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Polarization and the Powder Keg
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Introduction: The constitutional order of the US, such as it exists, faces a profound crisis of legitimacy, rooted in the multi polarity of US society. The US is divided among (1) a deeply entrenched police – judicial – presidential state against civil society organized in community based Afro-American, Hispanic and disinherited workers; (2) a corrupt Federal police, Justice , State Department and Presidential Office against a constitutional legal system upheld by the vast majority of citizens; and (3) a rigged Presidential electoral system against the consent and approval of the majority of the electorate.

The divisions in US society go far beyond the ‘opinions’ expressed in polls and surveys.

The polarization has found expression in mass street protests, ‘rejectionist’ votes and violent assaults. Are they heading toward a national uprising? Public officials describe the situation as ‘a powder keg on the verge of exploding’.

The Bazaar of Crooked Faces

The ruling elites feign control of the polarization. President Obama engages in impotent rhetorical appeals that impress nobody.

Corruption, deception and betrayal in high places are so rampant that mutual impunity has become the badge of collegiality. The most active citizens deny the legitimacy of all politicians, dismissing them as ‘all corrupt’.

The electoral system is a gigantic bazaar of crooked smiles, raucous inanities and vacuous promises . . . broken before they’re spoken.

If the courts, electoral process and police state act as a triumvirate beyond the reach of the vast majority of American citizens, then the people will turn to other methods and voices to challenge and change this tyranny of the elite.

The Power Keg is within the US

The US public has suffered two decades of declining living standard and instability, while the elite accumulated an immense concentration of wealth, privilege and power. The passive wait and patience are ending – promises of a better future fall on stone deaf ears and smiling inanities are met with grim faces.

The first sign of ‘the powder keg’ started with a loud fire- cracker. The young and hopeful had turned to support an in-house ‘democratic socialist’ and out-house ‘nationalist patriot’. The ‘crackers’ snapped, crackled and died! Promising to bring his supporters into the Democratic corral, Sanders melted in the carnal embrace of the ‘queen of chaos’, the candidate of decades of deceit and deception. Meanwhile, Trump’s working class patriots were turning into doormen for the bankers, Bible thumpers and Republican hucksters.

The electoral charade has failed to dampen the powder keg. There are too many fires burning across the land and too many resolute arsonists lighting the fuse.

The False Prophets of Justice: Unmasked

Unlike the electoral ‘explosion’ sputtering amid the voters’ rancor, black and brown communities do not take marching orders from the political con artists, judges and police chiefs. They do not follow the false prophets of electoral politics. Growing numbers are taking to the streets to fight back.

For the past eight years, President Obama has devastated black neighborhoods and schools, unleashing highly militarized police state forces while praising the black political officials (the ‘mis-leaders’) and black police who participate in terrorizing black communities. It is no surprise that the heightened social polarization has spread and deepened in the black neighborhoods. We are taken back to the 1960’s and 70’s when racial violence emanating down from the Office of the President to the courts to the police provoked reciprocal violence from the bottom upward to the elite.

The Lit Fuse

The revolt begins with the Afro-Americans and will spread to the Latino-Americans and beyond among the downwardly mobile white workers. The growing white working class revolt against the kleptocrat Clinton Dynasty has spread to encompass the popular rebellion against ‘the burn’ of renegade fake socialist ‘Bernie’ and the rest of the billionaire owned political system. The political rebellion is taking part throughout the American heartland.

A majority of Americans are polarized because they are denied basic stability in their everyday lives. They look back at their lost living standards and look forward to a grim and unacceptable future – especially for their youth and children.

America’s rebellion has diverse detonators: the plutocratic economy, the kleptocratic electoral system and the dehumanizing militarized police state.

The kleptocratic electoral system has brought together the greatest number of hostile voices reaching across racial lines and penetrating deeply within class divides.

The police-race polarization is most immediate and explosive. It is most likely to result in direct action.

The downwardly mobile white working class is the largest rebellious group, but has been the slowest to develop a class-consciousness and organize. Nevertheless, they have the greatest potential to overturn the system.

The disenchanted electoral rebels (the Bernie-supporters) are numerous and quick to act, but they are also the most easily deceived by political charlatans and con-artists.


The confluence of militant blacks, activist voters and downwardly mobile whites is only at the beginning of the great uprising. As yet, they do not ’see each other’ in life, work, neighborhood or language, even as they share a profound common hostility to the police state tasked with protecting the political-economic elite.

Under what circumstances can they come together? At present there is no organization capable of unifying these dynamic and critical forces.

Spontaneous groups have emerged but they are transient and ’single issue’.

Community-based organizations have their limited strategic vision and remain rooted in localities.

Alternative political parties and personalities have promise but are engage in electoral politics divorced from direct action, whether it involves the police, the courts or the economic system.

