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Saudi Arabia Regional and Global Linkages
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Saudi Arabia has built a powerful network of regional and local political, military and economic relationships incorporating a shared extremist-religious affiliation. As a result, despite its reputation as a backward despotic clerico-monarchy with an extreme dependency on oil sales, it has become a deadly political force in the Middle East and beyond.

To understand the dynamics and projections of Saudi power it is important to identify and analyze how it uses its use military, religious and economic weapons.

Saudi Arabia: Senility and Mercenary Protection

Saudi Arabia has bankrolled and supplied violent mercenary armies in Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Yemen, Libya, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Philippines, Malaysia and several other Asian and African countries.

The Saudi’s intolerant Wahhabi branch of Sunni Islam and its commercial mercenaries act to overthrow and shatter Arab regimes and societies that have independent modern, nationalist and secular leadership or practice multi-ethnic or multi-religious tolerance. They also target republics with Shia-majority governments opposed to Saudi-Wahhabi domination in the Middle East.

Saudi’s goal has been to shred modern, multi-ethnic societies and impose brutal ‘follower’ regimes, which will shield the senile Arab monarchs from overthrow by internal and external popular, nationalist and democratic forces.

Saudi Arabia’s Purchase of Global and Regional “Allies”

The Saudi’s monarchy finances and props up unpopular, anti-democratic regimes in order to secure military allies and sources of mercenaries: Saudi oil wealth has paid for military officers and troops from Pakistan, Egypt, Yemen and Jordan to impose its hegemonic ambitions.

Saudi Arabia has longstanding economic and military ties with the US, UK, France and other NATO countries. US military bases and arms, as well as British and French arms sales, serve as payments for praetorian guards of the narrowly based despotism.

Saudi oil wealth has financed thousands of overseas religious schools and cultural centers to teach the most intolerant form of Wahhabi Islam. They award scholarships to talented young Muslims willing to spread Wahhabi propaganda and recruit mercenaries and political activists to advance the Saudi Monarch’s projections of global power.

Saudi Arabia has long established de facto linkages with Israel, despite their superficial religious differences, based on their intense racist tribalism and common opposition to independent Iran and secular, nationalist Arab states, like Lebanon, Syria and Iraq, and popular liberation movements in the Middle East.

In large part, the Saudi Monarchy survives on ‘borrowed power’ – trading oil wealth for military and financial advisers. The fundamental Saudi weakness and political pathology become clear when they cho’ose to attack and blockade the militarily weakest and most vulnerable countries in the Middle East: Yemen and Qatar.

Despite billions of dollars spent in dropping thousands of tons of bombs on Yemen and arming thousands of mercenaries, the Saudi-proxies have at most conquered a third of that devastated country and less than a quarter of its starving population. The Saudi ‘princes’ have committed the most vicious war crimes in the course of their war on Yemen: destroying most of the vital infrastructure, killing thousands, spreading cholera by bombing the water treatment system and starving millions of civilians in its attempt to force submission. Nevertheless, Saudi Arabia has suffered numerous cross border attacks and even a recent Yemeni rebel missile strike against its main airport.

Qatar aroused Saudi wrath for its independent regional oil diplomacy – including seeking friendly relations with its huge neighbor, Iran. The furious Saudis financed three regional dictatorships, Egypt, Jordan and the UAE, to join a boycott against tiny Qatar. These actions have boomeranged on the Saudis, leading to increased Qatari trade deals with Iran and Iraq, effectively by-passing the mighty Saudi king’s sanctions. It is increasing obvious that the decrepit Saudi monarchy cannot effectively flex its flabby muscles against its own backwater neighbors.

Saudi projections of power beyond its immediate neighborhood have equally failed to enhance the monarchy’s image as a global power. Saudi-funded ISIS mercenaries have been decisively defeated, destroyed by Iraq-Shia forces and by the Syrian government-Russian-Iranian-Hezbollah alliance in Syria. As a result the volunteer mercenaries have grabbed their salaries and fled back to their home countries to create mischief.

Saudi-backed mercenary terrorists in Afghanistan are being marginalized by the Taliban, who may still enjoy some residual Saudi largesse but pursue their own nationalist agenda.

The Saudis signs off on covert operations with Israel, a case of mutual manipulation based on their common enmity to Iran, Syria, Hezbollah, Hamas and Yemen. This has resulted in a strange marriage of Saudi Wahhabis, Wall Street Zionists and fanatical Israeli militarists.

