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Bush Republicanism Is Dead and Gone
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“The two living Republican past presidents, George H. W. Bush and George W. Bush, have no plans to endorse Trump, according to their spokesmen.” So said the lead story in The Washington Post.

Graceless, yes, but not unexpected. The Bushes have many fine qualities. Losing well, however, is not one of them.

And they have to know, whether they concede it or not, that Trump’s triumph is a sweeping repudiation of Bush Republicanism by the same party that nominated them four times for the presidency.

Not only was son and brother, Jeb, humiliated and chased out of the race early, but Trump won his nomination by denouncing as rotten to the core the primary fruits of signature Bush policies.

Twelve million aliens are here illegally, said Trump, because the Bushes failed to secure America’s borders.

America has run up $12 trillion in trade deficits and been displaced as the world’s first manufacturing power by China, said Trump, because of the lousy trade deals backed by Bush Republicans.

The greatest strategic blunder in U.S. history, said Trump, was the Bush II decision to invade Iraq to disarm it of nonexistent weapons of mass destruction.

The war Bush began, says Trump, produced 5,000 American dead, scores of thousands wounded, trillions of dollars wasted, and a Middle East sunk in civil-sectarian war, chaos and fanaticism.

That is a savage indictment of the Bush legacy. And a Republican electorate, in the largest turnout in primary history, nodded, “Amen to that, brother!”

No matter who wins in November, there is no going back for the GOP.

Can anyone think the Republican Party can return to open borders or new free-trade agreements like NAFTA?

Can anyone believe another U.S. Army, like the ones Bush I and Bush II sent into Afghanistan and Iraq, will be mounted up and march to remake another Middle East country in America’s image?

Desert Storm and Operation Iraqi Freedom are history.

What the Trump campaign revealed, as Republicans and even Democrats moved toward him on trade, immigration and foreign policy, is that Bush Republicanism and neoconservatism not only suffered a decisive defeat, they had a sword run right through them.

They are as dead as emperor-worship in Japan.

Trump won the nomination, he won the argument, and he won the debate. The party is now with Trump — on the issues. For GOP elites, there can be no going back to what the grass roots rejected.

What does this suggest for Trump himself?

While he ought to keep an open door to those he defeated, the greatest mistake he could make would be to seek the support of the establishment he crushed by compromising on the issues that brought out his crowds and brought him his victories and nomination.

Given Trump’s negatives, the Beltway punditocracy is writing him off, warning that Trump either comes to terms with the establishment on the issues, or he is gone for good.

History teaches otherwise.

Hubert Humphrey closed a 15-point gap in the Gallup poll on Oct. 1 to reach a 43-43 photo finish with Richard Nixon in 1968.

President Gerald Ford was down 33 points to Jimmy Carter in mid-July 1976, but lost by only 2 points on Election Day.

In February 1980, Ronald Reagan was 29 points behind Jimmy Carter, whom he would crush 51-41 in a 44-state landslide.

Gov. Michael Dukakis left his Atlanta convention 17 points ahead of Vice President George H. W. Bush in 1988. Five weeks later, Labor Day, Bush had an eight-point lead he never lost, and swept 40 states.

What this suggests is extraordinary volatility of the electorate in the modern age. As this year has shown, that has not changed.

How then should Trump proceed?


Unify the party, to the degree he can, by keeping an open door to the defeated and offering a hand in friendship to all who wish to join his ranks, while refusing to compromise the issues that got him where he is. If the Bushes and neocons wish to depart, let them go.

Lest we forget, Congressman John Anderson, who lost to Reagan in the primaries, bolted the party and won 7 percent of the national vote.

Ted Cruz, who won more states and votes than all other Trump rivals put together, should be offered a prime-time speaking slot at Cleveland — in return for endorsing the Trump ticket.

As the vice presidential nominee remains the only drama left, Trump should hold off announcing his choice until closer to Cleveland.

For while that decision will leave one person elated, it will leave scores despondent. And the longer Trump delays his announcement, the more that those who see themselves as a future vice president will be praising him, or at least holding off from attacking him.

Ultimately, the Great Unifier upon whom the Republican Party may reliably depend is the nominee of the Democratic Party — Director James Comey and his FBI consenting — Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of the new book “The Greatest Comeback: How Richard Nixon Rose From Defeat to Create the New Majority.”

