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Are Republicans Born Wimps?
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Republican leaders are “a bunch of wimps,” said Jerry Falwell Jr.

Conservatives and Christians need to stop electing “nice guys.”

“The US needs street fighters like Donald Trump at every level of government because the liberal fascists Dems are playing for keeps.”

So tweeted the son and namesake of the founder of the Moral Majority, and he has here a self-evident point.

Thursday, 11 GOP senators on the judiciary committee freely forfeited to a female prosecutor their right to cross-examine Christine Blasey Ford, the accuser of Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

The Republicans feared that televised images of 11 white men, sharply questioning the credibility of Ford’s claim to be a victim of Kavanaugh’s sexual assault, would be politically lethal.

So, while the Republicans mutely abstained from challenging her, Ford was treated by the Democrats as the reincarnation of Joan of Arc, though not a single witness has corroborated her story.

Friday, Sen. Jeff Flake caved to Democratic demands for another weeklong FBI investigation of the judge. The Republicans, egg visible on their faces, endorsed their colleague’s capitulation.

Thursday, Sen. Lindsey Graham had been the Republican lion of the hearing, indicting Democrats for the moral atrocity they had deceitfully and dishonorably perpetrated against the judge.

By Friday, our Cicero was reaching out in collegiality to the same senators he was castigating 24 hours before.

Falwell’s point: Democrats fight savagely and for keeps, while Republicans — street-fighter Trump excepted — are wimps, often bewailing any loss of camaraderie with their colleagues across the aisle.

As my late friend Sam Francis said in the title of his book, many Republicans are perfectly content with being “Beautiful Losers.”

Yet the stakes here are immense. Consider how the Supreme Court has remade the America we grew up in.

Since World War II, the court has de-Christianized all public schools and the public life of a land Woodrow Wilson and Harry Truman called a “Christian nation.” It has established secularism as our state religion.

Despite civil right laws declaring race discrimination illegal, the court has given its blessing to affirmative action, deliberate discrimination in favor of peoples of color against white men in the name of diversity and equality.

The court has declared that what were once crimes, abortion and homosexuality, are now constitutional rights all Americans must respect.

These changes were not legislated democratically, but imposed dictatorially by the high court. While a Senate confirmation of Kavanaugh would not reverse these mandated changes, it might halt any further imposition of this radical social revolution by unelected judges.

But while the Democratic left, understanding the stakes, is fighting bare-fisted, Republicans are sparring with 14-ounce gloves and seeking to observe Marquess of Queensberry Rules.

In other ways as well America has been remade.


Not only has Christianity, and all its symbols and expressions of faith and belief, been removed, but also a purge is underway of monuments and statues of the explorers, colonists and statesmen who, believing in the superiority of their religion, culture and civilization, set out to create the county we inherited.

And William Frey, resident demographer at the Brookings Institution, writes about how America is being changed — without the consent of the people.

“Since 2000, the white population under the age of 18 has shrunk by seven million, and declines are projected among white 20-somethings and 30-somethings over the next two decades and beyond. This is … a trend that is not likely to change despite Mr. Trump’s wish for more immigrants from Norway.

“The likely source of future gains among the nation’s population of children, teenagers and young working adults is minorities — Hispanics, Asians, blacks and others.”

When we are all minorities, and all behave as minorities, making our separate demands upon the country, what then holds America together?

In Federalist 2, John Jay famously wrote:

“Providence has been pleased to give this one connected country to one united people — a people descended from the same ancestors, speaking the same language, professing the same religion … very similar in their manners and customs…

“This country and this people seem to have been made for each other, and it appears as if it was the design of Providence, that an inheritance so proper and convenient for a band of brethren, united to each other by the strongest ties, should never be split into a number of unsocial, jealous, and alien sovereignties.”

Yet, each decade, less and less are we descended from the same ancestors. Less and less do we speak the same language, profess the same religion, share the same manners, customs, traditions, history, heroes and holidays.

Does America look today like the “band of brethren united to each other” of which Jay wrote, and we seemed to be as late as 1960?

Or does not the acrimony attendant to the nomination of Judge Kavanaugh suggest that we have already become a land “split into a number of unsocial, jealous and alien sovereignties.”

With all our new diversity, whatever became of our unity?

Patrick J. Buchanan is the author of a new book, “Nixon’s White House Wars: The Battles That Made and Broke a President and Divided America Forever.”

Copyright 2018

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Republican Party, Supreme Court 
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  1. pyrrhus says:

    The answer to Pat’s question is way too obvious….Time to retire any Republicans who don’t want to fight for their voters and the traditional nation.

    • Replies: @Realist
  2. Jason Liu says:

    The mainstream right simply doesn’t have the aptitude, personality, or social skills to engage in cultural wars against an internal enemy.

    Even the so-called dissident right will make stupid mistakes like trying to debate leftists, assuming good faith in leftists, trying to ‘play by the rules’, letting everyone have a say, losing their cool, etc. Despite talking tough and acting macho, these people are mentally weak or just completely misunderstand the nature of the enemy.

    Conversations with leftists are never about reasoning or even the issue at hand. It’s always about verbally establishing social dominance and moral superiority. Meaning that everything said to a leftist should be mocking and belittling both themselves and their backwards, egalitarian beliefs.

    Deplatform, shut down, shout down, undermine, and gaslight whenever possible. It’s the only language equalists understand.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  3. joann f says:

    This is all true, but whom are you addressing ? People don’t read anymore, they have been programmed to dumb down and be happy, watch serials and porn and they don’t any longer know what you are even talking about, which won’t matter as they’re not going to see it anyway.

