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Latin America in the Time of Trump
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“I think the Monroe Doctrine is as relevant today as it was the day it was written (two centuries ago)”.
Rex Tillerson, Secretary of State, Feb. 2, 3027-March 31, 2018.


President Trump cancelled his attendance at the Summit of the Americas meeting of all the 35 presidents of the region designed to debate and formulate a common policy. Trump delegated Vice President Michael Pence in his place. VP Pence a known nonentity with zero experience and even less knowledge of Latin America – US relations indicates the Trump regime’s disdain and low opinion of the eighth meeting of the tri-annual Summit.

President Trump does not feel obligated to attend, because the agenda, decisions and outcome already had been decided in accordance with the best interests of the empire. Former Secretary of State Rex Tillerson made clear that Latin America is Washington’s backyard: the Monroe Doctrine was alive and well.

The revival of the Monroe Doctrine is a work in progress – a collective effort that preceded the Trump regime and which is now in full display.

Monroeism is a joint venture involving Washington empire-builders and Latin American oligarchs, congressional coup-makers, presidential narco-swindlers and military-paramilitary thugs. To understand the ascendancy of the two century old Monroe Doctrine requires we examine the process – the means and methods which installed Trump’s satraps.

Many Roads Common Outcomes

The Twenty-First century began with a series of upheavals which challenged incumbent neo-liberal client states and installed a series of center-left regimes who increased social spending and declared their independence from the US. The progressive politicians wrote premature death certificates for the Monroe Doctrine, as they were co-signed with the local bankers, generals and business oligarchs. In other words, Latin America experienced a series of temporary reforms based on oligarchical foundations.

By the end of a decade and a half , the Trump regime proclaimed the resurrection of Monroeism: puppets, pillage and plunder,became the new order of the day throughout Latin America.Client legislators successfully ploted a series of coups, ousting elected Presidents in Brazil, Paraguay and Honduras replacing them with bona fide US approved satraps.

The Secretary General of the Organization of American (Colonies) States, Luis Almagro a former Foreign Minister of a center-left regime in Uruguay blessed Washington’s mouthpieces.

Rigged elections in Mexico and Guatemala ensured Washington a pair of reliable flunkies.

Death squads and a narco-President Santos in Colombia provided the Pentagon seven military bases and US investers several oil fields.

Swindlers and fraudsters with intimate ties to Wall Street took office in Argentina and Peru. An ex-leftist in Ecuador Lenin Moreno appealed to the people to win an election and ,once taking office worked for the oligarchs.

In other words, through diverse routes which combined rigged elections and political violence, Presidents Bush and Obama set the stage for President Trump to inherit a servile entourage of self-styled democratic. . . satraps.

President Trump need not join the Latin Americas to the Summit. Since the Donald’s scribes wrote the program and policies to be followed

In the run-up to the Summit, the Latin American Presidents spent their time in office demonstrating their fealty to the Trump version of the up-to-date Monroe Doctrine.

Argentina President Mauricio Macri on taking office paid $6 billion dollar to a Wall Street speculator; contracted a $100 billion debt to US and UK bankers; lowered and/or eliminated corporate taxes, for agro-exporters ; quadrupled charges on gas, electric and water utilities for households and small and medium business; privatized mines and oil fields; fired several thousand public sector medical and educational professionals impoverishing health and educational facilities; extended US military bases across the country ;and welcomed toxic chemical companies to contaminate the countryside.

In exchange Trump overlooked Macri’s swindles and overseas bank accounts and praised his police state measures.

Brazil’s President Michel Temer was installed in the presidency via a congressional coup, promising to privatize the entire public transport, infrastructure, mining, oil, and electrical sector as well as the financial and banking system. Temer and his Congressional and judicial allies ensure that military and diplomatic alliances will serve Washington’s drive to overthrow the Venezuelan, Cuban and Bolivian governments. Temer and his judicial allies have jailed the leading opposition presidential candidate, Lula Da Silva.

Trump’s satraps in the Brazilian military have joined the US in policing the Continent.

In exchange President Temer with 95% popular disapproval and facing jail has secured President Trump’s permission to secure asylum in Miami and membership in his golf club once he is out of office.

Mexican President Peña Neto has privatized the national patrimony – the oil fields, mines and banks. Neto has collaborated with police, military and paramilitary groups murdering dozens of opposition students , critical journalists and human rights workers. Neto allowed drug trafficking , bankers and business leaders to launder billions of dollars in overseas accounts to evade taxes. President Peña Neto has been an active supporter of Washington’s international policies in particular its efforts to isolate and overthrow the Venezuelan government.

Because of Peña Neto’s subservience to Washington, President Trump has demanded further concessions including US control of the Mexican border, immigration and internal policing.

Colombia under Presidents Uribe and Santos provided the US with seven military bases. President Santos signed a peace agreement with the FARC, and proceeded to disarm and murder over 50 former FARC guerrillas and has ordered the jailing and extradition of one of their leader, Jesús Santrich.

President Santos signed off on lucrative oil concessions with US and other multi-nationals.

Newly elected Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno followed Brazilian , Mexican, Peruvian, Argentine and Chilean presidents in handing over strategic natural resources to US multi-nationals.

All of these political clients supported US efforts to exclude Venezuelan President Maduro from the Summit of the Americas for opposing coups,Trump and the Monroe Doctrine

The oligarhs back Washington’s efforts to de-legitimize the Venezuelan elections in May 2018 and to paralyze its economy in order to overthrow the elected president.

The Triumph of Neo-Monroeism

President Trump presides over the Americas with the exception of Cuba, Venezuela and Bolivia. Washington successfully orchestrated the conversion of Latin America into a major political, military and diplomatic launch-pad for US global domination.

None of the regimes have any legitimacy. They all came to power through illicit means – their elections fueled by corruption, force, violence and US complicity.


The Americas receive 42% of US manufacturing exports, (mostly to Mexico and Canada) and is a major US market for arms and toxic agro-chemicals. However, Washington is losing its economic competition with China in the rest of Latin America – and as a result, Trump is attempting to pressure its clients to reduce their ties, accusing China of being ‘imperialist’. Latin America’s rulers, however, want to serve both powers the US politically and China economically.


President Trump has embraced the Monroe Doctrine in his pursuit of dominance of Latin America. Washington takes for granted the oligarchs submission and makes no pretense of consultation: it simply dictates policies via US emissaries.

Under President Trump’s tutelage, the Latin American subjects negotiate the terms of their surrender of sovereignty in order to secure a share of the economic pillage for their oligarchs and US military protection.

President Trump is particularly proud that US dominance is virtually free of cost and effort. The Latin oligarchs do not demand any economic or military aid: the clients pay for policing the empire, contracting neo-liberal economists to hand over their public patrimony.

Latin American clients mouth speeches which echo Trump’s interventionist policies.

Latin American oligarchs ignore President Trump’s domestic crises and political instability as well as his nuclear war threat to Syria and sanctions against Russia.

In one area the Latin American oligarchy does not follow Washington’s orders: they refuse to boycott China . Argentina, Chile, Peru and Brazil’s major exports of agro-mineral commodities. depend on Beijing –which has also become a principle source of loans and foreign investments.

Washington has secured political dominance (or ‘hegemony’ as some polite pundits call it) but it wants more!

President Trump demands a joint military force to overthrow the Venezuelan government and the installation of a client regime. Trump can count on OAS boss Luis Almagro to provide the rhetoric but his clients need the military to prop up their own rule.

President Trump tells his Latin American clients to isolate and lessen ties to China. However, they fear fueling domestic elite opposition. At most Washington can count on their clients in Honduras, Paraguay and Argentina to follow Trump’s lead.

Trump has secured Peña Neto’s agreement to revise NAFTA in order to increase US trade advantages , to allow the US greater control over the border and to increase the flow of laundered money through US banks. Mexico assumes the costs of collaborating with the Trump regime.

So far the Trump regime has had a free ride running the Latin American provinces of the empire on the cheap!. So much so, that Trump has ignored his clients and relegated them to Washington’s backyard. Trump , Wall Street and Pentagon supporters are reasonably content with how he runs the Americas: they are reaping high-interest loans and pay backs; grabbing thousands of public enterprises at bargain basement prices; cost-free military bases including ports and airbases; and they have control over pliable client generals at their beck and call.

What and who can spoil Trump’s imperial party in Latin America?

Venezuela holds elections.. President Maduro wins, defeats coup plots and proceeds to diversify the economy and markets, lowers inflation and begins an economic recovery.

Cuba renews its revolutionary program and leadership; democratizes its economy and socializes its political system.

Brazilian trade unions and social movements organize general strikes, paralyze the economy, free Lula .He is re-elected to advance the struggle far beyond the crooked courts and corrupt electoral system.

Argentina explodes; trade unions, the unemployed and the dispossessed unleash general strikes and face-off against the police; they take over the Presidential palace and President Macri flees overseas; stopping off in Panama and the Bahamas to cash in his illicit holdings.

Mexico has a free and democratic election and AMLO wins, takes office and ends corruption. Trump pays for the wall.

Paraguay, Honduras and Colombia persist – death squads flourish, forcing pacified guerrillas to return to the struggle and peasants to occupy plantations.

The US mass media claim its all a Russian plot. Putin is accused of being behind the low beef prices in Buenos Aires and the flight of capital from Sao Paulo.

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley claims Bashar Assad is organizing Arab border conflicts between Bolivia and Chile, narco traffickers in Paraguay and plotting corruption in Brazil.

