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The Democratic Party has made a strategic decision to bypass candidates from its progressive wing and recruit former members of the military and intelligence agencies to compete with Republicans in the upcoming midterm elections. The shift away from liberal politicians to center-right government agents and military personnel is part of a broader plan to rebuild the party so it better serves the interests of its core constituents, Wall Street, big business, and the foreign policy establishment. Democrat leaders want to eliminate left-leaning candidates who think the party should promote issues that are important to working people and replace them with career bureaucrats who will be more responsive to the needs of business. The ultimate objective of this organization-remake is to create a center-right superparty comprised almost entirely of trusted allies from the national security state who can be depended on to implement the regressive policies required by their wealthy contributors. Here’s more background from Patrick Martin at the World Socialist Web Site:

“An extraordinary number of former intelligence and military operatives from the CIA, Pentagon, National Security Council and State Department are seeking nomination as Democratic candidates for Congress in the 2018 midterm elections. The potential influx of military-intelligence personnel into the legislature has no precedent in US political history.

If the Democrats capture a majority in the House of Representatives on November 6, as widely predicted, candidates drawn from the military-intelligence apparatus will comprise as many as half of the new Democratic members of Congress. They will hold the balance of power in the lower chamber of Congress….

… it should be noted that there would be no comparable influx of Bernie Sanders supporters or other “left”-talking candidates in the event of a Democratic landslide. Only five of the 221 candidates reviewed in this study had links to Sanders or billed themselves as “progressive.” None is likely to win the primary, let alone the general election.” (“The CIA Democrats, Patrick Martin, The World Socialist Web Site)

Progressive candidates are being ignored to make room for center-right functionaries who will focus on reducing government spending, rolling back Trump’s trade policy, and supporting the foreign wars. This new wave of fiscally-conservative Democrats will execute their tasks in a party that serves as the political wing of the federal bureaucracy. Democrat leaders have long-abandoned the idea that a party should be a vehicle for political change. Their aim is to create a top-down pro-business collective that marginalizes activists and liberals in order to avoid disruptive political convulsions that impact corporate profitability. Here’s more on the Dems’ attack on its liberal base from an article by Patrick Martin:

“The New Jersey Democratic Party establishment successfully imposed its choice in contested congressional nominations, brushing aside several candidates backed by Bernie Sanders and his Our Revolution group. Nearly every Sanders-backed candidate in other states—for governor of Iowa and congressional seats in Iowa, Montana New Mexico and California—suffered a similar fate.” (“US primary elections in eight states confirm rightward shift by Democratic Party”, Patrick Martin, The World Socialist Web Site)

As a result “Only a handful of candidates running under the Bernie Sanders banner survived primaries held in six states on Tuesday. As of Wednesday afternoon, only seven of 31 candidates endorsed by Our Revolution —- had been declared winners.” (USA Today)

Simply put, Democrat leaders have successfully derailed the progressive bandwagon. Even so, Sanders role vis a vis the Democratic Party has always been a bit of a ruse. Here’s how author Tom Hall sums it up:

“The major political function of Sanders’ campaign is to divert the growing social discontent and hostility toward the existing system behind the Democratic Party, in order to contain and dissipate it. His supposedly ‘socialist’ campaign is an attempt to preempt and block the emergence of an independent movement of the working class.” (“Is Bernie Sanders a socialist?”, July 16, 2015), Tom Hall, World Socialist Web Site)

Sanders task will become increasingly more difficult as progressives realize that the Dems are building a party apparatus that sees activism as a fundamental threat to their strategic objective, which is to create a secure environment where business can flourish. Sanders has helped the party by seducing leftists with his fake liberalism, but he has undermined the aims of working people who need an independent organization to advance their own political agenda. As long as Sanders continues to sell his populist snake oil from a Democratic soapbox, liberals are going to continue to hope that the party can be transformed into an instrument for progressive change. The evidence, however, suggests the party is moving in the opposite direction. Here’s more from Patrick Martin’s:

“The Democratic Party’s promotion of a large number of military-intelligence candidates for competitive districts represents an insurance policy for the US ruling elite. In the event of a major swing to the Democrats, the House of Representatives will receive an influx of new members drawn primarily from the national security apparatus, trusted servants of American imperialism……The preponderance of national security operatives in the Democratic primaries sheds additional light on the nature of the Obama administration (which) marked the further ascendancy of the military-intelligence apparatus within the Democratic Party….

The Democratic Party is running in the congressional elections not only as the party that takes a tougher line on Russia, but as the party that enlists as its candidates and representatives those who have been directly responsible for waging war, both overt and covert, on behalf of American imperialism. ….

The upper-middle-class layer that provides the “mass” base of the Democratic Party has moved drastically to the right over the past four decades, enriched by the stock market boom, consciously hostile to the working class, and enthusiastically supportive of the military-intelligence apparatus which, in the final analysis, guarantees its own social position against potential threats, both foreign and domestic. It is this social evolution that now finds expression on the surface of capitalist politics, in the rise of the military-intelligence “faction” to the leadership of the Democratic Party.” (“The CIA Democrats”, Patrick Martin, The World Socialist Web Site)

The dramatic metamorphosis of the Democratic party hasn’t taken place in a vacuum but in a fractious and politically-charged environment where elements within the intelligence community and law enforcement (FBI) are attempting to roll back the results of the 2016 presidential elections because their preferred candidate (Hillary Clinton) did not win. And while these agencies have not yet produced any hard evidence that their claims (of collusion with Russia) are true, there is mounting circumstantial evidence that senior-level officials at these agencies were actively trying to entrap members of the Trump campaign to justify more intrusive surveillance in the hopes of uncovering incriminating evidence that could be used in impeachment proceedings.

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On Friday, North Korea’s former spy chief, Kim Yong Chol, met with President Donald Trump for a two hour conference at the White House. During their meeting, the DPRK official presented Trump with an oversized letter that had been personally written by Kim Jong-Un. Although the contents of the letter have not yet been revealed, we assume that it reads something like this:

Dear President Donald Trump,

I send you my warmest greetings and I sincerely hope this letter finds you in the best of health.

First, allow me to say how grateful I am that you chose to accept our invitation to meet in Singapore on June 12, 2018. It was very courageous of you to break with tradition and take such bold step for the sake of peace. Speaking on behalf of the people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, I want you to know that I will make every effort to make sure that your trip is not in vain. We have every intention of presenting our views on the issues as succinctly and candidly as possible, but we will not play games, engage in trickery or beat around the bush. More importantly, we are fully committed to keeping our promise to aggressively take steps towards “complete, verifiable and irreversible” nuclear disarmament as soon as we reach a mutually acceptable agreement. There will be, however, requirements the United States will have to meet in order for us to achieve the final settlement that, I believe, we all want. I will elaborate more on this point later in the letter.