    They are consumers who try to satisfy their drives, herd animals. All higher ideals are forsaken and cultures are being merged to then wind down. Reflecting about this is honorable but a waste of time, as those who read it already know, and don’t belong among the average Republican voting majority.
    I’m European, I’m on social and I notice how people don’t care to read my political posts, they want to see pitchers and be made to feel comfortable.

    Those who started out treating humans as herd animals won over those who insisted that humans are some sort of intelligent life form with a ridiculous higher meaning. Republicans are awed and stunned by that, and they sure don’t have the guts or wits to confront the situation which thereby becomes irreversible.
    No more heroes.

  4. I waded into this expecting to support Kavanaugh, but his statements under oath are highly questionable, at best.

    Kavanaugh made at least 3 false exculpatory statements under oath.

    He stated that he never attended any parties like the one described by Dr. Ford. False. She described a small and informal party of a few acquaintances, all drinking beer. Kavanaugh’s calendar listed many such parties.

    He implied that he never did such drinking on a weeknight. False. His calendar lists a July 1st 1982 (weeknight) event to have “skis” (i.e. brewskees) with Mark Judge, a guy named PJ, and others. Precisely the people and type of event described by Ford.

    He stated that all 4 witnesses denied that Ford’s described event ever happened. But this isn’t true. At least one of them said simply she couldn’t remember what happened, which is not the same as an outright denial. And that same witness said that while she didn’t remember, she thought it did happen. Kavanaugh knew that, and he lied.

    He throughout tries to portray himself as an honest, hard-working sort who never did anything remotely flawed. Whereas Ford, in her testimony, actually conceded points she had wrong – which is usually the sign of a more honest witness.

    It is alarming to watch Republicans and white identitarians choosing the hill of Kavanaugh to die upon.

    Dump him, and nominate Mike Lee.

  5. RVBlake says:

    To address a point which is perhaps ancillary to the point of the article, Buchanan bemoans the de-Christianizing of the public schools. In a wilderness of Supreme Court obscenities, secularizing public schools is not one of them. And Wilson is a poor choice to exemplify as a Christian.

  6. KenH says:

    The Republican girly men inspire no confidence. They cuck and surrender at the first sign of any trouble since that’s the easiest path to becoming a highly paid lobbyist.

    The stakes are even higher although PJB alludes to it near the end. The (((radical left))) has placed a blood libel on the white race and specifically “deplorables” (says Hillary) and “dregs of society” (says Joe hair plugs Biden) who are guilty only of resisting racial and cultural genocide and the subsumption of their nation in a tide of neo-Bolshevism and third world barbarism.

    And William Frey, resident demographer at the Brookings Institution, writes about how America is being changed — without the consent of the people.

    By the diktat of the influential Jews. It was mostly they who got the ball rolling on the trends PJB cites and bemoans, but we’re supposed to pretend otherwise so we aren’t called anti-semites and Nazis and so some can keep their lucrative sinecures as syndicated columnists.

    • Replies: @Sir Launcelot Canning
  7. Here is a look at unique research that shows us why Americans voted Republican in 2016:

    Given the demographic changes that the United States is experiencing, it is quite likely that populist political candidates will continue to play on voters’ perceptions of vulnerability.

  8. When you’re a Republican you have two goals. The first is to get elected, unfortunately this may require Republican voters. The second is to get the Democrats to like you. If they Democrats like you then you aren’t a racist or a sexist. Nice Republicans get sinecures in Democratic administrations and think tanks to signal bipartisanism.

    The Republican politician has to keep these two goals in tension. If you get too many Republican votes you stop being liked by Democrats. If you get too liked by Democrats you may not get reelected. Their pathetic behavior makes a lot of sense when you realize their options.

  9. fadfa says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    This is an excellent example of concern trolling–well done, John!

  10. The week-spined Republicans are irrationally terrified of the “wrath” of the BC/HC/BO/GS cabal, and they live with visions of VF, ruminating through their cowardly minds.
    They will never, ever begin to go after these leftist scumbags until they realize that their fear and images of the “superhuman” evil powers of the dissolute democrats are self-created.
    And then there is of course the “race-card” , the main bludgeon of the marxists which they, the Republicans, should have turned around and hurled back at the them with a vengence.
    Then there is the apparition of cities burning after GS orders his armies into action.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualified since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro jazz performer.

  11. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    And this is why Republicans, and the right in general, almost always loses. The Democrats will do whatever it takes to win; lie, cheat, steal, obfuscate, even kill. While thanks to concern trolls like you the Republicans fret over whether, in fact, their man did once have a beer on a Tuesday in 1983.

  12. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Yet the stakes here are immense. Consider how the Supreme Court has …”

    Sure, as if a Justice Kavanaugh is going to make a difference. Another striver who only got this far by being loyal to the Establishment, happy to earn his robe through “public service” under the Cheney administration that brought us the Patriot Act, and whose figurehead reportedly disparaged the Constitution as a “go***med piece of paper.”

    And when has Mr. Buchanan ever told you that the “stakes” for one of these confirmation scenes in the Puppet Show is anything less than “immense”? Was that said of Judge (now Chief Justice) Roberts, who ended up securing the national health care racket for Big Pharma and the insurance industry?

    Those who buy into columns like these are just as gulled as the people who “believe her.”

