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The Great White North
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Rue Saint Hubert in Montreal, 2017

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Despairing Americans often threaten to move to Canada, but how many even know what it’s like now? Many liberals assume that our northern neighbor is more progressive, while those on the right might think that it’s, ah, whiter. Ask your average American to name ten Canadians, and it’s likely that nine will be white guys who can deftly handle a puck, with the tenth, the ultra-vanilla Justin Bieber.

According to Statistics Canada, 28% of Canada’s population will be foreign-born by 2031. In 2011, 4.53% of its residents were already Chinese, and on three visits to Toronto since, I’ve seen many more Han faces on the streets. Chinatown is pushing east into downtown, and west into Trinity Bellwoods, Little Portugal and Little Italy.

Outside Dragon City Mall in the heart of Toronto’s Chinatown, an old man played the erhu while another peddled rat traps from a cart. Within sight, Scotia Bank and National Bank had signs in Chinese.

With such an influx of immigrants and refugees, Toronto now touts itself as the most multicultural city on earth, even more so than London, New York or Paris. Its inhabitants, then, can sample not just a vast array of international dishes, but also hybrids such as sushi burritos at Rolltation or Dr. Pepper-flavored Jamaican pulled pork on a Belgian waffle, at Junked Food Co. In Kensington Market, there’s an eatery called Hungary Thai. Sticking to the basics, Ian and I chowed on banh mi, then, for dessert, Colombian candied crickets, bought from a street kiosk.

Within the shadow of Notre Dame Cathedral in Montreal is New-Agey Boutique Lotus, and two doors down is Ming Tao Xuan, as astonishing a Chinese tea house as you’ll find outside Asia. With its many display cases filled with teapots, buddhas, sculpted animals, crystals, necklaces and bracelets, it’s also a museum. Tea choices range from the White Hair Silver Needle, Golden Beautiful Eyebrow, Black Tartary Buckwheat to Chun Jian Raw Pu’er, with everything served in clay tea pots on bamboo trays.

It’s been in business for decade. As my friend Ian and I sipped from aromatic cups at a rosewood Ming table, the middle-aged proprietor stood by the counter and crooned along to a recorded ballad, chuckling every so often at its lyrics.

Outside the large picture window, a white, female beggar in a yellow windbreaker stood at the corner of Bressole and Saint Sulpice. Streaming by, foreign and domestic tourists mostly ignored her. Leaving Ming Tao Xuan, we could hear her singing “Que Sera, Sera.”

At Dunn’s Downtown Diner, we ate the confounding poutine to Bollywood music. As I struggled through my mess of French fries and curd cheese smothered in brown gravy, I lamented to Ian, “I can’t believe any French population could come up with this!”

Our waiter was a second-generation Portuguese-Canadian. “Yes, I can still speak Portuguese. Language is a big issue in Canada. Here in Quebec, sometimes you’ll hear two people talking in English and French, with each refusing to speak the other’s language!”

To babble a foreign tongue is to petition for admission into another family and heritage, a farcical failure in most cases, and that’s why most people don’t stray from their mama lingo. Even within a language, dialects and accents further divide. We are not one. Strolling through Kensington Market, I spotted the Hainan Association of Ontario. Even after half a century of internationalist indoctrination, Chinese are most trusting and loyal to people from their home region.

Nearer downtown, I caught a flyer that said, “BURN THE DETENTION CENTRES. DEPORT THE GOVERNMENT. WELCOME THE REFUGEES.” Similar flyers can be found in all majority-white countries, and notice how no protest is raised about not generating refugees in the first place.

With no government, there are no borders to be defined, much less defended, but this is fine, see, since we’re all one, and this, mi amigo, is precisely the message being pushed relentlessly by the corporate, globalist elite to their progressive consumers. At Yonge-Dundas Square, the Hard Rock Cafe had this slogan on its facade, “ALL IS ONE.”

Inside the EatonCenter, an upscale luggage outfit displayed a large poster of “SUNNY WANG / Global Citizen.” On YouTube, there’s a video of Sunny flying on a chartered plane, swimming with sharks and even meditating on the ocean floor. Très cool. “As humans, we have a responsibility for this planet.” With a $350 backpack and $1,200 suitcase from Tumi, you too can be a responsible global citizen.

Sunny Wang reminds me of a Canadian editor at Dissident Voice, “DV Co-Editor Kim Petersen enjoys scuba diving, working out, and advancing the struggle for a world based on principles of peaceful and equitable sharing and respect for the environment and life … and Anton Berg marzipan. He studied at universities in occupied First Nations territory (‘British Columbia,’ ‘Canada’) and Norway.”

After giving articles to Dissident Voice for several years, I stopped when Petersen objected to my using “Indians” to describe the people of Wolf Point, Montana. Very politically correct, certain Canucks.

With its French language as relative barrier, Montreal attracts fewer immigrants than Toronto or Vancouver, but this city has also become much more mixed. Stumbling into Barfly in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, Ian and I managed to chat with a few locals about a rapidly changing Canada.

On a warm, pleasant evening, we sat around a picnic table behind this charmingly grubby bar. John, in his early 50’s, said, “We live in a little bubble here, but honestly, no one I know, at all, is grumbling about immigrants.”

Maddy, 40-ish, elaborated, “It’s not an issue, because there’s so much space, and so much resource.”


John, “There was an actual issue for a brief spell, in the early 90’s. It had specifically to do with French schools, because the French schools had traditionally been Catholic and white, and what was happening in Montreal was schools winding up with, say, 40% immigrants. You had a lot of Spanish students who came in. That was reported on more than 20 years ago, but it’s over. Let me put it this way, ethnic gangs in schools are not a problem.”

Madie, “There’s a very strong, kind of outdated Quebec national identity that has to do, very much, with having a European ancestry, speaking French and being Catholic. There’s a strong history of sovereignty, and it’s dying out now only because the time is changing. When you talk about national identity in North America, it doesn’t really make sense, as it did twenty years ago.

“In the 70’s, there was an ideological framework about immigrants called multiculturalism, by Trudeau the elder. Multiculturalism was supposed to set itself apart from the state’s melting pot concept, meaning you keep your culture when you come to Canada, and you keep and celebrate your differences. Yes, you try to learn the language and whatever, for economic reasons, but there’s no pressure, you know, to fit into a kind of common culture, so maybe that had an effect over the years, to change attitudes and tolerate differences. Maybe that’s why there are less racist crimes here.”

At this point, we were joined by Peter, a jazz pianist in his late 40’s. Peter related a racial incident, “I saw one guy who pulled his van in front of a car that had four women in it. They were wearing the hijab. He very slowly filled up his car with gasoline, so they couldn’t leave. When they politely honked their horn, he went up to a window and slammed his hand on their car, as if to say, “Fuck you, you don’t belong here, so I don’t even acknowledge you!” He was an older white man. I’ve also heard from black musician friends about the shit they have to endure. The driving while black exists here in Quebec as well.”

