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The Wisconsin primary could be an axle-breaking speed bump on Donald Trump’s road to the nomination.

Ted Cruz, now the last hope to derail Trump of a desperate Beltway elite that lately loathed him, has taken the lead in the Badger State.

Millions in attack ads are being dumped on the Donald’s head by super PACs of GOP candidates, past and present. Gov. Scott Walker has endorsed Cruz. Conservative talk radio is piling on Trump.

And the Donald just had the worst two weeks of his campaign.

There was that unseemly exchange with Cruz about their wives. Then came the pulling of the woman reporter’s arm by campaign chief Corey Lewandowski, an atrocity being liken by the media to the burning of Joan of Arc.

Then there was Trump’s suggestion, instantly withdrawn, that if abortion is outlawed, then women who undergo abortions may face some punishment.

This gaffe told us nothing we did not know. New to elective politics, Trump is less familiar with the ideological and issues terrain than those who live there. But the outrage of the elites is all fakery.

Democrats do not care a hoot about the right to life of unborn babies, even unto the ninth month of pregnancy. And the Republican establishment is grabbing any stick to beat Trump, not because he threatens the rights of women, but because he threatens them.

The establishment’s problem is that Trump refuses to take the saddle. Again and again, he has defied the dictates of political correctness that they designed to stifle debate and demonize dissent.

Trump has gotten away with his insubordination and shown, with his crowds, votes, and victories, that millions of alienated Americans detest the Washington establishment and relish his defiance.

Trump has denounced the trade treaties, from NAFTA to GATT to the WTO and MFN for China, that have de-industrialized America, imperil our sovereignty and independence, and cost millions of good jobs.

And who is responsible for the trade deals that sold out Middle America? “Free-trade” Republicans who signed on to “fast-track,” surrendered Congress’ rights to amend trade treaties, and buckle to every demand of the Business Roundtable.

The unstated premise of the Trump campaign is that some among the Fortune 500 companies are engaged in economic treason against America.

No wonder they hate him.

As for Trump’s call for an “America First” foreign policy, it threatens the rice bowls of those for whom imperial interventions are the reason for their existence.

If the primary goals of U.S. foreign policy become the avoidance of confrontations with great nuclear powers and staying out of unnecessary wars, who needs neocons?

Should Trump lose Wisconsin, he can recoup in New York on April 19, and the following week in Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Delaware and Maryland.

Yet, a loss in Wisconsin would make Trump’s climb to a first-ballot nomination steeper.

Still, if Trump goes to Cleveland, having won the most votes, the most states and the most delegates, stealing the nomination from him would split the party worse than in 1964.

The GOP could be looking at a 1912, when ex-President Theodore Roosevelt, who won the most contested primaries, was rejected in favor of President Taft. Teddy walked out, ran on the “Bull Moose” ticket, beat Taft in the popular vote, and Woodrow Wilson was elected.

Cruz says the nomination of Trump would mean an “absolute trainwreck” in November. But, Cruz, 45, with a future in the party, would be foolish to walk out as a sore loser, as Nelson Rockefeller and George Romney did in 1964.

A Cruz rejection of a nominee Trump would mean the end of Cruz. The elites would hypocritically applaud Ted’s heroism, publicly bewail his passing, then happily bury and be rid of him.

Cruz, no fool, has to know this.

If the nomination is taken from Trump, who will be 70 in June, he has nothing to lose. And as “Julius Caesar” reminds us, “such men are dangerous.”

Trump and Cruz, though bitter enemies, are both despised by the establishment. Yet both have a mutual interest: insuring that one of them, and only one of them, wins the nomination. No one else.

And if they set aside grievances, and act together, they can block any establishment favorite from being imposed on the party, as was one-worlder Wendell Willkie, “the barefoot boy of Wall Street,” in 1940.

All Trump and Cruz need do is instruct their delegates to vote to retain Rule 40 from the 2012 convention. Rule 40 declares that no candidate can be placed in nomination who has failed to win a majority of the delegates in eight states.

Trump has already hit that mark. Cruz almost surely will. But no establishment favorite has a chance of reaching it.

With Cruz and Trump delegates voting to retain Rule 40, they can guarantee no Beltway favorite walks out of Cleveland as the nominee — and that Ted Cruz or Donald Trump does.

No matter who wins in Cleveland, the establishment must lose.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2016

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Republicans 
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  1. expeedee says:


    Just be sure that both Trump and Cruz read this article.

  2. Hbm says:

    Surely Cruz is not despised by the Neocons and globalists. Why do people believe he is? Is fetus fetishism clouding Pat’s judgement?

    Trump is our only hope. Because Trump would not roll over for Israel; wants to audit the FED; wants to rein-in Wall Street; wants to close the borders; wants to stop the wars of Empire; would release the dirt about 9/11– Kristol and his gang of goy stooges will not give Trump the nomination no matter what. You can tune in to FOX to see turds like Rove and Priebus for yourself. The decision has already been made: they’re just prepping the masses for when it happens, making it look not pre-determined.

    Perhaps we’ll see Trump run third party. Perhaps we’re also watching Kristol’s strategy for when Trump is forced to go independent: Cruz or Kasich will also run independent.

  3. MEexpert says:

    This is the first real chance for the American people to sock it to the establishment by electing Trump. Both the GOP and the democrat establishments must be defeated. Will the American voter squander this opportunity?

    • Replies: @Realist
  4. abj_slant says:

    Is this sort of a grey area for Buchanan? How to reconcile his religious fundamentalism with his political fundamentalism. Interesting that it appears politics won.

  5. mtn cur says:

    Pat, I was snarling at the sameness of liberals and conservatives when a missionary of the much maligned Jehovahs’ Witnesses pointed out that the only important difference was that liberals like to kill people before they are born and conservatives like to wait until after they are born. Waiting till they can run and shoot back adds a sporting element no doubt.

  6. DaveE says:

    If (like me) you view “the establishment” as bunch of neo-Trotskyist bolshevik zionists, their hatred of Trump probably boils down to two issues, not mentioned here:

    1.) Support for rights of Americans to bear arms, something that makes the NWO agenda very difficult, if not impossible. “They” couldn’t have destroyed Russia if the Ukrainians had been armed.

    2.) Refusal to paint Putin as “the bad guy”. They hate this for two reasons. a.) They need a US / Russia war to allow “the chosen ones” to create a one-world government. Only the US can take down Russia and only Russia can destroy the US, so WWIII is a win-win for The Chosenites. And b.) Trump has exposed their diabolical scheme, indirectly, by saying things like, “Wouldn’t it be NICE to actually GET ALONG with Russia?”

    The rest is all static, IMHO.

  7. Realist says:

    “Will the American voter squander this opportunity?”

    Quite possibly.

  8. Renoman says:

    Maybe I’m missing something here but why would a media savvy guy like Trump allow himself to be tripped up by an abortion question and wife gossip? There’s no win there even if you totally buy into the no bad publicity rule. Seems stupid, maybe something will be revealed down the line or maybe Don just had a senior moment? My first though was “there goes the ole ball game” and my first thoughts are rarely wrong.

    • Replies: @Oldeguy
  9. Oldeguy says:

    I’ve been unable to determine just what Trump is “all about” throughout this entire season.
    It might well be that this has just been an enormous ego indulgence that got out of hand and his truly incredible string of foot-in-mouth episodes are an unconscious way of bringing a lark that has gone too far to an end- if so, we’ll be seeing more.
    It brings to mind William F. Buckley’s reply to a reporter’s question as to what his first official act would be in the unlikely event of his victory in the 1965 NYC mayoralty race: ” Demand a recount.”

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