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Is Ferguson Our Future?
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“America is on trial,” said Rev. Al Sharpton from the pulpit of Greater St Mark’s Family Church in Ferguson, Missouri.

At issue, the shooting death of Michael Brown, Saturday a week ago, on the main street of that city of 22,000, a neighbor community to Jennings, where this writer lived in the mid-1960s.

Brown, an 18-year-old African-American, was shot multiple times by Darren Wilson, a 28-year-old white police officer with an unblemished record in six years on the force in Jennings and Ferguson.

From his patrol car, Wilson ordered Brown out of the street where he was walking and blocking traffic. A fight followed. Wilson appears to have been punched in the face. One police report says that there was a struggle for the officer’s gun.

According to Brown’s companion, however, after he was first shot, he threw up his hands and yelled, “Don’t shoot. I surrender.” Then Wilson gunned him down.

According to one of three autopsies, Brown was shot six times, once in the top of the head, which may suggest he was charging the officer when gunned down. A second St. Louis County autopsy found marijuana in Brown’s body.

What we are witnessing in Ferguson today, and nationally, is not only a collision of reported facts, but also a clash of visions about America.

In Sharpton’s vision, America is a country where white racist cops harass, assault and gun down young black males, and Brown’s execution is the latest outrage. Many media echo his indictment and accent the facts that support this preconceived narrative.

Disrupting this portrait and particularly outrageous to Sharpton was the release by the Ferguson police chief of a videotape of Brown stealing a $44 box of cigars, 15 minutes before he was shot dead, and manhandling and menacing the store clerk trying to stop him.

Brown was 6’4″ and 292 pounds.

Sharpton contends that officer Wilson did not know of the “shoplifting” that was irrelevant to the shooting, and that release of the tape was a moral atrocity to smear the character of the dead teenager.

But while that tape may be unrelated to the shooting, it does testify to the mindset of Michael Brown that morning and to his respect for the rule of law. Ought we not know that?

Then there is the rival vision of America rooted in a separate reality. It is that in America today, police, like Darren Wilson, are the first responders and last line of defense, willing to risk their lives battling the criminal elements that threaten us and our free society.

Moreover, violent crime in America — assault, murder, robbery, rape — emanates disproportionately from the black community, and especially the young male members of that community.

Crime rates, conviction rates, incarceration rates all testify to this truth. If cops are more on guard when encountering black males, is it not because, given the crime statistics, they have more to fear from them?

Do not the weekly news reports from Barack Obama’s hometown of Chicago, where black-on-black violence is pandemic, also testify to this?

Decades ago, U.S. newspapers, which used to publish the race of both victims of crime and perpetrators, decided to stop doing so. They felt that this was the kind of news people have no need to know.

These conflicting visions are not exclusive to race. Many liberals share Sharpton’s vision, while many black folks move out of home communities to escape the scourge of crime.

Indeed, if Ferguson in the North County is a racist enclave, why did so many African-Americans move there from overwhelmingly black North St. Louis?

And if only three of the 53 cops on the Ferguson force are black, is that due to race discrimination? The chief says he has sought to recruit blacks and asked the Justice Department for help. Is this untrue?

We are told that of six members of the Ferguson city council only one is black, while two-thirds of Ferguson’s population is black. Yet, last week, we learned that the black voter turnout in local elections in Ferguson in 2013 was 6 percent.

When St. Louis County, to stop the violence and looting last week, sent cops into Ferguson with armored personnel carriers and assault rifles, they were denounced for militarizing law enforcement.

“Tell them to remove the damn tanks,” ordered Eric Holder. The county complied and a kinder, gentler law enforcement ensued.

And the looters and rioters went on a three-night tear over the weekend forcing Gov. Jay Nixon to call out the National Guard.

Nevertheless, the violence in Ferguson is child’s play compared to Watts in ’65, Newark and Detroit in ’67, and 100 U.S. cities including Washington, D.C., after Dr. King’s assassination in ’68. In those riots, great cities were gutted, dozens were killed, and thousands arrested.

Detroit never recovered. And that is the future that beckons us all if our first demand today is not for peace and order, and then for justice for Brown’s family and Darren Wilson, according to the rule of law.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.” Copyright 2014

• Category: Race/Ethnicity • Tags: Blacks, Ferguson Shooting, Race/Crime 
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  1. Jason says:

    Pat tiptoes up to the line but always backs away. This isn’t about competing “visions”.