I feel it is my duty as a partner in any future agreement with the United States to draw attention to the potential obstacles that could prevent us from achieving our ultimate goal of peace and security on the Korean peninsula. Let me be blunt: After 6 decades of following US-DPRK policy, we think we have a fairly good understanding of the competing forces that operate within the US foreign policy establishment and who have a hand in setting policy. As you may know, not everyone supports the goals of the Singapore summit or wants you to succeed in your mission. From our point of view, there are powerful elements within the Pentagon and the bureaucracy that frequently insert themselves into the negotiating process in order to achieve the outcome they want. For example, you may recall that recent US-ROK joint-military drills in South Korea were going to include nuclear-capable bombers. The intention of this unwarranted display of force was to provoke suspicion and hostility on the part of the DPRK leadership. The perpetrators of this incitement clearly hoped that we would overreact and, subsequently, back out of the June 12 summit. They were wrong, but their sinister act of sabotage was duly noted. You might also recall how National Security advisor John Bolton invoked the so-called “Libya model” in his summary comments of how the denuclearization process might unfold. Once again, I think you can see that Bolton’s comments were not merely a slip-of-the-tongue but a deliberate effort to dampen relations, arouse suspicion and preempt future cooperation on key issues that need to be dealt with in the upcoming summit. Clearly, Bolton’s incendiary rhetoric was aimed at making sure the summit never took place. Once again, we would characterize Bolton’s interference as sabotage, but perhaps we are overstating the case.

These incidents help to explain why I sent my trusted advisor and second in command 10,000 miles to hand-deliver this letter to you personally. It is because we do not think we can achieve the meaningful change we want by allowing biased intermediaries who appear to be satisfied the same political arrangement we have today to continue to poison relations as they have in the past. We believe that in order to meet the aspirations of both nations’ peoples and make quantifiable progress on the road to peace, we must ignore the distractions and provocations and conduct a direct dialogue between the two countries’ leaders.

Let me state our position unequivocally so there is no misunderstanding: We are determined to change the status quo, to normalize relations with our brothers in the South, to lower the barriers to commerce and prosperity, to become a more integral part of regional economy, and to hopefully end the 65 year-long conflict with the US that has caused so much division, suspicion and misery. That is why we are committed to the path of denuclearization. We are not entering into an agreement with the United States because we are afraid of a confrontation, but because we want to seize a unique opportunity to participate in a regional development plan that will modernize the DPRK, create better paying jobs for our people, rebuild our industries and infrastructure, and help to integrate our critical transportation and energy grids with those of our neighbors. And, no, we are not abandoning our commitment to socialism, but we are adapting to new contingencies in much the same way that China or Vietnam underwent basic economic restructuring the more they integrated with the global economy. Our commitment to socialist ideals remains steadfast, but we are equally resolved to make the changes we need to ensure prosperity for our people.

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo recently said that the United States would be willing to help the DPRK economically depending on whether the nuclear issue is resolved or not. That is wonderful and we are certainly open to any offers to improve our economy provided businesses and investors agree to abide by our rules and regulations which are being modified to conform with more widely-accepted international standards. As you know, we have recently implemented market-oriented reforms and have taken deliberate steps to further liberalize our economy. We have also “established 13 economic development zones to try to attract foreign capital and investment. We have also made ‘improving living standards’ for ordinary working people a “national priority.” Our progress has been slow, but we are confident that we are headed in the right direction. We fully intend to accelerate the pace of modernization, integration and market-oriented reforms.

How does this fit with our decision to abandon our nuclear weapons?

Frankly, our primary business partners– China, Russia and South Korea– all agree that the DPRK’s nuclear weapons only add to regional instability and are an obstacle to further economic integration which requires a broader security umbrella maintained by the more powerful states. We are not and will not shirk our responsibility to provide for our own defense, but regional security requires the harmonizing of interests and obligations. Just as the United States would protect Mexico or Canada from foreign invasion, so too, those responsibilities fall on the larger nuclear-armed powers in the region. We willingly make the concession of giving up our nuclear weapons in order to participate in a broader “rules based” economic coalition that we believe will ensure both our future security and prosperity.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: Deep State, Donald Trump, North Korea 
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On Tuesday, the New York Times accused Donald Trump of spreading conspiracy theories about “a spy inside his presidential campaign.” Here’s an excerpt from the article:

“Last week, President Trump promoted new, unconfirmed accusations to suit his political narrative: that a ‘criminal deep state’ element within Mr. Obama’s government planted a spy deep inside his presidential campaign to help his rival, Hillary Clinton, win — a scheme he branded ‘Spygate.’ It was the latest indication that a president who has for decades trafficked in conspiracy theories has brought them from the fringes of public discourse to the Oval Office.” (“With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust”, The New York Times)

The article is clearly intended to show that Trump is paranoid and delusional, but what the author fails to mention is that it was the Times that originally published the story about the spy in the Trump campaign. Take a look at this clip from last week’s article titled “F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims”:

“F.B.I. agents sent an informant to talk to two campaign advisers only after they received evidence that the pair had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign. The informant, an American academic who teaches in Britain, made contact late that summer with one campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, according to people familiar with the matter. He also met repeatedly in the ensuing months with the other aide, Carter Page, who was also under F.B.I. scrutiny for his ties to Russia.” (“F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims”, New York Times)

While the Times admits the FBI “sent an informant to talk to two campaign advisers”, they seem to think there is a difference between an informant and a spy, but in this case there clearly isn’t because the informant was surreptitiously gathering information on members of the campaign which, by definition, is spying. The Times compounds its error by alluding to the Trump campaign’s “suspicious contacts to Russia” which is again misleading because–as the Times knows– after an exhaustive 18 month-long investigation, those “suspicious contacts” have amounted to nothing. So we must logically conclude that Trump’s assertion, that an informant was planted in his campaign for political reasons, is at least as credible as the Times assumption that members of the Trump campaign were improperly mixed up with Russia. In fact, if we compare Trump’s broader theory –that the Russia probe is a politically-motivated attack on his presidency– to the Times‘ theory– that Trump is in bed with Moscow–there is no question as to which version is more believable. Here’s more from the Times:

“Now that he is president, Mr. Trump’s baseless stories of secret plots by powerful interests appear to be having a distinct effect….Mr. Trump’s willingness to peddle suspicion as fact has implications beyond the Russia inquiry. It is a vital ingredient in the president’s communications arsenal, a social media-fueled, brashly expressed narrative of dubious accusations and dark insinuations that allows him to promote his own version of reality…

“He’s the blame shifter in chief,” said Gwenda Blair, a Trump biographer. (“With ‘Spygate,’ Trump Shows How He Uses Conspiracy Theories to Erode Trust”, The New York Times)

What is the point of ridiculing Trump in article after article after article? Is anyone persuaded by these blistering smears that are passed off as unbiased reporting. It’s not just unprofessional, it’s irrelevant. If the Times took its ‘duty to inform the public’ seriously they would have provided a little background on the “FBI informant” in question. Who is he? What is his personal history? Was he involved in counterintelligence operations in the past? That’s what curious people want to know, they’re not interested in the name-calling. Take a look at this excerpt from an article by Glenn Greenwald at The Intercept:

“Four decades ago, Stefan Halper (The FBI informant) was responsible for a long-forgotten spying scandal involving the 1980 election, in which the Reagan campaign – using CIA officials managed by Halper, ….got caught running a spying operation from inside the Carter administration. The plot involved CIA operatives passing classified information about Carter’s foreign policy to Reagan campaign officials in order to ensure the Reagan campaign knew of any foreign policy decisions that Carter was considering…. the CIA’s perceived meddling in the 1980 election… was a somewhat serious political controversy. And Halper was in that middle of that, too.” (The FBI Informant Who Monitored the Trump Campaign, Stefan Halper, Oversaw a CIA Spying Operation in the 1980 Presidential Election, The Intercept)

Okay, so now we know that the informant has a history of political espionage. That’s a step in the right direction. Halper spied on the Carter administration just like he spied on the Trump campaign, same thing, different decade. So why didn’t the Times simply acknowledge what they knew about Halper instead of splitting hairs over the term ‘spy’? And why did they conceal his connections to the CIA that go back decades? Doesn’t the Times think their readers deserve to know what’s really going on or do they think the facts will undermine their sketchy version of events?

