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An Empire Built on Fear at Home and Abroad
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Political leaders and the mass media deluge the public with a constant stream of frightening incidents caused by the enemy-of-the-week: nerve gas killing dozens of little babies in Syria, Russian-directed poison assassination attempts in England and terror incidents throughout Europe, requiring an increase in domestic police state surveillance and spying. Extensively monitored bank records, intrusive workplace controls, and all personal and, especially, political communications, are in the hands of state security officials or corporate security contractors.

Hundreds of prosecuting attorneys look forward to career-enhancing investigations in perpetuity, tracking the complex networks of extended personal and family links, including long forgotten acquaintances and the contents of casual conversations. Everyone may be subject to interrogations without warrant or explanation. And the ‘media’ cheers on the process.

Political trials and convictions in court and the media are rampant. Social, work-place and academic self censorship and blacklisting of dissident voices have become pervasive and accepted.

Elections and appointments are rigged by corporate and special interests to favor the most bellicose ideologues who manufacture the pretexts for war.

Political intimidation, trade wars and sanctions run amok .

‘Exceptional’ people in authority are defined by their power to bludgeon the majority into passive submission. Corporate mass media propaganda repeats brief and lurid messages calling for the death and destruction of the latest ‘fill-in-the-blank’ enemy.

War fever is everywhere infesting the weak minds of local opinion leaders, who echo the rants and raves of psychotic leaders without pausing to question.

Last week, the Mexican immigrant workers were described as dangerous invaders, drug dealers, rapists and threats to the every day life of ordinary citizens. Walls are being constructed and thousands of National Guard are called to the border to confront the invading agricultural workers and their families.

Before that, Muslims were broadly described as brainwashed terrorists, programed to plant bombs at their first opportunity anywhere and everywhere – on mass transport, in congested amusement parks, in any public space where the innocent may be harmed. A draconian ban of the entry of Muslims has been instituted – including elderly parents joining their citizen sons or daughters.

After the latest maniac massacre of students, understaffed public schools, (but not private, elite schools), are urged to arm the teachers with baseball bats, rocks and guns. Instead of multiplication drills, terrified teachers hold daily and weekly drills in their over-crowded classrooms – stuffing their pupils into closets and bathrooms. Elementary school lunchtimes have become prison-like exercises in ‘total silence’ drills as if to fool the would-be shooter. Images of little Oliver Twist meekly whispering to an armed guard for a bathroom pass come to mind. Haunting some outraged parents is the fear that a mad intruder might set fire to the school suffocating scores of children locked in closets and bathroom stalls because ‘fire-drills’ have been superseded by ‘shooter-drills’.

Fear stalks the land! Where will it end?

An Empire Built on Fear

Domination is the driving force of US Empire builders. But today’s empire is built on fragile economic foundations. An Empire, which has aimed to dominate the world for the long duration, now stumbles over a series of military defeats abroad and increasingly relies on instilling fear, intimidation and propaganda on its domestic citizenry to regain its dominance.

Inculcating fear, especially at home, is the method of choice.

Since the ruling class of ‘the 1%’ seeks to maintain its world domination, based on increasing exploitation and widening inequalities, voluntary submission of the majority cannot be taken for granted.

The vast majority of citizens no longer trust the ruling elite. The school lessons in democracy and civic responsibility have lost their credibility. How can public school children, who now cower in closets, believe in citizen and constitutional rights?

Unending economic insecurity and the increasingly phony patriotic sideshows are beginning to stir up popular discontent. Large scale, long-term trillion-dollar bank bailouts and exorbitant military budgets are financed by the slash and burn of workers’ wages, job security, public services and the social safety net. Soaring medical costs are the primary cause of personal bankruptcy among the working and lower middle classes. A physician-pharmaceutical industry fueled opioid addiction crisis is narcotizing millions and killing well over one hundred Americans each day. The unemployed are prescribed multiple mood altering drugs to numb their anxieties about the future. Fear, incompetent medical care, self-destruction, despair and pain all lead to premature death causing the life expectancy among workers to drop for the first time in US history.

