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Kurdish Soldiers Always Feared Trump Would be a Treacherous Ally
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In a field beside a disused railway station on the plain just south of the Syrian-Turkish frontier, a brigade of Syrian Kurdish soldiers were retraining in order to resist an invasion by the Turkish army. “We acted like a regular army when we were fighting Daesh [Isis],” Rojvan, a veteran Kurdish commander of the YPG (People’s Protection Units), told me. “But now it is we who may be under Turkish air attack and we will have to behave more like guerrillas.”

Rojvan and his men had just returned from fighting Isis for 45 days in their last strongholds in eastern Syria. I had met him first in a cemetery in the Kurdish capital Qamishli where he was burying one of his men who had been killed by an Isis rocket when driving a bulldozer to build field fortifications in the middle of a battle.

But now he and his men were learning new tactics to combat the Turkish military units that were beginning to mass on the Turkish side of the border.

Rojvan was a very experienced soldier and not given to false optimism, saying: “We are mainly armed with light weapons like the Kalashnikov and the RPG [rocket propelled grenade] launcher and light machine guns, but we will be resisting tanks and aircraft.”

Rojvan was speaking 18 months ago after the Turkish army and its Syrian Arab allies had invaded the Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin, forced most of its inhabitants to flee, and was preparing to replace them with Arab settlers.

What happened then may have been a preview of what we are about to see repeated on a much wider scale in northeast Syria after President Trump’s incoherent announcement that the US would not stand in the way of a Turkish invasion.

He has rowed back a little on this in the face of a deluge of criticism, but his basic message – that the US wants out, and does not object to the Turks coming in – has developed its own momentum and will be difficult to stop at this stage.

We are already on the downslope leading to the ethnic cleansing of up to 2 million Kurds in the vast triangle of land which the Kurds call Rojava in northeast Syria. Much of the Kurdish population lives in cities and towns like Qamishli, Kobani and Tal Abyad just south of the Syrian-Turkish frontier. They are unlikely to wait to see what a Turkish occupation, backed by bands of Syrian Arab paramilitaries with links to al-Qaeda type groups, is like.

Trump’s support for America’s Kurdish allies was always rickety, but the brazenness of the final betrayal is still breathtaking. All the credit for defeating Isis is given to US forces under Trump’s wise leadership, while in reality the US role was almost entirely confined to airstrikes and artillery fire.

Speaking of the Kurdish role as the military core of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in the crucial battle for the Isis capital Raqqa, Brett McGurk, the former presidential envoy to the anti-Isis coalition, says on Twitter: “The SDF suffered thousands of casualties in the Raqqa battle. Not a single American life was lost.” Overall, 11,000 Syrian Kurds were killed fighting Isis over the last five years.

McGurk denies that the Kurds ever received lavish supplies of military hardware from the US: “The weapons provided were meagre and just enough for the battle against Isis. (The SDF cleared IEDs by purchasing flocks of sheep.)”

Since 2015 I have been visiting Rojava watching the YPG soldiers advance west and south and always wondering what would happen when Isis was defeated and the US did not need them anymore. The Kurds, who are no political neophytes, wondered the same thing, but there was little they could do to change the direction of events, except hope that the US would not entirely let them down.

It seems that, in the event, their most pessimistic assumptions are being fulfilled, though – such is the nature of the Trump White House – the extent of American betrayal is unclear.

The most important feature by far of the US military presence in Syria is airpower and not the small number of troops on the ground. Will the US maintain an air umbrella over Rojava and, if so, does this mean that the Turks will not be able to deploy their air force against the YPG? If this is indeed the case, it would give the 25,000 battle-hardened YPG troops more of a military option, though, even so, their chances of long-term success are limited.

It is unclear how far the Turks will advance: their attack could at first be in a limited area between the towns of Tal-Abyad and Ras al-Ayn. But the White House statement spoke of Turkey taking responsibility for Isis prisoners, most of whom are in a camp at al-Hol that is deep inside Rojava, close to the Iraqi border. Taking over this would mean the Turks seizing much of northeast Syria.