Donald Trump’s ‘Saudi’ Moment: Waltzing with Mohamed bin Salman

In early November 2017, Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince and Deputy Prime Minister, Mohammed bin Salman (MBS), arrested 30 ministers and generals, an ‘Arab Warren Buffet’ billionaire and 11 bloated princes, seizing nearly a trillion dollar in assets. This was the biggest purge in Saudi history. A few more disposable princes met early deaths in the process.

MBS cloaked his power grab as part of an ‘anti-corruption’ campaign to cleanse the state bureaucracy and replace them with appointments directly loyal to MBS. The Crown Prince has packaged his coup as a ‘historic transformation’ – purging the old guard to bring about the monarchy’s modernization. Most observers dismiss MBS’s ‘good government’ rhetoric as ‘BS’ and a thin cloak for his consolidation of a personal dictatorship.

The Crown Prince’s idea of ‘modernization’ has been accompanied by regional military provocations, threats, and domestic factional wars. MBS’s blueprint for the ‘transformation’ of Saudi Arabia may not attract the kind of foreign investment he needs. MBS’ move to blockade tiny Qatar, where a strategic US airbase and thousands of American troops are stationed, provoked Pentagon disapproval.


MBS ordered the Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al Hariri, a puppet of the Saudi monarchy and a dual Lebanese-Saudi citizen, to fly to Riyadh and announce his resignation on Saudi TV. He read a script denouncing Iran and Hezbollah (member of the current Lebanese governing coalition) as plotting Hariri’s assassination. So that no one would fail to catch the connection with MBS, Hariri has gone into hiding in Saudi Arabia and refuses or is unable to fly home.

MBS’s plan to seize power was first cleared with the US following a mid-year meeting with President Trump. The impending purge was signed off with a two billion dollar oil deal between Washington and Riyadh.

The despotic, but ‘visionary’, Crown Prince offered Wall Street the Saudi ‘crown jewels’, promising to privatize ARAMCO the trillion dollar state oil company. He offered multi-billion deals to US and EU investors to build modern megacities for Saudi citizens to replace the lethargic corrupt oil-based Princes, bureaucrats and holy men.

Saudi regional war maneuvers and the ongoing domestic coup provoke fear of greater regional instability among investors. MBS’s anti-Iranian rhetoric and wild threats to attack Teheran may have excited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new White House poodle, US President Donald Trump, but this has not impressed the Generals in Trump’s Cabinet or the Wall Street bankers.

MBS’s unstable regime, his war mongering and the sell off of oil does not add-up to the kind of political and economic foundations necessary for a modern, sophisticated diversified economy. Most observers conclude that the sale of ARAMCO is a one-off deal with few spinoffs in terms of skilled jobs, local enterprises and economic diversification.

At present, MBS has ‘won over’ the deposed and highly unpopular former ruler of Yemen, Abdrabbuh Mansour Hadi. His powers of persuasion have worked their magic on the elusive or ‘self-exiled’ former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri and the geographically befuddled American President Trump. MBS hires the most senior ex-pat executives from the US and UK to run the oil sell off. He intends to market himself as a ‘modernizing despot’ – at least until the next princely intrigue boots him from power. Meanwhile he settles back as a ‘modern’ Middle East potentate, protected by tribal clans, despised by his people, privately ridiculed by his overseas flatterers and expertly ‘serviced’ by expats-on-the-make. No doubt he would be humored by any clown occupying the US White House.

For now, the Saudis can still attract mercenaries, beat up and starve millions of Yemenis, sell oil and continue to finance terrorist bombings in Beirut, Baghdad, Paris and… New York!


Saudi Arabia and Israel play the key roles in anchoring the ‘arc of reaction and terror’ in the Middle East. Both foment wars, finance terrorism and spread ethno-religious fragmentation leading to millions of refugees.

Saudi Arabia’s ‘Crown Prince MBS’ competes with Israel’s Netanyahu in concocting the most outrageous warmongering slander against Iran, preparing the world for global conflagration.

MBS is actively serving the Israelis by fomenting sectarian divisions in Lebanon to provide Israel with an excuse to attack Hezbollah and millions of Lebanese civilians. MBS claims that a single missile from Yemen that hit the Riyadh airport was a full declaration of war by Teheran . . . as if the Saudis’ starvation blockade and daily bombing of Yemeni cities would not warrant any counter-attack.

The war fever in Riyadh is a cover for MBS’s political impotence and a ‘clever ploy’ to distract from the infantile game of rotating princes and clan intrigues.

