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A foreign country seeps into one’s consciousness via large events and personalities, mostly, as in war, earthquake, tsunami, coup d’état, unprovoked bombing, Gaddafi and Assad, etc., but it’s the lesser turbulences that will begin to yield more revealing clues about any society.

My two years in Italy, I often combed through newspapers for crime stories, for why, how and who Italy’s residents robbed, killed, wounded or raped were always instructive, as were how these stories were reported. An armed robber in Tuscany would be said to have, for example, a southern accent.

Briefly browsing through a handful of Italian rags this morning, I found out that in January, 130 cops from Prato, Rome, Florence, Milan, Padova and Pisa conducted a vast operation against the Chinese mafia, dubbed China Truck, that ended with the arrest of 33 people in Italy, France and Spain. This week in Prato, a South American prisoner assaulted four guards, seriously wounding one in the throat with a razor blade. In August, a middle-aged pub owner in Pisa hurled insults, rocks, bottles and glasses, from his apartment balcony, at three Africans who had just finished dinner at Sapori d’Africa e Toscani [African and Tuscan Flavors].

The headline in Corriere Fiorentino, “Pisa, insulti e sassi contro il locale simbolo dell’integrazione”

[“Pisa, Insults and Rocks Against the Local Symbol of Integration”]. The restaurant owners are a Senegalese woman and her Italian husband, who explains, “We came to Pisa because we knew there was a large community of Senegalese and a restaurant such as ours, which mixes Tuscan with Senegalese cooking, could work out.”

Your biases will tint your reading of these items, but at least they give you a more complicated picture of contemporary Italy.

In Vietnam, you almost never hear about interracial crimes simply because the population is relatively homogeneous, with the foreign residents mostly white, well-educated and not crime-prone. Any host has a right to choose his guests.

This week, I had a few Tiger beers with Matthew Rossman, a 48-year-old Canadian who has lived in Saigon for eight years, is married to a Vietnamese engineer and has a six-year-old daughter. They live in Thảo Điền, a new, upscale development where “just about every other person you see on the streets is a foreigner.” Matthew plans on staying in Vietnam for the rest of his life, with his retirement years spent in Vũng Tàu. Once trendy, this seaside resort has become much more serene and pleasant.

In college, Matthew studied English, then entered law school, before he realized he hated lawyers, so he taught English in Colombia for seven years. In Saigon, Matthew teaches English and manages two English learning centers. Among the teachers Matthew oversees are two Russians and a Dutchman, all highly qualified.

Three weeks ago, I also met Nick Santalucia, a Temple graduate who majored in the classics. Just 27-years-old, Nick has been in Saigon for 4 ½ years. Soon, though, Nick will return to Philly with his steady Vietnamese girlfriend of more than 3 years. Though Nick agrees that the US is in dismal shape, he believes a turnaround is possible. If not, he might just return to Vietnam.

“But to really belong to this place, you will have to seriously learn Vietnamese,” I challenged.

“I know.”

Without “the other” to be aggravated by, prey on or fear, Vietnamese must turn to each other to give and receive violence. Often, alcohol plays a role, as does the sheer density of this place. 78% the size of California, Vietnam has 2.3 times the population.

Two women shared not just a tiny Hanoi apartment, but the same bed, where at least one night, their boyfriends also slept. That morning, 22-year-old Sơn noticed that his girlfriend was being groped by 25-year-old Trung, but he didn’t go berserk right away. Days later, Sơn sent Trung a FaceBook message, “If I ever see you again, one of us will have a hole in his body.” Since neither would back down, they ended up in a knife fight that involved two more men. Repeatedly stabbed, Sơn is dead, while Trung is serving a life sentence. His partner in crime, an ex-convict, will be executed.

One cheap feel, and three lives are wrecked. One can contend this sleepwalking fingers, morning curious digits incident wouldn’t have happened if the women hadn’t been so poor, but it’s also true Vietnamese usually don’t mind being crammed together.

Culture was also a factor when a 60-year-old man was stabbed to death by his 42-year-old nephew, as both were getting hammered after a funeral, which is always a drawn out affair here, lasting several days.

Drunk, a 59-year-old was pissed off by his neighbors’ loud karaoke singing, so he lobbed bricks into their yard and screamed at them. Offkey crooning is a regular feature of Vietnam’s soundscape, urban and rural. After being bitten on the cheek in the ensuing fight, the man ran home to grab a chef’s knife, meat cleaver and sickle to murder his toothy opponent. He won’t breathe free again for 14 years.

This month in the lunar calendar, angry ghosts are let out of hell, many believe, so food and even money are offered to appease these spirits. One may consider it charity in disguise, for the poor, mostly kids, will converge to snatch up these gifts, right after the public ceremony. Disappointed by the paltriness of the food offerings, and no money, a 13-year-old boy got into a fight with a 15-year-old in the giving family, and stabbed him.

On September 1st, a couple hailed a taxi in Bình Chánh to go to Tân An, 22 miles away. Halfway, the driver refused to go further, so dumped them in Bến Lức, just outside a Buddhist temple. In the fading light, locals saw the man lay his companion on the ground.


Factory workers in their late 30’s, they had lived together for years without a marriage certificate. In June, she was diagnosed with late stage cancer, but since they couldn’t afford hospital care, she merely lay at home until she died on September 1st. With only 70,000 dongs [$2.99] left to his name, the man called a taxi anyway, to take her corpse back to her home village. To give some context, you typically pay 15,000 here for a banh mi, 20,000 for a plate of rice with pork chop, 25,000 for a basic bowl of pho and 65,000 for a Big Mac. Entering the cab, he told the driver his companion was merely ill.

For Vietnam’s poor, a trip to the hospital is like entering a war zone. Surrounded by broken bodies, they’re often treated in extremely chaotic and undignified ways, so every so often, a doctor or nurse would be assaulted by a patient’s relatives, or even the patient himself.

Last year, footage of violence by three Saigon daycare workers against toddlers appalled the world, and similar clips of other daycare centers have appeared. Almost all of these battered kids are children of factory workers, displaced from the provinces.

In Vietnam, then, you’re not likely to be assaulted by an unknown, but someone close to you. Though a stranger may break into your house or, much more often, snatch your belonging as he zooms by on his motorbike, it’s not likely he will try to hurt you, for that’s a task for your spouse, parent or classmate, etc. In Vietnam, interpersonal violence is almost never the result of alienation, but excessive socialization.

In the US, on the other hand… Though in Saigon, I still check my Philadelphia Inquirer, and yesterday, I learnt that 15-year-old Brandon Conrad and 17-year-old Malik Page have pleaded guilty to killing, totally unprovoked, a 57-year-old homeless man, Kevin Cullen. After Conrad threw a sucker punch, Page delivered the death blows by kicking and stomping on the victim’s head, for which he was sentenced to 12½ to 25 years. His mugshot shows a strikingly soulless and stupid face, with hints of recent tears. “Police said afterward that a witness reported hearing Cullen’s head hitting a brick wall during the attack, while others said the boys laughed after leaving Cullen behind.” This happened in Mayfair, once a thriving, white working class neighborhood.

With 314 murders last year, Philly is much more dangerous than Saigon, and there are entire neighborhoods, Nicetown, Fairhill, Kensington, Allegheny West, Hunting Park, etc., that are generally avoided, even in daylight. No such menacing ghettos exist in all of Vietnam.

