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Rebellion in the Suites: Tax Collectors and Businesspeople
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Introduction: Large-scale political and economic challenges are confronting the US multi-national corporate elite. Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer and scores of other multinational tax evaders are facing the triple threat of multi-billion dollar fines, the redistribution of their wealth and the possible reintroduction of equitable socio-economic programs, which could undermine their power.

Washington-backed exporters and financiers, eager to impose free trade agreements on European and Asian business classes, have been faced with stiff resistance and outright rejection.

In Latin America, the Obama administration recently installed neo-liberal regimes in Argentina and Brazil, provoking massive opposition from small and medium sized firms driven into bankruptcy by their harsh policies.

Intense intra-capitalist rivalries are no longer confined to the conference table: Open warfare, involving large-scale transfers of capital, has undermined the foundation of international capitalist class solidarity. While working class movements and mass protests still occur, the fundamental internal capitalist antagonism toward the US Empire has become the driving force of the current upheavals.

We will identify the alignment of forces and the implications of these challenges to the power and wealth of the multi-national corporations. We will then highlight the break-up of the free trade treaties and the demise of US dominance in Europe and Asia. In the final section, we will focus on the rise and decline of the latest US interventions to subordinate Latin America to its domination, starting with the legislative coup in Brazil and the conflicts in Argentina.

The European Commission and Apple ’s Tax Evasion

The European Commission (EC) imposed an initial $13 billion penalty on the Apple Corporation for tax evasion – with tens of billions of more fines to come. The EC announced that Apple’s ridiculous 0.005% corporate tax rate in Ireland was a form of theft, exposing its phony posture as a defender of human rights and a paragon of corporate social responsibility. Scores of the biggest US multi-nationals have set-up overseas operations, especially in Ireland, specifically to avoid paying taxes. These include Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer and scores of others among the ‘Fortune five hundred’.

Apple’s multi-billion-dollar tax scams were possible because of support from the US Treasury, Commerce and Trade Departments. Indeed, Treasury Secretary, Jack Lew, launched a tirade against the European Commission, threatening retaliation, claiming that these US tax swindles were vital to the security of world trade. Wall Street flunky, Senator Charles Schumer called the EU penalty ‘a cheap money grab’ and threatened to start a trade war with Europe if the Democrats regain power in the upcoming Senatorial and Congressional elections.

The entire US imperial edifice operates through corrupt multi-national corporate tax swindlers who control and direct their politician stooges who, in turn, intimidate, submissive European regimes (like Ireland). The system is now being challenged by rival European economic powers intent on reducing the US tax advantages to increase their competitiveness. The growing competition over profits, markets and tax receipts has important political implications as the US dominance of Europe depends on the supremacy of its multi-nationals.

US taxpayers subsidize the US multi-nationals even when they relocate jobs abroad to cheap labor markets and move their corporate head offices to low-tax countries. The result is that the US government has to increase the tax burden on wage-salaried workers and small businesspeople to finance social programs and critical infrastructure because the US multinationals have moved their ‘addresses’ to tax havens.

As Europe tightens the squeeze on the US billionaire tax fraudsters, Washington will retaliate by mobilizing its own stable of European flunkies and the ever-compliant US Senators. Capitalist warfare may increase ‘nationalist’ rancor and undermine Atlantic trade treaties.

The End of Atlantic and Pacific Trade Agreements

In demanding an end to negotiations with the US over the trans-Atlantic trade deal, the French minister for foreign trade summed up his country’s position: “There is no political support from France for those negotiations. . . the Americans give nothing or just crumbs”. Throughout Europe politicians of the Left and Right have pointed out that closer ties with the US undermine their business deals with Russia and China, dilute environmental protection and abolish workers’ rights.

Parallel developments are taking place in Asia with regard to the trans-Pacific trade deal: The US has failed to convince Asian countries to sign bilateral and multilateral trade pacts designed to exclude China.

Asia’s increasing use of China’s currency (the renminbi) shows that the Anglo-American bloc has declined as the center of foreign exchange markets and trade. The US no longer dominates Asia: Even its former colony, the Philippines, has made overtures to China. Cambodia has granted China extended use of a deep-water port, strengthening Beijing’s position as the dominant maritime power in Asia. The US ally, Australia increasingly depends on trade with Beijing. China’s mix of public-private capitalism has out-muscled the US in Asian markets while deepening its trade links with Russia, Iran, the Gulf States, Africa and Latin America.