MBS, for all his modernizing clichés and carefully groomed public relations persona, circulated by the corrupt Western media, is still the aspiring head of a tribal army, dependent on a fragile alliance with unreliable allies: The Egyptian high command and troops despise the bloated Saudis; Bahrain’s ruler is propped up by Saudi mercenary forces; the Saudi masses are held in check by tribal warlords and their torturers; and the imported workforce and armies of foreign domestic servants are brutalized, raped and cheated. Hardly an inspiring leader of Saudi Arabia’s emergence from the Middle Ages.

The Crown Prince is sitting on a powder keg threatening to shatter the political alignments in the Middle East and the global financial and oil markets. Saudi Arabia is a fragile regime with a long and scrawny reach. The current rulers imagine their borrowed power and palace intrigues can flourish on such rotten foundations and with a despised oligarchy.

The first missile that MBS dares to direct at Teheran will mark the downfall of the House of Sand. The entire Middle East and global markets will plunge into a profound crisis. Oil prices will soar, stock markets will crash and Israel will go to war against Hezbollah. Donald Trump will send US forces to confront with the well-armed and highly patriotic Iranians on their soil. Iraq and Syria will confront the US regional puppets, the Kurds. China, Russia and India wait to sign on huge oil deals. The US fracking industry will celebrate as oil prices set new highs.

Saudi Princes will flee to Europe, leaving hundreds of thousands of servants in the lurch. Perhaps they will have to prepare their own coffee! Trump will issue a ‘Tweet to Action to All Americans’ – Marines to the oil wells! Makes America Great Again on the tired backs of our GIs! AIPAC will secure a unanimous vote in the American Congress declaring that Saudi Arabia’s oil fields are really part of the Greater Israel.

With historic high oil prices, Venezuela will recover, pay its debts, finance its social agenda, re-open its schools and clinics and re-elect a socialist president.

A consortium of western investors will take over, after the Saudis have folded their tents and fled to Central London, and flood the oil markets. But that is a long-term scenario…or is it?

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
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  1. joe webb says:

    …”…the Saudi masses are held in check by tribal warlords and their torturers;” and more red prose by the marxist writer.

    Not one word on the religious split…sunni vs. Shia …that characterizes the line-up of opposing states…the political and military order of battle.

    It is, from a marxist ideology, just economic and imperialist factors, with a little side-show of “racist” Saudis and Israelis for a small measure of otherl factors that foul the water.

    ‘Tribal warlords’ are a staple of Arab society, but they are not just warlords, they are chieftains of traditional clans. They rule by consent in large part. And the Islamist clerics are also not just pawns and ‘reactionaries’ but part of Arab society which marxists and capitalists and liberals hammer because they are not Modern. “Masses” exploited by Bad Guys…us marxists can free them.

    Only modern people count. As a not well informed person on all of this, I can still see someone who is not at all informed, or is bent by ideology and therefore unreliable. Especially one can see this in the emotionalism of the writing.

    There is nothing particularly new here but the argument is that the sky is falling. I doubt it. Also, I doubt that Trump is going to send in GIs.

    Joe Webb

  2. [Pick one Handle and stick to it, or use Anonymous/Anon. Otherwise, your comments will be trashed.]

    you should write for zero hedge…

    I’ll bet you any amount of money NONE of that happens. Seriously tho, what’s your timeline for any of these wacky events to occur? If all this shit hasn’t come to pass in a year will you admit you were wrong?

    Maybe everybody is sick of terrorism and radical islam and they just want a relatively normal country with a future beyond oil?

    Maybe the guy has good intentions… maybe he’s smarter and less evil than you think.

    People have iphones and their stupid religious dictatorship’s days were numbered anyway.

    I have high hopes, but of course that isn’t cool and it makes me seem naive. I used to believe things i read from people with no dog in the fight, but now I wait and see. I don’t trust your ‘analysis’ any more than the NYT’s.

    I think that the middle east will be better sooner than later. None of that shit can last. They can’t all move to Germany!

    Changes are coming. Positive ones.

    Plus – HOW THE FUCK COULD IT GET WORSE???????????????


    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Z-man
  3. Miro23 says:

    The despotic, but ‘visionary’, Crown Prince offered Wall Street the Saudi ‘crown jewels’, promising to privatize ARAMCO the trillion dollar state oil company. He offered multi-billion deals to US and EU investors to build modern megacities for Saudi citizens to replace the lethargic corrupt oil-based Princes, bureaucrats and holy men.

