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Does This Anti-Trump Hysteria Help Him Somewhat? A Lot? or A WHOLE LOT?
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Berkeley Protest.  Credit:
Berkeley Protest. Credit:

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There was no abatement of Lefty hysteria in this, the second week of the first Trump administration.

The principal eruptions were:

In Radio Derb, I give over a segment to each of those issues. Here I’ll just pass comment on the anti-Trump hysteria in general.

The most interesting political question about it all is: How much does it help Trump?

I’m going to take it as a given that it does help him, at least short-term. My question is, whether it helps him somewhat, a lot, or a whole lot.

In the spirit of seeking the Middle Way, I think I’ll settle on just “a lot.”

When some faction incites widespread social disorder, there are a number of different directions that subsequent events can go in.

  • The disorder might trigger an avalanche of further disorder, leading to a real revolution. That of course is what the disorderly faction always hopes for.

And that does happen. History has been punctuated with instances — the Boston Tea Party, France 1789, China 1911, Russia 1917, … you all know about them. It doesn’t happen much, though — once or twice a century in significant nations. And things need to be really bad for it to happen. As the old historians’ cliché says: a successful revolution is always the kicking in of a rotten door.

(I’d exempt the American Revolution from that. Hanoverian Britain had some rough spots, but it was by no means rotten by the standards of the time. Domestic disorder was at a low level — it was worse fifty years later, when the industrial working class was getting organized. The American colonists won by dint of logistics. They had land and distance on their side, big-time in both cases.)

  • If major public disorder doesn’t lead to successful revolution, it may lead to counter-revolution.

One factor igniting the Spanish Civil War of the 1930s was the anti-clerical violence of Leftist and labor factions in support of the liberal Republic. One of the anti-clerical factions actually rejoiced in the name Federación Anarquista Ibérica, “Iberian Anarchist Federation” — still in business, I was amazed to see when I googled them today. The Republican faction George Orwell joined in Catalonia, fighting against the Francoists, was another anarchist group, the POUM, “the Workers Party of Marxist Unification.”

If you want social disorder, anarchists are your guys.

Similarly in Germany at the same time. Leftist street-fighters and anarchists were disturbing the peace from the Spartacist uprising of 1919 pretty continuously onward through the 1920s and -30s.

How’d all that work out for the Left?

So revolution and counter-revolution are two possible outcomes. I don’t think any sensible observer — a category from which I’d exclude the antifa mobs themselves — believes either thing is in the cards for today’s U.S.A.

Three other outcomes are much more probable. All three of them depend on the fact, which I think is surely the case, that very few Americans today look favorably on serious social disturbances.

Even Americans who dislike Trump and would have preferred Mrs. Clinton in the White House are, by a large majority I’m sure, s haking their heads and clicking their tongues in dismay and disgust at the arson and window-smashing we saw in Washington, D.C. the night of the Inauguration [Limo torched in DC protests belongs to Muslim immigrant, may cost $70,000 in damages, Washington Examiner, January 23, 2017], or at Berkeley this week.

51-sjuXJb6LThese head-shakers and tongue-clickers are what, back in the dear old 1960s, we called the Silent Majority. Politicians are all — well, almost all — keenly aware of the fact that even though they may be silent, the Silent Majority vote. The name “Richard Nixon” mean anything?

So, first other outcome:

  1. The authorities, federal and otherwise, confident they have the Silent Majority behind them, over-react and clamp down on the disorder, with major curtailments of civil liberties and perhaps some bloodshed.

That might very easily backfire. The Silent Majority we’re working with here are Americans, who cherish their liberties. More than most nations, we Americans locate the point of balance between liberty and order well over towards the liberty side. That’s why our gun laws are much more easy-going than those of other nations.

A swift over-reaction might therefore backfire, making the government broadly unpopular. You’d hear the word “un-American” a lot.

Second other outcome:

  1. The authorities respond to the disorder feebly, or not at all. That would also lead to serious unpopularity. The thing you’d be hearing a lot from the Silent Majority in that event would be: “Why doesn’t somebody do something?”

The lack of response might be actual, innate feebleness, or it might be a cynical calculation that if a couple of weeks of mob violence boosts public approval of the government, then a couple of months, or a couple of years, would boost it even more. That’s the linear fallacy: if one of something is good, then two is twice as good, and so on indefinitely. In the human world, however, almost nothing is linear. At some point people would be blaming the authorities for the street violence.

Third other outcome:

  1. The authorities play it right, with the proper timing. They let the disorder continue for a while, then move carefully, make some arrests and carry out a few exemplary prosecutions— “kill the chicken to scare the monkeys,” as the Chinese say.

This calls for skillful statecraft and requires some instinctive understanding, some commonality of feeling, with the Silent Majority.

It’s the way to go, though, and what we should all hope for in such times.

A British Prime Minister coined a phrase I rather like in this context: “the smack of firm government.” That’s what ordinary people want to hear in times of disorder. Not a club to the head, but also not a mere wagging finger.

The smack of firm government, well-timed and judiciously delivered.

John Derbyshire [email him] writes an incredible amount on all sorts of subjects for all kinds of outlets. (This no longer includes National Review, whose editors had some kind of tantrum and fired him. ) He is the author of We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism and several other books. He’s had two books published by FROM THE DISSIDENT RIGHT (also available in Kindle) and From the Dissident Right II: Essays 2013. His writings are archived at

(Republished from VDare by permission of author or representative)
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  1. gustafus says:

    My own anecdotal experience is YES. I have 3 kids, raised in the swamp of American Effluent culture. Thank what ever powers that be…. all 3 are alive and thriving. [albeit 2 have tattoos]

    My 30 year old has dressed for work with “The View” for a decade. She recently confessed that she can’t watch it anymore. She declared Joy Behar past her use date, and Whoopie’s anti white racism is now disturbing. My daughter doesn’t understand how these old friends are now foreign.

    We have an extended family member whose mother became a lesbian after raising a family. Her politics are single issue [surprise surprise] and doesn’t understand that her allegiance to Democrats and Islam will put her in a cage at the bottom of her lap pool.

    Her son [ married into our family] voted Trump, but doesn’t talk politics with mom. My sister was a poll watcher for Trump in Aspen and has quit her health club because of the fall out. She had to find another stable for her horse. 30 year relationships have evaporated — wrong metaphor — relationships were SPIT OUT because of the left right divide.

    It’s a rage, a denial… with so much hate invested on both sides, that the country is facing an environment which can only be described as Cold Civil War … 1860 America.

    The Democrats have decided to DIE on this hill. They will never proffer another white candidate for president. Black and Latino voters won’t allow it. They’ve tasted the power of the office, albeit by a Trojan Horse for Wall St and the War Machine.

    So you can expect a gay, transgender, Honduran Imam in 2020. As I said, they are going to perish on this hill.

  2. The “wild card” in all of this is the continuing racial displacement/demographic change going on in the United States. Most of the historical examples you cite occurred in countries that were largely racially homogenous. Widespread civil disorder verging on civil war may have a much lower thresshold in a racially heterogenous country.

  3. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    The Republican faction George Orwell joined in Catalonia, fighting against the Francoists, was another anarchist group, the POUM, “the Workers Party of Marxist Unification.”

    The POUM were emphatically not anarchist, rather Trotskyist (though the base was to some extent shared with the anarchists; the milicianos in most cases didn’t care too much about the specific ideologies of their betters).

  4. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    A whole lot! The common, nice, apolitical White man can now see how much the (((PC Elite))) hates them, thanks to how much Trump’s folkish Suropeanness gets under their skin.

  5. Republicans = White male power, symbolized by the Fasces, individual rods bound together to cooperatively wield the political axe. (See the Senate chambers, Senate seal, Supreme Court, reverse of a Mercury dime, etc.)

    Democrats = ANTIFA. (Anti-white-male include BLM, La Raza, CAIR, pussyhats, queers, (((neocons))), anar☭hists, etc.)

    A couple counter-examples of ANTIFA winning: The Roman civilization fell to the anti-fascists led by a Jewish low-lifes cult. Germany fell in the “Good War” to the anti-fascists Bolshevists and their Allies.

    Take heart in these most excellent of Derb’s words, yet don’t sit on your haunches; it’s never over.

    • Replies: @Tomster
    , @AnotherLover
  6. Anonym says:

    It would be satisfying to hear the ack ack ack of firm government in this case, though. Or if they could apprehend a Soros, something similar.

  7. Svigor says:

    Yes, we are well into the American Civil Cold War. Let’s hope it ends the way the last Cold War did; with the collapse of the left.

    The “wild card” in all of this is the continuing racial displacement/demographic change going on in the United States. Most of the historical examples you cite occurred in countries that were largely racially homogenous. Widespread civil disorder verging on civil war may have a much lower thresshold in a racially heterogenous country.

    This will inevitably ramp up as racial boundaries harden; i.e., as the fraction of whites who refuse to be Whites drops. Whites will enter a population bottleneck, and emerge on the other side as ethnocentric as Israelis.

    • Agree: BenKenobi
    • Replies: @SteveRogers42
  8. @gustafus

    The Democrats have decided to DIE on this hill. They will never proffer another white candidate for president.

