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Evening Star Pub in Brighton, 2012

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A bar featuring $2 cans of Pabst Blue Ribbon should never be empty. Granted, it’s a crap beer, but I’d guzzle dish water for two bucks, as long as it had some alcohol in it. So I was in The Dive for more than three hours, and during that entire time, only two other losers stumbled in. One, 30-ish, exiled himself to the furthest corner to stroke his laptop. I ended up chatting with Chris, the bar manager, and listening to his extensive playlist.

Ideally, a pub should be free from all electronic molestations, so no TV, jukebox, video games or even cellphones, say I, your next dictator. In 2012, I blundered into the Evening Star in Brighton, England, and it was paradise, I tell you, for all I heard were human voices. Lubricated by heavenly hops, intellects and dumbshits alike were spilling tales, and it was absolutely lovely. What more do you want? Our civilizational unraveling can be pinned on our increasing inability to hear each other. In 2015, I returned to the Evening Star only to discover they had installed a sound system spewing tunes nonstop.

Chris’ music did trigger a few sparks in my pickled brain. Quiz time: What do Cock Sparrer, Die Antwoord and Hank Williams III have in common? Here are some clues. From the Oi! pioneers’ “Take ‘Em All”:

We worked our way up from East End pubs
To gigs and backstage passes,
Ex boxing champs, West End clubs.
Americans in dark glasses,
Driving ten grand cars, they drink in hotel bars.
They’re even making money in bed.
They wouldn’t be no loss. They ain’t worth a toss.
It’s about time they all dropped dead.

Take ‘em all, take ‘em all,
Put ‘em up against a wall and shoot ‘em.
Short and tall, watch ‘em fall.
Come on boys, take ‘em all.

Die Antwoord’s “Rich Bitch”:

I was a victim of a kak situation,
Stuck in the system,
With no fokken assistance.
I know it sounds strange
But I used to count change
On the counter at Pick ‘n Pay
Or Shoprite Checkers.
No butter on my broodjie.
But then I got my game on.
Now I’m a rich bitch.

Hank Williams III:

Well, I was raised in a holler.
I grew up eatin’ mud,
And in my baby bottle,
It was filled with beer and blood.

Well, I got relatives here.
Some of them just don’t look quite right.
A couple of ‘em only got one eye,
That I heard that they lost in a fight.

You know why?
You got any idea, boy?
Do you know why?

Whiiiiiite trash!
Whiiiiiite trash!
Whiiiiiite trash!
Whiiiiiite trash!

Though from three different countries, England, South Africa and the U.S., and employing diverse musical styles, these acts are all expressions of the white underclass. How truly white trash are Hank Williams III and Die Antwoord is debatable, however.

With their Walmart fashion, oversized full-bodied hoodies, print boxers, discount bras, mullets, bad tattoos, coexistence with rats and toilet paper shortage, Die Antwood’s celebration of white trash stereotypes constantly verges on parody, but since they’re so defiant and cool with their white trash looks, I don’t think you can equate them with, say, Flavor Flav and his in-your-face nigger ostentation.

Likewise, Hank Williams III makes white trash hip, and I envision a day when black, brown and yellow kids will become white trash wannabes instead of posing as ghetto gangstas. It won’t happen soon, though, not with the way our mainstream media operate.

The term “white trash” started as a black vernacular in the American South. British actress Fanny Kemble explains in an 1833 journal entry, “The slaves themselves entertain the very highest contempt for white servants, whom they designate as ‘poor white trash.’” In early America, poor whites had a shorter lifespan than black slaves, and they were often hired to perform tasks deemed too dangerous for slaves, a valuable commodity.

Is there any group so mocked and caricatured as the white underclass? Though disenfranchised for generations, they’re routinely depicted as the very worst of white power. Working three jobs and on food stamps, they’re somehow oppressing the affirmative action college graduated people of colors. Downing Bud after a 12-hour day, they turn on TV to see themselves portrayed as Mama June and Honey Boo Boo. If unemployed, they can watch their similars humiliate each other nonstop on Jerry Springer, with an unctious lecture at the end on how to live.