Do the Kurds have any political options? The only obvious one – supposing the Kurdish alliance with the US to be a broken reed – is to look to President Bashar al-Assad and to Russia. The Kurds do not like the Syrian government, which persecuted and marginalised them for years before 2011, but they do prefer them to Turkish control and probable expulsion.

The problem here is that the Kurds may have left it too late. So long as they were allied to the US, they could not seriously negotiate with Damascus. Now they appear to have the worst of all possible worlds: neither Washington nor Moscow nor Damascus is going to protect them.

But the options were never quite as simple as that: the Syrian army has never been strong enough to fight Turkey. Presidents Putin and Assad do not want a Turkish invasion but they will also be glad to see the back of the American forces.


The de facto Kurdish state of Rojava could swiftly disintegrate under the impact of a Turkish incursion. A scramble for its territory is already beginning: Syrian and Turkish army units are reportedly racing each other to take over the Arab city of Manbij just west of the Euphrates that has been under effective Kurdish control. A new chaotic phase in the Syrian war is beginning.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Donald Trump, Kurds, Syria 
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  1. anon[116] • Disclaimer says:

    When were the Kurds ever an ‘ally’ of the United States, or anyone else. There were convenient partners at best; this emotionalistic outburst about the ‘betrayal’ of the Kurds is just moral blackmail to keep the USA engaged in the endless war.

    • Replies: @in the middle
  2. I suspect that the Kurds will suffer some dramatic casualties and then will run back to the arms of Assad. The Western ruling class (pro-Israel and anti-Assad) is already deploying WW2 era slogans with the Kurds as Jews and Erdogan as Hitler. Israelis and B’nai Brith have flooded Fourchan well above its usual load in order to make the readers love the Kurds and interventionism. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Kurds have been made aware of these activities and have been urged to “wait it out.” In the end, the Kurds will have been betrayed twice.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  3. We used the Kurds for our purposes, the Kurds used us for theirs. The bigger bully won out. Given the screwing they got from Bush Senior after the first Gulf War, it is not credible to think they took our supplies and weapons with dewy-eyed trust in our benign intentions. The Turkish government has been actively exterminating Kurds in their territory since 1970, and will continue to do so until their “Kurdish question” is finally solved. None of this is new, or any of our business.

    • Agree: Curmudgeon
  4. A123 says:

    Look at the details, not the hyperbole and misdirection. Set aside the emotional, sob story of the one (and only one) Kurd in the article.

    The most important facts are hidden in the last paragraph of the article:

    A scramble for its territory is already beginning: Syrian and Turkish army units are reportedly racing each other to take over the Arab city of Manbij

    Let us look at the two words I placed in bold.

    The Turks and Syrians are *racing* military units at each other. That is the way that mistakes are made and intractable messy blood baths start.

    The *Arab* city of Manjib, not the Kurdish city of Manjib. The Kurds managed to pick-up control of the area, but really do not have a strong ties to the locale. The Kurds and U.S. troops are wisely pulling East to traditional Kurdish areas. Once, U.S. Troops are no longer in a kill sack controlled by Turkey, there are many options for aiding the Kurds.

    One suspects that Trump hoped to have U.S. Troops entirely out of the way before the Turko-Syrian (Sunni-Shia) war kicked off. However, given Erdogan’s claims to be the next Ottoman Emperor, there seems to be little that can be done to stop it.

    Iranian al’Hezbollah has been ‘bravely cowering‘, in the southern half of Syria planning a sneak attack on Israel. Will al’Hezbollah continue to ‘bravely cower‘ in the south? Or, perhaps even ‘bravely return to Lebanon‘ away from the battle?

    The other option is for Ayatollah Khameni to commit to a Northern front against Turkey. The Iranian military will not like that…. It has to be on their list of worst case scenarios for strategic planning.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @EoinW
    , @barr
    , @Simon in London
  5. Straight from Langley: Trump is abandoning the Kurds! OMG! The world is ending!!!!!
    Deep State Meta Message: Don’t even think of touching our poppies in Afghanistan buddy. We have a bullet with your name on it. Threatening impeachment is just farting at you. Don’t get us really angry.

