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The U.K. Just Gave A Grandmother “Community Service” for Sending Christian Tracts to A Muslim
Who Cares What They Say About Trump?
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See earlier John Derbyshire: Fox’s Steve Emerson—Wrong On “No-Go Areas,” Right On The Trend?

Donald Trump’s remarks on curtailing Muslim immigration seem to have done him no harm at all [Donald Trump Hits 41 Percent Support and Widest Lead Yet in New National Poll, by Ryan Struyk, ABC News, Dec. 14, 2015], but, as I noted recently, the hysteria he provoked was international—at least in the Western World. Which is bad news for the Western World—specifically, Britain.

Remember that in his follow-up remarks last Tuesday, Trump said this:

Look at what happened in Paris, the horrible carnage, and frankly, if you look at Paris, and I hate to do this because the Chamber of Commerce is going to go crazy, but Paris is no longer the same city it was.

They have sections in Paris that are radicalized, where the police refuse to go there. They’re petrified. The police refuse to go in there.

We have places in London and other places that are so radicalized that the police are afraid for their own lives. We have to be very smart and very vigilant .[ Donald Trump claims parts of London are ‘so radicalised’ police officers are ‘afraid for their lives’, by Rose Troup Buchanan, Independent(UK), December 8, 2015]

That drew much indignation from British elites. [‘Block Donald Trump from UK’ over 300,000 sign petition as fury rages over Muslim ban call, Express (UK), December 9, 2015] The country’s worthless and ineffectual Prime Minister, David Cameron, huffed that Trump’s remarks were “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong,” end quote. Jeremy Corbyn, the Trotskyite leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition said that Trump’s comments were “an affront to humanity.” He called for people to “unite against racism,” apparently in the belief that Islam is a race.

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, who fancies himself a wit, said that the only reason he wouldn’t go to some parts of New York is “the real risk of meeting Donald Trump.”

I shall pause here until you’ve stopped laughing … right.

Johnson added that “London has a proud history of tolerance and diversity and to suggest there are areas where police officers cannot go because of radicalization is simply ridiculous.”

An official statement from London’s Metropolitan Police backed him up. Trump couldn’t be more wrong, they said.

But Narrative Collapse set in rather quickly. Newspaper reporters had no difficulty finding actual working police officers who confirmed the truth of Trump’s remarks. Here’s a headline from the London Daily Express, December 10th: “Trump is right!” Police say parts of Britain are no-go areas due to ISIS radicalization. Sample quote from the story:

Serving officers in terrorist hotspots including London and Birmingham said that forces are becoming increasingly nervy over the rising threat of Islamic State (ISIS) inspired attacks, with some telling staff not to wear their uniforms in their OWN patrol cars.

One officer in London said the firebrand presidential hopeful was “pointing out something plainly obvious” whilst another in Lancashire said the police have to ask local Muslim leaders for PERMISSION before sending patrols into their communities.

In fact, for all the fake indignation from traitorous politicians, anyone who follows British affairs knows that mass Muslim immigration has had a terribly destructive effect on British society and traditional liberties.

Here is a thing that happened recently in England.

In Manchester there is a parochial school, Manchester Islamic School for Girls. The school follows a strict Islamic curriculum and obliges all students to wear full Islamic dress.

Seeing this on the school’s website, a 68-year-old English grandmother, name of Rose White, wrote a letter to the school principal, a Muslim lady named Mona Mohammed. Mrs. White is a devout Christian of an eccentric sort. Her letter was not at all abusive, nor even angry. The tone was in fact more in sorrow than anger, urging Ms. Mohammed to come to Jesus and forsake “Satan or Mohammed or whatever they call him.” Mrs. White enclosed some printed pamphlets along the same lines. [Devout Christian great-grandmother who sent a letter to the headmistress of a top Islamic girls school claiming ‘all Muslims worship Satan’ is ordered to do community service, By Euan McLelland, Daily Mail, December 9, 2015]

I’ve had far worse stuff from people objecting to things I’ve written. I, however,don’t belong to a designated victim group, with all the privileges that go with that status. I also, thank goodness, don’t — or don’t yet — live in a country whose native population has been marginalized and cowed by mass immigration of unassimilable peoples.

Ms. Mohammed claims to have been “deeply alarmed” by Mrs. White’s letter and pamphlets. She called the police. The British police, who now no longer investigate burglary and robbery reports for fear that doing so might hurt the feelings of burglars and robbers, leapt into action.

Mrs. White was arrested and charged with sending an indecent or grossly offensive letter. At Manchester magistrates court this week she was found guilty, sentenced to 100 hours of unpaid community service and fined $800.

Quote from the presiding magistrate: “The court has … determined you have crossed the line between freedom to express your opinions and causing harm to others.” He did not tell us exactly how Ms. Mohammed was harmed by Grandma White’s little proselytizing effort.

Here’s another thing that happened in Britain, this one last week. A Member of Parliament had died, so there was an election to replace him. The constituency is an old working-class one, near Manchester as it happens. It has traditionally voted Labour, but there seemed to be a good chance that the U.K. Independence Party, UKIP, could take it. UKIP favors great reductions in immigration.

That didn’t happen. Labour held the seat with 62 percent of the votes. UKIP got 23 percent. One factor there: The constituency is 25 percent Muslim.

UKIP has alleged electoral fraud. The winning Labour guy says that’s sour grapes, and if UKIP has evidence, they should give it to the police.

That assumes the police wouldn’t be too scared to go into a 25 percent Muslim neighborhood.

And in any case, to judge from the previous story, the police over there are too busy chasing down eccentric English grandmothers sending Christian literature to Muslims.


