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Peter Thiel On Trump
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I earnestly recommend that everyone watch Peter Thiel’s 13-minute address at the National Press Club this morning. He hits a number of nails on the head.

A few at random:

[At 1m08s] The truth is, no matter how crazy this election seems it is less crazy than the condition of our country.

Thiel checks off some of the craziness: the national debt, healthcare costs, student loans, income stagnation, …

And wars:

[At 2m52s] While households struggle to keep up with the challenges of everyday life, the government is wasting trillions of dollars of taxpayer money on faraway wars.

Right now we’re fighting five of them: in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.

Which is the more enthusiastically pro-war party? The Democrats!

[At 7m55s] Yet even after these bipartisan failures, the Democratic Party today is more hawkish than at any time since it began the war in Vietnam.

What’s the root problem? Optimism!

[At 8m55s] For a long time our elites have been in the habit of denying difficult realities.

Why is Trump the solution?

[At 10m54s] Nobody would suggest that Donald Trump is a humble man; but the big things he’s right about amount to a much-needed dose of humility in our politics.

Very unusually for a presidential candidate, he has questioned the core concept of American exceptionalism. He doesn’t think that the force of optimism alone can change realities without hard work.

Just as much as it’s about making America great, Trump’s agenda is about making America a normal country.

The only nail whose head Thiel leaves un-hit is immigration. This is a bit odd, as there is probably no other single issue that accounts for so much of Trump’s popular support.

It’s somewhat less odd to those of us who recall Thiel taking up an interest in the immigration issue some years ago, then quickly dropping it as, apparently, too radioactive.

We at are bolder; which is one reason — although, so be sure, a very minor one — why we have much, much less money than he does.

It is none the less heartening to see a successful entrepreneur speaking so clearly and eloquently in support of Trump. Watch the whole thing on YouTube.

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
• Category: Ideology • Tags: 2016 Election, Donald Trump, Peter Thiel 
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17 Comments to "Peter Thiel On Trump"
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  1. Rehmat says:

    Organized Jewry is known for known for keeping its eggs in both Republican and Democrat baskets. Billionaire Peter Thiel is one of those eggs.

    As Dr. Petraus said that no matter who wins presidential election – the real winner is the Zionist entity.

    How many duped American know how their tax money is used by Tel Aviv to buy more than 90% of US lawmakers?

    • Replies: @A.P
    , @Stealth
  2. Thiel checks off some of the craziness: the national debt, healthcare costs, student loans, income stagnation, …

    And wars:

    As just about everyone here knows, the reason these problems seem so intractable is because lots of people make lots and lots of money, and at the same time gain prestige, from perpetuating them.

    National debt? Seemingly half the population gets some for of check every month from the government, to say nothing of Medicare. Good luck messing with that.

    Healthcare costs and student loans? The factories may all be shut, but if one wants to find the emergency room these days, you don’t need to follow the “blue H” signs. One need only head for the the construction cranes on the horizon. Same goes for the “Educational – Industrial Complex.” What was free to Derb back in the day and cost me a nominal in-state tuition 30 years ago is now an $80,000 non-dischargable, student loan millstone around the neck of every college kid. And there’s no guarantee of employment after making that investment. The buildings keep going up and the landscaping is immaculate however.

    And then there’s the wars. No lesser personalities than the President of the United States (Eisenhower) have been warning of a “Military Industrial Complex” seemingly forever, but again, it seems we can’t even consider sanity with regard to the Pentagon budget. “Support the Troops!” is part of it, unfortunately.

  3. Jeffrey S. says: • Website

    “Right now we’re fighting five of them: in Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Somalia.”

    That seems like a strange way of putting it — not to mention the fact that it is just plain factually incorrect. First of all, the one war we are actually fighting with lots of boots on the ground Thiel doesn’t even mention — Afghanistan. Our longest war is perhaps our most pointless, so it is kind of strange Thiel forgets to mention it.

    Then let’s go down his list:

    1) Iraq — we formally pulled out of Iraq but are now providing logistical support to the Iraqi government to fight ISIS, so I guess in one sense one could say we are ‘fighting’ in Iraq;

    2) Syria — we are providing some support to Syrian rebels, but it is mostly logistical, training, and arms. Are we fighting? I don’t think so, so I would say Thiel is wrong to include this one on his list.

    3) Libya — here I think Thiel has a case given that we have been actively using air support and special forces to help the Libyan government fight ISIS.

    4) Yemen — we really haven’t been fighting over there but have been supporting the Saudis (which might be foolish but is a discussion for another day.) However, we did just fire a couple of missiles at the Houthi rebels when our warships came under fire, so as of October of this year, I suppose you could make a limited case that we are ‘fighting’ in Yemen. But not really.

