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"Why Are White Death Rates Rising?"

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From the NYT:

Screenshot 2016-02-22 16.40.31 By ANDREW J. CHERLIN FEB. 22, 2016 315 COMMENTS

IT’S disturbing and puzzling news: Death rates are rising for white, less-educated Americans. …

Both studies attributed the higher death rates to increases in poisonings and chronic liver disease, which mainly reflect drug overdoses and alcohol abuse, and to suicides. In contrast, death rates fell overall for blacks and Hispanics.

Why are whites overdosing or drinking themselves to death at higher rates than African-Americans and Hispanics in similar circumstances? Some observers have suggested that higher rates of chronic opioid prescriptions could be involved, along with whites’ greater pessimism about their finances.

Yet I’d like to propose a different answer: what social scientists call reference group theory. The term “reference group” was pioneered by the social psychologist Herbert H. Hyman in 1942, and the theory was developed by the Columbia sociologist Robert K. Merton in the 1950s. It tells us that to comprehend how people think and behave, it’s important to understand the standards to which they compare themselves.

How is your life going? For most of us, the answer to that question means comparing our lives to the lives our parents were able to lead. As children and adolescents, we closely observed our parents. They were our first reference group.

And here is one solution to the death-rate conundrum: It’s likely that many non-college-educated whites are comparing themselves to a generation that had more opportunities than they have, whereas many blacks and Hispanics are comparing themselves to a generation that had fewer opportunities.

Perhaps, although the death rate among youngish blacks was sky-high around 1990, due to shooting each other over crack and dying of AIDS, which is hard to fit in with Cherlin’s economic generational theory. I’m not saying Cherlin’s wrong, just that specific causes of people dropping dead rather than theories of a general malaise also need to be looked at.

The general malaise idea would fit in with phenomena we’ve seen in other times and places, such as the sharp decline in male life expectancy in Russia with the breakup of Communism, or the ongoing problems on Indian reservations. These are more than just economic problems but extend to a sense of defeatedness. But we shouldn’t immediately leap to a Big Picture explanation if Small Picture explanations are more conducive to fixing the problems.

When whites without college degrees look back, they can often remember fathers who were sustained by the booming industrial economy of postwar America. Since then, however, the industrial job market has slowed significantly. The hourly wages of male high school graduates declined by 14 percent from 1973 to 2012, according to analysis of data from the Economic Policy Institute. Although high school educated white women haven’t experienced the same major reversal of the job market, they may look at their husbands — or, if they are single, to the men they choose not to marry — and reason that life was better when they were growing up.

African-Americans, however, didn’t get a fair share of the blue-collar prosperity of the postwar period. They may look back to a time when discrimination deprived their parents of equal opportunities. Many Hispanics may look back to the lower standard of living their parents experienced in their countries of origin. Whites are likely to compare themselves to a reference group that leads them to feel worse off. Blacks and Hispanics compare themselves to reference groups that may make them feel better off.

The sociologist Timothy Nelson and I observed this phenomenon in interviews with high-school-educated young adult men in 2012 and 2013. A 35-year-old white man who did construction jobs said, “It’s much harder for me as a grown man than it was for my father.” He remembered his father saying that back when he was 35, “‘I had a house and I had five kids or four kids.’ You know, ‘Look where I was at.’ And I’m like, ‘Well, Dad, things have changed.’”

African-American men were more upbeat. One said: “I think there are better opportunities now because first of all, the economy’s changing. The color barrier is not as harsh as it was back then.”

This is a good example of how these days you’re not supposed to remember how long ago the Civil Rights Era was. A 35 year old man in 2013 would have been born in about 1978 and have memories of growing up from about 1982. The color barrier was not all that harsh in the 1980s, but critical thinking about history using arithmetic to figure out how long ago things happened isn’t fashionable.

In addition, national surveys show striking racial and ethnic differences in satisfaction with one’s social standing relative to one’s parents. The General Social Survey conducted by the research organization NORC at the University of Chicago has asked Americans in its biennial surveys to compare their standard of living to that of their parents. In 2014, according to my analysis, among 25- to 54-year-olds without college degrees, blacks and Hispanics were much more positive than whites: 67 percent of African-Americans and 68 percent of Hispanics responded “much better” or “somewhat better,” compared with 47 percent of whites.

