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Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?

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Last week started off with another Muslim terrorist attack, this one on the campus of Ohio State University in Columbus. Shortly before 10 a.m. Monday a Somali immigrant, a student at the university, deliberately drove his car into a group of people, injuring several. Then he got out and stared stabbing bystanders with a butcher knife.

Fortunately a campus cop was nearby. He shot the Muslim dead.

There were thirteen victims altogether: three with broken bones, one with possible internal injuries, the rest listed as having moderate or minor injuries.

Could have been worse.

The terrorist was identified as Abdul Artan. His age was given as 18, but that’s obviously a lie. In photographs he looks to be at least thirty, with a well-developed case of male-pattern baldness.

The incident is mainly noteworthy for illustrating the utter absence of any sense or reason in our immigration and so-called “refugee” policies.

Before proceeding, let me justify that adjective “so-called.”

Abdul Artan moved with his family from Somalia to Pakistan in 2007. [Deceased Ohio State attacker identified as Somali refugee Abdul Razak Ali Artan, ,, November 29, 2016 ]Seven years after that, in 2014, he was admitted to the U.S.A. as a refugee and was granted legal permanent residency.

So after seven years in Pakistan, how was he a refugee? Is Pakistan a country people need refuge from? A country Muslims need refuge from?

If it is, we’re in trouble. The population of Pakistan is 202 million. If any significant portion of them need refugee status, that’s millions of people.

In fact, there is no reason to grant refugee status to anyone from Pakistan. Sure, the place is dirt-poor and politically corrupt, but there’s no civil war or famine. Nor is there any threat of Pakistan being destroyed by external agency: it’s a nuclear power, for crying out loud.

So in what sense were Artan’s family, resident there seven years, in what sense were they refugees?

People often say, concerning genuine Muslim refugees, driven from their homes in places like Syria, that their brother Muslim nations should take them in. Well, in the case of the Artans, assuming they genuinely were fleeing from something or other in Somalia — a questionable assumption in itself, given the history of fraud in these cases — even assuming that, Muslim Pakistan did indeed step up and take them in.

How did they then become America’s responsibility?

The answer is that the U.S.A. has an insatiable appetite for Somali immigrants. Ann Corcoran has dug out the numbers over at Refugee Resettlement Watch. We’ve taken in eight thousand Somalis so far this year. Last year it was nine thousand. Year 2014 it was also nine thousand. Clicking back through the years from there: eight thousand, five thousand, three thousand, five thousand, four thousand, two and a half thousand.

That last low number was for 2008, when family reunification was suspended after the State Department tried out a DNA testing program that exposed widespread fraud — strangers claiming to be family members.

The suspension was annulled in 2009, with no further effort to reduce fraud, after the Obama administration came in. [Fraud in the Refugee Family Reunification (Priority Three) Program,, February 3, 2009]

Continuing to scan backwards, 2007 we took in seven thousand Somalis, the previous year ten thousand, then ten thousand, thirteen thousand, two thousand, 242, …

Whoa, what happened there? Only 242? Oh, that was 2002, the year after 9/11.

Yes, incredibly, we actually cut back on importing Somali Muslims the year after 9/11. The cutback only lasted a few months, though.

I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again: the most astounding statistic of the 21st century is, that the U.S.A. has taken in more Muslims for settlement in the 15 years since 9/11 than it did in the 15 years before.

Not that we were exactly slack before, certainly not in the case of Somali Muslims. Ann’s numbers show that, as long ago as the Clinton administration we took in 36,000 Somalis.

And these are Somalis: the group, of all Muslim groups, with the highest proportion of swivel-eyed fanatics and the lowest proportion of persons with any useful skill or literate in anything but Islamic mumbo-jumbo.

Yet, as those numbers show, the U.S.A. has an insatiable appetite for more and more of them.

When I say “the U.S.A.,” of course, I don’t mean the ordinary people of America. Nobody cares what they want.

The appetite belongs in the first place to the refugee importers, the so-called Voluntary Agencies, who get vast grants of federal money to aid them in their efforts, and who pay their executives grand salaries; and in the second place to Midwestern meatpacking and food-processing companies wanting cheap labor.

It’s all a nice little money racket dressed up in humanitarian language.

The precise Voluntary Agency involved in Artan’s case was Catholic Charities of Dallas. [Email them] [Catholic Charities Resettled Ohio State’s Somali Attacker,by Michael Patrick Leahy,, November 29, 2016] They will not, of course, be held responsible for the actions of their protégé. Nor will anyone be called on to explain how the mass importation of African Muslims helps the mission of the Catholic Church.

Monday’s attack also brought out the sanctimonious non-judgmentalism of our Goodwhite elites. One of those more seriously hurt was 68-year-old emeritus professor of engineering William Clark. [Send him mail] Quote from him, speaking the day after the attack:

Before I pass judgment on this young man, I would like to see exactly what the circumstances are and exactly why he took the course of action that he chose.

Ohio State University Professor Injured in Attack: ‘We’re Still a Great University’, November 29, 2016

The circumstances! The root causes! It wasn’t Mr. Artan’s will, his agency, that brought about those injuries and his own death, you see; it was those pesky circumstances.

Members of victim groups have no agency. They are the helpless playthings of circumstance.

I haven’t so far seen anyone quoted as saying that as horrific as this attack was, if our diversity becomes a casualty, that would be worse.

However, I’ve no doubt that somebody, somewhere, has said it.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjectsfor all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived

(Reprinted from by permission of author or representative)
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  1. says:
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    Anglin is scum, but his take on Somalis is hilarious.

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  2. Meat packing, or any other, industry can bring in dirt cheap labour from multitude poor countries. Why Somalia, the failed hotbed of Islamic terror country?
    There is a one horse town in the Midwest where the Immigration & Naturalization Services has a large office handling all immigration matters. This one horse town has the highest concentration of one tribe per 100 residents in the US and they all work for INS. Go figure out.

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  3. Christianity, lol

    That aside, Americans think xenophobia is bad because America has the cultural ethos of a cat lady. Control feminism and tolerance will diminish.

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  4. No one votes for Somali/Muslim immigration or more importantly is even allowed to debate the costs and risks associated with it.

    The acceptable level of participation for the average person; is to keep our mouths shut, keep paying our taxes, wait in airport security lines, and accept that, despite all the evidence, diversity is strength.

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  5. With the arrival of automation even in farming, the need for dirt cheap labour might be less reveleant in the years to come from what I read on these articles from Brenda Walker.

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  6. 1/ ‘Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?’


    2/ ‘In fact, there is no reason to grant refugee status to anyone from Pakistan.’