John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. Cultural Marxists deliberately forget the underlying point of freedom of speech: through a process of questioning and discussion we are better able to eliminate silly ideas.

    Prosecuting people for expressing unfashionable opinions, or destroying their careers, or purging them from polite society, keeps us further from the truth.

    Which, perhaps, is the point.

  2. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    “In fact, for all the fake indignation from traitorous politicians, anyone who follows British affairs knows that mass Muslim immigration has had a terribly destructive effect on British society and traditional liberties.”

    But the Moos didn’t create or devise this PC stuff.

    Moos benefited from it and learned to use it, but it was white Leftists, Jews, homos, feminists, and blacks who really got the ball rolling.

    One guy was arrested for making a joke about Mandela. That had nothing to with Islam. Homos hate liberty and demand that everyone worship them. Jews make Brits feel guilty about the holocaust even though Brits fought the Nazis.

    PC in UK would be powerful even without the Moos.
    The Moos are beneficiaries than its enforcers.

    Notice that even Euro nations with few Moos are deeply into PC to protect the ‘feelings’ of feminists, homos, Jews, Libs, etc.

    In some ways, the Moos are anti-PC cuz they got the guts to say bad stuff about Jews, feminists, whore culture, homos, etc.

    Moos want PC protection for Moos, but they wanna be free to bash everyone else.

    It is Western PC that shuts down ‘hate’ against all but against white males.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  3. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    It’s a false dichotomy I hear over and over: The Moos vs Liberty.

    Why are the Moos used as scapegoat as the enemies of Liberty?

    While the Moos are no great friends of liberty, they didn’t start the PC craze.

    Blacks shut down debate by burning down cities and attacking innocent whites and other non-whites.
    Why isn’t that called terrorism? If Moos burned down CVS store, it would be called terror. But when blacks do it, it isn’t called terror. It is called protest.
    Fear of blacks shut down much free speech.

    Then you got the Jews. So many people got sanchezed(Rick) for noticing Jewish power.
    Rubin destroyed Richwine. Helen Thomas got dropped.
    Watson got blacklisted for speaking honestly about negroes.
    The Derb hisself was BLACKlisted.
    Sterling was brought down by ho culture.
    People are fired left and right for sayinf critical things about homos.
    Paglia acts like Ms freedom but notice she never tackles Jewish power.
    She always blames the wasps for PC.

    Dis the Moos do all that?

    It’s not about Moos vs Liberty.

    It’s about submission to Allah vs submission to Jews vs submission to homos vs submission to blacks vs submission to ho’s(slut skanks) vs submission to feminists(remember Roosh in Canada) vs submission to trannies vs submission to Mexers vs submission to military industrial complex on INVADE ideology.

    The Mozilla guy wasn’t destroyed by the Moos but by homos and their enablers the Jews.
    Abe Foxman has a Jewhad against just about everyone.
    American whore politicians applauded Netan like Stalin in USSRof the 30s.

    Those who attack the Moos to protect the Liberty of homos, Jews, and feminists are fooling themselves. Anyone who thinks the likes of Elena Kagan are on the side of liberty is nuts.

    In the US, Moo power is very small, but PC gets worse and worse.
    Sabrina Rubin is no Moo.
    NYT is not MooYT.
    Black Jives Matter is not Moo.
    Those who started a Jivehad against Confed symbols, monuments, and etc are not Moos.
    It wasn’t the Moos who decided to ban ‘Jefferson’ and ‘Jackson’. Now even ‘Wilson’.

    Liberty is dead in the West, and it was killed mainly by Jews, homos, feminists, negroes, and cucks who went along.

    So, the West is not about Liberty but about Correctness. So, when Moos demand respect and the right not to be offended, they are assimilating into the Western way which is now about correctness. In France, the Jews don’t allow free speech. If you notice and condemn Jewish power, off you go to jail. THAT is the western way. Moos are only demanding for themselves what the Jews got.

    Seriously, would UK or US be any less PC without the Moos?
    In fact, PC is still less protective of Moos than anyone else.
    The Establishment would have destroyed the Donald already had he attacked Jews or homos.
    (Even as the Jewish-run media harrumph about the Donald’s ‘bigotry’, they also enjoy and appreciate it cuz anti-Moo rhetoric boosts support for Israel. If the Donald had been similarly damning of Jewish power, he would be done.)
    And notice that the West has flagrantly starved, sanctioned, bombed, and invaded Muslims.
    US destroyed Iraq, Libya, and Syria on trumped up grounds about WMD or protecting freedom fighters. But it did nothing for Gazans who were killed by the bushel by Israelis.

    In some ways, the Moos are better than other groups. Moos are less narcissistic.
    Moos believe there is something bigger than themselves: Allah and Muhammad.
    In contrast, blacks, Jews, homos, feminists, and etc think they themselves are the center of the universe. Bruce ‘Caitlyn’ Jenner thinks he is the queen of the universe.

    Moos don’t say ‘submit to Moos’. They say submit to Allah who is greater than all the Moos combined.
    In contrast, Jews say ‘kiss our Jewish ass’, homos say ‘kiss our homo ass’, blacks say ‘kiss our negro ass’, feminists say ‘kiss our womyn’s ass’, etc. Their PC is far vainer and greedier than that of the Moos who submit to something far greater than themselves.

    But homos cannot conceive of anything greater than ‘gay pride’. They act like Kim Jung Un of North Korea and demand mass pageantry and propaganda in worship of the homo anus.
    Blacks say ‘black lives matter’, not ‘all lives matter’. Jews have been into self-worship ever since they gave up god.

    • Replies: @Druid
  4. Tom_R says:


    Thanks for the interesting article, Sir. This is quite shocking that this Judge is so depraved and evil that he would terrorize this poor woman for a mere letter.