    What a joke the CorruptMainstreamPropagandists are. It must be painful to walk around all day with their [email protected] up your [email protected]@. Maybe that’s why Chris Cuomo goes al fredo at the drop of a hat. Either that or adrenochrome IS actually getting scarce.
    How long before patriotic militias begin hitting soft targets? Anyone know the odds being offered?

  6. Alfa158 says:

    How come all the Leftists have turned into General Jack D. Ripper? It’s not just the pundits either, all the ones I know personally are the same way. Is it because they are in charge now so it’s their bombs to use?
    Back in ‘93 the American Spectator covered the first Clinton inaugural and their reporter was near some Lefties who watched a flight of jet fighters go overhead. One of them started jeering and his companion admonished him saying, “cool it, those are ours now”. I used to be skeptical about that anecdote being true, but maybe it was real.

  7. El Dato says:

    So Erdogan Hitler (who happens to be in NATO) will invade Assad Hitler (who “must go” and is hated by Bellingcat) while Rouhani Hitler (being sanctioned) is looking on and Putin Hitler (being sanctioned, too) manages to extend World Domination through Orange Man Hitler (being subpoenaed/impeached) as pseudo Jews are being squeezed as real Jews rub hands over the programmed mayhem as Iraq erupts in open revolt as European antisemites and hateful muslimophobes fear that there will be new waves of refugees as lefties and the Bolton branch of the #Resistance cry as they want to get some bombing on.

    It’s hard to keep track.

    And here I was, primed for an attack by the Glorious White Fleet on China to liberate Nanking, I mean Hong Kong, from AI-enhanced “Mainland Sino-Fascism” that suppresses muslimic Uyghurs in the badlands of Manchuria as if was the 30s.

    I’m so confused.

  8. Hossein says:

    The kurds , sadly, are a tool of imperial powers. In the 70’s they betrayed iraq on behalf of the Shah and then were slaughtered by the Ayatullas .The Iranian Kurdistan now is a miltary zone and the ethnic oppression is as harsh as ever by the Chauvinist Persian regime.
    The Barzanis, that mostly lead the kurdish movement for independence were and still are corrupt and have caused these stateless people more misery and pain. The only decent man was Abdelrahman Ghasemlou who was assasinated by the Persian mullas .
    The sad thing is that millions of these stateless people have been placed between a rock and a hard place by major players in the region and we may again witness another huge influx of refugees heading to Europe to escape the bloodbath.

    • Replies: @Donald A Thomson
  9. EoinW says:

    Dream, dream, dream… Are you still drinking that Jim Jones flavoured kool-aid? There is no Sunni-Shia civil war. There never has been. It’s simply a lie the west created to suggest all Muslims are barbarians. in other words, an excuse to treat them like road kill. It’s a typical American position in order to pretend the US does no harm in the region. No matter how much you wish for a conflict, Turkey and Iran are now allies. They both understand that the cancer cells infecting the region are Israel, the House of Saud and the US military. There won’t be a Sunni-Shia civil war no matter how much those three arm and finance their head chopping allies.

    • Replies: @A123
    , @anon
  10. hoarse says:

    The not particularly bright Kurd drama queens are unsurprisingly getting a taste if their own medicine. A nomadic people from the Kordistan province of Iran, they arrived to these parts in the 20th century and was allowed to settle there by the Syrians and the Iraqis Almost immediately they started to cleanse it from the original inhabitants, Arabs, Armenian, Assyrians and other Christian people at any given opportunity. They assisted the Turks in the genocide of the Armenians. That’s what they they did when they cooperated with ISIS too. Afrin, ain al Arab/Kobane etc where Arab majority towns before the war. Equally, there are and have never been no Turd majority parts in Syria except for towns they ethically cleansed. The SDF who holds the Arab majority eastern Syria at gunpoint as US mercs is a rag tag militia comprised of Turds and ISIS.

  11. My (probably uncharitable) reaction to hearing that Turks are fighting Kurds, or that Arabs are fighting Kurds, or that Turks are fighting Arabs, is to hope no one runs short of ammunition.

    The U.S. should just withdraw from that whole snake pit, but given Jewish influence and Saudi money, that sensible course of action is probably out of the question.