Having visited the US several times, Maddy and Peter think their country is in way better shape. Canadians are better informed, they told me, and with a social safety net, it’s very difficult to end up lying on concrete or asphalt. There’s nothing like Detroit, Camden, Baltimore or Gary in Canada. Welfare per month is 600 CAD, with no time limit, and healthcare is free. If you’re mentally ill, then it’s 900 bucks. Higher education is also much cheaper, even for foreigners. In Toronto’s Chinatown, I noticed a sign in Vietnamese and Chinese offering to enroll Vietnamese students in Canadian universities.

In 2016, John McCallum, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, declared that Canada wanted even more Chinese workers, students and tourists, “There’s a significant feeling that Canada does need more immigrants, partly because we have an aging population, and so we need more young blood to keep our economies going […] If you ask me what is the best group of people in the world to become future Canadian citizens, I would say international students.” McCallum is now the ambassador to China.

In 2011, already 27.7% of Vancouver residents were Chinese. Since many of them are quite loaded, the city now has the highest real estate prices in the entire country, with a one-bedroom apartment averaging 1,400 USD. Perhaps to make amend for stealing land from its indigenous, Asiatic populations, Canada is purposely becoming more Asian. Half a million Chinese are granted visas, of all types, per year.

Since Maddy and Peter had no objection to increased immigration, I asked my new friends if they would mind, say, several million Americans fleeing north? Suddenly, they were stumped. The prospect is very real, I insisted. The greatest show boat on earth is taking on water, keeling and throwing out sparks. Au secours, Canada!

As I write this article, a Saudi Arabian newspaper requested an interview, and one of their questions asked about how living in different countries has informed my thinking. My answer, “Every society has evolved from an utterly unique set of beliefs and experiences. In the West, the idea that borders don’t really matter has infected many minds, especially those that are relatively untouched by experiences, books or travels, but this madness shall soon pass. Crossing many borders, I know that they are sacred. Much blood has been spilled over every inch.”

Linh Dinh’s Postcards from the End of America has just been released by Seven Stories Press. He maintains an active photo blog.

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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    There are a lot of Chinese in the world! Quincy, Massachusetts (the hometown of Mark Zuckerberg’s wife) is starting to look like Chinatown. But in terms of immigrant groups I’d put Chinese near the top in terms of desirability. Lower than Korean and Icelandic but way above Haitian and Somali. FOB Chinese leave a lot to be desired but their Americanized offspring are usually first rate.

  2. AKAHorace says:

    God, my countrymen are stupid, sorry for the sheer boringness that you must have endured when talking about a subject where you are supposed to show virtue. If virtue signalling could build a country we would be richer and more independent than Switzerland.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @Fearan
  3. The asshole quoted in the post wants more chinese immigration?
    He should have the Hell beaten out of him.

  4. On YouTube, there’s a video of Sunny flying on a chartered plane, swimming with sharks and even meditating on the ocean floor. Très cool. “As humans, we have a responsibility for this planet.” With a $350 backpack and $1,200 suitcase from Tumi, you too can be a responsible global citizen.

    Sunny Wang is an American-born Taiwanese actor and NYU graduate.

  5. neutral says:
    @Father O'Hara

    wants more chinese immigration

    The question I have is if the Chinese (in Canada) want more Chinese immigration? This question also applies to all the other third world people that have moved to formerly white lands. Surely there must be many that are aware of why the lands they left are not as desirable as the ones they moved to.

  6. wow says:

    Canada is “hockey white” with the exceptions of Toronto , Vancouver and Montreal. You can drive 30 minutes to the east or west of Toronto and be in a small city like Burlington Ontario which is 90% white.

    However, Muslims are infecting Canada like parasites and need to be curtailed, keep their religion out of Canada. Canadians don’t really have problems with other minorities. The Chinese can’t drive worth shiiit though, a nightmare on our roads!

  7. Linh Dinh is very polite in not pointing out how stupid and pathetic Candians are.

    This takes admirable self-restraint.

  8. Z-man says:

    LOL!!! Toronto used to brag that it was the most Anglo Saxon city on earth. With all those Chinks who’s going to fight ZOG’s wars as Canada is America’s dutiful little brother. One knows that Anglicized Chinamen are the biggest chucks/girly boys out there.

  9. @AKAHorace

    And with more immigrants from balkans.

    Thanks for white retardeds the world is full of beautiful humans…

  10. @ Linh Dinh,

    Canadian here. Fortunately farming north of Toronto but having had spent many years living in TO during my university and ‘suit’ days.

    Toronto is a four fifths of five eights of a fuck all city. It has everything and nothing at the same time. A lot of the inhabitants scream about it being a world class city but miss the obvious point that world class cities don’t need to try to push the point.

    Though I only live 80 km away, I always feel like a tourist when I go down there. Except now I do so without any enthusiasm. It is hard to put it in concise terms but the best I can do is to state that there is no ‘there’ there.

    As far as Canadians are concerned, yes they are on average several points ahead of their American counterparts in intelligence but they are also way more PC, so not so ironically they end up being dumber.

    The old saw about Americans thinking about their country as being a melting pot but Canadians thinking of themselves as being a mosaic is so true and could be considered the essential kernel of the difference between the peoples. In plain English, an immigrant in America would ( for example) call himself American-Latvian while here he would call himself a Latvian with Canadian citizenship.

    Anyway, if you are ever in Toronto and find yourself bored (not hard at all) contact me and I will give you enough fodder for several articles.


    • Agree: Sergey Krieger
    • Replies: @AM
  11. I was in London recently; all over the city, downtown, East London, South London, Brixton, Camden, on the tube every day and the thing that struck me was that it was whiter than Toronto.

    • Replies: @jim jones
  12. Albertde says:

    Canada has one big barrier to immigrants from the South, including the US, settling there: it’s called winter that lasts from November to April in the US border area (100 km) where most Canadians live: excepting Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia and Alberta, and the worst winter is the second one after arrival.
    So most Canadians welcome immigrants and visitors, meaning if you can take winter, you are welcome there since it is a geographically fragile (there is only one highway, the TransCanada Highway, and no other roads, that crisscrosses the country), sparsely populated country.
    But if you can take winter, you and your family can get free high-quality primary and high-school education (no social sciences here!) and cheap university education, taxpayer-funded medicare and, outside of Vancouver and Toronto, reasonably priced housing.
    In Quebec, that would be in French for the primary and high-school education. Anyway, why would you want an English education in Quebec? You need good French to get a job and both English and French to get a decent one.

    • Replies: @GeorgeV
  13. BenKenobi says:

    God-damn virtue-signaling Canadian Eloi. Parroting official state scripture:

    “It’s not an issue, because there’s so much space, and so much resource.”

    “Canada does need more immigrants, partly because we have an aging population, and so we need more young blood to keep our economies going.”

    Makes me sick. Yesterday was D-Day. The men who died at Juno did not storm the beach for diversity. They have been betrayed.

    Canada is a weak and supine nation, a big pussy waiting to be fucked. It will be carved up like a Christmas turkey come balkanization.

    • Replies: @Pontius
  14. Corvinus says:
    @Father O'Hara

    “The asshole quoted in the post wants more chinese immigration? He should have the Hell beaten out of him.”

    Thankfully, you realize, as a man of the cloth who abhors St. Brievik, that you lack that type of physical aggression.

    Thankfully, that you would go to prison should you engage in that immoral and unlawful act, to undertake that task yourself.