A ‘charismatic leader’ could emerge and bridge the different constituencies – downwardly mobile workers, militant blacks and politically disenfranchised activists may merge at some point around such a leader. But unless ‘the leader’ is harnessed to a powerful organized movement and directed by activist communities the threat of betrayal remains a real possibility.

We live in a time when the existing system is rotten and collapsing and when mass disaffection is growing. However, this is also a period when the ‘alternatives’ appear remote and intangible.

What is abundantly clear is that mere collapse and decay will not by itself bring about a mass popular rebellion to build a just society.

(Republished from The James Petras Website by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Poverty 
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  1. A radical vision – but supported by the facts.

  2. “The downwardly mobile white working class is the largest rebellious group, but has been the slowest to develop a class-consciousness and organize. Nevertheless, they have the greatest potential to overturn the system.”

    The white component of the working class is leading and will lead domestic resistance to the Anglo/Zio police state. Us white guys have no history of petitioning the government for special treatment. We don’t think that way. We will instead, take matters into our own hands. Downwardly mobile is a key phrase. Some of us have always been poor. For most of us however poverty is a new experience and we have no intention of getting used to it.

  3. Blacks, Latinos and Whites will never “come together.”

    For decades Blacks and Latinos have served as the stormtroopers and terrorists for politically-correct, Leftist tyranny and treason. If they are becoming even more violent and criminal than before, it is merely because they sense that they can get away with it because the Left has destroyed the legitimacy of the state. Blacks and Latinos are parasites on the body of civilization and are as much the enemy of true Americans, that is, Whites as is the Leftist establishment. NonWhites are natural Leftists and are therefore the enemies of civilization.

    When Whites inevitably take back control of the country and civilization that they built and that has been destroyed and betrayed by Leftist Democrats and neoCon Republicans and their nonWhite allies, nonWhites will be correctly seen as the enemy as much as the Leftist establishment.

    The idea of a multiracial proletariat rising together against a Leftist tyranny is as insane as all the other multicultural fever dreams which have almost succeeded in utterly destroying the most successful civilization in history; a civilization unique to Whites of European ancestry.

    Multiculturalism and Racial Marxism are the problems. They will never be a solution.

    • Replies: @Rehmat
    , @Drapetomaniac
  4. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    The problem of America is not only diversity. It is the disconnection of power.

    America was always corrupt(like any society), but there was better chance of reform in the past because white elites led white masses. White elites felt it was their duty to serve the white masses, not hurt them. Also, white elites made no secret of their power and privilege. And white masses felt as part of the system.

    Now, homogeneity or relative homogeneity is no guarantee for clean society though, generally speaking, homogeneity is better than diversity. Homogeneity is a blessing.

    Japan is homogeneous, but it has its own kind of corruption. Indeed, in some ways, homogeneity can make corruption worse because a sense of togetherness and tribal unity paves over a lot of the corruption as part-of-doing-business-in-our-culture.
    Culture, customs, and habits can trump laws, principles, and ethics.

    In certain ways, diversity can be good for cleaner government since rule of law must trump tribal norms.
    One of the advantages of the US in its early period was it was MILDLY DIVERSE. There were different religious sects, Anglos, Dutch, Germans, Irish, and etc. They were different, but the thing is, they were NOT TOO different. They were different/diverse enough for Rule of Law to prevail over mere tribal, cultural, or ethnic norms. But they were similar enough — all part of Northern European stock — that they could merge and meld into one and come to trust one another. (Also, fear of Old World power and red savages also bound the different groups together.)

    If mild diversity can boost Rule of Law, excessive diversity or wild diversity undermines it. Blacks can’t be part of White America. Even if they could, many blacks don’t want to be. And the increasing number of Browns sneer at white America and white culture. Also, Jews as the ruling elites fear White Power and White Interests. If Anglo-American elites of old tried to bring other Europeans(esp of Northern stock) into their fold, Jews try to keep whites with cult of shame and guilt.

    If in early America, the mild diversity had the effect of favoring Rule of Law over ethnic cultural norms, the wild diversity of today undermines Rule of Law in favor of tribal power, esp as non-whites have been told that it is wrong to become part of white America.

    So, there is a disconnection of power. In early America, mild diversity led to Rule of Law that connected Anglo-American elites with other white groups even if of different religious sects or ethnicity, such as Dutch or German or whatever.
    But the wild diversity of today disconnects power between Jews and whites and between whites and non-whites who are surging in number, largely thanks to Jewish-driven immigration policy. And we live in homomaniacal America where the new faith is worship of holy homo and even tranny.

