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Claire Cain Miller writes in the New York Times:

An Elusive Jackpot
Riches Come to Women as C.E.O.s, but Few Get There

Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook earned $16.1 million in 2013.

I hear a lot about Sheryl Sandberg in articles on Gender Trends, but is she the real CEO of Facebook? Isn’t there this guy at Facebook who owns a lot of the stock and isn’t yet all that senile? Does Mark Zuckerberg actually defer to Ms. Strandberg on big executive decisions?

On our annual list of the 200 highest-paid chief executives in the United States, there were just 11 women. …

The highest-paid woman on the Equilar list [of highest paid CEOs] was born a man.

Martine Rothblatt, born Martin Rothblatt, was the married father of four children and started Sirius Satellite Radio, now SiriusXM, before undergoing gender reassignment surgery in 1994. After one of her children was diagnosed with a disease, she founded United Therapeutics in 1996 and helped develop a drug to treat the illness. Last year, she was paid $38 million in compensation, most of it in stock options, putting her at No. 10 on the list. She declined to be interviewed.

“Her equity grant is awarded based on company performance, the best way to be aligned with the interests of shareholders,” said Andrew Fisher, deputy general counsel at the company. Its stock price more than doubled last year, largely because it received Food and Drug Administration approval for a new drug, Orenitram.

Martin Rothblatt, whom Howard Stern calls “the Martine Luther Queen of radio,” was at UCLA MBA school with me in 1980-81, although I don’t recall for sure knowing Rothblatt, who was a JD/MBA.

I can remember one JD/MBA at UCLA, a tall man whose name I don’t recall. He was extremely arrogant, but turned out to be as supersmart as he thought he was. We were on a four-person team together in a Marketing Strategy computer game where you typed onto punch cards (like I said, it was 1981) what your widget’s advertising budget, price, and so forth were going to be this round, then you found out how much profit you made relative to your competitors. The JD/MBA always complained to me and our other two teammates that we were idiots and he could do better all by himself. So, one round we let him make all the decisions. And, what do you know, he did do better all by himself. But then he complained that it was too much work to do it all by himself and we went back to playing as a (dysfunctional) team.

We finished second out of a half-dozen teams to a three-man team run by two rich Mexican kids. The American guy on the team said that when it got down to time to make a decision Jose and Juan switched from conversing in English to Spanish and then eventually told him what to keypunch on the card, which always proved to be exactly right.

My old UCLA teammate?

Looking at pictures of “Martine,” yeah, it might be my old teammate. But then again it might not be.

Rothblatt’s biography is pretty typical of high achieving transsexuals in its remarkable lack of evidence that “I always felt like a girl on the inside.”

Rothblatt’s obsessions have been space colonization and now transhumanis t fixations like downloading your brain to a computer so you can live forever. You can’t get much girlier than that. I mean, Audrey Hepburn had her head frozen, right? Oh, wait, no, that was Ted Williams … Sorry, my mistake!

  1. Anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    S/he can’t be that bad. I had to cancel my dad’s SiriusXM after he died, and it only took a single toll-free call.

    Canceling Cox Communications cable TV on the other hand has been pure hell, with hours on hold before being disconnected. I still haven’t managed to do it, even though it also stopped working. Still being charged $120 per month for a black screen. Seriously, Cox Communications is Satan, only a googloplex times worse times infinity.

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  2. Are you aware of Jan Morris (formerly James Morris)? Lots of derring-do in her former male life. Served in the 9th Queen’s Royal Lancers in WW2, was Times correspondent with the first successful Everest expedition in 1953, wrote books about the British Empire, and fathered five children.

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  3. Flemur says:

    The highest-paid woman on the Equilar list [of highest paid CEOs] was born is a man.


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  4. I wonder if anyone trying to win the UCLA MBA contest, which was based on a computer simulation, figured out the obvious way to win: This would be to use comparisons of inputs and outputs and a little knowledge of the “theories” of the simulation’s authors to reverse engineer the code and then do test runs to figure what inputs would maximize output.