To the extent that international capitalism has ‘recovered’ from the economic crisis of the recent past, it is thanks to Chinese-Asia capitalism. The policy failures of the US Treasury, Commerce and Trade departments have led to calls for protectionism – domestically with the Trump campaign – and growing militarism among both candidates.

Increasingly the struggle for world markets among regional capitalist blocs- Anglo-American, European and Sino-Asian -defines the nature of global instability.

Latin America: The Rebellion of the Middle Class

On the surface, Washington and Wall Street have gained some important political victories: In Argentina, the Mauricio Macri regime has imposed an economic agenda totally in line with Washington’s free trade demands. In Brazil, Washington successfully promoted the legislative coup impeaching the center-left government of President Dilma Rousseff and installing the corrupt Vice President Temer .The proxy regime is dedicated to de-nationalizing and privatizing strategic, lucrative sectors of the economy.

In Venezuela, Washington’s proxies who have gained control of the congress are organizing to oust the left-of-center Maduro government through street protests, sabotage and the hoarding of vital commodities.

Nevertheless the image of middle class and local capitalist support for Washington’s agenda is proving ephemeral. Once installed at the top, the US-backed local proxies are rapidly imposing brutal austerity policies that undermine middle class and, of course, working class support.

After merely nine months in power, Argentine President Macri and his Washington backers face open opposition from the entire range of small and medium size businesses.


Inflation and deflation, utility price increases of 400% to 1000% have bankrupted at least a fourth of small-scale commercial and medium-size business firms in Argentina. Thousands have massed in the streets. On September 2, a broad based multi-class demonstration of several hundred thousand took over the famous Plaza de Mayo in the center of Buenos Aires to denounce Macri’s devastating neo-liberal agenda.

Similar mass actions are erupting in Brazil, as the US-backed Temer regime slashes government budget subsidies, credit and public investments. His public approval rating (never high because of his own corruption) has dropped to a single digit.

In a short time the business class has become deeply divided between the top tier, linked to international capital, and the middle and lower tiers. The initial consensus opposing the left-populist government has rapidly disintegrated while the unity of the capitalist class has collapsed.


In the current phase of global capitalism, the most striking socio-economic dynamics are located in the deepening intra-capitalist conflicts between regions, nations and among segments of the capitalist class. The ideologues of capitalist globalization and regional integration are finally exposed as false prophets. Attempts by the US to impose a new world order that subordinates Europe and Asia have failed; the US now faces internal dissension, notably in US Presidential candidate Donald Trump’s ‘American First’ campaign, pressing for ‘national solutions’.

The European capitalist elite is now only willing to collaborate with Washington where US-Europe trade agreements can be mutually beneficial – they openly reject being reduced to ‘reaping crumbs.’ National capitalism has emerged as the new reality on both sides of the Atlantic and across the globe in Asia, as China emerges as the dominant economic force in the region. China’s quest to secure global markets and investment sites has set in motion rival nationalist alignments, which threaten US regional power.

Rebellions by capitalist political elites are the ‘new norm’ everywhere. Multi-national rivalries over tax evasion and its consequences are leading to ‘tit-for-tat’ reprisals, which can rupture historical ties.

Latin American capitalist triumphs over the left are short-lived, as the different segments engage in violent divisions and realignments.

The ultra-militarist US is incapable of establishing a stable world capitalist order under its direction. Instead, we now find a multiplicity of capitals and competing state regimes with subordinate and divided segments of the capitalist class. Trans-Atlantic and Pacific unity fractures, and each sub-region seeks its own socio-economic partners. Trade talks cease and acrimony reigns.