Those figures represent a reversal from 2000, when whites were more positive than blacks, 64 percent to 60 percent. (Hispanics were the most positive in nearly all years.)

But we size ourselves up based on more than just our parents. White workers historically have compared themselves against black workers, taking some comfort in seeing a group that was doing worse than them. Now, however, the decline of racial restrictions in the labor market and the spread of affirmative action have changed that. Non-college-graduate whites in the General Social Survey are more likely to agree that “conditions for black people have improved” than are comparable blacks themselves, 68 percent to 53 percent.

Reference group theory explains why people who have more may feel that they have less. What matters is to whom you are comparing yourself. It’s not that white workers are doing worse than African-Americans or Hispanics.

In the fourth quarter of 2015, the median weekly earnings of white men aged 25 to 54 were $950, well above the same figure for black men ($703) and Hispanic men ($701). But for some whites — perhaps the ones who account for the increasing death rate — that may be beside the point. Their main reference group is their parents’ generation, and by that standard they have little to look forward to and a lot to lament.

Andrew J. Cherlin is a sociologist at Johns Hopkins University and the author of “Labor’s Love Lost: The Rise and Fall of the Working-Class Family in America.”

This is not to say that this model is wrong. But in thinking about the White Death, I’ve been encouraging a multiplicity of hypotheses rather than risk settling onto a single model too soon.

So, here’s another model: the White Death is less demand-driven, more supply-driven by innovations in first, providing pain pills, then in Mexican black tar heroin gangs marketing at the retail level to whites in obscure parts of the country.

Former L.A. Times reporter Sam Quinones has a book out called Dreamland on his reporting in places like southern Ohio. He argues that once the liberalization of opioid prescriptions in the early 2000s started getting more people hooked on legal pain pills, attempts to crack down on them played into the hands of a new model of Mexican heroin retailing. Last April, Quinones explained in the NYT:

Most of our heroin now comes not from Asia, but from Latin America, particularly Mexico, where poppies grow well in the mountains along the Pacific Coast. …

The most important traffickers in this story hail from Xalisco, a county of 49,000 people near the Pacific Coast. They have devised a system for selling heroin across the United States that resembles pizza delivery.

Dealers circulate a number around town. An addict calls, and an operator directs him to an intersection or a parking lot. The operator dispatches a driver, who tools around town, his mouth full of tiny balloons of heroin, with a bottle of water nearby to swig them down with if cops stop him. (“It’s amazing how many balloons you can learn to carry in your mouth,” said one dealer, who told me he could fit more than 30.)

The driver meets the addict, spits out the required balloons, takes the money and that’s that. It happens every day — from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m., because these guys keep business hours.

The Xalisco Boys, as one cop I know has nicknamed them, are far from our only heroin traffickers. But they may be our most prolific. As relentless as Amway salesmen, they embody our new drug-plague paradigm.

Xalisco dealers are low profile — the anti-Scarface. Back home they are bakers, butchers and farm workers, part of a vast labor pool in Xalisco and surrounding towns, who hire on as heroin drivers for $300 to $500 a week. The drug trade offers them a shot at their own business, or simply a chance to make some money to show off back home — kings until the cash goes. Meanwhile, in the United States, they drive old cars with their cheeks packed like chipmunks’, and dress like the day workers in front of your Home Depot.

The heroin delivery system appeals to them mainly because there is no cartel kingpin, no jefe máximo. It is meritocratic — so unlike Mexico. They are “people acting as individuals who are doing it on their own: micro-entrepreneurs,” said one phone operator for a crew who I interviewed while he was in prison. They are “looking for places where there’s no people, no competition,” he said. “Anyone can be boss of a network.” Thus the system distills what appeals to immigrants generally about America: It is a way to translate wits and hard work into real economic gain. …

They are decidedly nonviolent — terrified, in fact, of battles for street corners with armed gangs. They don’t carry guns. They also have rules against selling to African-Americans because, as one dealer put it, “they’ll steal from you, and beat you.”

The Boys started out on the fringes of the drug world in West Coast cities. In the late 1990s, they moved east in search of virgin territory. They avoided New York City, the country’s traditional center of heroin, because the market was already run by entrenched gangs. … They also skipped cities like Philadelphia and Baltimore, where black gangs control distribution.