    Since Jews are the ruling elites of America, their mindset shapes and governs much of the new reality. What is the Jewish mentality? Over time, it came to fuse centrism with peripherism. Jews have long believed that they are the chosen of God. And secular Jews came to see themselves as super-genius ubermenschowitz like Marx, Freud, and Rand. Jews have long thought they are holier. They are better. They are superior. They are smarter, more visionary, more prophetic, and etc. So, they think they are the center of everything wherever they go.
    But Jews have been a peripheral minority in every society where most folks were gentile. So, Jews came to feel as both the CENTER and the PERIPHERY. And over time, the Jewish subconscious came to conflate periphery as the center since that that was the condition of their existence.

    So, even though US is 98% gentile and only 2% Jewish, we make a huge deal about Hannukah, Israel, Zionism, Jewish identity, Jewish this, Jewish that. Every year, Christmas is increasingly disregarded and demoted while even white Conservative Christians eagerly say ‘Happy Hannukah’. Even white cons are loathe to say anything about white identity or interests, but they are the first to say I LOVE ISRAEL, I LOVE JEWS!


    Given the fusion of centrism and peripherism in the Jewish mind, it’s no wonder that Jews came to feel close to homos. Homos also have the fusion of peripherism and centrism. This is esp true of homo men, esp Jewish homo men. Homo men have the combination of male aggression and female bitchiness/narcissism. That makes them more self-aggrandizing and self-promoting than most other groups. They are so ooh-lala, whoopity-doopity, hissy wissy, humpy-dumpy, tootchi-hootchi, and etc. Just look at George Takei aka Too Gay. He thinks he’s hot stuff and a great moral arbiter of all things because he takes penises up his ass. Jews feel a sense of camaraderie with homos who, like Jews, are part of a small minority but feel like they are the center of the cosmos.
    When a peripheral community becomes vain, narcissistic, and power-mad and takes over the Core Power of Community, there will be more corruption since most of the power will be used to serve peripheral supremacism than common interest of the great majority. We see such behavior in US finance, media, academia, foreign policy, and etc. It is Jewish-Homo or Jomo madness.

    The alliance of Jews and Homos is most unfortunate. This is because there is genuine value in Jewishness whereas such can’t be made for homos.
    Jewish culture has depth, meaning, and profundity whereas homo culture is shallow, trivial, and campy. Now, when talented homos sublimate their tendencies and serve something of deeper and greater significance, they can do amazing things like the artists of the Renaissance. But if you allow homos to run wild as homos, they just get all teletubby on you–as well as fella-rubby.

    Even though Jews were minorities in most nations, it is understandable why they felt as the center of things. After all, truth isn’t necessarily about numbers. Suppose there are 100 learned people in a world of 10,000 ignoramuses. If the 100 learned men feel they are more essential to human culture than the 10,000 morons, they would be right. Truth isn’t only about numbers. A minority could have truth on its side.
    So, even though Jews were a minority, they could still feel closer to the truth and indeed be closer to the truth.

    Jews came upon the most resilient formula for survival and preservation of race and culture, all the more remarkable since Jewishness is among the oldest survival cultures even in exile and with loss of homeland. So, Jews were onto some great truths about race, culture, history, and dream of territory(that was retaken in 1948).
    So, Jewish centrism despite their peripheral existence sort of made sense.

    But homo centrism makes no sense. Sure, key homos have played important roles in world affairs in philosophy, arts, and etc. But at the very core, homo-ness is a freakery that goes against life. Fecal penetration and lesbian-poon-grinding are mockery of sex.
    Also, while Judaism is about Jewish individuals serving something bigger than themselves — God, history, culture, ancestry, legacy, etc. — , homo mentality is all about me, me, me. It’s about some fruitkin putting on a wig and dress and acting like he is a she as the most beautiful thing in the universe.
    One can be moved by Heston as Moses in 10 COMMANDMENTS.
    But only a degenerate society celebrates Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner as ‘woman of the year’.

    So, while there is a superficial similarity between Jewishness and homo-osity, it is a very shallow one. Jewishness has roots, homo-ness does not. Jewishness fuses the the truth of life with the truth of culture. It is pud-poon-centric in appreciating the source of life. It is heart-mind-centric in understanding that humanity isn’t merely about acting like animals or Negroes and having wild sex like in the orgy scene in 1o COMMANDMENTS or the Dudley Moore movie 1o where some short Jewish guy has the hots for a shikse with negress hairbraid. Jewishness emphasizes the biology of life but also the need for moral regulation of that biology.

    In contrast, homo-ness is a biological fraud. Homomania would have us believe that a homo’s bungy is just as legit a sex organ as a woman’s vagina. It would have us believe that a poon can have ‘sex’ with another poon. Using this logic, if someone sticks his finger into another person’s belly-button, is that sex too? If an anus is a ‘sex organ’, why not a finger and belly button? Hey, finger-belly ‘sex’. And if someone licks that finger, it’s a new kind of ‘blowjob’. And if he licks his own finger, it’s a self-blow.