  15. peterike says:

    FOB Chinese leave a lot to be desired but their Americanized offspring are usually first rate.

    You gotta be kidding me. Those offspring are becoming hyper-aggressive anti-white SJWs at an alarming pace. They hate the wrong kind of whites just as much as Progressive whites do, but with that added dose of Chinese passive-aggressive sneakiness and easy corruption.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Asian immigration to America is ultimately going to be far, far more disastrous than Mexican immigration.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
    , @RadicalCenter
  16. Che Guava says:

    Crossing many borders, I know that they are sacred. Much blood has been spilled over every inch.

    Interesting punchline.

    My experiences of Canadians are four.

    A boy I met at school overseas, he introduced the music of Iggy and the Stooges, old by then, but fun to me. We were the school misfits, both from other places, but still dfd well at exams. He was only there for one year.

    Next was a pair of ultra-macho ice hockey freaks, here, they were worse than any USA people i have ever met. One assaulted me for no reason. Imjury was no joke.

    After that, a group of Quebecois on a holiday in Korea, staying in the same guest house. Very nice people, but even if I had kept studying French, I would not have undestood the words. They all spoke English, but always in Quebecois F rench mid-conversation.

    I am doing the same thing, to switch to Japanese or English, depending on what is being said, and to whom. My one social experience with Quebecois, they were nice people, but set up that separation, and they should.

    After that, a touring punk band fron Canada, the sound is alright, but the PC element, and the pussy-whipping element for the male band members.

  17. fnn says:

    Streaming by, foreign and domestic tourists mostly ignored her.

    What’s the point of tourism (at least the urban kind) when it’s the same multi-culti and corporate crap everywhere?

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  18. @peterike

    ”I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Asian immigration to America is ultimately going to be far, far more disastrous than Mexican immigration.”

    Even because the better ”mexicans” or the type of mexicans who have immigrated to the US can do is become a new underclass while ”chineses” have potential to threat ”’american”’ elites at least to become part of the elite, if some of them already are…

  19. @wow

    “Canada is “hockey white” with the exceptions of Toronto , Vancouver and Montreal.”

    True. As I like to remind my Canadian-Caribbean wife, “when you say “Canada”, you actually mean “Toronto”.” She likes to talk a lot about the moral superiority of “Canadians”, ie Torontonians, but when pressed on the matter she’ll wave vaguely to the north and west and say “out there, they might as well be Americans”, meaning white people who probably have a lot of guns in the house, dislike socialism, and believe in some kind of rugged individualism.

  20. The “Canadian Dream,” such as it is, has always been to ruthlessly assimilate non-whites. Put them in monkey suits, or hockey jerseys, indoctrinate them, buy them off with social welfare and hope that they grow up to eat donuts and wave that Maple Leaf. As the First Nations trailer parks show, this has been a miserable failure. Not everyone wants Canadian culture, whatever that is. And the recent Islamist attacks demonstrate that they now have a brand new tiger by the tale. Screw ’em.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @prusmc
  21. @Father O'Hara

    Big brained chinese with the GOD gene EDAR is a billion times better than some basque british, with small brains and suspect immune system that cannot even fight off someting as natural as the sun. If the chinese realised they can immigrate to western countries without money because they have the GOD gene EDAR they will hold you for ransom.

    • Replies: @daniel le mouche
  22. Canute says:

    Canada has become a multi-cultural cesspool, ruled by the French. When Trudeau the Brighter made French an official language and required that all government people speak both languages, he essentially turned the entire Federal bureaucracy of Canada over to the French. They are socialists to the core and it makes no difference which party is in Government – the French are always in control – they have been for decades. Moreover, most Americans have no idea how much they are despised by the people of Cannuckistan. They hate you…..the aw-sucks, kindness facade is merely that – a two-faced approach so you won’t punch their lights out.

  23. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Whether US military is in Asia — as in Saigon or Okinawa — or Asians are in the West — as with Chinese in Canada or Vietnamese in the US — , the result is the same: Western Male Conquest of Asian females who reject Asian males as inferior males.

    Chinese men may make short-term gain in Canada, but their women’s poons go ‘No dogs and Chinese males allowed’.

    • Troll: Jonathan Revusky
  24. @Bragadocious

    Canada should become a Chinese colony. I used to be more sympathetic but how am I supposed to root for the natives who want to 1)self-destruct, and 2)want to impose 52 genders on the world.

    Just hurry up and get conquered already. Maybe at least the Chinese overlords will have 2 genders.

  25. There’s nothing like Detroit, Camden, Baltimore or Gary in Canada. Welfare per month is 600 CAD, with no time limit, and healthcare is free. If you’re mentally ill, then it’s 900 bucks.

    BTW, Canadian taxes are around 42-48% of your income. Have a great life if you want to work!

  26. @fnn

    Because you can become a connoisseur of all the slightly different varieties of hell.

  27. @the real aryan

    What’s this God gene EDAR?
    Also, I’m sick to death of all the little coloreds from everywhere using your line, white people can’t even fend off something so natural as the sun.
    Who but white people are able to drink something as natural as milk?
    And are you personally able to cope super well with such natural phenomena as hemlock or a black widow bite? F off.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
    , @Rdm
  28. Agent76 says:

    Jun 7, 2017 Canada Is Under Socialist Siege

    Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s government has once again revealed their SJW policies by announcing a significant increase to the minimum wage….31.6% to be exact! In this video Dan Dicks of Press For Truth breaks down why this is not only a bad idea and needs to be stopped but also how it can be done in a true capitalist free market.

  29. @Canute

    Well stated, I don’t doubt it. Like most everyone, they’re ignorant as hell about god’s country.

  30. observer4 says:

    Linh, you need to visit Canada even more often. I like the comments here, many of them are well-informed. Yes, urban Canadians are comfortable with foreigners and diversity, but they are also fully-indoctrinated PC pussies.
    In Toronto, there are six Chinatowns, in different areas.
    First language of Toronto is English
    2nd is Mandarin
    3rd is Cantonese
    4th is Other Chinese languages.
    Polish, Greek, Tagalog, and Italian are all more widely spoken than French, which comes in around 9th place.

  31. @daniel le mouche

    Its a skin gene that explains the lack of body hair on East Asians. Its easily one of the weirdest rambles for superiority, along the level of Tiny Duck trolling. “Real Aryan” is yet another troll as far as I can tell.

  32. @Anonymous

    No, they should bring in more Syrians. I’m rooting for Islam at this point.

    Give them their just deserts, please.

  33. As I understand it, Canadian immigrants and refugees pass through a much more stringent filter than immigrants and refugees to America. The selection effect would explain the more positive
    Canadian attitude toward foreigners. I wonder if there are any Canadians here who can tell me if the “points system” is still followed?

    • Replies: @Pontius
    , @anon
  34. @Daniel Chieh

    My banana friend do you know what explains the hispanic health paradox and the low death rates for southern chinese during the bubonic plague , look no further than the mighty god gene Edar , which ENDOWS the chinese and native american with superhuman deeds and not only the superficial stuff like youthful skin and shovel teeth, dig deep my little banana you will become swollen headed.