  12. Svevlad says:

    Oh boy, y’all are gonna get Yugoslavia on roids. Then you reconsider your stances on ethnic cleansing. To make omelettes you must break some eggs after all

  13. Nobody complaining about US betraying ISIS? So the Kurds were the next wind-up toy? And next?

  14. Kirt says:

    Trump a treacherous ally? Well yeah – much like Nixon, Reagan, Bush I, Clinton, Bush II, Obama – have I missed anyone? The Kurds are rather slow learners when it comes to the reliability of US presidents. And this time, they weren’t just defending their own territory, but used the excuse of the battle against ISIS to ethnically cleanse Arabs from territories well outside Kurdistan. Syrian Arabs could say to the Kurds what Syrian Armenians said to their genocidal ancestors a hundred years ago. “You have us for breakfast; they (the Turks) will have you for lunch.”

  15. SteveK9 says:

    The Syrian Kurds allied with a foreign power, against their own country, in the hope they could carve out a ‘mini-state’ in Syria, which would be combined with other mini-states in Turkey, Iran, and Iraq, to make ‘Kurdistan’. The old-fashioned word for that is treason. It was never going to happen and they don’t deserve any sympathy from anyone.

  16. A123 says:

    There is no Sunni-Shia civil war. There never has been.

    So that entire thing between Iraq and Iran never happened?

    Your ability to self-deceive is quite impressive. You might want to acquaint yourself with this thing called “reality”. Obviously, something you are unfamiliar with.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @EoinW
    , @TeriBrown
  17. unit472 says:

    Its not as if the ‘Syrian’ Kurds are the sum total of the areas Kurds. They are 15-20% of Turkey’s population of 80 million. Erdogan would be risking the stability of Turkey were he to brutalize Syria’s Kurds . I don’t like the man but he’s got the stronger hand here so unless the US is ready to militarily engage with Turkish forces ( and we are not ) the most we can do is try and moderate Turkey’s military push into Syria.

    The big players in this region are Turkey, Israel and Iran. Let them sort Syria out. Its not a vital interest of the United States. Worth noting that ISIS had no interest in attacking the United States. It killed a couple of US reporters trying to extort money but it did the same to Japanese, Spanish or any other foreign national they could lay their hands on. Its was a Sunni terrorist organization at war with Shia Islam ( and the Kurds ). That it offered a ‘black flag of convenience’ for any Islamic nut in the West made it seem omnipotent but lone wolf attacks, if despicable, were not its core objective.

    • Replies: @europeasant
  18. @anon

    There is a recognition by several groups of Kurds of the participation of their ancestors in the Armenian Genocide during World War I. Some Kurdish tribes, mainly as part of the Ottoman army, along with the Turks and other people, participated in massacres of Armenians.

    Some times pay back comes late, but will eventually gets you. I guess providence uses others to snare them and then punish them for their evil ways always betraying and be betrayed.

  19. Not a single American life was lost.” Overall, 11,000 Syrian Kurds were killed fighting Isis over the last five years.

    True.. But the US itself has killed hundreds of Syrian Soldiers and those they supported and armed has killed over 50,000 Syrian soldiers and 50,000 allied militias and hundreds of thousands of Syrian civilians.. Syrian soldiers were fighting for their country.. Kurds were fighting as a mercenary outfit for the US hence also helped kill many Syrian soldiers and drove hundreds of thousands of syrian civilians from their homes.

    I dont feel sorry for the kurds.. Traitors and vagabonds in the end will get what they deserve..

  20. EoinW says:

    Iran and Iraq are both Shia majority countries. Do you even know the difference between the two groups?

    I expected you to come up with al Qaida or ISIS targeting Shias. They’re Sunnis, though backed by western money and arms. The Americans and Zionists trying to start a civil war – divide and conquer.

    • Replies: @A123
  21. Paul says:

    Nobody should expect loyalty for very long from Donald Trump. People with narcissistic personality disorder do not operate that way. Just look at how many wives and staff members he has gone through.