Given the US total reliance on military-driven empire building, this post-imperial emergence of national and class rivalries is more likely to lead to war than to a new just social order.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Economics • Tags: Neoliberalism, Tax Evasion 
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  1. Though I personally think Rousseff got the shaft, Kirchner’s foolish economic policies are at least half-responsible for Argentina’s deplorable state. (The greedy American investment bankers must share the blame, of course.) Too bad there wasn’t a better alternative. And don’t even get me started on Maduro. He could have “eased off” on the welfare state and started some gradual reforms when the price of oil dropped. Instead, he doubled down. There’s no way “the right” is causing this economic disaster. I don’t want to see the CIA and the Empire get control of Venezuela, but it seems inevitable. Perhaps Russia and China could help promote a more people-centric revolution.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
  2. […] “Rebellion in the Suites: Tax Collectors and Businesspeople” (Petras).  We’re starting to notice that the profit of the hyper-profitable companies is the taxes they evade. […]

  3. Sorry, but Mr. P is on glue. His portrayal of Argentina is highly inaccurate. US influence in Argentina has grown a bit, but it remains minimal with respect to politics. The Argentines “installed” Macri after tiring of the disastrous Fernández de Kirchner administration and its economically ruinous policies. The huge utility cost hikes were necessary due to a decade of absurd subsidies. Meanwhile, the Plaza de Mayo protest had far fewer attendees than the “several hundred thousand” claimed by Mr. P.

    Free trade! Argentina has very high protective tariffs that enrich incompetent industrialists and their over-privileged union workers.

    Brazil rid itself of a criminal commie, but sadly without much improvement. Corruption is endemic and competence is wanting.

    More wanting still is initiative in Latin America. Too many subsidies, too much welfare and Mr. P’s beloved working class might just as well have adopted “Gimme a pig foot and a bottle of beer” as its theme song. These countries need small businesses and incentives for them, but that’s not what’s wanted by the “international capital” crowd that has always run everything behind the scenes: in that, Mr. P is completely correct. No leftist gov., however, will ever solve that problem.

  4. hahahahahahahahaha! Is this a comic article?

    Well i don’t know much about Argentina, but what a sh*tty article!
    Maduro destroyed Venezuela’s economy! People are hungry and because of rejecting the cause of his hunger are they now US proxies?

    As for my country (Brazil) Dilma Rousseff destroyed the economy paved by “neo-liberals” and kept in line by Lula (when people are enriching and happy it’s easier to rob them!), now the country is coming back after a serious economic disarray! Temer corrupt? Yeah… show me someone (apart from the extreme right Bolsonaro) who isn’t! Corrupt he may be but he is just a small fish close to PT (Lula and Rousseff party).

    This article should be in Pravda, not here!

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
    , @L.K
  5. Rehmat says:

    Dr. Petras – please don’t compare Jewish Lobby supported Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Pfizer with pro-Cuba-Iran countries like Argentina or Brazil.

    Thanks G-d, the US-installed current governments in both Argentina and Brazil are pro-Israel.

    Argentinian president Mauricio Marci visited Israel last year and held a meeting with Netanyahu. The president-elect Marci has already appointed Pope Francis friend, Rabbi Sergio Bergman as minister of environment and sustainable development. The good rabbi is author of religious book, A Gospel: According to Pope Francis. Their friendship goes back to days when Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio served as Archbishop of Buenos Aires. Jorge Bergoglio was a frequent visitor to Asociacion Mutual Israelita Argentina (AMIA) that was targeted by Israel Mossad in 1994.

    Rabbi Bergman is not the first Jewish cabinet minister of the country (200,000 Jewish population). Argentina’s outgoing foreign minister Hector Timmerman is also Jewish.

    Marci defeated Cristina Kirchner’s hand-picked Daniel Osvaldo Scioli, Governor of Buenos Aires and former vice-president under Nestor Kirchner (2003-07).

    Netanyahu telephoned Marci to congratulate him on his success and invited him to visit Israel after he take over country’s presidency on December 10, 2015. Later, Netanyahu told the press that from now on relations between Israel and Argentina will be back to the presidency of Nestor Kirchner, a Zionist poodle. He also boasted that Marci has promised he would revise Argentina’s relation with Venezuela and Iran.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
    , @utu
  6. This opinion piece is simply the usual leftist ravings of “bad US, good everyone else.” There was no coup in Brazil. All was done in accordance with law and constitutional procedure. Rousseff was corrupt and got caught. Perhaps the VP was corrupt too, but that’s beside the point. Rousseff got caught, and she has paid the price.