Copyright 2016

• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Republicans 
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  1. Somehow, veiled support by Bush fils and Bush pere may not be that helpful to the Clintons, since it exposes them as warmongers and establishment lackeys. It is true that too many democrats will vote for a sack of cowdung if it is labeled as the Democratic nominee, but the baggage carried by the Clintons, including war crimes in Libya and support for an extra-legal coup in Honduras, and even a historical revision of their vaunted success in Kosovo now that it has come out that those they helped to power included gangsters who made their living stealing organs for the transplant business renders their position extremely vulnerable in November. A particular issue Trump is likely to expose is the fact the el qaeda element Clinton helped to power in Libya engaged in a mass liquidation of sub-Saharan Africans Khadaffi had settled in Libya as “mercenaries.” If this issue is properly aired, then the Clintons’ firewall” of black votes should be compromised if not totally turned around.
    Were I in Britain, I would go to the bookies and take the odds on a Trump presidency.

    • Replies: @Shafiq
  2. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    I don’t really hate the Bushes.

    After what Trump did to Jeb, it’s only right that pa Bush and Bush II stick with Jeb.

    It’s a family thing, and we should respect that.

    Also, Bush I wasn’t such a bad president. And Bush II fell under the influence of Neocons.

    As for Jeb, he should just tell himself that what Trump did was an… act of love.

    If Jeb can forgive 20 million illegally barging into the US and call it ‘love’, then he needs to realize that Trump’s whupping his butt and proposing to build a wall is a true act of love.

  3. Realist says:

    “Graceless, yes, but not unexpected. The Bushes have many fine qualities. Losing well, however, is not one of them..”

    All Bush family member are losers. You would think they would have it down by now.
    And I fail to see ‘their fine qualities’.

    • Replies: @Marcus
    , @Anonymous
  4. A Bush endorsement of Donald Trump would be one of the few things that might cause me to reconsider my support for him. I hope that all three Bushes come out in active opposition and endorse Hillary Clinton–it would show at last where they truly stand.

  5. Renoman says:

    I spit on the grave of the old GOP and so does most of the World. It’s a new day, Trump will win and just maybe he can save America.

  6. Kyle a says:
    @Priss Factor

    You should hate them. They’ve had more to do with the mestizo invasion of this country than all other presidents combined. We should transplant the whole Bush klan south of the border. They love them some Mexican crude oil and tacos. Deplorable people.

    • Agree: woodNfish
  7. Rurik says:
    @Priss Factor

    It’s a family thing, and we should respect that.

    for everything they’ve done for our country, we really owe them some gesture of reciprocation

    one of the great benefits that Trump’s campaign has been for the American people is the opportunity that Trump has given us all for looking behind the curtain at the levers of power and seeing the rot and corruption and treason staring us right in the face.

    it’s like Trump is opening a door and behind it there’s the GOP down on its knees on Sheldon Adelson and they’re both shocked and staring at you staring at them

    Ryan is busy choking and gagging, and Sheldon is caught between looking down with approval vs. shock at seeing that the door is open and all are watching

    it’s difficult to even imagine the GOP as anything but cucks at this point, but this could be a time of The Great Cleansing. When our nation’s leaders are shown for their perfidy by their poorly veiled support for Hillary (corruption and treason and war and Goldman Sachs) over Trump (America first).

  8. Marcus says:

    I wouldn’t call them losers, other than Jeb. They’ve enriched themselves tremendously since Prescott rose from humble beginnings…. at the expense of ordinary Americans who are strangers in their own country and millions of dead and displaced in the Mideast.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
    , @Realist
  9. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website

    Beware of Shabbos Goy Sabotage or Shabbotage.

    Shabboteurs are all around.

  10. woodNfish says:

    “…and millions of dead and displaced” right here at home by these blood sucking vultures who have lined their pockets at our expense and livelihoods.

  11. bondo says:

    a family of crooks and meagre intellects.
    all belong in orange.

    • Replies: @NoseytheDuke
  12. @Priss Factor

    The survival of the Bush’s is contingent on the invincible ignorance of people like you:

    “George Herbert Walker Bush: ‘Sarah, if the American people ever find out what we have done, they would chase us down the street and lynch us.’ That is a famous 1992 quote by George Herbert Walker Bush to Sarah McLendon, a Texas journalist.”

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  13. @Priss Factor

    “And Bush II fell under the influence of Neocons”

    Governing well includes not falling under the influence of treasonous weasels.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  14. Dubya was an accessory to the crimes of his administration. Darth Cheney who will never be completely dead is the true psycho killer. Chinese historians will discover this truth. Ah so!

    Anyway, good riddance to the lot of them if in fact we are now free of them. Perhaps the remnant of the red war party will find a way to dispatch the blue war party. Go Trump!

  15. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @Bill Jones

    Yeah, but that can be said for ALL politicians.

