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New material added 6/12/15. See below!

Yes, I know several of these deserve to be collected in their own posts. But, as I’m on a schedule with posting, and as these are much too good to miss, I will collect them here, at least for now.

Table of Contents:

NEW (6/12/15) On religion and culture
NEW On modern gay issues
NEW On immigration
NEW On global warming
NEW On transsexuals and Bruce Jenner
NEW On mainstream right-wing nuttiness
UPDATED On Modern Obesity
UPDATED On Pathogens and the Gay Germ
Bashing the Alt-Right (Never gets old)
Bashing the P.C. Left
On Confederate Apologism (i.e., also Bashing the Alt-Right)

On religion and culture

See also: The Atheist Narrative

On modern gay issues

On immigration

On global warming

Also on this topic, see a few key words from Greg Cochran:

From here:

Lindzen probably has a right to an opinion: Jerry Pournelle does not. He is no kind of physicist. Yet he has an opinion anyway, and goes on and on and on about it. I used to occasionally check his arguments: to the extent that I could check them, they were always wrong.

This is not a subject that interests me very much. For one thing, the world is never going to do much about in any event, regardless of the facts, so it’s moot.

Of the people who do work in the field and thus know something about it, almost all think there’s a problem. The notion that that a noticeable percentage of knowledgeable people disagree with it is not true.

Left-wingers say that they believe the scientists: probably many of them also find the whole notion attractive. Right-wingers disbelieve in it because it’s now a mark of their tribal membership: what they have to say about it is almost always false. And there are of course paid shills involved – all on the right wing side. Just as there were for cigarettes – a few of them even the same people.

However, just because the lying bloodsuckers at the editorial page of the Wall Street Journal oppose an idea doesn’t automatically mean that it is correct. Personally, and I say this without having invested the time required to have a valid opinion, I have my doubts about the predictive validity of the required simulation models, particularly since all the projections of big effects involve complex feedback. It is hard to create valid models of such phenomena. We can project planetary positions millions of years into the future, but this is not like that.

And here:

I think that predicting climate is difficult, considering the complex feedback loops, but I know that almost every right-wing thing said about it that I have checked out turned out to be false.

On transsexuals and Bruce Jenner

See also:

Transsexuals | West Hunter

Paul McHugh: Transgender Surgery Isn’t the Solution – WSJ (Put the story title into Google News to get around paywall.)

On mainstream right-wing nuttiness

On Modern Obesity:



See also my Obesity Facts page

On Pathogens and the Gay Germ:

See also Greg Cochran’s “Gay Germ” Hypothesis – An Exercise in the Power of Germs

Bashing the Alt-Right (Never gets old):


See also The Problem with HBD, the Dark Enlightenment, Neoreaction, Alt-Rightism, and All That Jazz

Bashing the P.C. Left:

On Confederate Apologism (i.e., also Bashing the Alt-Right):


See also The Cavaliers

(Republished from JayMan's Blog by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: WasPage 
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  1. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Never have, never will. And you can say goodbye to “racial genetic interests”, because nobody anywhere acts as if such a thing exists.

  2. Re: will power, in 1965 nearly 50% of American adults smoked. Now fewer than one-in-five do. Perhaps a broad definition of the phrase, but things aren’t static even when the ease of and enjoyment from doing a thing essentially is.

    Re: left-of-center scientists and behavioral genetics (or professional variants of HBD), but they’ve not been left of the academic center, not at all. As far as the ‘grassroots’ goes, it’s been virtually all on the alternative right. Welcome additions like you and Misdreavus are latecomers to the party. A lot of us on the right have been here for decades, taking lumps back when there was no virtual presence to apologize for biological realities in comment sections and across countless blogs, etc.

  3. e says:

    I don’t know what misdreavus is studying–microbiology maybe?–but I’ve a hunch the “gay germ” is yeast.

  4. I like the tweets about global warming.

    Given Misdreavus’s sassy smart-assness and overall scientific knowledge, why doesn’t he start a blog? He only needs to post a couple times a month. These tweets alone could make a half post.

  5. vinteuil says:

    You consider this guy’s comments worthy of collecting & repeating…why, exactly? I read through them all in search of a single spark of originality/insight/anything and came up empty. And he routinely violates your commenting rules against incivility, disrespectfulness, and personal attacks.

    Guys like Gregory Cochran & Razib Khan have more or less earned the right to be the aggressively arrogant jerks that they are (though I’d respect them both a lot more if they could only learn to conduct themselves in a more gentleman-like manner). But, seriously – who does this misdreavus dude think he is?

    Some sort of Grand Duchess, I guess.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  6. JayMan says: • Website


    You consider this guy’s comments worthy of collecting & repeating…why, exactly?

    I do. And the reason why is simple: he’s usually quite right. In the end, in this business, that’s all that really matters.

  7. e says:

    The latest published by Dr. Charles Roselli in PLOS.

    Would be neat if Misdreavus had a blog that was devoted to ruminating on each new bit of research that gets us closer to understanding both morphological differences between the male and straight brain, the mechanisms at work, and of course, ultimately the trigger for such differences…ie, the CAUSE.

    Effect of Testosterone on Neuronal Morphology and Neuritic Growth of Fetal Lamb Hypothalamus-Preoptic Area and Cerebral Cortex in Primary Culture
    Radhika C. Reddy, Rebecka Amodei, Charles T. Estill, Fred Stormshak, Mary Meaker, Charles E. Roselli

    Published: June 8, 2015DOI: 10.1371/journal.pone.0129521


    Testosterone plays an essential role in sexual differentiation of the male sheep brain. The ovine sexually dimorphic nucleus (oSDN), is 2 to 3 times larger in males than in females, and this sex difference is under the control of testosterone. The effect of testosterone on oSDN volume may result from enhanced expansion of soma areas and/or dendritic fields. To test this hypothesis, cells derived from the hypothalamus-preoptic area (HPOA) and cerebral cortex (CTX) of lamb fetuses were grown in primary culture to examine the direct morphological effects of testosterone on these cellular components. We found that within two days of plating, neurons derived from both the HPOA and CTX extend neuritic processes and express androgen receptors and aromatase immunoreactivity. Both treated and control neurites continue to grow and branch with increasing time in culture. Treatment with testosterone (10 nM) for 3 days significantly (P < 0.05) increased both total neurite outgrowth (35%) and soma size (8%) in the HPOA and outgrowth (21%) and number of branch points (33%) in the CTX. These findings indicate that testosterone-induced somal enlargement and neurite outgrowth in fetal lamb neurons may contribute to the development of a fully masculine sheep brain.

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