    They could still field a white woman (self hating). But yes. They will never proffer another white man. If the Democratic Party issued stock it would be a sell.

    • Replies: @gustafus
  9. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    “Does This Anti-Trump Hysteria Help Him Somewhat? A Lot? or A WHOLE LOT?”

    I think its probably “somewhat”. The same routine has been going on for quite some time, and throughout Trump’s rise to the presidency- liberal hissyfits, some lefties on the left side of the bell curve taking it too far, the press pretending to be objective and rational while cheering it on, and then wagging a finger at Trump afterwards about it happening.

    I think it helped him on his road to the presidency. For example, seeing Mexicans waving Mexican flags, attacking white Americans who exercised their basic rights to see Trump speaks yet demanding the right to fleece those same Americans for their families in perpetuity did nothing but help win him votes. Most Americans recognized that American liberalism has been going too far. But you get into diminishing returns. How many more Trump supporters does he pick up that years of BLM and similar idiocy have not provided? I think it helps him maintain those supporters, they recognize that they need to keep it up, not give an inch. But I doubt its doing much to increase the number of troops at this point.

  10. In most real civil wars — i.e., organized, violent, and widespread internal conflict between two (or sometimes more) parties over who will control a country’s government — the persons with a perceived stake in the outcome great enough to ensure their involvement are usually a relatively small part of the population but control a hugely disproportionate share of the nation’s social, political, and economic resources.

    The USA right now may be very close to the point of having an establishment that is so opposed to Trump that it is willing to start a civil war to regain its power. This establishment also exercises a very significant amount of control over the nation’s economy, polity, and culture. Two questions remain: (1) Can it mobilize enough militant support to attempt an actual coup d’etat? (2) Can those opposed to such a coup marshal enough support to oppose such a coup and organize this support to do so succesfully?

    There’s enough establishment power now to mount a pseudo-coup, i.e., use legitimate and illegitimate means to thwart and even remove Trump from office. I’m convinced the establishment will attempt to do this. Depending on the establishment’s success doing this and the opposition’s response the USA could easily slip into a civil war resembling that during the Irish “Troubles” or the French civil war in Algeria during the 1950s and early 1960s. Based on what I’ve seen, the country is dangerously close to the point where mob violence shifts over into low grade civil war. The dimocrat party started the War between the States when it didn’t like the outcome of an earlier presidential election. It seems the more partisan dimocrats are now ready to start a real civil war for the same reason.

    • Replies: @Wally
  11. JI says:

    Soros-funded anarchists coupled with Soros-funded traitors such as John McCain, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio are hitting us, the American people, pretty hard, the former from the lowest depths and the latter from the heights. We’re caught in between.

    • Replies: @Parbes
    , @PV van der Byl
  12. Tulsi Gabbard leads the way.

    She emphasizes the IMPERIALIST aspect of US foreign policy that led to the Muslim refugee crisis from Syria.

    It is not enough to say NO to Muslim ‘refugees’. Trump and his supporters must condemn the US policies that created them in the first place.

    At the very least, even if we were to accept ‘refugees’, we must insist that that they be taken in because the US is mainly responsible for the mess in the Middle East.

    The OTHER side pretends that they are taking in ‘refugees’ out of the goodness of their heart. No, the ONLY compelling reason for US to take them in is because US caused much of the mess over there. It’s like the US felt compelled to take in lots of Hmong ‘refugees’ because the CIA recruited them to fight the commies. So, when US left, they were hunted down by communists.
    At least with Laotians, Americans were HONEST about why the US had to take them in.

    We need a similar argument with Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees. That way, even if we do take in the ‘refugees’, we will win the Moral Argument against the Globalists whose policies wrecked much of the Middle East.

    Unless we discuss the horrible effects of US Middle East Policy, the Other side will score moral credits by using refugees as props.
    But if we associate refugees with US foreign policy — portray them as victims of Globalist warmongering — , the Other side won’t be able to score any moral points since it was globalists like Bush, Hillary, and Obama who messed up the Middle East at the behest of the GLOB. Also, the so-called progs were totally silent when Obama & Hillary were laying MENA to waste.

    Then, the mere sight of ‘refugees’ will fill the Other side with shame.
    Notice Americans were not proud about the sight of Hmong refugees. The presence of such people meant that US had failed in SE Asia, didn’t keep their promises, and left Hmong helpless under communist assault. US took them in but didn’t use them for moral narcissism points.

    The refugees should be billed as Obama’s Kids.

  13. gustafus says:

    I’m not so sure. It will take black identity politics or Latino identity politics to get this demographic out to the polls.

    I can’t imagine a big black turnout for Elizabeth Warren….or Bernie for that matter.

    Clitnon was their last best hope I fear…. a black woman? they will crawl over ground glass… but lose some Latinos… and pretty much all of white America. Many of us are still shell shocked by the Silver Back in heels.

    Wisconsin housewives are still experiencing buyers remorse after the 3 hankie black boy done good vote.. that ended in date rape.

    So…. Trans Honduran Imam it is.

  14. 5371 says:

    The colonists won because of France, this was really obvious at the time. If the British had been less incompetent, they would have won before the French came in.
    Also, in the country of Wilkes and Gordon popular unrest was certainly not at a low level. Fifty years later, people were simply more frightened by it, for reasons that are easy to understand.

  15. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    • Replies: @TJM
  16. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    We are first and foremost organisms. The main purpose of life forms is survival. Survivality, not abstract notion such as ‘liberty’ and ‘equality’, is the main theme of existence.

    We can incorporate temperate doses of idealism into our lives, but life comes first, and life must first survive, and it does so by defense, offense, and continuance(reproduction).

    So, any ideology that undermines survivality is ultimately harmful. It may lead to short term success, but if it dooms the chances of survivality in the long run, it is a failure.

    Most essential are survivality and vitality.

    So, organism must be the ism before all other -isms.

    • Replies: @jamie b.
  17. cacofonix says: • Website

    John Derbyshire wrote:

    “If you want social disorder, anarchists are your guys.”
    “Similarly in Germany at the same time. Leftist street-fighters and anarchists were disturbing the peace from the Spartacist uprising of 1919 pretty continuously onward through the 1920s and -30s.”

    John Derbyshire,
    How do you think “disturbing the peace” by “leftist street-fighters and anarchists” from 1919 “continuously onward through the 1920s and -30s” compares with:
    1. The first inter-imperialist slaughter of 1914-1918 in which 17 million died (see;
    2. The German Nazis, Italian and Spanish fascists and Imperial Japan also “disturbing the peace” somewhat more with the result of perhaps as many as 70 million dying between 1931 and 1945; and
    3. Since 1945, the United States “disturbing the peace” in Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Ukraine and Syria, causing millions more deaths and financial ruin at home.

    John Derbyshire, has it not occurred to you that, just possibly, if the likes of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (murdered by the right-wing Freikorps mercenaries in 1919) or other members of the German Communist Party had succeeded in overthrowing the criminal German oligarchs who had helped start the First World War, that the subsequent rise of Hitler and 70 million deaths might have been prevented?
    BTW, it’s news to me that anarchists, and not communists, were involved, in any substantial way, in the political conflicts in Germany between the two world wars. Can you give citations for your claim?

    (Whilst, just possibly, some of those in the pay of ‘socialist’ George Soros, who now rioting against President Donald Trump, might claim to agree with the views expressed above, those rioters are little better than the German Freikorps and their Nazi offspring, in my opinion.)

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
    , @HdC
    , @Wally
  18. jamie b. says:

    Naturalistic fallacy. The fact that living things strive to live doesn’t give you a moral imperative any more than the fact that living things obey the law of gravity.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @Jo Ann
  19. unit472 says:

    Recent history would suggest a single deadly incident favors the government in well organized states.

    Sharpville, South Africa in 1960, Mexico City 1968, Kent State in the US 1970, Tiananmen Square in China in 1989 are examples where shooting protestors took the wind out of the sails of the anti-government/student demonstrations. A ‘Dirty War’ a la Argentina or a Chicago 68 is to be avoided. Better to be firm and spill blood rather than let the rot fester.

  20. “purpose of life” like “meaning of life” is at most metaphorical unless you believe in some being who has purposes, gives instructions and, for some reason or none, ought to be obeyed. But these metaphors may be pretty important in inculcating and maintaining some civility in and between communities. So what is Plan B for an increasingly sceptical, secularized and materialistic world where it is reasonable to expect that more and more (usually young) sociopaths and muddle-headed madmen and drug addicts will commit massacres. Highly educated high IQ parents may have no difficulty in conveying to their offspring a coherent basis for an honest and peaceful community but what engrossing stories are going to be the foundation for the moral lives of the sub 85 IQ to say 105 IQ lump? Should we look to the myths and legends and epics of largely preliterate peoples as examples of how to appeal to the mass of instinctive followers?

  21. TheBoom says:

    Once the silent majority is no longer a majority, what we see on the left now will be the norm and foundation of the ongoing official political platform. Blacks and Latins have a much higher tolerance for disorder, disfunction and corruption than do whites. That is why Trump shouldn’t get bogged down in international disputes involving places like Israel and Iran. He should keep his main focus on immigration and breaking up the stranglehold the left has on education.