    Chavez set his country on the path of ruin, and Madura has simply stayed the course. We already know where Chavez’s path leads and the state Venezuela finds itself in was entirely predictable. If commodities are being withheld, it’s because Venezuela can’t pay for them, and people won’t keep making donations indefinitely. It’s ridiculous to imply otherwise.

    Argentina is in the same fix, if less intense in magnitude. Macri’s predecessors made the current economic regime necessary if the country is to be pulled out of the hole they have been periodically thrown starting with Peron. Fascism is economically damaging and the medicine required to fix the damage is not palatable, but it must be taken.

    Ireland may have cause to rethink their membership in the EU when it comes to Apple. Ireland is a sovereign country and sets its own tax rates. Brussells coming in and telling them otherwise is why the UK voted to leave. As Brussells tries to tighten its grip, more will leave. The EU project, as currently envisioned, is a failure and could never been otherwise. As a customs union, it was workable. By giving Brussells a veto, the EU simply became another source of bureaucratic overhead and is nothing but a parasite.

    Contr the author, the US is not the source of all evil. The FedGov’s own incompetence sees to that.

    • Replies: @Oscar Peterson
    , @Rehmat
  7. woodNfish says:

    Petras is a total rube. On one hand he states:

    US taxpayers subsidize the US multi-nationals even when they relocate jobs abroad to cheap labor markets and move their corporate head offices to low-tax countries. The result is that the US government has to increase the tax burden on wage-salaried workers and small businesspeople to finance social programs and critical infrastructure because the US multinationals have moved their ‘addresses’ to tax havens.

    And completely ignores the fact that these globalists are fucking over ever US taxpayer and worker with this idiot statement:

    The policy failures of the US Treasury, Commerce and Trade departments have led to calls for protectionism – domestically with the Trump campaign – and growing militarism among both candidates.

    Which is total BS in regards to Trump, but you can’t expect brain damaged leftists like Petras to understand the desire for beneficial trade pacts rather than the current ones raping the US manufacturing base on which us taxpayers and workers depend. And Trump is anything but an interventionist.

    It is also useful to note that Petras blames all the economic problems socialism causes on the US and never on the countries that implement those policies, like Brazil and Argentina. Throw in the fact that Argentina is an international pariah for defaulting on its international loans – TWICE!, and you have predatory commies (is there any other kind?), who impoverish their countries so they can line their pockets just like the leftists in this country.

    Petras also ignores the fact that Ireland became a corporate tax haven to strengthen its economic base and the companies using those benefits are doing so legally. And yes, they are bad for the rest of us, but it is legal.

    Latin American capitalist triumphs over the left are short-lived, as the different segments engage in violent divisions and realignments.

    Yeah, it’s working out so well for Venezuela isn’t it?

    It must be nice to live in a bubble of ignorance like Petras where everything outside the bubble looks one-sided. Petras is your typical lying leftist who can’t see the forest for the trees.

  8. @Fidelios Automata

    Agree with you, although it was quite clear starting with the 2001 coup attempt against Chavez that the US was working for “regime change” in Venezuela. Also, the quasi-coups in Honduras and Paraguay could be included as part of the pattern Petras is depicting. On the one hand, Latin America just doesn’t seem to be able to get its act together, but I think Petras is more right than wrong in his assertion of concerted and systematic action under way to return South America to a more “US-friendly” status.

    • Replies: @L.K
  9. @woodNfish

    I think a more nuanced criticism of Petras would be better. Yes, he disregards the problems of socialism, but his thesis about intra-capitalist infighting has a good deal of insight in my view.

    It would have been good if Petras had referenced the EU legalities involved in the European Commission’s reaching into Irish internal affairs. Is the Commission’s action legal as well? It may be legal for Ireland to grant Apple tax haven status, but given the agreements under the EU rubric, it may be legal for the EU to overrule, in effect, what Ireland has done.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  10. @Quartermaster

    If Ireland had the desire/gumption to leave the EU, they would have already done it, given what they have been put through. Same with Greece.

    The majority of UK voters may have decided to leave the EU, but the British political and economic establishment didn’t, and I don’t think it is ever actually going to happen.

    • Replies: @L.K
  11. @Rehmat

    Of course, we’ve been through this cycle a million times in Argentina. Macri is already becoming unpopular. We’ll see how long he lasts.