Entire states, such as West Virginia and Tennessee, for example, are said to be inhabited by nothing but repulsive white trash, though I’ve been to both and encountered only gracious and warm individuals. To many Americans, the entire South is white trash, with some even viewing all flyover states as festering with white trash. For my Postcards book, I crisscrossed this country several times, and I always gravitated towards the cheapest drinking joints, for they suited my budget and taste. Over and over, I was welcomed.

Of course, if you keep carousing with drunks in strange towns, shit may happen, but the only time I nearly had my skull cracked was in Norristown, right outside Philly. My three harassers were two blacks and one white. Not so much trash as paranoid assholes, they thought I was a cop. Perhaps that bar was overrun with guys skipping bail or dodging a warrant, meth and coke were being dealt and the faded lady by the payphone was tricking, but, in the name of hops and barley, man, would any police department be dumb enough to send in a 5-6 Vietnamese undercover with a huge camera bag?!


Anyway, to Manhattan snobs, white trash nation begins with New Jersey, no doubt, if not Staten Island. To our coastal elites, all but themselves are trash. Further, contempt for white trash is often only thinly disguised hatred of white culture, period. These days, no white man can even whisper “white heritage” without someone nearby screaming that he’s a Nazi! Of course, only a Neo-Nazi would take pride in Erasmus, Rabelais, Rembrandt, Earl Scruggs and Milan Cathedral, etc.

Who needs Luther when you can have Martin Luther King and Luther Vandross? Who cares about Bill when you can groove to Robbie Shakespeare?

Deplored, incorrect whites seethe, but mostly discreetly or anonymously, online. Few can risk venting like the Angry Aryans:

Your Cadillac doesn’t mean a thing to me.
A bloodthirsty savage belongs overseas.

Civilization you cannot comprehend.
You cannot exist in a world of white men.

A white woman by your side,
You’re still a nigger!

A devoted life of crime,
You’re nothing but a nigger!

Uniformed in blue,
You’re still a nigger!

A lackey for the Jew,
You’re nothing but a nigger!

Of course, there are also black musicians with anti-white lyrics, but what’s different is that their race hatred is not just confined to the fringe. Take Rihanna’s “Bitch Better Have My Money.” In the video, a rich white blonde is kidnapped, stripped, hung upside down, forced to drink vodka and inhaled pot, knocked out cold, submerged under water and generally humiliated nonstop by Rihanna and two sidekicks, a Hindu and another white woman, the last inserted to blunt, not too convincingly, the song’s anti-white thrust. An idiotic, leering white cop also appears, and at the video’s end, the kidnapped blonde’s blonde husband is tied up and stabbed to death.

As knife enters flesh, you can clearly hear, twice, sick wet sounds. This murder is apparently so erotic, Rihanna executes it in a see-through top, and when it’s all over, the “sexiest woman alive” is completely naked and covered only in much blood and a few dollar bills.

Some will argue that it’s only about class, but this extremely violent video is primarily an allegory about racial reparations or revenge, I insist.

So, who want this most deplorable of situations? Who benefit?

[If you appreciate these articles, do consider buying a signed copy of my new book. This will help me to roam around and, of course, pay my bills. Thanks!]

Linh Dinh’s Postcards from the End of America has just been released by Seven Stories Press. He maintains an active photo blog.

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  1. gruff says:

    dinh drops the n bomb

    trump’s america

    • Replies: @Johnny Smoggins
  2. Gruff gets it. Trump’s America. The elite hate Trump because he threatens their place at court. The SJW’s, BLM’s and Pussy Hats hate Trump because, to them, he represents white people and especially straight, male white people.

    This piece is a home run Linh. You get so much right. You are a bar hopping Vietnamese Tocqueville.

  3. unit472 says:

    Enjoy it if you want but to me, contemporary music is nothing but derivative and mimicry. The ‘stars’ are not musicians but, in most cases, actors chosen for their looks , ability to warble a bit and appear in choreographed video productions lip synching a song manufactured for them by industry ‘tunesmiths’.

    There are, no doubt, those seeking to re-invent the Beatles or Dylan. Have been now for over 50 years without success, which is itself astonishing and shows how thin the talent pool is. That advertisers have to resort to using ancient rock and R&B standards to promote modern products is telling.