Professionals and opinion leaders, from teachers and physicians to journalists, have abandoned their ethics and enabled the mass deception and oppression of their students, patients and readers.

An empire, which fails to reward its supporters, like President Trump’s marginalized voters, and repeatedly reneges on its promises, can only rely on fear.

The fear we experience is brought about by the ruling class; repeated and embellished by the mass media; and made legitimate by local opinion leaders through face-to-face daily encounters. Teachers and terrified parents instill this fear into the very young without stopping to analyze the origins and motives behind the fear mongering.

The mass message tells us that we face daily threats from terrorists; that we must increase our vigilance; that we must constantly strengthen police state powers; that we must accept the use of advanced lethal police weaponry on our streets; that we must turn to informing on our neighbors and co-workers as potential terrorists, militants, activists, critics and immigrants embedded in offices, factories, schools, churches and neighborhoods. Meanwhile our oligarch-leaders bless themselves with massive tax-cuts and enjoy the greatest concentration of wealth in history.

Fear diverts attention from the imperial state as it engages in dozens of wars and occupies several hundred overseas military bases. The simplest comment that this has resulted in countless thousands of deaths and countless millions of destroyed lives, not to speak of the countless billions of dollars funneled into the bulging pockets of the ruling class, is censored from all public debate.

Fear permeates society: Communications are bugged and manipulated. People are afraid to discuss, let alone move to solve, their common socio-economic problems for fear of reprisals. The message to the many is ‘keep it to yourself or to your closest kin”.

Fearful people are compelled to publicly demonstrate their loyalty to the State – wear flag-pins and repeat illogical propaganda about the ‘enemy of the week’.

Peaceful objections to worshipping the symbols of the State are demonized and non-conformists, even among talented athletes, are punished by the State and see their careers demolished before the eyes of the entire society – collective punishment for any who resist injustice.


Fear and hopelessness feeds the opioid epidemic –with millions of workers addicted, a direct result of work place injury and job insecurity, as well as of incompetent medical care in the absence of a truly accountable national health care system. Physicians may have been ‘pressured’ to prescribe highly addicting drugs to workers, but they grew rich in the process.

Fear prevents speaking out and collective struggles.

Just turn on the television ‘news’: The demagogues for the ruling class direct the fearful masses to look downward instead of upward, to fear the poor or the immigrant, rather than the banker or the militarists.

Fear is converted to anger directed toward foreigners, Muslims, Afro-Americans, ‘deplorable’ (meaning poor, marginalized, working class) whites, war protestors and strikers.

Islamophobes, Russophobes and Sinophobes monopolize the channels of opinion. Any critic of Israel is fired and permanently blacklisted. Critics identifying the ‘neo-cons’, behind the current march to war, are denounced as crypto-anti-Semitites. The loudest war criminals are re-appointed to the highest political offices – despite their blood drenched past.

Fear and self-loathing go hand in hand to secure submission to the ruling class, which channels self-hatred toward political adversaries, external economic competitors and domestic victims (the poor, the marginalized and unemployed) – who cannot die or be locked up fast enough.

Pervasive fear is constantly invented and re-invented, to keep the populace on edge, unbalanced and in search of seemingly innocuous distractions to reduce anxieties.

Russia is described as an advancing menacing, murderous, blind juggernaut in order to induce popular compliance with unending arms build-ups and to provide cannon fodder for an impending nuclear war.

US organized and funded ‘regime changes’, led by terrorist proxies in the Ukraine, or direct invasion in Iraq, Libya and Syria, and the NATO encirclement of Russian borders and economic sanctions rely on fear mongering. The message is: ‘We must bomb them first or they (Russia, China, Syria, Iran…fill-in-the-blank) will launch a sneak attack on ‘us’.