  22. The Kurds do not like the Syrian government, which persecuted and marginalised them for years before 2011.

    This is really deep coming from tax avoiding refugees living in slums who migrated when the going got tough in turkey and other areas and a country gave them a home with free education subsided food and allowed them to stay. Really deep to want even more free stuff as well as steal resources and land that do not even belong to you and drive away the locals whos lived there for thousands of years every chance they got. Maybe they should move to europe and get on the dole and free monthly income..

    Better yet these slum dwelling gypsies should just go back to where they came from and live with their sheep.

  23. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    There is no Sunni-Shia civil war. There never has been. It’s simply a lie the west created to suggest all Muslims are barbarians.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, for putting it so concisely. The Sunni-Shia age-old conflict lie is promoted to fool curious normies who are easily satisfied by propaganda. [A123 and unit472 are just numbered trolls from the same farm.]

    • Replies: @Paul
  24. Paul says:

    “There is no Sunni-Shia civil war. There never has been.”

    Somebody forgot to tell the Iraqis.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. Trump says more anti-war things and everybody’s panties get in a bunch. Trump is the only real actual hippie president we ever had. He’s anti-war. He says all the Middle East wars are bullshit. Hooray for Trump. What a dumb article.

  26. I could give two shirts about the Kurds.

    They’re problematic allies, at best, who are only exercising their arms in support of their own interests. And, they’ve long been tools of American imperialism.

    To sacrifice a relationship with a great and powerful ally, the Turks, for the random bits of human excrement that the Kurds are is pure madness.

    Get out of Syria…NOW!!!

  27. A123 says:

    Iran and Iraq are both Shia majority countries. Do you even know the difference between the two groups?

    Easy two question quiz:
    — Who was the leader of Iraq during the Iraq-Iran war? Hint: Saddam Hussein
    — Was Saddam Hussein a Shia or a Sunni? Hint: Sunni

    I know you are losing. You know you are losing.

    But, do you have to act dumber that a lobotomy victim? It is not like you are going to get any sympathy.

    PEACE 😇

    • Replies: @barr
    , @EoinW
  28. Kurds are full of shi*. Erdogan isn’t moving into Syria to crush all Kurds. It is to stop the cooperation between Syrian Kurds and Turkish Kurds.

    While I sympathize with the desire of Kurds to have their own nation, the Turk-Syrian Kurdish maneuvering is very dangerous.

  29. jsinton says:

    I expected a little better of Mr. Cockburn. Any fool could see the Kurds bit more of Syria off then they could chew, with vast Arab areas under their control, including the oil resources in the east. Was the US supposed to be the guarantor of this land grab? Everyone expected Assad’s imminent demise that never came. Facts on the ground: Time for Kurds to reconcile with Assad. It was always the only play possible when Assad won.

    • Replies: @anon
  30. barr says:

    Hello 123
    Saddam was created by West was rescued by west ( Israel Jordan ) after failed attempt at assassination of the 1st elected PM of Iraq. He did not represent Iraqis let alone some Sunni Muslim

  31. Vullsain says:

    Why are they acting surprised? They were always a pawn of the US and the West and part of a strategy of geopolitical conquest by division and chaos. Trump has simply shown them the truthful reality, if they decide to insist on a Kurdistan State by carving out sections of Syria, Turkey, Iraq and Iran, they will do so without us. Unfortunate the way the British divided the M.E. and our NeoCon involvement as a means to manipulate and rule the region. Best wishes, Not Our Problem. Tragic that they bought the Shining City On The Hill fantasy, didn’t they remember our economic agricultural subsidies to Iraq after Saddam gassed their people.

  32. Just when did the Orange Man sign a Treaty of Alliance with these non-state terrorists?
    Was the logic that vomiting the Jewish State into the Middle East was such a success how could we refuse to support a Kurdish one?

