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Gone Fishin'
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I’ll be away for the next week. Have fun everyone! I’ve temporarily enabled comment moderation for all comments. Hope everyone is enjoying their summer.

I’ll be completely incommunicado, so I hope everyone out there in the world behaves. Try not to destroy too much while I’m away. :)

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• Category: Science • Tags: Gone Dark, Have A Good Summer, See Ya, Take Care 
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4 Comments to "Gone Fishin'"
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  1. Good luck and hope you catch a few big ones!

  2. C says:

    Hello Jayman. I would love to see your take on some of the things that present challenges to the validity of IQ as a construct and genetic determinism as more important that environmental determinism. For example, the only references that I could find to stereotype threat via a google search of this blog were from other people in comments a couple of times. It seems like stereotype threat has proven that IQ is a flimsy construct for measuring the intelligence of stereotyped peoples.

    Also, Turkheimer (2003) showed that the heritability of IQ is quite low for impoverished people.

    • Replies: @JayMan
  3. Luke Lea says: • Website

    “The trouble with the global village is all the village idiots.” Sidney Coleman

  4. JayMan says: • Website


    Does that help? :)

    Check out my HBD Fundamentals page for the validity and heritability of IQ.

    Stereotype threat appears to be mostly due to publication bias.

    The modulation of heritability by race and/or SES doesn’t always turn up. See my post More Behavioral Genetic Facts on it.

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