  22. Eagle Eye says:

    A good start would be to set up a few “snatch squads” in key sensitive areas to snatch and UNMASK violent street thugs.

    Many of these thugs appear to be from very comfortable backgrounds but enjoy a little Jekyll-and-Hyde fun. Quite a few of the young heroes are currently in or aiming for government jobs (especially as school teachers).

    Once unmasked, many of the young masters will sing like canaries to save their precious derrieres. Also, by targeting those masked thugs who were actually seen injuring others, the young masters and can be hit up for big-time damages in civil actions by victims of violence.

    • Replies: @woodNfish
  23. I hope Trump doesn’t respond by selling out too much to the power structure on foreign policy. The continuation of the permanent warfare state is what I see as the biggest threat as a result of the Soros colour revolution efforts. The false accusations against Iran for actions taken in defense by the embattled Yemeni state against the yankee-backed Saudi war criminals is depressing, as is the UN statement by Trump’s ambassador that Crimea is “a part of the Ukraine. Let’s hope these are mere tactical errors, not an indication of the truth of the old saying that whomever is returned in an election, the government is the winner.

  24. @Priss Factor

    There is definitely a disconnect among many of all political stripes about cause and consequences.

    Not stopping the continuous regime changes, proxy wars, bombings and troop deployments overseas, will continue to produce refugees as well as a thirst for revenge.

    Even when folks are not going to become violent, they wouldn’t be as human as we are if they didn’t see our nation’s actions in a bad light.

    It’s tragic – Sad! – that there is not the realization the wars need to stop, the refugees need to be taken care of near their own countries, to which they can return when the wars end.

    We keep exporting war, the biggest business we now make, and insist everyone else take, then we import on a vast scale its wages of sin in exchange. Like all offshoring, it’s a bad business for the average American, who is losing the country.

    • Replies: @MusicofE
  25. Parbes says:

    Well – learn to hit back, then! Don’t be a subjugated populace of wimpy, submissive, loser serfs.

  26. Agent76 says:

    Jan 30, 2017 The Real Truth On Donald Trump That Everyone Needs To Realize NOW!!!

    In this video, we go over some very uncomfortable facts about the latest foreign policy decisions that will have disastrous effects on not only the U.S but the world. No, we are not talking about the travel ban, but the core root of this issue that needs to be stopped immediatly and has been carried out for the last 16 years.

    • Replies: @Anonymous IX
  27. Agent76 says:

    It is Astroturf! January 17, 2017 Ads in two dozen cities offer protesters up to $2,500 to agitate at Trump inaugural

    Demand Protest ads running seek operatives to “send a strong message” at presidential inauguration

  28. tjm says:

    This “war on Trump” has been contrived by the powers that be from the start.

    The media’s attacks on Trump were designed to push the right into Trump’s hands: “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

    American “elections” are not about choosing the best candidate, its about dividing the American people, so they will fight each other and not the powers that be.

    When Obama was elected the media instantly started running the CONTRIVED story about the “birthers”, and played it as an attack on Trump by the “racist right”. By doing so the media built up the idea that the right was out to get the first black president, thus the left had to defend him.

    The media is not about news, its about pushing a narrative designed by our Zionist/Elitist masters.

    The media is not at war with Trump, the so called media is working to paint Trump in a way, just like Obama, to be a man at war with the left, thus the right will defend him.

    If the media really did not like Trump, they would ignore him like they did Ron Paul. But instead of ignoring Trump, they went after him with nebulous and unsubstantiated claims that he was a racist. Of course the media calling someone a racist is like a dog whistle to the right, they ran to Trump’s defense.

    Trump IS another Obama, of this I am sure, the same play, just from the opposite direction.

  29. Svigor says:

    I’ll spare Sailer the agony of moderating this one: someone wrote in another thread:

    Jonathan Haidt has done interesting work stripping down human morality to six core intuitions: care/harm, fairness/cheating, liberty/oppression, loyalty/betrayal, authority/subversion, and sanctity/degradation.

    Man. Jews got all six plates in the air.

    Naturalistic fallacy. The fact that living things strive to live doesn’t give you a moral imperative any more than the fact that living things obey the law of gravity.

    Actually, both give you moral imperatives. E.g., you shouldn’t go pushing people off of buildings, because gravity. You shouldn’t go socially engineering people against human nature, because trouble.

    But talk of moral imperatives here smacks of, well, I lack a proper word. Wrongness? All the systems that philosophers propose to govern man are intended to govern organisms. Nothing would seem to be more fundamental to their correctness than how well they comport with the inherent nature of those organisms.

    • Replies: @jamie b.
  30. TJM says:

    You know how we keep seeing these orchestrated “protests” where the people come in on buses and get lunches and the like, the same people who control them control Trump.

    This IS like an octopus, each arm working in concert to manipulate the American people to fight each other in a never ending cycle of distraction.

    The goals of planting a leader like Trump in the White House may be many:
    -War with Russia, because we all know “Trump was very open minded about Russia, so if he turns, maybe we should too”.
    -Delegitimatizing protests, by making all recent protests about Trump connected to filth like George Soros, if there are genuine protests, Trump will still associate those protests to Soros.
    -War with Iran, maybe the Zionist’s top prize, Trump has certainly surrounded himself with those who support that.

    The list will keep growing, and all the while those on the right will deny reality, Trump is another Zionist/Globalist, while those on the left will be disorganized and confused by agent provocateurs, who push the left down rabbit holes, never giving them focus or clear objectives.

    Americans are trapped in a cycle of division, set forth by those who have been doing it for a thousand years. There is no organic movement within the US that can change it, so controlled and manipulated are we by those same forces. Any change will have to come from something we have yet seen…

  31. tjm says:

    So, knowing that this anti Trump stuff from the media is not allowed on this site?

    Very sad

    You won’t be relevant hiding the truth

    • Replies: @TJM
  32. Sunbeam says:

    “John Derbyshire, has it not occurred to you that, just possibly, if the likes of Rosa Luxemburg and Karl Liebknecht (murdered by the right-wing Freikorps mercenaries in 1919) or other members of the German Communist Party had succeeded in overthrowing the criminal German oligarchs who had helped start the First World War, that the subsequent rise of Hitler and 70 million deaths might have been prevented?”

    Wow, you are the very first person to think of this?

    Actually no. For a more nuanced look at the theme, I’d suggest this:

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  33. Derbyshire’s a smart guy, but he seems to be so thrilled that someone (Trump) has said and done a few things he likes that he has jumped to the conclusion that Trump is going to vindicate all his hopes. I think it far more likely that Trump will disappoint him. If Trump wanted to solve the immigration problem, why didn’t he simply propose the annulment of the 1965 law? If he wanted to end U.S. wars, why is he baiting Iran? Time will tell, but I think Derbyshire’s not being quite adult in his enthusiasm.

    • Agree: Fredrik
    • Replies: @Anon
  34. TJM says:

    I stand corrected, thank you for posting my comments, I jumped the gun, sorry for my impatience.

  35. HdC says:

    The tirade of: “It’s the Naaazis what dunnit” is wearing really thin unless, of course, you live in a cave.

    I submit that Germany/Prussia is/was the most peaceful country in Europe. Britain is at the very top of warmongering on that list, so give it a rest already.

    And your beloved communists took the backseat to nobody when it came to wholesale slaughter of humanity. HdC

  36. Diogenes says:

    If Anti-Trump marches, demonstrations and riots help him and his supporters then we are living in a perverted, deranged and topsy-turvy world indeed.
    It seems the author implies that in a democracy we should accept the results of the vote and political rebellion is counter productive. Better to quietly submit to the chosen power than to protest it. However this case it is better to resist Trump and his miscreants because they are an existential danger to liberal values and good governance.

    “Trump’s supporters fall into three broad categories: dupes, deplorables, and opportunists.”[Andrew Levine]

    In my view Trump has used unemployment, Muslims and Immigrants as scapegoats to lure discontented Americans in his bid for power. Granted that he has also attacked the Liberal Establishment in bid for votes only to replace them with more harmful crony capitalists, militarists, white supremacists and Jewish/Zionists.

    What’s not to protest??

  37. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @bob roberts

    Smart guy? Me thinks that Derbyshire is lacking in his DNA to be an adult.

  38. KenH says:

    I’ve been pondering this question myself for the last week or so. I think there will be some short term benefit to Trump’s approval ratings but it won’t last forever. Trump promised to restore law and order and at some point people who voted for him expect to see it.

    Since (((George Soros))) is the head of this Antifa and BLM snake, Trump needs to freeze his assets and using the USA Patriot Act classify him as a primary funder of domestic terrorist groups and domestic terrorism.

    Pro-Trumpers won’t resort to vigilantism as I’ve now come to the conclusion that the law abiding are totally cowed and intimidated by the police state that has sprung up since 9/11. The’re also probably aware that the legal system often throws the book at right wingers who engage in violence while allowing violent left wingers off with maybe a slap on the wrist. Left wing/anarchist violence against right of center targets is always rationalized and romanticized by the media and other PTB.

    As such, the antifa scumbags need not worry about any violent blowback from the silent majority which emboldens them further since the prospect of retaliation is nearly nil.