    • Agree: Liza, Digital Samizdat
  13. TG says:

    The Republican leadership are not wimps. They have simply been paid to take a fall.

    The Democrats are not in any way shape or form ‘liberal’ in any traditional sense. From Bill Clinton on, they are focused on enacting the agenda of their wealthy donors. And the Republicans are also focused on enacting the agenda of their wealthy donors.

    Kavanaugh is being targeted by the elites because he apparently actually believes in enforcing the laws against illegal immigration. All the shouting and screaming is just for show.

  14. MarkinLA says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    This article was about pussy Republicans refusing to take off the gloves and fight and what do we have here?

  15. The points made by this article are a partial refutation to John Derbyshire”s prediction that the Kavanaugh appointment may energize Republiccan voters in the midterm elections. What is the point of electing Republicans who measure their worth by how acceptable they are to Democrats?

  16. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    No, confirm him and then nominate —horrors —a nonCatholic white American for the next Supreme Court opening (hoping there will be one in 2020-2022 and that republicans will still have fifty votes in the Senate, I.e. 50 “Republicans”, minus the RINO wench from Maine, plus Joe Manchin, with VP breaking the tie).

  17. Anonymous[275] • Disclaimer says:

    Blessed are the meek.

    How’s that lily-livered meekness working out?

  18. @KenH

    Call me anti-semite or Nazi or whatever you like. I couldn’t care less. And if more people were like me we could have a chance of standing up for ourselves. The GOP Pat bemoans aren’t the only wimps. My fellow Americans – terrified of a name-calling label – are awfully lame, too.

  19. @fadfa

    It sure looks like concern-trolling, but I’m not sure I disagree entirely. While the media, and many of us were absolutely glued to the “he gro-ped mehysteria, President Trump:
    1) went to the UN and announced a reversal of both Obama’s and Bush’s foreign policies; he projected the US would act in it’s own interests (and expected other nations to do the same) much like the Monroe Doctrine; and told them the US would NOT be beholden to any International ____ (court, commission, you-name-it). If he can stick with it, the biggest policy change since Truman.
    2) Finalized the re-writing of NAFTA, now the United States-Mexico-Canada (USMCA) accord. A treaty that isn’t just ‘good for America’ ((big business)) but good for Americans too.

    It’s true (important not to forget) that Trump had a list of potential SCOTUS nominees during the election. So he has a mandate, some electoral consensus, for his selections. Kavanaugh was not one of those, but a later addition. He’s not a bad pick; he worked for Starr and then under Bush, but he’s obviously a creature of the late-era R machine.

    At this point you’ve got to have cognitive dissonance to think Trump is stupid, doesn’t know what he’s doing, or isn’t effective. Gorsuch, on the original list, is now a Justice, and Allison Eid, also on the original list, was promoted to take his spot on the 10th Circuit.

    Kavanaugh is the initial offer, a known quantity, a Beltway judge well familiar to everyone in the capital. To the D-critturs: better the devil you know than the devil you don’t. But then there’s the irresistible “he gro-ped me” and #metoo media circus with the hope of a setting off a moral panic to their advantage.

    But there’s a backup, there always is. If the Kavanaugh nomination fails, Trump’s next pick won’t. Blue wave or not, the next nomination will not have hearings or official publicity stunts. It will be a straight up-or-down vote, there’s a substantial list to run through, and they are all as good as Kavanaugh.

  20. MarkinLA says:

    As good as in what way? If immigration enforcement is important, many are clearly not.

  21. “… while Republicans — street-fighter Trump excepted — are wimps, often bewailing any loss of camaraderie with their colleagues across the aisle.”

    Repubes value their bi-partisan relationship because the Dems know where to score the hot, slutty chicks and good drugs.

  22. Kabuki Theater.

    Notice Trump can instantly order the FBI to investigate pussy crimes.

    But he can’t order a real investigation of Clinton’s classified email and Clinton Foundation crimes.

    • Replies: @Pat Hannagan
  23. TheOldOne says:


    Trump in effect said US would pursue Israhell’s foreign policy, which everyone already knew.

    Are you, by any chance, one of Vox Day’s kids? He’s about the only one still referring to the Doofus-in-chief as GEOTUS.

    • Replies: @hooodathunkit
  24. bjondo says:

    Repubs don’t fight or pretend to fight because they agree with the Demos who agree with the Repubs.

    One party against Trump and the “deplorables/America”.

  25. Tiny Duck says:


    “We, fellow white men, have a choice. We can resist this change through futile measures, each incrementally more desperate and barbaric than the last. We can quarantine minorities into gerrymandered districts. We can put children in cages on our borders. We can put sexual assault survivors before inquisitions in the United States Senate.

    Or we can embrace change, make our peace, and share the table.

    The American Story hasn’t always been true, and might not ever have been true, but that doesn’t mean it has to be a lie.

    It can be a promise our forebearers made many generations ago, and a promise our generation gets to keep.”

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  26. @MarkinLA

    If immigration enforcement is important, many are clearly not.

    True, but of the 2016 list, all are better that the 2017 additions. Kavanaugh isn’t a bad choice, but there are others that seem more to my wishes.

  27. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    All that alcohol damaged his Hippo Campus, causing those less signifigant details to be lost.

  28. @TheOldOne

    It’s not there, even though you might see it, nobody else does.

    Bitch, whine, and moan all you want to but this is the country we live in. Your realistic choices were Shillary or Burnie, and now is Pence. Or maybe you’re waiting for Kamaltoe Harris? I’m sure she wouldn’t ever,ever be guided by your ((((bogeyman)))). Nope.