The repeatedly elected Russian President Putin is demonized as a ‘KGB’ authoritarian who must be confronted by our ‘strong leader’ – the arbitrary, accidental, fearless Twitter-addict, and mad bomber President Donald Trump, aided by the Holy Alliance – Teresa May, Manny Macron, the Crown Prince MBS of Saudi Arabia and Benny Netanyahu. What will history make of a Declaration of War by Twitter! If any historians survive…


Fear is the last desperate weapon for retaining an unchallenged world empire. Fearful adversaries are compelled to negotiate away their defenses and disarm, like Iraq and Libya, and then allow the ‘empire’ to commence slaughter at will. Military threats directed against Iran are naked attempts to force them to dismantle their defensive missiles and cut ties with regional allies. The plan is to disarm and isolate Tehran, in order to launch an attack with impunity and— force 80 million Persians to submit to the combined wills of the US, Israeli and Saudi oligarchs.

China is threatened with trade wars and an air and maritime encirclement by the US military. This aims to strike fear in the Chinese leadership and force them to surrender economic sovereignty, financial markets and industrial competitiveness in order to reverse China’s growth and advances.

Step by step concessions by targeted nations will lead to great takeovers: The ultimate goal, since the time of President Harry Truman, is the re-conquest of the Asian giant, reducing the Chinese to beg with a rusted iron rice bowl.

Russia will be accused of endless poison gas attacks and war crimes everywhere and every week from Ukraine to the quiet lanes of England to the US-Saudi funded war against its ally Syria. These serve as a pretext for greater economic sanctions, cutting all possibility for debate and diplomatic resolution, leading to economic blockades and global war.

The American ruling class’ dream is to rule over a radiated world from the luxury of their billion-dollar bunkers! Even as they strike fear and hysteria in the citizenry, they expose their methods: the only real fear is the power of manufactured fear itself.

The ruling class has planted fear-mongers throughout both political parties. They only seem to compete over which is more successful in sowing confusion and fear among the voters: Millions of immigrants are rounded up from work and home; missile strikes and wars expand onto three continents; media and mass communications are largely controlled by the military industrial corporate complex; secret police investigations are routine; prosecutors seek to investigate even our grandfathers, long cold in their graves.

Fearful Americans are just spectators, ‘quiet Americans’ waiting for the next massacre, the next bomb to fall. They are told to cower in their bedrooms, while their children are shoved into closets. They are now fearful that the Russians (or this week’s ‘fill-in-the-blank’ intruder) will poison our pizza or bomb us to the Stone Age.

Wall Street fears they will lose China, the biggest financial market in the world, as ‘the Donald’s’ trade war turns ‘hot’.

The Pentagon fears that its ships will collide in the Potomac River and some ‘temp’ contractor will push the wrong button.

The Senators fear losing their perks as they drag their young interns into basement bunkers…for their own safety.

The President, his Cabinet, UN representatives and senior advisors are afraid that the population might wake up to find that missiles and nukes can move in both directions.

By the time the masses finally discover that the greatest menace stalking the country is the fear-mongering propaganda: They will have read an epitaph for their untimely nuclear death.

• Category: Foreign Policy • Tags: American Military, Russia, Syria 
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  1. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    I didn’t know that Petra’s favors unlimited illegal immigration. He mentioned agricultural workers. What a gullible credulous naive fool to believe the vicious evil capitalist farmers that they need more illegal aliens to work the farms.

    So this is the last article of his that I will read.
    Liberals are idiots as well as just plain evil. Everything they do results in lowered wages and higher housing costs and more homelessness of both Americans and immigrants whose jobs were given to illegal aliens.

  2. Realist says:

    Political leaders and the mass media deluge the public with a constant stream of frightening incidents caused by the enemy-of-the-week: nerve gas killing dozens of little babies in Syria, Russian-directed poison assassination attempts in England and terror incidents throughout Europe, requiring an increase in domestic police state surveillance and spying.

    This can only be because the majority of Americans are idiots.

    America’s problems can not be corrected by elections.

    • Replies: @Miro23
  3. Gordo says:

    It’s the 1% who are permitting, indeed driving, non-White immigration into White countries.