  4. In Manhattan the elevator in the Brill Building, home of Tin Pan Alley, went down to the lowest level and several guys came out. They were bottom feeders in the business of popular music. These marginal guys had a plan. The numbers were looking good. The post war babies were just reaching puberty. Kids got bucks now and there are soo many of them.Time for action. Find the Lowest Common Denominator then blitz the kiddies with “Bubble Gum” music to get them listening and buying vinyl. Next year we’ll elvis them and get them shaking their little booties. After that we’ll stone them and keep them rocking and own them for ourselves. How sex, drugs and rock n roll got trashed. more

    • Replies: @Marcus
  5. FKA Max says:

    Prayers – “Mexica” Official Music Video Premiere | UPROXX

    Prayers – Racism In America, Not Being Satanic, & Lack Of Resources For My People (247HH Exlcusive)

    Prayers And The Cholo Goth Movement – Noisey Meets

  6. Gene Su says:

    As knife enters flesh, you can clearly hear, twice, sick wet sounds. This murder is apparently so erotic, Rihanna executes it in a see-through top, and when it’s all over, the “sexiest woman alive” is completely naked and covered only in much blood and a few dollar bills.

    I just read Steve Sailer’s posting on the happenings at Baylor. I wonder what’s going to happen when all the white good ol’ boys get really sick and tired of this BS.

  7. @Gene Su

    They post on 4chan, probably the last place left for creative and angry counterculture.

  8. Dan Hayes says:


    Granted it being crap beer but Pabst Blue Ribbon under its slang acronym PBR is now quite in vogue with the hipsters. Upon gaining hipsterdom popularity once closed PBR breweries were reopened and new ones were opened. Just goes to show the awesome power of mass delusions spurred on by canny advertising.

    I haven’t had PBR for quite some time but I fondly recall its having a bracing aluminum taste (ugh).

    Continue enjoying your beer revelries across America and the rest of the world.

    • Replies: @Triumph104
    , @Linh Dinh
    , @Biff
  9. @Dan Hayes

    This guy loves Pabst Blue Ribbon so much that he had a coffin made into a replica of the can.

  10. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @Dan Hayes

    Hi Dan,

    Today, I endured a few more cans of aluminumy PBR and chatted with Chris at The Dive. He has agreed to be interviewed, so I will return next Sunday to talk to this most interesting 30-year-old, originally from Florida.


    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  11. Marcus says:
    @Robert Magill

    No one cares about your stupid blog

  12. As a public service to anyone who enjoys beer as their beverage of choice, only buy German beer with the ‘Purity Law of 1516″ as their pledge on the label.

    Not only is it possibly cheaper, but it is the only thing that you might ingest that has only water, barley malt and hops as ingredients (period). The results the next morning even in the case of overindulgence are astounding.

    Oh and it tastes fantastic. You are welcome.


  13. Once you realize English poet John Skelton (1463 – 1529) was the original rapper,* you’ll quickly shed your guilt about listening to hick hop. 🙂

    * To Mistress Margaret Hussey

    With solace and gladness,
    Much mirth and no madness,
    All good and no badness.

    John Skelton – Godfather of Rap
    Ample proof that rap has been around for 500 years

  14. Gene Su says:

    The Yankees hated the Rednecks before the Civil War. At least that is what I heard from Southern-philes like Clyde Wilson and Jim Goad. Anyone can fill me in on why that is?

    • Replies: @Njguy73
  15. Truth says:

    I don’t think you can equate them with, say, Flavor Flav and his in-your-face nigger ostentation.

    LOL Danm Dinh, you came HOARD!

  16. Truth says:

    but the only time I nearly had my skull cracked was in Norristown, right outside Philly. My three harassers were two blacks and one white.

    Dude, it warms my heart that 50 years after the Tet offensive, one Gook can still unite the races.

    • Replies: @Frankie P
  17. Truth says:
    @Gene Su

    I guess we’ll find out in 2…300 years.

  18. @Gene Su

    Might have been riffing off of Donna Hylton, a prominent speaker at the SillyPinkHat March.
    Guess what she’s famous for?

  19. mcohen says:

    Musical omens….Who remembers this from the movie deliverance

    • Replies: @sayless
  20. mp says:

    PBR in a can? That’s punishment. Like George Jones, I see you’re still doing time in a honky tonk prison?

  21. Flyover country pretty much started at the Hudson. SI was considered lost to NJ a long time ago.

  22. Che Guava says:

    A little rambling, but another nice article, Mr. Dinh.