Self-preserving folks also stay clear of vast swaths of Camden, Detroit, St. Louis, Baltimore, Oakland, Memphis or Chicago, which saw 650 murders last year, but that’s actually an improvement, for 771 were killed in 2016! The more melanin-rich an American place, the more blood-splattered, so it’s just common sense for any American, whether white, yellow, brown or black, to flee from it.

For all of Vietnam’s issues, it’s lucky to not be cursed with intractable “inner city problems” that will forever bedevil the US. Since America has used a different race as slaves, Tocqueville points out, it can never move past this sin, for the presence of American blacks is an eternal reminder of this barbarity.

Tocqueville, “Until now, everywhere that whites have been most powerful, they have held Negroes in degradation or in slavery. Everywhere that Negroes have been strongest, they have destroyed whites; this is the only account that has ever been opened between the two races.”

That’s not very hopeful or politically correct, is it? An installment of this is being played out in South Africa.

Linh Dinh’s latest books are Postcards from the End of America (non-fiction) and A Mere Rica (poetry). He maintains a regularly updated photo blog.

• Category: Ideology • Tags: Crime, Vietnam 
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  1. Rational says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir.

    You made 3 points, that I want to repeat. Though they are common sense, such words are intolerant to the liberals in USA, but they should be on our billboards. These 3 excellent points are:

    1. Any host has a right to choose his guests. Precisely. Our country, our choice. Why don’t the libs understand this that we have a right to exclude any aliens we don’t want?

    2. “The more melanin-rich an American place, the more blood-splattered”. Precisely.

    3. Tocqueville, “Until now, everywhere that whites have been most powerful, they have held Negroes in degradation or in slavery. Everywhere that Negroes have been strongest, they have destroyed whites; this is the only account that has ever been opened between the two races.”


    Every conservative should print these words and hand them out to liberals day and night.

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Jeff Stryker
  2. Mario964 says:

    Mr. Linh it looks like you, as De Tocqueville before, see the enslavement of Africans through stereotype distorting glasses.

    In West Africa people were so accustomed to slavery that they considered normal and fair for slaves to be slaughtered in order to feed their blood to the ancestors of powerful people during annual ceremonies held to remember the dead. Burying slaves alive with their dead owners was a matter of duty and pride, the more powerful the owner the greater the number of slaves buried along his corpse. A very enlightening book on the subject, written by a brilliant Nigerian lady, is coming out this month and having spent quite a few years in West Africa I won’t miss it.
    Adaobi Tricia Nwaubani’s second novel, “Buried Beneath the Baobab Tree,” will be published by HarperCollins in September. I kindly advise to spend ten minutes to read an excerpt available on the web at

    Can you imagine a BIG MAN as a village chief or a tribe chief or a king going to the afterworld without the due retinue of slaves and wives numbering sometimes in the hundreds? That would be inadmissible, a real shame!

    In the 1978 summer when the king of Benin City in Nigeria died I was living in Warry, some 100 km from the town. I remember that suddenly everybody appeared with a shaved head, just to flaunt undisputable submission to the centuries old traditional rule mandating that “My head belongs to the King”. The ghost of the dead king was still roaming around, furious for having lost his life and ready to grab and devour whoever crossed his path. To pacify him to rest, a consistent number of heads were to be collected – which takes some time – in order to lay for him the dignified bed of skulls that he fully deserved. Rumors, whispered as secrets to be told with maximum caution, circulated that for such a powerful man at least 400 skulls were needed. In Benin City the corpse of a headless pregnant woman with her headless fetus was briefly reported. At night roads, usually bustling till late hours, were eerily deserted, everybody scared to death of having a fatal encounter with the secret mob of headhunters that provide skulls for a fee. Everybody know about them but finding someone who dares to talk about this matter is very rare, your neighbor or the man selling roasted yam at the corner could be one of them. Headhunting skills are passed on from father to first son but no one else in the family knows, the business of headhunting is surrounded by unassailable secrecy.

    Do you know that the fiercest opposition to the abolition of slavery in the 19th century came from the Kingdom of Dahomey (today Benin state)? Thanks to superior army the kingdom thrived on slave trade, raiding neighboring countries to capture and fetch slaves to the coast for the white slave traders from Europe to buy and transfer to the Americas. The ban crippled the kingdom and, most painful than everything, it made quite difficult for the ruling class to keep on the so cherished tradition of having available an inexhaustible mass of human slave to sacrifice in ceremonies of worship for the ancestors and various bloodthirsty gods.

    I recommend a fast look at Annual Customs of Dahomey on hyper-politically-correct Wikipedia, considering that the native language name for this annual festivity day was Xwetanu meaning “yearly head business”. Moreover, if interested in deepening the knowledge of this matter, the books Dahomey and theDahomans ( 1856) and Le Dahomey (in French – 1906) are available on Internet

    With all this I’m not by any means trying to justify or diminish the guilt inherent to the slavery practiced in the West, which I consider to be undisputable evil. However sometimes I try to figure out what would have happened to the world in a reverse situation, I mean just suppose that these African peoples had the power and the means then available to so called “whites” in face of a powerless Europe and America and a question arises: what would be of the world today?

    • Replies: @Biff
    , @macilrae
    , @Prester John
  3. Topolcats says:

    Yes, you certainly are an interesting writer when you write about the USA and Vietnam…Bravo!

  4. Truth says:

    Why don’t the libs understand this that we have a right to exclude any aliens we don’t want?

    Because they have the right to vote as well.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @Jeff Stryker
  5. Biff says:

    African peoples had the power and the means then available to so called “whites” in face of a powerless Europe and America and a question arises: what would be of the world today?

    Interesting concept, especially the “power and the means” which would be intelligence , while keeping in mind that “whites” are not the most intelligent group of people on this planet. One only needs to look at where most of America’s foreign aid(owners cut) goes to.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  6. Wally says:

    Because ‘libs’ usually live nowhere near them.

    • Replies: @Truth
  7. macilrae says:

    A struggle through Richard Francis Burton’s rather ponderous writings on this subject can only reinforce the fact that, up until at least 1978, very little had changed:

    I was in Benin City in 1988: passing through the central square you could admire a statue depicting three white men, tastefully impaled with arrows. I attempted to photograph a street scene, being particularly careful not to focus on individuals, but this provoked the beginnings of a riot such that we got hastily back into our car and made quickly off towards Warry.

    This comment is by the by – thanks to Linh Dinh for his usual beautiful writing.

  8. Truth says:

    I thought “libs” lived in major cities?

    I thought “they” generally settled in major cities?

  9. Truth says:

    Linjho, I’ll be honest; you’re my boy and everything and I enjoy your writing and even agree with you sometimes. However, and I apologize in advance, when you look up “beta” in the dictionary, your photo takes up half the page.

    You should come back to Philly and learn to be a leader of men*…

    *You can start with the Untermensch. Should be good practice.

  10. Anonymous [AKA "Bwise"] says:

    As I read it. Your trying to get your Honorary YT card, on the backs of diaspora blacks.

    What you NEED TO BE FOCUSED ON is WHY, whenever CAUCS roam, THEY bring their baggage of divide and conquer.

    Now that WE KNOW where YOU STAND… No more talk.

    • Replies: @Blue Corgi
  11. My two years in Italy, I often combed through newspapers for crime stories, for why, how and who Italy’s residents robbed, killed, wounded or raped were always instructive, as were how these stories were reported.

    In 2016, at a $575USD/night hotel in Italy, a bartender drugged and sexually assaulted a 50 year-old British widow. After he finished with her, at least 10 other employees gang-raped her, filmed, and posted the crime on social media. The five arrested so far are all Italians.

