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I do not have a regular place on the home page, but you can adapt your version of that page so as to provide one for me. Go to the central column of the home page, click on my name:

Unz columnist

And drag it to the top of the list of columnists.



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  1. says:
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    I always see you on the home page, beneath Shamir and above Whitney, in fair alphabetical order (speaking of the site’s desktop version. Don’t know if there’s a mobile version and how it works.)

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  2. That is the standard version, as shown when you visit the site. However, you are able to configure it to your preferences. Should you always wish to check whether I have posted something new, you can drag my name to the top of the columnist list, and then I will always appear there whenever you visit the site. Other visitors, of course, can give other columnists a similar promotion, so each visitor configures the front page to their choosing.

  3. Done.

    It’s a pity you don’t comment on politics, doc; I’d love to hear your views on the current pis-en-lit fake scandal.

    On t’other hand, how refreshing to read columns that aren’t full of politics. Maybe if I want sage political commentary I should turn to the luvvies of Hollywood, eh?

  4. Thanks. I had managed to miss this feature. Is there any way to change the number of articles that appear in the preview?

    OT: Do you have any thoughts to offer on Fred Reed’s recent post:
    or Chanda Chisala’s earlier posts?

  5. Is there an RSS feed that’s exclusive to your column? I am allergic to the paranoid delusions of Paul Craig Roberts et al.

  6. Will post on the latter soon

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