    3/ ‘Members of victim groups have no agency. They are the helpless playthings of circumstance.’

    Tell that to the people on who, when confronted with ISIS atrocities constantly look for who is ‘really’ behind those atrocities. Couldn’t possibly the people committing them, especially those who come from afar, could it.

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  7. Average IQ in Somalia = 68. Extremely violent group of people, useless in a civilized country. In the US, we can’t even execute killers with IQs 70 or lower….This is population replacement, pure and simple.

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  8. Surprised (((you))) had such a glaring omission.

  9. In the mental calculus of the left, Somalia isn’t a dysfunctional hellhole because it is populated by Somalis. Rather, the root cause must be a fuzzy mix of bad luck, post-colonial trauma, & more recent behind the scenes meddling by the CIA, other sinister western forces. Moreover the more downtrodden an immigrant is, the greater the warm n fuzzy rush for the resettlement agency. Sure these refugees are sure fire instaDems, but don’t underestimate the drug-like kick that the SJW-hive gets from “rescuing” these refugees (despite externalizing the costs to the taxpayer).

  10. Tell that to the people on who, when confronted with ISIS atrocities constantly look for who is ‘really’ behind those atrocities.

    Amen, brother. According to some of the people here, the actual reason for Islamist terrorism is anything other than religious and extremist ideology, and the actions of the terrorist groups themselves.

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  11. I have never heard any person say anything good about Somali’s -EVER!
    We will rue the day we ever let Muslims into this Country, matter of fact I’d say we’re already ruing it.

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  12. I don’t care why they commit their terrorism. What I care about is that they are in my nation because a population of immigrants has done all it could to import them to destroy Traditional Americans.

    The mistake was made in not closing the borders totally in 1800.

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  13. They’re good at shooting down American choppers.

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  14. Couldn’t possibly (sic) the people committing them, especially those who come from afar, could it.(sic)

    Couldn’t possibly be the people organizing and funding them, especially those who come from afar, could it?

  15. Terrorists wouldn’t even be in our country in the first place if Emmanuel Cellar hadn’t ruined our previously excellent immigration laws.

  16. Do you suppose there could be an argument made for these paid “charities” to be acting against the interests of the USA, and those in government could be subject to charges and arrest for sedition? Sounds like the government has been compromised to me and that the enemies of the USA may in fact be working for the government of the USA.

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  17. Patriots Arise!!
    We dodged the bullet this time with Trump’s victory.
    All Trump voters can’t rest on our laurels. The wall will built; the 1965 “Immigration Act” will be repealed; illegal aliens and useless legal migrants will be sent packing; high IQ citizens will be given all necessary moral and economic support to reproduce; and the black criminal cancer will be excised from the body politic.
    These items will only happen when the deplorables continue to take action to control our own destiny.
    More specifically:
    1. Return all fundraising letters with letters of protest via free Business Reply envelopes.
    2. Support immigration restriction groups like Numbersusa.
    3. Support candidates who will fight on our behalf.
    4. Eschew the MSM and find sites the will give us the truth.
    Keep fighting. One day we will be free people in our own land.

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  18. “Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?”

    Simple question, simple answer–Capitalists and their hirelings, knowing and unknowing.

    Nor are they picky about the whence–it all translates into cheap labor.

    There is one other source of some limited immigration, as with the Chechens who were recruited, educated, supported and so forth by the CIA and then blew up the Boston Marathon.

    This probably pertains to a certain selection of Somalis.

    The Chechen brothers were a misfire–they were obviously recruited ultimately to blow up things Russian.

    The CIA also engineered the immigration of the first attempted bombers of the World Trade Center–you remember that, don’t you? And joining them was a suspicious FBI informant.

    Such short memories.

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  19. Time to clean the Washington Swamp and the Cesspool of Immigration!
    The Public may need to spray lead to get rid of the stench in the Cesspool….

  20. So after seven years in Pakistan, how was he a refugee? Is Pakistan a country people need refuge from? A country Muslims need refuge from?

    Actually, since last summer, the Pakistani government has been threatening to deport 1.5 million Afghan registered refugees and an additional million unregistered refugees due to alleged terrorist connections. Some of these people have been in Pakistan since the early 1980s. If the Pakistanis feel this way about Afghans –their next door neighbors and close cultural cousins– I doubt they have any special sympathy for Somalis.

    But, I agree that Americans have good reason to question the wisdom of the current policy of Somali refugee resettlement in the US. Actually refugee “advocates” should be asking themselves these questions too. For example, how is it possible that after 25 years of civil war and mass exodus to the far corners of the world, the population of Somalia is now almost twice as high as when the fighting started back in 1991? What sustains the violence and lawlessness and how can they still afford to buy arms and ammunition? And most importantly for us: as it stands today, is the resettlement program actually helping to create a more peaceful and sustainable future in Somalia itself? Because surely that’s the ultimate goal and best hope for the vast majority of Somalis, who (at least for now), don’t have the option of fleeing to Anchorage, Minneapolis, or even nearby Kenya in most cases. There have to be more pragmatic ways to manage the fall-out from these types of seemingly unending conflicts.

  21. Christianity, lol

    Well, that’s certainly the safe answer. Won’t get you bit by leftists.

    Of course, America, back in the pagan era between 1924 and 1964, allowed far fewer non-whites to immigrate (and in the far more Godless days of the early Republic, limited immigration to free white persons). But then there was the great Christian revival of 1964, and thus, the non-white deluge.

  22. They’re good at shooting down American choppers.

    And it only cost ‘em about 500 lives.

  23. it is just more cannibals for the white women race traitors to drool over. in a few years most of them will have white wives and or mulatto kids. this will not stop until the whites are gone forever and the sad part is over half the whites gleefully embrace their genocide

  24. “Traditional Merkins”, jeje.

    Like Jay Gould, to whom is attributed the immortal, “I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.”

    Short on Lenin, even the Right Wing Capitalists and Imperialists who are Democrats and Progressives never appreciated the insight of Gould, or of whoever said it, and least of all the imbecilic Trokskyites.

    One can rest assured, however, that is it written in gold leaf letters and stored in a platinum box taken out once a year in some semi-Masonic ritual by the owners at Yale or on Wall Street.

    Y’all enjoy the spectacle of the Magic Negro followed by the Magic White Man, now, y’hear?

  25. says:
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    I have a suggestion. Since Somalians want to live anywhere but Somali , we could let them all emigrate to Sweden , a country that can’t get enough of them anyway . In their stead a lottery could be had to outsiders to found a new nation state , or a homesteading scheme , or a place for Boers and white South Africans to move . The only requirement for this experiment would be that the new citizens be neither Muslim or African . It would be open to all others and a set number would be arrived at for total immigration. It would be a grand experiment and Ill be damned if within a generation Somalia would go from a place people ran away from to a place people ran to.

