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US and Catholicism in Crisis
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During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower’s America and the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII.

During the 1980s, the last decade of the Cold War, Ronald Reagan and the Polish pope, John Paul II, were the pillars of resistance.

When Pope Francis arrives in Washington on Tuesday afternoon, the country he enters will be a very different one from Eisenhower’s America or Reagan’s America. And Catholics will be welcoming a new kind of pope.

In America 2015, homosexuality, abortion on demand and same-sex marriage — shameful crimes in Ike’s America, mortal sins in the catechism of Pius XII — have become constitutional rights.

These represent the values that define Barack Obama’s America, the values our officials defend at the United Nations, the values we preach to the world.

What Ike’s America saw as decadence, Obama’s America calls progress. And among its noisiest celebrants are our Catholic vice president, Joe Biden, and the Catholic leader of the Democratic Party in the House, former Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Since Eisenhower’s time, Christianity, the faith that created the West, has been purged from American public life. The Bible, prayer, and all Christian art, books and symbols have been expunged from the public schools as they were in Cuba when Fidel Castro took power.

Our cradle faith cannot be taught in our public schools.

America is a different country today, a secular and post-Christian nation on its way to becoming anti-Christian. Some feel like strangers in their own land. And from the standpoint of traditional Catholicism, American culture is an open sewer. A vast volume of the traffic on the Internet is pornography.

Ironically, as all this unfolds in what was once “God’s country,” Vladimir Putin seeks to re-establish Eastern Orthodox Christianity as the basis of morality and law in Russia. And one reads in The Wall Street Journal on Monday that Xi Jinping is trying to reintroduce his Chinese Communist comrades to the teachings of Confucianism.

The world is turned upside down. Every civilization seems to recognize the necessity of faith except for the West, which has lost its faith and is shrinking and dying for lack of it.

In a New York Times article this month — “Are Western Values Losing Their Sway?” — Steven Erlanger writes:

“In its rejection of Western liberal values of sexual equality and choice, conservative Russia finds common cause with many in Africa and with the religious teachings of Islam, the Vatican, fundamentalist Protestants and Orthodox Jews.”

Yet what Erlanger describes as “conservative Russia” does seem to share values with America, only it is the America of 1955, another country from the America of 2015.

Which raises a question: Does moral truth change?

Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote, “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.”


But is this true? A decade after his beer hall putsch failed in Munich, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party won the largest number of Germans ever to vote in a democratic election. He had succeeded in the marketplace of ideas. Did that democratic ratification make Hitler’s ideas true?

Or does truth exist independent of the marketplace?

Secular America, which has purged Christianity, preaches a new gospel to the world: liberal democracy as the salvation of mankind.

Yet did not Winston Churchill, icon of the democracy worshippers, tell us that “the best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”?

The Catholic Church, too, faces a growing crisis of moral consistency and credibility.

The church of Pius XII and John Paul II taught that the truths of the Ten Commandments brought down from Sinai and the truths of the Sermon on the Mount are eternal. Those popes also taught that a valid marriage is indissoluble, that homosexuality is unnatural and immoral, that abortion is the killing of the innocent unborn, an abomination.

Yet one reads regularly of discussions inside the Vatican to alter what is infallible church teaching on these doctrines to make the church more appealing to those who have rejected them.

As the pope arrives in America, some Catholics are calling for an acceptance of contraception, the ordination of women and a new acceptance of homosexuality. Yet the Episcopalians, who have embraced all these “reforms” and more, appear to be going the way of James Fenimore Cooper’s Mohicans.

In Cuba, Pope Francis declined to address the repression of the Castro brothers. Will he also avoid America’s moral crisis to chatter on about income inequality and climate change and find common ground with Obama?

What has come out of the Vatican in the past two years is moral confusion. Yet as Philadelphia Archbishop Charles Chaput reminds us, “confusion is of the devil.” It is also trifling with schism.

Having emerged victorious in the 70-year ideological struggle against one of the greatest enemies that mankind has ever known, Marxism-Leninism, are the United States and the Catholic Church heading for the same desuetude and disintegration?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2015

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Catholicism 
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  1. RobinG says:

    Dear Pat,

    While I often appreciate your rational analysis of foreign policy, in this article I think the eloquence of your prose obscures the muddiness of your logic.

    “…America.. preaches…to the world: liberal democracy as the salvation of mankind.” Whatever it preaches, US in no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy.

    “Eisenhower’s America” wasn’t so swell if you were Black.

    “America is…on its way to becoming anti-Christian.” There are plenty of Christians. Unfortunately they’re more of the Bible-thumping cherry-picking or inerrancy variety. (God save us from Huckabee and John Hagee.)

    “God’s country” referred to the staggering beauty of a virgin land which we have now mostly paved over.

    “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” Throw in that truth is written by the victors. Some dedicated souls are struggling away to expose the “truth” of 911 and the Jewish “holocaust” of 6 million.

    Sorry, Pat; but I’m still a fan, of sorts.

    • Agree: AndrewR
  2. I wish Pat had explored the idea of schism within the Roman Catholic Church more thoroughly. There are some dissident Catholics in France who reject the reforms of Vatican II (I attended one of their Latin Masses in Toulouse). In the political realm there is the Alternative/Dissident Right (a subgroup seems to be the Dark Enlightenment). Are there any groups within the Roman Catholic Church who might go so far as to declare the Pope a heretic, announce that the Papacy is vacant, and elect their own Pope? Perhaps putting the candidate in Avignon would be unfeasible, but I wonder if the Poles might welcome the new Pope in Warsaw?

  3. But is this true? A decade after his beer hall putsch failed in Munich, Adolf Hitler’s Nazi party won the largest number of Germans ever to vote in a democratic election. He had succeeded in the marketplace of ideas. Did that democratic ratification make Hitler’s ideas true?

    Hitler Derangement Syndrome (HDS © ) strikes again.

    Weimar Germany was a cesspool of sexual libertinism, homosexuality, prostitution, pedophilia.
    Bolshevik Communists made of Germany a special target for subversion, and provoked numerous street-riots and Ferguson-like mobs.
    In Weimar Germany, finance was a shambles, money so inflated that it was more useful as heating fuel.

    As Jews of the Weimar Replublic (1918 – 1933) reports, Jews came to prominence in Weimar Germany:

    A new era in the history of German Jewry began when Imperial Germany collapsed and was replaced by the democratic regime of the Weimar Republic. The outstanding feature of this period was the polarization between the unprecedented integration of the Jews in every sphere of life, and the growth of political anti-Semitism among various organizations and political parties.
    Important achievements by Jews were recorded
    in the theater (Max Reinhardt),
    in music (Arnold Schönberg),
    in the visual arts (Max Liebermann),
    in philosophy (Herman Cohen) and
    in science (Albert Einstein).
    Among the Nobel prize winners in Germany up to 1938, 24 percent were Jews (nine Jews out of a total of thirty eight).