  12. @Renato Rocha

    Well, why couldn’t the ouster of Roussef have waited until the next general election, so, you know, the democratic process could actually work? Frankly, I think it was tantamount to a coup, the legal window dressing notwithstanding.

  13. Rehmat says:

    YES – the same “law and order” by which the Zionist entity was recognized by the UNSC in second ballot by Washington bribing two tiny states which happened to be among the 10 none veto members of UNSC in 1948.

    However, one thing the past Brazilian government did legally in January 2016 – it opened a fully equipped Palestinian embassy in Brasilia.

    The embassy building resembles the famous Dome of the Rock in the Jewish occupied East Jerusalem. It was built by Umayyad Caliph Abd al-Malik Ibn Marwan in 691-92 CE. Embassy is built on the piece of land donated to Palestinian Authority by former Brazilian President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, a close friend of former Iranian president Dr. Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

    Last year, Brazilian president Dilma Vana Rousseff refused to accept Israel’s new ambassador, Danny Dayan, an illegal Jewish settler in the West Bank.

  14. @woodNfish

    [The most recent Announcement emphasized that commenters must stick with their ONE handle or use Anonymous/Anon. Follow those rules.]

    Mister Petras must be working in some manual job than stay wasting your time using your defective neurons to pass such a “political scientist” but in the true being a storyteller. He and its peculiar species definitively no have minimal capacity to be rational. Sorry if I’m being too brutal with you with my non kind words but it’s to your own well being.

    Petras also don’t care what is happening now with Venezuelan “comrades”. He look to the common people everywhere just like the original proles of Oceania Democratic Republic, 1984: Savage and useless when they are not useful to their pet extrinsic schizophrenia, aka, “cult–ure”. He don’t hesitate sacrifice their own “comrades” if he can.

    Even most of political changes in South America had been coup. What is more important: The common wellbeing or the health of (pet) political regimes??

    The emotional/moral maturity levels of the leftists on avg is in the 9 years old perverted child. They are lollita’s versions.

    Completely inverted philosophical priorities. The first compromise is to the life, must be…

    • Replies: @woodNfish
    , @L.K
  15. woodNfish says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    I think a more nuanced criticism of Petras would be better.

    I don’t. He’s an idiot.

    • Replies: @L.K
    , @Oscar Peterson
  16. woodNfish says:

    Sorry if I’m being too brutal with you with my non kind words but it’s to your own well being.

    I have no idea what you are trying to say.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  17. L.K says:


    The emotional/moral maturity levels of the leftists on avg is in the 9 years old perverted child. They are lollita’s versions

    I ain’t a leftist myself, in fact I don’t even buy into this Left vs Right BS paradigm anymore…
    that being said, you are projecting your own ‘9 years old perverted child’ ‘maturity level’ on Mr.Petras.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  18. L.K says:

    As a matter of fact, you are the idiot, a complete clown btw, without a clue as to what you r talking about, particularly re South America.

    Anyone who refers to the Kirchners administrations or Lula/Rousseff admnistrations as ‘commies’ just simply has no credibility whatsoever.
    You are a complete imbecile; there was, in Brazil, for example, under the neo-liberal US client regimes, a lot more corruption than under the workers party. That is a fact. Not a well known fact, but still a fact.
    Neo liberal regimes in Latin America have savaged more economies and impoverished more people than one can count. In fact, make it throughout the World.
    No ‘center-left’ governments in South America come even close to the devastation caused by sellout scumbags such as FHC in Brazil or Carlos Menem in Argentina.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  19. L.K says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    Oscar Peterson:

    the quasi-coups in Honduras and Paraguay

    Not quasi-coups; coups!

  20. L.K says:
    @Renato Rocha

    Renato Rocha,

    As for my country (Brazil) Dilma Rousseff destroyed the economy paved by “neo-liberals” and kept in line by Lula

    You are full of SHIT. When Lula came to power, Brazil’s economy was totally devastated, stop lying motherfucker.

    Temer corrupt? Yeah… show me someone (apart from the extreme right Bolsonaro) who isn’t! Corrupt he may be but he is just a small fish close to PT (Lula and Rousseff party).