    • Replies: @Anonymous IX
  39. anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    It’s not clear who these black-clad so-called ‘anarchists’ really are or what their program is apart from creating chaos. In the ’30′s the anarchists were murdered by the communists under the leadership of Stalin. Today the equation is different with the current crop of ‘anarchists’ appearing to be mostly young people who haven’t made much of an inroad into the labor force, mostly working fringe service jobs. There’s also the question of to what extent it’s been infiltrated by government agents.
    Trump won the election even though the Clinton people were loud and made their presence known by swaggering all over the place. Trump supporters all across the country were intimidated into keeping a low profile and avoided talking politics except in those geographic areas where they formed a majority. The intimidation factor now needs to be addressed. Trump supporters have to start coming out of the closet and assert their rights. The police are under political control and so have been on a tight leash which is why the rioters have had a field day these past number of years from Ferguson to Berkeley. If they can’t do their job of stopping burning and looting then there’s no reason to have them on the taxpayer’s payroll and so send out the pink slips either to the police or to the police chiefs and mayors. Patience will eventually wear thin.

  40. Wally says:

    What we can expect is Kellyanne Conway to be the 1st woman president, 2020.

  41. Wally says:
    @Jus' Sayin'...

    But does Trump have the support of the US military? I think he does.

    There can be no ‘coup’ without strong military involvement.

    That’s it right there.

    • Replies: @Anonymous IX
    , @tjm
  42. Wally says: • Website

    Your ‘Hitler and 70 million’ is easily debunked high school indoctrination.

    You have no statistically solid basis for your absurd 70,000,000 million nor for the impossible assertion of ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    Time for you to grow up.

    You’re merely repeating Zionist controlled Wikipedia propaganda, see:
    Zionist Wikipedia Editing Course


    There were the ‘Nazis’ with the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’ and there were the ‘Nazis’ without the mythological ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers’.

    see the ‘holocaust’ scam debunked here:

    The ’6M Jews, 5M others, & gas chambers
    No name calling, level playing field debate here:

    Let’s actually recall what the impossible storyline says. It says that 6,000,000 Jews, AND 5,000,000 others were murdered in the same ways in very centralized sites where enormous mass graves are alleged, the precise locations are supposedly none.

    However, not a single one of these alleged enormous mass graves has been excavated, it’s contents verified and shown. Why? Because they do not exist.
    In what other mass murder cases where human remains supposedly exist in locations supposedly known, go without being excavated, identified, and shown? None. And we’re talking about an alleged 11,000,000 people.

    Recall 900,000 Jews supposedly buried at Treblinka, 250,000 supposedly buried at Sobibor, 34,000 Jews supposedly buried at Babi Yar, on & on. But yet we see not a single excavation of the allegedly known sites.

  43. MusicofE says:
    @Priss Factor

    I agree with you that it is important to stress that it was U.S. policy in the Middle East that lead to the refugee crisis. While I’m not surprise that the mainstream media is letting the globalist off with this hyprocrisy, I am surprised that I am not seeing your argument more often on this and other alternative news sites. I admit that, I am not a Trump supporter, but the failure of the mainstream media to examine why there is a refugee crisis, the failure of establishment foreign policy causes me not to trust the mainstream media either.

  44. MusicofE says:
    @Fran Macadam

    I agree with you so much. I am very glad I found this site. I am afraid to give my true opinion about the origins of the refugee crisis, that it is a result of our wars, and to ask people where were they during the past 8 years in regards to this wars, because I fear being ostrasized by my friends and family.

  45. trump benefits as does richard spencer when he gets socked in the head. The latter youtube vid got 2 million hits where spencer’s videos are usually in the 1000 to 7000 range. One wonders if the top of the left’s american pyramid is controlled by the right. spencer would be unaware of this.

  46. Art says:
    @Priss Factor

    Tulsi Gabbard leads the way.

    She emphasizes the IMPERIALIST aspect of US foreign policy that led to the Muslim refugee crisis from Syria.

    It is not enough to say NO to Muslim ‘refugees’. Trump and his supporters must condemn the US policies that created them in the first place.

    Hear hear – Trump said more less the same thing today on Fox Jews. He said we do not have clean hands in the ME.

    The far left and right wingers are going to politically kill him for saying that.

    I hope he survives the attacks.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. Tulsi Gabbard for President – she has honesty and courage.

  47. utu says:
    @Priss Factor

    “emphasizes the IMPERIALIST aspect of US foreign policy that led to the Muslim refugee crisis from Syria.”

    War in Syria and Iraq created refugees. They went to camps, say in Jordan and Turkey. The story should end there. You can blame imperialists aspects of US policy (which in this regions is Israel’s policy) for that. But what made them leave the camps and go to Europe? Who made UN to reduce funding of the camps? Who distributed maps, telephone numbers and contacts in Germany and provided money for the passage to Greece? Who organized them in to marching columns of predominantly young military age men? And they started flowing in summer 2015. Just one month after Trump made his June 2015 speech on illegal immigration we saw pictures of refugees crossing borders in Europe. Just when Iran deal was being signed by Obama. Just when Putin was preparing his intervention in Syria. There was nothing spontaneous about the refugee waves in 2015. It was all orchestrated. Think about the usual suspects. Some of them are behind Trump though poor Trump may not realize it.

    • Replies: @Priss Factor
  48. Tomster says:
    @Steel T Post

    Strange that the entire Dem hierarchy is white, christian, rich, no? Bound to backfire on them, no matter whom they put in figurehead posts.

    • Replies: @TJM
  49. anon • Disclaimer says:

    But lately I get the feeling that Trump’s critics have evolved from expecting Trump to be Hitler to preferring it. Obviously they don’t prefer it in a conscious way. But the alternative to Trump becoming Hitler is that they have to live out the rest of their lives as confirmed morons. No one wants to be a confirmed moron. And certainly not after announcing their Trump opinions in public and demonstrating in the streets. It would be a total embarrassment for the anti-Trumpers to learn that Trump is just trying to do a good job for America. It’s a threat to their egos. A big one.

    Scott Adams thoughtful article. It’s time to triangulate and strip off the crazies from the rank and file Democrats. There was a tangible hatred for George Bush. For me it was simple — the guy made the wrong call on Iraq and needed to be fired. Obama? Hillary is simply not a likable person and McCain is a nutty war monger. There is an element of viciousness that has escalated and I don’t think feeding it is the correct course of action for a winner.

    I don’t know how Trump can stabilize his authority. There is simply no way to appease the left. But I think the value of deliberately antagonizing them is now zero. The hardest part of politics is learning how to win. Winning means you don’t have to tweet. You have the mega megaphone. Presidency of the United States.

    Not that I think anything is obvious or easy. It isn’t the Democrats, really. It is mostly the establishment Republicans who want to do unpopular things — simply because that is what they think they want. Cut entitlements? Not so fast, Paul Ryan. Raise taxes? Because that is half of what they are not talking about.

    Immigration is incredibly simple compared to trade, which is an enormous issue and will be much, much more decisive. Most of our immigration problems were due more to simple negligence than anything else. Most trade issues are zero sum.

    He can accomplish immigration and stop fighting in the Middle East by simply doing it. The rest is too ambitious and needs small, symbolic victories instead of disruptive overhauls at the moment.

    Right now, the Stock Market has voted yes for Trump. This is the single biggest news since the election.

    • Replies: @Authenticjazzman
  50. Ximenes says:

    “How’d all that work out for the Left?”

    For the German left, it actually worked out pretty well. They only had to wait for Hitler to lead German to utter ruin in WWII, then the Left got to rule Germany from about 1949 till the present day.

    Consider that maybe the Commies and Nazis were on the same team from day one. That would seem to be the case seeing how the Nazi and Soviet regimes worked so harmoniously together, dismantling Poland for example. Then there’s the numerous similarities between the two regimes, such that there’s even a Wiki page detailing them.

    It works like this. The Commie street fighters scare everybody with their street violence and rhetoric. Hitler finally cracks down and order is restored. (See Enabling Act.) Only the most perceptive notice that most of the Commie agitators and provocateurs have not really been arrested and in fact have taken up posts in the Gestapo. With the Fuhrer now in high esteem and with total government power, it’s off to war and the destruction of Europe.

    Now consider the same scenario with Trump and the antifa, etc. Trump declares martial law and we’re all relieved, until we are suddenly at war somewhere, maybe Iran or even Russia.

    • Replies: @Aschwin
    , @Malla
    , @Alden
  51. Anon • Disclaimer says:
    @jamie b.

    “Naturalistic fallacy. The fact that living things strive to live doesn’t give you a moral imperative any more than the fact that living things obey the law of gravity.”

    We are not talking about morality or moral imperative. We are talking about biological imperative.

    All lifeforms except humankind exist without any sense of moral imperative. Flowers don’t need moral imperative to propagate themselves. Fish, frogs, lizards, bears, dogs, hogs, whales, sharks, and etc have a life force. This biological imperative is what matters.

    Since the beginning of life to the present, most of life existed and reproduced cuz of the life force written in the DNA.