    Bush? Romney? Kasich? Seriously, who or what are the options? Almost the whole party are effete, ineffectual, squishy appeasers. I’ll throw some support behind the Hopey-Changey destroying Trump; as long as he’s actually making some progress.

  29. anarchyst says:

    Jerry Fallwell Jr. is correct…
    It seems that too many Republicans are “milquetoasts”, afraid of showing “the courage of their convictions” (if any) and are just plain lazy.
    You see, whether their party is in power or is the minority, “the pay and perks” of the office are the same. Why get into real “rough and tumble politics” when you can “kick back” and still enjoy the perks of office?
    Even when the Republicans held both legislative bodies, they “laid back” and let the democRATS run all over them.
    Lindsey Graham finally showed some balls and pushed back against the democRATS.
    I hope that the days of the milquetoast Republicans are over…

  30. MarkinLA says:
    @Tiny Duck

    Tiny, then it is time for you to off yourself and end your pain.

  31. @Backwoods Bob

    Excellent point.

    Trump is so gung-ho when it comes to announcing that the USA’s foreign policy is owned by Israel yet such a pussy when it comes to all the bombastic blarney he spouted when going up against Hillary.

    Now the guy is promoting his teetotaling as some sort of divine blessing:

    Geeze, what a fag.

    And that on top of doing exactly the opposite of what he promised and signing the USA into a globalist agreement in NAFTA.

    USMCA: NAFTA on NWO Steroids:

  32. KenH says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    It is alarming to watch Republicans and white identitarians choosing the hill of Kavanaugh to die upon.

    The problem is that Republicans never pick any hill to die on and keep retreating and surrendering, so they need to die on this one to show the (((left))) that they can’t keep manufacturing false sexual assault allegations against Republican political candidates, SCOTUS nominees or any rightist that the left fears. The left is shameless and will keep using this tactic until it doesn’t work anymore.

    But if Kavanaugh does withdraw and Trump decides to pick someone else then it better be someone further to the right of him because while he’s not a bad pick he seems only sightly to the right of John Roberts and will probably virtue signal and side with the liberal bloc on occasions we don’t want.

  33. Once again, Buchanan gets it wrong. If he’s looking for a GOP cuck, all he has to do is look in the mirror. This wimp scribbles his nonsense and yet refuses to see that he is part of the problem.

    He is a Roman Catholic who accepts black/Asian priests-popes. This disqualifies him to comment about the West as he belongs to a church that is actively destroying it.

    When he ran for the presidency in 1992 in the new party he formed, he chose a black woman for his vice-president.

    As I consisently comment, the problems in the West are caused by the Caucasian RCC male who accepts black/Asian priests-popes and the Zioevangizer male who believes Jews are the chosen.

    The RCC can no longer produce a Charles Martel, Queen Isabella, Don Juan of Austria. Until other Westerners start dealing with this fact, we will not solve our problems. The GOP is now the party of whites but it refuses to deal with this reality. Buchanan would never say that the GOP is the party of whites because he is a cuck. He would circle back to his Christian faith and babble something stupid. The GOP needs to be transformed into a party that is for the West only. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim. This means repatriation and segregation.

    Every time I read or see something by some insane anti-Semite, most times it is work done by a Caucasian RCC male. Mr. Taki over at Takimag recently wrote about how he loves the RCC above all Christian religions. He is a pre-Vatican II Catholic who remembers a different church. That church no longer exists. Demographics have destroyed it. He does not try to save at least the Western part of the RCC. He does nothing to save his home country of Greece. And, yet, he just wrote something stupid about the Yemenis being attacked by the Saudis. He worries about low IQ, Muslim, negroids. And, knowing him, as he scribbles his nonsense he blames the Joooooz.

    E. Michael Jones, another insane anti-Semite RCCer, recently did a youtube where he said that African Catholics can integrate into Europe. WOW!!!!! He’s half-Irish and was unhappy about the Irish voting in abortion and gay marriage. The African Catholics need to move to Ireland to show the white Irish how to be RCC. And, as usual, he always mentions that ultimately all these problems are caused by Jews.

    There is a Nazi RCCer, Dennis Wise, who did a youtube series about Hitler. He made the concentration camps sound like summer camps. He said Hitler was a Christian. No, Hitler was not a Christian, he was a pagan. He did not like the RCC because if Jews converted to the RCC, they were now Catholics and not Jews. I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. So, ipso facto, reduction ad Hitlerum, I am now Hitler. Dennis Wise is a practicing RCCer, so he would accept black/Asian priests-popes. Wise is a degenerate and insane.

    There’s an RCC convert, Ann Barnhardt, who has podcasts about the RCC. In a recent podcast, she said that when Luther got a lot of Northern Europe to leave the RCC, Mary, the mother of Jesus, appeared to the Indian peasant and this caused Mexico to convert to the RCC. Barnhardt said this made up for the loss of Northern Europe. Look at present day Mexico. Which country is better – RCC Mexico or Protestant America? She worries about Muslims and thinks she will be raped by a Muslim. No, she will most likely be raped by a Catholic illegal.

    Now, the above-mentioned people are not low IQ, uneducated, or provincial. They are intelligent, sophisticated people. But, when it comes to religion, they go insane. And this insanity is what is destroying the West. They cannot deal with the realities of IQ and its relation to race. They cannot deal with the facts that beliefs can do little for a person. Biology is first, beliefs second.