  35. LauraMR says:

    Every society has evolved from an utterly unique set of beliefs and experiences.


    Every society has come to a set of beliefs by those of other societies. In most cases, what a society calls “unique” is no more than a reinvention of the wheel.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  36. jeppo says:

    Canadians are so polite that the cops don’t bother informing the public about terrorist attacks, so as not to encourage “Islamophobia.”

    At the same time as the London Bridge attacks were going down, a veiled woman with an ISIS headband started swinging a golf club and a large knife at employees and customers in a Toronto hardware store, while yelling “Allahu akbar” and threatening to kill nearby infidels. The woman was eventually subdued and, luckily, only one person was injured.

    It was only 3 days later that the media got wind of what happened (the cops said nothing) when the woman made a court appearance. For some reason the woman was allowed to wear her veil in court (because racism I guess), where she swore allegiance to Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi and ISIS, and made some further threats.

    There’s a publication ban on this case (again, so as not to encourage Islamophobia), but it’s rumoured that she’s one of Prime Minister Dreamboat’s 40,000 Syrian refugees. If the Powers That Be get their way, we’ll probably never know.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  37. neutral says:
    @basque british are small brained

    A banana (yellow on the outside white on the inside) is generally someone who supports SJW/cuckservatives/neoliberals, I don’t think he is a banana.

  38. Renoman says:

    I live in Eastern Canada, most people here regard Toronto as a shit hole filled with assholes, boring and Pius with the Worst of politicians, we never go there unless forced. The Country has become horrendously over taxed and hard to make a living in, many good things but terrible government. We don’t experience a lot of diversity here, the gov’t sends them here , the stay a year and then bang, up to Toronto or out to Hong Couver, The PM is filling the Country with Muslims and people hate it [who doesn’t?], same globalist crap as everywhere else.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  39. prusmc says:

    I was in graduate school at Universty of Florida in late 60’s. Knew two Canadian fellow students: One from Saskatchuon, parents were Ukrainian refugees from post-war times, the other long term Anglo Canadian from BC. The first was proUSA and was concerned about the split between French and English outlooks in conflict (eventually the French prevailed with Trudeau I and Margaret). He also was reluctant about welcoming US draft dodgers to the point that he took the mike at anti-war, move to Canada rally, and bluntly stated “I am a Canadian and I don’t want you people up there”. The BC guy planned on a career in the govermnent and thought the Francophone future was magnificent and welcomed world wide immigration (apparently with no limits).
    Looks like Mr. BC was really an early bird Mr. PC.

    • Replies: @Raymondson
  40. unit472 says:

    The first summer that the snows do not melt will be the beginning of the end of Canada. Contrary to the AGW fanatics I’d bet that Canada will be buried under ice again long before Greenland’s ice cap melts if it ever does. We need to remember that it was only 8000 years ago that the ice sheet melted.

    • Replies: @Sam J.
  41. Honestly, from the photos, one to the next, the street/sidewalk looks dirty and the people look rough. I was last in Montreal perhaps ’73, ’74… visiting with a Montreal native. Charming streets, clean… elegant small shops, very evocative of France and excellent food.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
  42. The only thing good about multiculturalism is the food. Everything else is a mess. “Vibrant” is just the new euphemism for “total chaos”. A multicultural society is one where there is no concept of country, every man for himself, every group thinks its superior to every other group, and everybody hates everybody. Just ask the Malaysians how well multiculturalism is working out for them.

    I left Asia to get the hell away from the dog-eat-dog Asian societies, and 3 decades later, those same people that I tried to get away from are here in drove to recreate their dog-eat-dog Asian societies in the west. The mainland Chinese are especially vile and atrocious, and hated everywhere even in the rest of Asia. The west can kiss its polite and cohesive societies goodbye with multiculturalism, the stupidest concept ever invented by the west.

    • Agree: Z-man
    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @Clyde
  43. Bill P says:

    As I write this article, a Saudi Arabian newspaper requested an interview, and one of their questions asked about how living in different countries has informed my thinking. My answer, “Every society has evolved from an utterly unique set of beliefs and experiences. In the West, the idea that borders don’t really matter has infected many minds, especially those that are relatively untouched by experiences, books or travels, but this madness shall soon pass. Crossing many borders, I know that they are sacred. Much blood has been spilled over every inch.”

    Thanks for the words of sanity, Linh. Orientals have the world’s greatest store of wisdom.

    I was working my mundane job the other day and came across an older guy who immigrated from Hong Kong to San Francisco in 1974, and then ultimately to Vancouver, who was waiting for a bus at the wrong address. As he waited for the bus we talked about how things have changed in San Francisco, Vancouver, Seattle and pretty much all over.

    He told me how crazy he thought US open border policies were. Because I lived in China for a couple years and knew where he was coming from, I said “yeah, if you talked that way in China people would just assume you were stupid.” He wholeheartedly concurred. It isn’t just whites in the US and Canada who see the folly in this globalist insanity. In fact, orientals are probably more “woke” in this regard.

    Anyway, he showed me his bus ticket and I realized he was in the wrong place. It was getting toward my lunch time, so I told him to come with me and I’d give him a ride so he didn’t get stranded. As I was taking him to the bus stop it was near dusk in this northern latitude, and everything was glowing that springtime green under the slanting sun, and off in the distance the snow covered mountains hovered above the haze. He was silent for most of the drive, and then he remarked on how beautiful it was. This guy really cared. He seemed concerned about his adopted home.

    At that moment, I really felt like he was a compatriot.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  44. Z-man says:
    @Truth Hurts

    I left Asia to get the hell away from the ‘dog-eat-dog’ Asian societies

    A ‘double entendre’ for sure, lol!

  45. Pontius says:

    That’s some pretty rich rhetoric from a bunch of people who’d rather shit in a shoe than let a pipeline get built to tidewater across their precious “nation”. Money always seems to just come from somewhere for these types.

  46. Pontius says:
    @Seth Largo

    Yes, if you are above a certain level of swarthiness, have some marketable skills and your persecution story is not sad enough.

  47. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Canada was more then 98% white in the 1960’s. That was when the Liberal party betrayed Canadians with open door immigration from the third world to get ethnic votes.

    They dissolved the Canadian people and imported a new one (one that would vote for the liberal party).

  48. anon • Disclaimer says:

    I would prefer any white group over the Chinese. Preferences are not the same as prejudices. Plus no racial problem is created.

    YES, I would certainly prefer Chinese over Somalians, but WHY should those be my only choices?

  49. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Father O'Hara

    That asshole’s wife is Chinese.

  50. @peterike

    This California resident wholeheartedly agrees.

    I’d add that Chinese people, like people generally, tend to become less assimilationist, less fairminded towards people of other racial and religious groups, as they (the supposedly pleasant, harmless, fairminded immigrant) become more numerous and relatively more powerful.

    We are guaranteeing serious trouble by continuing to allow Chinese to slowly colonize the west coast of the USA and Canada.

    Check out the city of Richmond, BC, just south of Vancouver, to see Chinese already achieving colonization-level percentages of the population there and nearby. They will have to rename the province Chinese Columbia, and I’m not entirely joking in the long term.