    I never drink U.S. beer, don’t think I ever have, except a U.S. version of Heinekken, one or two cans gratis, many years ago. Not much good, alright if already a bit drunk. America may have the worst beer of any beer-drinking country,

    Japanese beer is good, for imports, as an OP said, the German ones still made under the repealed beer purity law, and I add Belgian brews, are good. I hear that English draught beer at pubs is usually pretty terrible. That is why canned imports and other drinks are more popular there. Not from direct experience.

    How truly white trash are Hank Williams III and Die Antwoord is debatable, however.

    I know nothing of Die Antwoord, I like to sing Hank Williams at karaoke, so bought Hank III’s Straight to Hell, and, by accident, a Hank Jr. one (great music, the more nationalistic tracks are laughably bombastic, one was sent up on Team America:World Police).

    In any case, there are (or were) widespread claims on the ‘net that Hank III only recorded country music to pay alimony.

    I played my picks from Straight to Hell at a ‘bring your records, CDs, etc. to present’ night, the bar staff were very interested and liked the sounds.

    My favourite track is Crazed Country Rebel, it has very trash lyrics and a very nice sound.

    He was interviewed by Jim Goad years ago, may have been playing up the image, but it was very trashy. Still have the article in print.

    If you look at his photos, he has a very droopy eye on one side, looks like the result of a drug-induced minor stroke rather than an injury.

    So, perhaps he is or was the real McCoy.

    I would be happy to hear from Linh, or other commentors, on that.

    • Replies: @mcohen
    , @Authenticjazzman
  23. Agent76 says:

    Jan 12, 2017 Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked – Vintage Jazz Cage The Elephant Cover ft. Joey Cook

  24. mcohen says:
    @Che Guava

    Konig Ludwig Weissbier Beer

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  25. It’s been a while since I’ve heard Cock Sparrer. Oi was to Rock like Grime is to Rap.

    In the 25 years I’ve been in London, I think I’ve only seen maybe 5 skinheads. But they seem to have an outsize influence on people’s imaginations. Conjured up like the KKK boogieman in the US.

    Though to be fair, some were explicitly far right:

    The white working class accent isn’t heard much in UK music now, except in a few bands like Sleaford Mods. It’s a middle class career, and the working class aspire to a different accent:

  26. @Che Guava

    The German ones (beers) still made under the repealed beer purity law”

    Pure nonsense, the German beer purity law : “Reinheitsgebot” has not been repealed and probably never will be repealed.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  27. Njguy73 says:
    @Gene Su

    Read “Albion’s Seed” by David Hackett Fischer.

  28. FKA Max says:

    I don’t drink myself, but our property/house sits exactly on the 48th parallel north:

    The Boston Beer Company brews an India Pale Ale called Latitude 48 as much of the Northern Hemisphere’s hops are grown in a belt at approximately this latitude.[1]

    Hops production is concentrated in moist temperate climates, with much of the world’s production occurring near the 48th parallel north. Hop plants prefer the same soils as potatoes and the leading potato-growing states in the United States are also major hops-producing areas;[14] […] Important production centers today are the Hallertau in Germany (more hop-growing area than any other country as of 2006),[16] the Yakima (Washington) and Willamette (Oregon) valleys, and western Canyon County, Idaho (including the communities of Parma, Wilder, Greenleaf, and Notus).[17]

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  29. Biff says:
    @Dan Hayes

    It won a ribbon once!

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  30. @gruff

    Grown adults using the euphemism “the n word” is one of my pet peeves. It reminds me of when I was a child and we’d say “the F word” just in case an adult was lurking nearby and heard us say fuck.

    Nigger, nigger, NIGGER….it’s just a word, no more and no less offensive than mick, kike, cunt, paki, fuckface or wop.

    I, for one, welcome it back into polite conversation because it perfectly describes so many blacks.

    • Replies: @animalogic
    , @Njguy73
  31. @Johnny Smoggins

    My pet peeve is “the f-bomb”. I hear/ read an adult use that expression & I want to strangle someone….
    Old ladies, Christians & children should not dictate how adults converse.