    It was in political and public life, however, that the Jewish role was most prominent. Jews played an important role in the first cabinet formed after the 1918 revolution (Hugo Hasse and Otto Landesberg),
    the Weimar Constitution was drafted by a Jew (Hugo Pruess), and
    Jews were conspicuously present in the abortive attempts to create radical revolutionary regimes, especially in Bavaria.

    The revolutionary government in Munich was headed by a Jewish intellectual, Kurt Eisner, and after his assassination, two other Jewish leaders, Gustav Landauer and Eugen Levine, assumed positions of major influence in the “Raterepublik” (“Soviet” Republic”). Rosa Luxemburg, who was also assassinated, was a leader of the revolutionary Spartakus- bund, which was one of the predecessors of the German Communist party.

    In the following years as well, Jews held major political posts, primarily in the leadership of the democratic and socialist parties. The most prominent Jewish Political figure was Walther Rathenau, who served first as minister for economic affairs and then as foreign minister.

    Jews constituted less than one percent of the population of Germany during the Weimar Republic, the period from the end of World War I to the rise of National Socialism. By 1900 the majority — though by no means all — of German Jews lived in big cities.
    East Jews differ from West (German) Jews
    . . .
    The career profile of German Jews differed markedly from the general population. Historically prohibited from many professional endeavors,
    Jews were disproportionately represented in some areas of the economy, such as journalism,
    medicine, and
    retailing. Concentrated in a small number of professions (more often than not in urban areas), Jews were especially visible to the Weimar Republic’s often violent critics.

    Weimar culture was a flourishing of the arts and sciences that happened during the Weimar Republic (between Germany’s defeat at the end of World War I in 1918, and Hitler’s rise to power in 1933).
    This period is frequently cited as one of those with the highest level of intellectual production in human history; Germany was the country with the most advanced science, technology, literature, philosophy and art. 1920s Berlin was at the hectic center of the Weimar culture.
    . . .
    A significant new development in Germany’s intellectual environment happened in 1918, when the faculties of German universities became fully opened to prominent Jewish scholars for the first time.
    Leading Jewish intellectuals on university faculties included
    physicist Albert Einstein;
    sociologists Karl Mannheim, Erich Fromm, Theodor Adorno, Max Horkheimer, and Herbert Marcuse;
    philosophers Ernst Cassirer and Edmund Husserl;
    political theorists Arthur Rosenberg and Gustav Meyer; and many others.

    The German people felt that their own cultural values were being debased by the Weimar “flourishing”.
    NSDAP offered, and the German people gave their majority vote to, a return to German traditional values, the same thing Pat Buchanan wishes would happen in the USA and the Catholic church today.
    The German people under NSDAP leadership succeeded in re-aligning and revitalizing their culture as well as their economy.
    Resentful, Jews like Henry Morgenthau, Jr., Theodore Kaufman, Erich Mendelsohn, Louis Brandeis, Rabbi Samuel Wise, Samuel Untermyer collaborated with Franklin D Roosevelt and Winston Churchill to destroy Germany.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  4. Jason says:

    Another installment of the Old Gospel Hour.

  5. Pat Buchanan may have some sound instincts but the value of his contribution as coherent argument for a cause or case is completely undermined by his confused and confusing use of the word “truth”.

    Especially beside the simple loving message of the Sermon on the Mount the obsession with trivia like homosexuality and abortion (which I contrast with divorce which leads to neglect of children) makes a mockery of any purported or pretended attempts at intellectual honesty which brandishing “truth” implies.

    Faith, if it is shared faith is no doubt the greatest support for the fellow feeling which best underpins morality. But pretending that there is some objective truth on which such a faith can be founded is to invite contempt and hostility rather than sympathetic cooperation in solving the problem we face in a prosperous but ageing Western world.

    • Replies: @Minnesota Mary
    , @Bill
  6. this jesuit pope, installed after a palace coup against the conservative Ratzinger, is a Marxist sodomite. Christianity, once the flowering vine of Western Civilization, has decayed back to its Jewish roots. We are thus living in a recrudescence of Sodom and Gomorrah. And the outcome will be the same

  7. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Please redirect this mail to the one most suitable for the spreading of this information. If you feel like….

    Dear beloved one,

    you have found what might bring you eternal peace. Be happy for as of now you got the key to happieness. Do not worry even though what you will read might sound very disturbing. Keep an open mind at all times, the info you are about to read has been tried to keep hidden from us but thanks to the internet we are unstoppable now.


    Please forward this message and include this warning

    - do not allow your brain to reject this automatically -

    (if you would, please give this to someone else, dont deny others of what you dont want)

    Your brain has a way of accepting what confirms it’s knowledge, and rejecting what doesn’t. I could write a book about this basic psychological phenomenon, but that’s not the point of this mail. If you are aware that your brain works time-efficient (just like nature does) you will learn to understand on your own how easy it is to manipulate it into thinking what they want you to be thought. Please consider you have been educated by a government that doesn’t per se meant to control it’s people through education, but even though you have grown into a sceptical individual, you must admit it is very hard to rethink what you have grown up with to learn. Your brain will not easily accept an other possibility that would require it to erase and rewrite the data it knows.

    You must think of your brain as a computer. Just like a computer it has hardware (the body) and software (the connections you have made through experience and a process of learning), Just like software, you needed it to be programmed. Every generation gets an update with the knowledge previous generations have collected and deemed important enough to be passed on to the next generation. Just like with everything that ever came to your attention, your brain has learned to accept, reject or question new information. Sometimes you were very aware of this, and sometimes you were being influenced without you knowing it. Your brain wants to use as little energy as possible (did you know that ten minutes of active thinking takes as much energy as is needed to walk 1 kilometer in normal circumstances?) Your brain wants to optimalise your chances of survival, so a minimum use of energy to survive will always be supported. Changing information means erasing it (but just like a pc, it leaves deeper tracks and you can never really fully erase all info ever written on it) and rewriting it. When you don’t are aware of this, your brain will say no, I’m happy with what I know and will in the best case only absorb the information and might analyse it subconsciously. If you don’t actively think about the information put under your attention, you will reject it (minimal effort) and never consider it to be a possible alternate truth to what you think you know. I could go on for hours about the simplicity of your brain but I will shorten it to a sentence you are going to want to think about. It will clear things up if you do.

    The only difference that makes us smarter than animals is because we can pass on knowledge onto other generations.

    Without it, we have survived for millions of years. Until we learned to vocally pass on knowledge through stories about forgotten days. Later came the script and other visual methods to pass on knowledge. But remember, we managed to survive millions of years without the capability to build houses, even grow food. Did you know we, humans, first learned to domesticate animals before we found out how to grow crops? This means we have it in our nature to dominate other species and the older we got, to dominate others and eventually, we now want to dominate other races. On a higher level there are forces at work who know more than the average person (even 99.9% of this wonderful planet’s population) and information is power, we all know that.

    We are now heading to a new age, an age were compassion and love will get a very important role. This rational world has come to an end and all it needs is for us, humans is to come aware of this so we can start living in a world that is not dominated by greed, oppression, money, fear, anger, war, deception, lies, rationality, etc.

