at all the crimes committed by the refugees when they successfully enter their target country. It would also be crass to point out that we fund all their living expenses while our own people sleep on a cardboad bed on the street.

    This is like fund raising for Africa. They always show the saddest kid whose mother, father, siblings, dog and pet monkey have all died and he is all alone in the world……..but he can be saved by your donation, 85% of which pay for the Charity’s big salaries and junkets.

    We in the West are supposedly better educated but we allow ourselves to be outwitted by ignorant border jumpers and their handlers. These scum play on our sense of morality and mercy and we fail to realize they look at our kindness and humanitarian qualities as nothing but stupidity and weakness.

    Keep those illegals coming and just wait until they are a majority. You will then see just how concerned they are with the rights of the people who granted them their “rights” !

    • Agree: anon19
  11. Christo says:

    Don’t care or their names , history , or their fake dreams , except to know 2 less welfare checks will come out of my pocket. However two made it so still out 2 more. Past such a bad deal, One of the main things that needs to happen is quit paying Roman Catholic Charities and other scam religious human agencies $12-$14K a pop for every illegal that they “relocate ” in the JSA, but that ain’t going to happen.

    “OUR” government is subsidizing all of this “immigration”. Actually, no,
    ZOG is paying for an invasion with our own money.

  12. Paul says:

    If countries were to become more like East Germany was, people would quit trying to get out.

  13. @RoatanBill

    The solution isn’t a stupid wall. It’s totally unnecessary.

    Hey, if a wall is good for Israel, why isn’t one good for the USA? We should stop subsidising the Israeli wall if walls are really so pointless. Wait …

    From the end of WW2 to the building of the Berlin Wall Antifaschistischer Schutzwall and the fortified DDR frontier, more than 3.5million people left the DDR for the West. After the wall and fortified frontier and for the next 26 years, 100k tried to leave, but only 5k succeeded. Walls and guarded frontiers work; you just have to put the landmines on the proper side and have the guards point their guns the proper way with orders to shoot to kill.

  14. peterike says:

    As long as there’s ‘free stuff’ to be had in the US people from all over will want to partake of it. It is ‘free stuff’ that draws the poor, lazy, uneducated towards US shores.

    That is certainly true. But another part of it is how easy it is to fleece the high-trust society that whites created. How many times do you see some local “Medicaid fraud doctors” caught story (such stories never make the national news) and the names are Chang, Patel, Gutierrez, etc. The same is true with endless other kinds of frauds and scams. And when “Doctor” Chang gets caught, he just goes on bail and high-tails it home to China. Ez peazy.

    To say nothing of the massive tax “avoidance” that goes on among immigrants, many of whom are pocketing huge amounts of cash from their businesses yet are also on every government program under the sun, half of them on fake names.

    So we have the totally lazy bums who come solely to grift, and the slightly more ambitious who come to cheat, lie and steal. And we make it easy for them. What a clown nation we’ve become.

  15. Yes, a wall will work, if it’s backed up by lethal force for anyone that attempts to penetrate it. I agree with you 100%.

    However, it isn’t necessary in the US’s case and therefore would be stupid to implement it. If implemented, there will be no lethal force to protect its inviolability as the leftist would have enough faux outrage to launch the brainless masses into riots if such force were proposed. Therefore, the wall will be penetrated one way or another and no one will then do a damned thing about that. Money down the drain and problem not solved.

    The only way to solve this problem short of no wall and setting up automated machine guns along the border that would kill anything and everything that tries to get past a line is to get people to not want to come across the border. To do that, get rid of ‘free stuff’, drivers license for illegals, anchor babies and all manner of attractants. Replace them with draconian punishments for anyone so bold as to try to come in. While at it, deport ALL illegals already in the US to show that the US is serious about protecting its borders.

    It is the legal system and the liberal mindset that creates the magnet to attract the unemployable low IQ people that flock to the US for a better life. It is a better life for them given where they are coming from. I can’t really blame anyone who is simply taking what’s on offer by the morons in Gov’t and their enablers that keep voting them into office.