  32. Frankie P says:

    Thanks Linh, for the mention of Norristown Pa. It brought back a memory, must have been 1983/1984, and I was working in SEPA postal processing center with a few black dudes from Norristown, Bob and Chico. We worked together on a new flat-sorting machine, and we often talked about getting together, having some drinks and maybe a gram of cocaine, a drug I used back in those days, I’m not proud to report. We finally got around to it and I drove up to Norristown to hang with these two coworkers. We scored some blow and had a few drinks, and then they suggested visiting a drinking club. I don’t know if the place was public or some kind of club, but I do remember being instantly aware of the fact that I was the only white face in the crowded men’s club. I don’t remember seeing any women. Bob and Chico seemed cool with it, but I was not impressed with some of the looks coming from some rather large men at the bar. I kept my voice down and tried not to make extended eye contact with the fierce glances. Made it out of there after a few beers without incident; I never went back, and I never will.

    Frankie P

  33. @ Johnny Smoggins,

    I routinely say ‘nigger’ and not because I have an inveterate hatred for people to whom the word might apply but it gives me a warm feeling of defiance against PC in any shape or form as it is constantly rammed down our throats.

    I see the ‘politically correct’ concept as a direct assault aimed at weak and growing minds. It is like a slow bacillus that takes root in the brain and nourishes itself from constant outside stimuli to the point that it severely damages the host. It was not meant to be sensitive, polite or even cute.

    It is meant to damage critical thinking facilities and infuse fear into conversations that might challenge the insanity that is already institutional.

    It has also transformed politicians into 100% useless parasites (up from 97%) and made them active agents in continuing on down this road. In addition it destroys families and friendships which would be it’s normal antidote. And few notice.


    • Replies: @Truth
  34. sayless says:

    Thanks for the link to Dueling Banjos/Deliverance. The 16-year-old sitting on the porch swing, Billy Redden, is now sixty. He works at a Wal-Mart and says he’s having trouble making ends meet.

    And thanks for referencing Earl Scruggs, Linh.

  35. Che Guava says:

    Yes, tasty. BTW, my post was in error, I said Heinekin (forget if it has a single or double k) when actually thinking of Budweiser. Not that the US version of Heinekin is much good, but Budweiser is almost putrid. I never buy either.

    • Replies: @Dan Hayes
    , @Ivy
  36. Che Guava says:
    @FKA Max

    Duh, we can always look at WP ourselves if wanting to know what their hive mind says.

    To be precise, long quotes from there are pointless and without interest.

  37. Che Guava says:

    Blah, blah, blah, Mensa, menses.

    It was repealed under an EU directive many years ago. Brewers generally seem to still adhere to it now, as a point of honour. The national law was repealed under the EU directive. The brewers decided to maintain the quality.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  38. Truth says:
    @Timur The Lame

    I routinely say ‘nigger’

    LOL, Bro, the trick is to do it IN PUBLIC. If anything we did in the shower before work counted, we’d all have Grammys.

    • Replies: @iffen
  39. Dan Hayes says:
    @Che Guava

    Che Guava:

    In addition to being putrid, another reason to abstain from Budweiser is the PC/anti Trump television commercial that they will be putting out at next Sunday’s Super Bowl.

  40. @ Truth,

    I do say it in public, I live in a rural area. But of course discernment is required because the PC disease has infected nearly all brains and blowing off at the mouth at a neighbourhood cookout as one would wish would result negative consequences that wouldn’t justify exercising one’s God given right to free expression.

    @ Che Guava,

    I don’t know what you are on about. When posting I was drinking a can of Holsten which had the pledge boldly pasted on the face of the can. I also read from the ingredients list.

    I couldn’t find anything about a EU repeal ‘many years ago’ but did find a law blog that outlined the history of the Reinheitsgebot and ended with the statement that in 2016 this brewing tradition will be celebrating it’s 500th anniversary.

    Your further silly statement seemed to imply that though the the law was repealed (source?) some brewers continued to brew under the rules as a point of pride. So, if my beer states that it was brewed under the purity law, and the ingredient list confirms this why would I give a fiddler’s frig what some subnormal committee in Brussels decreed?

    Paraphrasing some ancient Greek wisdom ” know thy beer”.


  41. @Che Guava

    “Repealed” : Bla Bla Bla.