    If we Americans benefit from Chinese scientists, doctors, engineers, whatever, coming and working here, then give them long term work visas as needed — not permanent residency and certainly NEVER citizenship.

    Alien peoples should not be given the right to vote, the right to own real estate outright, or the right to own firearms in our Western countries. This is no less true of relatively intelligent and productive populations like the Chinese. Maybe more true….

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Fraser River
  51. @Canute

    And God help us here in the USA if we ever get a Marco Rubio or his ilk as president. Hello Puerto Rican statehood and Spanish as an official language. You’ll have to speak Spanish to get any kind of public sector job or be considered “promotable” in large publicly traded company.

    Official Spanish will be the camel’s nose under the tent. Then we’ll get their culture crammed down our throat (happening already, yes, I know) and we’ll be lucky if we end up with “only” Mexican levels of corruption. Worst case, we end up with a country that combines the worst qualities of Venezuela and Haiti.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @anon
  52. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Seth Largo

    Actually what you have said is a commonly believed canard. The “points system” says nothing about culture, heritage or adaptability, but all of that aside, about 80% of immigrants to Canada get in under the bogus “family reunification scheme”. They do not qualify for anything or even have to qualify either. A 95 year old great-granny from Pakistan can come here and be a burden on our heath care for the rest of her days.

    • Replies: @Basil31
  53. Tony says:

    No freakin way Korean immigrants are better than Chinese immigrants. Koreans are more arrogant and cocky. They have a higher crime rate, not by much but still worth mentioning. Their food isnt as good as Chinese food. Not just my opinion. Chinese restaurants outnumber Korean restaurants by a huge margin.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  54. @wow

    You are understating the third world invasion of Canada. We have to stop living in a dream world and acknowledge how much damage has already been done, before we can realistically develop policy and plans to salvage what we can of our lands and culture.

    You can add the city of Richmond and the city of Burnaby in BC, both substantial, growing cities where whites are already a minority and soon to be an insignificant and largely powerless minority.

    These are not minor towns, especially for sparsely populated Canada. Richmond has a quarter-million people and Burnaby is close to a quarter-million. Both dominated by Chinese, with large numbers of Punjabi Sikhs, Indian Hindus, Pakistani Muslims, and to a lesser extent Filipinos and others. Whites are less than 29% of richmonds population and less than forty percent of Burnaby’s.

    You also conveniently omit Calgary and Edmonton, the third and fourth most populous cities in Canada. Calgary is one third nonwhite and growing. Edmonton is approaching one quarter white and no end in sight for that trend.

    Next, try Surrey BC, #12 in population for Canada. Its population is over HALF A MILLION and rapidly growing, and whites just became a minority there too.

    Stick in fork in white European Canada and Christian Canada. I have great affection for Canada, lived briefly in BC, and nearly applied for citizenship there due to a prior relationship with a Canadian gal. But the hour is later than you think for Canada.

    • Replies: @anon
  55. Multiculturalism is the Jews’ ultimate revenge on Christian whites, one that is 2000 years in the making. Their goal is to end dominance of the world by the WASPs by becoming the new WASPs. Over 80% of Jews are self-proclaimed liberals who demand open borders, they want more non-whites in the west because the yellows, blacks and browns make Jews more white by comparison. The media, academia, Wall Street, Hollywood, Silicon Valley and Capitol Hill are all completely dominated by Jews. WASP power has been completely neutralized in the west.

    Jews are now firmly in power and they want to keep it that way for as long as they can. That’s why they favor affirmative action but heavily discriminate against Asians. Blacks and browns are no threat to the Jews, they don’t have the brainpower, but the East Asians, esp. the Chinese, the Jews of Southeast Asia, are a threat. That’s why Jews who control academia are working hard to keep them out of the Ivy League which is the gateway to financial and political power in America. In academia, Asians are the new Jews and Jews are the new WASPs. The same bleeding heart liberals who loudly proclaim their hatred for Trump and love of multiculturalism are often the first to regard East Asians with contempt, either overtly or thinly veiled, esp. to those who speak with a heavy accent. Jews only love blacks and browns, people with lower intellect who post no threat to them, upon whom they showered with paternalistic policies like welfare and affirmative action to keep them dependent.

    Except they underestimated the power of brawn. The same blacks who they’ve been courting and indoctrinating with identity politics and victimhood narrative are now turning against their liberal Jewish professors on college campuses with violence, and open borders means they can’t stop the Muslim immigration machine, which is fast turning into the second coming of Nazism with Jews firmly in their crosshair. Karma’s a biatch.

    • Replies: @RadicalCenter
    , @anon
  56. @jeppo

    Canada should execute this woman savage for attempted murder and deport all her relatives from Canada. Period.

  57. @Hidden Cat

    Our last visit to Montreal exposed us to the wonders of sullen Pakistanis and Indians and hostile Africans. New France this ain’t. A tragedy.

  58. In small numbers, we assimilate them. In large numbers, they assimilate us. America and Canada are fast turning into the third world hell holes from whence most of their new immigrants came. United States of MexChindia under sharia law will be the world’s biggest failed state, with nukes.

    • Agree: RadicalCenter
  59. @Renoman

    God save you and Canada. It was and to some extent still is a wonderful country.

    And I say that as an American who has endured many unpleasant conversations (and more) with lefty American-hating canucks. REAL Canadians and REAL Americans, well, we are like brothers, and always should be.

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  60. @The Chosen

    Superb analysis, sir, and I share your sentiment.

    I’d quibble only that at least one segment of the burgeoning “brown” population DOES pose a competitive threat to Jewish and other higher-intelligence, higher-education groups in the West: the Indians. It’s not the hundreds of millions of relatively unintelligent Indians who are coming here; it is the wealthiest couple percent, which is likely closely correlated with higher intelligence.

    • Replies: @The Chosen
  61. @Sgt. Joe Friday

    Excellent point about the white-hating elite using PR Statehood to push Spanish as a required (or effectively required) official language for government employment.

    Unfortunately, they won’t need to use PR to achieve that. Within thirty years max, the State of California will make Spanish an official language of government, including the public schools and the courts. The City or County of LA could do so sooner. We will be the ones needing an interpreter in court, before a zoning commission, at a board of education meeting, etc.

    With more than eleven percent of the usa population and still growing, CA will exert a great political and cultural influence in the direction of enshrining Spanish as an official language of the federal government, as well.

    Yet another reason why America would be helped as well as hurt if California secedes.

  62. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    No freakin way Korean immigrants are better than Chinese immigrants. Koreans are more arrogant and cocky. They have a higher crime rate, not by much but still worth mentioning. Their food isnt as good as Chinese food. Not just my opinion. Chinese restaurants outnumber Korean restaurants by a huge margin.

    Koreans tend to be one peg up on the Chinese on the epicanthic totem pole. With the Japanese holding the top spot. As a white person with a lot of interaction with Asians in my job (in Boston), I just don’t get the dislike of Asians by some of the posters here. A lot of the Asians I see in my Whole Foods are so cultural similar to me I don’t even notice any racial difference if not thinking about it. This is definitely not and never the case with blacks and Mestizos I encounter.