The Xalisco Boys migrated instead to prosperous midsize cities. These cities were predominantly white, but had large Mexican populations where the Boys could blend in. They were the first to open these markets to cheap, potent black-tar heroin in a sustained way. The map of their outposts amounts to a tour through our new heroin hubs: Nashville, Columbus and Charlotte, as well as Salt Lake City, Portland and Denver.

THEY arrived in the Midwest just as a revolution in American medicine was underway, and an epidemic of pain-pill abuse was spreading over that region.

I’m reminded of Walmart’s strategy in the 1960s through the 1980s of avoiding obviously appealing but highly competitive retail markets like Southern California in favor of obscure, unfashionable locales underserved by metropolitan-oriented retailers.

This might help explain certain anomalies in where the White Death is bad (Appalachia) and not bad (Northern Plains). It could be that the Northern Plains haven’t succumbed as badly due to the more prosperous economy there. On the other hand, it could be that the Mexican retailers just haven’t expanded there yet.

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  1. It is meritocratic — so unlike Mexico. They are “people acting as individuals who are doing it on their own: micro-entrepreneurs,”

    I just love how even heroin dealing gets spun as vibrant entrepreneurship, revitalizing the economy, just doing the jobs that Americans won’t do. Is this part of their style handbook now?

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  2. A study in contrasts:

    1. Why aren’t these ingrates voting for our beneficent leadership?
    2. Why are these ingrates dropping like flies instead of supporting the shiny new global economy?
    3. Why won’t these gross old white men die faster so they can be replaced by global workers?

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  3. Also, a message to parents. If you don’t want your kid to become a social psychologist…maybe don’t name them “Herbert Hyman”.

  4. Color me on the side of despair rather than availability of drugs. Its not as if places like Ohio, or Nebraska, were lacking in the availability of drugs. Including hard core narcotics like heroin. Rather, people would avoid taking them because they had other things going on in their life. After all, before say the 1910s or so, hard core drugs were widely available and legal in the United States, including but not limited to heroin and opium. Most avoided those drugs because again, there was opportunity.

    What does it say about a society that Mexican illegals find the most opportunity to be driving around in old clunkers with heroin balloons in their mouths? Instead of say, hawking tamales or Mexican leather goods or something else, legal and with far less risks.

    What jumps out at me is both the risk/reward ratio — arrest and beatings/robberies plus risk of death from balloons breaking, versus a few hundred dollars a WEEK; and the disgusting manner of delivery to the addicts. THAT is despair on both sides of the equation, the Jalisco boys doing pretty scummy and risky work for a few hundred dollars a WEEK, and the addicts debasing themselves for a fix.

    Time is ripe I would say for a Putin — a “new Czar” who puts right the debauchery and despair and restores a nation, both inwardly and outwardly. What the Diversity people don’t understand is that a massive invasion of third world peoples into America simply invites the obverse — conquering colonization and running places like Venezuela, or Mexico, as colonies for those at home who lack much of anything. Since the only question is who is on top, not anything else.

    That was the vector for Putin to seize the Crimea, Eastern Ukraine, parts of Georgia, and much else. Ordinary Russians (yeah suckers I know) figure they’ll get a piece of the action sooner or later; meanwhile the Central Asian invasion goes on putting a lie to the fiction in their everyday lives that borders exist or matter.

    If Russia can’t (and it won’t anyway) keep out Central Asians from running over all the big Russian cities displacing locals; why bother about borders in Ukraine or Georgia? Or the big ones: Poland, Germany, Hungary, etc. If America is over-run by Mexican drug gangs, why not invade Mexico and run the place as a colony for White Americans? Since the idea of borders has already been shown to be a fiction?

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  5. > They have devised a system for selling heroin across the United States that resembles pizza delivery. …They also have rules against selling to African-Americans because, as one dealer put it, “they’ll steal from you, and beat you.”<

    just like pizza delivery

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  6. > White workers historically have compared themselves against black workers, taking some comfort in seeing a group that was doing worse than them.

    Maybe Professor Cherlin has some basis for this claim. Or maybe he offers this gratuitous insult to lower-class whites, simply because he can. It’s who we are.

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  7. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    How could blacks compare themselves with their parents when so many blacks grow up WITHOUT fathers?