    In August, a middle-aged pub owner in Pisa hurled insults, rocks, bottles and glasses, from his apartment balcony, at three Africans who had just finished dinner at Sapori d’Africa e Toscani [African and Tuscan Flavors].

    In Tucson, Arizona, a private dorm for University of Arizona students was built overlooking a mosque. The student residents routinely throw litter and hurl insults at the Muslim worshippers.

    TUCSON — Rania Kanawati, a Syrian immigrant, was walking to her car after Friday Prayer last month at the Islamic Center of Tucson when a beer can landed right behind her, then another one fell by her side.

    On another night at the mosque, Ahmed Meiloud, a Ph.D. candidate from Mauritania who is the Islamic Center’s president, was leaving the building when someone yelled from a passing car, “Terrorist, go back to where you came from!”

  12. Among the teachers Matthew oversees are two Russians and a Dutchman, all highly qualified.

    I can’t speak for Matthew, but in most of Asia, schools prefer white teachers even if they are not native English speakers. Ethnic Asians, including native English speakers, have the most trouble finding English jobs. This Vietnamese-Canadian talks about his trouble finding a decent teaching position in Hanoi, but his white wife found a job quickly.

  13. Culture was also a factor when a 60-year-old man was stabbed to death by his 42-year-old nephew, as both were getting hammered after a funeral, which is always a drawn out affair here, lasting several days.

    Here is a non-violent but raucous Vietnamese death anniversary party:

  14. Soon, though, Nick will return to Philly with his steady Vietnamese girlfriend of more than 3 years.

    I don’t know about Vietnam, but it is very difficult for a young Thai woman to get a visa to travel to the West, notably the US, Great Britain, and Australia. The reason is prostitution.

    May 25, 2017

    Hundreds of women were brought from Thailand to the U.S. and forced to be “modern day sex slaves,” according to an indictment unsealed Thursday that charges high-level members of what authorities called a sophisticated sex-trafficking ring that concealed millions of dollars in earnings.

    The indictment brings the total number of people charged to 38, making it one of the largest sex-trafficking prosecutions in the U.S., said Acting U.S. Attorney Gregory Brooker. Authorities say the operation lured Thai women to the U.S. with promises of a better life, then forced them to work as prostitutes until they could pay off often insurmountable bondage debts.

    … they couldn’t afford hospital care …

    In the Philippines, hospitals can prevent discharged patients from leaving the building if the bill is not paid in full. Hospital security guards are employed to detain discharged patients until they pay.

  15. eah says:

    a large community of Senegalese

    One does not have to be particularly biased to wonder why there are so many Senegalese in Pisa — or if it’s a good thing for Pisa, and Italy in general — or if residents of Pisa ever had a say in the matter.

    Several sources I found say the average IQ in Senegal is 76 — so a significant number are dumber than that.

    • Replies: @awry
  16. Republic says:

    Very good video,all should read comments on youtube about this hospital policy in The Phillipines

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  17. @Anonymous

    Is that supposed to mean something, or to make sense? No, it’s the written equivalent of a punk in a dark alley, covering up his ugly mug with his hoodie to be more scary-like.

  18. @Mario964

    Thomas Sowell, among others, pointed out the extent to which slavery was an accepted practice in sub-Saharan Africa (not to mention in all those societies where Islam was the dominant religion). The concept of slavery in America (particularly post-Declaration of Independence) was supposed to be antithetical to all that America “stood for”, and yet it continued for the next 100 years–with the residue still remaining. Old practices are hard to let go.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  19. mr meener says:

    of course Vietnam don’t have ghetto crime rates they are 99% Vietnamese. we have been forced to absorb 100 million non white peasants and then bow down to them and serve them and that includes lihn dihn

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  20. @Triumph104


    In Southern Italy judges and police are assassinated by the mafia. Furthermore, Chinese mafia are subcontracted by the Italian mafia as are Nigerian gangs.

    There is nowhere in the United States like Sicily or the boot of Italy where judges and politicians are blown up by car bombs (Though in US mob wars car bombs have been used by mobsters to kill one another).

    My point is that Italy has always had crime in the South and in Sicily.

    Mob-related crime in heavily Italian-American cities like Philly has always existed. Italian-Americans have higher crime rates than Scandinavian Lutherans living in Minnesota. Its a fact.

  21. @mr meener

    The US government on some geopolitical level has agreed with the Creole Spanish syndicates running Latin American countries like Vincente Fox to accept a certain number of Indians and Mestizos so that their own white supremacy (10% of the white population of Mexico owning everything) can continue.

    There seems to be a tacit agreement between Washington and the Creole syndicates that own Latin American countries to allow Indians and Mestizos across the border.

    African-Americans are, in part, descended from the original British colonial masters. I think the average US black is 20% white and claims descent from the earliest British settlers so it is not as if they can be deported anywhere.

    Moreover, much more than white Americans who generally trace their roots to one or two European countries African-Americans are a composite of various African nations from Angola to Senegal IN ADDITION to to be 20% white.

  22. Anonymous[428] • Disclaimer says:

    Good piece – Linh Dinh has been on a roll since moving to Vietnam.

    Minor point: after two years in Italy and/or having some French, one should know that

    contro il locale simbolo dell’integrazione

    means “against a location that is a symbol of integration.”

  23. @Truth


    You lived in Kuwait City so you know why white males would want to live abroad. Come now, it is not a “Beta” thing-

    1) The real Betas who are societal failures are those working class and lower income whites who lack the initiative or the resources to flee Hood Rats and Cholos. They often find themselves in a situation like the homeless victim. The Alpha whites are able to live in suburbs or ethnically-cleansed gentrified parts of blighted cities (Like Manhattan). Working middle class whites like myself can live abroad, which means that none of the issues that white proles complain about affect someone like Linh or myself.

    2) Hoodrats and Mestizos and Whiggers/trailer trash cannot afford to leave the United States or even the internal third world zip codes where they are born. I’ve never MET female Hood Rats or Cholo Latinas abroad. They just cannot find other countries or (Or counties) on the map. Southeast Asia is free of them.

    3) Therefore “Chimpouts” (From all races including fat white land whales) are rarer.

    4) Any Westerner can find a sex partner in Asia (Or India for that matter).

    5) You’re more likely to be homeless in the United States because of rental costs than in Philippines or India. A perfectly nice bungalow can be rented for $100 a month. For $700 in the US you will get some terrible efficiency apartment in a bad area surrounded by crackheads.

    6) I don’t pay taxes. So out-of-wedlock births are not my concern.

    7) Many Westerners, including myself, can actually make a better living overseas. Teaching English is the universal option. There are others.

    8) If you want to live off the grid in the United States you are going be more secluded and isolated like the Unibomber in the woods of Montana. Dubai and Bangkok are thriving metropolises, not wilderness 10 miles down potholed roads to the nearest Wal-Mart.

    9) I’m not a criminal but the police are not our Lord and Master like the Tennessee Hick Cop who got on this board and bickered with me the other week because he is used to be a Feudal Lord in some hick town that police run like Fiefdoms (Along with DA)…There are no STUPID LAWS in Asia. As long as you do not physically harm someone, you can do or say what you want.

    10) Career-wise, you’re actually better-off abroad. What are you going to put on your resume in the average Rust Belt shithole like Philly or Southeast Michigan?

    “I did a teenager’s job with a Master’s Degree for 10 years at no pay raise because I live in the Rustbelt/Flyover?”