The Halper situation is just one of the more glaring omissions in the Times coverage of the Russia probe, there are many others too. For example, did you know that the FBI never seized or searched the Democrat servers for forensic evidence? It’s true. The entire Russia meddling probe is based allegations that Russia hacked DNC servers, but the FBI never conducted its own investigation of the computers. They just took the word of a private company with close ties to the Democratic party, which means the whole thing could be made up, we’ll never know for sure. Imagine if a homicide detective left the smoking gun that was used in a murder with the wife of the victim saying they’ll just take her word about what happened. Does that make sense? Of course not. So, why would the FBI take the word of an openly partisan organization who had every reason to misrepresent their findings. And why are the journalists at the Times so lacking in curiosity that they won’t even look into the matter? It makes it look like they’re part of a big cover-up.

The Times has also ignored the fact that neither Wikileak’s founder Julian Assange nor former UK ambassador to Uzbekistan, Craig Murray have ever been asked to testify by the Mueller investigation? Isn’t that a bit strange? Keep in mind, that these are the only two men who can positively verify whether Russia stole the DNC emails and gave them to Wikileaks or not. And even though both men have expressed their willingness to testify on the matter, they’ve never gotten the call from Mueller. Why? Why wouldn’t Mueller want to hear what they have to say?

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Why is Amazon running a full page of “Michelle Obama for President” T-Shirts? What does Bezos know that we don’t know?

And why did Michelle decide to launch her new book on November 13th, 2018, just a week after the midterm elections? Was that merely a coincidence or was the date chosen by her political advisors for some other reason?

And what about those rumors that Oprah might run for president in 2020? Were they really triggered by off-the-cuff comments by Seth Meyers at the Golden Globes or was Oprah really just a stalking horse for Candidate Michelle?

There’s no doubt that Ms. Obama is wildly popular among liberals and Democrats. According to Gallup, her favorability rating exceeds her husband’s or his two predecessors, George W. Bush and Bill Clinton. Check out this blurb from a 2017 Gallup survey: “First lady Michelle Obama will leave the White House with the same 68% favorable rating she had when she first moved in. Majorities of Americans have consistently expressed a favorable view of Michelle Obama…. The outgoing first lady’s highest rating was 72%, two months into her husband’s first term in office.” (“President Obama Leaves White House With 58% Favorable Rating”, Gallup)

Michelle’s popularity makes her the overwhelming favorite to face Trump in the 2020 presidential elections, but will she? She says she’s not interested, but I’m not buying it. My guess is that she is being coached by the DNC public relations team who want to roll her out like a new box of soap suds sometime after the midterm elections. Isn’t that what’s really going on? After the ballots are counted, Michelle is going launch her 30-city book tour during which time large throngs of frenzied supporters will ‘spontaneously’ pop up everywhere demanding that their favorite liberal icon throw her hat in the ring and join the fight against ‘evil’ Trump. I can almost hear her yielding to their feverish pleas already:

“I don’t want to be president, but I will do it for you, my people.”

What a scam. Democrat leaders obviously know a winner when they see one, which explains why she got $60 million for her new book. Were the publishers really that impressed with her modest talent as a writer or was she being paid for ‘services to be rendered at some future date’? It sounds like a payoff to me.

Like her husband, Michelle is a thoroughly-reliable political marionette who will play the ‘liberal card’ to maximum effect while quashing the unions, kowtowing to Wall Street, perpetuating the wars, and ensuring that the bulk of the nation’s wealth continues to flow upwards to our glorious 1 percent overlords. It’s worth noting, that Barack’s eight year stint as Prez represented the greatest shift of wealth from middle-to-upper class in the nation’s 240 year history. I fully expect Michelle to break that record during her upcoming tenure as chief executive.

The Democrats aren’t stupid, they know they need Michelle to beat Trump. Biden’s too old, Bernie’s too liberal and Wall Street wouldn’t go near Warren with a 10-foot pole. That leaves Michelle, they’re only hope. Of course, the Dems could change directions altogether, stop playing identity politics, and take a stand on the issues, but no one really expects them to do that. The Democrats have completely abandoned the issues just as they have jettisoned their platform which no one has even referenced in the last 20 years or so. That’s why the party is no longer perceived to have any core convictions, it’s because the corrupt party leadership merely march in lockstep with their big money constituents. A recent survey in the Washington Post shows how low the Dems have sunk. Here’s an excerpt:

“Some 37 percent say the (Democratic) party currently stands for something, while 52 percent say it mainly stands against Trump. Even among Democrats, over one-quarter say their party primarily stands in opposition to Trump rather than for their own agenda.” (Washington Post)

The survey confirms what most people already know, that the Dems stand for nothing, it’s the party of nothing, the Nothing Party. Sure, they hate Trump, but beyond that, they have zilch. It’s a terrible indictment of a party that has lost it’s raison d’etre.

The Democrats are not going to change directions, they’re not going to become an issues-oriented, antiwar, party of the working man. That’s not going to happen. They’re going to implement the same basic strategy they used with Barack Obama, that is, select a person with impressive oratory skills and great personal charisma, transport him to venues that magnify his popularity, fabricate an aura of celebrity around his uber-positive persona, and make sure he speaks in only the broadest and most nebulous terms. (So he isn’t accused of reneging on campaign promises.)

This is what the party bigwigs want, a female Obama who will do exactly what she’s told and faithfully execute the warmongering imperial agenda without the slightest reservation.

Michelle is not only the perfect choice , she also comes with an impeccable resume. She is a Princeton under-grad with a Harvard Law degree. She graduated magna cum laude, top of her class. She has a spotless public service record with virtually no skeletons in the closet. She is a paragon, a shining example of strength, virtue and perseverance, a telegenic colossus who can deliver a barnburner with the best of them, and then, mingle with the little people hoeing weeds in the White House veggie garden. She’s got it all. She’s a black woman whose name recognition and international stature make her the most formidable candidate in the country today, bar none.
But the one thing that makes Michelle more attractive than any of the other Democratic candidates, is the fact that she is a proven commodity, a trusted ally who party elites know they can depend on. Michelle Obama is not going to rock the boat, she’s not going to try to lift the country’s cast-offs out of poverty, or try to raise living standards for ordinary working people, or put an end the bloody foreign wars. She’s going to do exactly what her husband did for 8 years, exalt in his role as a meaningless figurehead who helped to conceal the sinister puppetmasters who pulled his strings. Michelle is going to do the same damn thing, which is why the party bosses love her.

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After 18 months of withering attacks and accusations, Donald Trump has decided to get up off the canvas and fight back. In a series of tweets stretching from Sunday night to early Monday morning, Trump announced that he would launch his own investigation to see whether the FBI and DOJ had improperly targeted his campaign for “political purposes”.