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  5. anonymous says: • Disclaimer

    Wait a minute. I thought you could get into deep shit for mentioning someone’s “previous gender” in a news article?

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  6. advancedatheist [AKA "RedneckCryonicist"] says:

    Some neuroscientists and cryobiologists think that cryonics deserves a second look as a strategy to try to turn death from a permanent off-state into a temporary and reversible off-state by approaching the problem as a challenge in applied neuroscience. They have set up the Brain Preservation Foundation to raise money for incentive prizes to encourage other scientists to push hard on the envelope of current and reachable brain preservation techniques:

    The organization’s FAQ:

    Michael Shermer, the American critic of pseudoscience and editor of Skeptic magazine, serves as one of this organization’s advisers, so he apparently consider the idea scientifically defensible, given his willingness to associate his name with it:

    BTW, Martine’s son Gabriel looks like a poster child for America’s diversity ideology:

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  7. syonredux says:

    The whole “download your brain into a computer and live forever idea” has never made sense to me. After all, you are not going to live forever; it’s a copy of your brain in a computer that is going to live forever. Now, perhaps it is psychologically comforting to know that a copy of you will be running around 1,000 years from now, but that won’t change the fact that you will be dead.

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  8. Jeff W. says:

    I played that game in a marketing class at the University of Utah in 1973. I convinced my teammates to let me make all the decisions and I won it. I think there were about 12 teams involved.

    I won it by keeping my prices as low as possible and advertising as high as possible, making zero profit in all the early rounds, doing all that I could to grab market share. In the last two rounds I jacked up my prices very aggressively and posted large profits while competitors were reducing prices and their own profits in the last rounds in belated efforts to boost their paltry market shares.

    I figured that in a marketing class they would not short-change advertising in their algorithm and I was right. I also guessed that the algorithm would let you hang on to most of your market share for a while after you jacked up prices, and I was right about that too.

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  9. CCR says:

    It’s obvious that now that World War G is in the mop up stage that our moral betters are casting around for the Next Big Cause. They are bringing each one up for closer scrutiny; first, it was polygamy, then transsexualism, and now income inequality (including reparations). None are resonating as the Big One should.

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  10. In fairness to Williams, he was pressured into that as an old man by his loser son. (Some wonder if the note was forged outright, but apparently handwriting analysis disagreed. He never revised his real will providing for cremation, though.)

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  11. My girlfriend, for some ghoulish reason, reads tranny forums. Recently she told me she saw an exchange between two wives of trannies. One, whose husband went crazy years ago, reassured the other, whose husband went crazy recently, that she’d find that he still had a man’s personality and thought like a man. GF is endlessly amused by the trannies’ utter failure to understand how women think, and their total lack of awareness of it.

    There’s just nothing psychologically female about those guys. Even when they take hormones, they’re men who get emotional a lot.

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  12. She’s not even the fake CEO, she’s the…aw crap, Anon beat me to it.

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  13. Mr. Anon says:

    Some of these high performing trannies like the eunuch Rothblatt seem to exhibit a hyper-masculine attitude: I can do anything better than a woman – even be a woman.

    And, as you say Steve, an interest in space colonization and the singularity is hardly particularly very feminine.

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  14. WWT is experiencing much more skirmishing and rear-guard action than its proponents might have expected. The forcing opposing WWG should take careful notes.

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  15. This is batshit crazy mental illness, and everybody’s just supposed to nod and smile.

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  16. “It’s obvious that now that World War G is in the mop up stage”

    True. Traditional-marriage-Berlin has been surrounded. The gay red army is mopping up (can the victory rapes be far behind?). Presumably the rainbow flag will fly atop the Reichstag (Vatican) soon, and the photos will resonate with all the same folks.

    The Civil-Unionist-Landing from the west was too late. They have been beaten to the enemy capital and will not share in the glory.

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