    No asshole. Dilma was never convicted of corruption. Your heroes are doing everything they can to put Lula in jail for corruption, everything except showing real evidence, that thing called proof, ever heard of that, Mr.shit eater? The reason they are trying so hard to put Lula in prison is NOT that your heroes care at all about ‘corruption’, rather it is bc they fear lula could actually win the election of 18, if allowed to run. but I guess u know that already…

    If your heroes actually investigated the other side, which they do NOT, the Temers, Aécios, Serras, all these assorted scumbags would already be in jail.
    Michel Temer is not just totally corrupt, he is also a cheap traitor to boot and an Eduardo Cunha’s man.
    Oh, you r a Bolsonaro groupie, are you? Bolsonaro is clearly dirty & a fake nationalist, the typical US ass-licker.
    This Bolsonaro clown, during the bizarro coup-impeachment session, not only praised the Dictatorship regimes torturer & murderer, Ustra, but actually spent half his ridiculous speach praising none other than the uber corrupt crook, Eduardo Cunha, since then stripped of his mandate in the lower house, as he had ceased being useful to the coup plotters.

  21. woodNfish says:

    I got under your commie lizard skin, didn’t I? Face it, wherever commies get power, they totally screw it up and make everything worse. That is why the US is such a mess. RINOs and the amerikan communist party, AKA the Democratic Party. It is also why Latin and South America are such a mess. Go back to your hole and stick your head back in it, loser.

    • Replies: @in the middle
    , @L.K
  22. L.K says:
    @Oscar Peterson

    Well, Oscar, ‘quatermaster’ is an obvious shill.
    I mean, this is the dude who, every single time there is article touching on the crisis in the Ukraine, created by US neoncons and assorted scum, comes along to tell us how all that took place was legit, nieh, nieh..

    As for Brazil, of course that it was a coup. Just bc this time arount they did not use the military does not mean it is not a coup. I think Glenn Greenwald did a good job of explaining what happened:
    Glenn Greenwald on Brazil: Goal of Rousseff Impeachment is to Boost Neoliberals & Protect Corruption

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  23. @L.K



    you’re just acting child emotional maturity just like this pseudo intellectual.

    Care about people on Venezuela or in any other place is to be emotionally immature??

    So call me a child, I will be and proud.

    Develop real arguments.

    If most people not just believe but act based on this “bs paradigm” so it’s real, very real.

    Left and right even is primarily a social/political construct is also based on genetic differences between the “two” groups.


    It’s hard and depressing to say morally correct truisms to the white trash or other mediocre people and this people still fight back.

    They just deserve their own slavery. Unfortunately.

  24. @woodNfish

    It’s wasn’t directed to you but to the author of this insanity, mister Petras.

  25. @L.K

    Near to 90% of people who believe or hear what this homossexual Jewish and mentally problematic have to say are leftists. I though you’re being little bit dishonest here…

    I unfortunately live with a leftist “brother”, dumbest, ultra confident and unacceptably hypocrite creature …

    He’s extrinsically schizophrenic. Dangerous and morally toxic human being.

    • Replies: @L.K
  26. @woodNfish

    There are certainly lots of idiots around. He’s nowhere near the top of my list.

  27. @woodNfish

    wherever commies get power, they totally screw it up and make everything worse

    That is such a lie! Is China communist? or its propaganda only. All stuff you purchase in America is made in china! So communism is the worst, after all, or some one lied! The people described were not communist then, other wise Brazil and Argentina, and Venezuela, should be making the stuff we purchase in Wal-Mart!

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  28. utu says:

    Israel connections?

    I wonder if new gov in Brazil will accept now Israel’s new ambassador?
    “Brazil rejects Dani Dayan as ambassador, official says”

    I wonder if Argentina will close investigation into Argentine Israelite Mutual Association bombing (1994)?
    “Puzzling Death of a Prosecutor Grips Argentina”

  29. utu says:

    Apple tax penalty might be connect to VW. That’s why State Department came so strongly about the move by EU on Apple and Apple promised to start repatriating profits back to US next year to have US protection.