    I hope this poor woman appeals the insane rulings of the “maddog in robes” who is trying to pander to the alien invaders. It is quite possible that he is Jewish, as pathological lying, necrophilia and alienism are rampant among the Judaists. Or he is just a Shabbat goy, working for his Jewish owners and operators, who own and operate the left, Labor, etc.

    This sorry state of affairs would not have happened had the Brits (and all Europeans) been smarter and voted for rightist parties like the BNP, La Pen, etc. who could have banned immigration, repealed all these insane hate speech laws and made trials by jury mandatory and instituted a system of appeals.

    Like they say:

    The Judaists came for the Gazans —but I was not a Gazan, so I said nothing.
    The Judaists came for the Germans—but I was not a German, so I said nothing.
    Then they came for me.

    Until then, civilized people might choose to obtain the full names, addresses and photos of these criminals in robes (photoshopped to look like a mad dog wearing robes but with a chain around his neck, which chain is being held by his Jewish masters) and post them online outside the Jew-K (in appropriate jurisdictions) to shame them, like they have done with Obama here:

    And vote for BNP and other rights parties that can ban immigration, ban hate speech laws and try these criminals. Alienism is a crime against humanity.

  5. “Prime Minister, David Cameron, huffed that Trump’s remarks were “divisive, unhelpful and quite simply wrong…” and in other news, officials in the city of Oran continue to deny that there is any cause for alarm in spite of a spate of recent sightings of rats dying in the streets and an increasing number of citizens dying from unexplained fever. Now for a word from our sponsor, Dopamineforall.

  6. Rehmat says:

    Oooch Derbyshire! Donald Trumps has lost favor from some of your anti-Muslim tribes, when he put his big foot in the wrong mouth.

    Trump has accused Israel for funding ISIS.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  7. I wonder at what point Muslims will be able to exert direct control over certain polices of a European country for their community. I don’t mean total control, just the ability for a Muslim leader to outright say, “No, that law won’t apply to us,” or “No, we will have public – not private – schools in our neighborhoods that openly enforce Sharia law. The government will pay for these schools just like it pays for other public schools.”

    The Muslim leader or community won’t necessarily demand that others not abide by a certain law or that other schools must enforce Sharia, just that their community will pick and choose the rules that it follows. Of course, these demands would be backed up by street-level violence.

    I’m guessing that when Muslims reach 20% to 33% of a country’s under-40 population, you might see some of that behavior, but I don’t really know. Just a guess.

    However, if that starts to happen at ~25%, you could see some interesting times in France or England in our lifetimes. Even Germany just boosted its long-term Muslim population from ~6% to 8% to 11% to 13% in one year due to bringing in hundreds of thousands of young Muslim men.

    My guess is that Western Europe better put the clamp on Muslim immigration within the next 10 or, at most, 20 years, or it’s cooked. That’s not a lot of time. Even 20 years ago was almost 1996, not exactly a distant time.

  8. There are three groups the good liberal is allowed to hate with brutal and vicious passion in this most enlightened, tolerant, and glorious 21st century:
    – Rednecks. They stand for evil stupid ugly racist whites.
    – Russian Russians. They stand for evil homophobes. Curiously, I get the impression that good liberals tend to treat kindly the Russians they actually meet. But the Russkis over there in the motherland are fair game.
    – Devout Christians. Devout Christians are evil incarnate, probably redneck or Russian, definitely homophobes and misogynists, probably Nazis, and in any case deserving only of a slow and painful death.

  9. Sam Shama says:

    I also, thank goodness, don’t — or don’t yet — live in a country whose native population has been marginalized and cowed by mass immigration of unassimilable peoples.

    NOT true Paleface. My people have been marginalized, killed, forgotten and put in reservations, by you and your blood. Assimilation? How can you violators of The Great Mother assimilate here? Your stay in this land is but a blink of the eye. You destroy and dry the Great Mother.

    • Replies: @Bill Jones
  10. anon • Disclaimer says:

    There’s a nuance here that’s worth knowing.

    It’s not so much that individual police officers are scared physically – although there are areas like that – it’s more that ambitious senior officers are terrified of negative media attention that would effect their career and know that the media will always blame them for any trouble. This gives Muslim leaders in their enclaves immense blackmail power over the local police as they know the media will always be on their side.

    So to a large extent senior officers create pre-emptive no-go areas to protect their career and simply ignore all the crime inside those areas.

    (technically they are rarely-go areas rather than no-go as once a month or so there will be a symbolic patrol)

    Something similar happened with the grooming gangs where the gangs would make racial harassment complaints against officers who tried to do something about it – and again, that worked because everyone knew the media would support the rapists.

    • Replies: @Sean
  11. attonn says:

    Western Europe is a wasteland of misery and existential angst, as befits any dying civilization. I stopped worrying and learned to love its slow decent into complete irrelevance.

  12. Max Payne says:

    Only community service? They should have chopped off her hands. How dare she read and write….

  13. Sean says:

    It is not necessarily the police who make those decisions to prosecute , especially about charging people with racially aggravated crimes There are many Muslim prosecutors in Britain now, one was said to be the hero who bravely brought a case against the grooming gangs. Virtually anything critical or addressed to a relevant minority would be get you prosecuted, letter or one to one speech.

    The police officers who ignored grooming gangs did not get charged with the criminal offence of misconduct in a public office, and their fat pensions remain intact. The police service is run by people who want to keep getting promoted in their safe job hoping for the largest possible pension at the end of it. For those who do not rock the boat a big promotion with a jump in their pay/pension often comes in their last year before retirement.