  33. barr says:

    The great usurper is behaving as was foretold by the illiterate Shia and Sunni in 1913–

    Netanyahu said, “we will forever live on our swords.”
    “Mowing the lawn,” as one of his cabinet members called it

    Israel Charges Bedouins $0.5m to Cover Cost of Demolition of Their Village

    Former Israeli Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman: ‘Our Conflict Is with the Entire Muslim World, with the Entire Arab World’

    Israel MK Calls for 1 Palestinian to be Killed for Each Rocket Fired
    Committee: Israel Testing Medicines on Palestinian Prisoners

    Israel Confiscates 2,036 Acres of Palestinian Land in West Bank

    US Ambassador: Jerusalem Made Israel’s Capital ‘Under God’s Direction’ 3,000 Years Ago

    Israel Forces Palestinian to Demolish His Home on His Wedding Day
    Israel Plans to Block Arabs from Living in 1,000 Neighbourhoods

    Israel Confiscates EU Aid From Palestinian Bedouin Community

    Israeli PM Calls for Dismantling of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

    Israeli-syllabus School Set Up in Syrian Area Controlled by Terrorist Armed Group
    Israeli Minister: Israeli Jets Should Drop Bombs Over the Heads of Gaza Children
    Israel to Sell Freedom Flotilla Boats to Support Settlers

    Israel Expropriates Almost 70 Acres of Catholic Church Property

    US Israel-Palestine “Peace Deal”: $250bn Compensation by Arab States for “Jewish Property Left Behind”

    UN Official Slammed for Urging Sanctions against Israel

    Former ICC Official Says Israel Will Be Convicted of War Crimes

    Saudi Prince Khalid Bin Farhan al-Saud, who lives in Germany, has revealed what he claims are the US conditions for helping Mohamed Bin Salman to become King of Saudi Arabia before his father’s death, reported on Friday.
    Writing on Twitter, Khalid said that he had received the information from an informed source within Saudi Arabia’s ruling family.
    The alleged conditions include
    “absolute obedience to the US and Israel and carrying out whatever they ask him to do.”
    Three other conditions, claimed Khalid, are stated in return for helping Bin Salman take the throne before the death of his father: ( )

    • Replies: @A123
  34. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    Oops, too late. The Kurds have appealed to Syria, been rejected as traitors.

    • Replies: @jsinton
  35. A123 says:

    Barr Baby, up the dosage on your meds… You are ranting verging on hysterical….

    Israel Confiscates 2,036 Acres of Palestinian Land in West Bank

    This makes no sense. Jewish Palestine includes the West Bank. Thus, as a matter of logic it is impossible for Jewish Palestine to confiscate its own land.

    Israel Confiscates EU Aid From Palestinian Bedouin Community

    Israel routinely destroys enemy combat operations centers as permitted under both Israeli and International law.

    The EU routinely breaks the law by illegally constructing Jihadi forward combat posts in Area “C”. If you believe the EU funded military post was destroyed in error, please present the legally required construction permit required to build in Area “C”.

    Israeli PM Calls for Dismantling of UN Palestinian Refugee Agency

    UNRWA regularly commits war crimes, such as:
    — Diverting resources to combat uses, such as concrete for attack tunnels.
    — Allowing terrorists to use UNRWA facilities as weapons depots and military installations. (1)
    — Using ambulances as troops transports

    International Law requires that this organization be dismantled and the UNRWA war criminals be tried.

    I could debunk every point, but I do not want to unnecessarily burden the mentally infirm. However, there is a simple answer to all of these issues.

    Muslim occupiers need to leave Jewish land.

    PEACE 😇



    • Replies: @anon
  36. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    Lindsey Graham prank called by Russians

    pretending to be Turkish defense minister

    According to audio of the call provided to Politico, Graham calls the Kurds a “threat” to Turkey — a

    label that appears to contradict his public statements in recent days regarding

    President Donald Trump’s decision to pull American troops out of the way of a

    Turkish invasion of Syria. The attack has been widely condemned by lawmakers on

    both sides of the aisle for putting American allies, such as the Kurds, in

    harm’s way.

    “Your YPG Kurdish problem is a

    big problem,” Graham told the pranksters in reference to the Kurdish

    People’s Protection Units. Politico reports the pranksters have suspected ties

    to Russian intelligence.

    “I told President Trump that

    Obama made a huge mistake in relying on the YPG Kurds,” Graham continued.