  26. says:
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    The movement of Muslims to the west is sheer suicidal insanity. Muslims can’t hurt people in the west if they cannot get into the west. Physical impossibility. The Bush administration would have served the safety and security of America incomparably more had they simply ended all Muslim entrance to the USA (immigrants and “refugees”) then by their senseless attack on Iraq.

  27. says:
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    American troops should NEVER have been sent to Somalia anymore then Somalis should EVER have been allowed to come to the USA. Invading the world and inviting the world are BOTH disastrous policies.

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  28. It is obvious that those who bring the immigrants here deeply hate white Protestant Americans, which are the ethnic groups that founded America. Their bigoted attack on European Protestant immigration was successful in the 1965 passage of the Immigration and Nationality Act, which was pushed through Congress with the efforts of Emmanuel Cellar (Jewish), Jaccob Javits (Jewish) and Ted Kennedy (Catholic), among others. All the Jewish organizations of America support open borders and illegal immigration and does the Catholic Church.

    • Replies:
  29. Too right. What they want is is diversity, not diversity of opinion.

  30. Centuries from now our descendants will look back on all this with the same incomprehension that we today regard witch burnings.

  31. In fact, there is no reason to grant refugee status to anyone from Pakistan. Sure, the place is dirt-poor and politically corrupt, but there’s no civil war or famine. Nor is there any threat of Pakistan being destroyed by external agency: it’s a nuclear power, for crying out loud.

    False. I guess not being well-traveled does cripple ones analytic skills.

    Pakistan has tons of refugees due to internal Islamic prosecution. Those found to belong to ‘heretical’ sects of Islam are prosecuted intensely. Chances are if he was Sufi or Ahmedia (Pakistan being predominately Sunni), he was going to be prosecuted like a mofo.

    Facts. It’s only one google search away.

    • Replies:
  32. What makes Anglin ‘scum’? Did he trigger you? Has he rustled your jimmies?

    • Replies: ,
  33. There is a decent case to be made that he’s a plant charged with sowing division in the alt-right, with the help of trolls like you who mock and insult our fellow travelers. I wouldnt characterize Anglin as “scum” but there is no need to belittle right-leaning people who do.

    • Replies: ,
  34. Trump said he “shouldn’t have been here” or something like that after the attack, very heartening.

  35. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "MCPO USN"]
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    There is a decent case to be made that he’s a plant charged with sowing division in the alt-right, with the help of trolls like you who mock and insult our fellow travelers

    Is there some kind of “problem” with sowing “division” in the alt-right? Why would that be? Why would it be any “wronger” than the alt-right sowing “division” among the saner elements of the admittedly stupid general populace?

    You ain’t got a holy cause there, wackadoodle. It’s just more spin-dizzy blue-sky nonsense. Alt-right has a tendency to believe that it’s got a holy war of righteousness going against the opinions and beliefs of the rest of the population. You don’t.

    Expel the Mexicans, Arabs, new Africans and Asians, and that will fix things. I guarantee it. You whistling noodle-noggins and your moronic cries of “It’s genetics, Mr. Wizard!” will return to being historical footnotes.

  36. There is a war going on. White people around the world are oppressed by people not white to the point that it should be called a war. Whomever is the Leadership must take this into consideration and do whatever needs to be done to assist white people so we are not totally destroyed by the destruction of our nations. Bring the armies we have scattered all around the world home, deport the illegal aliens and do something about all the immigrants who don’t want to assimilate, who follow after the religion of Islam. We need to find a place for the duel citizens we have here and it must not be in Leadership roles. If white people do not come together and get their act together their children are as good as goner’s in the coming world they will be forced to live in. The girls nothing but breeding stock to offset the ugliness of the none-white people, the boys, punching bags for the none-white males who from birth are taught by their mother’s to hate white people, to hurt white people every chance they get. If something is not done today, now, this minute, the next five years will bring the tidal change that will overwhelm white people to a point they will be hunted down and slaughtered. Yeah, this is real, yeah, you read it right, yeah, we better get our act together yesterday. Shut the Federal Reserve down, forfeit our debt, bring our military home, start our own industrialization, from the jump. Make our own money, our own products, push the Jews and the Muslim out of our Government, return our nation to its Christian values, demand of the immigrants that they speak English, protect our borders, like we should, like we are supposed to, like our Constitution says we should. The end of all our problems will then be near to finished. Jews and Muslims chase after, worship, Religion’s, and Leadership, that demands all people not like them be killed, people not killed are to be made slaves of the Jews and Muslims; this is what their religions insist on, this is what their Leadership promises to do- to US, no if ans or buts about it. My gawd, what is wrong with you white people not Jews, not Muslims, your death is right in front of you, advertised, the main topic of discussion on the television, in the movies, in the religious centers of the Jews and Muslims. What the hell, Jesus ran the money changers out of the temple, I am sure this means something! If you are too lazy to do it for yourself, do it for the generation of children you have crippled, so they are unable to defend themselves. WAKE UP – YOU ARE BRAINWASHED!

    • Replies: , , , ,
  37. Santa Anna thought he was going to wipe out the outnumbered white boys too.

    • Replies: ,
  38. John Jeremiah Smith [AKA "MCPO USN"]
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Paragraphs, man. I don’t read your comments because you don’t use paragraphs.

    Writing isn’t about YOU. It’s about effective presentation.

  39. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Santa Anna was white as well.

    • Replies:
  40. Who’s bringing them in? The Satanically evil Jews, of course! Jews always work to destroy the countries they infest.

    Jews Push Muslim “Refugees” on US

  41. says:
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    One of the interesting things about life is a species can have very different behavioral patterns from a closely related species while being similar(in certain regards) to a species that is very different.

    Consider. Lions are far more closely related to tigers than to wolves, yet lions are social animals like wolves whereas tigers are solitary.

    And humans are much more closely related to bears(intelligent mammals) than to bees(or ants) — creatures without consciousness — , but humans are closer to bees(and ants) than to bears in that both humans and bees(and ants) are social animals that create and maintain complex networks and organizations. Humans are aware of their activities, whereas bees(and ants) are not, but both species rely on complex social networking and cooperation.

    Humans are closer to chimpanzees than to ducks, but their human sexual behavior(excluding that of Negroes) is closer to that of ducks than to chimps. Ducks may not exactly mate for life, but when a male duck and a female duck form a pair, they tend to stick together for a long spell. In contrast, chimpanzees are wild in screwing any female they can find.