    10) All of the bullshit that Hollywood and the media rams down the throats of Americans does not exist here. There are better things to do in Asia. Like get laid on beautiful beaches with dusky beauties or visit interesting places…WTF would want to sit and watch a bunch of Armenian whores whose Dad helped OJ hide the murder weapon??? I cannot even believe the garbage Americans watch.

    The US is a pile of shit out of some one percenter’s asshole for most Americans. Your average borderline-homeless white prole would be better off in Vietnam if he had $400 a month to spend than on the streets of US cities. Why haven’t things improved for the 99% since I left the US in 1999?

    One reason is the working middle class whites are so stupid, by the way. They’ll swallow the bullshit the government rams down their throat at the end of the day. War in Syria? Sure, they’ll support that war even though the gas prices will rise to Iraq Occupation-levels. White Americans will believe anything that the government tells them. Jews and liberals are more wary and distrustful, but rural and rustbelt whites will believe any garbage that comes out of their leader’s mouths…like Bush.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
    , @Truth
  24. @Republic

    I’ve been in the hospital in the Philippines and it is a two-tier system. Every foreigner should have $1000 set aside for problems.

    • Replies: @jim jones
    , @Anonymous
  25. @Triumph104


    Foreigners in the Philippines…

    LEE was a middle aged drunk who built sail boats. One night he got drunk and crashed his jeep into a wall. He broke his hip and was in a Filipino hospital for 4 months or something. He paid for that.

    In the hospital parking lot, to celebrate leaving the hospital, he did a wheelie on his motorcycle and broke his leg.

    He was carried back INTO the hospital. This time he could not pay the bill.

    Eventually, he borrowed the money from other Westerners who put a lean on his earnings as a boat captain.

  26. @Triumph104

    Thai Human Trafficking-

    It exists but many (Though not all) of the Thai sex workers go abroad for a few years out of their own volition. Especially to Australia. I’ve met a few. They can return and build a pretty nice house. None that I met seem worse the wear for it.

    In the Philippines, I lived next door to a 45 year old Filipino former prostitute. At the age of 16 in 1981 she had gone to Japan to work in a Japieyke Bar and later she was a prostitute in Germany and Kuwait.

    For many women from Southeast Asia prostitution is no big thing. Human trafficking DOES exist. But much of the issue is not so much what they are doing but the extortionate rates that pimps and sponsors charge them.

  27. @Triumph104

    The mainstream press attempts to downplay the rapes that African immigrants will perpetrate due to the lower level of impulse-control in the cerebral cortex and high sex drive fused with aggression.

    Amanda Knox case was a result of an African drug dealer satiated the strong sexual/aggressive urges upon foreigners whose circles he entered by endearing himself to other foreigners.

    As for theft and organized crime, the Italian police have had centuries of battling it out with the mafia. Some refugee or Chinese Triad is a rank amateur.

    • Replies: @prusmc
  28. @Truth

    Both are true. But in terms of street crime traveling from Manhattan to Brooklyn or the Bronx could be the equivalent of traveling from Finland to West Beirut. Same with Chicago. Or Los Angeles.

    In small US towns in the sticks police exist more as a fiefdom or tinpot dictatorship like RAMBO but in the US cities they serve the tax payer and act as private security for the interests of Jews or WASPS in Hollywood or Manhattan.

    Cities like Detroit with no economic relevancy and no WASPS or Jews do not have pro-active police. Ann Arbor is a mere 40 miles away and in the same county as Detroit but relatively safe.

    Whites who are going to be victims of crime are going to be homeless or near-homeless proles who simply attract the murderous attention of roving Hood Rats.

  29. @Rational

    Canada and Northern States never held blacks in slavery. New Hampshire and New Brunswick are not Mississippi.

    White Southerners with their constant riffs on belonging to the British Lower Classes of indentured servitude and their confederate flags do not speak for a German-American from the Upper Midwest.

  30. @Truth


    If white proles did not have the right to vote than the US would be as naked and glaring a Plutocracy/Kleptocracy as Russia.

  31. @Biff

    Jews are something like 7 IQ points above the average white. This is not an enormous deviation. Besides, in a population of 200 million whites with a 2% Jewish population there will be more white geniuses than Jewish ones in pure numerical terms.

    • Replies: @Biff
  32. @Truth


    There is a huge difference between being a Jewish liberal public defender who lives in a suburb 20 miles from the inner-city court district that pays his mortgage and some homeless white prole of hillbilly or Polish descent who got hooked on drugs or lost his job/house and now sleeps rough in the urban Hellscape.

    You’re being disingenuous because of course YOU KNOW THIS already.

    This why whites don’t generally care about riots in major cities (Unless they are Irish-American truckers) because rioting blacks cannot afford the gasoline to form convoys to suburbs 20 miles away.

    As late as 1992 it mattered to some degree because Koreans or Arabs owned many of the businesses and Miami riots destroyed white and Hispanic businesses.

    Nowadays business are either black-owned or there are no business so nobody cares at all. If black rioters burn down crack houses in St. Louis, it no longer matters to most whites because their own economy is unaffected.

  33. @Truth


    “Come back and be a leader of men”

    Why do that when you can party it up in Asia and enjoy a higher standard of living?

    What does America really offer? Cold streets and prole jobs and outbursts in Popeyes? Who would remain there who could party it up in Vietnam, their country of origin.

    German is not to terribly attractive to a German-American. It has problems with refugees and it is cold and the cost-of-living is exorbitant.

    But for a Vietnam is probably attractive after Philly. Some grey filthy city that is bleak and hardscrabble where some outburst on the public bus or a fast food restaurant is always around the corner.

    Poor tropical countries often have a carnival-vibe and panache. The US inner-cities are just bleak and ominous.

    • Replies: @Truth
  34. @Prester John


    I don’t know why the South-almost its own country-wants to apply its history to Northerners. We have more in common with Canadians (And sound more like them) than with Southern whites and our history has nothing to do with slavery.

    The US North always imported Europeans to the factories to fuel the industrial base. Italians, Eastern Europeans, Irish, Asians on the West Coast.

    Of course, not all of these people were pleasant, but it is English Planters in the South who imported Africans.

    All the garbage about indentured servitude and how today’s white poor of the South are victims of the English class system which sent them to Georgia from Britain to thin out an underclass does not apply to the German-Americans or Italians or Jews or Asian-Americans on the West Coast.

    The tropical and humid South of the US has nothing to do with the parts of the United States where US history and culture were driven by industry and enterprise.

    Poor whites in the South and the US of Colonial British stock have remained mired in poverty as Italians, Irish, Jews rise into the middle-class after a generation.

  35. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:

    I didn’t realize Vietnamese also got annoyed by their neighbor’s loud karaoke.

    Linh, why is Vietnam such a violent place? Alcohol? The war?

  36. awry says:

    Actually Senegal is one of the more successful sub-Saharan African countries.

  37. Biff says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Jews are something like 7 IQ points above the average white. This is not an enormous deviation. Besides, in a population of 200 million whites with a 2% Jewish population there will be more white geniuses than Jewish ones in pure numerical terms.

    And your point is?


    Never mind

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  38. @Biff

    It cannot be intelligence alone that explains the positioning of Jews in the media and institutions.

    • Replies: @Autochthon
  39. Walter says:

    de Tocqueville examined Institutions in America. His partner examined the Customs…and wrote “Marie, or Slavery in America”… That “novel” by Beaumont (“Marie, or Slavery in America”) is a superior treatment of this aspect of original sin in American history.