Trump tweets :populists resistance is all ‘fake news’ and fake plots. He denounces Latin oligarchs opposing his trade war as supporters of Chinese imperialism. He praises our own oligarchs since they are only crooks signing business deals!

Trump organizes a barbecue for his backyard oligarchs. Only money launderers are invited.

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  1. Can you write a movie script out of that? Something along the lines of La Dictadura Perfecta?

  2. This is one of’s more muddled efforts, like something from Mother Jones during the Reagan Administration. The Soviet Union blew up along with its efforts to install or support Marxist regimes in the Americas, so the author’s fever dreams about Trump–one year in office–funding “death squads” and masterminding coups are really dated. Central and South American countries are artificial, post-imperial constructs which historically lurch between clumsy pseudo-fascism and crude bolshevism. They probably always will. They’ve also always been easy marks for cheap credit and bad economics, long before Trump.

    The Monroe Doctrine is perfectly rational in the same way that Russia and China–the only other two countries that actually matter–seek their respective spheres of influence. It only seems less relevant since the old European powers were kicked out long ago and the Soviets are gone and no longer funding Trotskyism. I’m sure the Chinese have a lot of activity southward but it doesn’t seem problematic for the US so far.

    If anything, US national security and foreign policy institutions are too disengaged from Central and South America because they’re chasing dragons all over the Middle East.

    • Agree: Stephen Paul Foster
    • Replies: @Che Guava
  3. If Cuba can hang in there after the death of the Soviet Union but Venezuela can’t make it even with all that oil, it just proves my point that Maduro is an idiot. The CIA doesn’t need to do anything, just wait for him to self-destruct.

    • Replies: @Wally
    , @aandrews
    , @Z-man
  4. While this article states several truths about the nature of elitist right wingers in Latin America, the fact of the matter is that Socialismo Siglo 21, the neo-Marxist revival spearheaded by Chavez And Amigos, ultimately ran its course, and the blow back in this last few years was to be expected. And not all of it through coups like in Paraguay or Brazil mind you – in Argentina and Colombia both presidents won their elections (and the Colombian one does do better for his people, was even reelected, and his peace offer to the FARC was deemed at first too soft so there is still truce). To be fair, lots of Latin people are not libertarians – however, most of them never practiced real Bolshevist socialism either, and those who did eventually ended up being overthrown and/or nudged to moderation by the productive/traditionalist sectors of society (which on the other hand are moderated if they go too far as well, by the workers and peasants who usually don’t share as much in the commodities-and-imports economy of Latin America – specially if not living in the main port cities and/or capitals where the budgets are made – until of course the former worker/peasant/fellow traveler becomes bureaucratic thief, and the cycle rinses and repeats). So commentary #2 is about right in his first paragraph, since the rise of communism and the Cold War it’s either plutocratic fascism or indigenous/populist Bolshevism, with occasional shades between (strong arm fascism, bureaucratic centralist elite socialism, populist caudillos, etc). Plus there is the subject of race that is never touched in current Latin American commentary, but which I think applies somewhat – that would be the subject of another comment, however…

    One thing I do want to say – I sincerely do hope we don’t fall in love with the Chinese creditors as we did with the American ones in the past. Sure, the Chinese are more generous and shower tons of cheap appliances and projects and credit to spend-friendly, import-friendly, brand-friendly Latins (specially during times of wasteful leftist governments). But unlike America, China imports Latin products much less (the exception is soy, which is why Brazil and Argentina give preference today to wealthy landowners, they export soy to China, the windfall not being taxed while there’s inflation and rising bills for public services). All the Chinese want is a market where to dump everything, therefore the trade imbalance could eventually get worse than in the old Monroe Doctrine days – at least Americans bought sugar and fruit and whatever. Furthermore, due to distance and culture, it is certainly easier for trade to happen between North and South America for Latin entrepreneurs, who have probably been raised on American thinkers… for better and worse. Following this line of thought, since America is a smaller but more liberalized market, it does have more empty niches and ways to fill them with exports (with products not available in America, before any America-First person gets mad heh), while the Chinese market is incredibly hard to crack for exporters: it does have tons of local products already, it has preferred Asian partners already, it has strict apparatchiks running the show, and again the geographical and cultural distance makes Latin exports much easier to the US and even to Europe. Due to all of this, my point is that the trade imbalance Americans have with China will be peanuts with the one Latins are starting to have, as the presence of Chinese “merchant” fleet boats in Argentinian and Ecuadorian waters has shown (in the latter case they were specifically spotted by the Galapagos Islands, home to many sharks that the Chinese love to eat the fins off of…). Besides, if Latin America keeps trading with Europe in spite of the 4 centuries of gold-vacuuming Spanish colonialism (Ecuador for example, did not renovate its tariffs agreement with the US due to Assange and Snowden, but sure did keep the one with the EU to keep exporting shrimp/bananas and importing scotch/vodka), then the region sure as heck should continue to trade with America and get that trade balance right somehow, specially if bringing in the almighty dollar (the yuan is going peanuts trying to beat it).

    That said, the Chinese do offer the Latins an interesting alternative lever to pull on that they didn’t have before in their relations with the West. Perhaps Latins will use that to their advantage in negotiating trade and even mutual defense. And, viceversa, they could use their connection to the West to their advantage against the Chinese if needed. However, considering my experience, I’ll argue that the region will just accumulate a lot of debt, and start the usual economic and political busts and booms all over, while the rest of the world comes in, get their bananas/oil/soy, leaves some more credit and/or installs someone to collect, and leaves…

    Is any of this the US problem? Well, due to geography AND demographics, then maybe. “Build the wall” is a thing for a reason…

  5. @Disordered

    Me alegro leer un comentario mejor pensado desde el sur.

    • Replies: @Disordered
  6. @Jim Bob Lassiter


    One more comment about China – it does have a strategy. It’s not as nice as One Belt makes it sound. The Chinese are trying to get Third World countries very much in debt. This has two unwanted aspects.

    1). Several of these countries continue to devalue their currencies in order to export and try to make up the difference. To be sure, some inflation is not bad, as devaluing currency helps attract foreign investment and cheapens exports – but done in a radical way, as is being done in some Latin countries (Argentina, for example), leads to mass instability, people’s wages and purchasing power go way down (Trump on the other hand has managed this better, even if in fact more could be done to help American production, but no mass inflation as establishment doomsayers were saying), specially for those who don’t belong to the urban importer/service class (the capitalist buddies of the bureaucrat globalist leftists). This devaluation tendency also leads to competition between the countries, and sometimes diplomatic tensions flare – in principle, Mercosur and the Andean Pact allow for free trade, but in practice all countries either try tariffs and/or devaluation because each has different geographies and resources – and either way, contraband never stops feeding someone… At any rate, Latin countries are not getting out of their debt-friendly patterns, and therefore this Chinese-import-led boom is not the big friendly solution the same people who pushed the BRICS narrative are pushing now (the only exceptions are, as always, small Western-friendly homogeneous nations like Costa Rica and Uruguay – even Chile might count since its population is homogeneous and Westernized enough, only its shape makes it seem big).

    2). Furthermore, the heightening trade imbalances might induce some countries to peg their currencies to the yuan. While this would make China officially the creditor of the world, and therefore its ruler (as the Marshall Plan did for postwar US), this would not be the happiness the world expects (or the unhappiness the US elites warn of). For once again, these Latin countries (and many others, Africans specially) do not export to China nearly as much as China dumps their products and technocracy and debt on them. Therefore, Latin America would only be changing of boss in regards to debt and monetary policy – but still depending on exports to a West that probably will have to devalue its currency, work to produce and/or be able to tax more, resolve its issues (welfare reform, demographic pressures, cultural tensions, automation) and perhaps import less commodities and immigrants (remittances are important to several Latin countries too, remember). Thus, this lack of exports will limit growth, and whatever growth that does happen will be heavily imbalanced in the favor of learned elites from capitals and ports (see a similar pattern to the US?). Then class issues, alongside with regional tensions, and even cultural tensions (whiter urban elite vs widening brown slums and impoverished traditionalist/native countrysides) might flare up yet again. This is why the expected change to the yuan that Shanghai bankers expect has not happened – for all its faults, the Western market is wealthier and even when isolationist it’s still a more liberal and import friendly marketplace than the monolithic bureaucratic Chinese who then will defend their public/private business enterprises and right to 20 hour workday slaves tooth and nail. None of this counting automation, and the master/servant dynamic it will introduce – those with robots, those without, those who earn from them, those who service them, etc. To be fair, more Latin Americans are less hungry and own more smartphones than ever – but as we have learned, Fukuyama’s end of history wasn’t so. So likewise I don’t fully trust the Chinese One Road just like 20 years ago the NWO was not meant to be fully trusted either…

    As an extremely hypothetical aside, if China’s yuan becomes appreciated, many Chinese businesses might lose their competitive advantage of doing anything the West does but cheaper – therefore, many of these businesses will either die and/or integrate and/or outsource, all with the usual bureaucratic waste a large police government creates. If this follows, the Chinese will start to look for cheap labor, and will in turn commit on this 21st century all the mistakes the US made last century – but on a grander more bureaucratized scale that might fail harder (the balance sheets of several Third World allies of China already show it). The West would make it if it just locks the doors and rides the wave…

    For the US I’d also hypothetically argue that Central America might need more urgent attention (due to crime and population movements – though again, a wall and a tax on remittances is easier than always-resented political intervention), while South America is both more independent and more intricate (each country is different) and complex to take on, but still too big and Westernized and nearby to be forgotten as it has been since 9/11. And yes, I agree that Central and South America as markets are much more valuable than chasing the Middle Eastern dragons; however, I do understand Latin Americans are only somewhat easier to deal with than with Muslims, and in some aspects not really (Muslims might hate America more outwardly, but Hispanics might feel national pride with more historical basis due to longer time being colonies and republics – and therefore Latin societies might resist invasions even from other countries somewhat harder than some of the more tribalist/clannish Muslim societies)…

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  7. One of the odd things about Petras and other leftists is that they seem to actually know and care about what goes on in Latin America. To everyone else Latin America is background noise. I only have two policy views on Latin America:

    1) Latin Americans should stay the hell out of America (which is called America no matter what [email protected]$%ing spics think)

    2) Latin America is our “backyard” and should not exercise any independence in world affairs

    Beyond that Jair Bolsonaro seems rad.