    And in some ways, we can find this biological dissonance even when we consider human races. All human races are part of one species and far closer to one another than to any other species. Yet, when we look at blacks and Asians, one might say black mating patterns are like those of chimps whereas Asian mating patterns are more like those of ducks or geese.

    Negro emotions are wild and ‘funky’, so blacks tend to be uninhibited. This means, when allowed to act free, naturally wild Negro ways encourage and embolden all Negroes to act wilder and wilder, and soon, the Negro men are high-fiving one another about how many ho’s they done. And black women are ‘twerking’ their booties to attract more men to hump them. The lack of shame in Negro emotions make Negros act like chimpanzees.

    In contrast, even though Asians are, in terms of DNA, much much closer to blacks than to ducks or geese, their high level of inhibition makes them reluctant to act wild and jivey. And the cumulative critical mass of inhibitionism among the Asian race means that if some individuals get too rowdy and aggressive, he or she will be shunned and pressured to conform to the norm. So, Asians end up acting more like ducks and geese.

    So, if the critical mass of Negroness encourages all Negroes to shake the booty, the critical mass of Asian-ness pressures all Asians to toe the line.

    So, there is no guarantee that just because a race or species is closer to your own, its behavior will be necessarily close to the norm of your social/racial/speciesial order.

    Indeed, consider how white folks and blacks folks are more closely related to one another than to golden retrievers or baboons, but white folks have emotions that are closer to golden retrievers while blacks have emotions closer to baboons.

    But then, such biological dissonance can show up in physical attributes too. Cats are closer to pigs(fellow mammal of high intelligence) than to lizards(cold blooded dumb reptile), but the claws of a cat are closer to reptile claws than the hooves of pigs.

  42. Explain the “decent case” that Anglin is a (fed?) plant, please.

    1. He speaks the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth.
    2. He’s been kicked off almost every system known to man, including paypal, disqus, and google wallet.
    3. He disavows violence at every opportunity.
    4. With the exception of MILO, I don’t believe he’s ever initiated conflict with anyone in the alt-right. Ramzpaul and Colin Liddell and their ilk attacked him first.

    So he’s a plant (while not necessarily scum) and I’m a troll who helps sow division in our movement by defending him from an attack from the left. Need clarification.

  43. Standards, please! This is The Unz Review. If you’re too lazy to learn to write in a legible fashion then I am certainly too lazy to bother to try and interpret it.

  44. Hey – they can do more than that!! Let’s not forget that these solid Democrat immigrants are responsible for that pillar of the Senate – Al Franken. I seem to recall that it was few thousand legal/illegal votes from the Somalis that pushed good ole Al to the Senate.

    • Replies: ,
  45. Good point, but then, if the fed gov keeps admitting Somalis and other savages, they’ll still be here, and now without lower-skilled jobs to keep some of them employed.

  46. Make that 1900 and you have a deal ;)

    – Proud American (and TRUMP voter) descended from LEGAL German, Italian, and Slavic immigrants

  47. Doesn’t Russia have recently strengthened laws about foreign-funded/sponsored NGOs, at least in part for similar reasons?

  48. Superb. I agree.

    Let’s add “cancel all establishment TV and newspaper subscriptions, stop going to Hollywood movies, and stop patronizing the NFL and NBA.”

    And another bigger one: “Stop borrowing huge sums of money for your children to attend universities where they will be brainwashed to hate you and everything you stand for.” Send the kids to more affordable colleges or, where appropriate, trade schools, and let the over-rated indoctrination centers known as the “elite” institutions wither to a fraction of their current size and influence.

    In short, stop giving our money and our most precious resource — our children — to the enemy.

  49. Santa Ana didn’t have tens of millions of paisans on “our” side of the border to help him.

  50. You are correct, sir.

    With a nationwide requirement that all people show proof of citizenship — such as a US Passport — in order to vote in federal elections, the Dems would have lost many “close” elections for president, us senate, and us house over the past couple decades especially.

    I realize that many states and localities can’t be trusted to enforce such a requirement — yeah, Mexifornia, I’m talking to you — so we’ll need federal employees dispatched to enforce it at every freeking polling place in the country. It is a sound investment that will pay financial and cultural dividends many times over.

    • Replies:
  51. Ouch. It’s amazing to think that a majority white country voluntarily took in millions of foreigners, or acquiesced in their entry and residence, to the extent that foreigners can affect U.S. elections. If any of those Somalis are “Americans” you can be sure they’re about as American as I am a Muslim. Not now, not ever.

    • Replies:
  52. When I was a federal bureaucrat, whenever there was an election in the dreaded Southern states, the call would go out for volunteers to go watch for electoral chicanery on the part of those deplorable Southerners. The blacks delighted in getting paid to travel south to “observe.”

    I don’t see why feds can’t be recruited to observe citizenship checks by the same mechanism.

  53. Both those policies are absolute, totally, and complete incomprehensible. Only diseased minds could devise them. The anti-Russia hysteria is in the same category. The Chinese and Saudi governments are far more reprehensible but it’s the silence of the grave where their abuses are concerned.

  54. who wants this open immigration crap the jews do…they are teh ones responsible for open borders and also the US governments destruction of others countries and then hauling home the ones that may have helped…

  55. Why d o you call him scum? Perhaps you are scum?

  56. Among all refugees and immigrants the Somalis are about the worst and most useless in a technological society. Because they are the most dysfunctional-useless they get catered to the most, and not just by America. They also get to stream into other Anglo originated nations such as Canada, UK, Australia.
    It is as if they have priority boarding passes into nice nations. It would be nice to only get nice immigrants. For those who don’t know- Just about all Somalis come in as refugees. They are getting citizenship and building to critical mass, so must be importing in relatives and family by now via chain immigration. But I do not have the numbers

    • Replies:
  57. Who in America has an insatiable apetite for Asian legal immigrants? SUNY Stony Brook has been handed over to China and India…And Steve Sailer spends years boring us with PISA scores.

    Asians in America are the bigger threat. John…you must be aware of former US Naval C0mmander Edwin C Linn…the US Navy Poster Boy for the Blessings of Diversity!!!

  58. It is time for class action lawsuits against organizations that help bring these people into our country! Time for payback on all of the “Christian” and other groups that are destroying the United States from within.

    • Replies:
  59. How about 0 nonwhite legal immigrants forever…if you can’t survive without the Chinese…go pack up and go live in China..