    5) Somalia — yes, we are fighting a low-intensity war in Somalia using special forces, airstrikes and drone strikes, and providing logistical support to allies. So I there is a strong case for inclusion of Somalia on the list.

    • Replies: @Henry's Cat
    , @Rehmat
    , @Mr. Anon
  4. Randal says:

    Peter Thiel’s 13-minute address at the National Press Club this morning. He hits a number of nails on the head.

    Interesting talk, thanks. As you say, he does hit a few nails very squarely. I’d have a few issues with some of the things he says (such as declaring Trump’s words about women to be “unacceptable”, “offensive and inappropriate” – assuming he’s talking about the recent tape release, those words might have been inappropriate and unacceptable in mixed polite company or in a formal speech, but they certainly were neither in the context of a private informal conversation). But on the issue of overwhelming concern to me as a non-American, namely the US’s bipartisan and murderously idiotic foreign policy, he’s absolutely spot on.

    He’s misses out the especially toxic second most important issue – that of mass immigration and the poisonous globalist and anti-racist dogmas choking the societies of the US sphere.

    The only nail whose head Thiel leaves un-hit is immigration. This is a bit odd, as there is probably no other single issue that accounts for so much of Trump’s popular support.

    I don’t know much about him, but I seem to recall he is, or was, a libertarian. Libertarians find it almost impossible to coherently address issues such as immigration, nation, race and religion.

    • Replies: @5371
  5. Marcus says:

    Thiel strikes me as an honorable queer and one of the few super-rich who actually care about ordinary folk (this was the norm before Reagan, believe it or not).

  6. @Jeffrey S.

    Re. Iraq and Syria, does your ‘logistical support’ cover the hundreds of airstrikes carried out by US planes since August 2014?

  7. Aren’t we glad that Mr. Trump’s campaign slogan is Make America Great Again!, and not The New Thiel?

    Sure, Thiel makes some strong, irrefutable points, but he ought not to have gotten into the weeds of Mr. Trump’s private conversations, as no candidate is perfect because no one is perfect.

    For us ordinary Americans Mr. Trump holds all the, dare I say it, trump cards: enforce immigration laws, including the laws prohibiting employer hiring of illegal aliens; deport illegal aliens (starting with the ones that commit crimes here and the ones who return serially after having been deported serially); BUILD THE WALL; end the prosperity-killing “free trade” treaties & deals; stop Importing more & more Islam; law & order; de-rig and de-corrupt the rigged corrupt system.

  8. nglaer says:

    Re leaving our immigration:
    In the Q&A afterward he referred to it, making a reference to Trump’s wall proposal (his supporters take it seriously, not literally, Thiel said) and favorably noting Trump’s belief that present system is broken. Then I think (I was going to the kitchen to check on something) Thiel said he favors something like the Canadian system (which I understand as high numbers, but more education, assimilation possibility based–at least in principle. would be an improvement in my view.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  9. 5371 says:

    The process of recovery from libertarianism tends to be protracted. Backsliding is an ever-present danger.

  10. Rehmat says:
    @Jeffrey S.

    Were you born yesterday Israeli historian?

    America and other Israeli poodles – according to Pentagon classified files planned to invade, and destroy nine Muslim countries for Israel – Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Somalia, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, and Lebanon. American soldiers are still running around like crazy dogs in Afghanistan, Somalia, Iraq, and Libya. In Yemen, Saudi Arabian army backed by the Pentagon, is killing civilians and destroying infrastructure Israel-style. CIA, Mossad, MI6, and Indian RAW are all actively involved in sabotaging national security in the rest of the countries.

    Currently, America is actively involved in regime changes in Syria, Iran, and Pakistan whose citizens hate the Jewish entity.

  11. Mr. Anon says:
    @Jeffrey S.

    So, Yes – to one degree or another – we are fighting those wars. We either launch ordinance into those countries or have armed men on the ground. And, as you pointed out, in addition to Afghanistan as well – a nation that has a “fighting season”.

    And the only reason we aren’t much more deeply involved in one or more of those other five places is that most Americans are fed up with it all. It certainly isn’t for any lack of enthusiasm by the deep-state and its’ more visible cheer-leaders.

  12. A.P says:

    peter thiel is not a jew

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  13. Stealth says:

    Thiel is not Jewish.

    • Replies: @Kyle a
  14. There is a broken record in the comments that needs fixing.

  15. Kyle a says:

    Doesn’t matter to the clown. He’s the only person who posts here with a foreskin. Don’t waste your time with his web site either. It’s like trying to get directions from a homeless dude, lot of pointing of fingers and viagra ads.

  16. Kyle a says:

    Rehmat is a self loathing admirer of Judaism.

  17. Kyle a says:

    Canada doesn’t have high immigration numbers. One of the toughest to gain entry. Unless you a wealthy Asian or a Syrian refugee

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