    A good translation from the original French is cheap…and a worthwhile book, alas, nearly unknown and almost never read. Indeed, the English translation is recent.

  40. Anonymous[321] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    There are no STUPID LAWS in Asia. As long as you do not physically harm someone, you can do or say what you want.

    You what?

    Ok. Try talking publicly against the King in Thailand, or Islam in Malaysia/Indonesia, or PAP in Singapore, or the communist party in China, or the Sultan in Brunei, or the Junta in Myanmar, or …

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  41. An installment of this is being played out in South Africa.

    I highly doubt, good sir, that you are qualified to make that comment. To partially rectify that situation, may I suggest you read and study Douglas Reed’s excellent insights as presented in at least two of his books, Somewhere South of Suez and The Battle for Rhodesia? I’ll admit that he (strangely) was a Rhodes proponent, but nevertheless, there’s a ton of good info in what he writes and you’ll be educating yourself on the background of the current conflict in South Africa, and I bet it ain’t what you think.

    May I suggest, further, that until you read those, that you stick to what you know, such as the USA, Vietnam and Italy, and that you question everything the Ilana Mercers of the world spew?

    You may also be surprised to find that this quote, which I posted elsewhere today, offers some pretty good clues to the issues at hand, and I suspect is especially true regarding SA.:

    … Israel … runs one of the dirtiest- non -ethical economies in the world. In spite of the Zionists’ initial promise to bring about a civilised ethical Jew, Israel has, instead, managed to develop an outstanding level of institutional dismissal of international law and universal values. It operates as a safe haven for money made in some horrendous global criminal activities. And it employs one of the world’s strongest army to defend the wealth of just a few of the wealthiest Jews around.
    Increasingly, Israel seems to be nothing more than a humongous money laundering haven for Jewish oligarchs, swindlers, weapons dealers, organ traffickers, organised crime and blood diamond traders.

    Gilad Atzmon: Israeli Economy For Beginners February 7, 2011

    Is Netanyahoo, a former NYC haberdasher and current puppet master of the USA, melanin-rich?

  42. @Anonymous

    That is much freer than being beholden to a 23 year old HR female employee because you told a “Polack” joke or something.

    • Agree: sb, Autochthon
  43. @Jeff Stryker

    They certainly speak for and represent this Northerner more than people like you do. God bless the South.

    Also, Maryland had slavery, and there were a more limited number of slaves in Delaware and New Jersey at least as late as 1800.

    Moreover, wealthy northern WASPs and Jews profited greatly from the slave trade, while all we hear about is “evil southerners.”

    • Agree: jacques sheete
  44. Brilliant writing as usual. Though from a Western PoV, these lines made me sigh.

    In college, Matthew studied English, then entered law school, before he realized he hated lawyers, so he taught English in Colombia for seven years. In Saigon, Matthew teaches English

    Nick Santalucia, a Temple graduate who majored in the classics.

    Why are these White expats always so stereotypical? Always english teachers or some useless degree from a no-name university loitering around in SEA. No wonder many Asian men are looking down their noses on these opportunists.

    I’m glad you at least needled him on the necessity of learning the local language.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  45. jim jones says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    And some cash for bribes to the Police

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  46. @RadicalCenter


    There were never slaves in North Jersey….that’s why it got so many Italians and Slavs.

  47. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Yes, Geoffrey, I understand all of these points. I have worked outside of the US in two countries, and traveled to quite a few more, but the point is this:

    Anyone who wants to live in an area that is comprised of 98% of people who do not look like him, is not too much into his “own” people. Not that I have a problem with that, but why lie about it?

    Seeing as how this is a quasi-WN board, these two theories, of “get while the gettin’s good”, and “Ilove white people” are quite obviously opposed.”

  48. @Thulean Friend

    Opportunists are better than those who lack initiative and sit on their ass in the city they were born waiting for “the jobs to come back” or moaning at the shitty jobs they have to settle for or fearing blacks and Hispanics and Muslims in the street.

    Loitering around Asia and adapting to new cultures is better than hanging around the city you are born living in the same house you were born having seen and experienced nothing.

    You can actually save more money living abroad than earning $50,000 a year and it all gets siphoned off to sluts and minorities who pump out babies with worthless thugs.

    So those townies who sit on your ass and complain about Muslims sodomizing you if you are European or blacks and Mestizos stepping on you if you are white American are sad for NOT SEIZING a single opportunity in life, hanging around the place you were born blaming Saul and Murray Horowitz for your inability to do shit or get laid.

    Speaking of which, your idea of great sex is hanging around the same local clubs every Thursday or getting divorce raped.

    Then you go home and spend your free time watching some reality TV drivel on the Tube.

    I’m grateful to have seen great beaches and visited fascinating ancient places.

    Townies are pathetic. I’d shoot myself if I was one of them and had to spend my entire life in the country or state I was born having never experienced anything.

    • Replies: @Thulean Friend
  49. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Again, I have no problem with anyone living ANYWHERE he wants to live and where the locals will accept him. If Linhjo wants to move back to his home country, no skin off my back. As a matter of fact I am proud of him for actually being honest for a change and not doing this weak, soft, sissyfied dog whistle “racism” he usually does.

    Good for you Dinh, I mean that truly.

    But, white Americans have killed a hellofalotmore Vietnamese than Black Americans over the last 50 years, and reserve the right to do it again, whenever they feel like it. So either the guy is a liar, or not too bright.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
    , @Linh Dinh
  50. @jim jones

    Yeah, but they don’t care what you do by and large.

  51. @Truth

    I don’t lie about it. I’m simply interested in the opinions in the US at this point, twenty years after I left.

    A white man can live better abroad. You have accept that statement at face value.

    In my all-Asian subdivision I am much-safer than I was in my semi-Hispanic neighborhood in Tempe or I would be in Detroit. None of that 98% give a single shit about expats like Kuwaitis, for the most part.

    Even small-town whites of the “Leatherface” mold show more xenophobia than the average Asian.

    My statements are not contradictory. I love myself and I am white. I’m glad not to live in Phoenix or Southeast Michigan in bleak post-industrial places or and small towns are too remote to offer anything.

    I like tropical beaches. I liked the wide variety of different women I had sex with abroad and the different places I traveled.

    Who wants to be a townie? To go nowhere.

  52. @Truth

    White people sure fled US inner-cities and barrios…is this in conflict with white nationalism.

  53. @Jeff Stryker

    Newport, Rhode Island, for many years, was the busiest slave trading emporium in the Western world.

    Many northern states explicitly permitted the ownership of slaves, including Massachusetts before it was abolished in the 1780s. It was not the legislature, but the courts, thanks to judicial activism (the right kind, the kind that says the individual is sovereign and that individual liberty trumps democracy and any legislation which is informed by communitarian, communistic, Fabian, greater good, majoritarian, progressive, or socialist drivel).

  54. @Jeff Stryker

    I appreciate the rant, but there’s ton of lazy arguments in it.

    Loitering around Asia and adapting to new cultures is better than hanging around the city you are born living in the same house you were born having seen and experienced nothing.

    Have you ever heard of travelling? People can experience new things every year despite living in their home country.

    You can actually save more money living abroad than earning $50,000 a year and it all gets siphoned off to sluts and minorities who pump out babies with worthless thugs.

    Many of these women who cling to the sleazy white sexpats are also sluts so you still end up wasting dough on sluts. And as for minorities, that’s what you are in these countries.

    Townies are pathetic.