    The ONLY organism with morality is the human. And this morality was useful cuz it aided in the biological imperative. After all, if humans acted like apes, they’d be too busy bashing one another like Negroes. So, in order for humans to create social orders where they could reproduce and live more securely, morality was beneficial. So, morality aided biology. It wasn’t something independent of biology but something inherent to the bio-human imperative to survive and reproduce effectively. Humans learned how to create rules and laws that made a stable society possible in which people could have kids and have them grow up safely and securely.
    But then, at some point, humans began to conceive of a meta-reality or meta-truth higher than biology and materiality, and this gave rise to spirituality and religions. And this higher idea was supposed to be the ultimate truth. So, humans should serve this higher spiritual idea EVEN IF it jeopardized their biological well-being. Christianity says TURN THE OTHER CHEEK AND GET WHUPPED THAN FIGHT BACK. Buddhism says DEPART FROM THE SOCIAL AND MATERIAL WORLD AND MEDITATE TO REACH NIRVANA AND DON’T HAVE KIBBLERS.
    But because spirituality was understood to be separate from reality and because only gurus were expected to gain enlightenment, it didn’t affect too many people. So, while monks in monastery prayed and didn’t have kibblers, most people did get married and have kibblers.

    But then, there was the rise of ideology which turned social ideas into Higher Ideas greater than reality. This utopianism is truly dangerous since it is supposed to affect each of our daily lives. And it means worshiping the gods of Diversity, Equality, Inclusion, and other crap that may have harmful effect on the well-being of the organisms of a social order.
    After all, seeking equality with Negroes is nuts. Negroes are stronger and will kick white ass. White males will lose out cuz white girls will get jungle fever and use wombs to have negro kids. Negroes will never become ‘good Swedes’ no matter how much Sweden shows compassion cuz Negroes have lower IQ. So, the sane thing for Swedish organisms to do is not send the negroes back, take no more negroes, and boost nationalism to secure the Swedish organism.
    Instead, Swedes worship the ‘moral imperative’ of Diversity, Equality, and Inclusion — which are really just cynical BS concocted by the GLOB to fool whitey — over the biological imperative of survivality and vitality.

    So, morality must be part of biology. It must serve biology. But when it gains autonomy and then superiority and command biology to serve it than other way around, it means the organisms may well be doomed. Why? First and foremost, organisms are biological than moral. ONLY humans came up with morality, and its real purpose was to serve biology. But the human mind got conceited and made morality something separate from biological concerns.

    • Replies: @Steel T Post
    , @jamie b.
  52. Aschwin says:

    “They only had to wait for Hitler to lead German to utter ruin in WWII, then the Left got to rule Germany from about 1949 till the present day”

    Apparently it was predetermined that Hitler would lead Germany into the abyss. It had nothing to do with a war on multiple fronts, against the most powerful countries in the world. It was poor management..

  53. Rod1963 says:

    The anti-Trump hysteria is simply the Left melting down and makes him look reasonable when everyone else foaming at the mouth. And he owes it all to the Clintons(and Obama) who radicalized the party and wiped out any up and coming leadership and when they lost, it left the Democrats rudderless. At best they are looking at Ellison or some other race warrior to run the show which will scare the liberal white ladies voters away and probably result in slate of candidates that look like refuse from the 3rd world.

    As far as the violence is concerned, it’s only destroying the Left’s own centers of power which are the urban areas and academia.

    Yeah maybe down the road the Left will toughen up and go direct action against Trump supporters but we’ll cross that road when we come to it.

  54. Sam J. says:

    I love the antifa. Notice they can only really be effective in areas controlled by the Left so they can only burn down their own neighborhoods. I love them. We should have speaking tours constantly in Left run cites so that every week they can burn their cities down.

    • Replies: @Steel T Post
  55. @Anon

    Anon: “All lifeforms except humankind exist without any sense of moral imperative.”

    Au contraire.

    • Good Natured: The Origins of Right and Wrong in Humans and Other Animals. (1996) Harvard University Press
    • Primates and Philosophers: How Morality Evolved. (2006) Princeton University Press
    • Wild Justice: The Moral Lives of Animals (2010) Chicago University Press
    • Moral Origins: The Evolution of Virtue, Altruism, and Shame. (2012) Basic Books

  56. guest says:

    Why do we call these people “antifas?” Aside from how stupid it sounds to my ears (that may just be a taste thing), isn’t it more to the point, and better in war or words terms, to call them commies? (It might be even better to call them Nazis, but I have my doubts.) We can get to work on re-associating anarchism with leftist terror in the public mind, as well.

  57. Skeptikal says:
    @Priss Factor

    I basically agree re the (obvious) connection between starting wars in foreign coiuntries and then being morally bound to take in those whose fought on our side in their own country.

    “We need a similar argument with Syrian and Middle Eastern refugees. That way, even if we do take in the ‘refugees’, we will win the Moral Argument against the Globalists whose policies wrecked much of the Middle East. ”

    Still, a problem I see is that many of those who have worked iwth us or been hired or trained by the USA in Syria are, actually, jihadis and head choppers. So it is reasonable to feel consternation about sluicing these types into the USA.

    • Replies: @Anonymous IX
  58. Skeptikal says:

    Huh?What in the world is this cartoon about?

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  59. @Sam J.

    What Antifa breaks and burns in business zones and college campuses, you pay for via higher insurance premiums.

  60. Sunbeam says:

    It’s the intro to a fairly famous RTS game (like Starcraft) from the 90′s, Command and Conquer:Red Alert.

    Basically some guy time travels and kill Hitler.

    Of course this doesn’t fix everything, the Soviet Union fills their shoes and then some.

    It was meant to be cute/sarcasm, but I guess you need the background knowledge.

    Anyway if you were interested, there are all kinds of things referencing the plot on youtube. Including some Hitler in the Bunker videos (found some new ones “The Fegelstation?”).

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  61. @Wally

    Just my opinion…factions exist within the military. Perhaps more than we suspect. One faction clearly supports and furthers what has popularly become known as “Globalism” or “Elitism.” I believe Pres. Trump has surrounded himself with another faction which, essentially, holds America’s interests first…meaning that they will not initiate actions against the American people as the illicit transport and planned explosion of a nuclear bomb in Charleston Harbor October 2013 (to provide a false flag for significant and massive funding + troop intervention into Syria). I believe the reason Trump has surrounded himself with so much military is that a coup was, indeed, in the offing. Just my opinion…I could definitely be wrong.

  62. @Agent76

    I liked the video very much. I am very uncomfortable with our involvement in Yemen. Once again, history indicates the instability began with “Arab Spring.” How I hate that term!! Behind “Arab Spring,” colored with superfluous phrases about “democracy in the Middle East” and “freeing suppressed people,” lies the cynical and coldly calculated ideology of subduing lands and people for the Technocracy and Corporatism which rules the West. That 1% which is enscounced with military weaponry exports and supplies; pipeline construction; and unbelievable financial gain for limited labor or ingenuity, that is, wealth extracted because of money, connections, and power. Nothing good can come from U.S. involvement in Yemen.

  63. @KenH

    I have no way of knowing whether or not this opinion may be realistic, but I think the riots and demonstrations serve Trump, as you said, to an extent. I believe even people who did not vote for him are beginning to these unending tirades as tiresome. I see enduring riots and demonstrations as, finally, inciting the Trump supporter who currently stands on the sidelines watching. That supporter does not advocate open civil warfare, but I fear, pushed hard and unrelentingly, he/she will, indeed, take up an arm and begin. If such backlash occurs, the results will be bloody and hard to contain.

  64. tjm says:

    9/11 was the coup, Bush. Obama, Trump are just figured heads

  65. @Skeptikal

    I believe, Skeptikal, that you are entirely correct:

    Still, a problem I see is that many of those who have worked iwth us or been hired or trained by the USA in Syria are, actually, jihadis and head choppers. So it is reasonable to feel consternation about sluicing these types into the USA.

    Our military/intelligence operations have partnered us with those who demonstrate unbelievable psychopathic thinking. Welcome that benign Iraqi contractor who supported U.S. forces, and when an event occurs in the Middle East, wherein democratic idealistic thinking cannot overcome early childhood upbringing, don’t be surprised when he kills Americans with abandon. Simple truth.

    I have met many American-Syrians here, over the years, who have been here for decades. The difference is that they came of their own volition wanting to embrace an American style of life. And, believe me, I laugh. They are more American than I…and I was born in the U.S.

  66. Malla says:

    Well gotta see this video from an ex KGB operative. Stalin already had plans to attack Germany long time before Operation Barbarossa. The dismantling of Poland was just a ploy to get close to the Third Reich as well as give Germany a bad name as the Soviets decided to delay the planned invasion of Poland by some days and let the Germans do most of the fighting and also to get WW2 started.

    And if you check Hitler’s speech before Operation Barbarossa the words of the KGB guy in the video above makes sense

    • Replies: @Avery
  67. Alden says:

    I’ve always thought that WW2 was a partnership between Germany and Russia to divide up Europe between them.

    But America got most of what the Germany wanted, Western Europe.

    • Replies: @Malla
  68. Avery says:

    Suvorov was not a KGB guy: he was GRU.