    Also, have things really improved for blacks? For some blacks, especially those with government jobs, yes. But many blacks are worse now than in the 1960s. Also, many blacks did have decent blue-collar jobs, and those were destroyed by immigration and outsourcing.

    Immigrants began to replace black workers long before they replaced white workers.

    Black kids are so ahistorical that many of them don’t know any history. All they know is rap. Maybe this lack of historical memory keeps them happy.
    After all, in the only stuff they care about — sports and pop music — , there are many famous blacks, and this is enough to make blacks feel good. Even some loser ghetto idiot identifies with some NBA star, even some stupid biatch ho thinks she’s Beyonce.

    Also, the generally lower-IQ of blacks and childlike personality may account for their buoyancy.

    Lower income whites have it worst.

    Higher income whites don’t suffer from ‘white guilt’. If anything, they benefit from it by using it to ‘virtue signal’, like Ken Burns does. Affluent Liberal whites in cities have built nice careers around ‘virtue signaling’ about how much they care about blacks.
    But in truth, they live in gentrified zones filled with luxury and privilege, like the jerks in Silicon Valley.

    So, higher income whites enjoy more ‘white privilege’ by virtue-signaling about ‘white guilt’, but they have the smarts and talent(and the cunning) to stay above the fray.
    So, all the true burden of ‘white guilt’ is dumped on poorer whites without the talent and cunning to make it.

    For privileged whites, ‘white guilt’ is a point of pride. They virtue-signal with it, parade it around, win plaudits and flattery(like Tom Brokaw), and lead good lives for their show of ‘penitence’, which is rewarded handsomely. They talk the talk of ‘progress’, but their privilege means they don’t have to live with dangerous blacks.

    But poor whites? Even if they were to virtue-signal with ‘white guilt’, they won’t get anywhere because they don’t have the talent and smarts to rise up. Also, as their communities become diverse, it means more exposure to crime and competition for ever scarcer jobs.

    Also, the culture is so degraded and corrupt. Rich folks in Hollywood get rich by feeding people slop. And cultural slop turns people into pigs.

    PS. During the Great Depression, whites had it worse than previous generation. But did the same kind of maladies affect white men?

    • Agree: AndrewR
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  8. I look at it in this completely unscientific way:

    When a people run a historical marathon, across a continent, two world wars, and all the way to the Moon and back…

    …only to be beaten, spit upon, and blamed for everything when they reach the finish line…

    …well then, it’s no surprise that they would just drop dead of exhaustion and broken hearts.

    • Agree: Hail
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  9. In Takimag a while back, Gavin McInnes had an article about how the much-stronger marijuana available today meant that developing a weed habit now is not like developing one when we were youths.

    Maybe this applies to Appalachia, too. You could see it from the perspective of supply, as you have, or maybe it’s genetic/potency based… an area full of people with addictive personalities who were drinkers before have advanced to the more potent high now, but with different health outcomes…

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  10. Many white Americans outside of the South haven’t had much exposure to blacks until fairly recently. Even in the South you don’t find many blacks in the Ozarks, a part of the country I know something about from the fact that I have family there.

  11. Why are you writing about these questions? Don’t you understand that the real crisis is the un-resolved black female hair existential angst problem? You want to discuss white death rates when there are hundreds of thousands of black women out there grappling with the reality and consequences of coming to terms with the fact that they have “black” hair and what that means for them while people of privilege have no conception of what it means to have “black” hair. Check your privilege and get your priorities in order.

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  12. OT-

    Black Lives Matter hits the playground set in Manhattan. 8 Year Olds are “demanding” more Brown faces at a school that is 50% White. Under Bloomberg, parents were given broader public school choice options and sure enough this has lead to greater segregation. It also probably has kept more young affluent families in the City.

    I’ve got to say that these little tykes are more well spoke and frankly willing to engage in debate than their activist brethren at Harvard Law, Princeton and Mizzou.

  13. says:
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    They don’t know why why there’s a spike in white death. They’re just guessing like everybody else, trying to sound knowledgeable. Specifically, are the ones dying also earning the quoted median salaries or are they the unemployed, underemployed or on disability?

    White workers historically have compared themselves against black workers, taking some comfort in seeing a group that was doing worse than them.