    Steve Sailer

    Cylde’s comments are where your obsession with IQ test scores and PISA scores always lead:More Chinese and Hindu legal immigrants….and we can make C0lumbus Ohio a majority Asian enclave in Ohio.

  60. WHICH town?

    WHY are you so vague about it? Did you make it up? Did someone else?

    And while you’re at it, how about naming a meat-packing company or two, linking these if possible to brands we might encounter when buying meat?

    Only meat-packing company(ies) that are guilty of promoting Somali and other such immigration, please; we don’t want to boycott any of their competitors who might happen to be innocent (nor, for that matter, give up buying meat).

    • Replies: ,
  61. If his ancestors were exclusively from extreme northernmost Spain he might be white, granting that gentry from Spain have little claim on any sort of virtue associated with people fit to be around.

  62. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Somalis are black and the vast majority of Muslim nationalities despise blacks. In Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries, the word used to refer to blacks is synonymous with “slave.”

    If our government had any sense, they would emphasize the racial divisions within the Muslim world and how Somali terrorists are STUPID in the extreme for trying to ingratiate themselves with an Islamic State that has utter contempt for them.

  63. “Average IQ in Somalia = 68.”

    Reasons for this score–Perpetually war torn country. Lack of significant infrastructure. Devastated by European colonization.

    “Extremely violent group of people, useless in a civilized country.”

    First, they have been violent in their country due to their conditions, not due to their inherent traits.

    Second, Somalia has a long-standing history of civilization.

    “In the US, we can’t even execute killers with IQs 70 or lower….This is population replacement, pure and simple.”

    No, it is not population replacement, as there are not sufficient numbers of Somalis to overtake Americans in general.

    Are you always this ignorant?

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  64. Americans are being replaced by masses of Third World people from many different races and cultures, not merely Somalis. Are you always this willfully obtuse?

  65. “Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?”

    “Simple question, simple answer–Capitalists and their hirelings, knowing and unknowing.”

    Yes of course, because Somalis are known for their industrious ways. “The Chinese of Africa” the oldtimers used to call them.

    • Replies:
  66. The US government never deports Somalis because it lacks diplomatic relations with any government there, and further because Somalia is on the TPS list.

    • Replies:
  67. Second, Somalia has a long-standing history of civilization.

    Before colonization it was just as it is now, religious fanatics, inbred tribes and warlords in a constant state of war.

    • Replies: ,
  68. The Chinese admiral Zheng He got to Mombasa a few years before the Portuguese. And indeed fragments of Chinese pottery have been found in the harbor.

  69. “Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?”

    It’s their oil. Next case.

  70. “Before colonization it was just as it is now, religious fanatics, inbred tribes and warlords in a constant state of war.”

    This characterization also describes Europe from 1000-1600–religious fanatics (Catholics vs. Protestants), inbred tribes (European ethnic groups, or races as they referred to themselves of at that time), and warlords (monarchs and aristocrats with standing armies).

    • Replies: , ,
  71. Exactly. “Being born in a barn does not necessarily make one a horse.”

  72. The famous Victorian military officer and explorer referred to the Somali as “that tempestuous people.” Got a spear [or a sword] through a cheek when visiting Somalia.

    • Replies:
  73. Believe it or not, but Somalis where considered among the most intelligent of the lot along with Ethiopians, like them they are also phisically different say from Congolese or whatever no big lips, no golf ball eyes. If Somalis are under 70 how much Ugandans or Liberians would score ? Under 50 I’d say…
    Liberia was founded by Lincoln (who had a vision) in oder to send back all the freed slaves…

    • Replies:
  74. Last but not least, they (Somalis) can’t be that stupid if they manage to attack and board, commercial ships with just rickety boats. Remember the film with the usual Tom Hanks captain of the ship ?
    Fact is Somalia has been bombed, I still don’t know why, from black hawk, the film you don’t know, fishermen with no fish as every industrialized nation would send ships dropping toxic and nuclear wastes in front of their shores. Only the old timers like me remember Spalding Gray monologues, young fellers, google them…

  75. Manofsteel, you may have some good thoughts here, but I didn’t read because when I started, my brain tries to chew off the first “piece”–i.e. paragraph–but then is just faced with this endless spew. (It maybe be great stuff, but it looks like spew.)

    State your thesis, or make your attention getting grab. That’s a paragraph. Then flesh out one point, or make one argument, or give one pithy example. That’s another graf. Proceed. Then we can digest what you have to say.

  76. This characterization also describes Europe from 1000-1600–religious fanatics (Catholics vs. Protestants), inbred tribes (European ethnic groups, or races as they referred to themselves of at that time), and warlords (monarchs and aristocrats with standing armies).

    Corvinus, you’re correct about war. Obviously there was a lot of war that basically involved which aristocrats\royal families would lord it over which pieces of ground. And later “religious wars” which actually were pretty much the same with just some religious pretext or pattern of alliances. (For example the Catholic French on the Protestant side of the nominally “religious war” 30 Years War.)

    However, you’re completely wrong about “inbred tribes”. You can call them that but it reduces “tribe” and “inbred” to have basically no meaning. You could make a case for some “off the beaten track” folks like Highland Scots. But in fact, the reality–and indeed one of the many important reasons that Europe is so much better than the world’s hellholes–is that there were *not* inbreeding and not a bunch of tribes. The Church forbade\discouraged cousin marriage and in any given geographic area people–outside the Jews (who clung to their separate tribalism) people bred into one people. And these coalesced into nations. Pretty much everyone–outside of Jews–who lived in Western Europe in 1000 and has surviving descendants today is one of my ancestors–generally many times over. This would not be true–or to a much less extent–in many other tribal or caste societies.

    If you’re going to do the “Europe was just like that” trope, you should at least pick the parts that actually were “just like that”–and not the parts where Europe is in fact very different in culture from other regions of the world–or it’s just useless SJW nonsense.

    • Replies:
  77. “However, you’re completely wrong about “inbred tribes”. You can call them that but it reduces “tribe” and “inbred” to have basically no meaning.”

    Kind of like those who talk about “good whites” and “bad whites”? I’m just trying to keep up with phrases that lack clarity.

    HOWEVER, Europeans were in part the result of tribes who had inbred. Pre-christian tribal Anglo-Saxons married 1st and 2nd cousins with some regularity, with proof of this phenomenon coming from 600 A.D. They were granted exemptions from the RCC’s cousin marriage bans. The marital customs among the Germanic tribes and the Franks were particularly troublesome for Pope Boniface during this same time period, with extramarital fornication between relatives and subsequent offspring being sired. That is the reality.

    • Replies:
  78. I don’t think that Somalia actually has any kind of government. It’s just a 100,000 BC
    geographical entity of warring factions.