    I want to be among civilized and intelligent people, who value kindness to people and animals. I find myself being able to relate to these types of people– be they white, East Asian, East Indian, South American Hispanic. Definitely more so than a lot of rural whites, nearly all blacks, and most Mestizos.

  63. @RadicalCenter

    Sounds actually just like contemporary France.

  64. @Bill P

    Eastern wisdom is old fashioned on far east since….a long long time.

    Slowly as happened in the west multiculturalism or globalitarianism is starting to be imposed. Japanese and south Korean pop music already are very similar with the same nonsense trash of the contemporary west including satanic symbols and narrative. South Korea seems will be the great guinea pig where the multicult is being (more) massively imposed even because this country and Japan are as France and Germany, (((American))) protectorates.

    I don’t believe China will not soon or late forced or spontaneously introduce the global human cult.

    Brazil already have a new “immigration” law. Whites has been the first because they are considered the most dangerous enemies of certain (((plague))).

    Based on east asian diaspora behavior seems in their respective mainland they will offer even less resistance at least for multicult and specially with “immigrants” with same or similar bio cognitive background namely among east Asian women.

    I’m still waiting for (((innocent ones”‘. Maybe we have some of “‘them”‘ who are virus and others who are mosquitoes, who transmit the virus without clear consciousness, maybe most of white illibs are like mosquitoes but not most of ashekelnazis and bio-adherents.

  65. Basil31 says:

    Agree, this is my experience as well. My South Asian in-laws have a larger extended family in Canada (due to family reunification) than me, who is old stock Canadian. This country has completely changed in the space of a few decades.

  66. @RadicalCenter

    I was an expat in Asia for a number of years and one thing I learned from that experience, as well as from living in Canada, is that lefties, no matter where they’re from, hate the U.S. But I would say that some of the most viciously anti American people I’ve ever met have been lefty Americans. You just don’t get that in other places. In Canada, leftists are as patriotic, if not more, than conservatives.

    And a lot of anti Americanism in Canada is simply jealousy at our more prosperous and climatically blessed neighbours, though few Canadians will admit this.

    Like Austria to Germany and New Zealand to Australia, Canada is the little brother in the relationship who feels the need to take pot shots at his superior big brother from time to time.

  67. I find Mr Linh’s articles worth reading and, as an Australian, I read this one with much interest.

    The Australia that I knew as a child has vanished, until about 1965 the population (excluding our Aborigines) was about 98% European, in the suburb I lived in the only non-European I recall was the Eurasian wife of an Australian who had lived in Hong Kong for some time.
    All of this was destroyed, beginning with the Great Cultural Revolution instigated between 1972 and 1975 by Gough Whitlam, Trudeau the younger’s soul mate. Today, after four decades and more of unrestricted immigration, we are (as our intellectuals never tire of telling us) one of the most culturally diverse nations in the world. It is true that you can dine on any cuisine you like, but it is also true that the nation has become balkanised, Melbourne gets the Indians, while Sydney gets the Chinese and the Muslims – there are whole suburbs dominated by them, most of them seem to support the Labor Party, which depends on Muslim voters in some electorates.

    In some ways it has been successful, there is quite a lot of intermarriage of non-European immigrants with white Australians, I notice that white men have a taste for Asian women (and vice versa), but I have rarely seen a white Australian woman with an Asian husband. Australian women seem to have a preference for black men, whether from Africa, or the West Indies.

    All of these massive social changes have been imposed from above without any consultation, by what I regard as a traitorous intellectual caste.

  68. edprins says:

    I personally can’t stand this new inundation of people from the third world. In the early 90s the city where I live was a cozy little idyll with a mainly european populace. Now it’s a horrible cacophonous mess of mutually suspicious enclaves of various people from the subcontinent. I raise the issue a lot among trusted friends of mine here but they just shrug and move on to another less controversial subject. I’m planning to leave for Chile myself..I simply cannot live here anymore. I actually don’t think the place has a very rosy future.

    Imagine that; a country that caters to and prefers foreign strangers to its own native population.

    If you want to chuckle at Canada’s expense a little, check these out. The first is actually a well written critique of canadian cultural vacuity, the second more tongue in cheek:

  69. jim jones says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Blacks don`t like to travel on the Tube for some reason, travel by bus and things look a lot different.

  70. Anyway we all gone die

  71. @RadicalCenter

    Indians are the chest thumping bullshit artists of the East, and with a national IQ of 81, are really not much of a threat. Where is India in the PISA ranking? Not even at the bottom of 70+ countries. Indians are not the ones winning the International Math Olympiad, Physics Olympiad, NSA coding contests, Piano or Chess competitions, these are dominated by East Asians, Russians or Americans of East Asian descent.

    Indians worship white skin and are easily brain washed. Some of the most vocal anti-Trumpers in the US are Indians — Indian comedians, Indians in Silicon Valley, Indian politicians, Indian SJWs on college campuses, all are big advocates of socialism. If they had any brain they’d realize socialism is the reason they or their parents had to leave India in the first place. They are favored by the Jews to run corporations because they fit the multi-culti profile with their brown skin, speak English, are comparatively smarter than other blacks and browns and are more easily manipulated than the East Asians, who are cunning and untrustworthy like the Russians and Jews themselves.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  72. ” Peter the jazz pianist” is full of shiot, and he has fabricated the BS “Racial incident”.

    99% of all jazz players are looney-ass leftists, and myself being a jazz player with fifty-plus years on the bandstand, I have learned to keep my mouth shut regarding politics when conversing with other musicians.

    My long departed favorite uncle, a wonderful piano man and vocalist who had on occasion performed with such legendary names as Benny Goodman, told me as a budding young musician, that he did not ever associate with musicians other than on the bandstand as they were all “Crazy”.

    Plus a very revealing aspect being that , jazz players, consistantly play the progressive/socialist, anti-money, anti-business card, and portraying themseves as die-hard “anti-capitalists”, however they will argue and fight to the death, when negotiating gig fees, or amongst themselves when money is involved.
    Miles Davis zoomed through Manhattan in his white Ferrari, and Sonny (Rollins) bragged in a jazz interview about owning not one but two Benz’s, yeah anti-capitalistic “Progressives”.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet and pro jazz musician.

    • Replies: @Truth
  73. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:
    @The Chosen

    Its notable even among the Unz commentators, East Asians regularly espouse or at least empathize with pro-nationalist views – even Oriental supremists such as Yan Shen at least speak a superficially similar language toward achievement, order, and transcendent values. The exact values diverge, but there’s enough commonality to actually communicate together.

    Every single South Asian, etc, that appears here is basically fully on the side of self-centered soulless pragmatic attitudes and full on globalism, often relying on emotional accusations. They literally seem to lack understanding why someone wouldn’t want his life destroyed by globalism.

    • Replies: @Truth
  74. Truth says:

    Hey have you seen the Coltrane documentary yet? Saw it two weeks ago, good piece of work.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  75. Truth says:

    Danny Chieh would disagree with you. He has even said he would give up his Quebecois wife, and move back to China, if you guys would stop immigration; this much he loves WASP culture, does he.

    • Replies: @Daniel Chieh
  76. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi LauraMR,

    I wrote “unique set,” not “set of unique.” I stand by what I wrote.