    • Disagree: UrbaneFrancoOntarian
    • Troll: Twodees Partain
  8. Sumner says:

    Re: [email protected]$%ing spics

    Another wretched low-minded, low-voltage knuckle-dragger.

    ” I only have two policy views on Latin America…”

    Who cares? What makes you think your views, not to mention your filthy uncouth mind and mouth, have even the slightest interest?

    Ron, please get some moderators. Why do you tolerate such swine on your blog, like defecating in the living room of your home?

    • Replies: @manorchurch
    , @22pp22
  9. @Disordered

    “(the only exceptions are, as always, small Western-friendly homogeneous nations like Costa Rica and Uruguay – even Chile might count since its population is homogeneous and Westernized enough, only its shape makes it seem big).”

    I’m not so sure about Costa Rica. I had the occasion to go to DC with some fairly well connected Costa Rican nationals in Nov. 2008 just a couple of weeks after Obama was elected. The town looked pitiful with all of its Magic Negro change of the guard BS underway, but that’s another story.

    The purpose of the trip was to conduct some business at the Costa Rican consulate. A couple of the Costa Ricans in our entourage were well connected and knew most of the staffers; the consular business went off without any complications or delays and we were treated to a 45 minute or so tour of the Costa Rican Ambassador’s old (not in use at time) residence next door to the consulate. Our tour guide was none other than the then Ambassador (I can’t remember his name and Google isn’t helping me) from Costa Rica. Among other topics covered was his almost effusive explanations of a recent decision by the Costa Rican government to grant most favored nation status to China. China had recently bribed the government by constructing a new soccer stadium for the national big leagues. He went on and on quite a bit about China’s ascendency and the new dawn etc.

    I have not kept up with the situation since then. Perhaps you can fill me in.

  10. Pancho says:

    According to Petras, in order to spoil Trump’s imperial party in Latin America, “Cuba renews its revolutionary program and leadership; democratizes its economy and socializes its political system.” Really? The problem with Cuba, something that Castro-loving Petras has always refused to see, is that there was never a revolution, much less a revolutionary program in that Country. Actually, Castro took power in 1959 as the result of a Rockfeller-CIA backed coup d’etat, and implemented a fascist totalitarian regime in that country. Currently, after 60 years of purposeful destruction of the country’s economic, social and cultural infrastructure — which some CFR members saw as an “example to follow”—, you have to be very naive, to say the least, to expect the Castroist kleptocracy to fix the problems they created. For a revealing view of what really happened in Cuba, as well as what is currently happening in the U.S., read the book Psychological Warfare and the New World Order. Highly recommended.

  11. @Disordered

    I’ll argue that the region will just accumulate a lot of debt, and start the usual economic and political busts and booms all over, while the rest of the world comes in, get their bananas/oil/soy, leaves some more credit and/or installs someone to collect, and leaves…

    I think that is a safe bet. Most countries of Latin America have an entrenched Conquistador cultural “personality” developed and emphasized over the 500 years of post-Columbian history. Chile, Uruguay, Argentina, and, to some extent, Brazil, perhaps less-so (Brazil not having acquired the Conquistador set in quite the same manner as the former Aztec, Mayan, and Incan precursors).

    As the rotting of America continues to show us, national cultures continue to corrupt themselves in predictable and essentially repeating ways. While it is astounding that China has managed to climb out of its centuries as economic cess-pit, through what seems to be absolute determination, it’s still China, the dynastic cycle still looms. It still enslaves its people; it still fosters a ruthlessly despoiling plutocracy; it remains in imminent danger of history repeating.

    Or, maybe not. Perhaps technology and all-pervasive surveillance will enable a new golden age of global oligarchy, perhaps it will finally protect absolutely the advantaged class from the disadvantaged class. Perhaps, finally, the sheep will never again look up.

  12. Wally says:

    Latin America:

    33.3% of the world’s murders

    8% of the world’s population

    ‘Sh-thole’ indeed.

  13. The USA’s power over middle and south America becomes very visible when one drives from Miami to the Keys;
    Just south of Miami a bank for every country.
    Eduardo Galeano, ‘Open Veins of Latin America’, Five centuries of the pillage of a continent’, 1971, 2009, Londen.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Anon
  14. And again the false idol of representative democracy (evolutionary autocracy), ensnares the citizenry. If laws are created and struck down by only one section of society (whether the masses or their representatives), the repression of at least the other side is expected. We need semi-direct democracy, representative democracy for the legislature, and let the legislature select their leader – if they so need an executive (all like the Swiss, except their executive is only nominal).

  15. DH says:

    You can choose only one of them. Not both.

  16. I have buy one response to Latin American economic brilliance:

    Basel I and Basel II

    Consequence 2007 —— financial collapse —- which began many years before.

  17. Respect says:

    Disordered ,

    Spain stayed in continental America for 3 centuries , not 4 , and one more century in Cuba -Puerto Rico , so in Cuba and Puerto Rico 4 centuries . Spain build in the Americas cities , roads , universities , factories , hospitals , brought 3.000 years of euroasiatic advances to the americas . , Spain managed , and quite well , one gigantic country from Colorado to Patagonia for 3 centuries . Independence destroyed 3 centuries of political unitiy of Spanish America , which fragmented in many little countries that the US ” gold vacuums ” since then .

    The first railroad of Spain build in the XIX century was done in …….. well , in Cuba , in the spanish province of Cuba in 1837 , not in european Spain ( extrange for a ” gold vacuum ” Spain , do not you think so ? ,as we say piensa el ladron que todos son de su condicion )

    Spain is the 3 rd foreing investor in Latin america , with about 12 % just after the US with about 25 % and Holland with 16 % ( Holland is a fiscal paradise that handles money from all europe and other parts of the world )

    Your lack of respect for Spain and Hispanic countries will be retributed , if you do not respect us ,you will end ud not being respected by us , hispanics . And this will permeate sooner or later in trade , I foresee that latin americans will trade more and more within themselves first , and
    then with Europe ,China and other countries , and less and less with a decadent country that despises them : the United States . And besides the imperial yankee policy of economic sanctions and embargos to any country that does not bow to the Empire , supposes that the USA is not a reliable trade partner anylonger , as we are seeing in Europe with your capricious santions to Russia , Iran etc.., . More and more , many countries are seing the US as a dangerous trading partner .

    • Replies: @Disordered
  18. Respect says:

    As we say in spanish ” no hay enemigo pequeño ” ( there is no such thing as a small , inofensive , enemy ) , so if you declare such a hate for hispanics , beware , what you seed you will reap .

    Your problem is not that you only have 2 policy views on latin america , the problem is that you only have 2 neurons in your brain .

  19. Respect says:

    The US economic santions to Russia are costing Europan vassals billions of euros and hundreds of thousands of jobs . The europeans are starting to be fed up , realizing that the US is a dangerous bussiness partner , whit an easy trigger for santions and and endless lust for wars .

    Latin America has been exploited for two centuries by the yankees , insulted , despised . Actually approximately 25 % of the latin american investments come from the US , 16 % from the Netherlands ( that manages european and world inversions ) and 12 % fron Spain .

    I foresee that in the future latin americans will increase trade first among themselves , then with China , with europeans , and with other countries of the world , and that the trade with dangerous militaristic unreliable insulting US will decrease slowly .

    • Replies: @Wally
  20. Respect says:

    ” the 4 centuries of gold-vacuuming Spanish colonialism ”

    well , it was 3 centuries , 4 just in Cuba and Puerto Rico . But in the two centuries of ” gold-vacuuming yankee colonialism on latin America , since their independence ” , the yankees have stolen millions of times more than the poor spanish with just swords and horses , don`t you think so Disrdered ? , maybe the US steals more in 10 years than Spain in 3 centuries , with your armies ( 50% of the world military expenses ) and your Wall Street .

  21. @Respect

    First of all, I’m not a gringo.
    South American born and raised.

    Second, whenever did I insult Spain, or Europe for that matter. Of course their civilizational order is better than the Bronze Age Pre-Columbian tribes. And even today I think Europe is a great economic and cultural ally – in fact, the latter has to be emphasized a bit more. I do prefer European continental conservatism/third way fascism of sorts, which does allow for a good safety net and gives some power to unions. And of course today Spain does better than all her former colonies.

    All that said… Spain never sent their best to the Americas. And whatever they put in was peanuts compared to the amount of Amerindian-dug gold and silver (and black-farmed sugar) that they squandered on futile wars and internal bureaucracy (the latter fostered the white criollo elites to fight for power and split up the empire and the territories). Not to mention, Spain until Franco was not doing particularly well economically. You could say that the former colonial power matters – even if you dislike the US (you can, just not so exaggeratedly), you won’t deny Canada or Australia are nice.