    The world of tomorrow will be beautiful, but unfortunately it will need to be destroyed the hard way. There are many things I should and could add, but I cannot write a book in a few hours and this is all I have to allow myself to try and wake up as many people as possible.

    I am not supposed to be doing this, I am walking a very dengerous path here, but I think it is only fair to bring this knowledge into your reality so you have at least had the chance to consider the possibility of this to be true. I am spreading knowledge many won’t like. Those in power won’t for sure, but many of us have fallen asleep by the plan they had and have. This world is a distraction to keep you from asking the right questions. Just think about it, how many hours a day do you spend philosophing, connecting, reviewing situations, events with your friends and loved ones? Most of us have a very busy life, I have no life. This is a wonderful age we live in, but unfortunately we are living in it to see the importance it holds. It is all happening right now and here (well, not yet here if you consider here to be in your reality, your circle of awareness but still, you get what I mean)

    I should have taken more time writing this in a structured manner, but to me it is subjective to the message. I wanted to make sure first. These who feel this might change their lives (even rescue them) please continue to read. I must warn you, it will get a bit dark. Too dark for many, but it must be shared. There is no use in denying it. If you do, it will come to your reality. Soon.




    And now the message your soul has been wanting to bring under your attention for a lifetime…

    We are being dominated and live in a wage and debtslavery so we would be distracted and unaware of the moment that already has begun. We are heading for the age of the Prophecy of David. It is prophcised that a Holy Warwill bring 1000 years of peace. Unfortunately, the war is necessary and has been put into motion since the passing on of the Torah. The Jewish book of belief. Many might feel anger or hate towards the Jewish people, but i can assure you, not one religion is to be blamed for all that is happening. I will briefly explain how religion works.

    The oldest religion we still hold value to, is Judaism. The Jew have the greatest knowledge of all eligions, but even it’s own people (followers) know not even half of what it means. The Torah holds many many prophecies that seem to come true time after time. It seems as there is no escaping it. That is an impression. It is not true. We hold the key for our own future in our own hands. We decide our destiny, but you must be aware of it if you want to change it. Rationality will not offer you any solutions. Your brain has been built in a certain way. It makes very natural and easy connections. Rationality makes you think in straight lines. This I like to call the manifestation of male power. You need to rewire it and start thinking in the female power. Being circular reasoning. I’ll explain later. Google the flower of life and you’ll get to the essence of it all. Forgive me for not having thought true and follow the rules of writing a text. It’s the message that counts, only that.

    I have learned a lot from the profile of WeAreOne @arcturiansoul on the social network FRIENDLIFE. I strongly suggest you check it out, it surely is worth the 5 steps it takes to create a profile. All wisdom is being held by it. Clear and simple. I love it. You should open up to the possibility of what is written on it’s profile. I know how to contact the faces behind it and they intend the best. Trust it. I trust it with my eyes closed.

    Back to religion. The Torah has been written so we would come to this moment, I wrote it earlier, these are exciting times. If you love action, suspense, romance, you’ll love what is coming.

    The Torah explains how they use religion to control us and guide us in the direction of absolution. It might seem bad, a global war, but we all have a war inside our heads. The heart is crying out to you, the mind is suppressing it. Allow your heart to see, not your mind and you will find absolution and salvation. We are born knowing the truth, but the older you get, the more rationality will dominate the heart. Unfotunately.

    Religion is man-made. There is no God. We all are Gods. Denied of our powers. Christianity brought civilisation to this world. Good values and morales. Jesus Christ existed. He was a very honourable man who died for us, just to show us how we should live and not fear death, The ultimate sacrifice for his words to be remembered. Christianity, the religion has been corrupted by the high priests. But it is ok, it has brought us to this point. You could regard to Christianity as rationality. A rational way to make us live better. Islam, the 2nd big religion was created so we would learn to live by the heart. The heart and brain will fight so the heart will survive. I am not proclaiming Islam is the best religion,no it is a religion. I myself have chosen no religion. Simply because i dont think it is fair to claim the majority of the people are wrong. If you are a religious person, please dont be offended by this: ‘when you choose a religion, you basically are saying that everyone else is wrong. There is no religion that has the absolute majority of the people behind it. You cannot claim to have the right to say everyone else is wrong. Look at religion as a tool to bring awareness to this world. Awareness that must be brought through war. The Holy War I have mentioned earlier. A new genocide is coming unless we stop it. At least 1 billion will be sacrificed. Thats 1/7th of the population. The biggest genocide ever. But it can be avoided. The question is; is there time? I believe so. One night and you could wake up to a whole new world. But you must be prepared to accept it. Accept that we have been denied the knowledge we should learn instead of accumulating scientific (rational) knowledge. We pass on the knowledge of the heart as well, through arts and creativity. The message of the heart. Your soul.

    So Christianity and Islam were created to come to this point, to have a major fight (worldwide, in every corner of the earth it will surface) to make us see we need to step out of our little bubble of family, friends and entertainment. Remember the words of Julius Caesar: ‘Divide and Conquer’ and ‘Bread and games’ promoting distraction so the people would not rebel. But choose distraction and entertainment to give meaning to their lives. Be aware that it is wrong. Dont let them fool you. Inorance is bless, they say. This is one of the few fake sayings. It gives a peace of mind, but rejecting the truth doesnt make the truth less true. Glorify a lie and reward it with comfort and the people who believe the lie will never question it unless someone points that out to you. I am one of those who will point it out. I will bring it under your attention. I hold the answer to every question ever asked. I know. Because I feel. I dont want this war, we dont need it, there are other ways, but this message must be spread.

    There is one documentary that is a very good summarisation of all that is, has been and will be. Unless we fight it. You can find it on

    please take 2 hours of your time to watch it. You can verify the info later, it is true. I know, and you can as well. You can accept it to be true, thats the easiest way, that will take only 2 hours (of the 48 we have left, but we are stalling it, we are trying to buy more time, but it will never be more than 10 days. Once this message reaches the public we are going to find opposition from those in power because this message will take away all of their powers.)

    You will get more info later, now I must go. 2 hours it’s taken me to write this ( I do not own a computer and will loose all ways of being tracked myself, I cannot be found. My name is unimportant. I have lost all ego and would want everyone to do the same. Stop taking selfies, or when you do, take it from a distance so you can look at the back ground. It’s bigger than you. You are but a moment in history, one view on this world. We have 7,000,000,000 different windows that all look at the same thing. Everyone else. You might be right, but always consider one else’s truth to be valued in respect. Do not underestimate the power of perception and identification. Youmare born to thrive, wealth and comfort will be yours if you accept it doesnt mean property. A peace of mind comes with a peace of heart. This is the real message of your life. The only thing you must accept as the truth. Believe and you shall find salvation.