  16. I certainly agree with your assessment. What you’re describing are predators.

    I’m of the opinion that a certain portion of humanity are predators in one form or another. The purse snatcher, the rapist, the murderer, the cop that enjoys his work chasing down speeders to fleece them for harming no one, the entire political class that lives too well, the religious frauds known as priests / rabbi’s / etc that are in the God business, scammers that fleece the public, etc. There are shades of predation in that list.

    I believe the average person should be armed and dangerous thus eliminating the need for the useless police that show up after the fact with their chalk to outline the body. Any person confronted by a predator should kill him to solve that particular problem person once and for all. That would send a message to the next level of predator that things are changing and if they persist in their ways and get caught it’s terminal.

    The entire criminal justice system is one giant farce. They house, clothe, feed and provide medical care for predators on a grand scale so they can be released back into society to offend once more. The solution is no prisons. If warranted, kill the predator or force restitution, not to the state, but to the injured party. We need investigators to determine who did what, and then real justice to solve the problem once and for all. Once there’s a serious price to pay aberrant behavior will be self limiting in a very short period of social adjustment to a new reality.

  17. Paul says:

    “As long as there’s ‘free stuff’ to be had in the US people from all over will want to partake of it. It is ‘free stuff’ that draws the poor, lazy, uneducated towards US shores.”

    Higher wages than can be had in the third world and employers hunting for cheap labor serve as lures.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  18. Zedrick says:

    “The solution isn’t a stupid wall. It’s totally unnecessary. Stop supplying ‘free stuff’ to illegals”

    Ridiculous statement. You think the ‘tards are screaming hard against the wall? Imagine that ratcheted up by 1 gabillion if free stuff is taken away from ANY brown body’s.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  19. anon19 says:
    @The Alarmist

    Still don’t see how any of this gave them the right to come to the USA. Or how their deaths were Trump’s fault.

    • Replies: @The Alarmist
  20. SafeNow says:

    William Buckley, commenting after Camp of the Saints was published, asked: “What will you do? Will you starve them? Will you shoot them?” He foresaw that these were not possible choices. Migrants know what Buckley knew. Buckley also said that immigration laws appear to be too inhumane overall once applied to palpable, specific cases. Migrants know this too. (Kamala, she of the emotional anecdote, knows this also, by the way.) And so here they are, and here they will come, knowing that once they enter, they will be taken care of. A wall might have worked, but only possibly; more likely, if people were to be camped-out and dying on the other side of the wall, the wall doors would be opened. The Mediterranean drownings of the essay are rapid and invisible. Illness, filth, and starvation on the other side of a wall would be visible and gradual.

  21. @Paul

    “Higher wages than can be had in the third world and employers hunting for cheap labor serve as lures.”

    You are correct. However, these lures are illusory once a goat herder or subsistence farmer with little to no education discovers he’s unemployable. We’re talking about people from Guatemala, Honduras, etc where education is limited at best and the average IQ is in the low 80’s. It is after that realization that the ‘free stuff’ is the option that allows him to remain in the US. Without that ‘free stuff’ assistance, he’d have to go back home where his limited skill set will at least keep him alive.

    We’re talking about people so poorly educated, if at all, that they don’t realize how ill equipped they are to compete in a first world market. Once they get inside the US their job prospects are slim to nonexistent. It is financial, medical and educational assistance for entire families paid for by the US citizenry that allows a non productive illegal resident to survive for the rest of his life on the public’s dime. The US is deep in debt and can’t afford this dead weight.

  22. @Zedrick

    I understand your point of view. However, allowing the mob to dictate a further descent into bankruptcy is not solving anything. When something can no longer continue it will stop.

    The debt load in the US will eventually lead to hyperinflation and thus drag the entire country down. It’s the life boat scenario – adding one more body to the boat will sink the craft and endanger everyone.

    Given how I read the mood of the country, let them scream and even riot if they like. A culture war has been brewing for decades where subsidizing the filth in the society has produced their greater numbers year after year. Whatever you subsidize you get more of. The part of the population that’s been paying the freight for their own destruction are growing weary of the load and at some point violence will erupt to implement a culling of said trash and a re balancing of socially acceptable norms that will include work or starve as the prime motivator.

  23. Richard B says:

    The photo of the drowned migrants is fake.

    Even if it isn’t it might as well be, because they’ve lied to us so often.

    It’s just more “We DARE you to quesiton this!” propaganda.