    And about the US, chill out. South America first and foremost needs to care for itself. Therefore, it should make political alliances with whomever is powerful. The US is powerful, and while we dislike most of its foreign political entanglements if not all, it is a huge trading partner right to the north that cannot be ignored. I also don’t care if we also trade with Putin, Macron, Xi, Kim, the ghost of Idi Amin, whatever. True, we can and should keep our Western heritage. But therefore, the US should be an ally as well, with all its flaws and/or differences.

    As an aside, without forgetting the more nefarious Plan Condor style interventions and invasions, the US also somewhat helped the Americas, not only trade, but also tech transfer and instilling entrepreneurship. The first railroads in other nations were American or British or even French as well. True, US healthcare is messed up, but on the other hand Spain has 2 hour lunches and still relatively high unemployment (not to mention, being flooded by Arabs, though Moroccans tend to be cool, but still cheap labor – guess Latin immigrants got more expensive heh)…

    • Replies: @Respect
    , @c matt
  22. Joe Hide says:

    Author is 1/2 right. 1/2 wrong.
    Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama set up 32 years of expanding an evil empire of the elitists.
    Trump has been in about 1/30th of that time and the author expects 100% improvements? Get a real job for 20 years, live in my world a few decades, and start looking out of the box your limited associations have contained you in.
    North Korea isn’t launching missiles over Japanese waters. North Korea has stopped nuclear testing. The Syrian terrorists have had their weapons, funding, and high tech intelligence received from rogue Western intelligence agencies denied to them. They have been largely crushed in Syria and Iraq. The Deep State, globalists, and other elitist groups have been flank and rear attacked again and again because they naively believed the Trump Allies would not deceive them with false public announcements, as the Deep State has done to naive patriots for decades.
    Evidence trumps words every time.

    • Replies: @manorchurch
  23. Dante says:

    Yes but that excludes the southern cone of Majority European nations ( Argentina Uruguay Southern Brazil & Chile ) the Shit holes you refer to are the Mestizo/black majority nations.

    • Replies: @Wally
  24. @Ilya G Poimandres

    And again the false idol of representative democracy (evolutionary autocracy), ensnares the citizenry.

    False idol as implemented, certainly. OTOH, true democracy means incompetent government because it amounts to a popularity contest rather than a critical selection for merit.

    Perhaps I do not understand your meaning of “semi-direct democracy”, as so far, “letting the legislature select their leader” has been the default mode (effectively), and an absolute disaster for the productive class.

    Personally, I have come to believe that insufficiently-regulated capitalism is the real culprit, and any truly effective government must, above all else, provide strict oversight against market manipulations, hedonism, labor abuse, and the sort of counter-freedom defacto aristocracy produced by inherited wealth, spoils systems, and money-tail wagging the dog, rather than the other way around.

    Now, how to accomplish that, particularly how to do so from the present as starting-point, is another issue. Noting how parties gain control of the very nature of government application, political parties must neither be recognized, nor permitted, looking into or out of the legislature. Further, as even a simple bicameral legislature invites corruption; some variation on parliamentary seems the only option.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  25. @Joe Hide

    LOL. Keep on believing that. The Deep State needs believers.

  26. Wally says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Marxist Petras conveniently ignores the fact that Castro & his communists had gays arrested for being gay.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  27. Wally says:

    even more:

    “Of the 20 nations in the world with the highest homicide rates, 17 are in Latin America”

    • Replies: @manorchurch
  28. Wally says:

    “Latin America has been exploited for two centuries by the yankees , insulted , despised . Actually approximately 25 % of the latin american investments come from the US ….”

    IOW, Yankee dollars kept them afloat.

    ‘Guide to the Perfect Latin American Idiot’

  29. Respect says:

    Come on , if you are not a gringo , then you are a criollo , or a mestizo , fine , then you speak spanish ,then see that :

    ( about 3.000 years of euroasian advances ) and think for yoursef .

    In he Archivos de Indias is registered all the gold and silver that Spain brought from the americas , which after all was not all that much , Rome got more gold from Spain than Spain got fron the americas , and we are nevertheless thankful to the Romans , who brought civilization , and we are not whining all the time about the gold and silver that the romans stole us ( or the greeks , the fenicians , the moors , the wisigothts , the french with Napoleon ……) like the always whining latinoamericans .

    I do not know if you have tought just one thing , that when the hitler of the time Napoleon invaded Spain ( 1808 -1814 ) he invaded from Cadiz to Moscow . He invaded Spain with a french army of 500.000 men , he comitted genocides . Spain had then 12 million inhabitants and the french killed 500.000 civilians and military ( the french lost 300.000 soldiers in Spain ) .The invasion provoked the colapse of Spain , AND of Hispanic America too , did you notice ? did you realize ? , the collapse of hispanic America TOO .Have you thought sometime one thing : that our hispanic american sons never tried to send an army to the Peninsula to help us against the tyrant Napoleon ? traitors , cowards . And that the traitor ” libertadores ” converted three well run spanish virreynates in a bunch of artificial countries , you never have recovered , Mexico lost half ot its territory …..

    If , like you say ” Spain never send the best to the americas ” you do not realize that the english, french , germans never produced any thing like the titanic spanish conquistadores and setlers ? , and by saying so you sugest that you descend from second rate spaniards ? , don`t you ? strange . I am not second rate to anyone .

    You say that ” Spain until Franco was not doing particularly well economically ” , well , history has its cycles , read some history , Spain was the most prosperous province of the Roman Empire , gave Emperors like Trajan ,Adrian and Marco Aurelio , during XVI and XVII centuries Spain dominated Europe , included european possesions like Naples , Sicily , Belgium , Bourgogne …. and colonized America , while the northern europeans killed each other like animals in the catholic-protestant , and protestant -protestants wars . Muslim Spain was more advanced and rich than primitive northern europeans . Have you noticed that Spain did not participate in the World War I and world war II of the ” advanced ” europeans that killed 75 million europeans ? althoug we had a little civil war ( little by europeans standards ) , …well ……

    • Replies: @manorchurch
    , @Disordered
  30. Thomm says:

    It is a privilege to see a sophisticated Confuse and Conquer Jew like Ron Unz singlehandedly tie up hundreds if not thousands of White Trashionalists at once.

    Step 1 : Make a website that WNs use (since they can never build anything on their own). Let any and all anti-Semitic slurs stand on the website to make WNs complacent and even keyboard-courageous.
    Step 2 : Recruit the 2-3 intelligent authors that WNs read (Sailer, Derbyshire, etc.) who happen to extremely bad at making money, so that they write for very little.
    Step 3 : After a few years, start pushing for normalization of Hispanics (even if illegal; especially if illegal).
    Step 4 : Deploy someone like Fred Reed to generate even more confusion.

    It works…and it is a lesson in asymmetrical attrition warfare by a sophisticated Confuse and Conquer Jew.

    Ron Unz has said about 95% of this site disputes the fact that the real division is black vs non-black. I am among the 5% that agree with him (although I am more conservative than him, since I think there should be only skilled, legal immigration, not unskilled and certainly never illegal).

    Now, here is the thing. Those who talk about Auschwitz, lampshades, and soap never get moderated here, but those who agree with Ron Unz do. He will even get angry with those who agree with him too vocally.

    Why? Because he thinks it will expose his game of 4D chess. But I guarantee that it cannot, since the typical White Trashionalist is far below the IQ threshold where they can observe the many pieces in motion. I can describe Ron’s plan in full detail (and I fully support it), without any risk of the WNs figuring anything out (much less leaving this site).

    I am hugely in favor of what Ron Unz is doing.

  31. @Wally

    “Of the 20 nations in the world with the highest homicide rates, 17 are in Latin America”

    I’m curious. Are you cognizant of just how stupefyingly irrelevant that comment is to the Petras article?

    • Replies: @Wally
  32. @Thomm

    That was hilarious. Incisive, contemplative, analytical, observant — not. ROFLMAO.

    Cripes Louisa, did you ever make an obvious fool of yourself.

    • Replies: @Thomm
  33. c matt says:

    You do realize that “America” is named after an Eye-talian?

    • Replies: @Respect
  34. @Respect

    If , like you say ” Spain never send the best to the americas ” you do not realize that the english, french , germans never produced any thing like the titanic spanish conquistadores and setlers ?

    They didn’t? Present circumstances and economic history of 500 years notwithstanding?

    Anglo-French Europe did not “send” its best to the Americas, either. Frankly, on face value, you couldn’t convince me Anglo-French Europe “sent” anyone at all. Drove them out, sure. Let them go, sure. Anything beyond 1st SD? Damn few.

    The Iberian royalty, Spanish and Portuguese both, is a stain on the conscience of all humanity. That’s what got “sent”, by proxy, to America. And it shows.

    • Replies: @Respect
  35. c matt says:

    US healthcare is messed up

    At least we don’t murder our Alfie Evanses

  36. bluedog says:

    And the empire has spoken, regardless of those millions of people who inhabit South America,after all that’s OUR playground so the idiots have come to believe ,and those millions should have no say in how their own countries are run…

  37. Thomm says:

    Thanks for proving my point. A 70-IQ WN like you can’t see what is obvious to even the average person.

    Heh heh heh heh

    • Replies: @manorchurch
  38. aandrews says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Personally, I think the nukes never left Cuba like everyone was led to believe. That could be one big difference.