    It’s about RACE and behavior. It’s about the fact that every non-White country on earth is a police state and always has been.

    It’s not competing “visions” it is competing biological facts on the ground. The US will be majority non-White soon. And our grand old ideas of freedom and liberty will be Gone With the Wind.

    • Replies: @Nik
    , @The Anti-Gnostic
  2. Our diversity is our strength.

    • Replies: @Jason
  3. Nik says:

    Were it not for the unrest and blood that the US spilled in Ukraine – and keep doing so, I would be very sympathetic to this article. Right now my response is closer to “serves them right”…

    Imagine Lavrov taking along a couple of diplomats and a bunch of armed guards and arriving in Ferguson to hand out snacks to the protesters.

  4. Nik says:

    “every non-White country on earth is a police state”

    I’m not gonna shout “racist” at you, as you do have a point, to some extent. It is worth pointing out however, that the US actively corrupts and encourages the already corrupt heads of states of numerous countries and therefore has a lot to answer for this sorry state of affairs.
    As log as the natural resources and market of a country are exploited by the US, robbing the country of any real prospect of growth and development, America is happy with and will support the grimmest of dictators.

  5. @Jason

    IOW, we’re about to come to the stunningly sad realization that “rule of law” just means “where the nice people live.”

    Vox Day put together a pretty good poem on it all.

    If you want “the rule of law” you have to get a group of polite, hard-working people together, and mark the borders with barbed wire and machine guns.

  6. Oldeguy says:

    We have no more of an effective plan of how to handle a huge ineducable Black Underclass today than we did in the heyday of Government action to integrate them into the larger U.S. society. Civil Rights Act of 1964, Voting Rights Act of 1965, Open Housing Act of 1968, 50 years of “Affirmative Action”, have all failed to “bring on board” an enormous “indigestible” sub-group who, through nature or an impenetrable culture, appear to be utterly unwilling or unable ( or both ) to assimilate into a society that the rest of the world finds so desirable that immigrants flock to seize the opportunities this Underclass scorns. I freely admit to bafflement as to a solution.

    • Replies: @John Jeremiah Smith
  7. Jason says:
    @simon says

    Funny how a 100% Latino area doesn’t need “diversity”.
    Nor does a 100% Asian area.

    But the PC Screamers get real upset if an area is “too White”.

  8. VincentT says:

    I could argue both sides of this issue. I think there is more going one in this case. I’m surprised PJB doesn’t at least make reference to this discontent being related to the what has been going on for the last three decades. He has written a lot on the subject, economic policies which cater to the one percent (investor class) while undermining the middle and working class. When you see the militarization of the cops against rowdy kids you can’t help but think there is someone not quite right with the picture. And you get the sense that only through hindsight will it make sense (i.e., it signaled something more than militarized cops and discontented inner city people). I think these kids on the streets of Ferguson are the canary in the coal mine.

    • Replies: @Hepp
  9. Pat,

    I’m afraid that Jason above is correct. I suspect that you understand things quite well but that you are simply not in a position to tell the truth. Unlike Steve Sailer, you still have one foot in polite society and discussing biological racial difference would immediately spell the end to dinner invitations in DC.

    Blacks have an average – we all understand the word “average” correct – IQ of 85 and higher levels of testosterone, i.e. they are more quick to anger and have much less ability to understand the long-term consequences to both themselves and society in general. Large numbers of blacks mean higher crime. Period. It’s not the police or schools or racism or anything else. It’s biology.

    In a sense, whites have done blacks a serious disservice. We’ve placed them in a situation where the vast majority of them as doomed to fail. (Granted, we’ve done them a far greater service by providing them with a material wealth they could only dream of on their own.) We expect them to behave and accomplish as though they are white. That’s a ridiculous and completely unattainable expectation. No less silly than Jews telling whites that they are failures if they don’t act like Jews and do as well in school as Jews. Some of us would make the cuts, but the vast majority would fail.