  77. @Truth

    I shared an appartment for twelve years with a ( black) drummer buddy who had on occasion played with Trane.

    His, Trane’s, greatest solo in my estimation was on “Ole’ , and it wasn’t really “swinging” jazz rather abstract emmanations.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet, and pro jazz musician.

  78. @Truth

    Incorrect, though I don’t mind going back if that was necessary in order to entail the defeat of liberal values.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Truth
  79. Fearan says:

    All too painfully true.

  80. Truth says:
    @Daniel Chieh

    OK guys, you read the quote. Get working.

  81. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Certainly agree with what you are saying. Numbers embolden them as it does other ethnic groups.

  82. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Sgt. Joe Friday

    “Bilingualism” has nothing to do with equality or civil rights. It is an ethnic power grab to dispossess the majority culture. See Peter Brimelow’s’s book on Canada The patriot game.

  83. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Sadly agree. I was warning people over thirty years ago about the train wreck that was coming. Nobody listened.

    • Replies: @grapesoda
  84. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @The Chosen

    Agree. “Multiculturalism” like “diversity” are just anti-white code words, largely, perhaps not wholly, invented by Jews. Muslim immigration is a threat to Jews, but they are too blind to see it.

  85. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Vox Australis

    What exactly is so great about being culturally diverse? Nobody has ever explained this to me to my satisfaction.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  86. anon • Disclaimer says:

    I actually have very little sympathy for the French-Canadians. They traditionally were the key bulwark of support for the federal Liberal party in Canada. And it was the Liberal party that opened the floodgates of Canada to the brown, yellow and black masses from the third world. The Liberals could never have obtained, and stayed in, power to do their evil nation wrecking schemes without the solid support of Quebec. Quebec itself has been greatly undermined by all of this. It should have desired an immigration restrictionist party, since historically virtually all immigrants to Canada joined the English speaking group. This has greatly accelerated the Quebecois demographic erosion in the Canadian confederation.

    Here again we see a textbook example of a people being manipulated to act against their own best long term interests.

    The closest foreign parallel might be the Scots supporting the Labour party, who flooded England with Muslims. Which will probably come back on Scotland some day….

    • Replies: @AM
  87. @anon

    Well, on the superficial level, it can be ‘vibrant’ and exciting to see different races, colors, and etc. And to smell different kinds of foods and expressions. It’s like the entire world at your doorstep.

    I grew up in a very diverse part of town in the 70s, and it was like the UN. People from all over the world, and it was certainly interesting, at least on the superficial level.
    On the deeper level, it’s difficult to have any meaningful culture in a diverse world since people are so fragmented and divided. And because different cultures clash with one another, the only way to get along is by (1) adopting pop culture as common culture, which is shallow (2) sticking to inane generalities that most can agree on.

    One advantage of living in a diverse culture is you became a bit more sharper and less trusting. You become more ‘Italian’ than ‘German’. More Machiavellian and less Pietistic. You become more like David Mamet characters. Since you can’t rely on common culture, customs, and values, you have to rely on wits and hustle.

    In some ways, a diverse culture can be more meritocratic. In some ways, less.

    A homogeneous society can be more trust-oriented, but this trust can be clean or unclean. Irish were close-knit and tribal in their politics, but it was machine politics. It was a trust culture of agreed-upon rigging and corruption. Clan-based culture in Sicily can be like this too. It is a kind of Trust Culture in that you trust your kin and clan to take care of you.
    Diversity undermines that kind of dihonest clan-trust culture. As big cities got more diverse, Irish machine politics got weaker. As non-Irish numbers swelled, they demanded fairer ways of attaining power.

    But Diversity can also lead to more corruption. While Diversity can deal a fatal blow to the corruption of once-dominant ethnic group(like that of Irish in US cities), it can also leads to new forms of competing tribalism. And this is especially the case if some groups, such as blacks and Meso-Americans, tend to fall behind. Since they cannot win meritocratically, they demand new rules to ‘level the playing field’.

    • Replies: @anon
  88. Too much Diversity and PC changed the nature of the game.

    Among non-white immigrants, the common glue used to be adherence & assimilation into whiteness.

    Now the common glue(supplied by PC) is animus & aggression against whiteness.

    From shared admiration of whiteness to shared adversity against whiteness. Yet, if non-whites are supposed to be anti-white, why do they want to come to white nations so much?

  89. grapesoda says:

    Weird that no one listened to a gigantic pussy who was too afraid to choose a pseudonym on an internet website. I’ll bet you were the champion of your community though…

    • Replies: @anon
  90. I very recently looked in migrating from the US into Canada. After several phone calls, I finally got to talk to a live person. With a heavy Middle-Eastern accent. She told me that it didn’t matter that my Mother had been a Canadian citizen all her life, I had no particular right to move to Canada, I could just apply and stand in line.

    • Replies: @anon
    , @Authenticjazzman
  91. @Vox Australis

    Small brained basque australian dude, do not be under some wishful immpression that asian women like you for who you are and your skin cancer prone puke pink skin, the simple reason is economics plain and simple, you dont see asian women except thai whores with aids or poor filipino with people like basque hill billies and rednecks do you , and besides we are talkin about canada here and not some commodity whore of the chinese and japanese like your country.

  92. macilrae says:

    The Chinese presence in Canada bears some examination since there are distinct strati of immigrant composing the whole.

    In the early 1960s the Chinatowns of Vancouver and Toronto were very small and compact: the elder members continuing with their traditions and working in the Chinese service industry and living a quite isolated life speaking little English. Their children tended to assimilate and spoke Chinese imperfectly as they aspired to higher education and the professions. The 60s saw a big new influx – from mostly Hong Kong and Taiwan – of young professionals (this was government policy) and these would later sponsor their siblings and elderly parents to join them. There wasn’t a lot of mixing between these newer arrivals and the ‘originals’ who were looked upon as ‘bamboos’ (yellow on the outside and white within) – still, they ran restaurants which offered the closest thing to the food back home (inferior, naturally, to Hong Kong). Remember that at this time “communist” China was isolated and little emigration took place.

    As 1997 approached, the year when Hong Kong would revert to China, there was a big influx of wealthy ‘escapee’ immigrants – many being retirees willing to ‘invest’ in Canada and these people tended to stick to themselves – their children arrived to study and all aspired to become Canadian citizens (requirements were none too strict for this in practice) while hoping that the new Hong Kong would not become too repressive so that they could return. Indeed, many did return after satisfying the minimal residency requirements, keeping a refuge in Canada in case. Again, this new stratum of immigrant did not mix much with the preceding two – they were regarded as ‘aloof’ and, perhaps, snobbish on account of their wealth.

    More recently, with the huge prosperity of Hong Kong and its low taxation (Hong Kong income tax is a flat 15%) Canadian professionals poured back home where they could make two to three times more money after tax. In the opposite direction came the mainland Chinese, in huge numbers. As so often happens, those who came were not ‘the pick of the bunch’. Typically they were officials and their wives and children – funded, very often, by ‘under-table’ money. The father would set up his wife and children as immigrants – the children to be educated – and a house or houses would be bought in their names; with cash. Papa would then return to enjoy his life in China along with the mistress and the usual perks.