  39. @Thomm

    Howdy Rishi/Rajesh/Thomm/Thomas!

    How’s that curry-house job comin along man? Heard they gonna raise the minimum wage in many states! Time to re-joice eh? This one calls for a curry-filled party!!! and some “kingfisher” (the Indian version of Yuengling for the un-initiated) to go along??

    • Replies: @Thomm
  40. Thomm says:

    I see you are enjoying the song that I wrote for you to rally around. Typical – you use what other produce but produce nothing of value yourself. But I nonetheless was generous enough to write something that you relish. Enjoy!

  41. Respect says:

    You anglogermanic nazis are always making wars , material or moral , against mankind , you are the descendants of Cain

    • Replies: @manorchurch
    , @Wally
  42. Z-man says:
    @Fidelios Automata

    Venezuela can’t make it even with all that oil, it just proves my point that Maduro (and the nut before him Chávez) is an idiot. The CIA doesn’t need to do anything, just wait for him to self-destruct.

    Yeah this guy Petras forgot to mention this inconvenient fact in his article. The only place the evil empire is really evil is in regard to defending the Zionist Entity.

    • Replies: @L.K
  43. Respect says:

    music of Vangelis

  44. Thomm says:

    Heh. The irony is, just a couple of days ago, plenty of WN wiggers insisted that Thorfinnsson is Indian, just because he knows a few things about India. The wiggers think the same about me for the same reason.

    WN wiggers are the dumbest of the dumb (by nature’s design, since the waste matter has to accumulate somewhere so that the other 80% of whites can sustain our excellence). That is why Ron Unz’s 4D Chess is a delight to watch, even if 2D chess is sufficient to overcome WN wiggers.

  45. Che Guava says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    I think you are a little confused. The USSR briefly had Trotters at the head of the Red Army.

    He killed many, including Kronstadt, to the (given Russia’s state at the time) crazy western invasion, ruined on the shoals of Poland, more.

    Removed from that position, set up front groups (certainly causing damage at least until the fifties- (through internal security). Sent into internal exile, then expelled, fIrst to Turkey.then he moved to Mexico, with the aim of returning to the U.S.A.. where, early in the last century, he’d had a brief career in porn in N.Y.

    The activIsm of his co-ethnics and followers in the U..S.A. never got him transferred.

    The great hero Mercador assassinated Trotters with an ice-pick (not the cocktail type, as many assume, but the type for climbiwmg), as a Christian I cannot condone this in completeness, but it was sure ridding the world of a very evil man.

    • Replies: @Respect
  46. Respect says:
    @c matt

    Amerigo Vespucci , Italian or Americo Vespucio in Spain , he nationalized Spanish

    really America should have been named Colombia in honor of Colon ,

  47. @Thomm

    Thanks for proving my point. A 70-IQ WN like you can’t see what is obvious to even the average person.

    Heh heh heh heh

    White nationalists are idiots, but you make them look like geniuses.

  48. @Wally

    And Ernesto “Che” Guevara, MD had to walk back on some unflattering characterizations he made about “los negros”.

    • Replies: @Wally
  49. @Respect

    You anglogermanic nazis are always making wars , material or moral , against mankind , you are the descendants of Cain

    Ah, my mistake. I had no idea you were one of those. I met several of your kind during my years in San Jose, Fortaleza, and Sao Paulo.

    I remember one fellow at a cocktail party in Santos … he was vociferous about his “two oceans” theory. Seems he had formed a theory that Brasil could not succeed in the same free-enterprise mode as had the USA, because Brasil didn’t have “two oceans” to drive westward expansion, which, you see, was the real key to how come the dastardly Americans were so successful. Pointing out there were passes through the Andes had no effect — for all intents and purposes, Brasil was screwed by its “one ocean” configuration.

    You have a variation on the same malady. Good luck with that.

  50. @Sumner

    Re: [email protected]$%ing spics

    You’re right. It is despicable. The cad should have had the strength of character to say “fucking spics” in plain English.

  51. L.K says:

    Iow, the only problem you have with Zamerican Imperialism is when you identify that its doing it for Zionism’s sake, i.e, the US is a province of Israel.

    You are not really against imperialism, you just basically don’t like being the zionists bitch.

    • Replies: @Z-man
  52. L.K says:

    Latin America, the United States, and the Rise of the New Imperialism
    by Greg Grandin

    The British and Roman empires are often invoked as precedents to the Bush administration’s aggressive foreign policy. But America’s imperial identity was actually shaped much closer to home. In a brilliant excavation of long-obscured history, Empire’s Workshop shows how Latin America has functioned as a proving ground for American strategies and tactics overseas. Historian Greg Grandin follows the United States’ imperial operations from Jefferson’s aspirations for an “empire of liberty” in Cuba and Spanish Florida to Reagan’s support for brutally oppressive but U.S.-friendly regimes in Central America. He traces the origins of Bush’s current policies back to Latin America, where many of the administration’s leading lights first embraced the deployment of military power to advance free market economics and enlisted the evangelical movement in support of their ventures.

  53. L.K says:

    American imperialism in Latin America goes back to the 19th century and continues to this day.
    As highly decorated US marine General Smedley D. Butler stated, in ‘War is a Racket’

    “I spent 33 years and four months in active military service and during that period I spent most of my time as a high class muscle man for Big Business, for Wall Street and the bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism. I helped make Mexico and especially Tampico safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefit of Wall Street. I helped purify Nicaragua for the International Banking House of Brown Brothers in 1902-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for the American sugar interests in 1916. I helped make Honduras right for the American fruit companies in 1903. In China in 1927 I helped see to it that Standard Oil went on its way unmolested. Looking back on it, I might have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.”

  54. Respect says:
    @Che Guava

    Not Mercador , but Mercader , Ramòn Mercader

    Spanish , agent of the NKVD , he killed Lev Davídovich Bronstein ,alias Trotsky , in Mexico .It seems that Trostky had left empty the coffers of the URSS , and when Stalin wanted the money back and Trostsky refused the NKVD entered in action .

  55. Wally says:
    @Jim Bob Lassiter


    Not to mention ‘Che’ killing helpless peasants with his own pistol.

  56. Wally says:

    So “irrelevant” that you responded. LOL

    Clearly I hit nerve.


    • Replies: @manorchurch
  57. Wally says:

    as required, says:
    “You anglogermanic nazis are always making wars , material or moral , against mankind”

    Except that there were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    The ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ are scientifically impossible frauds.
    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    Holocaust Handbooks, Documentaries, & Videos
    New eye opening videos from CODOH:
    Probing the Holocaust, pt. 1

    Chemistry of Auschwitz / Birkenau

  58. @Wally

    So “irrelevant” that you responded. LOL

    Clearly I hit nerve.

    Yeah, I have a tendency to occasionally tell assholes what assholes they are.

    You’re an asshole.

    • Replies: @Wally
  59. @Respect

    Except we don’t live in the time of Teddy Roosevelt anymore, and since the postwar pretty much the whole West trades with Latin America in an unequal way (though it has gotten better, but not by much – depending on each country and their cultures too). Heck the West always did trade, the original foreign debt was with Britain, and so it remained until the early 20th century. Sure, Americans at a time took all of Cuba’s sugar and all of Nicaragua’s fruits, just like Spain took through Repsol the gas and oil in Bolivia and Argentina, and Britan through Shell had other countries as well. What’s the point? Most of these things thankfully have come to pass, we in the 20th century defeated most such interventionism. If I emphasize Spain’s role a bit more (but not much), it’s because Spain’s gold vacuuming literally robbed all the wealth from the former population, which was then slaved, and then founded a relatively flawed society; this is the root, then. To be sure, Anglos killed many natives and took their land, but they did that in their own land and against the tribes in that land. I don’t wanna copy that – but, I say that because, what the Spanish did to their natives is only the Spaniards’ responsibility (and, again, that does not absolve Francis Drake raiding every colonial port either; but he did not invent encomiendas).

    And, if I may correct you regarding years, the influence of the US was felt 120-150 years at most in Latin America, and the original patriots held Washington and Jefferson in high esteem. Most Latin American countries were independent at least, even under the worst American imperialism the only real colony was and still is Puerto Rico, the rest of “allies” were more semi-puppet states. Later thankfully Latin nationalism revived, even if leftist, and after a troubled Cold War, several republics remained at least commercially friendly enough with America so as that the imperialism wasn’t necessarily bad for them – heck, some countries did historically need of the US more, ask Panama, Costa Rica, even Dominican Republic or Chile. In fact several nations’ top destination for exports is still the US, specially in the Caribbean and Pacific Rim. Was Spain like that? Actually, not really, since we actually rebelled against Spain because EVERY SINGLE PRODUCT exported HAD TO be exported to Spain or another Spanish colony. At least Americans only asked for a few products only, like bananas! Or they opened Chevy and Levi’s factories, oh what a crime? Btw Spain used to sell us Seat cars, and Latin America sells it various raw goods like shrimp, was that imperialist? Is Telefonica Movistar ruling half of Latin America’s cellphones imperialist? And so on… then Japan also partly owns us because of so many Latins buying the PS4… and Russia owns us because they give us planes and in turn expect us to remain all good with them… and let’s not talk about the China debt lol… see how is your reasoning? At least Russia is only really imperialist now near its borders, that I will recognize… but I remember when many in Latin America either followed Moscow or Beijing… wasn’t that being subservient to foreign ideologies?