    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  55. prusmc says: • Website
    @Jeff Stryker

    Amanda Knox shares the fate/luck with O J. They both got away clean with some temporary inconvenience of celebrity incarceration. Big media and a dream team came through for O.J. and Daddy Big Bucks rescued “Foxxy Knoxie”.

  56. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    I think one of the greatest problems in advancing human progress involves a solution to the color vs non color races, race and culture differentiation.
    Living together on this earth can be “just” iff we can develop a system of surveillance that politicians, criminals and gangs and wealthy Oligarchs c/n use to differentiate people according to their color. race, religion or national origin. The basic thing about all CORR differentiation is , differentiation has to be taught. I believe if the propaganda taught the techniques of normalization, instead of the divide and conquer technique of differentiation, the CORR of four would disappear as concerns. ..

    In my opinion what is needed is a color, national origin, religion or race [CORR] transparent set of rules (an international court with the power to impose conditions, access and experiences on the youth and courts of a society and ts educational system contents that soon everything would get better).

    Require all nations to indoctrinate their youth in all the systems of educations they license or allow, in the same way, and require them to provide forced CORR transparent experiences (like in the Army and jails), where the persons of each race, color or origin is not; faced with just the task of getting along, but is made to become dependant on the person of the other for long a enough period of time, to discover all CORR differences are results of propaganda prevalent in the society and powered by those who control the society in which persons are raised or resides. What is needed is a treaty, a court, a system to fund it.

    I can see in the future that the ICC which has original jurisdiction over human injustice may be able to punish leaders of nations that fail to adjust the environments their youth are raised in.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  57. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Probably also set aside a few hundred to pay off the cop in league with the nightclub owner who has just accused you of being not nice to his dancers.

    Not getting in is easy, but getting out is hard.

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
  58. @Triumph104

    Regarding the “incidents” in Tuscon..

    “I”ll take Things That Never Happened, for $2000, Alex.”

    I read that so-called information from the NYT. No corroborating evidence, just testimony from the poor aggrieved victims. Anyone could have put up those posters. When posters are anti-Semitic, its often a case of “What you doing there Rabbi???”

    I ain’t buying what you selling, Jack.

  59. Anonymous[402] • Disclaimer says:

    We will have nanomachines able to rewire your brain into instinctive empathic understanding of cross-racial motivational factors earlier.

    Not sure whether this would mean the cattle trucks come out or not.

    • Replies: @anon
  60. Countries whose average IQ hovers around the low 90s – Vietnam, Greece, Argentina etc – always seem to be in a permanent state of chaos. They never fall into complete despair, but also will never be fully functioning states.

  61. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi all,

    Truth is a black man who’s obsessed with being black, what a surprise!, so nearly all of his comments are about being black. Yes, it is very tiresome.

    For the record, I’ve addressed black crime and black racism directly several times in the past, and most extensively in these articles:

    “Who’s Racist?”

    “Death of a Nation”

    “Blacks, Cops and a Sinking Economy”.


  62. anon[317] • Disclaimer says:

    What’s the difference if the propaganda in your culture wires or rewires you brain or if a robot manipulates the intention of the propaganda into your brain from space..? The result is the same, you become the instrument of someone else’s intentions, instead of a sovereign free agent?

    It is now possible to watch a person thinking with MRI. While you are viewing a particular article or viewing a particular video screen your brain can be stimulated to do this or that ; the result of such manipulation can be tracked in real time on the MRI screen.. Soon the MIC and the DEEP STATE will have robots that can outperform most humans and homeland security will upgrade its traffic control robots (red lights) to not only track your thoughts and id your bio data but but also to reprogram your short and long term intentions while you wait for the Robot to give you a green light suggesting [for now] you have been cleared to pass to the next checkpoint.

    I recall the first MRI it was then called a Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer, because Physicians did not want to scare their patients with the word nuclear, nuclear was dropped. but still MRI nothing more or less than a powerful electro excitable magnet which can be controlled by electronics and used to gather data from your physiology. The MRI (NMR Spectrometer) size has been getting smaller and smaller; the tomography algorithms used to create images suitable for MD use has been refined quite a bit, allowing less strong magnets (safer). What was once a research instrument is now a play toy. Manipulation is possible from remote locations I suppose. Watching the behaviors and thoughts of each individual as such person passes a checkpoint [traffic light] is almost a reality.. a few more years.. and anyone with access to the tools will be empowered to design and produce things which until now, only nature could do. Dinh is on track with this article..

    That is why it is so important to find a way to make politicians be truthful and honest. Maybe the MRI can do that?

    EMF waves can be designed into machines and the electronics and software can make the machine capable to elicit powerful data from nearly every physiological activity of beast or man so I am not laughing about your machine can do it all bit.. Nano or or not machines are about to empower people who have access to them with some awesome powerful capabilities.

  63. @Anonymous

    I co-owned a girly bar in the Philippines and PNP were a factor.

    If you’re not doing anything illegal they won’t do much.

    But you’re right. Always have bribe money.

  64. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Truth,

    If writing many thousands of words about this sordid subject qualifies as dog whistling, then you’re even dumber than I’ve always thought. The thing is, black crime and black racism are only two of many topics I think about, so sometimes, I only mention them in passing. That’s not dog whistling. Unlike you, most of us don’t spend all day staring at our own face in the mirror.

    Since you can’t stop thinking about your blackness, why don’t you offer us some genuine insights into the condition, and not just constantly fling snarky nonsense to convey your seething displeasure?

    In 1873, the New York Tribune sent James Shepherd Pike, a veteran anti-slavery journalist from Maine, to South Carolina, and his dispatches resulted in a book, The Prostrate State: South Carolina Under Negro Government.

    You can’t let your wounded ego get in the way of truth, Truth, but perhaps Pike was just a racist asshole, but if so, please tell us why? By the way, your moniker is the most ironic here, so who says you don’t have a sense of humor?


    He believes he can do any thing, and never loses a chance to try, and is just as ready to be laughed at for his failure as applauded for his success. He is more vivacious than the white, and, being more volatile and good-natured, he is correspondingly more irrepressible. His misuse of language in his imitations is at times ludicrous beyond measure. He notoriously loves a joke or an anecdote, and will burst into a broad guffaw on the smallest provocation. He breaks out into an incoherent harangue on the floor just as easily, and being without practice, discipline, or experience, and wholly oblivious of Lindley Murray, or any other restraint on composition, he will go on repeating himself, dancing as it were to the music of his own voice, forever. He will speak half a dozen times on one question, and every time say the same things without knowing it. He answers completely to the description of a stupid speaker in Parliament, given by Lord Derby on one occasion. It was said of him that he did not know what he was going to say when he got up; he did not know what he is was saying while he was speaking, and he did not know what he had said when he sat down.