    The liberal National Catholic Reporter website just published an article stating that black men are more religious than white people. The liberal and conservative RCCers are flipsides of the same worthless coin. They accept groids/gloids.

    I listened to a David Duke youtube. He is a Protestant but he babbles about the poor, low IQ, quadroon and octoroon Muslim Palestinians. He said that present day Palestinians were in Palestine for 2000 years before the Jews kicked them out and created Israel. The Palestinians of today are not related to the ancient Palestinians. The old Caucasian populations of North Africa and most of the Middle East were destroyed by Islam when it imported black slaves and introduced polygamy and concubinage.

    Until people starting dealing with biology first, we will not solve our problems.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @anonymous
  34. “split into a number of unsocial, jealous and alien sovereignties.”

    California passed a net neutrality law to protect its citizens. Jeff Sessions came back from the dead to oppose it, along with California’s marijuana laws.

  35. @fadfa

    I’m going to respond to each one of you tools with the same comment:

    Can you disprove my belief that Kavanaugh made false exculpatory statements?

    • Replies: @Coemgen
  36. @Johnny Smoggins

    Again, another bot who can’t read. My concern is not what Kavanaugh did in 1982. My concern is that he lied, under oath, NOW, in 2018.

    We aren’t going to win by cheating!

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  37. @MarkinLA

    We’ll see who’s laughing when Kavanaugh follows the precedent of his friend and mentor (the man who swore him in) Anthony Kennedy.

  38. @KenH

    Your last paragraph is the one that counts most.

    Everyone here is attacking me for “concern trolling.” I live in a rural county where the vast majority of people support Donald Trump. I am a white conservative working a set of blue-collar jobs. What the heck do I care about “concern trolling”?

    Let’s look at Kavanaugh’s record:

    1) Born and raised in DC
    2) “Educated” by the Jesuits (who gave us Pope Francis)
    3) Further “educated” at swampy Yale
    4) Clerked under pervert Jew Alex Kozinski
    5) Selected by George W. Bush, and sworn in by Anthony Kennedy
    6) Only selected by Trump, who clearly is not everything we thought he would be (Syria), after discussions with none other than Kennedy?

    Kavanaugh is a WASP, by which I mean White ASshole Politician. These are the people who have been selling out the rest of us whites for generations.

    Half of the people attacking me didn’t even bother to look at the key point, which is that Kavanaugh appears to have made false exculpatory statements! You want to defend a liar? Go ahead and do it, but I’m not gonna teach my children that lying is somehow part of a genuine strategy for success.

    Conservatives and identitarians can’t see the tree (Kavanaugh is an establishment hack!) for the forest (the larger battle)!

    • Replies: @KenH
  39. @MarkinLA

    You people are deluding yourselves if you think that Kavanaugh is anything other than another moderate in conservative clothing.

    This is the guy who, in a 2011 dissent, argued that the individual mandate of ObamaCare was, in effect, a “tax.”

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  40. @hooodathunkit

    I’ll give you credit for being the only one to respond with any actual critical thinking instead of portraying me, a conservative who fears Kavanaugh is a fraud, as some kind of “concern troll.”

  41. Coemgen says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Can you disprove my belief that Kavanaugh made false exculpatory statements?

    Can you disprove the other commenters’ belief that you nothing but a concern troll? (albeit a clever concern troll)

    • Replies: @anonymous
  42. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:

    “Clever”? Why not admit that he’s getting the best of his foes here, most of whom are of ZeroHedge quality, people who root Red no matter who’s in the uniform? And if you’re tired of him, why not try my (#13) “concern trolling,” whatever that means?

    For now, at least, The Unz Review is not a safe space for dullard commenters. Mop up the floor and show ‘em the door, Mr. Burns.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Coemgen
  43. MarkinLA says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Nobody is deluding themselves about anything. First of all, you have NO proof of Kavanaugh’s lying. Everybody in these situations dances around the truth. There is no way for somebody else to say that somebody else blacked out. You mean he had a beer in high school? You are whining about insignificant details that should never have investigated in the first place.

    But the big thing you don’t get and refuse to see is that if Kavanaugh is not confirmed, the Republicans will likely lose the House and possibly the Senate and Trump will never appoint another Supreme Court Justice. That is what is at stake here.

    There may very well be better candidates than Kavanaugh. However, of the other two on the short list, they were not very supportive of restrictions on immigration. That is my issue. Crying about the other issues are all fine and good but Kavanaugh probably won’t make any difference on those. The SC and the government have been slowly eviscerating the Constitution for 100 years.

    As for Obamacare, even the Republicans don’t have a viable replacement for it and neither do you or anybody else. Don’t give me that Hannity bullshit about a free market solution. If there was one we would already have it.

  44. RoninCT says:

    The Supreme Court that didn’t change America. America changed itself. My earliest maternal ancestor was a Mennonite minister from Germany who arrived here in 1756. My earliest paternal ancestors were Jews from Eastern Europe who arrived in the 1880s. My father did not observe his parents religion, and my mother was a practicing Christian Scientist. Their children and grandchildren are Christian Scientists, Jews, a Unitarian-Universalist and some “nons” or no religious affiliation. Our extended family includes Catholics, Protestants and more nons. Look closely and you will find most families are mixed cultures.
    America’s white Europeans all intermarried people of different nationalities. They also married people of different religions. Whites are marrying people of color – all colors. Same in my family. We are a mixed society, and better off for it. It makes us more tolerant because we know we are alike despite our differences. The old white Protestant America is gone and the Supreme Court had nothing to do with it.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  45. MarkinLA says:

    He is not getting the best of anybody. He just doesn’t understand the real issue here. it isn’t about how bad Kavanaugh may be or all the things Kavanaugh disagrees with that Burns thinks are “conservative”.