    It was most definitely not repealed in Germany, rather they added a provision to it allowing for the import of foreign beers which were not brewed according to the German purity law, however all beers brewed in Germany must adhere to the established purity law, to the “Reinheitsgebot” .
    So put that in your “Besserwisser” pipe and smoke it.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” Society member since 1973, and pro jazz artist.

  42. iffen says:

    I routinely say ‘nigger’

    I never use the word anymore.

    I will point out that words that are removed from the language cannot always be replaced.

    For example: “Sweating like a non-cau at an election,” does not have the same depth and power of explaining a very important part of our history.

    Almost as worthless is, “There’s a non-cau in the woodpile somewhere.”

    • Replies: @mcohen
  43. mcohen says:

    Non cau? Never heard that one before.

    Nigger is a no no,so is kaffir.although floppy is still used by die aantwoord.houtkop is old school along with rooinek and sout piel

    My favourite was bok naaier……no shortage of those around here.

  44. Ivy says:
    @Che Guava

    My German friends called Bud, Miller and similar beverages Wasser Bier (water beer) as it was so weak and bland. The rise of microbrews was a delight for tastebuds all around.

    • Agree: Che Guava
  45. linh,
    tried to send this article to a friend.sadly it was returned unsent by some bullshit called DMARC???is it just you or is it the unz review under the censor’s boot?

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  46. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @paul metcalf

    Hi Paul,

    Technically, DMARC only prevents spam or phishing, so who knows what’s going on?

    As the police state ramps up, I imagine many legitimate emails being blocked. To sabotage and punish you, they will block, say, a critical business reply or job offer. By messing with your emails, they can wreck your life. I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re already doing that to certain individuals.

    In this case, though, I’d think it’s just a technical glitch.


  47. @ paul metcalf,

    That was probably an aberration but Linh Dinh’s point about potential interference is and should be of great concern. Some years back I was in a spot of trouble with the authorities where it became obvious after disclosure that only deep(er) pockets could win the battle.

    My livelihood at that time had an acute achilles heel that involved e-mail as a choke point. The results of concluding deals were in the 6 figures so it was not insignificant. Then and now I still hold a suspicion that they use easy access to not only block your communications but also to monitor your funds.

    My case was dragged out for 3 years for no justifiable reason and due to attorney appearances and radio silence on the earning end I was pinned. I hope that I am paranoid and just ran out of luck in that particular instance but the horrible potential of their ability to cripple you by subterfuge never left my consciousness. It is important to note that in this particular instance they had great motivation in that a court finding in my favour would have necessarily led to a successful civil suit against the system. After my financial bleeding an appeal was cost prohibitive.

    To my dying day I will remain convinced that the appeal would have been successful.

    Oh well, forward ever forward…


  48. I might want to add that normal people might be a little too complacent about Big Brother. The normal frame of mind is ‘ why would they bother with me?’ Well, guess what citizen, they are more interested in you than they a about terrorists and in the good old day, communists.

    An interesting anecdote is an event that I came to know about. I cannot swear to it’s veracity but I believe it. A certain old boy had passed on. He was a Goldwater republican, staunch patriot and veteran. His patriotism may have steered him into working visibly during campaigns and speaking freely about his beliefs. Either way he was a non-entity. Shortly before his passing he had requested his FOIA and went through the process. It was in due time sent. The friend of his son who was helping out clearing the house after his passing said that when they came upon his government file they were shocked that was heftier than a Manhattan phonebook.

    I was personally shocked when they revealed a couple of years ago that roughly one third of the protestors in the 1968 Democratic convention were some form of police informants! Don’t call me nuts, this is officially acknowledged. Added to which, this was before our hyper instant communications let alone surveillance technology.

    I don’t know why but I was always fascinated by Lev Bronstein’s comment ” you may not be interested in war but war is interested in you”

    Why would a free democracy fear it’s own citizens over proclaimed enemies? Answer that and you are getting somewhere grasshopper.


  49. The Nomad says:

    Linh Dinh,
    I enjoyed your article and agree with you view about open hostility to whites from blacks being more mainstream. However, Rihanna’s video is a bad example. It is vulgar, crass, gratuitous and disgusting. However, it is not racist. Without the proper context, I can understand why you would possibly draw this conclusion. Here is the context.