    God Speed and may the force within you surface and guide you to this new beautiful unfamiliar world. You will love it and it will love you. We all want to be loved, feel worthy of being loved. Find me and I will love you, unconditionally. Your mistakes are forgiven, IF you are prepared to atone for them and forgive yourself. You live now, the past doesnt matter. You have the rest of a lifetime to make up for them if you feel you need that to give meaning to your life.

    Welcome to tomorrow.

    Sincerely yours,

    A ghost in time.

  8. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. You make some good points, but I think the cultural rot we see in USA/EU today is due to Jewish control of the media and govt. Christianity, an African cult, aids and abets this rot and does not protect us from it. Here’s why:

    Christianity’s main tenet is that if you “believe” in Jesus, you will be saved (irrespective of your immoral deeds). Not only is this illogical, and God (if he is there) would never do this, but Jesus never existed. See: Over 100 scholarly texts have exposed the Christ myth, which was copied from pagan sources.

    Christianity is an African cult. Moses was so black, the African pharaoh assumed he was his grandson for decades.

    The 18th-century Anglo-American philosopher Thomas Paine wrote in The Age of Reason that “Whenever we read the obscene stories, the voluptuous debaucheries, the cruel and torturous executions, the unrelenting vindictiveness, with which more than half the Bible is filled, it would be more consistent that we called it the word of a demon, than the Word of God.”

    The Pope is so evil, he wanted more Africans to invade Europe and kissed the feet of the invaders:

    Pope Francis washes/kisses feet of blacks and muslims from Africa:

    Some Catholic churches are so evil, they are putting water for Mexican invaders in the desert (criminals by definition) who are invading USA, and most of them will end up committing more crimes.

    Time to get out of Christianity. Deism and Odinism are better options.

    • Replies: @Jason
  9. Realist says:

    Government and religion have the same purpose, control people.

    • Replies: @schmenz
  10. The sexual urge can be sublimated but only grows stronger when suppressed. Christians who naturally fail to suppress their own sexuality become obsessed with sex and keen to repress the sexuality of others. The gospel gets lost. I am a great admirer of this pope perhaps because I am not Catholic. His emphasis on humility and service to “the least of these” is refreshing and bodes well for all of Christendom. If the Roman Church is in crisis it’s not the first time and Pope Francis is the cure, not the cause.

    There are no Christians on the stage of the Republican debates. Christians are peace makers not war mongers. While Pat was serving in Nixon’s administration I was serving in Nixon’s army. We were busy murdering three million people in the service of Mammon. Same sex marriage was illegal then. But we were most definitely NOT a Christian Nation.

    • Replies: @Bill
    , @HA
  11. josh says:

    ““Eisenhower’s America” wasn’t so swell if you were Black.”

    Whereas today there are 1.2 black men in prison more than 5 million black me are not part of the labor force and 13% of those in the labor force are unemployed.

    “Whatever it preaches, US in no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy.”

    When was it not?

  12. I wonder if the Poles might welcome the new Pope in Warsaw?

    Haven’t Poles done enough damage to the world?
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    David Ben Gurion
    Benzion Netanyahu
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle

    there’s something unsettled about the Polish mental framework. Maybe it’s the halupki.

    ROMAN Catholicism was expressed best by Italians

    Dante Alighieri
    Niccolo Machiavelli
    the Medici
    Leonardo da Vinci
    Gaetano Filangieri
    Blessed Eugenio Pacelli
    Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli
    Commisarrio Guido Brunetti

    Though it’s not his fault — we can’t all be Italian — Buchanan’s greatest deficit is that he’s Irish Catholic, a derivative conceit.
    Wacko evangelicalism emerged from the same Irish soil.
    Maybe it’s the colcannon.

    Giovinezza, Giovinezza,
    Primavera di bellezza
    Per la vita, nell’asprezza
    Il tuo canto squilla e va!

    • Replies: @Bill
    , @Bill
    , @HA
  13. @Wizard of Oz

    Your writing reminds me of Pontius Pilate when he said to Christ, “What is truth?”

    • Agree: Wizard of Oz
  14. Bill says:
    @Wizard of Oz

    Wiz is confused because Pat Buchanan means truth when he says “truth.” The bad feels thus caused are Pat Buchanan’s fault, evidently.

  15. Bill says:

    Beat me to it. Blacks were obviously better off under Jim Crow than they are now. To deny this and believe it is to be delusional, the stuff of insane asylums.

  16. Bill says:

    The sexual urge can be sublimated but only grows stronger when suppressed. Christians who naturally fail to suppress their own sexuality become obsessed with sex and keen to repress the sexuality of others.

    I saw it in a movie, so it must be true!

  17. Bill says:

    Wacko evangelicalism emerged from the same Irish soil.

    Anglo-Irish is not Irish or a kind of Irish. Darby was not Irish. The non-conformist then dispensationalist weirdos were Dutch first, then East Anglian, then all over the place in England. They are a Germanic kind of crazy, not a Celtic kind of crazy.

  18. Bill says:

    Haven’t Poles done enough damage to the world?
    Zbigniew Brzezinski
    David Ben Gurion
    Benzion Netanyahu
    Paul Wolfowitz
    Richard Perle

    There aren’t really any Poles on that list. The only one you could even argue is a Pole is Brzezinski. But his family is from Galicia (ie Western Ukraine these days), and he grew up in Canada. So, he is more a Canadian Ukrainian than a Pole. Canadian Ukrainians are, uh, well, let’s say that the fact that Brzezinski is a total psycho is easier to understand once you understand who he is. Maybe you are making a joke, and I am the straight man?

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  19. HA says:

    “Though it’s not his fault — we can’t all be Italian — Buchanan’s greatest deficit is that he’s Irish Catholic,…”

    Buchanan is Irish? According to wiki, “His father was of English, Irish, and Scottish descent, and his mother was of German ancestry”. And Buchanan is a Scottish name.

    As for the rest of your slipshod analysis, I only note that Poles, along with Slovaks and Hungarians, are now playing a crucial role in standing up to Ottoman (and now, ex-Ottoman) invasions — a role that they have played admirably for centuries, allowing the rest of Europe to flourish in ways they could not, given that life is easier outside the frontier. Ponder on that awhile from the comfort of your armchair, even as their struggle continues.

  20. HA says:

    “The sexual urge can be sublimated but only grows stronger when suppressed. Christians who naturally fail to suppress their own sexuality become obsessed with sex…”

    Bill’s dig has a point. For example, the history of the last few decades shows that the sexual urge grows stronger when it is indulged, too, so where does that leave us? Moreover, the sexual (and homosexual) libertines are, if anything, even more obsessed with sex than the Puritans and Victorians ever were, to the extent that many of them insist that everyone in the world must bend to their whims. As such, singling out those in the suppression faction for being inordinately obsessed with sex seems misguided.

    Lastly, if sex is like, say, beer to an alcoholic, then I’d give the winning point to St. Augustine, who noted that abstinence is easier than moderation.

    • Replies: @WorkingClass
  21. RobinG says:

    And, “…the Ten Commandments brought down from Sinai …”

    What Moses brought down was a synthesis of what he could remember of the 42 Commandments he had known in Egypt. Except for graven images and the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments are all derivative.