    It is about finally winning one. It is about telling the left that we are not listening to their shit anymore and we are going to do what we have to do.

  46. Coemgen says:

    Yes, I saw your #13.

    If you don’t like the phrase concern trolling how ’bout undermining?

    Quibbling about whether or not Judge Kavanaugh will be the perfect justice is moot.

    He’s been publicly accused of committing sexual felonies—without evidence. Millions of people believe that he has committed these sexual felonies. This is character assassination. He has young daughters. They’ve been humiliated by this (and if reports are correct, they’ve received threats of harm). That is not a quibble. The Democrats bypassed Judge Kavanaugh’s Sixth Amendment right by having him convicted by “the media.”

    What would you rather happen to you: spend six months in jail for a DUI conviction OR have 90% of “the U.S. media” breathlessly reporting that you’ve committed sexual felonies?

  47. CalDre says:
    @Jason Liu

    Since I am rather independent, I have experience being hated on by both sides – Rightists and Leftists. Whatever you attribute to the Left also applies to the Right – there is tons of trolling, smears, ad hominem attacks, insults, disingenuous arguments, (embraced) hypocricy, etc. Indeed, it happens a lot on this board – and go to Infowars or Breitbard and try to make a “Liberal” comment and see the reaction you get.

    The problem to which you refer is not being Left or Right per se, but partisanship. Like people rooting for a football team. It doesn’t matter who is “right” or “wrong”, they want their team to win.

    Let’s not forget, the “Right” tried to impeach Bill Clinton for lying about having sex with an intern (i.e., publicly admitting to adultery). Sure that was not a good thing to do, but a far far far cry for grounds for impeachment. Yet the Right was all sanctimonious about it. Now if the Left tried to impeach Trump (who is the same as Clinton as far as I’m concerned) for making a lie about his personal life, the Right would be indignant.

    • Replies: @Coemgen
  48. @attilathehen

    Absolutely true that the Catholic Church actively works to destroy western nations with massive illegal and “legal” Third World immigration. The church hierarchy agitates for more and more immigration of peoples who view us with indifference to hostility, who are difficult to assimilate and often unwilling to assimilate.

    Catholic Charities gets a ton of money to settle aliens all over once beautiful, safe, quiet, high-trust towns.

    Nobody who loves and cares about the historic european-descended western civilization can keep supporting the Catholic Church. Not just bergoglio, former Cardinal McCarrick, or a few others, but the whole damn sick bunch.

    The Catholic Church’s advocacy for the drowning of my people in an alien culture, for their political and economic dispossession, was the biggest factor in me leaving that church. Same for both my parents. Same for my wife.

    The homosexuals’ domination of the seminaries and churches, their unrepentant systematic indulgence in perversion with adults, and their molestation or taking advantage of teen and sometimes preteen boys, these were just further insult and further reason to be glad that we made the decision we did.

    God bless America and the millions of good hearted, patriotic catholic people here.
    But God will damn that church as currently constituted.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  49. Coemgen says:

    Bill Clinton took advantage of his underling by using her for his sexual pleasure.

    For at least the decade previous to this being made public, a boss having a sexual relationship with an employee was considered the height of immorality and put the boss in legal jeopardy (civil and criminal).

    An independent thinker would wonder why–suddenly–it was no longer a problem for a boss to be using an employee for sexual purposes.

    Before you try to counter with “Lewinski consented” to the act, the thinking at that time was that the employee was unable to freely consent to sexual activity with the boss (much like a sixteen-year-old girl cannot give legal consent for a twenty-one-year-old man to have sexual activity with her).

  50. @RadicalCenter

    Radical Center, you have an Asian wife and Asian offspring. You have commented that your Asian offspring travel to Asia regularly and speak some Chinese language. You are the problem. You imported an Asian woman, married her and now have Asian offspring who are not loyal and can never assimilate to the West.

    You are one of the reasons for the condition of the RCC.

  51. @Coemgen

    ” Why-suddenly- is was no longer a problem for aboss to be using an employee for sexual purpose”

    Why? Very simple : If the boss is a Democrat he will be forgiven for any and all transgressions. Democrats are above the law and above all ethical, moral codes, plus the PTB, and the media will turn their unscrupulous actions around and portray them as positive.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” qualifed since 1973, airborne trained US Army vet, and pro Jazz performer.

  52. CalDre says:

    Bill Clinton took advantage of his underling by using her for his sexual pleasure.

    Oh, the poor helpless exploited woman – sexist claptrap. She loved him, worshipped him. Bill took advantage the way that every man who has a one-night stand takes advantage – nothing to see here.

    a boss having a sexual relationship with an employee was considered the height of immorality

    Give me a break, happens daily. Never considered stellar but the height of immorality? LOL. Title VII added sexual harassment to the law in the late 70s, before that, conditioning a job on sex was quite legal, and quite common.