    Obviously in other countries, most really, the CIA dictators and coups were terrible, but since the wall felt the negative influence is felt more sporadically (there’s still several coups recently, some mentioned in the article). I do not deny that US imperialism in the continent ruined a lot of lives, and is perhaps more important in current government policy (as are China, and to a lesser degree the various Europeans), but its cultural influence is still not as much as Spain’s was, for more years and since the founding of the mixed societies that make Latin America (though again, varies on country, but not too wildly; Mexico is the one with most legitimate grievances). I don’t wanna go to war with Spain, nor the US for that matter – we just have to be realistic, recognizing positives and negatives, and learn from the experiences so as Latin America can finally defend itself politically and economically while still remaining friendly enough to the rest of the world so as to close the gap, even if it means being friendly to its former exploiters (if they so desire to be friendly, of course- Spain can’t do harm in its current form, and the US knows that their dollars are liked but that any meddling will be combated. If there was one saving grace of Socialismo Siglo 21 was its original nationalism and anti Plan Colombia stance, which in later years became more phony, thieving, bureaucratic, CultMarxist, and Chinese-friendly. Which is why nationalism from the Latin right should revive, ideally in a populist form. As opposed to the common globalist capitalist thought that permeates the Latin right today, and which will end in another leftist nationalist continental revolt if thieves like Macri and Temer are the face of “progress”).

    At any rate, don’t get triggered by a single quote, it’s just an expression. And a historical reality. And yes, we are much better than before 1492 anyway (including the settlers that came here, from which I descend alongside formerly native browns). Just like we are better in 2018 than in the colonial 1700s, or the US dominated 1900s, or during the red crazes and/or fascist dictators. Just like Spain is better now than 30-40 years ago. So you can sleep at night, and visit El Escorial during the day.

    Oh and about Franco being the best, I meant since the modern version of Spain that arose since the loss of empire. Obviously Hispania and Al Andalus were prosperous, though they were ruled by different cultures.

    • Replies: @Respect
    , @Anon
  60. 22pp22 says:

    Unz believes free speech. If you find it triggering, go to another website.

    • Agree: Miro23
  61. Wally says:

    Yep, you’re still dancing to my tune. LOL

    Kiss the ring.

  62. @manorchurch

    Semi-direct democracy in that you give the electorate the right to affect national law directly, through referendum (and access to it through a petition service such as in Switzerland, where 1-2% of the electorate must sign an existing petition before it can be put to referendum for example).

    Set smart rules though, to avoid the tyranny of the masses. Say, to avoid the uni-polar ‘elite power centre’, allow the electorate to strike law passed by representatives, or reinstate laws previously struck down by representatives (with a time limit on inaction probably). It would be unlikely the masses ever agree on much, other than possibly the few times representatives choose extreme laws or commitments that the majority don’t want for their society. Mostly it limits politicians from even trying to make such laws because no democratic politician wants to be told ‘no’ and lose face, especially by their own electorate. (letting the electorate make proposals to create law.. dunno, would require an effective and universal education system to be in place at the minimum!, but then again, could always set the standard higher – say the law must be agreed to by 60% at referendum or whatnot).

    The point with the executive is that, if the monopoly on the creation/rescinding of laws is taken away from representatives, whether they select or elect their leader is of less consequence, as that leader is in any way practically limited by the electorate’s power to tell them ‘no’ to any crazy they wish to start. (I like wheel turning monarchs and philosopher kings, rare as they are, but I don’t think they would entertain the popularity contest that is the process of election!)

    Representative democracy on the other hand is just the right to shout but not to be heard. Freedom of speech (not that autocracy by definition cuts this off at all levels) counts for no thing valuable if you are left speaking to a wall. In the US, 75%ish agree with the Paris accord, yet you wouldn’t believe this if you looked at the political deadlock. Really, within representative democracy, the only truly democratic action that the electorate maintains, is revolution, hence why this is still an autocracy in my books. We can vote for humans who then make our laws all we like, but mostly, we leave them in charge with everything – representative democracy is to politics what a command economy is to economics: ‘you, we elect you, now go off and make our laws for us!’. The superficial, spirit of the law only, difference to the Duke of Zhou’s Mandate of Heaven theory doesn’t justify the huge pride some populations of representative democratic nations heap on it.

    I agree that government should be an efficient regulator, of a socialist-market economy imo, and that this is demonstrably the abject failure of many democratic nations. All OECD countries are mostly between 20-25% welfare state, but because there is not an efficient, simple (imo flat) tax system for raising government income, and no simple, non-means tested method for redistributing the income to the population, most of the time government spends time debating how to tweak the collection and spending of taxes, rather than figuring out how to deal with systemic risks, internalizing externalities, managing moral hazard and what you say above.

    Tax should be flat income/profit/capital-gains/inheritance, set at the socially agreed level of government spending (20-40% in most modern economies). Fewer holes in the ship for avoidance, fewer philosophical arguments from the rich for being treated unfairly (and unequally), less structure for government to clasp on to, more fitting with the idea of ‘one society’.

    Restructure welfare so that it, at most, provides those things necessary for a human to avoid destitution and stagnation (structural unemployment). Food, housing, health, education, and defense are basically alls a government needs to cover. Take the UK:

    5% of GDP is all that is necessary for food/capita (£1400/£28,000), provided as a UBI, is enough to eat well and healthy.
    2% for the 210k additional new houses/year necessary at 200k/house or flat (the 10m undersupply is a quarter century error that would take more to fix though),
    10-12% for health, either insurance based or state funded – just set effective regulations,
    10% on education, state funded, uni included but with the option to do apprenticeships in partnership with businesses – creating an ideological society with no root in practicality is never smart. Keep 1% maybe for helping adults manage the hell of modern division-of-labour.
    1-3% on total defense, depending if the nation is armed and neutral, or armed and aggressive really, with the additional being sprinkled on police forces (only 0.25% of GDP in the UK)

    29-33% of GDP, imo, and your basic human is no longer at risk of ending up on the streets without much hope of functioning in the modern economy. Now whether this needs to be offered only to those in employment or seeking employment, who knows – not the worst cut off line imo, but universality has its benefits and simplicity. Overall, this would allow a market with only limited firing/hiring laws, no need for minimum wage, a workforce not stuck in 40 year long dead end jobs/careers and its ensuing productivity drain through lack of motivation for their work..

    Mostly though, I think that there needs to be an economic bargain between the socialists and the free marketers, both recognising that each has its place, but in its section of the economic world. Otherwise we remain where we are now, with the socialist side of the economy being barged in on by free market concepts, and the free market being barged in on by the socialist concepts. The free market needs regulations still of course, but not by definition labour regulations – that should be solved at the state level, leaving businesses with raw and stress limited human capital. Socialism for broadly defined security, a regulated free market for innovation and growth.

  63. Respect says:

    well , obvioulsly you are an argentinian peronista , what else can I say .

    politica aparte , bonita cancion , ¿ verdad ?

  64. Che Guava says:

    Thanks for the reply, I try but do not always have correct spelling.

    Have you heard of Richard Sorge?

    He is one of the most interesting USSR spies, but GRU, not NKVD. Operating in China and Japan. There are tales that our wartime govt. was using him to feed disinfo, after they were tracking down his group, and before he was shot.

    The grave is in a famous .graveyard, many literary figures and old nobility. I try to find his, but I think that he is under a false name.

    I think that I will go there this week, directly ask the administrators where his grave is, but am suspecting it is a secret.

    The movie on him was famous director Shimoda’s last great work, if you have not seen it, recommended. Not the world’s best film, but good.

    I am interested in your statement of Lev Bronstein stealing capital from the USSR at all, and find it easy to believe, can you cite a source on it?

    If so, it would be simillar to the actions of his co-ethnics in the ’90s.

    Of course, thieves cover their tracks when they can.

    • Replies: @Respect
  65. @Ilya G Poimandres

    Another democrat heard from. Democracy is the poison, not the antidote. Direct democracy or semi-direct democracy are still just mob rule, except that the mob really has no say. The vote counters still rule.

    • Replies: @Ilya G Poimandres
  66. gig says:

    1) not a single word about how China destroyed Venezeula; her credit kept Maduro from falling and right now 25% of Venezuela’s oil exports are taken by China as interest. Not Even Versailles subjected Germany to such harsh terms. ANd Russia is also taking her share, not as big as China’s, but big enough

    2) not a word about the São Paulo Forum ( “let’s retake in Latin America what we [communists] lost in Eastern Europe”

    3) not a word about the relationship between Latin America leftists and drug dealing. It is widely known in Brazil that Comando Vermelho (“Red Command”) , the main criminal organization in Rio, was born when common criminals were imprisoned together with brazilian communists trained in Cuba during the 1970s

    4) the association between the Left and drug dealing is too obvious to be even questioned in Peru or Colombia aND now Venezuela (have you commented anywhere how two nephews of Maduro were captured with 800kg of coc aine in Haiti)?

    5) not a word about how Dilma Rousseff disastrous economic policy caused the single greatest recession in Brazil, a 10% GDP drop in 3 years. Evil Americans and Brazilian elites took her down “for nothing”?

    6) any word about the relationship between Marcos Camacho, probably the greatest drug kingpin in Southern Brazil, and the years he spent in prison with Chilean Arch-terrorist Mauricio Norambuena, arrested for kidnapping in Brazil?

    if you wnat to stop being an idiot about Latin America, start with Olavo de Carvalho’s english page:

  67. Respect says:
    @Che Guava

    Che Guava

    I do not have written sources of the Trostky thefts , I guess there are in russian .