    Like the fake facebook channel of the Border Patrol guards.

    Not Right or Left and didn’t vote for Trump.

    But it’s so obvious that everything coming from a MSM currently engaged in an aggressive shut down of alternative media (competition) has the hostile elite written all over it.

    That’s why their pathetic political representation comes in a mindless, sub-adult, Either/Or “choice.”

    The DNC = Demonic Narcissistic Communists
    The RNC = Repressed Neo Cucks

  24. @anon19

    Exactly! They exercised free will to recklessly pursue selfish ends with the intent to defraud the American people in violation of US laws.

    Hey, @realDonaldTrump! Paste that in your Twitter feed.

  25. Svevlad says:

    Fuck ’em all and fuck everyone else. We need a good culling, form 7,5 billion to just that half a billion

    • Agree: anon19
  26. Angharad says:

    Thank you! I want them ALL to wind up this way.

  27. Angharad says:

    Kurdi’s father, like the Ramirez’s, were NOT “fleeing oppression”. The families already had housing and jobs. They were coming ot Western Nations for better accomodations, courtesy of the tax slaves of the genuinely oppressed tax slaves.

    This is God’s Judgement on parasites.

  28. Bork says:

    Abolishing welfare for the indigenous poor, sick and elderly doesnt work. Why would it? Even abolishing it for immigrants only do not work even if would help a little. Its just one positive pull factor. You need to add negative push factors, like legal to shoot on sight or something like that to keep them away.

    Look that guy who drowned made $10 per day actually working in his shithole. A gypsy will panhandle that per hour from stupid white people in West Europe. Add copper theft, robbing the elderly, general theft etc and the economic situation looks much rosier compared to home even if they have zero welfare. One fun thing that the gypsies have done here is stealing tons of bicycles for reselling back in Romania and Bulgaria. They ship them back in shipping containers! Of course they do not steal shit bicycles but prioritize the expensive racers liberal look-how-green-I-am morons use to show off their climate consciousness. They even steal free clothes from salvation army give outs to ship back for reselling.

    My point is that because the average income per capita is so much higher in a developed white industrial nation the skin, eye and hair color handicapped will come to partake of it one way or another unless you actively keep them away. Only a Conservative Moron argues like you.

    Nationalists insist on having unique access to their own lebensraum. Conservatives would let in anyone who said he was willing to work for a pittance, and a pittance in America is a fortune in a shithole where daily income per capita is $2.50. The practical end result is that the Conservative Moron invites and manufactures the trash proletariat that one day will rise up and slaughter him and his feeble sons while helping themselves to his Conspiscious Consumption Items, his wife and his daughters. They will come even if they dont have a job and cant get one. They can always sell themselves or drugs on the street. Just ask the recently arrested norwegian minister of fishing.

    Conservative shitheads have no fucking clue when they sprout off their deluded ideological bullshit about “the absolute right of every human being to travel to wherever he wants to go without any authorization from some gov’t entity”. You wanna get demograpically enriched, move to the third world, dont invite the third world here and trash society for sane people.

    • Replies: @RoatanBill
  29. @Bork

    Why not include the next line I wrote after the line you referenced – “What’s not included in that right is being financially, medically, educationally supported by others once you get there.”

    The average person entering the US illegally is barely literate, if at all. With no really marketable skills, employers won’t hire them. They are left with no options but to partake of the welfare state’s largess. If that support were withdrawn, they would have no option but to leave the country or starve. What part of that don’t you understand? Simply look at the statistics for the percentage of illegals on assistance and that will prove my point. It doesn’t matter if they even want to work as the vast majority are simply ill prepared to compete in a first world country.

    What you subsidize you get more of. That is always true, so if you want less of it simply stop subsidizing it.

    Note I responded to your post without name calling in a calm rational manner. You might try that technique some time to at least attempt to show some class.

    • Replies: @Bork
  30. @nokangaroos

    Quote. “…burglary, rape and genocide (= “migration”) are “human rights” as long as the melanin content of the perpetrator tops the victim´s”

    The kangaroos wouldn’t let you into their mob, NK.

  31. @Charles Homer

    Absolutely agree.