    Anyway the issue is impeachment, not whether Bill is a moral being (clearly not, but Lewisnky was the least of his transgressions).

    the thinking at that time was that the employee was unable to freely consent to sexual activity with the boss

    You’ve been reading too much feminist claptrap. It wasn’t thought then and it’s not thought now. Only now you can’t condition any employment retention or promotion on sex – but having your employee as a lover is perfectly legal and moral, then and now.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
    , @Coemgen
  53. amen says:

    Are Republicans born wimps? Pretty much yes. Flake is the worst of the lot, utterly spineless. Mormons are terrible RINOs, from Orrin Hatch to Flake to Mitt Romney, all RINOs. Their allegiance is to the Mormon church, not to the country. Send them all to an island where they can worship and run their polygamous camps, it’d make no difference to them which country they live in, as long as they can worship their Mormon God.Thank God both Hatch and Flake are going, just wish it was sooner. Charles Grassley is letting Feinstein walk all over him.

    Republicans are the biggest wimps when it comes to immigration. They’re practically bending over backwards to try to please the Dems, retreating until there’s no place to retreat to, that’s how we ended up with de facto open borders the last 16 years.

    That said, Lindsay Graham’s new found courage is quite inspiring. Maybe he’ll finally wise up and stop being the warmongering pro-immigration RINO that he’s been his whole career.

  54. Coemgen says:

    Yes, she worshiped him and he used her for his sexual pleasure. Note that she was not his only intern conquest. She’s just the one he got caught with.

    Anyhow, I’m not (intentionally) reading “feminist claptrap” but I did read newspapers, watch tv news, and work in a corporate office in the Boston-area back in the 80s and 90s. In the news, and on the street, a boss having a sexual relationship with an employee was a de facto crime—until Drudge published the Lewinski scandal.

  55. MarkinLA says:

    He wasn’t impeached for boning Lewinsky. He was set up for a perjury trap by the sanctimonious POS Starr. What about a “gentleman never tells” don’t you understand?

  56. Coemgen says:

    I think you’re responding to someone else’s comment.

    I’ve made no reference to impeachment.

    My wheelhouse is the Democrat on-the-street opinion.

    When one lives in the Boston area, this type of opinion is unavoidable.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  57. KenH says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    You are right that Kavanaugh has some strikes against him. You don’t reach that level unless you’re part of the club and club members won’t disturb the status quo. Appellate judges in flyover country who went to State Law School U have almost no chance.

    Frankly, I don’t care that Kavanaugh didn’t admit to drinking as much as he allegedly did. How much someone drank in college is totally irrelevant to becoming a Supreme Court Justice. The loony leftists in the Senate and media are really reaching here and they know it.

    The problem is that if Trump cucks and goes with someone else it’s likely to be someone even more dubious just to get him/her confirmed and move on to matters of life and death like more tax cuts creating jobs for blacks who’ll never vote for him or the Repubs and attacking Iran for Israel. Where’s the effing wall?

    As much as I have reservations about Kavanaugh the Repubs need to grow a pair and defend him or just create a bigger monster of the left and set a dangerous precedent where any accusation against a white male non-leftist is evidence.

  58. @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    “We aren’t going to win by cheating!”

    Yes of course because being the better man has been such a winning strategy since 1968.

    I wish you boomer cucks would hurry up and die.

  59. MarkinLA says:

    CalDre was talking about impeachment at the top of the thread and you responded so I assumed that as what you were referring to.

  60. anonymous[126] • Disclaimer says:

    If a mixed-society is better, then are we Americans superior to single-society Africans?

  61. anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    As highly-informed about all things RCC as you are, atillathegoose, you are surely aware that Father of the Church Augustine was from Hippo, present day Algeria. His mother was Berber, who are of pre-Arabic North African origin; hard to suss his father’s ethnic origins but presumably North African — a mixture of Arab, Phoenician, African.

    Just sayin’

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  62. @anonymous

    He was a Caucasian North African, not black African. Blacks were imported in large numbers after Islam conquered North Africa. Today’s North Africans are black.

    Dennis Wise, the “devout RCCer” who accepts black/Asian priests-popes, said that Greeks are blacks. This degenerate Catholic Nazi is so twisted about race/ethnicity, he’s insane. I’ve heard nonsense that the Irish have black ancestry. This is proof that today’s Nazis are either Jews or government agents. Anytime there are Western nationalist movements, these degenerates will spew this nonsense. There is a guy, Sven Longshanks, who has a radio program on RadioAryan. I’ve listened to his podcasts for a couple of years, and some others, to get an idea about present day Nazis. They are either Jews, or just insane. Longshanks had some idiot on who said that Victor Orban was a gypsy. Orban is not a gypsy. He might have had some distant relative, but it doesn’t affect his race/ethnicity. Odd, that RadioAryan would attack a man who is saving Eastern Europe from the black/Asian/Muslim invaders. “Racial purists” are the ones who are hiding something.

    However, the present day degenerate RCC tries to imply that St. Augustine was black. There’s an evil, mendacious Jesuit, Mitch Pacwa, who has shows on the cable RCC channel EWTN. This cuck always babbles about Africans in the RCC. He does not distinguish between the north and south Africans. He is doing this to get blacks in the USA to convert to the RCC. This is not working. Diversity has destroyed the RCC.

    • Replies: @anonymous
  63. anonymous[107] • Disclaimer says:

    EWTN, founded by Mother Angelica of Canton, OH, with a little help from Pat Robertson.