    They just had to add that little bit of race baiting into the discussion.
    Whites get depressed or anxious they kill themselves, blacks go into rages and kill others. Different groups act different.
    There’s definitely a heroin problem out there. In the past five years I’ve noticed scraggly white youth from elsewhere have migrated into the city where they panhandle for money, sitting on downtown sidewalks with signs saying they’re stranded or some other story. Never used to see that before; most panhandlers used to be some older, shot looking types.

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  14. On iSteve, we often speculate that blacks have bad historical memories, but whites do too. For example, the fact that Virgin Galactic is trying to do for Leonadro DiCaprio in the future what NASA did for Chuck Yeager 50 years ago is regarded as big, big progress by most of my white acquaintences because they don’t know who Chuck Yeager is.

    So are today’s white 30 and 40 somethings upset about decline since WWII? No.

    However, most white people I know have nostalgic Christmas memories that they can’t live anymore because they’re families are broken up, they’re single, they moved away from their hometowns, they’re in debt and can’t afford nice gifts, they’re psychologically unable to enjoy even the aesthetics of midnight Mass, etc… real decline in QOL…

  15. It could be that the Northern Plains haven’t succumbed as badly due to the more prosperous economy there. On the other hand, it could be that the Mexican retailers just haven’t expanded there yet.

    Migrant workers have been working the Northern Plains for generations– literally, in the same families– so it’s not like there isn’t a Mexican network up there. I once met a pair of INS agents temporarily relocated from the Grand Forks office after the ’97 flood. They were conversing in Spanish.

    Perhaps these old-school Mexicans are helping keep this business out of towns they’ve come to see as a second home, and away from locals they consider friends.

  16. Maybe the white population can benefit from a eugenics program to weed out or forcibly sterilize the low IQ whites (but then the median IQ in WV is 98), or maybe the White Death is in effect a eugenics program, if this raises the white median IQ to somewhere very close to the East Asian median this will have the beneficial effect of shutting up those like Unz who say that we should accept tens of millions of Asian/Indian immigrants plus their descendants because of the White-Asian IQ score gap. How much did the White American IQ pre-WW2 benefit from the fact that before WW2, the retards and the mentally ill were largely sterilized?

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  17. Have you considered the difference in the kinds of work people do in Appalachia as compared to the northern plains? Coal mining is about as miserable a job humans have ever created, and the coal companies exert a stranglehold on the regulation of their own industry, so that claims for violations of safety regs and lawsuits for black lung or other injuries never make it to court. Miners are old at 40, and incapable of working past 50 much at all. If miners get addicted to painkillers they have very good reasons for it. If they can’t afford OxyContin legally, then heroin from cartels is an adequate substitute.

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  18. says:
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    Whites are the only race in the world that it is legal to discriminate against.

    “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
    ― Sun Tzu, The Art of War

  19. Steve,
    It would be very interesting to find data on Asian-Americans who have stayed in-group in marriages and social practices vs those who have married out-group. Do the out-group marriers trend more like whites in terms of QOL/longevity/substance use? If so, maybe that’s a sign of the influence of general social dissolution vs specificly economic loss.

  20. most panhandlers used to be some older, shot looking

    Alcohol wrecks you more slowly than narcotics I guess.

  21. The surge occurred from 2000-2005, so any explanation worth even a second’s consideration should be based on what changed around 2000 (and possibly a few years before since addiction takes time to kill people). Any theory that goes back significantly further simply can’t explain it, and anyone who doesn’t acknowledge this simplest of facts is not a serious person.

    Note also that 2000-2005 and the years before were pretty good times economically, although 2001 saw a mild recession. So, economics probably can’t explain the surge, and if economic hardship is relevant, it would have to be economic hardship focused on whites — hard to believe. Gaseous invocation of “reference groups” are highly suspect too because there is no reason to think that “reference group” thinking suddenly changed among whites in 2000.

    Sam Quinones … argues that once the liberalization of opioid prescriptions in the early 2000s started getting more people hooked on legal pain pills, attempts to crack down on them played into the hands of a new model of Mexican heroin retailing.

    Bingo. New drug –> new addicts –> more deaths. If painkiller abusers also drink more, this would also explain the alcohol-related deaths. This is a serious explanation.

    But sociologists don’t like simple explanations. They prefer evanescent theories of unobservable socio-phlogiston. My rule of thumb is that when I hear “sociologist”, I assume “gasbag pulling stuff out of his antler” until proven otherwise.