    You know this.

  4. Olorin says:

    Fear is a choice.

    It is also an incisive litmus for who is easily led.

    Welcome to Biology’s Century, Mr. Petras.

  5. 22pp22 says:

    Immigration is a threat.

    When the Goths first came to the Roman Empie, they arrived as refugees.

    The hordes arriving now have high fertility and low IQs.

    This is worse than the fall of Rome.

    Forget Syria, build the wall!

  6. “Just turn on the television ‘news’: The demagogues for the ruling class direct the fearful masses to look downward instead of upward, to fear the poor or the immigrant, rather than the banker or the militarists.”

    You would be well advised to fear both upward and downward, as there is an unholy alliance of both groups to plunder and enslave the middle.

  7. Miro23 says:

    This can only be because the majority of Americans are idiots.

    America’s problems cannot be corrected by elections.

    The US has always been more of an economic construct than other nations. It was built on people abandoning the Old World in search of economic opportunity. They weren’t idiots, and they had great success – but it’s a country without much of a history. Americans trace their “roots” back to other countries in Europe, Africa, South America or Asia.

    In other words the Chinese, Japanese, British or Russians are more homogeneous and ethnically defined, and have lived in and defended the same lands for millennia.

    Americans are more open to defining themselves economically (consumers), rather than national/historically (citizens), and “consumers” are about the most politically inactive group of people imaginable.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  8. Realist says:

    In other words the Chinese, Japanese, British or Russians are more homogeneous and ethnically defined, and have lived in and defended the same lands for millennia.

    Americans are more open to defining themselves economically (consumers), rather than national/historically (citizens), and “consumers” are about the most politically inactive group of people imaginable

    Shallow, petty, fools. Western civilization will fail

  9. Isabella says:

    If you look up the 14 defining characteristics of Fascist states, taken from a comparative analysis of every identified and known Fascist state so far, you will see that [a] America ticks 13 of the 14 boxes, and the unticked is actually open to interpretation, and that [b] one of those 14 is to keep the people in a state of fear, usually by drumming up some imaginary threat i.e. in Germany 1930’s it was , “the Jews, The socialists, the communists”.

    What America is doing now, is only puzzling if you dont have your view finder set right. Just as, if, scanning the Serengeti, it is set to “near” you can’t understand the lion suddenly in front of you because you failed to see where he came from – if you dont have your politico-socio viewfinder set to “Fascist” you might be puzzled by things America is doing. Just re-set it, go look again and WoW !! Suddenly it all comes clear.

    • Replies: @SolontoCroesus
  10. @Miro23

    Important insight.


    The Persian empire also offers interesting lessons: diverse ethnic groups were encompassed in the Persian empire and under the system of Cyrus, each conquered state continued its own cultural traditions. They were not melted into a pot of identity-less gravy but intermingled in a khoresh, a stew.
    Later, the Persian empire was conquered by alien invaders who imposed their mores and intermarried with the Persian people.
    Over the millennia, Iran has surrendered large chunks of territory, but a core of Iranian cultural identity, culture, and land mass persists, unified by realistic awareness of their history and a mindset that reveres their artists and poets greater than warriors.

    But to my mind, what most distinguishes Iranian culture is that at its heart, it is not of the Abrahamic root, it is Zoroastrian. The essential element of Abrahamism is intolerance and conquest to force compliance. The essence of Zoroastrianism is the individual’s monitoring of his moral behavior, in his thoughts, words and actions.

  11. @Isabella

    Caution to Unz readers: Do not, repeat, do NOT accompany Isabella on a trip to the Serengeti.

    If Isabella’s viewfinder is as accurate as the posted representation of “Fascism,” you may end up gobbled up by the same lion that devoured Germany and Italy in the 1940s.

    First, what’s this “Fourteen Points” checklist? It’s something published by one Lawrence Britt.