    I might be wrong.

  79. Liberia was founded earlier, in the 1820s as a place where the rich southerners could send their mulatto children.

  80. Hey Ace,

    Somalis are good at other things too, though they are tough fighters; having given the Ethiopians, Italians and British hell in the early 20th century:,-Britain-and-Italy-3.9

    They are also a deeply spiritual people – but most don’t give that any value these days.

    Anyway, Somalia is a completely failed nation-state; good for them. That foreign model of organization is in conflict with their needs and they are right to jettison it. Things are better there in a decentralized, inter-linked tribal confederacy:
    “Such was the case with Somalia’s government, which did more harm to its citizens than good. The government’s collapse and subsequent emergence of statelessness opened the opportunity for Somali progress. This paper investigates the impact of anarchy on Somali development. The data suggest that while the state of this development remains low, on nearly all of 18 key indicators that allow pre- and post-stateless welfare comparisons, Somalis are better off under anarchy than they were under government.”

    In fact, it is not lawless as some people think and quite capable of establishing a relatively peaceful society – under their terms:
    “As for Somalia being lawless, Van Notten, a Dutch lawyer who married into the Samaron Clan and lived the last dozen years of his life with them, specifically challenges that portrayal. He explains that Somalia is a country based on customary law. The traditional Somali system of law and politics, he contends, is capable of maintaining a peaceful society and guiding the Somalis to prosperity. Moreover, efforts to re-establish a central government or impose democracy on the people are incompatible with the customary law.”

    In fact, a lot of the violence stems from the efforts to establish a nation-state which will axiomatically establish the hegemony of one tribe over all the others…not good.

    One may say, well if it’s all that good, why don’t they move back?

    Well, some of them are actually advocating that:
    “It might seem hard to believe, since you only hear about bombings and violence from mainstream media outlets, but there’s actually an influx of Somali diaspora returning back home, following many continuous years of improved safety and infrastructure development.
    Most of the country north of Mogadishu is relatively peaceful, with the self-declared state of Somaliland in the north having no crime to speak of. Terrorism is really only a problem in certain southern Somali cities nowadays, and even that is sporadic at best. You just have to know what areas to avoid…But there are so many things to love about living here. We have access to fresher fruits, vegetables and meat than you could ever get in the States. All natural ingredients make the food spectacular, with no added chemicals, pesticides or hormones. The air is unpolluted and fresh, the weather is nothing short of perfect, and the people are easy going. The pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to living in Somalia.”

    “The sound of bullets that was once so common in the Somali capital of Mogadishu has been replaced by the noise of construction. New buildings and business are emerging from the carnage and lawlessness that pervaded the east African country for more than two decades.”

    Let’s keep our hands off of them, not flood them with guns or try to establish a ‘friendly’ dictatorship. Just give them a clap and tell them; “Well done guys, we wish you the best! And can our businesses help you with any development? ” It’ll keep both us and them happy. And, given the description in the article from a first-hand account, I think European countries should feel no remorse about repatriating troublesome Somalis. In fact, if they cause trouble in Somalia, they will find that the tribal elders have far less tolerance for hooligan behavior than the Swedes do.


  81. Let me answer the article’s titular question to the best of my ability: Churchgoing women.

  82. Hey Corvinus,

    That is the reality.

    People don’t like hearing about reality, unfortunately. Nobody beats the Roman Egyptians in inbreeding – and this was when they were still a fairly advanced civilization:
    “According to official census returns from Roman Egypt (first to third centuries CE) preserved on papyrus, 23·5% of all documented marriages in the Arsinoites district in the Fayum (n=102) were between brothers and sisters. In the second century CE, the rates were 37% in the city of Arsinoe and 18·9% in the surrounding villages.”


  83. Investigate the Cesta Que Vue Trust, and it’s creation upon immigration, and the subsequent benefit to the Gov, not just with the formation of a trust to be manipulated, Cheaper labor is a smaller benefit to gov, and reconed in the equasion.

  84. WHICH town?

    I wonder if it could be this town. That could possibly explain the coyness, but who knows?

    This incident isn’t the first to befall meat processing plants owned by the Rubashkin family in the last few years. The plant in Postville, which opened in 1987, has been the target of several campaigns alleging inhumane slaughter practices and labor rights violations. Last month, the slaughterhouse was fined $182,000 by the Iowa Division of Labor for a broad range of health and safety violations, including failure to provide workers with proper safety training and to label toxic chemicals. AgriProcessor’s Postville plant has been under scrutiny for its labor record since 2006…

  85. Oh please, Corvinus, you sound like one of the meth addicts who post at Breitbart. You are wrong on every point! I’m embarrassed for you. I’m surprised you can spell well enough to post. Please, at the very least, learn the basic outlines of European history. Example: Protestantism didn’t even begin until 1517, at the earliest! Do you think you can bluff your way through anything? Typical freaking “Progressive.”

  86. ‘al CIA Duh,’ ISIS, DAESH etc are all creations of the real Axis of Evil, the USA/Israel/Saudi Arabia to give them the excuse to wage endless wars against the ME and Africa, plus Afghanistan to protect their bestest buddy, Israel. This nonsense also brings in rivers of money to those TBTF Wall street casinos and defense contractors, who make a killing off killing. At the same time, our freedoms have been severely curtailed, all in the name of fighting the thugs America helped create.

    While America’s infrastructure goes to Hell, our military gets all the money it needs, to help plugs holes in its gargantuan budget, like the recent 125 BILLION Pentagon slush fund just discovered. Since Defense Sec Rummy announced that over 2.3 TRILLION was ‘missing’ from the Pentagon, another 6 TRILLION plus has gone ‘missing.’ Any idea where our money might be or did the Islamists steal that ‘missing’ money?

    America’s worst enemies aren’t on some foreign shore, they’re right here in DC and New York.

  87. The mistake was made in not closing the borders totally in 1800.

    Ask the American Indian and he’d say they should of closed the borders back in 1619.

    It’s ours, we stole it fair and square, never mind the millions of Indians we butchered, along with the Catholic Church sending out missionaries to either covert or kill the natives, either works. So we flooded in and took what we wanted, now it’s coming back to bite us in the arse and we’re getting all PO, fearing that some ‘darkie’ might steal our 55″ HDTV so we won’t be able to watch our fav sports team mangle some leather ball.

    If you want to blame someone for our demise, look to the world’s biggest cesspool, Congress and the WH, who never miss a chance to stick it in our backs.