    Homosexuality is a natural abnormality. Some are born with such tendency, and we should recognize that fact. But it is a freakery of nature that violates the laws of nature.
    But homos say homo-ness is the New Normal, and we should not only say homo acts are wonderful but it’s miraculous like the rainbow. This is sick.
    And because homos are out-of-control in their butt-bang-orgies, they have little use for morality. They don’t want to be governed by moral sense. Their demand for ‘gay marriage’ has nothing to do with morality. Instead of homos respecting true morality of real-sexuals, homos in their peripheri-centrist madness have demanded that morality bend over to homo narcissism. This has made a total mockery of true morality. It’d be like incest-sexuals demanding that morality be bent to praise and honor incest as the Next New Normal.

    Also, consider the difference between Judaism and Homomania when it come to spirituality. According to Jewishness, Jews must worship and serve God. God may bless the Jews and do them some favors, but Jews must live for God, not vice versa. So, when Jews go against God, Jews must apologize.
    But homos think god must serve homos. They think god should bless even homo fecal penetration because… uh… homos like to do that stuff. They think Jesus should be revised as having died on the Cross because he wanted to see ‘gay marriage’ legalized one day. They think god should bless a man who cuts off his whanker and gets a fake pooter(or cooter as some would say).

    The Jewish-Homo alliance may be advantageous to Jews in the short run, but it has befouled Jewishness for all time… that is unless the Orthodox Jewish community takes hold and denounces and ends this alliance for good.

    Not all peripheri-centrism have the same value. Jewishness has value, Homomania does not(though homos as talented individuals have value). Homos would do best by accepting their homo-ness without forcing society to praise and celebrate it as some gift from god or something to do with pride. Homos are so vain and demanding that they’ve turned ‘gay’ and ‘pride’ into purely homo terms.
    Why not go all the way and call ‘gay parade’ the holy parade. Maybe Homos can own ‘holy’ too. This homomania is secular-in-name-only or SINO. After all, homos are eagerly applying pressure on churches to fly homo flags and say that ‘god loves sodom’. Homomania is a quasi-religious movement, one promoted by Jews to be the substitute for Christianity. After all, if ‘gay rights’ is purely a secular thing, why are EU nations forcing even churches to officiate over ‘gay weddings’?

    To illustrate that not all peripheri-centrisms are the same, consider the following scenario.
    Suppose there is a community of Christians who are into Creationism
    Suppose they constitute the solid majority.
    But there are two minority communities.
    There is the Darwinist community and Lamarckian community.
    Both are minority communities, and both feel they are right about how life came to be.
    Both are, as yet, peripheral, but both feel they are closer to the Center of Truth.
    But whereas the Darwinists are right, Lamarckians are not.
    So, while Darwinism as peripheri-centrism has value, Lamarckianism does not.

    But suppose some Darwinists come to value their position as peripheri-centrists so much that they form an alliance with Lamarckians. Well, it may strengthen the hand of peripheri-centrism, but it has hurt the cause of real science by associating Darwinism with Lamarckianism.

  5. Priss Factor [AKA "Anonymny"] says: • Website

    Much of what you say is true, but I disagree about the Jaffers.

    Blacks is what they is. Crazy.

    If you want to revive cities and lower crime, YOU HAVE TO GET TOUGH ON THE BLACKS. I know from personal experience since I was I a kid in integrated school. Sure, there were some nice black kids with whom I was friends.
    But too many Jaffers are crazy. Or if not crazy, lacking in values and common sense.

    Also, our pop culture encourages bad behavior among blacks. I mean Rap is like the official culture of America.

  6. Rehmat says:
    @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    “Blacks, Latinos and Whites will never “come together.”

    Why not? If White Christians and Jews can sleep together after 2,000 year hostility, anything is possible.

    Rabbi Gottlieb, one of the first ten women rabbis in the history of Judaism – visited Islamic Iran in May 2008. She was interviewed by Iranian daily Tehran Times in which she said:

    “It’s important to remember that Islamic world has sheltered the Jewish people throughout our long history……For the last 41 years I have been working constantly on raising up, in my own community and in the Christian community in the United States, the desire of Palestinians for national sovereignty in their own land – and calling for an end to Israel’s military occupation of Palestine as the only way that will allow peaceful negotiations and settlement between our peoples.”

  7. Discard says:

    There are no female Rabbis. This Gottlieb is an imposter and her words have no weight.

  8. @Fisk Ellington Rutledge III

    Voters have served as the stormtroopers and terrorists for government tyranny and treason. We live in a government created government run world enabled by dupes incapable of seeing what’s in front of them.

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me a hundred times, I’m an unabashed voter.

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