    Although you and Patrick Cockburn are right that the attention should be on the perpetrators, there was one image that was instrumental in hastening the end of a major US war. Like the wars that are decimating North Africa and the Middle East, the voting public took no notice until they were forced to identify with the victims. That could have been everyman’s and every woman’s son on that beach.

    • Replies: @Oleaginous Outrager
  32. Bork says:

    “Why not include the next line I wrote after the line you referenced – “What’s not included in that right is being financially, medically, educationally supported by others once you get there.””

    As I wrote in my previous answer, that doesnt matter. They will still come. It does not matter that they are barely literate – they will still find employment as day laborers at next to nothing black market wages under bilingual and possibly literate supervison. They will live 15-20 to an apartment. Its not something I have made up, it works like that in reality. And if they cant find work, they will live as panhandlers, prostitutes and petty criminals – or worse.

    That doesnt mean I am against cutting welfare for immigrants – its just that it wont help much. If they still have access to your society, they will still come. But you dont seem to understand that because “I believe it is the absolute right of every human being to travel to wherever he wants to go without any authorization from some gov’t entity.”

    People of your kind and their families deserve all the pain that is coming for them because its insane individuals like you that put made up abstract morals before empirical observations and logical deductions that have trashed what was once prosperous and safe homogenous white societies. You are simply an obsolete organism drowning in a rising tide of racial darwinism.

    “Note I responded to your post without name calling in a calm rational manner. You might try that technique some time to at least attempt to show some class.”

    You are a virtue signaling cuckservative dreg. You bleat about them welfare, muh taxes and muh universal rights when you should bleat about muh childruns and muh peepuls disappearing future. Apparently neither is particulary important to you compared to your tax bill. I guess your exit plan once reality catches up with you is to move somewhere else where they dont let in migrants. Its usually like that when I talk to cuckservatives.

  33. I guess you believe in imprisoning people that have done nothing wrong.

    Requiring a permission slip from a gov’t to leave a country or enter another one means you are a prisoner of a gov’t jurisdiction. It doesn’t matter that the US, Germany, Australia, etc are large areas. The fact that you need gov’t permission to leave means you are in an open air prison.

    As a human being, I have the natural born right to leave from somewhere and go somewhere else WITHOUT asking anyone’s permission. Gov’t gets in the way of this natural born right as it gets in the way of so many other natural rights. Natural rights existed long before the concept of gov’t was invented by control freaks.

    Since you can’t hold a civil conversation, this is my last post to you.

    • Disagree: anon19
    • Replies: @Bork
    , @peterike
  34. Bork says:

    The aim of my posts were to show that you are an inveterate moron and a natural born loser like all cuckservatives, christcucks or not. You believe in the by you arbitrarily chosen natural born right for everyone to move everywhere freely yet you whine about them migrants and them tax dollars.

    You dont understand that they will consume your society no matter if they are legal or not, no matter if they have welfare or not, and you dont care because you believe everyone has the right to go everywhere. You refuse to understand that the only way to save your society is to block access to it for both foreign and domestic undesireables because you have these arbitrarily chosen delusions about how the world is supposed to work.

    Guess what? You are going to be sooo surprised when you try to exercize your natural right to go anywhere to go to some livable place where they dont let in migrants and get a big “NO!” when you try to get in. Whaaaaat! You fellas cant leave me here with all them niggras, daagos and spikks! I’m a whyte american, gods second chosen people! So tell me, what are you going to do when you cant white flight anymore within the borders of America? I think you should stew in your pot until you melt.

  35. As a human being, I have the natural born right to leave from somewhere and go somewhere else WITHOUT asking anyone’s permission

    And property is theft, right?

  36. @Fitzhenrymac

    You mean “ended US involvement”, although there’s little to nothing to suggest that picture had any more to do with that than the film of Gen. Loan executing a VC prisoner. The war didn’t end until the North overran the South.

  37. peterike says:

    I guess you believe in imprisoning people that have done nothing wrong.

    I don’t. Imprisoning illegal invaders is a waste of money. Shoot them and throw their bodies into the sea. That includes the ones from China and India getting off the Airbus.

    Soon, very soon, after the first few are shot, they will stop coming.

  38. Big Tim says:

    I thought most simply wade across, no? In any event why would they drown just when they reach the bank?

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