    • Replies: @tbraton
  22. tbraton says:

    ” Except for graven images and the Sabbath, the Ten Commandments are all derivative.”

    And the Ten Commandments are misnamed since a reading of Exodus reveals a few more than 10. More like 14 or 15, depending on how you count. See Exodus 20:1-26. And, of course, the command contained in the First Commandment (“Thou shalt have no other gods before me” Exodus 20:3) was completely rewritten by Deutero-Isaiah about 700 years later (“I am the Lord and there is none else, there is no God beside me.” Isaiah 45:5). Since monotheism is supposed to be the great contribution of the Jews to ancient civilization, one can only conclude that they were pretty slow learners.

    • Replies: @Dave Pinsen
  23. schmenz says:

    Yes, but our present government wants to control us by the promotion of unlimited sexual excess, while religion – specifically Catholicism – wants to control our baser instincts.

  24. abj_slant says:

    During the 1950s, the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism were Dwight Eisenhower’s America and the Roman Catholic Church of Pope Pius XII.

    That statement seems to fly in the face of the uproar over Kennedy running for president. It seems the voters biggest complaint was his Catholicism. Yet Catholicism was a pillar?

  25. @Bill

    Zbigniew Brzezinski – Zbig is son of Polish diplomat/nobility whose experiences as a 10-year old engendered a seething hatred of Russia. In an interview in 1988 (iirc) he glowed as he spoke of the wonders of the Polish empire and how it should be revived.

    It seems to me the USA would have been better served by counselors at the highest level who were imbued with a passion for, say, the principles expressed in George Washington’s Farewell Address rather than a hatred of Russia so formidable that Zbig was willing to, and did, sacrifice a million Iranians to support Iraq’s war against Iran in order to keep Russia out of the Persian Gulf.

    There is nothing in George Washington’s Farewell Address that persuades me he would have advised that strategy.

    David Ben Gurion – was born in Płońsk, Congress Poland, which was then part of the Russian Empire.
    Nothing about Ben Gurion strikes me as anything but thuggish.
    Thomas Jefferson was well-educated and continued a disciplined project of life-long learning.
    imo Ben Gurion is more like a gang leader who rose to the top through treachery. It shows in the state he formed and led, which is, today, a gangster state.

    Benzion Netanyahu – “born in Warsaw in partitioned Poland which was under Russian control. ” As a young man Benzion was acolyte to Vladimir Jabotinsky, leader of militant or Revisionist Zionism. Avigail Abarbanel described Benzion as “psychopathic” and “out of touch with reality.”
    His son, Bibi, has a relationship with his late father that would require a collaboration of Turgenev and Dostoevsky to adequately describe. Pere Netanyahu adored his first-born, “martyred” son Yonathan, whose shoes Bibi could never quite fill. Fill in the blanks.

    Paul Wolfowitz - ” born in Brooklyn, New York, into a Polish Jewish immigrant family”

    Richard Perle – can’t identify Perle’s ethnic background other than Jewish. It’s a good bet he’s not Mizrahi, not Sephardic, not German.

    I grew up in a Midwest ghetto (now a full-fledged slum), spent first years in a Polish Catholic school in a diocese run by Irish clerics;* learned prayers, songs and dances in Polish. Teachers were Polish refugees. They had not been trained to teach: the teachers were killed in war. My fellow students were Polish, Irish, and also Hungarian DPs – displaced persons whose parents got out of Europe before and during Hungarian revolution. That doesn’t make me an expert on things Polish, but neither am I a rube.

    *Islam, at least as practiced in Iran rather than Saudi Arabia, is far more supportive of women than the entire Irish hierarchy was back in the day when my sisters were trying to get an education in systems run by Irish priests.

    Buchanan may not be pure Irish but it’s a reasonable guess that his family customs and mores are more Irish Catholic than Italian Catholic, French Catholic, German Catholic or Slavic Catholic origin. Irish Catholics dominated the clergy and hierarchy in Pat’s salad days. **

    I recall hearing a lecture about Polish Jews that explained that in the late 1800s, as England and Germany were industrializing, Poland was incapable of doing so because it did not have social or political systems or mindsets that were sufficiently developed to share and spread autonomy and prosperity; Poland operated on a zero-sum game principle. In order to participate in industrialization/prosperity, many Polish Jews migrated to Germany. Like it or not, Germany under NSDAP worked very hard to unite the classes for the common good, not under the forced International Communist system but through promotion of cultural unification based on shared music, literature, customs, mores.

    Zionism cannot tolerate such cultural unity.

    Recently I researched the martial music of Germany & Italy in WWII. Google marks the Italian war anthem, Giavanezza, (which means Youth) with a warning that it might be “offensive or graphic.”
    Sarah Silverman = good.
    Giavanezza . . . primavera di bellezza = “potentially offensive.”

    The Horst Wessel song, similarly marked as Dangerous!! Do Not Touch!, Do Not Listen!, your ears my fall off.

    I thought the song melodic and energizing. It reminded me of some of the old hymns in we used to sing in Latin.

    Recently I went to a Catholic church that was probably established by post-WWII German and Italian immigrants (based on names on the Donor plaques) in a very wealthy suburb of DC.
    It’s a lavish physical plant.
    Lots of wonderful programs; a school for the children and outreach to the broader community.
    The. music. sucked.
    I don’t know who dreamed it up.

    Hark back to Benjamin Netanyahu’s Sept. 12, 2002 comments before a US Congress Subcommittee — the one where Bibi “guaranteed” that taking down Iraq would destroy the terror network —

    Netanyahu told Rep. John Tierney that the way to bring about “regime change” in Iran was to

    “beam Melrose Place and Beverly Hills 2050 into Iran because that is subversive stuff: they watch it, the kids watch it, they want to have the same nice clothes, the same houses and swimming pools and so on . . .”

    Indeed it is “subversive stuff.”

    Look at how zionist-Hollywood has subverted American youth — all the way up to the oldest member of Congress.

    Why should Iran be expected to tolerate that subversion of its young people?

    Damn right they should cry Down with America. Down with Israel.

    Why do Americans roll over and tolerate the subversion of their own children by a thug like Netanyahu?

    Why aren’t Americans in the street crying Down with the Zionist Occupiers!

    Why does that magnificent German & Italian Catholic congregation in the DC suburbs hide its light — the power of its culture — under a bushel-basket made in Tel Aviv rather than delight in the melodies and lyricism of their lands of origin, the melodies that strum their heart’s chords?

    Why in the world have the American people and the Catholic church permitted themselves to be bullied by thugs the likes of Netanyahu, and Ben Gurion, and Brzezinski?

    Die Fahne hoch!

    Raise high your own flag!

    Raise high the flag that George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin risked and pledged their Lives, their Fortunes, their Sacred Honor to wave over the American people and their land.

    Has anyone else noticed how, over time, at AIPAC conferences, the Star of David is increasingly superimposed over the Stars and Stripes until the Flag of the United States is indistinguishable from the flag of Israel?