“I hereby demand, and will do so officially tomorrow, that the Department of Justice look into whether or not the FBI/DOJ infiltrated or surveilled the Trump Campaign for Political Purposes – and if any such demands or requests were made by people within the Obama Administration! Donald Trump, @realDonaldTrump, Twitter, Sunday, May 20

It’s a gutsy move by Trump but one that could backfire quite badly. By demanding an investigation of the DOJ and FBI, the president is asking those agencies to willingly reveal their own transgressions, to produce the documents and other information that could potentially expose many of their own people (Obama holdovers) to criticism or even criminal prosecution. It’s hard to believe that many career bureaucrats would want to assist Trump in an effort that could potentially damage their colleagues or the reputation of their own department.

In any event, Trump has decided to throw caution to the wind and go for broke. He’s decided that the only way he’s going to get his enemies off his back is by flushing them out into the open and subjecting their activities to public scrutiny. It’s a risky strategy, but the scrappy New Yorker seems to think he can pull it off without a hitch. Here’s another late-night tweet from Trump:

Reports are there was indeed at least one FBI representative implanted, for political purposes, into my campaign for president. It took place very early on, and long before the phony Russia Hoax became a “hot” Fake News story. If true – all time biggest political scandal! Donald Trump, @realDonaldTrump, Twitter, May 18

Is he right? Did the FBI place a mole inside the campaign to gather information on Trump and his aids? Because, if they did, then this is bigger than Watergate, in fact, it would be the biggest political corruption scandal in history. According to the New York Times, however, Trump’s got it all wrong. There was no spy inside the campaign, there was a trusted informant who was trying to gather information from individual members of the campaign. There’s a big difference. But whether the informant was inside or outside, the fact remains that the FBI launched a counterintelligence operation against the rival party’s presidential campaign in order to gather information that was intended to damage, discredit or incriminate the targets of the operation. That’s the bottom line, isn’t it? The nation’s top law enforcement agency, operating on orders from god-knows-who (Obama?), was engaged in a plot to gain an unfair advantage in the election, undermine the two-party system and sabotage the democratic process. Trump may have misstated the details but the basic facts remain the same. Here’s an excerpt from the article in the Times:

“President Trump accused the F.B.I. on Friday, without evidence, of sending a spy to secretly infiltrate his 2016 campaign “for political purposes” even before the bureau had any inkling of the “phony Russia hoax.”

In fact, F.B.I. agents sent an informant to talk to two campaign advisers only after they received evidence that the pair had suspicious contacts linked to Russia during the campaign. The informant, an American academic who teaches in Britain, made contact late that summer with one campaign adviser, George Papadopoulos, according to people familiar with the matter. He also met repeatedly in the ensuing months with the other aide, Carter Page, who was also under F.B.I. scrutiny for his ties to Russia.” (“F.B.I. Used Informant to Investigate Russia Ties to Campaign, Not to Spy, as Trump Claims ” New York Times)

The Times is technically right, but their hair-splitting defense misses the point altogether. It’s up to the FBI to prove that their extremely-suspicious and perhaps illegal activities were justifiable. And whatever excuse the Bureau eventually settles on, it should not have anything to do with Russiagate since that bogus probe has been a ‘dry well’ from the get-go and hasn’t produced even a scintilla of hard evidence in more than a year and half. The FBI needs to come clean and explain what was really going on behind the scenes. What’s this all about? Clearly, the informant wasn’t talking to gasbag Papadopoulos because he thought he’d uncover a link between Putin and Trump, but because his disjointed braggadocio would help him build a case against the president. That what’s really going on, it’s plain as the nose on your face. The FBI was using the Russia pretext to gather damaging and possibly incriminating dirt on Trump. The obvious objective was to prevent Trump from being elected and then, afterwards, to remove him from office. This is from The Hill on Monday:

“The Department of Justice (DOJ) has asked its inspector general to look into whether the FBI surveilled President Trump’s campaign for “inappropriate purposes.”

“If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action,” Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein said in a statement.” (DOJ asks watchdog to probe Trump campaign surveillance claims, The Hill)

Got that? So deep-state Rod is going to sort this mess out and let us all know if there’s been any funny business or not. What a joke. The man is so conflicted he should have been removed months ago. It was Rosenstein who wrote the 3-page memo that persuaded Trump to dump Comey after which he quickly appointed Robert Mueller as Special Counsel using the ‘firing of Comey’ as his justification. That might the sleaziest political switcheroo I’ve seen in my lifetime.

And notice how carefully Rosenstein chooses his words like an ambulance-chasing barrister inveigling an injured client. He says, “If anyone did infiltrate or surveil participants in a presidential campaign for inappropriate purposes, we need to know about it and take appropriate action,”

Okay, so who decides what is appropriate or inappropriate? The Inspector General or our buddy Rosenstein who’s going to do everything in his power to hide the smoking gun. In any event, that doesn’t change the fact that the campaign was infiltrated by at least one informant who tried to wrangle as much information as possible out of his targets. Which brings us to the case of Stefan Halper, “the 73-year-old Oxford University professor and former U.S. government official” who “was outed as the FBI informant ” and who “was paid handsomely by the Obama administration starting in 2012 for various research projects.

….Halper was enlisted by the FBI to spy on several Trump campaign aides during the 2016 U.S. election…..while a search of public records reveals that between 2012 and 2018, Halper received a total of $1,058,161 from the Department of Defense.” Here’s more from an article at Zero Hedge:

“The most recent award to Halper for $411,575 was made in two payments, and had a start date of September 26, 2016 – three days after an… article by Michael Isikoff about Trump aide Carter Page, which used information fed to Isikoff by “pissgate” dossier creator Christopher Steele….

The second installment of Halper’s 2016 DoD contract is dated July 26, 2017 in the amount of $129,280 – around three months before the FISA warrant on Carter Page was set to expire following repeated renewals signed by Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and a federal judge….

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The biggest obstacle Donald Trump is going to face in his upcoming negotiations with Kim Jong-un, is not Kim’s unwillingness to abandon his nuclear weapons program, but resistance from powerful elements in the foreign policy establishment who will do everything they can to scuttle the agreement. We’ve already seen an example of this just this week when US nuclear bombers were included in the US-Korea joint military drills that are currently underway in the south. The B-52’s were clearly added to the massive “Max Thunder” exercises to provoke the DPRK leadership, increase tensions, and convince Kim that it was pointless to trust Washington. The move was bitterly criticized in North Korea’s state media which summed up the situation like this:

“At a time when the DPRK-U.S. summit is approaching, the U.S. has launched the largest ever drill involving B-52 strategic nuclear bomber, F-22 Raptor stealth fighters and other nuclear strategic assets. This is an extremely provocative and ill-boding act going against the trend for peace and security on the Korean peninsula ….The extremely adventurous 2018 Max Thunder joint air combat exercises are aimed at precision strike on key strategic objects of the DPRK and the seizure of the air control together with the U.S….”

The North’s assessment is entirely correct. The drills are a simulation of a preemptive attack on North Korea that would annihilate the military, level Pyongyang and “decapitate” the leadership. They are a deliberate provocation designed to poison the atmosphere prior to the June 12 summit in Singapore. They’re also a clear violation of the Panmunjom Declaration which affirms the mutual commitment of the North and South “to completely cease all hostile acts against each other in every domain, including land, air and sea, that are the source of military tension and conflict.” (Panmunjom Declaration)

What we’d like to know is whether Trump was consulted about the drills? Did he give the go-ahead? Was it his decision to tweak Kim’s nose after Kim had just made a number of conciliatory gestures including the total banning of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles tests, the returning of three US prisoners to US custody, and meeting with leaders in the south in order to end hostilities and normalize relations? Is Trump responsible for this diplomatic disaster?