  14. Rehmat says:

    I’m sure of one thing – if John Derbyshire had contested Labour leadership against Jeremy Corbyn, he wouldn’t had got even vote from Sir Eric Pickles, leader of UK-Israel parliamentary group.

    London Mayor Johnson is half Turkish Jew like Donald Trump – and was supported by UK’s powerful Jewish Lobby against Kevin Livingstone. Now the Jewish lobby is supporting Pakistan-born Sadiq Khan (Tooting MP) for London’s 2016 Mayoral race against millionaire Jew, Frank Goldsmith. Why? Because Khan told Jewish groups that Israel has nothing to do with 9/11.

    • Replies: @5371
  15. Gotta admit, the battle’s lost when Muslims can recruit, but elderly Christian women are arrested for telling Muslims about Jesus. Almost does sound like de facto Sharia!

    • Replies: @Jonathan Revusky
  16. Druid says:
    @Priss Factor

    Good post. I like it! I’m sure there are some moos who do want others to submit bust most just live life. Moos are actually the biggest victims of the ones who try to impose!

  17. dfordoom says: • Website
    @Priss Factor

    PC in UK would be powerful even without the Moos.

    Agreed. Muslims aren’t the ones who have destroyed western civilisation. We’ve done that ourselves. The only hope for saving what is left is to attack PC, not the Muslims.

    • Replies: @Nico
  18. Priss Factor [AKA "The Priss Factory"] says: • Website

    The Derb discusses ‘liberties’ but what about ‘moralities’?

    I agree that liberty is important but even more important are the moralities.

    After all, a non-free society that is morally sober is better than a free society that is wantonly immoral. Germany under the Kaisers was better than many parts of Brazil where there’s a lot of liberty, alright. But no morality. City of God, that Brazil movie, shows a lot of liberty. Too much in fact.

    The granny who got community service seems like a serious person, and I defend her liberty, but maybe she should also think in terms of what moral values Christians and Muslims have in common. Because even without Islam, UK is a pretty sick demented place. I mean all those white trash yobs in UK are the not the product of Islam but of too much idiot freedom, alcohol, and moronosity.
    And would Muslim kids in UK necessarily be better off if they dropped their Islam and emulated white yobs whose only passion is tattoos, drinking, cursing, and imitating rappers?

    Morality gets a bad rap everywhere. Partly, it’s because it’s been cynically used by the Right, and so, the Left knee-jerkedly feels it’s just a right-wing ploy to keep the masses from getting angry and politically engaged.

    There is some truth to that. For too long, the Church has been telling the poor to be submissive and accept poverty which is good for them. Also, emphasizing morality sometimes has a way of blaming the poor even when they are victims of Wall Street shenanigans that really ruined the economy. Also, given the nature of politics and economics, it’s rather hypocritical for those who gained lots of power(often immorally or amorally) to be preaching about morality. Also, morality is often associated with religion that is so corrupt in so many quarters: Evangelicals, Rabbis, Muslims, Catholics, etc.

    Morality, in putting brakes on behavior, is also seen as repressive both externally and internally. It is seen as prudish when authorities say ‘naughty, naughty’. It is seen as puritanical when one practices ‘abstinence’ and ‘delayed gratification’.
    We love terms like ‘liberation’, and we are supposed to embrace hedonism and the unfettered celebration of pleasure. And corporations love that since they want to sell stuff that satisfies our vanity and desire for pleasure.
    And many moralists don’t turn out to be such saints. Many are hypocrites and phonies. This is true of everyone. Parents say blah blah but they break their own rules. Teachers say blah blah, but students know teachers are far from perfect.
    Politicians lie all the time.

    But despite the truth that morality is cynically used as a ploy by the powerful, there is nothing more essential to poor, struggling, or lower-class folks than morality. Morality keeps them focused on values. It keeps the family together. It teaches personal limits, responsibility, accountability. It emphasizes core ethics about trust, honor, dignity, and respect. The Joad family in GRAPES OF WRATH had core morality even though they were not well-schooled and desperately poor. They believed in family and sticking together. Morality begins with simple things. Devotion between man and wife and their commitment to taking care of the children they create together. Man and woman being decent parents and teaching the kids right from wrong. Instilling respect for education and respect for authority(without being mindlessly slavish to it). Discerning what is essential from the trivial. Surely, anyone who chooses pop culture as the core of his or her life is an idiot. Educated people should be able to distinguish real culture(of worth) from junk culture. They may enjoy junk culture, but it should never be mistaken as the real stuff.

    As for less educated or cultured people, they should choose eternal cultural themes — church, family, community, etc. — over fashion and fad. This is all the more important than ever since today’s pop culture is so corrosive and harmful to the soul.
    How much harm could John Wayne, Bogart, Sinatra, and even Monroe possibly to do young people back in the day? How much harm could enjoying the Beach Boys or Supremes do? But a lot of harm can be done to young people who listen to today’s music, watch today’s TV, play today’s video games, and follow today’s shameless trashy celeb culture. Pop culture is poison in our time. Unless one has defenses against it, one is in trouble. Helicopter parents can keep their kids away from junk with higher IQ, ballet lessons, good schools, violin lessons, etc. But the poor? They are left to wiggle like maggots on poo.

    I would never say morality alone is enough for success or well-being. There needs to be good governance, rule of law, some degree of safety nets, and etc. But, what progs fail to understand is that even good governance really comes down to moral issues. Unless people in government are moral and responsible themselves, government cannot run well. Also, it helps to have a moral community where people are raised to abstain from cheating in business, where people are made to see bad behavior in business as shameful. But judging by Wolf of Wall Street, there is no shame in much of the business world. Wall Street has gone Woodstock.