    • Replies:
  22. … and being endlessly taunted and gaslighted by the mass culture can wear a person down after a few decades of it. I saw this today and one particular line at around 3:20 jumped out at me:

    Ezra Klien says “it’s one way we keep politicians in check: we exploit their sense of shame“. Substitute “politician” for a broader category of people and I think we have the original version of that phrase as Ezra heard it around the dinner table.

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  23. says:
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    Well the median IQ in West Virginia is 98 or 99, so income is not a reliable indicator of intelligence, and 18-year old Essex blonde Lauren Marbe, who has an IQ of 163, has a taxi cab driver as a father. And remember that a 160 IQ Nobel Prize in physics winner has a 50 percent chance of producing a 100 IQ kid, so encouraging high IQ whites to have more children may also have a large margin of error. But then the problem with IQ is that it does not measure EQ, common sense, or craftiness, which are more important than IQ in daily life.

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  24. White Cultural Pessimism is, inescapably, I think, a major cause of the White Death phenomenon. I don’t see any way around it.

    The late Lawrence Auster had an essay asserting that White optimism in the USA was still paramount in 1960, but by 2010 it had already long since caved in, with hardly any real holdouts of significance, having been replaced by an ugly ethnomasochist monster ideology (only for Whites, mind you). This is the fifty year window with which a would-be Gibbon retrospecting upon the decline and fall of American Civilization is obliged to put under the microscope.

    When was the turnover point? Auster didn’t have an answer.

    • Replies:
  25. They also have rules against selling to African-Americans because, as one dealer put it, “they’ll steal from you, and beat you.”

    Lmfao!!! I cannot believe this line appeared in the JYT.

  26. Bingo. New drug –> new addicts –> more deaths.

    Yet Nonwhite death rates declined. Bingo?

    • Replies:
  27. says:
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    The primary age cohort is conspicuous. Although all ages commit suicide, those in that range are generally of the best earnings years. Yet this particular group had went through recessions in late 80′s early 90′s early 2000′s and late 2000′s. Adding to that they followed the baby boomers who were given a small leg up in education before tuition started to go sky high starting in the mid 80′s. It seems they always had to keep restarting and have given up knowing that after age 50 it gets quite hard to find and keep a job. But they likely didn’t have many good years and didn’t have a home or savings to get education to improve, so are stuck on low end heavy labor jobs. Hopelessness hit that group hard.

    • Replies:
  28. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    Losers cannot keep up. By whoop.

    Shouldn’t these crybabies use there superior whiteness to toughen up pull themselves up by third bootstraps and be successful?

    • Replies:
  29. 1. Didn’t they just blame white people being prone to depression on their Neaderthal DNA?

    2.When the recent drop in oil takes full effect on the Northern Plains’ economy, the Xaliaco Boys network will have an easier time of it up there

    • Replies:
  30. In Takimag a while back, Gavin McInnes had an article about how the much-stronger marijuana available today meant that developing a weed habit now is not like developing one when we were youths.

    But potent weed isn’t killing these people. For some reason they’ve switched to heroin, which is a pretty big jump.

    My own theory is this is a result of a 1-2-3 punch:

    1) For awhile it was easy to get prescription opioids. Before they put systems in place to stop it, you could get lots of opioids by going to a bunch of different doctors. People I know ended up getting hooked after knee or back surgery. They never would have gone out of their way to try opioids, but having been exposed by the medical system they thought “Hey, I kinda like this little pill.”

    2) The government cracked down, so all those people hooked on prescription drugs are desperate to find another supply. They probably even said to themselves “I’m not a junkie! I’m just doing this because I got hooked on oxy and I need another drug to help me get clean. It’s like that gum for smokers.”

    3) This, I think, is an underappreciated factor: Heroin is much stronger than it used to be. As a budding heroin user you can easily snort enough to get hooked, which would have been harder to do the last time smack made the rounds in the ’60s and ’70s. Needle use used to be the big barrier to people trying heroin (lots of people are needle-shy), but if you’re already hooked the needle is just another small step.

  31. I’m surprised divorce doesn’t get mentioned more as a cause for the White Death. Surely that’s a bigger factor than heroin.