    He was a traitor working for British intelligence.
    He is not a historian.
    He is an anti-Russian scum.
    He has an ax to grind.
    The whore wrote a fake book about USSR allegedly planning to attack Nazi Germany to pay back his British pimps.

    The revisionist propaganda about Stalin allegedly planning to attack Nazi Germany has been thoroughly debunked, by many, including Col David M. Glantz, an American military historian and the chief editor of the Journal of Slavic Military Studies.

    Unlike the anti-Russian traitor filth ‘Suvotov’, Glantz is a historian and has no ax to grind.

    Vile, hallucinating neo-Nazi revisionists and Hitler apologists desperately trying to rehabilitate their Führer are most entertaining to behold. And while youse are fantasizing about the 1,000 year Reich and all that…..remind yourselves that the glorious Red Army troops – you know, thems Untermenschen – Master Pissed on the ashes of your Master Race Führer, and raised the Hammer&Sickle on the Bundestag.

    • Agree: Cyrano
    • Replies: @Malla
  69. jamie b. says:

    “…morality must be part of biology. It must serve biology.”

    IOW you’re still deriving an “ought” from an “is.”

  70. jamie b. says:

    “…you shouldn’t go pushing people off of buildings, because gravity.”

    You’re importing values from outside the existence of gravity, which kinda proves my point. Again, the argument is that since all living things are subject to gravity, they OUGHT to be subject to gravity. Nonsense.

  71. Malla says:

    Suvorov makes complete sense and what he says matches Hitler’s speech before Barbarossa. Suvorov even shows books printed before Barbarossa started to be given to invading Soviet troops so that they could understand German in Germany.
    I am not National Socialist and anyways Stalin did want to spread communism throughout the world anyways. Workers of the World Unite B.S.

    • Replies: @Cyrano
  72. Malla says:

    The Germans did not want Britain and maybe nor France. All they wanted was all the German populations (except Switzerland) united under a Reich and the neighbouring Czechs and Poles in a weakened state.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  73. @Art

    ” p.s. Tulsi Gabbard for president”

    Look you apparently do not grasp the significence of this but she is a democrat and she was a military officer.
    There is nothing fishier and stranger than a democrat as an officer as nintynine percent of officers are republicans, and I can imagine the cold-shoulder treatment she experienced while on active duty.
    Democrats are democrats period, they are, except for the ones who manage to redeem themselves, all the same, and regarding her all one has to do is to consider the bonkers concept of “Moderate terrorists” propagated by their , the democrat’s, crazy strategists.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

    • Replies: @Art
  74. @anon

    ” There is simply no way to appease the left, but I think the value of deliberately antagonizing them is now zero”.

    Not antagonizing them is just that : appeasing them.

    The only way to defeat them, and they must be defeated, as they are like rust, is to consistantly ” antagonize them”.

    If I were in his, DT’s, shoes I would be calling them “Racists” Homophobes” and “Mysogynists” 24/7, in other using their own tactics, relentlessly against them.

    Authenticjazzman “Mensa” society member of forty-plus years and pro jazz artist.

  75. Fed Up says:

    The anti-Trump hysteria should really HELP Trump. Because it shows what total idiots the Liberals really are.

  76. TJM says:

    The Dem “hierarchy” is Jewish, not Christian, the donors call the shots, not the guys receiving the pay offs.

    When you go to the movies, is the guy collecting the money for your ticket the owner, no, he is a paid lackey, exact same thing here.

    Zionist Jews run Washington, democrats and republicans.

  77. Anon • Disclaimer says:

    Sr. Derbyshire,

    You issued corrections regarding the POUM and the Boston Tea Party on vDare. Why don’t you do something here?


  78. I’m hoping for a reprise of Kent State only this time the National Guard follows up the initial volley with a bayonet charge, a la Moldbug.

  79. @Steel T Post

    Antifa won WWII? Wonders never cease.

    • Replies: @Steel T Post
  80. joe webb says:

    more bloviating at a High Level Of Abstraction and Conceptual Analysis…

    Fw: Rethinking Our Patriotism ( “to clarify the moral and social strife of the day” _

    Monday, February 6, 2017 11:06 AM
    Subject: Fw: Rethinking Our Patriotism ( “to clarify the moral and social strife on the day” _

    This piece does everything but clarify situation we are in. First, the whole article focuses on the Social Question without using the term ‘race.’ It refers to the problems in Europe, which are all race problems…immigration of darkies. No race problem there!

    No race problem here either. It is just the endless squabbling about money. Freedom is either Social or Personal. The first is good and the second is bad. Social freedom is spreading money around. Personal Freedom is greed.


    Even if one wanted to engage on that issue alone, it would be a bit more complicated than what the author claims.

    He celebrates the clashing of our times and compares it to the foundation times when Federalists and anti-Federalist-Jeffersonian types clashed over, fundamentally. money and democratic representation…like universal male suffrage which he does not remark. Small potatoes. He misses the civl war, which was a bit race-based…and Social, not Political. (political means common public problems that have a solution, thru “logic and concepts” that are tethered to empirical reality. Social Questions have no solution. If a situation has no solution, it is not a problem…at least in philosophy. The Social Question here discussed, has no solution. It is not a problem. It is coming war. War settles situation that have no solution. The guy coming thru your window or over your border has no Solution, philosophically speaking. Guns settle the matter. Next!

    He is out of his mind in his celebration of our contemporary clashing…which is totally racial in character, and has no Solution except violence, as in another civil war.

    “My proposal is that this endless, rancorous struggle for the soul of America is precisely what we should love about this country. Patriotism is not sharing with our fellow citizens some anemic idealization of what freedom means. It is a matter of engaging them — with everything short of physical violence, from compelling argument to deft political maneuvers — in the rough-and-tumble of political conflict over how we should understand freedom. This conflict remains our only way of working toward the “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” our revolution sought. True patriotism now requires not reaching across the aisle; it demands mounting the political barricades.”

    Fools, damn fools, and bloody fools. What used to be called The Social Question in the West, and was about class problems fundamentally, is now 90% race and 10 per cent economics/money. The Social Question can never be solved, neither in money nor in race. Just as Lincoln said, that there is not a chance in hell that blacks and whites can integrate and live peacefully together, ditto for the Mexicans, and ditto for the Jews, as long as they champion anti-white politics.

    Somebody has to go, and it will not be whites, as long as we got the money, the guns, the military/police, and the muscle and brains. Mounting the political barricades is only inches away from mounting the street barricades , which is already starting and of course, is black and brown in the main, with a few white race traitors and anarchists.

    Furthermore, the pursuit of life , liberty, and the pursuit of happiness is fundamentally NOT a matter of Social Justice. It is an anti-totalitarian notion of personal privacy and its pursuit of happiness, as well as the political, and Not social, well defined and delimited arena of political life, free speech, public matters.

    Social Question means the obliteration of the Public vs. the Private realms. Social Question is always totalitarian in character and tendency , while Privacy requires absolute limits on government and what we call Social Engineers’ tampering with our private lives.
    The historic Left, prior to communism/USSR, gave up on The Social Question in the late 19th century. It recognized inequality as just the way it is, with a nod toward sharing the wealth…as in social democracy. That worked relatively well amongst Same Race countries.

    Because of the genetic basis of race, and its fundamental racial tribalism, the races cannot get along living in the same territory.
    So The Social Question first returned with communism in the guise of economic democracy. Workers and peasants replacing intellectuals, etc. That did not work out.

    Now, the Social Question is back again, but racialized. Blacks and Browns and yellows replacing White folks. Most of the blame for this dynamic is our White Altruism but The Jews are to blame for discovering our white Achille’s Heel, and pointing the way for the spear-shuckers, which jews began with their attacks on Whites in general, and their open-borders agitation which also started a century ago, and bore its strange fruit in the 1965 Immigration Act.

    “Although abstract logic and conceptual analysis are among philosophers’ primary tools, they must, as John Dewey emphasized, use these tools to “clarify the social and moral strife of their day.” In particular, surprising political events, like those currently unfolding on both sides of the Atlantic, can call for some serious rethinking. In my case, this has led me to reconsider my views about patriotism.”

    What an idiot, and Dewey was a leftie too.
    ‘Abstract logic and conceptual analysis’ leads him to discuss the slippery term Patriotism…? Patriotism by any traditional definition is love of country, patrie in French, hence patriotic. So he discussed not love of country but Freedom…the slipperiest of Concepts, and he attacks a personal, private and conservative freedom as well as the public freedom of free Speech, and substitutes the Rousseauian definition of freedom…’forcing people to be free’ as in love your Diverse Darkie neighbor and integrate your kids on buses or schools, Or Else, go to jail.

    Think about your Country…think endless squabbling , leading to civil war. This is where we are at right now. Enemy….get clear on that one too. Enemy, not your friend. Love your friends and kill your enemies. Old Story. Biology. Animals. Reality.

    The Social Racial Question is roiling the US and Europe, and finally, Whites are awakening to the Darkie stink. No multi-racial society ever succeeded and those around today are badgered by “inter-communal violence” as the polite term has it in jewyorktiomes and so on. Communal, another great word, and Community, the Darkie Community. Say White Community and you are a nazi.