    Saudi regional war maneuvers and the ongoing domestic coup provoke fear of greater regional instability among investors. MBS’s anti-Iranian rhetoric and wild threats to attack Teheran may have excited Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu and his new White House poodle, US President Donald Trump, but this has not impressed the Generals in Trump’s Cabinet or the Wall Street bankers.

    This looks like a plan to more closely incorporate Saudi Arabia into the West, so when the Saudis attack Iran (sorry – respond to a faked Iranian attack), the US and EU have more commitment and can better be “triggered” into the war. Surely Israel is setting up another Middle East war, and is again pushing their US colony into the front line.

    The main point, is that Saudi Arabia isn’t going to start an Iranian war without a firm (probably secret) guarantee of US military engagement, and I would guess that a large slice of the proceeds of the ARAMCO privatization will mysteriously end up with Mohammed bin Salman (in return for his services).

  4. wayfarer says:

    Inside Raqqa: Secret Films of ISIS

    “The mind of one free thinker can possess a million ideas. A million fanatics can have their minds, possessed by a single idea .” – unknown

  5. El Dato says:
    @Ted Nuisance

    Plus – HOW THE FUCK COULD IT GET WORSE???????????????

    Actually, Pseudanon, that’s pretty easy.

    People in the Weimar Republic mess (not a large mess by today’s standard) were probably asking that question.

  6. Miro23 says:

    And another aspect is that the US/Saudi Arabia don’t have to occupy all Iran in the upcoming war.

    The relatively small (and only part that matters) is the oil and gas producing region across the Persian Gulf from Saudi Arabia. The “War of the Persian Gulf” may just be concerned with the US/Saudi Arabia annexing this land to put Iran out of the game.

    Then, the US/Saudis will not only acquire the Iranians oil revenue, they’ll have their very own Occupied Territories and something more in common with their friend Israel (who fulfil their long term aim of destroying Iran ).

  7. Z-man says:
    @Ted Nuisance

    I tend to agree with Ted Nuisance here.
    Their going to assassinate that boy, the ‘Clown Prince’ ‘nutty kinglet’ ‘idiot savant’ whatever describes him LOL, before any of this stuff gets out of control. Especially when there’s more ‘whiff’ of him cavorting with the Jooz, Kushner et al. To bad some of the westernizing policies will probably be squashed when that happens, but you never know.
    I hope these generals that are ‘handling’ Donald have the balls to push back against the Neocohen cabal and keep us out of the Middle East as much as possible.
    Putin Trump 2017-25!!!

  8. When the Saudi Crown Prince, “Wonder Boy MBS” started his antics about Qatar, I was hoping that he would follow up by doing a “Saddam Number” and invade. It would have been fun to sit back and watch the mayhem and Western powers reactions. It seems the Saudi Royals prefer to foot the bills and have either the US or Israel do the fighting.
    Nevertheless, one can always hope for a future occasion when the Wonder Boy would do something spectacular to shake up the region.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  9. Saudi Arabia seems to be the target of the month on the US internet! What have the Saudis done? They’ve got into a fight with Iran and, more indirectly, Assad. Why is that bad? Iran is presented as Putin’s “ally” and Assad has made himself Putin’s puppet! All roads lead to Putin!

    • Replies: @Z-man
    , @TruthtellerAryan
  10. Saudi Arabia is the proxy agent provocateur for the U.S. neocons and the Zionist bankers who run the U.S. and of course there is Zionist Israel right in the mix hand and glove with their dual citizens in the U.S. gov , hell bent to destroy every country in the Mideast.

    Saudi Arabia is a weak corrupt country that can not win a war with Yemen let alone Iran and if the Zionists get them to attack Iran they will get their corrupt sorry ass handed to them, the Saudis are a joke and are propped up by the neocons who control the U.S. gov.

    By the way the Saudis are damn near broke, their oil reserves are depleted and they have pissed off their money and the money they have left in European banks is being stolen from them by Zionist bankers, the Saudis would be tits up already if not for the U.S. and Israel needing them to help start wars .

    • Replies: @anon
  11. @El Dato

    Actually, Senor Dato, things improved economically pretty quickly after the end of the Weimar Republic. Herr Schacht had restored full employment by 1936 ( unlike US and UK for example ) and by 1939 living standards had been improved over 1929 levels. Even the most rabid Anti-Germans are agreed that only a couple of hundred political prisoners were killed by 1939.
    Then they invaded Poland. Why you would want to take over a financial black hole like Poland, I do not know. Even now it cost the EU 5 billon EUROS a year, and still the Polacks emigrate outwards.

