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Montreal's Big Brain: The Movie
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Things move fast here. No sooner do I give you the brief description of my visit to see the Big Brain than I can announce the movie of the same. Here is the Big Brain film, showing how it was put together, and what it is like to use.

Here is the link to the Big Brain research work:

Here is the (open) ftp site, with the BigBrain data at different stages of processing and in different formats:

This should get you started, though an esteemed psychologist of my acquaintance tells me that in her day studying Natural Sciences at Cambridge University each student did a full dissection of a human brain, four students to a brain, under the tutelage of a skilled physiology demonstrator, and after a long series of lectures. Before that they started by dissecting 8 dogfishes to find their cranial nerves, just to learn that no dogfish is exactly like a textbook dogfish, in the same way that no human brain is exactly the same as the Montreal Big Brain.

The fact that brains differ may be news to the current generation, for whom the task of human brain dissection is a lost opportunity, something they are unlikely to ever experience.

See the movie.

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  1. Did they isolate the Jennifer Anniston neuron?

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