    They all got skeletons or skull and bones in their closet.

  16. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @William BadWhite

    Easier said than done. If the ONLY way you can win is to rely on Big Money and Big Media, and if Jews got it… then whaddya gonna do?

  17. Realist says:

    That’s my point exactly….they are losers.

  18. Anonymous • Disclaimer says: • Website

    I dont know what fine qualities the bush family has, other then embezzlement, fraud, treason, larceny, insubordination, and a penchant for theft, war, complicity in 911, war crimes and illegal alien invasion. May they all go fk themselves long and HARD. I ABSOLUTELY HATE THEIR TRAITOROUS GUTS! FUCK THEM! PUT THEIR ASSES ON TRIAL! NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!

    • Replies: @Big Sal
  19. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    They are as criminally corrupt as the Clintons….

  20. @bondo

    An orange jumpsuit would be ideal for that final walk to the gurney or the gallows, I would allow them that choice. Perhaps the orange attire would also be perfect should the Roman tradition of hanging out the corpses as a lesson be followed, as it should. There are many others who should follow them in a final fashion walk too. How poetic given that the Bush criminals have signed so many such warrants for others.

    I have some doubts about what can be expected from the Donald but hope he can effect meaningful change. That he will need to watch his back is understatement of British proportions.

  21. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    The Bush’s where servents of the Right /Left Matrix funded by International Fianace .
    This powers goal is pure globalsim …which is the elimination of sovereign cultures ,and economies .
    Trump’s triiumph is over the neferious forces which have been running victorious with resstence crushed ,and vilified since the beginning of the 20 th Century.

    Only a media savvy personality with independent means could of achieved this result in our age .
    This is Trump.
    Whatever ones faith in him is,his victory of Bush ,and the Wall Street /Neoconservative/Fundamentalist /Globalist forces ruling and ruinng the Republican Party is a magnificent achievement of some liberation .

  22. bondo says:

    2nd bush admin not really bush, but jewcon via jewpet cheney.

    doofus bush selected because he was/is a moron with zilch ideas, thinking. just point him in a direction like a dog.

  23. Realist says:

    “While he ought to keep an open door to those he defeated, the greatest mistake he could make would be to seek the support of the establishment he crushed by compromising on the issues that brought out his crowds and brought him his victories and nomination.”

    Trump is conflicted. He has already compromised and will continue to back off his positions. His speech to AIPAC shows he is willing to do the Zionists bidding. When asked about what his reaction to, Russian airplanes close fly over to US warships just off the coast of Russia, would be, his reaction was to shoot at them. When it should have been “what right do we have putting warships just off Russian territory?”. He will be manipulated by the power elite just as his predecessors were.

    • Replies: @Reactionary Utopian
  24. @Priss Factor

    Bush the First put “Boots on the Ground” 3 times in four years. He allowed the NeoCons to come to power during the last year of his regime. The NeoCons have ruled ever since. They brought us Clinton’s Balkans wars and the daily bombing of Iraq. Bush the Lesser ran as a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but the mask was off not even a year into his rule. Obama is a NeoCon puppet.

    A pox upon the Bush tribe and all it’s members. I hope George P Bush is ran down by a drunk illegal, left to spend the remainder of his days a drooling vegetable hooked up to machines.

  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Trump’s talks a good game but his true colors are revealed when the issue of Israel and the Jews come up. I’ve never seen a more discussing display than the republican debates where every candidate, including Trump, fell over themselves in support of the Terrorist State. They spoke more passionately about Israel than the United States. Every problem Trump talks about fixing is a Jewish creation.

    Get the Jews out of finance, education, government, the media and America has a chance but that seems unlikely. Trump has already made it loud and clear that under his presidency the Jewish machine will continue to manufacture America’s bleak future.

  26. @Realist

    Trump is conflicted. He has already compromised and will continue to back off his positions. His speech to AIPAC shows he is willing to do the Zionists bidding. When asked about what his reaction to, Russian airplanes close fly over to US warships just off the coast of Russia, would be, his reaction was to shoot at them. When it should have been “what right do we have putting warships just off Russian territory?”. He will be manipulated by the power elite just as his predecessors were.

    All true. I like Trump in the abstract, as a concept. And he certainly has all the right enemies, and those enemies do appear to be unhinged and deranged by him. Good things, all.

    But … any time I read direct quotes from Trump the actual person, or see video of him speaking, it becomes harder to root for him. I’m reduced to hoping he’s lying, when he goes to AIPAC and tongue-bathes Bibi’s ring. Not a good thing.