Of course not. Trump’s objectives are completely clear. He wants to win the Nobel Prize and he wants to be recognized as a foreign policy genius, both of which are within his grasp if he persuades Kim to ditch his nukes. Trump does not want to provoke Kim who, so far, has acted in good faith. He wants to cut a deal with him. The exercises represent the interests of some other constituency, some deeper faction within the national security state who have a stake in the outcome of future negotiations. They want the talks to fail so they can preserve the status quo. They want a divided Korea that “languishes in a permanent state of colonial dependency”. That works just fine for them, which is why the military drills were not postponed or cancelled. It’s also why John Bolton has been making incendiary comments about the “Libya model”, and why the media has been fueling public pessimism while misrepresenting US position. According to many media reports, the North will be expected to ‘totally decommission its nuclear weapons, missiles and biochemical weapons’ without any immediate compensation.

That’s not the deal. That’s never been the deal. No one on the North Korean side ever said that Washington was going to get something for nothing. And it’s not going to happen either. Kim is looking for a tradeoff, a decommissioning of his nuclear weapons in exchange for basic security guarantees. That’s the deal.

So who’s spreading all these false rumors and what is their objective? Here’s more from North Korea’s state media:

“The U.S. is miscalculating the magnanimity of the DPRK as signs of weakness and trying to embellish and advertise as if these are the product of its sanctions and pressure.

The U.S. is trumpeting as if it would offer economic compensation and benefit in case we abandon nukes. But we have never had any expectation of U.S. support in carrying out our economic construction and will not make such a deal in future….

If the Trump administration takes an approach to the DPRK-U.S. summit with sincerity for improved DPRK-U.S. relations, it will receive a deserved response from us. However, if the U.S. is trying to drive us into a corner to force our unilateral nuclear abandonment, we will no longer be interested in such dialogue and cannot but reconsider our proceeding to the DPRK-U.S. summit.” (End of statement)

The North doesn’t want Washington’s money or its economic inducements. The North wants assurances that the US will not attack it in the future. That’s it. That’s what Kim wants. He wants an end to the hostilities so he can move ahead with a regional economic-integration plan that will draw the two Koreas closer together, end the North’s isolation, strengthen the North’s economy, and pave the way for prosperity. In other words, Kim is offering to give up his nuclear weapons to (essentially) get Washington off its back and out of its hair.

None of this has anything to do with Trump’s absurd “maximum pressure” campaign, which had no impact on Kim’s decision at all. The North is not motivated by Trump’s hysterical threats of “total destruction”, but by a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to emerge from its long-term seclusion and become an active participant in an ambitious economic integration plan that will link North and South Korea to the rest of Asia via massive infrastructure and energy projects. The only catch to this proposal, is that the DPRK must abandon its nuclear weapons program and agree to resolve its issues with Seoul. In other words, Kim’s eagerness to denuclearize is not an attempt to placate Washington, but an effort to meet the minimal requirements of his economic partners in Beijing, Moscow and Seoul.

The United States is not central to the critical economic-political developments on the peninsula, in fact, the region is making a concerted effort to sever its ties with Washington by creating a giant free trade zone that will connect the region through ” large trilateral infrastructural and energy projects,” to Japan, Southeast Asia, Central Asia and Europe. Check this out from the Kremlin website:

“The Korean Government has recently created the Northern Economic Cooperation Committee… This has completed the creation of a management system that will make Korea the leader in the development of the Far East. The Committee is tasked with strengthening economic cooperation with Northeast Asian and Eurasian countries. In the future, cooperation between the Committee and Russia’s Far Eastern Federal District and the Ministry for the Development of the Russian Far East will play a key role in the development of the Far East.

Next year, we will create a Korean-Russian Regional Cooperation Forum. It should bolster contacts between regional governments in Korea and the Russian Far East. Cooperation channels between regional economic communities and small and medium-sized businesses will greatly expand contacts between people and promote practical cooperation…..

The North Korean nuclear and missile ambitions are the biggest threat to the development of the huge potential of the Korean Peninsula and the Russian Far East. This is why we have come to the conclusion that this problem must be settled as soon as possible.” (Kremlin website)

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Did Donald Trump scrap the Iran nuke’s deal to pay back his pro-Israel campaign donors? Political analyst Eli Clifton seems to think so, and he argues the point pretty persuasively too. Here’s an except from his article at the Lobe Log:

“President Donald Trump has just fulfilled a campaign pledge to tear up the Obama administration’s signature foreign policy achievement…the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA. (The Iran Nukes deal)…..

….today’s unpopular announcement may have been exactly what two of Trump’s biggest donors, Sheldon Adelson and Bernard Marcus, and what one of his biggest inaugural supporters, Paul Singer, paid for when they threw their financial weight behind Trump. Marcus and Adelson, who are also board members of the Likudist Republican Jewish Coalition, have already received substantial returns on their investment: total alignment by the U.S. behind Israel…

Adelson… contributed $35 million in outside spending to elect Trump…. Newt Gingrich, a huge recipient of Adelson’s financial largesse during his failed 2012 presidential campaign, said that Adelson’s “central value” is Israel….

Adelson… has advocated launching a nuclear weapon against Iran as a negotiating tactic and threatening to nuke Tehran, a city with a population of 8.8 million, if Iran does not completely abandon its nuclear program…..

Trump and the GOP are deeply indebted to anti-Iran deal billionaires who aren’t afraid to advocate for policies that push the country closer to another war in the Middle East.” (“Follow the Money: Three Billionaires Paved Way for Trump’s Iran Deal Withdrawal”, Eli Clifton, Lobe Log)

So what’s going on here? Did Trump really withdraw from the agreement because he thought it was a bad deal for America or because, as he candidly admitted on Tuesday, “When I make promises, I keep them”?

That’s fine, but on whose behalf did Trump make those promises, that’s what we want to know? The American people don’t benefit from a broken “nukes” agreement nor does Trump’s base nor do the frustrated allies nor does the international community. No one benefits. No one except Israel, that is.

Israel clearly benefits from the reimposing of economic sanctions, from the weakening of Iran’s economy, from the further isolation of its arch-rival in the region, and from the intensifying of hostilities between Washington and Tehran. Any policy-shift that brings the US closer to a shooting war with Iran, benefits Israel, just as the destruction of Iraq benefited Israel, just as the destruction of Libya benefited Israel, just as the destruction of Syria would have benefited Israel. (had it succeeded.) The elimination of strong, independent secular Arab nations unavoidably enhances Israel’s regional power which is why Israel supports the strategy. When Israel’s enemies get smaller and more fragmented, Israel gets bigger. It’s that simple. What we want to know is whether Trump’s decision was shaped by Israel’s interests or America’s? We also want to know whether Trump’s withdraw will be used as a pretext for dragging the country into a war with Iran? That’s the question that’s on everyone’s mind.