    What makes the American people think this is a good thing?

    Sing your own song and march and live under your own flag.

    And celebrate your own ethnic origins and don’t let a usurping Polish thug tell you you do not have that right.

    ** Have to confess — River Dance is among the best things to come out of Ireland. Too bad Darby did not take up dancing rather than preaching.
    Also find that almost any version of Syrtaki brings a smile to the face and a lift to the feet.

    • Replies: @HA
  26. HA says:

    >Netanyahu….Wolfowitz… Ben Gurion…

    Again, you’re blaming people like Netanyahu, Wolfowitz and Ben Gurion for their Polishness? I guess on that basis, when it comes to assigning blame for the likes of Lenin, Trotsky, and Kaganovitch (and I think I know how much you love people like that) that should fall 100% on the Russians. Yeah, seems fair.

    >Why in the world have the American people and the Catholic church permitted themselves to be bullied by thugs the likes of Netanyahu, and Ben Gurion, and Brzezinski?

    Maybe because a large number of those opposing them are ranting blowhard idiots like you? I’d bet that’s part of it. If the Mossad ever passes out medals to people who make them seem like the sane alternative, you’ll be first in line.

    >Islam, at least as practiced in Iran rather than Saudi Arabia, is far more supportive of women than the entire Irish hierarchy was back in the day

    Oh, OK, we get to compare the Muslims you like best with the Catholics you like least. Explains a lot, actually.


    abj slant says:

    >That statement seems to fly in the face of the uproar over Kennedy running for president.

    It does not. Buchanan said that the Catholic Church was one of the twin pillars of worldwide anti-communism, not of America.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  27. @HA

    Thank you for your reply.

    I think I get it. Why do I pick on Christians about their sexual obsessions while libertines are also subject to sexual obsession.

    I was attempting to defend the pope from Christians who think that morality has nothing to do with charity and everything to do with sex.

    I’m glad you were able to somehow intuit Bill’s point. I couldn’t make any sense of what he said.

    • Replies: @HA
  28. HA says:

    I take your point, and you did note that the sexual urge can be sublimated, which is something the libertines I was referring are loathe to admit, so I might have made it clearer that I was pointing a finger at them, not you.

    As to whether sex is like a steam kettle that must be vented lest it explode, or else, best managed by discipline and effort, it does seem like Hollywood and the rest of the cool kids go to great lengths to promote the former view and dismiss and ridicule the latter.

  29. @HA

    Again, you’re blaming people like Netanyahu, Wolfowitz and Ben Gurion for their Polishness?

    No, I am not blaming the listed zionists for their Polishness, I am observing that persons with a similar, vicious pattern of behavior come from a similar region, background, and ideological framework. That region, background and ideological framework is not Italian, German or Muslim.

    The same vicious pattern is evident in Trotsky, Kagan(ovich) etc., likewise not Italian, German or Muslim.

    Your Mossad reference makes no sense.

    No I do not hate Muslims and I do not see virtue in what you suggest is the Polish and Hungarian battle to keep Europe Muslimrein. The Saker has been writing about a movement in France centered on the personalities of Dieudonne and Alain Soral that seeks to reconcile immigrants of all backgrounds with native Frenchmen –

    Alain Soral is a French author and philosopher whose political career included a membership in the French Communist Party and the National Front. He is credited with developing the concept of “gauche du travail – droite des valeurs” (literally “left of labor – right of values”) which can be summarized as the simultaneous advocacy of socialist/social ideas and measures in economic and social issues combined with conservative moral, ethical and religious values in ideological, ethical and cultural issues.

    He is the founder of an extremely interesting movement called “Egalite et Reconciliation” which aims at reconciling native French people (called “Francais de souche” or “root French”) with those French people who recently immigrated to France (called “Francais de branche” or “branch French”) and to make them co-exist in complete equality.

    Because of his numerous “politically incorrect” ideas and very overt statements, Soral is absolutely hated and feared by the French ruling class. Even though Soral has also been completely banned from any public media, He remains immensely popular with the general public and his books are all best-sellers.

    If you think hating Muslims represents the best of Catholicism and of Christianity, then I have to question what part of “love thy neighbor as thyself” you do not understand.

    • Replies: @HA
  30. @josh

    “Whatever it preaches, US in no longer a democracy, but an oligarchy.”

    When was it not?

    Presumably when the American people cared more about who they elected and what happened in government. Civil participation and that sort of thing. A long long time ago. Really, it’s gotten to the point where I honestly believe most complainers about the government are hypocrites, “blah blah Congress blah blah Senate blah blah communism blah blah Jews” etc etc, but hell, Americans seem to like the status quo; after all they’ve kept it going for literally generations now.

  31. HA says:

    “I am observing that persons with a similar, vicious pattern of behavior come from a similar region,…”

    You cherry pick half a dozen people out of a country of tens of millions and discern a “pattern”? This is what passes for observation in your brain’s crevasses?

    So, there we have it: the mind of a lunatic in action. That explains everything else in your post — and indeed, your entire worldview; not only how it is that you have come to believe what you believe, but also your implicit conviction that sane people will find it convincing. That explains it quite nicely.

    If tonight I were called upon to raise a toast to the Jewish people, it would consist of a PowerPoint compendium of a few of your zanier posts — it’d be hard to narrow down the multitude of possibilities, but these so-called observations on the matter of “Polish patterns” would serve nicely — followed by the short and sweet “May you have no enemies, but if enemies you must have, may they be as crazy as the sad and twisted little man who comes up with stuff like this”.

  32. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The Catholic Church is in crisis for the same reason US Labor came into crisis.

    It doesn’t require big smarts to work in the Church, and most Catholics are not the brightest bulbs. So, the Church was bound to be taken over by mediocrities and then fall and fade. And since its traditional core constituents are falling off, the Church continues to rely more on the Third World poor/ignorant for whom the Church still has some appeal for materialistic and moral/spiritual reasons.

    The Catholic Church is in a bind with white folks. For ‘progo’ urbanites, the Church, even with the new dopey pope, is too conservative. For traditional Catholic whites, the Church is now too flaky and relativist. Thus, the Church continues to lose core Conservative whites while failing to attract white Liberals. White Liberal agenda is to turn the Church into the haven of homo-worship. They might join or fully support the Church only if its conception of Jesus worships homos. Homo-deism is the religion of the Lib masses in Jewish-controlled America and West. Homo is bigger than Jehovah according to Libs, and Jews love how they cleverly reprogrammed the white goy Liberal mind to be this way. And white Cons are so worshipful of Jews that they don’t oppose the homo agenda lest they alienate and upset Jews because, after all, even most Neocons are pro-homo-agenda.

    Anyway, why did US Labor, so big at one time, fail. It failed cuz Labor is made up of working class dummies. Consider the mafia and labor versus mafia and wall street. Mafia made huge inroads into labor since dummy workers were easy to corrupt, outwit, and sway. Since the domain of labor was low-skill, mafia goons could take over huge sectors of the union and dictate policy, like what happens with Jimmy Conway guy in ONCE UPON A TIME IN AMERICA.