    But even if the ruling elites are responsible and run good government and offer lots of aid/services to the people, nothing really can be done for the poor and struggling unless the have-nots and have-lesses have some moral value system and sense of values. And if lacking such, it helps if they have some respect or fear of authority.

    Imagine a poor moral person. If given the chance at success, he will use his values to focus on what is most important. And he will focus on helping his kids do the right thing. Now, a poor moral person may not have much of a chance in an unjust society that gives him no opportunity. It’s like even a good Jew had no chance in Nazi Germany. But a good moral person will do well or better under a just order that gives him a chance.

    Now, imagine a poor person without much moral values. Suppose he is like a Greek.
    But suppose he fears or respects authority. So, if the authority is just and good(and forceful and righteous), it can reshape the immoral poor person into a person who obeys prevailing and enforced moral norms. And then, the person might go from being immoral to partly moral. And his children might be better than the parents.
    Anglo-Americans provided the kind of moral authority that helped many ethnic folks to rise up and improve themselves. Many Southern Italians and Greeks arrived in the US as a bunch of sleazos and scuzzos. But many of them did respect authority, and so they submitted to the Anglo-American way, and their kids were brought up with solid Anglo-American values of reform and responsibility and rule of law.

    Now, imagine a poor person without morals and no respect for authority. Such a person is much more difficult to handle.
    Now, if the governing power could kick his ass, his character might be improved because (1) he would be made to fear authority and (2) be shaped in a climate of fear into doing the right things. This is why Cuban blacks act saner than American blacks. Cuban government kicks butt when blacks get out of order.

    But American blacks’ asses cannot be kicked. This is a democracy, and poor folks can do as they feel like. So many Negroes lost their morals. They are out of control. They have no respeck for authority. And because US is a democracy and poor folks have ‘rights’, the government cannot kick ass and make Negroes behave again.

    If I could have Stalinist powers, I could improve the Negro character somewhat.
    I would go to Negro schools and force Negroes to obey and do homework. If they acted like rappers with attitude, I would send goons to kick butt and send them to gulag for hard labor. I would ban all degenerate pop culture. I would shut down all black churches that encourage Negroes to holler like apes and replace them with churches where Negroes sing dignified traditional spirituals. I would send all Negroes like Al Sharpton to the Gulag. I would shut down BLM idiots, and if they dared to burn down a city, I would send in the fearsome Cheka to deal with them with utter ruthlessness. Negroes would soon get the message. They would say, ‘sheeeeeeiiiit, the system be baaaaaaaaad’. They would respect my power. They would fear it. And they would obey, and over time, they would start acting more responsible and teach their kids that they better be responsible too cuz the System gonna whup their black ass.
    And this would be good for Negroes.

    It’s like what Steven Pinker said in BETTER DEVILS OF OUR ANGELS. Before you have society, you need the power to create order, and this power has to be badass, like in Hobbes Leviathan. And only then, can you have rule of law, and only then can society slowly liberalize and offer individual liberty. No civilization was ever founded upon Libertarianism or even Liberalism.

    Because moralism has usually been associated with conservatism, the progs tend to automatically reject it. Progs see morality purely in ideological, economic, political, or ethnic terms. Individual morality or family morality or even communal morality is too small, too simple, too un-intellectual for them. It’s like they reject the notion of the ‘great man’ in history. History is all about mega-forces of economics, politics, geopolitics, environment, or ‘values'(as in macro-social values than personal moral values). If the ‘great man’ has no place in history, the little man really has no place in history. There is nothing the little man can do no matter how moral he is. Power is all about economics, class, race, geopolitics, culture, etc.

    So, if you want to help the poor, you gotta do something about class or race or economics or government policy.
    Now, such considerations are important. After all, if a society says, ‘brown people cannot go to school’, no amount of morality on the part of brown people is gonna do them any good in terms of climbing the socio-economic ladder. So, there should be a political effort to end discrimination against brown folks.

    But on the other hand, brown people are likely to succeed if given a chance IF they have a moral culture. If you got Jews and Gypsies, and if both are oppressed, neither group can do much. But suppose you allow freedom and equal opportunity to both groups. Why will Jews achieve much more? Aside from higher IQ, Jews got more family morals and more respect for learning and more respect for rightful authority. In contrast, even with freedom, gypsies just wanna drink, party, pickpocket, lie, cheat, act stupid, be ridiculous, and get loony and loonier like in the film TIME OF THE GYPSIES(a great masterpiece) and BLACK CAT WHITE CAT(one of the funniest movies ever).

    But progs overlook this all the time. They are so focused on Big Macro issues that they ignore the fact that personal morality does matter and that this personal morality is maintained by a sense of shared communal values and heritage. Also, family is a temporal unit. It’s about grandparents, parents, children. It’s about what parents owe their children and what children owe their parents. So, the sense of responsibility isn’t just about ‘me and society’ but ‘me and time’. This is why historical sense is important to morality.

    But when progs think of morality, they only think of knuckleheads like Pat Robertson or Dan Quayle yammering about ‘family values’.
    Worse, once progs became addicted to privilege, they lost their sense of connection to the people and workers. There was a time when even a privileged progressive thought much about the poor and their problems. And they understood that certain values are essential for the poor. Family values are better than decadence, hedonism, and homo-worship. But current privileged progs, like Charles Murray said, have no sense of how the other America lives or goes through. They just attend elite institutions, rub shoulders with one another, and think they are so proggy because they support Bernie Sanders, that ‘socialist’ who represents the whitest and very rich state. They think they are more ‘evolved’ cuz they are for ‘gay marriage’ and calling Brucie ‘Caitlyn’. That is their compelling idea of ‘morality’. They even seem to think Lena Dunhamism is going to do favors for Americans. Really?