    “Everything I worried about has come true, and now we have to make sure

    Turkey is protected from this threat in Syria. I’m sympathetic to the YPG

    problem, and so is the President, quite frankly.”

    Graham also suggested to Stolyarov on the prank call that

    Trump would try to be helpful “within the limits of his power” to

    Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on the Zarrab cas-

    I am an American voter I read it I now have forgot this . I

    can’t make any connection between upper and lower lip of Lindsey . Can we vote

    for him now? He loves Israel an he

    hates ISIS

    I am American media I type it as it pours from DC or Tel Aviv

    Can’t make any connection between upper and lower lip of Lindsey . Can we vote

    for him now? He loves Israel an he hates Palestinian

  37. jsinton says:

    Guess they waited too long, eh. Now the Syrians will let the Turks subdue the Kurds. Russians are setting up reconciliation talks between Syrians and Turks.

    • Replies: @anon
  38. Yee says:

    The Kurds are Israelis without American Jew’s influence in Washington…

    Both are tool to screw up MiddleEast, both have a country to gain for being used, the only difference is the Jews has power in US, Kurds have not.

    If you feel sorry for the Kurds, then you should understand why Jews must have significant power in Washington…

  39. anon[818] • Disclaimer says:

    Barr has not chronicled a lot. It’s a deception . Until he adds the daily skullduggery , misanthropists activities, sadism of regular Israeli Jews just for fun ,religious call for violence against non Jewish babies and elderly and amputees ,organ trafficking , stealing from UL Polnad Hungary USA Germany —this list is incomplete .

    Hopefully Syria will do to Zionist gang what was done to Saddam.

  40. @A123

    “The other option is for Ayatollah Khameni to commit to a Northern front against Turkey. ”

    I think what the Powers That Be *really* want is a deadlocked war between Turkey & al Qaeda/Sunni Islamists on the one side, Syria/Kurds/Iraq/Iran on the other, with Israel & Saudi cheerleading for Turkey. This requires sacrificing the Kurds, but that’s the only way to set it up.

  41. EoinW says:

    Time to bow out of this “sucker play”. No point wasting my time or energy on a troll. But please do reply to this because I know you need to always have the last word. By all means declare victory. You won the argument…hooray!…mission accomplished. And if someone is paying you to be here then you really are smarter than me. If not, than you’re dumber than dumb. Either way, I’ve better things to do with my life.

  42. Anonymous[983] • Disclaimer says:

    Kurds are big time Communists, proper Reds, and yet so called right wingers in the West actively support them and would go to war on their behalf. I am starting to think that Communists will inherit the earth, they are more intelligent and better organised than nationalists. The left are always many steps ahead of the right in their tactics and propaganda.

  43. N005 says:

    @hoarse: Excactly. Kurds invaded Syria not so long ago and, just like in Iraq and Turkey, genocided the original inhabitants (Armenian and Assyrian Christians).

    Trump is doing the right thing The usual suspects, leftists in bed with the Communist YPG, and Neocons, now try to stop Trump from withdrawing from that shithole.

    Christians won’t be safe under Kurdish control in the long run, as history proves, but they were safe under Assad.

  44. Anonymous[237] • Disclaimer says:

    He has rowed back a little on this in the face of a deluge of criticism, but his basic message – that the US wants out, and does not object to the Turks coming in – has developed its own momentum and will be difficult to stop at this stage.

    Why is Syrian integrity (as a country) so hard for people like Cockburn to swallow? Why Syria should be Balkanized and for whom?

    Patrick Cockburn should tell us what he thinks should be the ideal solution to this insanity.
    He is no Venessa Beelie or Max Blumenthal, but a person who is pushing the zio agenda and UNZ should kick off this asshole.

  45. anon[117] • Disclaimer says:

    somebody told that in a meeting chaired by Cheney gang in 2007 .

  46. Sean says:

    The de facto Kurdish state of Rojava could swiftly disintegrate under the impact of a Turkish incursion

    The Palestinians and the Kurds. Is there anyone else who Cockburn thinks it is the West’s responsibility to make a present of their own state to? Can’t be the Alawites. The Sunnis of Syria must be mentally retarded to for their country to end up being ruled by one family from a tiny sect.