  12. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Saudi Arabia is a weak corrupt country that can not win a war with Yemen let alone Iran

    Hmmmm. Is this the same Iran that needed to team up with : Russian army , Syrian army , Hezbollah , various Shita militias to win a war against ISIS goat boyz ?

    • Replies: @DESERT FOX
  13. Z-man says:
    @Aren Haich

    It seems the Saudi Royals prefer to foot the bills and have either the US or Israel do the fighting

    I like the way you slipped in Ishrael in there. You must be a, at the least, dual loyalist Zionist troll.

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  14. Z-man says:
    @Michael Kenny

    All roads lead to Putin!

    Wrong Herschel, all roads lead to Neocohens and the land of Zion.

  15. Brabantian says: • Website

    A fitting moment to recall, the bizarre threesome photo of Saudi Arabian King Salman, Egyptian President Abdel Fattah el-Sisi (who has a Moroccan Jewish mother, by the way), and Donald Trump, together all fondling a huge glowing ball or orb on 21 May 2017 … At a site which claims to be Saudi Arabia’s new ‘Global Centre for Combating Extremist Ideology’ … but which Muslim convert Kevin Barrett says is in fact a disguised Satanic-globalist temple in Saudi Arabia

    • Replies: @Talha
    , @TruthtellerAryan
  16. I see the purge by the Crown Prince of Saudi’s elites as one corrupt dude arresting a bunch of other corrupt dudes to squeeze them for money to fund his dirty wars. None are going to come out smelling like roses. This article made it seem like those arrested Saudis were innocents doing good in SA, when it’s in fact quite the opposite. They are all equally if not more corrupt. Many of these billionaires were said to be providing financial supports to Al Qaeda and ISIS, not just the Saudi government.

    I highly doubt that MBS will lob a missile towards Tehran anytime soon. Iran has Russia and China’s backing, the former military, the latter financial. More likely he’ll start a proxy war with Iran in Lebanon, with Israel and the US’ backing. The media needs to dig into what Jared Kushner has been doing on all these secret trips to SA the last couple of months. The f’ing Jew is up to no good.

    If SA wants to run itself into financial ruins by getting into wars with Yemen, Lebanon, Syria, Qatar and whoever else as directed by their Zionist masters, go right ahead. It’s time that evil empire that brought radical Islam to the whole world go down in flames. The world would be infinitely better off without the evil House of Saud.

  17. @anon

    Iran and Syria needed Russian help because they were fighting elements of Israels IDF and U.S. and British special forces and Saudis and the rest of ISIS which the U.S. and Israel and Britain created and supplied and funded, ie their proxy regime change army of terrorists.

    The U.S. and Israels and Britains war on terror is a complete and diabolical lie.

    • Replies: @anon
  18. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Iran and Syria needed Russian help because they were fighting elements of Israels IDF and U.S. and British special forces

    So according to you the armies of Iran , Syria and Hezbollah plus the Shita militias combined have been fighting US , British and Israeli special forces in Syria . Thats the best compliment you could possibly pay to the AngloZion empire as there was not a single Israeli , Brit or US special forces member killed in the entirety of the war . Meanwhile , Syrian army lost tens of thousands, Hezbolla lost 10-15 thousand and Iran lost a few thousand troops. I have never felt that the Anglo Zion empire could posibly be more superior than after reading your astute commentary . Just forget it and go back to looking at your Vlad pix on the horse !!!!!!!!!!! Ye Hawwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    • Replies: @DESERT FOX
  19. @anon

    Do some research U.S. and Israel and British officers and special ops have been killed in Syria fighting along side of their ISIS proxies, and that is a fact.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  20. Talha says:

    Yeah – what the hell were they thinking when they made that photo public??!! That it was going to make them look like nice guys? I mean that photo looks like a caricature of the various Bond villains!!!


  21. @Michael Kenny

    All roads lead to Zionists and their agents everywhere

    • Replies: @anon
  22. @Brabantian

    The photo is a portrayal of modern evil men in a witchcraft setting as they’re ready for a sacrificial ceremony

  23. LauraMR says:

    The problem, Mr. Petras, is that, while your observations on this topic might appear to be superficially compelling, you have often spoken on other topics you manifestly know nothing about.

  24. @wayfarer

    Also Baghdadi is actually a mossad agent whose real name is Elliot Shimon, hell the whole Al CIADA ie ISIS farce is a CIA , MOSSAD, MI 6 deal from the start.