    But the old stagers admit that the colored brethren have a wonderful aptness at legislative proceedings. They are “quick as lightning” at detecting points of order, and they certainly make incessant and extraordinary use of their knowledge. No one is allowed to talk five minutes without interruption, and one interruption is the signal for another and another, until the original speaker is smothered under an avalanche of them. Forty questions of privilege will be raised in a day. At times, nothing goes on but alternating questions of order and of privilege. The inefficient colored friend who sits in the Speaker’s chair cannot suppress this extraordinary element of the debate. Some of the blackest members exhibit a pertinacity of intrusion in raising these points of order and questions of privilege that few white men can equal. Their struggles to get the floor, their bellowings and physical contortions, baffle description. The Speaker’s hammer plays a perpetual tattoo all to no purpose. The talking and the interruptions from all quarters go on with the utmost license. Every one esteems himself as good as his neighbor, and puts in his oar, apparently as often for love of riot and confusion as for any thing else. It is easy to imagine what are his ideas of propriety and dignity among a crowd of his own color, and these are illustrated without reserve. The Speaker orders a member whom he has discovered to be particularly unruly to take his seat. The member obeys, and with the same motion that he sits down, throws his feet on to his desk, hiding himself from the Speaker by the soles of his boots. In an instant he appears again on the floor. After a few experiences of this sort, the Speaker threatens, in a laugh, to call “the gemman ” to order. This is considered a capital joke, and a guffaw follows. The laugh goes round, and then the peanuts are cracked and munched faster than ever; one hand being employed in fortifying the inner man with this nutriment of universal use, while the other enforces the views of the orator. This laughing propensity of the sable crowd is a great cause of disorder. They laugh as hens cackle-one begins and all follow. But underneath all this shocking burlesque upon legislative proceedings, we must not forget that there is something very real to this uncouth and untutored multitude. It is not all sham, nor all burlesque.

    And here’s a recent clip of the South African legislature in action:

    • Replies: @Jeff Stryker
    , @Truth
    , @Truth
  65. @Thulean Friend


    I’ve felt safer being a minority in Asia and India than one day when I got to close to the barrio located behind my Phoenix apartment complex and crossed the path of Brown Pride Cholos. Same with blacks. Better to be a minority among 98% Asians.


    Most sleazy sexpats rent the women by the hour and don’t buy them.

    Are bargirls worse than white truckstop crack whores and female oxy addicts end up with three out-of-wedlock kids? I think they are less disgusting.

    But how would you know….You’re clearly in your 20’s and never traveled to Asia and are a suburban townie.


    Middle-aged Gen X like myself just don’t give a shit about anything that the US offers.

    …Tell me, what DOES America offer to a Gen X guy of 44 like myself?


    I’d commit suicide before I lived in some hick or rural city in the sticks where retail jobs were the only option and the local Sheriff’s department pushed people around like the cop in Rambo and fools believe whatever the GOP tells them…

    Being white in the Flyover or the sticks of the US is unpleasant.

  66. @Linh Dinh


    When I was in India I happened to correspond with a buddy from Flint Michigan who belonged to the Polish Catholic community there. He got stuck after getting a Polish Catholic girl pregnant and could not leave-he’d dropped out his junior year to manage a tanning salon.

    He was more cut off and secluded in Flint, Michigan than I was in Mumbai and in far greater danger.

    Stanley (Yes, a common Polish-American name) got trapped. His house was worth nothing. He could not get out. He became like a peasant in Transylvania, except there was no safety in the daytime.

    Whites in Rust Belt cities or regions become like “Snake Plissken” (Russell and Carpenter in fact carried firearms when they filmed EFNY in St. Louis and some of Russell’s urgency to get out was real).

    …A white living in Asia or India is NOT NEARLY as cut off as they would be in a Rust Belt city or region or in the same degree of danger that Hood Rats and Mestizos pose.

    BEING BLACK ABROAD…a great many whites who pulled disability scams simply to escape the shitty existence of being a working class white in America move to the Philippines and start a survival business. I’ve known a few.

    But blacks cannot obtain a welfare check in SEA so I’ve never seen a US black female in Southeast Asia.

    The same is true of Cholos, though I did read of some Chicano fools who tried to set themselves up as Shabu dealers in Manila and were fortunate to be arrested before the Chinese generals controlling the syndicates laid hands on them.

    But in general SEA is far less isolating for the working middle class white like myself than living in the United States would be.

  67. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh

    My Good Man. There is much you misunderstand, and to think, the old Asian guy is usually the wise one in the movies…

    Since you can’t stop thinking about your blackness, why don’t you offer us some genuine insights into the condition,

    Of what “condition” are you speaking, Old Sport? Things go up, they go down, such is the way of life. Now certainly, there are an unreasonable number of young black men in this country who’s chosen way of life is self-destruction, which at times, will lead to the destruction of others. This is they way the elites prefer it and they have worked, steadily in this direction for 300 years. C’est la vie.Now are there small, genetics between the races. Sure, I believe there are, but that is a small thing.

    and not just constantly fling snarky nonsense to convey your seething displeasure?

    And you posted some long, lingering post by some guy guy 250 years ago who did not like blacks. Let me point something out to you, Linjho, he would have probably been institutionalized at that point in time if he did!

    I’m taking it from your excerpt that this guys heard a couple of blacks speak and he concluded that they:

    1-Talk to much
    2-Make a lot of jokes
    3-Tends to compensate for a lack of knowledge by talking more.

    Hey, as a general rule, I can’t disagree!

    But then you must also know that one in the know is able to ascertain from Mr’ Pike’s position in life that he was almost certainly a high-level Kikemason, and therefore more likely than not a sodomite, a pedophile and some sort of deist, if not a card-carrying Lucifarian. So hey, we all have our faults.

    Now Linh, I have nothing against you personally. I think that you are probably the most interesting writer here…. Comment deleted.

    But one of the truly elucidating things that I have leaned during my tenure on this site is that there are stereotypes about blacks, about whites and about Asians, in general. My friend, I’d love to be able to tell you that the stereotype about Asians being meek, wimpy, ass-kissers is less true than the stereotype about blacks being violent, stupid brutes. I cannot honestly do that. You guys seem to feel, and it it just about EVERY person on this site who identifies as being Asian, that kissing ass will get whites to love you. All that I can say is; good luck with that. For the most part, from what I have read, you seem to be a manageable nuisance that comes with having Asian girls to pork (and marry). They tolerate you because you’re so cute… (and no threat in sort of a Eunuch sort of way).

    And you accept it. To each his own. But in a nutshell my friend, you must understand that there is a hidden hand which guides things to being the way they are. You’re at a fine level of play taking up the plight for the poor man, and I respect that. But until you understand why the man is poor, your posts will elicit little more than snark from me. And I like them!

    Seething displeasure? No, Buddy. I have been blessed in life! Great parents great siblings, 6-3, handsome, have a washboard (a little anyway) at 52. Enough money to take vacations, but not enough to be a complete prick, I’ve been with women who should NEVER have been with a man like me, I can get by in a few languages, and wire up an electrical circuit.

    No, I hold very little, if any displeasure. If some black person, or white person is fucking up in life. I feel bad for them. THEM being the operative word. When they decide to stop I suppose they will, no, I write snarky responses for two reasons:

    1. I’m incredibly good at it.
    2. It fits in with the raison d’etre of this board; that is, to create distraction and friction. So why not help Mr. Unz and crew along?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  68. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Right now, to be an asskisser in America is to be a black apologist, but of course, you’re somewhat excused, since you can’t help but be hysterically defensive about being black.

    Just as Israel firsters will accuse their critics of being anti-Semitic, blacks will lash out at people they disagree with as being a racist or Uncle Tom, but the true Uncle Toms in the USA right now are the black apologists.

    Witness all the mainstream media asskissing after the ugly Serena Williams incident! The rest of the world look on in disgust.

    Lastly, a man who must resort to praising himself, as you often do, is an insecure clown or a smug idiot. Thanks to rap music, however, this adolescent behavior has become mainstream.

    • Replies: @Truth
  69. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh

    BTW Linhjo, politicians are not exactly the best arbiters of a population…

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  70. Expats, and you have been one, belong to a separate ethnicity to some degree.

    If you have traveled to another country through time and space and lived in other countries you’re no longer like other people. You belong to a culture onto itself.