    The video is a dig at the accountant she accused of mismanaging her funds in 2009. I do not recall the outcome of the lawsuit but it involved her tour and a large housing purchase. She ended up seeing a massive net decrease in her cash position at year end and blamed it on her accountant. The references are littered toward the end with all the accountant fund screens. It is not an allegory for race relations, reparations or black revenge on whites.

    This does not mean that the video is in poor taste. The scenes torturing the wife are unnecessary and childish shock porn and so is all the nudity. Another example of how trashy and adolescent modern culture is: nudity and violence (for their own sake) are considered edgy and sophisticated forms of artistic expression.

    • Replies: @Linh Dinh
  50. Linh Dinh says: • Website
    @The Nomad

    Hi Nomad,

    The song wasn’t even written by Rihanna, but by Kanye West, Robyn Fenty, Travis Scott, Jamile Pierre, Badriia Bourelly and Wonda Girl. Further, she certainly did not conceive of this horrific video.

    Superbly ane expensively directed and filmed, its anti-white message is clear, and so its glorification of torture. Below is an analysis from Vigilant Citizen:


    Rihanna leaves the elevator with the woman inside the trunk and the ordeal begins. Rihanna and her friends do not simply kidnap the woman to get their money back – they take pleasure in torturing her in various ways. In short, they are partaking in the guilty pleasures of the occult elite: dehumanizing, torturing, traumatizing, and, ultimately, murdering people. Yes, that’s what the occult elite does. In real life. Read the news.

    First, they strip their victim naked – a classic way of taking away the victim’s dignity and sense of security and to enter the realm of sexual abuse.

    They hang her upside down while Rihanna is being really cool.

    They hang her upside down while Rihanna looks really cool. Looove that hat BTW.

    “Simply hanging a person upside down for one or two hours will begin to play tricks on the mind. The mind will begin to dissociate, and will begin to reverse the primordial brain functions such as pain is pleasure. The person’s mind rearranges. This is often done with Beta alters or Beta models to get them to think that the pain of sadistic rape is a pleasure. After this reversal in the mind that “PAIN IS LOVE”, the S&M kitten alters will beg their handler to slap them, tie them up, hurt them, etc. They will tease their handler, and tell him he is not a real man if he shows any mercy in how the pain is inflicted. Fire/burning torture is used in the porcelain face programming.”
    – Fritz Springmeier, The Illuminati Formula to Create a Mind Control Slave

    Rihanna and her friends appear to have gotten the CIA handbook of torture.

    Rihanna also appear to know about the sick mind games played on Beta Kitten slaves such as “making them pretty to then treat them like whores”.

    Rihanna and friends put on makeup on the woman and even eye-lashes on her blindfold. It reminisces what sick people do to MK slaves before abuse.

    Rihanna and friends make the victim wear jewelery and makeup. They even add eye-lashes on her blindfold. She is then drugged. This is the kind of stuff MK handlers do to slaves before abuse.

    The victim is kept under water to hide her from the idiot policeman who is too distracted by the pretty women to notice anything else. In mass media, feminism is not about equality, it is about hating men to the point of ridicule and even rationalizing their murder.

    Keeping a victim underwater and simulating death by drowning is a particularly traumatic torture technique (see Guantanamo Bay/waterboarding) that often leads to dissociation.

    In the scene above, the victim is kept underwater to hide her from the idiot policeman who is too distracted by the pretty women to notice anything else. When pop stars like Rihanna and Taylor use sex and violence to get what they want, it is often portrayed as a feminist statement. But in mass media, feminism is not about equality, it is about normalizing degradation and violence and calling it empowerment.

    After a bunch of shots of Rihanna looking angry and cool, we finally learn why this poor woman is suffering. Because her husband owes Rihanna money. The woman is therefore presumably totally innocent, but is still subjected to the worst kind of abuse. (By other women. So much for feminism!)

    Despite his wife’s torture, the husband is not sending Rihanna her money, so she decides to slaughter him like a farm animal. That’s rational.

    The man’s living room is covered in plastic sheets because Rihanna is about to hack and slash him in an orgy of unnecessary violence. I’m sure her 12 year-old fans enjoy this.

    The man’s living room is covered in plastic sheets because Rihanna is about to hack and slash him in an orgy of unnecessary violence. I’m sure Rihanna’s 12 year-old fans will enjoy this.