Did the attention-impaired Trump actually read the JCPOA? Does he realize that no other member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) has ever been asked to meet the same onerous requirements as Iran, the same additional protocols, and the same stringent, intrusive inspections regime? Does he know how unfairly Iran has been treated, how they’ve been demonized in the media, how they’ve been hectored, harassed and threatened relentlessly by warmongering countries like the US that punish Iran with crippling sanctions while building an entire new class of “usable” nuclear weapons for themselves?

No, of course not. Trump knows nothing about Iran or the nuke’s deal, and he could care less. What he cares about is power, executive power, the kind of power that has eluded Trump so far because he lacks a constituency. Now he “gets it”. Now he’s assembling a team of neocons like Bolton and Pompeo and ingratiating himself with strong supporters of Israel. They will provide the foundation for Trump’s grandiose personal ambitions by helping him tighten his grip on executive power. This is why he put the kibosh on the Iran nukes deal without even reading the agreement. He’s just placating his base to strengthen his own position. Trump’s actions invariably revolve around Trump. He is the center of his own world. Here’s an excerpt from an article by former US Intelligence Officer Paul Pillar:

“Two motivations, more than any others, have driven the opposition to the JCPOA. One is the desire to wreck whatever Barack Obama accomplished…..The other major motivation is to stay in step with the preferences of the right-wing government of Israel. The political and financial mechanisms include fear among American politicians of antagonizing the lobby that works on that government’s behalf. They also include wealthy supporters of that government bankrolling advocacy groups dedicated to sustaining tension and confrontation with Iran, with opposition to the JCPOA at the core of that effort.

… certainly is not in U.S. interests to support the game that Netanyahu is playing with the issue, which is to oppose any and all agreements with Tehran as a way of maintaining Iran as a pariah and a foil, in an effort to distract attention from Israel’s own destabilizing activities and to restrict U.S. diplomatic freedom of action in the Middle East…..Regardless of how much fondness one may have for Israel, it never will be sound policy to subcontract any portion of one’s own nation’s policies to a foreign government. Acting from either or both of these motivations is policy malpractice of the worst kind.” (“Hold the Deal-Killers Accountable”, Paul Pillar, Lobe Log)

That sums it up perfectly. Now a few words about Iran:

Iran is a long-term victim of US-Israeli belligerence and aggression. The broken nuclear deal is just the latest addition to the 65 year-long litany of hostility and abuse.

In 1953, the CIA toppled the Iranian government, installed the Shah, helped to kill or imprison thousands of leftists and dissidents, fast-tracked the issuing of contracts to the giant oil corporations, helped arm and train the Shah’s secret police, the SAVAK, and plunged the country into 26 years of agonizing police-state repression and tyranny. Sound familiar?

It should. Washington has followed the same basic blueprint in over 50 countries since the end of World War 2. Regime change is just the way Washington does business.

Have you ever wondered what life was like under the Shah? Here’s a brief summary from The Harvard Crimson:

“The Shah systematically dismantled the judicial system of Iran and the country’s guarantees of personal and social liberties. …. Nearly every source of creative, artistic and intellectual endeavor in our culture was suppressed.

The SAVAK conducted most of the torture, under the friendly guidance of the CIA which set up SAVAK in 1957 and taught them how to interrogate suspects. Amnesty International reports methods of torture that included “whipping and beating, electric shocks, extraction of teeth and nails, boiling water pumped into the rectum, heavy weights hung on the testicles, tying the prisoner to a metal table heated to a white heat, inserting a broken bottle into the anus, and rape.”…

Thomas "Boom Boom" Ellis K.O.'s "Tomato Can" Bob Mueller in Historic 1 Round Slugfest
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A federal judge has pulled back the curtain on the Mueller investigation and exposed a flagrantly-deceptive political operation aimed at removing the president from office. On Friday, Federal District Court Judge T.S. Ellis III castigated Mueller’s legal team for hypocritically prosecuting former Trump Campaign chairman Paul Manafort when their their real target was Donald Trump.

“You don’t really care about Mr. Manafort’s bank fraud,” Ellis said. “You really care about getting information that Manafort can give you that would reflect on Mr. Trump and lead to his prosecution or impeachment.”

Bingo. Ellis’s frank comments help to identify the political motives that drive the Special Counsel investigation. As the judge notes, the case against Manafort is just a means to an end, a political mechanism used by the junta leaders to depose the president of the United States. In truth, the Mueller Inquisition is a counterintelligence operation that uses legal subterfuge to achieve its broader goal of regime change. In one terse statement, Ellis has lifted the rock on the quisling probe and revealed the brood of worms squirming below.

“If I look at the indictment, none of that information has anything to do with links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of Donald Trump.”

Ellis pointed out that the indictment doesn’t mention Russian individuals, Russian banks, Russian money or Russian payments to Manafort. “I think we ought to be very clear about these facts and what is happening,” he added ominously.

Ellis is just stating the obvious, that Mueller’s battery of highfalutin attorneys don’t give a hoot about Manafort or his dodgy business dealings. What they care about is the Big Game, Donald J.Trump, that’s who’s really in the prosecutorial cross-hairs, not some petty racketeer with a lengthy rap sheet. What I like about Ellis, is not just not way he cuts through the baloney, but the way he calls a spade a spade. Like this gem:

“If you get someone in a conspiracy and get something against them, you can then tighten the screws and they will begin to provide the information you’re really interested in.” (This) “doesn’t have anything to do with Russia or the campaign…(The intention is) “to exert leverage on a defendant so the defendant will turn and provide information on what is really the focus of the Special Prosecutor.”

“Tighten the screws”??

How’s that for candor? In other words, Ellis is comparing Mueller’s coercive tactics to those of other hard-nosed prosecutors who twist the arms of minor drug offenders to get the ‘bigger fish’. That’s clearly what’s going on in the Manafort case where Special Counsel is try to intimidate the former Trump campaign chair hoping he’ll “flip” and do a number on the president. Ellis doesn’t exactly accuse Mueller’s team of ‘witness tampering’, but he comes pretty damn close. He seems to infer that Mueller’s methods are not that much different than a common shake-down artist collecting protection money for the Mob.

It’s impossible to overstate the importance of Ellis’s comments. The highly-regarded judge has impartially reviewed the evidence in front of him and denounced the Mueller Investigation as a fraud. That should be headline news across the country but, of course, it won’t be.

Ellis also repudiates the abusive, below-the-belt tactics of the Mueller team which is clearly operating beyond its mandate. In fact, Ellis challenged Special Counsel’s lead attorney on this very point asking how evidence that was discovered in an earlier investigation could be presented as part of the current case. Special Counsel lawyer Drebeen answered:

“The Special Counsel is authorized to prosecute matters that arose from the investigation that is described earlier in the preamble…So we are not limited in our prosecution authority to crimes that would fit within the precise description that was issued in this public order. If the investigation is valid, the crimes that arose from that investigation are within the SC’s authority to prosecute.”

Judge Ellis, clearly exasperated, responded like this: “Even though it didn’t arise from your investigation? It arose from a preexisting investigation?”

So, according to Mueller’s team, there are no limits to its investigation, the sky’s the limit.

Drebeen’s response was clearly the straw that broke the camel’s back. After a moment’s hesitation, a noticeably agitated Judge Ellis read Drebeen the Riot Act. He said:

“What we don’t want in this country is anyone with unfettered power. We don’t want elected officials, including the president of the United States with unfettered power. So, it’s unlikely you’re going to persuade me the special counsel has unfettered power to do whatever he wants.”