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @Big Sal
  27. Svigor says:

    Good riddance.

    Fuck the Bushes.

    Fuck the McCains.

    While I’m at it:

    Fuck Mexico, Germany, Japan, China, and Israel. Fuck the Neocons, fuck the RNC, fuck the GOPe, fuck the National Review, and fuck establishment “conservatism.”

    Fuck the media, fuck academia, fuck corporate America, fuck the Chamber of Commerce.

    Fuck the globalists, fuck the open borders lobby, fuck the Forbes 400, fuck the New York Times, and fuck the Washington Post.

    Fuck Lindsie Graham, fuck Glenn Beck, fuck Meghan McCain, fuck Vicente Fox, fuck Angela Merkel, fuck Benjamin Netanyahu, fuck Rob Reiner, fuck Barry Diller, and fuck Mark Zuckerberg.

    Oh, and fuck organized Jewry.

    I could go on at length, but that will do for now.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
  28. Svigor says:

    How could I forget Bill Kristol?

    Fuck Bill Kristol.

  29. […] 4. The death of Bushismo (plus interesting factoids about the uselessness of polls this time of year) […]

  30. juster says:

    Pat, we want you as Trump’s VP.

  31. Shafiq says:
    @exiled off mainstreet

    I’ll take your theme a bit further. Bush Republicanism isn’t dead, it’s just been transplanted into the Democrat party, specifically in the person of Hillary Clinton. Other than being pro-abortion and (very recently and conveniently) pro-gay marriage, how is she any different from GW Bush in actual practice? Forget the constant flip-flopping and opportunism and focus on her record, from co-president to senator to secretary of state.

  32. Trump has done and is doing a fine job of deconstructing the Republiscam pty. The ClevCon is still going to be a riot, inside and out…showcasing the rot. As to the rest, Buchanan continues to live in dreamland. The schism between Judeo-globalists and implicit White Nationalists is unbridgeable, and the chasm widens by the hour, despite Trump’s best efforts to fellate Zion. Mrs. Clinton will be ‘Murka’s last Prez

  33. Should Trump not win in November, then Partition of America will be the new Trump Train.

  34. Big Sal says:
    @Priss Factor

    You’re kidding right? The Bush MALES are some of the most TREASONOUS, arrogant, criminal, self-serving, psychopaths, to ever hold public office, and anyone who ignorantly believes that they were there for the American people, must have been living in a cave! You don’t even have to read any of the MANY books on this treasonous family to see right through them! Try reading Family of Secrets by Russ Baker for some actual TRUTH!

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  35. Big Sal says:

    Thank You CUDA, FINALLY, someone that doesn’t have their head up their butt! You described the treasonous Bush crime family to a tee! I say HANG them from the balcony of the WH, along side the Clintons, Obama, as a warning to the rest of the future occupants!

  36. Corvinus says:

    You have a ton of anger issues.

    Do you even take any responsibility for perhaps not becoming politically involved enough to stop these things that you believe have ruined or are ruining America?

    • Replies: @John Smith
  37. Big Sal says:
    @Reactionary Utopian

    You said it, just the fact that he is even friendly to that arrogant mass-murdering psychopath Nutin-yahoo, is enough to turn me off! (Unless he’s just trying to secure the Jewish vote.)

  38. @Corvinus

    When has the average citizen had much power to effect change in America? It is a struggle to even be properly informed in this country.

    • Replies: @Corvinus
    , @NoseytheDuke
  39. Priss Factor [AKA "Dominique Francon Society"] says: • Website
    @Big Sal

    “You’re kidding right? The Bush MALES are some of the most TREASONOUS, arrogant, criminal, self-serving, psychopaths, to ever hold public office…”

    Compared to whom?

    The Kennedies?





    FDR was also a very devious man.

    It’s politics. I didn’t think George H.W. Bush was so bad. He was wobbly and weak on domestic issues.

  40. Corvinus says:
    @John Smith

    “When has the average citizen had much power to effect change in America?”

    Ask the Founding Fathers. Ask the people who formed unions. Ask the Tea Partiers.

    Sounds as if people here would rather lament on a blog or on their Twitter account, rather than actually get their hands dirty and run for political office, even at the local level.

    “It is a struggle to even be properly informed in this country.”

    There are a number of media outlets, both mainstream and non-mainstream, to get information. The difficulty is to sort out the bias from the left and the right to figure out what is accurate and what is factual. But it can be done with due diligence.

  41. @John Smith

    Apparently it’s now a struggle just to remain on a voter registration list or, if you do, to even to have a vote accurately recorded.

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