    In some ways, progs are right that morality is a conservative force. But it is also an empowering tool, and this is something they overlook.

    Consider the American Negroes under slavery. The massuhs insisted on morality among the black slaves. Slavery wasn’t moral and treatment of blacks was sometimes harsh. And Negroes were denied reading and writing, the kind of knowledge necessary for full empowerment. But the white massuhs did want a moral Negro slave force.

    Massuhs figured that if the Negroes were made immoral, the blacks might act crazy, out of control, wild, ugabuga, jivey, and ridiculous. Massuhs understood that it was difficult to keep order through fear-and-force alone. Negroes must be made to feel like good people with a sense of responsibility, all the better to have them go out in the fields and pick cotton while singing ‘old black joe’ and work hard until lunch with corn bread and chicken. So, Negroes were taught the fear of God. Negroes were taught regular working schedules. Negroes were taught the ideals of respect, manners, and smiling at massuh and being polite. It was the Negro equivalent of lower class white in UK tipping his hat at an aristocrat and saying ‘aye, guv’nor’. Negroes were taught discipline. And even though families were tragically separated at times, most massuhs tried to keep the Negro family together. They knew that Negroes felt better and worked better if their families were together. And often, the families were sold together.

    Now, slavery wasn’t ethical or just, and blacks had their share of suffering under bondage, but slavery did emphasize moral values among the Negroes.
    So, when Negroes were freed, they had some compass in life. They knew something about family, discipline, responsibility, delayed gratification, and etc.

    But because we are supposed to see slavery as totally bad, we tend to disparage EVERYTHING associated with it. True, slavery was unfair and led to many abuses, but American slavery did promote and encourage morality among the Negroes.
    And those values could have been put to good use by the Negroes. Indeed, when we read many post-slavery Negro narrative, the sense of seriousness is partly a legacy of the culture of seriousness they learned under slavery. It’s there in Booker T. Washington’s UP FROM SLAVERY.

    The massuhs didn’t treat blacks the way them Yankees treated the Indians. Yankees sold liquor to Indians and told them, “hey chief, why don’t you drink, turn wino, get stupid, sell your daughter as whore to a saloon, and die in the gutter clutching a bottle of whiskey.” Just like the Brits were trying to mess up Chinese morals with opium, the Yankee was out to destroy the Indian soul by making Indians indulge in vice, hedonism, and other crazy stuff. If yankees had meth back then, they would have sold them to Injuns, and said, “Hey chief, try this. Have all you want. In fact, I’ll give you a year’s supply if you hand over all your beaver pelts, horses, lands, etc.” Yankees were promoting vice and libertine-ism among the Indians who became a bunch of winos and lunatics.

    But the southern massuhs emphasized seriousness, sobriety, discipline, fear of God, and such stuff to the Negroes. And we could see the legacy of this in the dignified God-fearing mother in RAISIN IN THE SUN and Aunt Esther in Sanford and Son(and even the mother in Good Times). It was the Jews and northern whites who later ‘went yankee’ on the Negroes and encouraged them to indulge in alcohol, vice, whoring, gambling, flipping out, spending beyond their means, and acting crazy. Jews and Northern whites encouraged Negroes to ‘let the good times roll’ in the way that the white man once sold whiskey to Indians and encouraged them to act more savage than they were.

    Now, it’s true that southern whites were patronizing and condescending. And all that moralizing was to keep the Negroes under control cuz a Negro without morals might act like Jack Johnson or other loony jivers.
    But still, surely a Negro with a sense of self-control, discipline, fear of God, and seriousness was bound to have a better future IF GIVEN THE FREEDOM than Negroes who’d been encouraged to screw everything, indulge in drugs, go wild with vanity and narcissism, and surrender to hedonism.

    So yes, morality could be manipulated by the oppressors to keep the people under control. BUT, once the moral values had been instilled within the oppressed, those values could be used for empowerment cuz they focus the individual on work ethic, responsibility, regular routine, and such stuff. It’s been said Negroes in military do better. Military is like voluntary slavery. You join and agree to take orders and agree to be shaped and disciplined by the system. And it does some people some good.

    And look at Japanese and Germans. Most Japanese and Germans were, by today’s standards, harshly oppressed for most of history. The elites whupped them good and put them in their place and made them hard-working, serious, responsible, committed, and etc. This was done to keep them in line. Yet paradoxically, the values that had been instilled in them to maintain power over them eventually became a great empowering asset to the people when the time arrived for them to succeed in the world. Having those qualities of hard work drilled into them by their samurai overlords or Junker gentry class, they later studied hard in schools, worked hard in factories, and did good work in institutions.

    One of the reasons why Negroes in Atlanta are saner than Negroes in Detroit is because Southern whites didn’t go yankee with the Negroes.

    Though everything about the South is disparaged by our elites at NYT and Harvard, it must be admitted that white southerners did instill some moral values under slavery… just like some moral values had been drummed into Europeans under serfdom and into Japanese under peasant-dom under Samurai rule. Those were oppressive orders, but the elites did pound some very good moral values and working habits into the people.

    While it is true that the North liberated the Negroes, the South did build some character in the Negro under slavery and in Jim Crow yrs. While the South did unfairly keep the Negro down, the best way for Negroes to make progress was by respecting authority and taking things seriously. The South was unwilling to provide the kind of authority and leadership that would make the Negro equal to the white man. But the South did instill in the Negro the respect for authority.

    The North could have taken this respect for authority among Negroes and led them down the responsible path, but the smarmy northern elites with their radical chic attitude and profit-hungry Jews decided to encourage the Negroes to just toss away all their conditioning and act like hedonistic loonies.