    In a quick shot, we see a hand cut off.

    Doing all of these horrific things was apparently worth it because Rihanna got her money. Good. We were all very worried about Rihanna’s money. While young viewers will conclude that “Rihanna is such a bad-ass”, the final scene of the video reveals her true state.
    Although we are first lead to believe that the victim lays bloody in the chest, it is Rihanna who is laying bloody in the chest.

    Rihanna lays in the trunk where the torture victim was previously placed.

    Not unlike the torture victim, Rihanna is inside the chest, naked and drugged. It is a symbolic way of stating that Rihanna is actually not a cool, renegade bad-ass, but is a victim herself. She is a product of the Beta Kitten industry, she has literally blood on her hands, but there is some money thrown on her to keep her in line. In other words, she is no different than the woman who got kidnapped, tortured and exploited to get money. By portraying a sadistic killer over club music, she is being used and manipulated by the industry to advance its Agenda. She is not “empowered”, nor is she in control of anything. She never was.

    The last image of the video shows Rihanna’s extremely bloody face over unsettling music.

    The last image of the video, after the song is over, shows Rihanna’s face dripping with blood over unsettling sounds.

    The blood on Rihanna’s face recalls the extreme violence of the murder she committed and reminds us of the real point of the video. This was never about getting paid. This is about using Rihanna to sell the elite’s culture of death and dehumanization, while negating human dignity, self-respect, and everything that is positive about humanity.

    In Conclusion

    There is no hidden message in Better Have My Money. Everything is in your face, like the blood dripping down Rihanna’s face. The video still manages to deceive viewers by rationalizing horror because “the guy was a jerk and he deserved it”. No, he didn’t.

    However, the sickness goes deeper than this. This video is about the elite’s obsession with pain and torture. Whether you are looking at the treatment of war prisoners and MK slaves, or at the underground rings selling selling snuff torture, those “above the law” have legitimized the torture of those that are “beneath” them. Not only is it used as a tool to obtain what they want, but their inverted mindstate “gets off” on it. Better Have My Money celebrates this mindstate under the guise of being “edgy”.

    What does this say about us and our culture? Why does “pushing the limits” in popular culture always go in a debasing and dehumanizing direction, but rarely in the opposite direction, toward beauty, creativity, and innovation? Because those who control the world economy and mass media do not want human minds to expand and be inspired. They want the opposite. They want closed, cloudy minds obsessed with unhealthy and destructive ideas and images. Minds they can control.

    Rihanna is a tool to accomplish this. She doesn’t really have a say in any of it. She didn’t even write the song. She is simply doing what her bosses tell her to do. And, when all is said and done, they will tell her: “B*tch better have my money”.

  51. Calogero says:

    In regards to the Rihanna video, Linh, I’m sure you’ve seen throughout your travels in the US the extreme hatred and jealousy directed at white women(and often Asian women) by black women. Light skinned women are held up as the ideal of beauty in most of the world and dark skin the opposite. From my experience black women are far more angry than black men. The most famous black female artists are lighter skinned women like Beyoncé Knowles and Rihanna who are either frustrated with knowing that their light color is seen as an advantage over most black women in terms of sexual attractiveness or maybe it’s that they feel they have to go super anti-white in order to prove that they are in the same boat as their darker brethren.

    • Replies: @TelfoedJohn
    , @Linh Dinh
  52. @Calogero

    Here’s an ironic example of the desire of the light-skinned to be black – Beyoncé at the Super Bowl last year, with her straightened blonde hair and light skin – leading a group of dark skinned women with afros (representing the Black Panthers). For her, that image is about her embracing her blackness – but for a lot people it looks like a women in a blonde wig marching some African women around. Beyonce pulled a similar trick with her pregnancy pictures – posing with a ‘we wuz kangs’ Nefertiti head.

    Rihanna I have more respect for – she identifies as mixed race (part Irish) rather than Black in the one-drop American sense.

  53. Linh Dinh says: • Website

    Hi Calogero,

    My Vietnamese wife has regular interaction with black women, and she has certainly noticed this animosity. On the other hand, all of her female friends are black, and she’s particularly fond of old black ladies.


  54. ‘[If you appreciate these articles, do consider buying a signed copy of my new book]’

    Link for the book doesn’t appear to work.

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