    But did the mafia make inroads into Wall Street(or Hollywood)? No. Those were high skill-industries, and Mafia goombas didn’t have the brains to move among those smart characters. Organized crime could corrupt labor, but corrupted labor was helpless to stop the tide of globalization led by Wall Street that was controlled by smarties. In the end, smart power wins over dumb power. What was the fall of Soviet communism all about? It was about smart and savvy insiders junking communism so that they could grab all the wealth for themselves.

    Wall Street, cuz it’s a high-skill industry, attracted very smart people. Goombas couldn’t operate there. But big labor was filled with dummy workers, so it could be corrupted and manipulated, even led at times, by organized crime. It’s like in the movie HOFFA.
    Imagine Danny Devito as truck driver becoming a major player in Wall Street(or Hollywood). Of course, this doesn’t mean Wall Street and Hollywood are not corrupt. They are very corrupt. Also, there is a powerful union in Hollywood, but it’s a union of high-skilled or specialized-skilled profession, thus it is limited in scope whereas something like auto union was gigantic and filled lots of semi-skilled or low-skilled assembly line dummies.

    Gambling was somewhat different. It is a very high-skilled and smart industry. So, why did organized crime have such a huge presence in the beginning? Cuz it was seen as a vice, and respectable money usually stayed away. Also, gambling in many cities was illegal, so it could only be operated by organized crime. So, initially, the Italian goombas had a big stake in gambling. And since organized crime gained a sizable foothold in labor unions and since unions funded some Las Vegas hotels — as in CASINO — , it seemed like gambling would be mafia-dominated. But in the end, as gambling became more respectable and mainstream, it attracted ‘legit’ money and came under greater scrutiny of the US government(controlled by Jews). Thus, in the end, Jewish gangsters who went legit took over the industry, and now it’s run totally by Jews with full protection of US government. It is difficult for goombas to gain control of big time gambling ever again.

    Now, this doesn’t mean Wall Street and Las Vegas and Hollywood play it clean and fair. We know how Jews play: they act like tribalist gangsters and pull all sorts of dirty shi*. But even in their crookedness, they are not merely parasitic as the organized crime that ran labor union was. They do operate and expand awesome business models and make things work. They cheat and steal, but they also do innovate and grow the economy. Jews create and steal, Italian goombas just steal and steal.

    The thing about the Catholic Church is it’s more like a labor union. It doesn’t take brains or skills to work in the Church. I mean just look at the Church management these days. It’s filled with African Negroes, Filipinheads, Latin American tacoheads, and etc. In Ireland, drunken Irish drove the church into the ground. The Church attracts mediocrities. Smart white people have no interest in it. White Conservatives don’t really get much out of the Church that is browning. And White Libs are waiting for the day when all the sleeper cells of homos in the church eventually turn it into homo haven; that’s the only thing they care about.

    When American Labor Unions lost white workers, their only way of survival was by attracting non-white immigrants, even illegals. And the Catholic Church is the same way. Since it has bled white folks, it is now appealing to all the non-whites around the world. And the IQ level within the Church keeps going down. Since the Church lacks quality, it goes for quantity.
    Long ago when the Church was very prestigious, it attracted smart white people. But those days are long gone. Smart people now go to Stanford computer school or Harvard business school. The Church attracts the mediocrities. Dogmatists or subversives. Dogmatists think reverting to Old Doctrine will do wonders. No, it will just alienate more white folks who are now into homo-worship. Subversives seek to turn the church into homo-haven, and they may win in the end cuz they tend to be somewhat smarter than the dogmatists, and furthermore, they are supported by Jews who push homo-deism.

    Catholic Church still has an appeal among non-whites in poor nations cuz Third Worlders are impressed by Catholic charity(material reason). In contrast, people in the West have social safety net provided by the state, so church charity doesn’t mean much to them. Also, people in poor nations have little in terms of reading material or entertainment, so they are still impressed by books and images provided by the Catholic Church(spiritual reason). But people in the West are inundated with the pagan idolatry of consumer culture that is more fun than stuff offered by the church. Also, for white folks, the new spirituality is magic-negro worship, Jew-worship, and homo-worship.

    At any rate, the church is pretty much over. And the message of Jesus must be rejected except as a sublime hypocrisy — indeed, the West once thrived under Christianity only because Westerners only practiced Christianity only about 50% and mostly among themselves. They treated the darkies differently. I mean when the darkie Muslims were coming to invade, Christian West didn’t turn the other cheek. They took up the sword and killed with ruthless abandon.

    The only path of ‘survivalation’ for white folks is neo-fascism with revived interest in Greco-Germanic mythology. And even though white folks need to resist Islam as a religion, it has to adopt its aggressiveness and righteousness.

  33. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “The Jew is more talented than the German” (Hjalmar Schacht)

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  34. RobinG says:
    @Priss Factor

    Miss Priss,

    You certainly are an equal-opportunity bigot.

  35. @Anonymous

    If what you state is the case, why were “the Jews” unable to form a stable, prosperous Germany over the 14 years of Weimar but NSDAP — with Schacht’s participation — was able to do so, in a very short period (~4 yrs iirc) and without violence?

  36. Jason says:

    Moses was so black, the African pharaoh assumed he was his grandson for decades.

    The Pharaohs were not Black. Many of them apparently had red hair. And the Egyptians considered themselves racially distinct from Nubians for sure.

  37. Jason says:

    As far as these religious institutions are concerned, aren’t you a little embarrassed to see grown men wearing dresses? It is beyond silly to grant “authority” based on the pretty dress a man puts on.

    I have a sense of embarrassment for humanity when I see them gushing over fellas in costumes who claim to speak for God.

    • Replies: @HA
  38. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    Rapping Pat’s knuckles for not being a Holocaust denier? Talk about being more Catholic than the Pope!

    • Replies: @RobinG
  39. Dave Pinsen says: • Website

    “And the Ten Commandments are misnamed since a reading of Exodus reveals a few more than 10. More like 14 or 15, depending on how you count.”

    A great Jewish scholar explained the disconnect:

    • Replies: @tbraton
  40. Jefferson says:

    “In a New York Times article this month — “Are Western Values Losing Their Sway?” — Steven Erlanger writes:

    “In its rejection of Western liberal values of sexual equality and choice, conservative Russia finds common cause with many in Africa and with the religious teachings of Islam, the Vatican, fundamentalist Protestants and Orthodox Jews.”

    Since The New York Times is secular liberal, why are they in favor of importing masses of very religious non secular Muslims from North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa, and The Middle East into Europe.

  41. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “In its rejection of Western liberal values of sexual equality and choice…”

    What is meant by ‘sexual equality’? That a boy with a wig should have equal access to girl’s washrooms? That we should all agree that Barney Frank’s poophole is equal as a sex organ as a woman’s vagina? That a tranny’s fake vagina is equal or as good as a real vagina? Or if it’s a fake penis, it is as good as a real penis?
    That a man and a man should be recognized as a married couple even though their idea of ‘love’ is two guys fecal-penetrating one another? If so, why not polygamy and incest marriage?