  47. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:

    And Trump also says he wants to talk….. of course.

    #Syria Dep FM Faisal Mekdad on dialogue w/ #Kurds: ”These armed groups betrayed their country & committed crimes against it. We won’t accept any dialogue w/ those who become hostages to foreign forces. There won’t be any foothold for agents of Washington on Syrian territory.”

  48. anon[818] • Disclaimer says:

    How Kurds can be appreciated other than being a stooge? In Indonesian freedom struggle educated European oriented largely Christian conver didn’t endorse the freedom struggle and worked against it.
    Anglo Indian in India vehemently objected against independence movement promoted by ‘pagan’ Hindu leader Mahanta

    Jewish immigrants prevented freedom and independence movement taking shape and sabotaged the freedom struggle of Pakestinian by creating clauses subterfuge and creating mandate . They hid their roles in that declaration f 1920 Paris peace conference .

    Iranian royal collaborated with Britsh and Amerucan intelligence .

    Similar stories abound in Syria Egypt Iraq .
    Artifact state like Kuwait Arab Emirae carved out by UK have become dangerous destabilizing Trojan horse .

    Any collusion with UK ,any relation with USA should lead to loss of trust and confidence .

    Kurdis Muslim have betrayed the oppressed world for some crumbs from West .

    The vulgar German and French leaders should be held accountable for the divisive policies they are playing in regard to Syria by supporting Kurd and protecting ISIS .

  49. TeriBrown says:

    Both armies were mostly Shia, so how was that a Sunni Shia civil war?

  50. Since when did ‘Americans’ start giving a shit about Kurdish separatism or Kurdish ‘independence’?

    Where’s our independence?

    The Kurds are useful to Israel, this is why their obscure and faraway secessionist movement has been magically aligned with ‘US interests’. It’s all a charade brought to you by the usual clique of ruthless criminals.

    • Replies: @anon
  51. anon[113] • Disclaimer says:
    @mark green

    Yes. Kurds have been selling Syrian oil to Israel. Opportunists and traitors.

    Syriana Analysis: US withdraws from Northern Syria ahead of Turkish invasion

  52. @Hossein

    The last thing the Kurds are is stateless. Their problem is that they are citizens of Turkey, Iraq, Syria and Iran. They want a country of their own and anybody who supports them supports a war against all those countries. Back 20 million or 200 million? That is why the different Kurdish factions are always betrayed. So this time it’s the USA. Previously it’s been the USA, Israel, Saddam’s Iraq, Iran under the Shah’s dictatorship, Turkey under the previous dictatorship and France and the UK in colonial times and today. The Kurds keep finding allies who all betray them and who the Kurds know will betray them. There is nothing exceptional about Yanks and the Kurds are no angels. In Syria they are just like Yanks or Jews and see nothing wrong in ruling Arabs. If you adopt the policy of might is right, you should at least have might. They have a problem in getting Syrian protection as they chose to take employment as US sepoys so the Syrian government can’t trust them. Yes, US rule in part of Syria is threatened but almost nobody in the USA supports war unless US troops stay safe. The Yanks will fight but only safely behind their Kurds. [email protected]

  53. KA says:

    American allies look more and more like America itself. Is it shared value thingii?.

    This is total chaos,” a senior administration official said at midday, speaking on the condition of anonymity about the confusing situation in Syria.

    Although “the Turks gave guarantees to us” that U.S. forces would not be harmed, the official said, Syrian militias allied with them “are running up and down roads, ambushing and attacking vehicles,” putting American ­forces — as well as civilians — in danger even as they withdraw. The militias, known as the Free Syrian Army, “are crazy and not reliable.”

  54. Speaking of “treacherous allies,” tell us about the Terrorist Theocracy of Israel.

  55. APilgrim says:

    Kurds are the most democratic and moral group in the Middle East

    But the BAR is quite low.

  56. @unit472

    ” so unless the US is ready to militarily engage with Turkish forces ( and we are not ) the most we can do is try and moderate Turkey’s military push into Syria”

    The would be something to see as both are part of NATO. I’ve got my popcorn ready.

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