    Also, with the rise of youth culture and rock culture, the social ideal went from ‘blacks should emulate and learn from more successful whites’ to ‘whites should imitate the rowdier and funkier blacks’. This was like encouraging Indians to drink whiskey and act more savage than they were.

    Now, it is true that oppression can have no moral value. A population could be oppressed and brutalized without being filled with any moral value. This was so with the Congo Negroes under horrible Belgium rule.
    Brazilian slavery was morally useless, especially as mostly black males were brought over. Since Brazilian plantations had only black males as slaves, there was no chance of family development. Also, when the slaves got old, they were disposable, and Brazil just got more slaves. So, Brazil imported 10x the slaves that US did.

    US was formed by Anglos who came as both men and women. So, white men and white women got married and founded a moral nation of family and commitment. And as blacks were brought over as men and women, black men and black women married under slavery, and for the most part, white massuhs sought to keep the families together among the Negroes.

    In contrast, most Spanish and Portuguese men came as single men. They left their women behind. So, they were sexually licentious in banging a bunch of native women. Their sense of family and morality became weaker. Also, as black males didn’t have black women to marry, I’ll bet a whole bunch were acting like fruiters. Or they too found some native Indian women or some such, and things just got awful confused.

    Anyway, morality is essential to progress. It alone cannot attain success(in an unjust order), but no one can use freedom well(when freedom finally arrives) if he or she doesn’t have morality. Morality means man and woman sticking together as man and wife and taking care of kids they have together. And morality also means respect for authority. Children need to respect their parents to have dignity in the house, and parents must act in ways that deserve respect. And kids need to respect teachers as professionals devoted to teaching stuff. Otherwise, how are kids gonna learn anything from teachers? Freedom and independence are good, but kids gotta graduate to a higher freedom, not be stuck in infantile freedom of childish moron behavior.

    While blind or slavish respect for authority is stupid, no child is gonna get anywhere without respect for those who know more and are willing to share their knowledge. Also, respect for authority increases curiosity. Kids have narrow focus and just wanna do what gives simple pleasure. But if they respect authority, they might listen to parent or teacher who wants to open their eyes to other stuff, different stuff, more challenging stuff.
    But what does rap culture and pop culture promote? The attitude of “I’m the center of the world.” And what does PC teach? “Don’t trigger me”, which means don’t introduce me to any knowledge or experience that might prick my ego and bubble. This is infantilism. (Of course, current education is so corrupted and moronic that respect for teachers might not do much good. So many female teachers are sluts who have sex with students. So much of education is PC that says non-white students are so special and should just ‘demand justice’ and throw tantrums. This kind of education just makes people stupid, and we can see the proof in the millennials.)

    But morality as morality isn’t enough. This is why Christianity is dying. It’s just sermons upon sermons. And this is why Muslims don’t win over a lot of people. They just holler about Allah and Muhammad. It gets boring after awhile. And Marxists got boring after so many sermons about class struggle and paeans to the proletariat.

    A powerful way to make morality relevant in people’s lives is through the arts and ideas, and the ancient Greeks understood this, which is why they came up with drama, history, and stuff.
    Drama and arts are not simple sermons about good vs bad but colorful illustrations of the conflict between good and evil. This is why people love movies and novels. They tell stories about the conflict of good and evil. This is why a Kurosawa film is more rewarding than some sermon. A sermon preaches but art makes the conflict between good and evil come alive. It dramatizes the many facets of moral struggle.

    Now, a scum sucker like Tarantino uses ‘art’ to promote immorality(with the exception of the genuinely great Reservoir Dogs). But artists like Kurosawa, Rossellini, Lean, and others used art on the side of morality. But art need not be explicitly moral. There is morality in the sense of good vs bad, but there is also Moral Sense in making us think about morality even if we are not sure what is ultimately good or bad. Lawrence of Arabia isn’t a simple moral tale cuz the story is pretty complicated. There is no good guy or bad guy, but it forces us to think about politics, psychology, history, clash of cultures, power of ego, and etc. And such thinking is a part of the moral process.

    But in today’s pop culture, there are so many who explicitly indulge and wallow in what is obvious immorality, nihilism, decadence, degeneracy, and etc. They’ve surrendered to the dark side.
    It’s one thing to admit that the allure of the dark side exists and is an indelible part of our nature. It is one thing to explore such a world, as in THE GODFATHER, GOODFELLAS, and GLENGARRY GLEN ROSS. They are invitations to thought.

    The problem of the moral right is it simply wants to preach ‘this is right’ and ‘this is wrong’ and reject all ambiguities and contradictions.

    The problem of the hedonistic crowd is they simply want to surrender to degeneracy and wantonness.

    Gross passions indeed exist and are powerful.

    It is too simplistic to repress them or deny them or to call them the work of the Devil, like hardline Christian moralists and Muslims do.

    But it is also too simplistic to shamelessly wallow in them as ‘liberation’ as if that’s what life is really about. Lena Dunham’s vision of life is like a pig wallowing in mud and own feces, eating and screwing all it wants.

    But through art, philosophy, myth, and history, a thinking moral community can both acknowledge the gross passions of our nature(and the pleasures they can offer) AND be wary of the dangers of excess and indulgence. Total salvation from gross passions is not possible. But animal salivation with out-of-control appetite isn’t the answer either.

  19. @Sojourner Truth

    arrested for telling Muslims about Jesus

    That’s a pretty comical notion, that Muslims need to be told about Jesus!

    Jesus is actually a major figure in Islamic theology.