    And what does ‘sexual equality’ have to do with massive parades that shut down entire downtown areas to praise, celebrate, and near-worship the fact that some men like to dress in women’s clothing, some men like to have their anuses penetrated by penises, and some women’s idea of ‘sex’ is having their holes ‘screw’ other holes?
    Is that what they mean by ‘sexual equality’?

    And what is meant by ‘choice’? Abortion? I support abortion — at least for Liberals and blacks — , but I’m not clear on the meaning as I suppose ‘choice’ could mean just about anything.

    But it seems Liberals don’t allow bakers and flower shops to choose not to participate in degenerate behavior like ‘gay marriage’. We have no choice but to comply with such decadence and deviance.

    So much for ‘choice’. And working class and middle class Americans now don’t have the choice of moving away from dangerous Negroes. As cities gentrify and government fills up with Lib types, they figured on taking tons of crazy Negroes and dumping them into white suburbs and small towns.
    White move away from Negroes for a reason. They CHOOSE to live safely away from black thugs. But American government says NO to that. Your community must take in tons of Negroes even if the reason you moved to a white neighborhood is because you had enough of Negro crime.

    Rich NY Jews gentrify big cities by using homos and hipsters, and then they push out all those blacks to ‘lame and square’ white suburbs or small towns.

    GATE: globalists are the enemy.

  42. tbraton says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    I didn’t realize George Carlin was Jewish. ;)

    BTW I was listening to NPR’s ATC the other day, and someone was interviewing Carlin’s daughter, who just came out with a book about growing up as GC’s daughter. Apparently GC and his wife took a lot drugs, but it must have been a real hoot to sit at home with “dad” and listen to him free lance dialogue while watching a TV show. A very funny man.

  43. HA says:

    “As far as these religious institutions are concerned, aren’t you a little embarrassed to see grown men wearing dresses? It is beyond silly to grant “authority” based on the pretty dress a man puts on.”

    Are you embarrassed when grown men put on pretty graduation gowns to gush over students similarly dressed in celebration of the fact that they are now educated? What about the funny little mortarboard hats? When it comes to addressing the many serious things wrong with the educational system, how much time should we waste focusing on trivialities like that?

    In any case, religious institutions aren’t alone in having uniforms. The wiser ones know that the fact that their uniforms and other traditions are hundreds, if not thousands of years old, is in and of itself something to be grateful for, however much it annoys would-be gadflies who vainly try to make themselves look clever with their barbs.

    So kudos to you, enlightened person who criticizes all “religious institutions” in one fell swoop, as if they are all the same. We’re so not tired hearing that lame canard. Thanks for making your team look good.

    • Replies: @Jason
    , @Jason
  44. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Sicko America worships trannies more than Jesus.

  45. Hibernian says:
    @Priss Factor

    “In Ireland, drunken Irish drove the church into the ground.”

    Mr. Factory, since you have such a high IQ, could you come up with some fresh stereotypes?

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  46. RobinG says:
    @Dave Pinsen

    Thank you for throwing down the incendiary term “Holocaust Denier” thereby giving me an opening. The Holocaust Religionists (and apparently you are one) would have us believe that questioning whether 6 million might be an exaggeration is equivalent to asserting that nothing happened at all. That “6 million” figure is gospel.

    According to Paul Eisen (whose name was invoked as a slur against Jeremy Corbyn) the sin is as follows:
    “…Holocaust revisionism or ‘denial’ if you like is confined to three main contentions in the typical Holocaust narrative, namely:
    •That there ever was an official plan on the part of Hitler or the National Socialist regime to systematically and physically exterminate every Jew in Europe.
    •That there existed homicidal gas-chambers.
    •That the number of Jewish victims was around six million.”

    Eisen’s full essay is here–
    My Life as a Holocaust Denier

    However, your query, “Rapping Pat’s knuckles for not being a Holocaust denier?” makes no sense. I was, in fact, disputing Oliver Wendell Holmes’ assertion that “The best test of truth is the power of the thought to get itself accepted in the competition of the market.” So I was actually agreeing with Pat, who also questioned Holmes’ statement. He gave the example of Hitler’s ideas being accepted, but not true. Haven’t the “official” versions of 911 and the Holocaust succeeded in getting themselves accepted in the market? And isn’t that why the Truthers and the Deniers are having such a struggle?

  47. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    Industrious Negroes worked hard at destroying Detroit. They succeeded beyond expectation.

  48. Jason says:

    It is silly for judges to wear dresses as well. It confers an “authority” they don’t deserve. The Supremes wear outfits to look like a Council of Gods, when they are just men and women.

    The military and police need uniforms because they are empowered by the government to, among other things, detain people. They should be openly designated.

    But why on earth seeing a grown man prancing about in a white dress inspires belief in God is beyond me, I must admit.

  49. Jason says:

    I did want to add, in addition to my sarcastic statement (guilty), that I just feel it is obvious that no White man over the age of 30 has unshakable faith in the existence of God. Including the Pope.

    I would rather they drop the outfits and just talk to us as men. Our demand that they present themselves as Angels-From-Above or the “vicar of Christ” or whatever forces them to take positions they can’t possibly hold.

    My belief, once again, no White Man over 30 fully believes in God all the time. They all have doubts.

    • Replies: @HA
  50. HA says:

    “It is silly for judges to wear dresses as well.”

    A “culture” that considers hip-hop artists and Kardashians to be fashion icons has lost the credibility to judge the uniforms of other groups who have been around a good deal long longer. When the trendsetters around us pull their pants up and put away the meat dresses, perhaps we can revisit the matter.

    “Our demand that they present themselves as Angels-From-Above or the “vicar of Christ” or whatever forces them to take positions they can’t possibly hold.”

    Is the charmingly naive belief that everyone in the world believes as you do likewise a position no adult could possibly hold?

  51. @Priss Factor

    Michael Young, in his book The Rise of the Meritocracy 1870-2030 (written in 1958) made exactly this prediction for the future of organized labor. He didn’t consider the Church, however, which in his case would have been the Church of England.

  52. I have never seen so much crazy in one thread. It’s like the rubber room of

  53. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    People yammer about Sharia Law, but the real threat to the West is Jewria Law that governs us all.

    • Replies: @Rifleman
  54. AndrewR says:

    For wealthy, elite blacks, today is certainly better than the 1950s. But for the average black? You’re nuts.

  55. Rifleman says:
    @Priss Factor

    Jews didn’t force Catholics to accept rampant homosexuality in their church.

    And prissy, Jews aren’t to blame for your own self hating homosexuality.

    Jews taught Europe to condemn it’s homosexuality through the teachings in the Torah, Europe and the Catholic church refuses to accept that lesson.

  56. Priss Factory:

    Christianity wasn’t always as feminine and “beta” as it is nowadays.

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