    This was told to me by russians emigres in Spain , they said that when Stalin rose to power he found the URSS coffers empty , then he told Trostky to bring back the money t0 Russia (
    it seems that the money was in New York banks ) , but Trostky did not collaborate , and in 1927 he was expelled from the URSS .

    In the fall of the URSS the New York banks cleaned Russia for about 500.000 million 1991 dollars . To undestand what happened in the USSR implosion I reccomend you this book :

    Godfather of the Kremlin
    the decline of Russia in the age of gangster capitalism

    by Paul Klebnikov

    A Harvest Book , Harcourt Inc , Orlando , Florida , 2000

    Klevnikov was a new yorker of russian ascent who worked for FORBES , in 2004 he was assesinated in Moscow problably by the gangster capitalists he denounced in his books and articles . In my opinion this book is a must read to understand the fall and plunder of the USSR , a fall that also produced about 10 million deaths .

    • Replies: @Che Guava
  68. Che Guava says:

    Thank you for the reply in any case, a likely idea, at least in terms of some lucre, also logical, llav
    ish life in exle, etc. It is a shame that you have nothing but anecdotal, but anecdotal is not the same as nothing, but also not reliable.

  69. @Twodees Partain

    There is no system that does not have some level of democracy: have a pure autocracy, if it fails to heed the needs/wants of the majority, how does it fall? Through revolution. Is that not democratic? Sure, not all fight, and not always is the 50%+ in revolt, but government systems fall when the citizenry’s will is left on the side, in favour of some minority group – elite or otherwise.

    The question is, which government system best manages the needs/wants of the citizen population as a whole. You can argue either way – I’m not against autocracy, but it must be shown to be, on average, better at listening to the needs of the population. This can be the case with great autocrats, but it can be the reverse too.

    In principle though – there is no continuous and direct connection between the population and the rulers in any system, other than in a semi-direct democracy. With respect to listening to the electorate, representative democracy is mostly a lie – representative democracy/autocracy leaves the rulers deaf to the masses, direct democracy leaves the masses dumb empty of a ‘directing mind’, to steal from Marcus Aurelius. The balance in the middle does not seem unreasonable. It requires education however – without it, at best half of your decision making is left to herd behaviour otherwise.

    Hence the Swiss example, ancient Athens is a decent first generation discussion, but its 2500 years removed from now. The Swiss haven’t bombed anyone for centuries, and their system has been running for 700 years+.

    The vote counters can be a crypto-tech btw these days.. as much as it’s still very nacent technology, it can already easily remove the middle-man and drop the cost of voting from $7-25 to $0.50 (more egalitarian).. The control of information of course, is an issue in any system where information is managed by some subsection of society. This is certainly a problem for democracy, as much as for autocracy.

    PS – don’t get me wrong, democratic voters don’t understand this imo, but democracy brings two-way responsibility.. as much as I’m anti-violence, if a voting citizen exist in a democratic system, even if only in the spirit of the law, they must acknowledge themselves as a political target. That people are aghast that al-Qaeda, ISIS et al bombs ‘innocents’ in Europe is idiotic – a voter in a democratic country is a political target. Simple as. Accept it and vote for policies/people that stop policies that put a target on your forehead! Also, listen to the people that put a target on your head, because for the most part, political violence stems from some level of considered reason, not absurdism. This is why I have never voted, nor will I, until the citizenry has direct access to affect law, at the state and/or local level. Before that, a voting citizen just consents to being beaten up against their will.

    A basic Osama bin Laden quote, from 1998:

    “First, for over seven years the United States has been occupying the lands of Islam in the holiest of places, the Arabian Peninsula, plundering its riches, dictating to its rulers, humiliating its people, terrorizing its neighbors, and turning its bases in the Peninsula into a spearhead through which to fight the neighboring Muslim peoples.

    If some people have in the past argued about the fact of the occupation, all the people of the Peninsula have now acknowledged it. The best proof of this is the Americans’ continuing aggression against the Iraqi people using the Peninsula as a staging post, even though all its rulers are against their territories being used to that end, but they are helpless.

    Second, despite the great devastation inflicted on the Iraqi people by the crusader-Zionist alliance, and despite the huge number of those killed, which has exceeded 1 million… despite all this, the Americans are once again trying to repeat the horrific massacres, as though they are not content with the protracted blockade imposed after the ferocious war or the fragmentation and devastation.
    So here they come to annihilate what is left of this people and to humiliate their Muslim neighbors.

    Third, if the Americans’ aims behind these wars are religious and economic, the aim is also to serve the Jews’ petty state and divert attention from its occupation of Jerusalem and murder of Muslims there. The best proof of this is their eagerness to destroy Iraq, the strongest neighboring Arab state, and their endeavor to fragment all the states of the region such as Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and Sudan into paper statelets and through their disunion and weakness to guarantee Israel’s survival and the continuation of the brutal crusade occupation of the Peninsula.”

    Any educated and unbiased person these days acknowledges this, but what limits this understanding within so called democratic nations of the West – the systems of government with its elites and their systems of control, or the masses, controlled or otherwise, in and of themselves?

    (also, what system of government would you recommend? :) )

  70. Z-man says:

    I’m nobody’s bitch but most of the problems of my country’s foreign policy are based on the fact that they are bitches to the Jooz. I am for America First, I could care less about colonialism in Africa, Asia or S America. In fact I hope that millions die by their own means in those continents, especially Africa and Asia. And a disproportional amount of Zionists! And you too.

  71. @Thomm

    since the typical White Trashionalist is far below the IQ threshold where they can observe the many pieces in motion.

    If you peg that far-below-threshold at 90 IQ or below, then it’s hardly worth a game of 4D chess.

    Ron Unz has said about 95% of this site disputes the fact that the real division is black vs non-black.

    The argument is a small but influential group (mostly liberal Jews) weaponizes blacks and browns, who are otherwise cultural followers with low intelligence and poor organizational skills, against non-blacks. Hence, the real problem from that perspective is not so much black vs non-black but Jews and other culture-leaders vs their “fellow white people.”

    • Replies: @Thomm
  72. Thomm says:
    @The Anti-Gnostic

    Hence, the real problem from that perspective is not so much black vs non-black but Jews and other culture-leaders vs their “fellow white people.”

    That has always been the problem. It seems illogical that Jews should hate America, when it was America that indeed saved them from Nazi death camps, plus saves Israel from Arab eradication today.

    But remember that White Trashionalism is also a left-wing ideology, and perhaps Jews saw this and erroneously through that these WNs were representative of mainstream whites.

    • Replies: @HogHappenin
    , @Anon
  73. F. Y. says:

    Can ”transparency” really be expected for the following FTA (Canada, Quebec, and Latin America VIA the European Union):


    EU-MERCOSUR FTA: Rules of origin draft text (Nov 2017)


    Conditions for making out a statement on origin”:

    - Validity of a statement of origin
    - Importation by instalments
    - Exemptions from proof of origin

    - Verification of statements on origin
    - Dispute settlement

    This document contains the consolidated text resulting from the 30th round of
    negotiations (6-10 November 2017) on
    rules of origin in the Trade Part of the


    FTA: 27 draft chapters (Feb 2018)
    posted 29-March-2018

    EU-Mercosur FTA: 27 draft chapters (Feb 2018)

    Annex on motor vehicles
    Annex on rules of procedure for arbitration
    Bilateral safeguard measures
    Chapter on Goods
    Cooperation in agriculture
    Current payments and capital movements
    Customs and trade facilitation
    Energy and raw materials – EU proposals
    Eu proposal on export competition
    EU proposal subsidies
    Global Agreement Trade Related provisions
    Government procurement
    Measures on preferential treatment
    Mercosur proposal Subsidies
    Protocol on assistance in customs matters
    State-owned enterprises
    Tariff elimination schedules
    Text on dispute settlement
    Trade and Sustainable Chapter
    Trade in Services and Establishment

    Annex on Motor Vehicles (PDF – 454 kb) Annex on rules of procedure for arbitration (PDF – 1.2 Mb) Bilateral safeguard measures (PDF – 665.1 kb) Chapter on Goods (PDF – 894.8 kb) Competition (PDF – 251.8 kb) Cooperation in agriculture (PDF – 108.2 kb) Current payments and capital movements (PDF – 200.7 kb) Customs and trade facilitation (PDF – 1.2 Mb) Dialogues (PDF – 335.5 kb) EU proposal subsidies (PDF – 212.8 kb) Energy and raw materials – EU proposals (PDF – 162.9 kb) Eu proposal on export competition (PDF – 98.5 kb) Global Agreement Trade Related provisions (PDF – 901 kb) Government procurement (PDF – 1.5 Mb) IPRs (PDF – 2.3 Mb) Measures on preferential treatment (PDF – 115.5 kb) Mercosur proposal Subsidies (PDF – 129.3 kb) Protocol on assistance in customs matters (PDF – 422.8 kb) SMEs (PDF – 168.5 kb) SPS (PDF – 2.1 Mb) State-owned enterprises (PDF – 238.1 kb) TBT (PDF – 1019.2 kb) Tariff elimination schedules (PDF – 277.5 kb) Text on dispute settlement (PDF – 1 Mb) Trade and Sustainable Chapter (PDF – 791.2 kb) Trade in Services and Establishment (PDF – 2.4 Mb) Transparency (PDF – 340.4 kb)

  74. @Thomm

    hay you Indiot

    If it weren’t for the zionist Juuz, we’d give two hoots about the sandbox that is the middle east you idiot. NuttyYahoo and their brethren was constantly haranguing the US to attack Iraq up in 2001 and 9 out of 10 ‘neocohens’ errr.. I mean neoCONs are of Jewish Heritage.