    Second, Who is Lawrence Britt?
    Take your pick:

    source: google

    Who was Dr. Lawrence Britt and how is he connected with fascism…/who-was-dr-lawrence-britt-and-how-is-he-connected-with-fascism…
    Lawrence W. Britt is not a doctor in any field but a novelist who compiled fourteen points which he believes define a Fascist regime. He is a novelist, with no formal training in political science or history and so his views on fascism should be viewed objectively and as an opinion rather than as fact or as a definition. He is widely known for using rhetoric to equate the modern Republican party with fascism and his work is largely deemed to be political opinion rather than analysis or study.

    source: google

    Lawrence Britt
    Dr. Lawrence Britt, a political scientist, wrote an article about fascism, which appeared in Free Inquiry magazine—a journal of humanist thought. Dr. Britt studied the fascist regimes of Hitler (Germany), Mussolini (Italy), Franco (Spain), Suharto (Indonesia), and Pinochet (Chile). He found the regimes all had 14 things in …

    source: Lawrence Britt himself, via

    The list was originally created by Laurence Britt in 2003, for an article published by Free Inquiry magazine (a publication for secular humanist commentary and analysis). While subsequent postings of the list often attribute it to “Dr. Laurence Britt,” the author said that he was not actually a doctor (nor did he claim to be). Britt himself said that he could be more accurately described as an amateur historian:

    I’ve read this thread with interest. For your information I never made a claim that I was a “Dr.” Someone on the internet made that ASSUMPTION when they passed on the artice. I am a retired bsunessman with a life long interst in history and current events.
    I have a personal book collection on these subjects of over 3000 volumes. I’ve contributed chapters to three books, written another, and am working on a second. I’ve written aproximately 25 magazine and newespaper articles on political and econmic affairs.

    I spent about 200 hours researching the fascism article building on a lifetime interst in the subject.

    My novel, “June , 2004” was written in 1997 and published in 1998. It was a fictional treatment of a future of fascism in America, which has turned out quite predictive of actual events since it was published.Regards, Larry Britt

    Britt created this list during George W. Bush’s tenure as president of the United States. While he did not actually name Bush, he wrote in the original article that some of the early warning signs had already manifested in the United States . . .”

    The Snopes article is the outcome of fact-checking a claim that the USHolocaust Museum “displayed a poster with the 14 points of fascism . . .”; Snopes learned that someone named Sarah Rose tweeted a photo of a “poster” listing the 14 points; on Jan. 30, 2017, under her photo of the poster, Rose tweeted:

    “In the US Holocaust Museum.
    I’m shook.”

    Sarah Rose, who first shared the photograph on social media, confirmed to us that she took the picture in the museum’s gift shop. We reached out to the USHHM to confirm that it sold a poster showing “early warning signs of fascism,” and they told us that the museum no longer carries the poster. . . .

    In less than an hour, Rose’s photo-tweet wended its way through what is euphemistically called the social media tech- work; on Jan. 30, 2017 “Eboneezer Goode added this text to an enhanced photo of Britt’s 14 points and tweeted:

    @RaRaVibes There are two things he has left to do. It’s time for us to rise up and #resist #oppose and #impeach this monster.

    SO, Third, What are the real threats to the American and all other people? How should we set our “viewfinders?”

    The Number One threat is bigotry and ignorance.

    Lawrence Britt’s list is bigoted and stupid.

    USHMM is a temple to dissemination of disinformation for the purpose of engendering hatred, while simultaneously avoiding accountability. It is the centerpiece of bigotry in the Reception Hall of the US Capitol.
    American taxpayers spend more than $50 million each year on this misguiding “viewfinder.”

    Sarah Rose’s tweet was ignorant.

    Rose’s tweet snowballed into an unhinged ad hominem attack and advocacy for extreme political action.

    Isabella is a useful idiot.

    The fruits of bigotry, ignorance and hate-filled disinformation are death and destruction.

  12. Anon[257] • Disclaimer says:

    Petras must be a member of the Newhall, Kern, Gallo Miller and other oligarch Families that own most of the agricultural land in Ca

    They are behind all the so called liberal groups that import the Mexican illegals

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