    • Replies: @anon
  25. Che Guava says:

    That is interesting, I have an interesting aside on it, that among the many diplomatic errorrs of ‘Priti’ Patel, most interesting, she was visiting places in Golan, ilegally ocuppied by the Issaelis.

    She is speaking of patients, but fact is, israelis were originally to using those places to patich up Islamic lunatics, then sending then back to Syria, to wreaking more harm.

    • Replies: @wayfarer
  26. anon • Disclaimer says:

    All roads lead to Zionists and their agents everywhere


    Are aryans still the master race tho ?? Do tell “Aryantruthteller” !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. anon • Disclaimer says:

    Also Baghdadi is actually a mossad agent whose real name is Elliot Shimon, hell the whole Al CIADA ie ISIS farce is a CIA , MOSSAD, MI 6 deal from the start.

    * I know its insane . I mean Baghdadi is really a Zionist Jew just like Pol Pot ( real name Haim Shalom),Omar Bashir ( real name Ofer Ben Zion ) , Adolf Hitler ( real name Asher Julius Bloomensteinerburger )and the house of Saud errr House of Shlomo. How do these Jews keep getting away with it ??????????? When the world finally realizes that the Indonesian regime that is occupying Papua for 60 years and rolling on a half million plus body count genocide is really a bunch of Zionist Jews pretending to be Javanese Muslims like the president Jokowi (real name Hymie Shekelheimer ) the proverbial shite is gonna realy hit the fan !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Replies: @joe webb
  28. wayfarer says:
    @Che Guava

    The recent leak of a classified Israeli Foreign Ministry cable sent to all Israeli diplomatic facilities worldwide points to the subterfuge being engaged in by Israel and Saudi Arabia to effectuate political discord in Lebanon and a Saudi military confrontation with Iran.

    The cable instructs Israeli diplomats to ratchet up diplomatic pressure against Lebanese Hezbollah and Iran.


    Here is some fresh forensic evidence, which further implicates Rothschild Zionist Israel as the primary serial murder suspect in one of history’s most notorious serial crime cases, the “Global War on Terrorism.”

    Watch carefully as Rothschild Zionist Israel eventually throws its useful Islamic idiot and 9/11 patsy, Saudi Arabia, under the one-way Rothschild Zionist bus from Tel Aviv.

  29. joe webb says:

    leaving aside petrified Petras, the Old Leftie, can anybody recommend a read on how the Arab blood displaced so much of the Middle East traditional blood/genes?

    The Arab cities like Damascus, were not Arab before the 8th century.

    Also, the Shia may be less bloodthirsty than the Sunni…given the present line-up in the ME with the Wahhabist nuts galvanizing the Sunnis.

    The DC gangsters being led by the jews to attack Iran, etc…the Shia Crescent…funded first by the Saudis and then DC.

    Books? Joe Webb

  30. joe webb says:

    thanks, first chuckle of the day. Joe Webb

  31. @anon

    Your resort to sarcasm reveals your lack of knowledge.

  32. anon • Disclaimer says:
    @Ted Nuisance

    Nice one , but don’t hold your breath waiting for a mea culpa from this author or any other author on this site . For that matter don’t ever expect one from the commenters either.

    No , its always explained away as another unforseen layer of an AngloZionist plot and Putin is always shirtless atop a White steed , galloping as he will to save White Christendom.

  33. Che Guava says:

    No, it is drunk and to flaunting it, as well as being an izzie moron disruptor (not that they all are morons but those posting on this site as, anon, mainly morons).

    That said, although there are some things I may have liked to say as ‘anon’ in future, this thread as one good example, many morons to taking advantage of it.

    Even Tralha, after to stating that he is cursing Ahmidiya to hell for their (to him) heresy, is coming back to giving a nasty little sermon as Anon. … then, to returning to the usual pretense.

    This thread is full of moronic zionists and supporters posting as ‘anon’, from the idiot (or yediot) factor of the posts, many of them are clearly to be making accounts, then only posting as anon. Would suggest automatic blocking (and blocking the account of) any posting as any variation of anon without another post before.

    I am of course knowing I am not the boss here, can seeing the value of allowing people to post as anon, may wanting to do it on one or two things in future, but am having experience as a mod, many n00bs here are misusing the ability to bomb threads as n00bs using ‘anon’, I would banning all on sight, unless they were doing at least one post that was to having some semantic content before.

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