    I cannot relate to the townies here. I recognize them. They have have never been out of their country and have lived in the same city their entire lives. They complain that the region they live has declined but lack the initiative to go anywhere.

    Townies are limited in outlook and experience. They are like gerbils who have run on the same wheel their entire life. They cannot think outside of the box.

    They will complain about being a drone slave or how the neighborhood they have lived has disintegrated…but it never occurs to them to move.

    If I had remained in the United States I would have amounted to nothing. Probably I would have thrown in the towel in Phoenix, a shitty place, and simply retreated to Southeast Michigan to accept whatever job was offered.

    Fortunately, I had the option of going to Dubai. Once I got there, I realized how superior other countries are to much of the United States. The US has disintegrated into a dirt-world country of roving Cholo Mestizos cutthroats and overdosing white trash between two centers of power on either coast.

    What is odd, having been out of the United States for 20 years (Barring a few trips), is that the standard of living has gone downhill and the middle-class has all but disappeared.

    In the 1990’s the Mestizo Cholos were murderous and the crack wars were raging in the ghettos but there was a white middle class in the suburbs and even the white working class was more comfortable. Now they live on the road.

    • Agree: Autochthon
  71. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    “arbiters of a population”?!

    • Replies: @Truth
    , @Linh Dinh
  72. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh


    a person whose views or actions have great influence over trends in social behavior.
    “an arbiter of taste”

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  73. The US Military returned to Vietnam formally penetrating Cam Rahn Bay and Da Nang as good friends. Naturally, the Vietnamese have lots of gender identity problems now. Plenty of fake news keeps the Vietnamese divided and conquered too. Keep the slaves divided. It works in the US and Vietnam.

    In the US and Vietnam we all live as slaves. The Vietnamese have a voting class too, left and right and just in between which lacks the intelligence to recognize their own slavery. Slaves have no right to own property outright and if they don’t pay real estate taxes – similar set up in Vietnam. No problem for the rich who want Walls and divisions. These represent Big Government at its worst confusing the already gender confused.

    The rich won the first Korean war by turning South Korea into a giant low paid factory worker slave place. The rich won the Vietnam war by opening it to low paid factory workers and turning a former agriculture country into a factory country. American jobs went to both places. Handbag sir?

    I thought the producers had wanted to turn North Korea into slave factory workers and turn all Americans into the unemployed via another spectacular false flag event featuring actor Trump as we’ve never seen him before. Why pay Americans $20 or $30 an hour when you can pay some North Korean conquered slaves $20 a month?

    The US, the most peace loving country in the history of the world, destroyed every building in North Korea and many in South Korea and killed over one third of its population. Not satisfied with that act of peacefulness, the US went to Viet Nam and killed over 3 million threats to the USA, ending those threats forever. Profit lies in perpetual war, not winning wars. Peace means zero profit.

  74. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    I know exactly what the word means, but how is this relevant to what we were talking about?!

  75. Truth says:
    @Linh Dinh

    Now Linhjo, I’m not one to go back and forth with these things, but as you are a paid columnist, and thus, a man with some, limited, influence, I suppose it is worth a few minutes of my company’s paid time*.

    Right now, to be an asskisser in America is to be a black apologist.

    Now you see, my friend, I cannot totally disagree with you here. But again it’s a matter of degree.While this is certainly ONE way of being a card-carrying ass-kisser, there are many way of getting into the fraternity. And you, my good man, are running around with a beer-bong on your head right now.

    As I said above, there are many, many black men in this country who are basically worthless lives at this point. They’ve worked quite hard to make themselves that way and any one who disputes this is part of the problem. But here’s the thing. The same people who created the conditions that made this easy have now, quite generously, extended the same opportunity to white men, and as your boy Jeff Stryker will tell you, many of them have taken the bait… and it is getting worse by the day.

    No, the opium death, suicide, low-level government scam, and homelessness lifestyle that white men are choosing, is not organic, nor, would I argue is it underrated. I’ve been around. It is part of the grand plan; as it has been, albeit in a different fashion, with black people for 300 years (We did though, give them a good battle for 300 years, the white man seems to be tapping out after 20). I won’t get into why this is, as I have 1,000 times already, and it seems as though it takes a certain level of intellect to understand it.

    Witness all the mainstream media asskissing after the ugly Serena Williams incident! The rest of the world look on in disgust.

    Again, what media ass-kissing? I saw someone lose her temper and act like a fool. It was most likely acting, to produce an outcome, as is everything else on TV, but if not, so what? She acted foolish and some people said so and some disagree. For a man of your age, Old Sport, you certainly have a limited memory…

    Now my friend, that in the nutshell that is the difference between you and me; I see things for what they are, you see for what you want them to be.

    *There are really great aspects to working for Duh Man, gentlemen. One of them is getting paid to teach.

  76. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Linh Dinh

    I brought up the long James Shepherd Pike quotation because it describes, all too well, your debating manner, but I guess you missed the joke.

  77. @Truth

    When Serena Williams becomes an alcoholic pothead whose wife smokes crack like McEnroe I’ll be surprised-one on occasion McEnroe beat his son for stealing his marijuana.

  78. @Truth


    Alzado was a KKK Klansman’s nightmare of what they would run into in Brooklyn. A psychotic huge Jewish thug.

    He met his match with Muhammed Ali towards the end of Ali’s career and the world delighted in seeing Ali lose his cool from a sucker punch and pepper the shit out of Alzado until his mouth was pouring blood…it was the one instance when Ali just lost his cool and beat the shit out of someone in the ring for being an asshole.

    Nevertheless, Alzado died an unrepentant steroid-crazed madman.

    McEnroe did not even do charity appearances or try to pretend to be anything but an ill-tempered asshole.

    Unlike Alzado, who went out in a blaze of glory, McEnroe ended up an alcoholic pothead who beat up his wife (While she was pregnant) and later bashed his own son for stealing his marijuana.

    Williams is not even Tonya Harding.

  79. @Truth

    I think a Jew named Lyle Alzado takes the prize for the worst human to ever become a professional athlete.

    Alzado was a bona fide steroid-crazed madman. He would fight anybody.

    Finally when Ali lost his temper in the exhibition match and just beat the complete shit out of Alzado the world rejoiced.

    It was the only time that Ali lost his sportsmanship and simply PEPPERED SOMEONE for being an asshole.

    • Replies: @Truth
  80. Truth says:
    @Jeff Stryker

    Yeah I remember that fight. Alzado was a piece of work.

  81. @Truth

    Alzado was at the height of his roid-induced madness and Ali was pudgy and semi-retired by then but Lyle did give him a run for his money…No other opponent got into a ring with Ali and blocked punches WITH HIS HEAD. Lyle absorbed far more damage than Foreman or Frazier and remained upright.

    McEnroe did not even go out in a blaze of steroid-induced glory like Alzado or have minor acting career.

    He was simply an asshole who beat up his crackhead wife and became alcoholic and pot-smoker who ended up relatively poor.

    Doubtful Williams will end up like McEnroe beating his son up because he stole his bag of weed.

    • Agree: Truth
  82. @Truth

    McEnROIDS and AlzaDOPE

    Those were the day when athletes were not tested for roids and their outbursts are obviously chemical.

    For that matter McEnroe did not even go on to a minor Hollywood acting career like Alzado.

    He became a drunk and pothead who beat up his wife who was the most famous crackhead in Hollywood and he even beat up his son for stealing his marijuana.

  83. @Jeff Stryker

    “It’s the solidarity, stupid.” Dinh points this out in the article.

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