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Foreign Suicide Bombers Kill Thousands and Bring Iraq to the Brink of Civil War
Isis using Twitter to publicise nationalities of jihadists it has brought across Syrian border
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A wave of suicide bombings carried out by foreign volunteers entering Iraq from Syria is killing some 1,000 civilians a month, bringing the country back to the brink of civil war. Many of the bombers are likely to have entered Syria across the 500-mile border with Turkey in the expectation that they would be giving their lives to overthrow Syrian President Bashar al-Assad and his government.

The foreign jihadists are brought to Iraq by the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isis), which in recent weeks has started to publicise on its Twitter feed the national origins of the bombers. According to a study by Bill Roggio, of the Long War Journal website, of 26 Isis bombers in one much-fought over Iraqi province, Diyala, north-east of Baghdad, no less than 24 were foreigners whose noms de guerre indicate that the majority came from North Africa, with 10 from Tunisia, five from Saudi Arabia, two each from Libya and Egypt, and one each from Denmark, Chechnya, Iran and Tajikistan.

Isis, which is seeking to establish an Islamic state in Iraq and Syria, does not recognise the border between the two countries. The bombers carried out their missions between September 2012 and today, but there has been a sharp escalation in bombings, usually aimed at killing as many Shia as possible, over the past year, with 9,571 civilians killed in 2013 and 3,630 killed so far in 2014.

The Iraqi government has for the first time become more open about which foreign states it holds responsible for supporting foreign jihadists fighting on its territory. In an interview last month with France 24 television, the Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, directly accused Saudi Arabia and Qatar of being “primarily responsible for the sectarian, terrorist and security crisis in Iraq”. He said allegations that his government was marginalising the Sunni Arab community were made by “sectarians with ties to foreign agendas, with Saudi and Qatari incitement”.

Isis should have little problem transporting suicide bombers from Syria because it controls much of the north-east of the country, but their transit through Turkey in large numbers would require at least the passive consent of the Turkish forces. The Syrian government now controls almost all of its border with Lebanon, while Iraq’s other neighbours – Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and Iran – tightly control their frontiers.

The Danish suicide bomber was identified by Isis as Abu Khattab al Dinmarki but, as with the other foreign jihadists, his real name was not revealed and his face was blurred in a picture. Isis is eager to publicise its pan-Islamic support, and two other of its units have also given details of their foreign volunteer bombers.

Isis has increased spectacularly in strength in Iraq over the past year. In March it staged a parade of vehicles, some of them military Humvees taken from security forces, in Fallujah.


The Iraqi government has recently evacuated the notorious Abu Ghraib prison, just west of the capital, which Isis stormed last summer, freeing hundreds of its militants. Iraqi government forces have not launched a counter-attack to retake Fallujah despite Isis filming the execution of 20 of its soldiers captured there.

Some 380,000 people have fled Anbar and other provinces to escape the surge in fighting, according to the UN High Commission for Refugees.

(Republished from The Independent by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Iraq, Syria 
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  1. Guest says:

    Since the Balkan war, or if you will, the collapse of USSR, USG government have developed few other partners in their war plans, beside NATO, Saudi Arabia and UAE are the new USG partners in US hegemony. Saudis economic, religious and regional influence are the reasons which is used benefiting NATO-USG strategical importance of all of the Middle East in one hand and Saudis religious dominance of the region in the other. The Syrian war is about that, the Libyan war was about that and Iraq is no different, the Ukrainian situation is connected to the idea.

    Iranian religious governing system is about uniting nations from Lebanon to Syria and Iraq, they are Shiite, a Islamic religious sect separated from Sunni which Islamic Sunni regime, as Saudis and UAE are, considering Shiite as their enemies. Such animosity-politics is what USG are after, divide and conquer, but the main beneficiary is the Saudi and UAE kingdoms which if they win then they would be the life time partner of the west, if they lose, that’s the end of their kingdom, and they won’t have any other alternative but to move with queen Elizabeth!

    Although it “seams” that USG nor EU are interested solving this problem but a bigger war are behind curtain and taking shape, as long as these little wars are not about nationalism in Iraq or Syria, nor is about the unity of middle eastern nations, is a good war because USG and EU are busy looking for ways to start a bigger war with Russia. Russia is helping Iran, Russia is helping Syria, Russia is involved in Iraq, which Russia is the reason for USG and EU not wining the Iraq war no matter what they have done or their next plan is, here one thing is proven that their next move has based on the very same deceptive idea as the one before.

    The idea behind George W.Bush Iraq invasion was for the Middle East war to continue from Lebanon to Syria and then Iraq, the Israelis 2006 invasion of southern Lebanon was just for that reason, the idea was for Israel to crush Hezbollah and March toward Syrian border, IDF border crossing into Lebanon didn’t happen because of one solder walking into Lebanon, that solder was the patsy for a bigger war, he was part of Bush partners for Middle East war.

    For Israeli IDF going nowhere then few meter into Lebanon territory, the USG navy fleet from Italy moved close to Lebanon aiming their weapon system at Lebanon and Syria, it was Russian and Iranian warning USG about retaliations forcing Israel to withdraw its forces from Lebanon and once again peace was restored, however, the plan occupying or militarizing the entire Middle East is still there, pentagon nor Obama have changed anything regarding Middle East.

    Ukraine is about Russia, Middle East is about USG-EU and Saudis. For that warmongering reasons-attitude by USG and EU presented since Yugoslavia-Balkan war, world no longer trust either regimes and they are trying to partner themselves with ones whom they can have mutual understanding built on trust; therefore, the plan for a bigger war with Russia and China already started in Ukraine.

    During Balkan war Saudis mercenaries were involved behaving Serbs and others, in Syria the very same mercenaries are used and even trained and supported by NATO, like Turkish Sunni Muslim government, in Ukraine is the Neo fascists that are used for one and only reason, retaliate against Russia winding the war toward China, so what you see in Iraqi is not about Iraqis but rather the dirty hands of western regimes involved killing Iraqis, here, Saudis are masters in be heading people in Syria and Turkey, a sunni regime, supplying and supporting terrorists-terrorism in Iraq and Syria.

  2. The civil war in Iraq demonstrates now why the U.S. should not spend a single penny in support of the rebellion against Assad. The more territory controlled by Syrian oppositionists of any political opinion, the easier to launch mass murderers upon the Iraqi people.

  3. Guest says:

    Correction, “behaving” Serbs and others needs to be changed to beheading Serbs and others. Sorry.

  4. Dato says:

    Ah. Very nice. Being from a country in which Qatari interests invest heavily (i.e. Luxembourg), it always amazes me that as a lowly private investor with a very low number of EUR your need to sign forms in triplicate that your funds are not coming from nor are going to be used for “terrorism” while Qatar actually hoovers up the very banks (somewhat zombified, it’s true) that shift your money (

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