  30. L.K says:


    Listen, you urgently need to take some basic logic lessons.
    You see, the fact that Glenn is a liberal, a fag, a Jew and whatever else, does NOT invalidate what he has to say. The same could be said, for example, about the right wing, straight, ex-KKK, David Duke.
    Is Glenn right in his arguments, has he got his facts right re what’s been happening in Brazil?
    Yes, Absolutely.
    I know you cannot get that through you thick skull, so I’ve basically just wasted my time…
    You are clearly a fool, way too hung up on cheap ideological battles.

    • Replies: @Santoculto
  31. L.K says:

    Not really, you just don’t know what the fuck you are talking about…

    It’s a waste of time to debate idiotic ideologues, such as you. I get called ‘commie’ by moronic assholes like you who are on the ‘Right’ and ‘racist/nazi/fascist/nieh,nieh’ by ideologues from the ‘Left’, it is just really such a waste of time.

    I care about facts… you clearly do not have them.

  32. L.K says:

    For those – few – who may wish to understand US Imperialism in Latin America, how Latin America served as a laboratory for global US Imperialism and the generally very negative effects this has had on the region, see Historian Greg Grandin’s ‘Empire’s Workshop: Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism’:

    The British and Roman empires are often invoked as precedents to the Bush administration’s aggressive foreign policy. But America’s imperial identity was actually shaped much closer to home. In a brilliant excavation of long-obscured history, Empire’s Workshop shows how Latin America has functioned as a proving ground for American strategies and tactics overseas. Historian Greg Grandin follows the United States’ imperial operations from Jefferson’s aspirations for an “empire of liberty” in Cuba and Spanish Florida to Reagan’s support for brutally oppressive but U.S.-friendly regimes in Central America. He traces the origins of Bush’s current policies back to Latin America, where many of the administration’s leading lights first embraced the deployment of military power to advance free market economics and enlisted the evangelical movement in support of their ventures.
    With much of Latin America now in open rebellion against U.S. domination, Grandin asks: If Washington failed to bring prosperity and democracy to Latin America―its own backyard “workshop”―what are the chances it will do so for the world?

  33. @L.K

    I really don’t want waste my precious time with a fool cheap as you. You must deserve be hospitalized, a dangerous extrinsic schizophrenic, at least, a pathetic beast…

    I don’t use one of the traits/identities of the MISTER pseudo-intellectual ”greenwald” who spread the same zombie stories on the brazilian (RETARDED) ”left” throughout the world, as a argument, something that you ”guys” tend to do usually against your adversaries.

    ”Trump: that old, white, conservative, married a young slovenian barbie and fat”…

    I’m just joking with the slag such you. A name-calling of your part is just a genuine praise, thank you!!!

    I really don’t give any important attention to the ”politics” because i know what it really is.

    Politics itself is a distraction to the real ”politics”.

    The impeachment of bitch ”rousseff” is what should always happen in Brazilian politics, when the governor or any politician ” make mistakes ” (euphemism) so he/she must be removed from their office.

    The ”Workers” Party and its dome were just a little devious in how they tried to hide their rotten, ie creating ways to steal and not directly link their own names, macchiavelically clever. Thus the surface appears the idea that ‘no evidence’ on their criminal activities.

    And I do not need much, as a good listener I am, to realize that we are dealing with classic psychopaths, using Nazi / Socialist propaganda methods to deceive the people, creating ‘bolsa família’ ‘, similar to Obama Care, a means of creating a captive market of the votes. All ” good leftist actions ” have a only final purpose, to create a loyal supporters, not to actually make the world a less worse place.

    The possibility of impeachment by administrative impropriety exists legally, the point is that just as it was used during the democratic period, Collor impeachment.

    And yes, this was also a very clever way by the other Brazilian politicians:

    – Kill the growing political awareness of the population (although nothing is fully resolved for now), because this event was greatly increasing the attention and concern of the popular from the political scene, what happens directly in Brasilia,

    – Kill the Red Terror, as the Brazilian elite tends to other ideological and clear guidelines or not give much of his power … to other elite.

  34. A social classes battle is fundamentally a ideologically different elites battle.

    People as always is used in both sides, to preserve old power or to support new power (elite).

  35. woodNfish says:
    @in the middle

    You have confused an economic system with a political system. They are not the same. China is a communist country with a capitalist economy.

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