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Happy Canada Day!
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(Republished from JayMan's Blog by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Science • Tags: Canada, Flag, Holiday, July 1st 
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4 Comments to "Happy Canada Day!"
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  1. I’ve been living in Europe for nigh on 20 years and never felt the urge to pretend I was Canadian. Especially after meeting so many Canadians in Europe (along with many Europeans, especially Scandinavians) who thought their shit didn’t stink.

    If America was a utopia, I’d still be living there. But I’m far from embarrassed to call myself an American.

  2. Staffan says: • Website

    Americans seem to feel awkward about Canada for some reason; I’ve never understood exactly why. Maybe it’s just that they are on top of America on the map : )

    • Replies: @JayMan
    , @Curious Observer
  3. JayMan says: • Website

    I think there is the deep seated fear with Americans that Canada is some sort of more perfect version of America.

    Indeed, Canada is basically America without Appalachia, without the Deep South, and without the U.S.’s large minority populations (and with Quebec), so perhaps that fear is based in some reality…

  4. @Staffan

    Since Canada has a relatively small “visible minority” population, compared to the US, and many of the minorities they do have are relatively productive, law-abiding groups like East Asians, the Quebecois fill the essential role of “Perpetually Aggrieved Minority” (PAM), that Canada would otherwise lack.

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