    Blacks evolved over hundreds of generations to succeed on the savannah or West Africa where population densities were low and farming was almost non-existent. To be successful in that environment, a man needed to be aggressive, fast and promiscuous. Europeans evolved to deal with harsh winters, farming and much larger concentrations of population. To succeed in that environment, a man needed to plan, have higher levels of trust, greater intelligence and a less violent temperament.

    The idea that blacks will magically become like white is childish. They won’t. Nor, do I suspect, do they want to become like whites – though they do like our stuff.

    It’s simple. You can have freedom or you can have blacks – and Hispanics to a less degree. But you can’t have both.

    Any city or suburb with a large black population will need a much heavier police presence. For that and many other reasons, I choose to live among whites.

  10. Dave37 says:

    I don’t think African-Americans are the problem as much as they are the symptom. We’ve spent the last 50 years or so teaching political correctness for everything in schools and MSM so we are reaping the rewards now. I don’t see that electing republicans will change anything either, things are just going to get worse and hopefully not boil over.

  11. @Oldeguy

    Permit me to suggest a beginning of a “solution”: Re-create the CCC and other types of service corps as substitutes for real employment. Discontinue welfare and subsistence payments to individuals who fail to sign up for a service corps, and who fail to report for work at same.

    I don’t care if they don’t like it. No workee, no eatee. TANSTAAFL.

    • Replies: @Ken
    , @nikto
  12. pyrrhus says:

    Now it has come out that the police officer involved suffered a fracture of the orbital socket from this “gentle giant.” Wonder how the race baiters will explain that?

    The reality is that the destruction of the Black family by a host of liberal welfare programs, combined with their inherent greater propensity for violence and lower IQ, has doomed the diversity experiment. Wonder if anyone will notice before it is too late?

  13. Hepp says:

    No, this is all race. These kinds of riots are a natural consequence of

    1) An 85 IQ race with low impulsivity and high testosterone; and
    2) A liberal elite that tells them their problems are someone else’s fault

    It’s blacks behaving differently than every other group of Americans, just as it has been for centuries.

  14. Adam says:

    @Simon Says: “Our diversity is our strength.”

    My one word reply is: Yugoslavia.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  15. “The reality is that the destruction of the Black family by a host of liberal welfare programs…”

    Now wait a minute here, are you saying that paying the lowest, least intelligent, and nonproductive members of society to stay at home and breed, and giving them bonus money to raise these children in a broken home might have been a bad idea?

    Why that’s absurd, you must be racist.

  16. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    A biased media with its own anti-white agenda, race-pimps always on the hustle, a huge underclass of high testosterone and low I. Q. blacks. Add them all up and its a lethal cocktail indeed.

  17. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    And Czechoslovakia. And the Soviet Union. And Northern Ireland. And Xinjiang in China. And the Basques in Spain. And the Kurds in Turkey. And the Muslim-Christian split in Nigeria. And the defunct Austria-Hungaria. The list goes on and on.

  18. nikto says: • Website
    @John Jeremiah Smith

    No workee, no eatee.

    No eatee, feel badee, now waree. I just point to Shaka Zulu for what will come after.

    Does Pontiff Sailer also believe “whites” make better fighters than “blacks” under all conditions, on all terrains, and with all levels of access to technology?

  19. @nikto

    “Does Pontiff Sailer also believe “whites” make better fighters than “blacks” under all conditions, on all terrains, and with all levels of access to technology?”

    A fair fight does require an artificial leveling of technology, doesn’t it? Why is that, do you suppose?

  20. @nikto

    Do I appear to be remarkably unconcerned about a Black rebellion? Buck Negroes rampaging through the streets, cutting white and messican throats?

    Why yes, I do feel unconcerned. They couldn’t break out of those self-created ghettos on a ten-dollar bet. They lack the means, and they lack the ability to survive outside the bounds of their permanent welfare condition. A few? Sure? Enough? Not even close.

    • Replies: @Hare Krishna
  21. @John Jeremiah Smith

    They broke out of the ghettos in Los Angeles in 1992.

    American whites were powerless against them. Asians, Latinos, and Eastern Euro whites fought back and pushed them back.

    Unless there is a change in the American white population to get rougher, nastier, more apt to violence, and less feminist and PC, they will probably conquer the American whites, It has nothing to do with genetic race or IQ – American whites used to have balls.

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