Ellis’s dressing-down of Drebeen was followed shortly after by a demand that Mueller’s team provide Ellis with a full version of Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein’s May 2017 memo in order to clarify the range of Special Counsel’s legal mandate. Here’s a little background on the topic from an article at American Thinker titled “Judge Ellis Wants to See Mueller’s Hunting License”:

“Ellis gave Mueller’s team two weeks to furnish the unredacted memo or justify why they would not. When prosecutors tried to explain that the unredacted version would divulge sensitive national security and counterintelligence information, Ellis accused the Justice Department of “not really telling the truth,” and mocked Mueller’s lawyer for [saying] “we said this was what [the] investigation was about, but we are not bound by it and we were lying.” The Reagan-appointed judge admonished federal prosecutors that “no one has unfettered power”……

…..If the judge dismisses Manafort’s case, Mueller justifiably could be fired. According to the federal statute, a special counsel can be removed for “misconduct, dereliction of duty, incapacity, conflict of interest, or for other good cause, including violation of Departmental policies.” Bungling his biggest case because he exceeded his given authority then tried to obfuscate that fact from the court would certainly meet some of that criteria. (“Judge Ellis Wants to see Mueller’s Hunting License”, Clarice Feldman, American Thinker –Excerpt by Julie Kelly at American Greatness)

Although Mueller has suffered a number of setbacks in recent days, it’s hard to imagine the lanky prosecutor will get his ‘walking papers’ anytime soon. His behind-the-scenes benefactors still think they can carry off their regime change skulduggery despite the fact that the Mueller’s probe has run aground and the beleaguered Rosenstein could soon face impeachment. So while the wheels on the cart have not entirely fallen off just yet, things are looking considerably less rosy for Mueller and Friends.

But as bad as Mueller is, Rosenstein is infinitely worse. In my opinion, Rosenstein’s degraded DOJ is the head of the snake, the iniquitous institution that created the primary legal weapon for removing the president, Special Counsel. Deep-State Rod not only created the Special Counsel, he concealed its mandate, authorized its power, approved its expansion and, now, is stonewalling Congress over documents that are critical to their investigation of whether the Obama administration illegally spied on members to the Trump campaign. Rosenstein has been the shadowy go-to guy in all these maneuverings. The point I’m trying to make, is that an unelected bureaucrat of dubious integrity is entirely responsible for the creation of an agency (Special Counsel) that has no constitutional legitimacy but (amazingly) claims that it has the power and moral authority to take down the elected leader of the country. That’s a bit of a stretch, don’t you think?

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“After a while, Samson said to the boy who was leading him: “Take me up to the front of the temple, so that I may stand by one of the pillars, and lean against it.”

And while Samson stood between the two pillars, he prayed. Then he placed one arm around the pillar on one side, and the other arm around the pillar on the other side; and he said: “Let me die with the Philistines.” And he bowed forward with all his might, and pulled the pillars over with him, bringing down the roof and all upon it upon those that were under it. Samson himself was among the dead; but in his death he killed more of the Philistines than he had killed during his life.

There were deep faults in Samson, but at the end he sought God’s help, and found it, and God used Samson to set his people free.”

“The Story of Samson, the Strong Man”, Bible Hub

It is Donald Trump’s duty to defend the office of the President and the right of the American people to choose their own leaders through democratic elections. Both of those institutions are currently under attack, and there is a real danger that the republican system of government, which we have enjoyed for over 200 years, is about to be lost. So let’s cut to the chase: The results of the 2016 election have never been accepted by a small group of oligarchs, politicos, intelligence honchos and career bureaucrats. The presidential election did not produce the outcome they wanted, so they agreed to use their power to try to change the result.

With that end in mind, this group of fifth columnists settled on a plan for disposing of Trump by creating an Office of the Grand Inquisitor, an undemocratic, supra-legal agency that operates independent of Congress, the White House or the American people. The Mueller Inquisition is an entity unto itself, a fourth branch of government created by deep-state coup-member and perennial Trump antagonist, Rod Rosenstein, the duplicitous insider whose maneuverings have helped pave the way for an indictment of the president and, eventually, regime change. Like Comey, Brennan, Clapper and the rest, Rosenstein is neither committed to the president nor to the political system that guarantees representative government. His loyalties lie with the largely invisible group of establishment powerbrokers who manipulate policy through their agents that are spread across the bureaucracy. As we have seen in the last year, this group has infiltrated the FBI, the CIA, the NSA and the DOJ. They control nearly all the media and use it to shape a narrative that best suits their broader political objectives. These are the omniscient puppetmasters who despise Trump and are determined to remove him from office.

The attacks on Trump began even before he took office. Spurious allegations of “collusion” with Russian agents were eventually replaced with more credible claims of corruption, obstruction of justice and, finally, violations of campaign finance. Lost in the anti-Trump hysteria is the fact that the president has never come under fire for his flagrantly right-wing policies on immigration, taxes, the environment, education, law and order, or regulations, but only for his laudable efforts to normalize relations with nuclear-armed, Russia. That has always been the basis for criticizing Trump, his eagerness for rapprochement with potential friend and ally, Moscow, which is reviled by the warmongering US foreign policy establishment who see Russia as clear threat to their psycho plan to rule the world. The “Borg” wants to replace Trump with a compliant toady, like Mike Pence, who will do whatever he’s told and march in lockstep with his NWO paymasters.

After a year and a half of fruitless investigation, Mueller stumbled across information about alleged payments Trump made to his personal attorney Michael Cohen that were reimbursement for secret payouts to porno-film star, Stormy Daniels. The $130,000 payment was an attempt to prevent Daniels from going public about an alleged affair she had with the president. And while no one is the least bit surprised that Trump may have had such extra-marital encounters in the past, there is the thorny question of whether campaign finance laws may have been broken in the course of paying Daniels. Clearly, this is the hook Mueller has been looking for all along, the chance to run Trump through the mud by making him look like a philandering scoundrel whose shady dealings make him unfit to serve as president of the United States. Stormy Daniels is merely the stick with which Mueller plans to beat Trump to a pulp. This is from Friday’s New York Times:

“The explosive revelation, which Mr. Giuliani said was intended to prove that Mr. Trump and Mr. Cohen violated no campaign finance laws, prompted frustration and disbelief among the president’s other legal and political advisers, some of whom said they feared the gambit could backfire.

Legally, the failure to disclose the payments could be a violation of the Ethics in Government Act of 1978, which requires that federal officials, including Mr. Trump, report any liabilities of more than $10,000 during the preceding year. Mr. Trump’s last disclosure report, which he signed and filed in June, mentions no debt to Mr. Cohen.”…

Mr. Giuliani recognized the situation was problematic …because Mr. Trump had previously said on Air Force One that he was unaware of the hush payments to Stephanie Clifford, the actress who performs as Stormy Daniels. However, Mr. Trump and his aides see lying to or misleading the news media as far less troublesome than lying to investigators….

(New York Times)

The Mueller Gestapo raided Cohen’s law offices and seized his private information that is protected under sacrosanct attorney-client privilege. Again, this illustrates the extraordinary extra-legal powers that were bestowed on Mueller by Rosenstein, the double-dealing bureaucrat who created the Office of Inquisition. As far as Rosenstein is concerned it doesn’t matter whether Trump is taken down by fabricated connections to Moscow or by illegal payouts to a porn star. It’s all the same to him. He’s merely acting on orders from the heavyweights who operate behind-the-scenes and who want Trump removed by hook or crook.