    GO look at every culture that has housed these folks. They were backstabbed almost every time. Remember the bolsheviks who dreamed of eradicating Orthodox Christianity from it’s bastion, Imperial Russia were from the same tribe, the most famous being Leon Trotsky, the N(J)ew York city Juu. In fac that who damn exercise were initially financed by tribesmen from NYC you dolt.

    The who balfour declaration was done under pressure from the very tribe. Out interests are FAR more in the Asia pacific and WASP imperialists, if they had the kind of pull on capitol Hill the tribesmen have, would care less about the middle east but be FAR more concerned with latin America and the Asia pacific. As for Israel, they have 200 odd nukes and certainly don’t need our “protection”. But they’d rather have their enemies crushed using American blood and borrowed money (the FEDs, again a bunch of Juuz running the ponzi scheme that is the USD).

    If the Juu really cared for the christians, they wouldn’t be forcing us to make friends with the despicable Saudis and we wouldn’t be helping them to destroy Syria, the last standout of the OLDEST Christian community in the middle east, probably the oldest Christians many of whom still understand the Aramaic language. But since you are a Hindoo, you would care less about that.

    So stop pretending you are “white” you dolt and admit it that just like the neoCOHENs ahem I mean the neo-cons you are hawkish on foreign policy (more wars for israel), liberal on domestic policy and pro-immigration (even if you cleverly disguise it as only for high IQ ones). You care two hoots about the white race getting displaced by non whites, especially the Indians.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Thomm
  75. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Last year

    Mexico 25,000 murders 127 million population.

    USA 17,600 murders 320 million population.

  76. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Being a visitor instead of a Florida resident you don’t realize what those Florida banks, mansions and private schools represent

    The wealthy oligarchs of S America and Mexico maintain colonies in the USA. All over the south. Wealthy Puerto Ricans and other Caribbeans do too.

    What you saw is a colony of Latin American oligarchs keeping their money in the USA where it can’t be seized in the next change of government

    Many of those homes and apartment houses are owned by Latin Americans.
    Why not buy a home in Florida in advance of the next change of government instead of the hassle of buying a home in a hurry when one has to flee?

    Best is an apartment house. Keep one apartment empty in case you have to flee and you can live off the rents.

    My brother went to high school with a Haitian boy who lived with relatives. His family owned blocks and blocks of real estate in Miami. The idea was that when things got bad at home they could fly over to Miami.

    The boy, like all his family going back to the 1920s were all born in Miami.
    When the women are pregnant they travel to Miami and stay there till the baby is a few months old.

    Oligarch anchor babies

    The family had apartments furnished in those buildings ready for them to move in if they had to get out of Haiti fast. Rent from the other apartments in the building and the businesses they owned would support them.

    La Jolla Ca is another expensive town full of homes owned by Mexicans just in case they have to get out quickly. So is San Diego and towns in Texas Arizona and N Mexico.

    Boarding schools in America are full of Latin American and Mexican kids whose parents want them to perfect the English and have an American diploma.

    Another reason why the Mexican and Latin American oligarchs send their kids to America for high school is so the kids can have experience of being able to come and go without drivers and body guards

    Even middle class people get kidnapped in Latin America for a few thousand Euros.

  77. Anon[363] • Disclaimer says:

    True about Syrian Christianity. One reason the Muslims hate the Alawites is that some think they are hidden Christians who survived all these centuries.

    Syrian monks went to Central Asia before 300 AD. Jews hate Christianity, especially the Roman Catholics far, far more than they hate Islam.

    They have turned Bethlehem into a prison.

    • Replies: @HogHappenin
  78. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:
    @jilles dykstra

    Read post 17, written by a S American. Your own country, the Netherlands is one of the 3 biggest “exploiters” of S America.

    You might want to take a look at the Dutch slave trade and the tortures the Netherlands inflicted on Indonesians.

    The ship that brought the first Africans to Jamestown Virginia in 1619 was owned and manned by Dutch a captain and sailors.

    The Dutch treatment of Catholics right up to the 20th century was as bad as the English treatment of Irish and Scots Catholics was.

    • Replies: @Jim Bob Lassiter
  79. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Drake was a pirate who roamed both oceans stealing Spanish treasure, all this massive theft at the request of the English monarchy. Raleigh was another pirate.

  80. @Wally

    Only 3 citations on, but it is an interesting read, and a different take one the correlation/causality of the figures you mention! :) (granted it tackles age vs poverty rather than culture vs culture to determine the causality of violence, but still, interesting reading!)

    • Replies: @Wally
  81. Wally says:
    @Ilya G Poimandres

    My posted statistics are correct, verifiable.

    I see you cannot prove them wrong. In fact you post irrelevant silliness as a diversion.

    ‘”, the ultimate cultural Marxist gate keepers. Spare me.

  82. Caesar Donaldus PM decided not to pay a visit to the empire southern Barbarian front because he had to deal with a minor issue that popped up in the empire eastern Barbarian front that week.
    The pusillanimous viceroys promised to repay their debt to the empire in due time.

  83. Thomm says:

    Refer to my Comment #40. My reply to you there suffices here.

    Your hatred of Jews is identical in nature to how blacks hate whites. Once again, you have proven to have more in common with blacks than with successful, normal whites.

    Get off my lawn!

    • Replies: @HogHappenin
    , @Anon
  84. Che Guava says:

    Thank you. I do recall reading of his (Klebnikov’s)’ assassination. Forbes seems an odd venue to complain about gangster capitalism in the ”shock treatment’//drunken Eltsin days. Forbes in general loved it,

    Trotsky thefts make sense. We hear of benefactors, but his Turkish and Mexican exiles were not as a pauper, not small numbers of toadies, and the comical Fourth International (not so comical in its lasting consequences), also cost money.

    I will try to find the book.

    Browder is an interesting case. Apples are not falling far from trees, the father, great American Commie, main function seems to have been to set up the connections for the son to make megaprofits from the rape.

  85. @Thomm

    Ah the same old canard of anti-semitism. No wonder you guys are so full of yourselves and are “natural” partners to our current overlords, the Zionist Juu.

    Refute what I said by facts instead of throwing the tired old canard at me. Perhaps truth indeed is “anti-semitic” apparently. Our state religion of “anti-antisemitism” and Holocaustinity! hallelujah! Indeed some Juus are quite true to the constitution and are not too shy of calling out the lie for what it is! Ain’t no business like the Shoah business!

    Ironically, people whom the US army (at the behest of Israel) is murdering at an alarming rate irrespective of whether they be women/children etc happen to be Semites as well. Even Israel cares two hoots about the pals however it is now trying to promote “democracy” in Syria, along with the likes of such stalwarts of “Democracy” as the Saudis and the Qataris. Perhaps I should add the USA in that list as well. As we too have our own “unique” version of “democracy”. Better to name it as “DemocraZy” with a capital Z, as in Zionism for Christ’s sake. So we should cut the crap and move our capital from DC to Tel Aviv already. Or perhaps like that 4D chess-master DJT, it is Jerusalem that you prefer to have as the eternal capital of these Zionist states of Israeli-stan!

    • Disagree: Dan Hayes
    • Replies: @Thomm
    , @HogHappenin
  86. @Anon

    It is said that the AL-Saud family is actually Crypto-Jewish so perhaps that explains the camaraderie. However I would put it past that

    These people have cold hearts black as a stone. They don’t care for anyone. And if push comes to shove, they wouldn’t hesitate to push their “own” ( I mean the average COHEN) under the bus if it helps to further their globalist agenda.

    Look what they did to Iraq, once one of the most promising of places in the middle east. madelline Albright was absolutely unmoved by the plight of millions of innocent children and now these pretentious pricks are talking about Syrian children. No wonder the anti-christ will rise from their ranks. It is not to say there aren’t good folks within them. However they are either too little in number to make a difference or most just don’t care. But some really do. Like Henry Herskovitz for instance. look him up

  87. Thomm says:

    Ah the same old canard of anti-semitism.

    Everything you White Trashionalists say about Jews is exactly what BLM blacks say about whites.

    Plus, if Jews, at only 2% of the population, can oppress whites who outnumber them 35 to 1, then you are effectively claiming that mainstream whites are as dumb as you WN wiggers. At least blacks can claim they are outnumbered by their ‘oppressors’.

    I assure you, the rest of us are not as deficient as you WN wiggers. There is a reason that WN wiggers is where the waste matter collects in preparation for elimination from our gene pool.

  88. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    You mean the garden shed you live in

  89. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Jews hate America despite what we have done and are now doing for them because they hate everybody but themselves.

  90. @HogHappenin

    Mr Unz

    This was written by me, the Hog. Why is it showing as ‘Dan Hayes’? When I put up my answer, it came up as ‘Dan Hayes’ instead of my handle.

    Could you please do a sanity check of your commenting system? Also is it possible to change the handle on this comment?

    [Fixed. A very strange bug in the system.]

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  91. Latin America is a sewer created by the locals. They like it that way.

    Typically of their religion they take no responsibility but choose to blame others rather than putting up a fight.

    They do fight, here in the US where they feel safe.

  92. @Anon

    Jilles is entitled to her opinions, you’re entitled to some facts.

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