    • Replies: @Sojourner Truth
    , @Nico
  20. Keeping us divided against each other is a high priority for our ruling class. The Muslims are not the bad guys in this story. Nor even the police and the Magistrate. It’s the people they serve, the policy makers, the “elites” who are worthy of our anger. This story is typical of the omnipresent sowing of strife among us that prevents us from uniting against our oppressors. Poor granny. Busted by the thought police. It sucks being the subject of a police state. I sucks for all of us. Granting victim status to Muslims is not doing them a favor. It paints a target on their back.

  21. In Manchester there is a parochial school, Manchester Islamic School for Girls. The school follows a strict Islamic curriculum and obliges all students to wear full Islamic dress.

    Their acronym could be MISoGyny.

    But there’s more to this “full Islamic dress” business. The Somali and Oromo girls in my city meet the strict requirements yet still manage to look feminine and attractive. If Arab and Paki women look like tents blowing in the wind, that says something further damning about their cultures. Any culture in which the men dress better than the women raises suspicion.

  22. Hitler says:

    As much as I love pointing out how “race realists” are the retards they truly are and deserve to be killed off for the sake of humanity, I agree almost totally with you on Islam. Its despicable and should be eradicated.

  23. 5371 says:

    Rehmat, do you ever get anything right? One of Bowis Johnson’s great-grandparents was a Turk, another a Jew. Trump has no Turkish or Jewish ancestors. Livingstone is called Ken.

  24. Her letter was not at all abusive, nor even angry. The tone was in fact more in sorrow than anger, urging Ms. Mohammed to come to Jesus and forsake “Satan or Mohammed or whatever they call him”

    Yeah, nothing offensive there. How about a bit of factual reality; the evangelists knock at the door of a rational person. They quite calmly inform said person of [insert belief or non-belief here] with a lot of ‘love’ they were “born dirty’ [in sin] but that can be cancelled out if they worship the “murder of god” [Christ crucified] and perform “a ritual act of cannibalism” [communion]

    Christianity’s own narrative compares quite well to Satanism… not that Derbbyshire’s ‘victim’ would ever feel any need to examine her own beliefs. Small wonder our society is screwed, we didn’t require Muslims to add to that.

    Meanwhile, milking Paris for all it’s worth, Derbyshire serves a master promoting narrative bearing little resemblance to the reality (not that he’d be bright enough to sort out the facts for himself)


    • Replies: @Richard Steele
  25. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Oooch Derbyshire! Donald Trumps has lost favor from some of your anti-Muslim tribes, when he put his big foot in the wrong mouth.

    Trump has accused Israel for funding ISIS.

    He didn’t say Israel and most likely he was referring to other Gulfies (besides KSA), whom Trump deals with a lot. The irony is that the Gulfies have money only because the Western Christian world developed technology which used a natural resource the Arabs had under their land. They’d still be just riding their camels over it if not for the Western Christian world. Fah reawl.

  26. @Ronald Thomas West

    West is such a troll. He has nothing to offer except wacko leftist sentiments.

    • Replies: @Ronald Thomas West
  27. @Richard Steele

    Oh yeah, I really love the left:

    Once upon a time there was such a thing as a sane conservative –

  28. @Jonathan Revusky

    “That’s a pretty comical notion, that Muslims need to be told about Jesus!
    Jesus is actually a major figure in Islamic theology.”

    Yeah, ha ha.

    The joke’s on Grandma as she pulls dhimmi duty.

  29. Nico says:

    Agreed. Muslims aren’t the ones who have destroyed western civilisation. We’ve done that ourselves. The only hope for saving what is left is to attack PC, not the Muslims.

    The fact that P.C. is the heart of the problem does not make me any more at ease with the swelling ranks of Third Worlders, Muslim and otherwise, in Western countries.

    Nor can it erase the memory of 1453. Perhaps the greatest potential weapon against P.C. onslaught is the reminder of what Islam will do if given the chance. Let’s keep repeating that.

    • Replies: @dfordoom
  30. Nico says:
    @Jonathan Revusky

    Anyone want to hand Li’l Johnny Revusky his burqa now?

  31. Nico,

    Jonathan Revulsky is one of my favourite commenters on here, so much so I’ve saved some of his comments.

    I don’t necessarily agree with everything anyone states on here but I hope I can recognise wisdom and logic when I see it, to paraphrase Gibran, rather than saying I have found the truth it is better to say I have found a truth.

    The Priss Factory rant above had me alternately cringing, laughing out loud and nodding my head.
    It would be brilliant to see that done as stand-up (Meant as a compliment) or a video rant.

    You’re own above comment on the other hand is just childish, adds nothing to the discussion and is unworthy (imho) of this site.

    Have a nice day.

  32. dfordoom says: • Website

    The fact that P.C. is the heart of the problem does not make me any more at ease with the swelling ranks of Third Worlders, Muslim and otherwise, in Western countries.

    Agreed. What you have to remember though is that Social Justice Warriors never give up. Until they are crushed the immigration threat will always remain. You might win a temporary reprieve but that’s all it will be – temporary. Give it a year or so and the SJWs will be again opening wide the immigration door. SJWs treat defeats as merely minor setbacks. They regroup and then resume the offensive.

    If you want long-term border control you have to eradicate the SJW infestation altogether. It’s no good attacking the worker ants – you have to find the nests. You could try looking in the universities, Hollywood and the media.

  33. Kamran says:

    “apparently in the belief that Islam is a race.”

    It is.

  34. Hrw-500 says:

    Slightly off-topic but the “media-press industrial complex” had found some old skeletons written 30 years ago in the closet of Oliver Letwin, a former advisor to Margaret Thatcher about the Broadwater Farm riots of 1985.

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