The genius of the Mueller Inquisition is the deceptive way it presents itself as an “independent investigation overseen by a man of unshakable integrity.” In truth, it is a public relations sham, an unconstitutional shadow government that was concocted by meddling elites who believe that they have the right to rule the country that they physically own. Mueller wasn’t chosen for his integrity or commitment to duty, but for his steadfast reliability. The Former FBI chief is a known commodity who can be trusted to perform his task as political assassin without question and without veering even slightly off-course. Mueller knows what his job is and for whom he is working, the invisible cabal that operate behind the smokescreen of institutional legitimacy and who use the appearance of “legality” to cloak their political subterfuge. These people are cold-blooded killers, and now they’ve set their sites on Trump.

By now, Trump must know that there’s nothing he can do to appease his enemies. They want him removed and they’re not going to settle for anything less than regime change. They’ve made that quite clear. Which leaves Trump with just one option, engage the enemy, flush them out into the open, enlist the support of the people and, most of all, make the co-conspirators pay for what they’ve done.

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Robert Mueller’s critics have described the Russia investigation as a “fishing expedition”, but is it? Webster defines ‘fishing expedition’ as: “an investigation that does not stick to a stated objective but hopes to uncover incriminating or newsworthy evidence.”

Does that accurately describe the Mueller investigation?

It does. Why, for example, don’t we know the nature of the crime Trump is alleged to have committed? Isn’t that a bit odd? Will he be charged with collusion, corruption, obstruction, perjury or will Mueller dredge up some entirely new offense that no one expected?

We don’t know. No one knows because no one has a clear idea of what the investigation is all about or where it’s headed. Mueller appears to be just nosing around to see what he can up with. He has no set parameters and no fixed agenda. He simply goes where he wants and does as he pleases. Why doesn’t that bother people?

Why aren’t people angry that Mueller is not acting as a Special Counsel, but as a prosecuting attorney? Is that the way previous administrations have been treated? And let’s be serious, Mueller is not “investigating” a case of alleged collusion with Russia. He’s looking for proof that Trump broke the law. That’s Mueller’s mandate: Convict Donald Trump. Who doesn’t know this already?

It was Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein who appointed Mueller and gave him his extraordinary powers. Mueller was instructed to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump,” as well as other matters that “may arise directly from the investigation.” In other words, Rosenstein granted Mueller nearly-limitless power to forage around looking for dirt on Trump. That’s Mueller’s assignment. And to make sure he would not be impeded by any outside authority, Rosenstein created, what amounts to, a forth branch of government, an entirely unaccountable agency that operates independent of Congress, the White House or the American people, and whose primary task is prove, by whatever means possible, that the president is a criminal. The Mueller Inquisition is essentially a shadow government whose task is to destroy the elected government. That’s not the way democracy is supposed to work.

As we said earlier, Mueller has never identified the crime for which Trump is being investigated nor has he explained whether he thinks a crime has been committed at all. Personally, I don’t see any evidence of a crime, which suggests to me that probable cause is lacking. There is no reasonable basis to pursue the current investigation. The whole thing looks like a fraud. Even worse, Trump is being required to prove his own innocence in a politically-toxic environment where powerful members of the losing party, the deep state and the privately-owned media continue to make spurious allegations for which there is not a shred of evidence. How is Trump supposed to prove his innocence when the matter has already been decided by partisan mouthpieces in the media who control everything the American people hear and see?

It’s not possible.

And how often have you heard this question: Why would these Russia allegations keep popping up if Trump wasn’t guilty?

Answer–Because the elites who own the media are waging a propaganda war against a man they will never accept as president. That’s why? Is someone under the illusion that the media is impartial, evenhanded or objective? It’s not. The media is a stakeholder that represents the interest of ownership. It’s their toy and they use it to promote their own agenda. In this case, they want a different president, a president who represents their interests. Hillary Clinton.

Ask yourself this: If Robert Mueller had anything on Trump, why would the FBI raid the law offices of Trump’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen?

Was it really necessary to violate attorney-client privilege or was the raid merely an admission that Mueller still hasn’t found any evidence of criminal wrongdoing?

It’s obvious, isn’t it? The raid was an expression of complete and utter desperation, the kind of desperation that compels dogged prosecutors like Mueller to take things to the next level.

In the words of 30-year veteran CIA-analyst Ray McGovern: “If there was any tangible evidence of Trump campaign-Russia collusion, Mueller would almost certainly have known where to look and, in today’s world of blanket surveillance, would have found it by now….Mueller knows better than anyone, where and how to find the dirt on the Trump campaign, collusion with Russia, or anything else. That he has been able to come up with so little — and is trying to get some help from the President himself — speaks volumes.” (“Robert Mueller–Gone Fishing”, Ray McGovern, Consortium News)

Have you seen any proof that Trump is guilty of collusion, corruption, obstruction, perjury or any other federal crime?

No. Nothing.

Then why do We The People allow this charade to continue? Do we no longer operate on the principle that a man is innocent until proven guilty or has that been swept away in the wave of Russia hysteria that has overtaken the country?

Check out this clip from this week’s New York Times:

“Robert S. Mueller… has at least four dozen questions on an exhaustive array of subjects he wants to ask President Trump to learn more about his ties to Russia and determine whether he obstructed the inquiry itself, according to a list of the questions obtained by The New York Times.

The open-ended queries appear to be an attempt to penetrate the president’s thinking, to get at the motivation behind some of his most combative Twitter posts and to examine his relationships with his family and his closest advisers.” (New York Times)

So Mueller wants to ask Trump “four dozen questions”? Why? If he has any proof of wrongdoing, he should present it to the American people and be done with it. Why does he expect Trump to abandon his rights to testify against himself? It’s crazy. And why does he want to “penetrate the president’s thinking”? This isn’t a therapy session with Dr. Feelgood. This is a serious investigation to see if the President of the United States tried to rig the election with the assistance of Russian agents. Mueller’s job is to gather evidence, compile witness testimony, and build a case. If he doesn’t have a case, he should call it quits and put this travesty to rest.

Of course the “four dozen questions” is just another milestone in a long list of diversions and fake news. It just shows how frustrated Mueller really is. He has nothing so he hoping he can get Trump to incriminate himself by lying under oath. It’s a perjury trap, right? In other words, absent any hard evidence of collusion, obstruction or corruption, the Special Counsel is making one-last Hail Mary pass to try to salvage his worthless investigation. It’s ridiculous. Trump knows that if he slips up in an interview with Mueller and gets his story wrong, he can be indicted. He knows that. This is just another parlor trick by a frustrated prosecutor who doesn’t no where to turn.

How often have we heard what an “honorable man” Robert Mueller is. Is this the way an honorable man behaves? This is the kind of behavior we’d expect from a small-town shakedown artist trying to coerce a confession by twisting arms and busting heads. There’s no honor in that.

Of course, Mueller is not alone in this ham-fisted attempt to destroy Trump. Comey and Rosenstein are in on it too. Some readers will recall that Former FBI Director James Comey admitted in sworn testimony, that he leaked his private conversation with Trump in order to get a Special Counsel appointed.

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