  88. - Exactly who ?
    The jews
    - Why would they want this ?
    Because whites are seen as their biggest threat, NOT Muslims.
    - But that is ridiculous, surely the jews would not want Muslims, they are threat to Israel/jews
    No they are no significant threat to Israel or jews. The evidence does however very clearly point to the fact that wherever whites have been largely removed (London, New York, California) that the new people are very compliant to the jewish globalist view.

  89. Amen to that. Communism, Socialism and all the other variations of Liberalism are just Christianity without the magical mystery stuff.

  90. I didn’t see the Lutherans mentioned specifically here yet, but they are a big reason we have growing Somali communities in places like Minnesota and the Great Lakes region. Just doing God’s work and feeling happy as all get-out about it.

    But I can see Somalis converting Lutherans to Islam before I can see the opposite happening. And not because Somalis are gifted orators either.

  91. Maybe if the West stopped dumping toxic and nuclear waste off Somalia’s shore and stopped stealing their fish, Somalians might not want to leave their country?

    Allegations of the dumping of toxic waste, as well as illegal fishing, have circulated since the early 1990s, but hard evidence emerged when the tsunami of 2004 hit the country. The United Nations Environment Program (UNEP) reported that the tsunami washed rusting containers of toxic waste onto the shores of Puntland, northern Somalia.

    “Somalia has been used as a dumping ground for hazardous waste starting in the early 1990s, and continuing through the civil war there,” he said. “The waste is many different kinds. There is uranium radioactive waste. There is lead, and heavy metals like cadmium and mercury. There is also industrial waste, and there are hospital wastes, chemical wastes—you name it.”

    But let’s not let reason and facts get in the way of hating some people based on our gut instincts of fear, ignorance and hate.
    After all, we’re America and we’re indispensable, so we can dump our waste anywhere we want, then settle back and stare at our 55″ HDTV and swill lite beer, after all, we’re trying to lose a few pounds!

    • Replies: ,
  92. This liberal argument “The West did X, therefore the must be let in” is the very pinnacle of political bullsh!t.

    First all, the reason Somalis are invited in is to produce reliable Democrat voting blocs, they are settled wherever white population groups are, this is pretty much the only real reason they are brought in. Second, if you are able to somehow ignore this fact, Somalia is not some kind of giant radioactive dump, the reason Somalis leave their land is because they cannot produce successful societies. Third, this “oh they dumped radioactive waste” is just a long list of excuses I have heard them all so don’t bother repeating them. In the end what the real intent of the mass migration is always the same thing – for white nations to become non white.

    • Replies:
  93. Hey GB,

    Thanks for the link, I had no clue – that is absolutely vile. If this is the case, then these men are completely justified in assaulting ships that would dump that kind of waste into waters near their shoreline.

    When we lacked an official navy, that’s the same thing we did to defy the fearsome British fleet. They should not be called pirates, they should be called privateers that are guarding their coastal waters:
    “The Americans responded to the situation with the time-honored practice of privateering. American privateering activity during the American Revolution became an industry born of necessity that encouraged patriotic private citizens to harass British shipping while risking their lives and resources for financial gain…”

    We would consider any vessel dumping hazardous waste off our coastline as a legitimate target.


  94. […] From this article, the title of which is brilliant in its hidden-in-plain-sight-ness: Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?: […]

  95. …I know who’s to blame for the insatiable appetite for Chinese immigration…

  96. This liberal argument

    What definition of “liberal” are you using? Do you even know what it means?

    • Replies:
  97. US immigration policy is heavily influenced by foreign policy. The US thinks Somalia is strategically important so the US government is letting in a disproportionately high number of Somali immigrants.

    When America first started on the path towards open borders and free trade in the mid 1960s, it coincided with a shift in foreign policy. The big new idea in foreign policy was that if you let in more non-white immigrants and lower trade barriers, then the non-white world will learn how wonderful free market capitalism is and will reject communism and state capitalism. The theory is of course bollocks, as China, Cuba and Vietnam have amply demonstrated, but it still holds a lot of appeal among right-wing liberal elites.

    The sentimental left are merely useful idiots for the dangerously deluded liberal right.

    • Replies:
  98. What definition of “liberal”

    The most fundamental one, that all races are equal and everyone should have equal rights. Which of course is a complete lie and defies all evidence, yet which is severely enforced nonetheless.

    • Replies:
  99. I’m not astounded by your astounding statistic. For one thing, we’ve waged war on Muslim countries (though not Somalia), so naturally there would be more legitimate refugees. For another, Steve Sailer uses this term called “frontlash.” Bringing in Muslims post-9/11 is like frontlash. We’ve got to be proactively looking like we’re accepting of Muslims, otherwise we might start not accepting Muslims.

    And that can’t happen, because…

  100. Oh. And I thought that liberals were for liberty as in freedom and such things. The founding fathers were supposed to have been liberals and it was supposed to have been a good thing to stand up for liberty.

    What yer calling a liberal is probably the exact opposite. The only thing they’re liberal with is other people’s money.

    It’s too bad that fake liberals ( as well as fake conservatives) have managed to make a good word seem ominous.

    I’m an advocate for calling them something other than liberal.

  101. “It is obvious that those who bring the immigrants here deeply hate white Protestant Americans”

    Well, one guesses then that White Protestant Merkin Capitalists deeply hate themselves and other WPM because it is they who have traditionally invited waves of immigrants into the United States as cheap labor, including the Irish (useful too in fighting the War Between North And South for those brave, wealthy WPM who did not want to fight), the Chinese for railroads, the Mexicans for farm labor, and so forth.

    This just scratches the surface. Get back to your self-hating, now.

  102. Richard Burton, of course. Don’t miss his City of the Saints. On the way to Utah he predicted what Chicago architecture would be like fifty years in the future.

  103. Blah, blah, blah… Bah humbug!

  104. > It is time for class action lawsuits against organizations

    “every tort has a remedy”

    jurisdictions were made for cherry-picking, shipmates.

  105. > The US thinks Somalia is strategically important so the US government is letting in a disproportionately high number of Somali immigrants.

    The Chinese think that Djibouti is strategically important, but they didn’t import any Djiboutis.

    Instead, they’re building a Navy base there.

    Should give some competition to the food court at Camp Lemmonier….

  106. Dead wrong : There are no such animals as “Right-wing liberal elites”, there are however definitely millions of “Left-wing” liberal elites”, one crazier than the other.

    All one has to do it to consider consider the myriads of leftist nut-case professors in all of the communist indoctrination camps otherwise known as “Universities”.