    So, Trump may save us, or may not….Europe may lead the way, or may not. Arm yourself. Both literally and psychologically.
    Joe Webb

  81. joe webb says:

    try Imperialist Immigration., type 1. Consequences , etc. Led to Rivers of Blood speech by Enoch Powell about 1967. The Rising Tide of Color…stupid type.

    Now add Imperialist immigration Type 2 (Silicon Va.) We raid the third world for their few and far between brains, thus contributing to their impoverishment and destabilization of our own countries. a rising tide of color, smart type. Plus the ho-hum replacement of white workers both domestically and thru slave labor abroad. beat down Labor.

    Both types destabilize inasmuch as there is no assimilation to White Western values.

    So we get a bunch of smart third world types to lead their proles against us. That has been happening for some time with the Mexicans, who are taking over politics in California. A huge dumb mass of beaners, with a few Al Sharpton-latino types, who want nothing but Services for their stinking cousins, some with badges and some not, and their own hustles of course, and deniero mucho which flies South., some of it, to feed the stream of dummies heading north.

    First it was greed…Spaniards and Portuguese coming without their white women. Then the Northern Europeans came With their women. A big of a difference in Consequences.

    Does that make aryans superior to our southern brothers? maybe.

    So Imperialist Immigration…a term whose time has come.

    Joe Webb

  82. woodNfish says:
    @Eagle Eye

    Nah, just wait until they begin to form a group and then run over them with a very large truck.

  83. Cyrano says:

    You are an amazing scholar on communism. Nothing escapes your sharp mind.

  84. Art says:

    ” p.s. Tulsi Gabbard for president”

    Look you apparently do not grasp the significence of this but she is a democrat and she was a military officer.

    Tulsi Gabbard is representative from Hawaii – there are no elected Republicans in Hawaii.

    I do not know her other politics – but I sure would like to see more of her on the political scene.

    Going to Syria and meeting Assad takes courage – I like that.

    Peace — Art

    p.s. Apparently – the Jew MSM fear her – you would think that she would be front line news.

    p.s. Not printing the truth is the most powerful and effective propaganda tool of the Zionist Jews.

  85. Skeptikal says:

    “there are all kinds of things referencing the plot on youtube. Including some Hitler in the Bunker videos ”

    “The plot” meaning . . . some guy time-travels to kill Hitler.
    I “get” that.
    I don’t see the relevance of video games from the nineties. What is the relevance to this thread, or to anything?
    I have seen most of the Hitler bunker videos, some very funny.
    Funnier for me, actually, since I understand German.

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  86. Sunbeam says:

    “I don’t see the relevance of video games from the nineties. What is the relevance to this thread, or to anything?”

    Eh, I find it entirely relevant. My original post was in response to a person making the claim that if heroic freedom fighters in Germany circa 1920 or so had “been allowed” to Fight The Man or something, WWII would never have happened.

    You say you understand German, and spell “Skeptical” in that manner? Is is possible English is not your first language, and you aren’t really tuned in to sarcasm, figurative language, irony? I’m not trying to insult you, the relevance should be obvious I’d think. Someone made the claim, and I used the plotline of a famous, popular game (in some circles) to mock the originality, and even viability, of the idea.

    If you are someone who think video games are beneath them (though they take up a lot more headspace in people under 40 than you’d likely believe), take a gander at this (typical video game BS until about 38 seconds in though):

    LOL, I KNEW I had heard “Make America Great Again” somewhere.

    And I must say while I have some philosophical disagreements with a lot of Senator Armstrong’s ideology, hey I’m totally on board with some of it.

    And actually I’d say the emotions expressed had more to do with America’s recent election than virtually everything that’s been posted on this site. Unz is not the site to go to, in order to understand the Spirit of the Age. Too much autism, you understand.

    4chan is better for that actually.

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  87. MarkinLA says:

    Why didn’t Germany try and create an alliance with other states on Russia’s border if their goal was to try and deter Russian aggression? Why did they need to occupy Czechoslovakia and Poland? Both Stalin and Hitler were bad guys. both wanted to dominate Europe. Stalin just didn’t have the technical superiority needed by the time WWII started.

  88. @gustafus

    No, I think Cory Booker (NeoLiberal, NJ) has his cap set on 2020. As you might expect from my nom de Net, I am from NJ, and I despise this crooked bastard. If he were to win the nomination of the Democrat party, I think he will be in for a shock as to how he will be received nationally. Obama 2.0, but with a longer slime trail behind him.

  89. anon • Disclaimer says:

    If you want social disorder, anarchists are your guys.

    Yep, SJWs who like violence mostly become anarchists.

    They let the disorder continue for a while, then move carefully, make some arrests and carry out a few exemplary prosecutions— “kill the chicken to scare the monkeys,” as the Chinese say.

    I agree on principle except i’d use it to pin conspiracy charges on senior academic staff, mayors, police chiefs etc rather than just the rioters.

  90. @JI

    I have no respect for McCain, Ryan, or Rubio but what is the evidence that any of them received funds from Soros?

  91. @MarkinLA

    You ask the important question about Hitler.

    Ideology serves as a tool for some organized group to take power but usually gets subordinated or discarded once power has been consolidated and only gets trotted out occasionally to keep the Old Faithful in line.

    The problem with Hitler is that he actually believed what he said and wrote.

  92. Skeptikal says:

    As I said, I “got” the basic counterfactual of killing Hitler. And it is basic.
    I don’t see any irony etc. etc. in the rest of the visual and audio trash.
    I thought the early Bunker satires were a lot funner and more clever than the video game stuff. To me, human situations are funnier.
    But why would an under-40 get views on current events from a 1990s video game?
    “Skeptikal” has no bearing on anything.
    You don’t know what else I read besides items at the Unz Review.
    But I am happy to tell you I don’t spend my free time playing or watching video games from any decade in order to get a handle on current events!!
    If video games are the only medium that expresses the Zeitgeist, I guess I’ll just have to be out of the loop.

    • Replies: @Sunbeam
  93. Svigor says:

    You’re importing values from outside the existence of gravity, which kinda proves my point. Again, the argument is that since all living things are subject to gravity, they OUGHT to be subject to gravity. Nonsense.

    Your point is still irrelevant. Human systems should be tailored to human nature. Whether human nature ought to be human nature is immaterial.

    • Replies: @jamie b.
  94. Sunbeam says:

    “But why would an under-40 get views on current events from a 1990s video game?
    “Skeptikal” has no bearing on anything.”

    Okay, no bearing on anything. Got it.

    But riddle me this. Someone makes these games. Now do you think the people making them are low IQ morons?

    Actually I’d say at the least, they compare very, very well with the posters on this site. If you don’t agree, give me a cogent explanation as to why.

    And “only medium?” I never said that. I suppose you think 4chan, for example, is apropos of nothing as well?

    • Replies: @Skeptikal
  95. Skeptikal says:

    I didn’t say that the people who design video games were morons.
    I certainly do not possess any of the skills to design a video game.
    Nor even, I expect, to play one.

    Although I used to enjoy playing pinball machines!
    Where have they gone? Remember “Pinball Wizard”?

    Regarding 4chan, again, I have no idea who follows this.
    I am sure it and other message boards are loaded with good ideas.

    I don’t really do social media. Basically I read mostly nonfiction books, etc., some of them quite long. Quite moronic I am sure, but I am not going to start following 4chan or FB or other such just because otherwise some stranger might think I am a moron. When It comes to Hitler counterfactuals and also Third Reich revisionism, you might find Guido Preparata’s “Conjuring Hitler” interesting.
    Cheers, Skeptikal

  96. Skeptikal says:

    “Why didn’t Germany try and create an alliance with other states on Russia’s border if their goal was to try and deter Russian aggression? Why did they need to occupy Czechoslovakia and Poland?”

    Can one assume that Hitler was driven by the idea of “Lebensraum” for the German Reich? German communities were already established in Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, and the Baltic countries. This whole area was a mix of Slavs and Germans. In fact Berlin itself was located in a region that was historically Slav. So there would almost seem to be a “natural” struggle over control of the the eastern European isthmus that connected/separated western Europe and Russia.

    Czechoslovakia, especially the northwest portion, had a huge industrial base and know-how and resources that Hitler coveted.

    I guess these two dictators with messianic and opposing visions for their realms and their Volk were destined to clash, and it was just a question of timing: Who goes first, and when.

  97. @AnotherLover

    Never cracked open a history book, AL? Remember that part where anti-fa Communism and her Allies won and occupied fascist Germany?

    “This was a definite gain to our country and a loss for fascist Germany.” -Josef Stalin – 3rd July 1941 – (Speaking of the 1939 non-aggression pact between the USSR and Germany)

    “Oh merciful lord… crown our effort with victory… and give us faith in the inevitable power of light over darkness, of justice over evil and brutal force… Of the cross of Christ over the Fascist swastika… so be it, amen.” -Sergei – Archbishop of Moscow – 27th November 1941

  98. @Svigor

    From your lips to God’s ear.