    The problem with single child families is that, so often, the child becomes a spoiled brat and these days Vancouver and Toronto see communities of these ladies and gentleman of leisure, congregating in malls with their Porsches and BMWs, flaunting their wealth and speaking loudly in Mandarin. With their poor manners and lack of consideration for others these new arrivals are cordially disliked by all of the Chinese who worked to establish themselves and – truth be told – by pretty well all of their fellow Canadians as well. As you may know, Canada is one of the most multicultural societies and, as such, its citizens are expected to celebrate cultural diversity. Here, it is not so easy to feel festive however.

    The mainland Chinese arrivals have contributed massively to the housing booms of Vancouver and Toronto as they launder their money there. This has to be done cautiously and in the names of the wives and children who, being landed immigrants, do not show up as foreign buyers of property. This has enabled the government to turn a blind eye to the ‘laundry’ and to discount it as being of minimal effect; while reaping the political benefits.

  93. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Priss Factor

    Thanks but I will take a pass. I would rather have neighbors like myself, then from around the world.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  94. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Immigration to Canada only seems to be a “right” these days for colored people from the third world.

  95. anon • Disclaimer says:

    How does choosing a pseudonym make somebody “brave”? What a tough guy you are sport.

    I also care about the white community and do what I can to help it. I don’t care about non-whites like you sport.

  96. sb says:
    @Vox Australis

    Just for the sake of historic accuracy I think that you will find that the racial composition of Australia changed very little, if at all, during the Whitlam Government .

    Whitlam was obviously responsible for many ills but the non whitening of Australia is not one of them .The White Australia policy had already finished ( last rites under the Holt Government of the 60s ) and Whitlam’s view of non white immigration was a trickle of professionals . His idea of multicultural was a bit more more Mediterranean influence and a little less Anglo-Celt Protestant influence .Remember that was consistent with the Australian Labor Party of the time .

    His successor Malcolm Fraser , on the other hand , imported firstly large numbers of Indo Chinese and then ( shudder ) Lebanese Muslims .He was strongly in favour of demographic change .
    Before 1975 – and Fraser -the only Muslims were a trickle from the Balkans

  97. @MikeTheMick

    So you are still reeling and heartbroken because HC lost the election.
    Why don’t you move to Germany the non-plus-ultra looney-bin, where they hate DT more than any place on planet mirth.
    They have , due to the victory of DT, lost their collective leftist mind , and you would feel at home.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified US Army vet, and pro jazz musician.

    • Replies: @MikeTheMick
  98. @Authenticjazzman

    Wow, you’re really misreading me! I glad, no I’m dammned gland, that Hillary lost. I’m dealing with a very personal situation. I can’t stay where I am indefinitely. Looking for alternatives I considered Canada because my mother was Canadian.

  99. Clyde says:
    @Truth Hurts

    The only thing good about multiculturalism is the food. Everything else is a mess. “Vibrant” is just the new euphemism for “total chaos”. A multicultural society is one where there is no concept of country, every man for himself, every group thinks its superior to every other group, and everybody hates everybody.

    True! And so is the rest of your post. I like the different ethnic restaurants that illegal immigration enables via exploitative wages, and this is the only upside. I have deconstructed foreign cuisines by now, so they are not nearly as interesting/exotic as they used to be. Give me the plain old American food of 40 years ago along with the same demographics and I would be very happy.

    For fun— I can remember circa 1965 going to a Chinese restaurant. For a family of four the bill was eight dollars and forty-fifty cents. The exciting Chinese-American dish that I liked was roast pork (the one with red dye food coloring) and Chinese vegetables, mostly bok choy.

    For Linh Dinh … Not a Viet food hound by any means but I love pho! The one with sliced raw beef in the broth. Need sriracha on the side.

  100. Sorry bro, I jumped the gun, however you are aware that all of the insane, rabid, DT haters, and HC, BO worshipers, have stated that they are moving to Canada.

    Chin up regarding your “Personal situation”, as I know from experiencing a thousand heart-breaking personal situations how tough life can be on this lunatic planet.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member since 1973, airborne qualified uS Army vet and pro jazz musician.

  101. @basque british are small brained

    I’m all ears, for your no doubt esoteric explanation of the connection between the Basques and the Brits (excluding the Irish, for some reason). Do you even know where these people live?
    Tiny Duck, you are Fail. Not even trying any more.

  102. @RadicalCenter

    Fortunately for Canadians who like their street signs in english, Richmond is only a few feet above high tide and will turn to pudding when the next earthquake hits.

  103. Rdm says:
    @daniel le mouche

    The feeling you just had, when someone came up with this nebulous mumbo-jumbo superior gene, is no different from all colored feeling when Whites claim their aryan genes are superior.

    The feeling you had when your country was flooded by foreign immigrants, is no different than those indigenous people when their lands were colonized by White people. Helpless, but eager to fight off those pastry colonialists who came here only to bloodsuck their treasures.

    Now back to your logic,

    Natural and Artificial.

    1. Sun is natural. Living under the sun is a co-evolutionary trait by all living species on Earth.

    2. Drinking animal milk is not natural. It’s an evolutionary advantage employed and utilized by humans. Eating chicken and meat is not natural. It’s an evolutionary advantage for humans.

    3. Hemlock and black widow spider bite are not natural. They are not energy providers. If one can co-evolve with those species, one can easily become a vampire and kill all those retarded races from the surface of the Earth.

  104. @Expletive Deleted

    I include the irish as basque as well, be proud of your origins

  105. AM says:
    @Timur The Lame

    My Mother’s family is Anglo Canadian. They are smart in a book way (IQ), but the inferiority complex and the “We’re nicer than thou” makes them stupid in all the ways that are important.

  106. AM says:

    The other half of my family is French Canadian that border jumped in the 1880’s or so, south.

    Could not be more in agreement. Until the 1960’s there was sort of Cold War between the English and the French of Canada, and it’s very much like the Scots.

    Defeated, but living under very generous terms by the measures of any era, they nursed grudges. They were going to be the opposite of the English in every way, even it was, to be frank, stupid and self defeating.

    And it’s on the verge of happening. English speakers are shrugging their shoulders over Quebec. No one cares because the great next demographic are the Chinese who speak English.

  107. @prusmc

    From “Saskatchuon”… Love American creativity !

  108. Sam J. says:

    I agree that this is possible. If so it will happen rapidly. One inch of rain equals twelve inches of snow so it can rapidly accumulate and if it stays there’s n0 way to get rid of it all.

  109. @anon

    Yeah, good for you. In the end, it’s not worth it. Vibrancy is like fireworks. It’s fun while it lasts(if you don’t get burned), but it has no lasting value.

  110. Hcat says: • Website

    Does anyone have an explanation as to why Chinese can’t drive? I know for one year on the mainland green was “stop” and red was “go” but that was a long time ago. Any possibility that they are more intelligent than whites overall but inferior in spacial awareness?

  111. GeorgeV says:

    “So most Canadians welcome immigrants and visitors”. Polls indicate otherwise. White replacement is happening at a rapid pace and Canadians were never asked to approve of this little UN experiment. Toronto and Vancouver are no longer Canadian cities.

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