    Akron/Canton was a hotbed of Jewish criminality when and where Rita Rizzo grew up. Jewish gangsters ran the bootleg booze business and blamed it on Italians — “the Black Hand,” even killed or arranged for killing of Italians to cover up Jewish crime gangs. A reporter for Akron Beacon Journal investigated the connections between Canton – Chicago – Las Vegas crime gangs in the 1930s; he prepared a manuscript that used to be in the collection of the North Canton Public Library, an important document inasmuch as the reporter was murdered before his work was published (it never was published, and the manuscript is no longer accessible at NCPL). A number of prominent zionists/neocons influential in USA today had roots in Canton in the 1930s.

    Don’t trust anything you see or hear on EWTN; to paraphrase Unz’s own Jake, “EWTN is a Judaizing heresy.” I haven’t watched EWTN in years; does it still spotlight converted Protestant ministers who shill for OT — two such ex-Protestants used to do a bible program, “Our Father’s Plan.” Cramming Talmud down the throats of RCCs. Disgusting.

    As for Augustine — he wrote some compelling books and attempted to graft Hebrew myths onto Graeco-Roman Logos, but the guy’s personal biography is suspect; he was an opportunist who willingly, even eagerly threw over his son and the mother of his child in order to climb the ladder of RC hierarchy — a proto-McCarrick. imo RCC would have been better off without him. It’s not like he carried any cross or suffered any crucifixion.

    • Replies: @attilathehen
  64. Rurik says:

    Are Republicans Born Wimps?

    no, they’re corrupt, venal, rotten whores


  65. KenH says:

    We’ll find out how much of a “muh constitution” originalist Kavanaugh really is if and when anti-BDS, which is being made illegal by some state government in clear violation of the first amendment, comes before SCOTUS.

    • Replies: @KenH
  66. KenH says:

    when anti-BDS, which is being made illegal by some state government in clear violation of the first amendment, comes before SCOTUS.

    Should say the BDS of Israel movement.

  67. A response to all of my critics

    Does it not concern you that Trump “negotiated” with Anthony Kennedy – sodomite marriage lover Anthony Kennedy – for weeks, and then came up with this nomination?

    You have been duped!

    • Replies: @anonymous
  68. Coemgen says:

    You seem to be arguing with me. I am not giving my opinion. I am giving you the the conventional wisdom of the 80s and the 90s up until Drudge. In the Boston area, people speak this “claptrap” quite openly and freely with the assumption that everyone thinks that way.

    • Replies: @CalDre
  69. CalDre says:

    I can’t speak for how stupid Bostonites are, not having spent much time there, but I suppose it’s possible. But I have no doubt there was lots of hanky panky going on in Boston offices during the 80s, before and beyond. As well as – gasp! – adultery, pre-marital sex, gay sex and abortion. Probably some swear words too.

    Anyway, nor worth arguing about, you are correct.

  70. anonymous[340] • Disclaimer says:
    @John Burns, Gettysburg Partisan

    Nice job throughout this thread, sir.

    But most of your critics have now moved along to the next scene in this act of the Puppet Show.

    And then, after Justice Kavanaugh is sworn in and the last of the shrieking WeBelieveHers is dragged out of the hallowed halls, we can get back to fighting over transgender statues and Confederate bathrooms.

  71. @anonymous

    Interesting info about Mother Angelica. EWTN is gone. It’s trying to please too many people and thus pleases no one. It does not teach correct RCC doctrine.

    E. Michael Jones just made another youtube ranting about the Jews. He’s blaming the RCC homosexual crisis on Jews. This guy is insane. There is a trad RCC website, ChurchMilitant, run by a negrophiliac, “ex-homo” named Michael Voris. Yes, that’s what the RCC is down to, ex-homos. They do give good coverage of what’s going on in the RCC though. They have covered this RCC homosexual scandal for several years. Jews had nothing to do with it. I’m not Jewish, my family has been RCC for hundreds of years, and I left the RCC because I don’t accept black/Asian priests-popes. On whom would Jones blame my decision?

    Jones also relies on a Muslim convert to explain the Kavanaugh circus. Kevin Barrett was a Unitarian who converted to Islam when he married a Muslim woman. There’s that foreign poontang causing problems again. Jones considers Barrett a friend. If he considers him his friend, why doesn’t he explain to Barrett that Islam is a Christian heresy and he needs to convert to the RCC? The RCC teaches that it is the only way to salvation. Jones is such an insane anti-Semite he’s lost his capacity to reason and has to rely on Muslims for his support. Jones also blamed the Kavanaugh circus on the Jews. No. Blame the GOP cucks like Grassely, Flake, and McConnell. McConnell has a Chinese wife, so once again foreign poontang causes problems.

    As to St. Augustine, he was the one who formed the basis of RCC theology. He was not a perfect man, but no one is. He did take responsibility for his son and provided for him. He was not like Rousseau who abandoned his offspring to orphanages.

    People have to get over the past. We are in completely different times. The most important thing is to fight for the West. The West is not black/Asian/Jewish/Muslim, so these peoples in the West must be repatriated or separated. Caucasian people cannot afford IQ loss that comes from miscegenation. The RCC will not be a part of the West anymore.

    Also, there will be no escape to the moon or Mars. Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos are currently working on space travel. I have no problem with space exploration, but the idea that humans will colonize the moon or Mars is insane. The blue marble is it. There will be no white flight to outer space. Paul Kersey who has articles published on Unz is a big fan of space travel. He really thinks we can colonize the moon or Mars. No. He is a cuck and does not want to deal with reality.

  72. anonymous[128] • Disclaimer says:

    This is growing more obvious by the minute. We don’t have much time left. They are taking a match to the country

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