  99. The Nazis themselves claimed that Barbarossa was either a pre-emptive strike against a Soviet attack or an actual repelling of an attack. However, they were known to use false flags like at Gleiwitz and lying propaganda generally, and outside the Nazi orbit few believed their version at the time. Stalin seems to have gone out of his way not to give the Germans an excuse to invade, and the Soviets were surprised and alarmed at the speed with which the Germans overran Western Europe in 1940. That they had German phrasebooks hardly proves a Soviet invasion was imminent – Germany dominated most of Europe at the time, German was widely spoken as a second language in much of central and eastern Europe and if Soviet troops were going to have foreign language phrasebooks at all, German was the most obvious language.
    Hostilities were probably likely to happen eventually between Nazi Germany and the USSR.

    • Replies: @HdC
  100. @gustafus

    You may be right. I have looked in vain for the Dems to realize why they lost the election, and to start pandering clumsily and insincerely to Middle America.

    However, we must also consider the Republican determination to commit suicide. Big Business is still solidly behind mass immigration from the Third World, and numerous Republicans seem to view Trump as an aberration. They will fight any real attempt to curb the influx. In any case, the momentum of immigration and its resulting demographic changes may already be too much for Trump’s reign to be nothing more than the swan song of the old America.

    Also, consider that we are apparently in the midst of another huge asset price bubble, much like the one that crashed the economy in 2007-08. There is little that any administration could do to stop the inevitable crash, and if it happens in the next few years, nothing will save Trump’s regime from the backlash.

  101. HdC says:

    The narrative I read about the Gleiwitz incident states that the Poles were responsible, as were their numerous cross-border excursions, and the wholesale murder of German expatriates.

    This from a Hungarian author who wrote a book about those times.

    It was a long time ago I read this and I have forgotten the title of the book and the author’s name. I still have the book, though. HdC

  102. MarkinLA says:

    The narrative I read about the Gleiwitz incident states that the Poles were responsible, as were their numerous cross-border excursions, and the wholesale murder of German expatriates.

    Then why sign an agreement with Stalin to partition the country and invade? Why not just smack Poland and let them know there is more coming if they don’t gt their people under control?

    • Replies: @HdC
  103. There is yet one more option that I believe should be considered and it’s rather simple really – Donald Trump tosses the rebels a bone that placates them. Such as, the legalisation of medical marijuana on the national level which he had actually said he would do during his campaign. And to wax very cynical, a stoned crowd is much less likely to get violent.

  104. jamie b. says:

    “Human systems should be tailored to human nature.”

    Yes, humans couldn’t practice a code of ethics that violates human nature. Agreed. However…

    “Whether human nature ought to be human nature is immaterial.”

    As are most other moral lessons we would draw from nature.

  105. Lagertha says:

    He will be fine. I have always seen a threshold of hysteria after every election, albeit, , this was the yugest. And, this election may have a longer trail of misery for the losing side…but their posturing has reached the level of “get over it.” Everyone will hate them for lingering in the negative. People are animals…and thank goodness it is winter…especially in the northeast. Trump will be fine, as will all. I am happy Sessions is confirmed. Europe will follow with the idea that peace and logical prosperity will ensue. Stability for all people must start…within the lands they are from.

  106. tsotha says:

    The American colonists won by dint of logistics. They had land and distance on their side, big-time in both cases.

    They also had the support of a powerful ally looking to stick its thumb into the British eye. Washington could not have defeated Cornwallis without the support of the French navy.

  107. HdC says:

    That is what the German invasion of Poland was about: To stop the murderous border excursions and the mass murder of German expatriates.

    This would have been the end of it, period. But nooo, the murderous war mongers Churchill and Roosevelt had to egg on the French and the Poles so that the latter carried on with their provocation.

    The only reason Hitler agreed to a pact with the Soviet Union was to prevent a two-front war. That obviously didn’t work for reasons given in ICEBREAKER.

    Recall that the Communist’s avowed goal was world domination, which Hitler’s Germany did its damnedest to prevent while battling the brain-addled supporters of the swines Churchill and Roosevelt. HdC

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
    , @Ivan K.
  108. MarkinLA says:

    Sorry, that does not compute. There was no need to invade and occupy the country or sign an agreement with the USSR for that. That doesn’t even take the invasion of Czechoslovakia into account.

    Hitler wanted a war. Deal with reality.

    • Replies: @HdC
  109. @utu

    “But what made them leave the camps and go to Europe?”

    Or the US for that matter.

    I guess the US reckons it could use those refugees as ‘collaborators’. Once their children settle here, they will come under American culture and education and become homomaniacal agents of the GLOB. And then, the US can use them against the regimes of those nations. Consider how Iranian exiles were used by the US against Iran. Consider how the US used Iraqi exiles against Iraqi regime. Now, these exiles have legit gripes against those regimes over there because they’ve been brutal(Hussein) or nasty(Assad).
    But the US foreign policy isn’t about ‘human rights’. It’s about power and control. But to score some ‘human rights’ points to justify their intervention, it’s good to have some ‘exiles’ or ‘refugees’ for Uncle Sam to put his arms around. That way, the US can say it is acting at the behest of those poor ‘exiles’ and ‘refugees’.

    ‘Refugees’ = Future collaborators on grounds of ‘human rights’.

  110. HdC says:


    The diplomatic dispatches of the time show exactly the opposite of your assertion. HdC

  111. Third other outcome:

    The authorities play it right, with the proper timing. They let the disorder continue for a while, then move carefully, make some arrests and carry out a few exemplary prosecutions— “kill the chicken to scare the monkeys,” as the Chinese say.

    Here’s the thing. The authorities who deal most directly with the protests include quite a few who are bitterly opposed to Trump, and have every incentive to make him look as bad as possible. If they play it right (by Derb’s definition) it’ll be purely by accident.

    And to the extent that Trump does control the response, does he have the skill to play it right? Even assuming he’s not the infantile hothead that his enemies would have you believe, this isn’t a skill he’s had to develop as a CEO and TV host.

  112. Ivan K. says:

    Hitler’s Table Talk clearly disproves what you say.

    • Replies: @HdC
  113. Malla says:

    Hitler did make alliances with countries like Finland and Romania.

    Please check out from 13:00 onwards. Both Finland and Romania were threatened by the Soviets.
    Also check from 3:52 and the demands made by the Soviets on the Third Reich.

    Hitler’s main fear was the massacres that took place in Soviet Russia would happen in Germany and the rest of Europe.

    • Replies: @MarkinLA
  114. HdC says:
    @Ivan K.

    Where can I read these in German?

    I took German as a minor in university so that I could listen to Hitler’s so-called rants. The English abbreviated commentary was pure rubbish.

    Btw. I get my most recent information from Churchill and Hitler, the Unnecessary War; The Myth of German Villainy; Witness to History; Icebreaker; The Pity of War.

    Plus published reviews of books by Herbert Hoover, and others.

    Note that I tend to ignore scribblings of court historians ie. those that make their living off writing “official” history. HdC

  115. cacofonix says: • Website

    I was going to post a longer reply, but I now note HdC is actually blaming Poland, France, Britain, the United States and the Soviet Union, and not Hitler’s Third Reich, for the start of the Second World War and over 60 million deaths.
    Until now, I thought that such opinions were only expressed in the remote regions of South America to which Nazis had fled in 1945.
    I would be curious to know if anyone else here shares HdC’s remorse over Hitler’s defeat.

    • Replies: @Malla
    , @HdC
  116. MarkinLA says:

    Hitler through alliances could have moved the trip wire to Russia’s border quite easily without invading anybody. Polish hatred of Russians, the Baltic states desire to stay out of the USSR, and Finland’s desire to stay free is all that was needed to stop any Russian aggression, especially with German military technology.

    About the only area where Russia had an advantage was in tanks but against dug in German defenses, German air power and the 88 gun which was the greatest tank killer in the war that would have been useless.

    Hitler saying we have to attack Russia to protect ourselves is standard operating procedure for people who want to start war.

  117. A third of “Poland” had been German land for centuries until stolen in 1919. Hitler had every right to take back what rightfully belonged to Germany. It was no business of Britain, France, the USA or anyone else but Germany.

  118. Malla says:

    I know right!! These fringe idiots even believe that it was the Soviets who killed those Polish officers killed in Katyn when it reality it was the Germans. Such disinformation & lies need to suppressed with more propaganda.

  119. HdC says:

    If one gets his history from comic books, Hollywood, the lying mass media, or court historians (those whose livelihood depends on politically correct scribblings), then the post you made is not surprising.

    I listed my references that support my statements in this blog; suppose you list yours.

    The poster who referred to Hitler’s table talk never got back to me when I requested information on where I might read them in original German. HdC

  120. Zach says:

    Trump meets Abe this week. As this Forbes article notes, Japan has the third largest economy in the world. But, without more immigrants this article states, things will change.

  121. Jo Ann says:
    @jamie b.

    He wasn’t talking about morals, he was talking about evolution.
    Dream on.

  122. Anonymous • Disclaimer says:

    Listened this morning to Radio Derb.
    My beloved Derbyshire (no sarcasm here) is so insistent that there can be no moral equivalency
    between actions of Russia (for the last 17 years of Putin being President) and USA.
    What is the tonnage of explosives USA delivered (read bombed) at foreign countries,
    and how large is the same parameter for actions of Russia ?
    Chechen war was awful, but it was Russian territory.
    Lady (i.e. Derb) protests too much.

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