    “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

  107. Excellent statement Manofsteel! Couldn’t have stated it any better myself! You’re right, people who are of WASP lineage, need to wake up, we so very much need term limits on Congress and Senate!We so much need to stop getting involved in other nations conflicts and wars just as George Washington advised the people of America when he was leaving the office of president of the United States. Those who of Christian faith need to stop wasting their hard earned money on Hollyweird movies!It escapes them or they’re not too concerned that over 65% of movie directors are Jewish, and well over half of actors/actresses are Jewish. I tell people who are so quick to take sides with Israel “remember the U.S.S. Liberty, June 1967″!!

  108. says:
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    You have to ask?
    Because the corporations that control america want more worker consumers in america so they can keep the ponzi scheme debt based economy afloat….why isn’t this obvious?

  109. Exactly Who In America Has This Insatiable Appetite for Somali Immigration?

    The answer is diversity freaks, a class based, federally entitled victim cult:

    Diversity By Group: African American, Alternate Lifestyle, Asian, Disabled, Hispanic & Latino, Jewish, Native American, Women

    • Replies:
  110. “Reasons for this score–Perpetually war torn country. Lack of significant infrastructure. Devastated by European colonization.”

    No, it is just due to their inherant nature.

    “First, they have been violent in their country due to their conditions, not due to their inherent traits.”

    And why is their country violent? Perhaps it is because of the people. It is people who make their countries, not the other way around.

    “Second, Somalia has a long-standing history of civilization.”

    How much of it has been due to Somalis?

    “Are you always this ignorant?”

    Whereas, in your case, I don’t think that you are ignorant. I think that you are stupid.

    • Replies:
  111. “This characterization also describes Europe from 1000-1600–religious fanatics (Catholics vs. Protestants), inbred tribes (European ethnic groups, or races as they referred to themselves of at that time), and warlords (monarchs and aristocrats with standing armies).”

    You are obviously deeply ignorant of european history. Protestantism didn’t exist in any real form until the early 15th century. And religious wars went on through the middle of the 17th. Moreover, monarchs and aristocrats did not have standing armies for most of the time you allude to.

    If you want to seem smart, then you should actually have, at your command, some facts. You evidently don’t.


    • Replies:
  112. “Alternate Lifestyle”.
    Kind of going out on a limb here, but I assume that doesn’t include “living off-grid in a cabin in Montana while knowingly propagating a beard and reading books”?

  113. “You are obviously deeply ignorant of european history. Protestantism didn’t exist in any real form until the early 15th century.”

    And the time period I provided, 1000-1600, accounts for the rise of Protestantism.

    “Moreover, monarchs and aristocrats did not have standing armies for most of the time you allude to.”

    Since there were religious wars, as you stated, then there were standing armies. Besides, all one has to do is refer to the list of conflicts in Europe in the 15th, 16th, and 17th century. There, the combatants had standing armies.

  114. “No, it is just due to their inherant nature.”

    No, it is due to European intervention.

    “And why is their country violent? Perhaps it is because of the people. It is people who make their countries, not the other way around.”

    Because of the situations the people there have been involved in.

    “How much of it has been due to Somalis?”

    During the Middle Ages, several powerful Somali empires dominated the regional trade, including the Ajuran Sultanate, the Adal Sultanate, the Warsangali Sultanate, the Sultanate of the Geledi and the Majeerteen Sultanate. By the late 1800′s, greedy Europeans intervened and ruined everything.

    • Replies:
  115. Hey Corvinus,

    I think we need to move past this “Somalia is violent” theme. People who think it is violent haven’t been keeping track of latest progress especially since after the recent famine (which almost always introduces violence into a desparate population). No need to keep swinging at straw men.

    See my note, #81.

    Also see:
    “Once a no-go area for commercial airlines, Mogadishu is now receiving daily flights again. Restaurants, taxi companies, employment agencies, dry cleaners, gyms, real estate offices and fast food courts are springing up throughout the capital and in other cities in the country.
    The economy is being accelerated by growth in livestock and fisheries and a resurgent private sector, notably in the services industry, which includes telecommunications, construction and money transfer. “If improvement in security continues, the entrepreneurial private sector will continue to be the most dynamic contributor to economic growth,” says an upbeat Mr. Zandamela…In a sign of Somalia’s growing stability, Kenya, Somalia and the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in 2013 reached an agreement for the voluntary return of refugees to Somalia.”

    “Expatriates return to Somalia from Minnesota and elsewhere to help their country emerge from anarchy and chaos”

    I personally think this is great news. If Somali culture is just not a good fit in the States or in parts of Europe, it’s nice that they have an option to move back and possibly contribute more to building a society than they would here.


  116. Emporia, Kansas is a good example of where around 1100 Somalis were imported circa 2008 (approx a third of them had resistant TB. They all worked for Tyson, until it closed it’s meat packing plant to move to Mexico. In the first place, it was difficult for Emporia, a small town, to handle this many at one time, and when Tyson up and left ; Emporia and the Somalis were left high and dry.

    Another town, Shelbyville, Tennessee, has gone through the same thing.

    I am not advocating boycotting anyone, but you should know that Tyson is the major employer when these folks arrive.

    So there is a bit of information for you . And this is not “fake news”.

  117. The coloring of America has been a Paramount NWO agenda since 1964! It has accelerated exponentially in the last 2 decades! Reducing the White population through race mixing, abortion, feminist hatred of white males, reductions in White childbirth while the coloreds have many and emasculation of White men are planned and actual contributors to our demise. These are facts in evidence!

  118. By pointing out Somalis to have an average IQ of 68, do you yourself pretend to have an IQ higher than 68?

    Just curious.

  119. When a Jew swindles the life-savings of thousands upon thousands, Derbyshire doesn’t like people calling the swindler the Jew. Instead wants them to call him Madoff. Now even though the guy who run over students has a name and nationality, Derbyshire keeps calling him The Muslim. Isn’t that hypocrisy from his part? And what is the point he is trying to drive here?

  120. Triggered the virtue-signaling impulse, apparently. “Muh ebil not-see!”

  121. “Reasons for this score”– blablabla blank slate, blablabla magic dirt, blablabla…

    Reasons for your post– irresistible impulse to regurgitate nonsensical leftist propaganda while feeling a completely unjustified sense of smugness. What a cuck.

  122. So some Pakistani Muslims don’t like other Pakistani Muslims, and this means that we should move them all to the US?

    Hey, the Crips don’t like the Bloods, and vice versa– doesn’t mean that either group should expect to be granted asylum in Switzerland anytime soon.

    You’re delusional. The internal problems of various foreign nation-states are just that– internal problems. That’s why they have these things called “governments” of their own, or did you think that the US government has the job of administering Pakistan?

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