    • Replies:
  32. a 160 IQ Nobel Prize in physics winner has a 50 percent chance of producing a 100 IQ kid

    It depends on who the partner is, surely.

    The dance of phenotype and genotype. Regression to the Mean is not a magic pill.

    • Replies:
  33. It is mainly the food.

    The quality of the basic American diet is awful and the casual food industry is dominated by chains run by large corporations selling horrible, greasy, food. Many lower class white Americans are obese, overweight, smoke, drink too much, and generally live sedentary lives watching TV in their homes and trailers. Zoning means that people usually have to drive to the store to get food, rather than walking to the store or to street markets.

    There is no mystery.

    • Replies:
  34. Time for a Justice Dept. anti-discrimination suit against Mexican heroin dealers. Jesse Jackson could lead a march against them. Protestors could wear ” I can’t snort” Tee shirts.

  35. says:
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    Uhm, no, even if his spouse has an IQ of 160, there is still a 50% percent chance that the offspring will have an IQ of 100, but then there is also a 50% chance of producing an offspring of 160IQ, so the most likely outcome is an offspring with an IQ of 130-140, after all Michael Andretti is nowhere near as good as Mario Andretti, though Michael is still a very talented driver, or Nelson Piquet Sr. is a multiple World Driver’s Champion while Nelson Piquet Jr. got kicked out of his F1 team, and Jacques Villenueve was not as good as Gilles Villenueve, although Jacques was still a talented driver. There is a Chinese saying that the 1st generation builds the business, the 2nd generation maintains, while the 3rd generation destroys.

    • Replies:
  36. This is an excellent post and far more insightful than the NY Times piece which is bordering on celebration of White Death. Not quite on the level of Fareed Zakaria’s celebration of White Death in Foreign Affairs as the NY Times, at least for now, tries to be more subtle about these sorts of things.

    I do think that America is experiencing a bit of an Opium War moment where a once great civilization is falling prey to opium imported by powerful mercantilist interests in part because of a loss of soul and sense of identity.

    Still, the practical reasons for the epidemic cannot be ignored. The addictive nature of prescription opiates was well known by the late-Nineties. This is a crisis that has been gestating for quite some time. Just look into the class action lawsuits that were brought back in the Nineties over prescription opiates. Class action lawyers (hate them if you will) were on this case 20 years ago. Long before we had two commercials during the friggin’ Super Bowl about opiate use, the dangers were known by people paying attention.

    The point is that the prescription drug industry and the FDA that regulates drugs in this country were well aware of this epidemic before it hit national headlines, but like most things today in Washington, it’s all about the money and putting the interests of industry lobbyists over that of the people.

    I think information technology plays a role here as well. Texting a drug dealer means that one does not have to go to a particular corner in a sketchy neighborhood, but the addict can instead meet at a neutral location or even better get home delivery. One plus side of ubiquitous texting is that not having to defend drug corners reduces territorial related gang violence.

    You are also correct to focus on the supply side of the equation brought about by Mexican immigration to rural America. It’s common for the Left to say the problem is demand, but the fact is that human beings are not rational actors, especially when it comes to heroin, and easy availability and price matters.

    As for the Mexican dealers avoiding New York City, back in the late Nineties, when methamphetamine was devastating California, it had little impact in New York beyond gay circles. The rumor was that the Dominican controlled cocaine and heroin networks kept the new drug from infiltrating their established markets.

  37. When was the turnover point? Auster didn’t have an answer.

    In the end, you only have your own timeline, even if you try to fill it with fairly objective data. Mine, the turnover seemed to be around 1992-1995. I say this because it seemed to hit across a lot of the class spectrum. There just seemed to be a lot more nihilistic behavior all around, with working class whites (at least the ones I saw) adopting a “to hell with it” attitude. That’s also when post Gulf War I heroin came in. I remember it appearing in the months after GWI in all kinds of places where it was unknown. I saw a lot of whites get on crack as well. Just more slovenly tat n pierced worn out truck stop look all over the place- working class and rural whites picked it up really fast, where I had never seen that before- and I’d lived in rural areas all my life. I started hearing the meth stories at that time as well- I remember meeting a couple from Modesto who fled the meth takeover there. They described whole families on the shit. I had never heard of multi-generational drug abuse like that before.

    The Seattle effect certainly contributed to making a grungier life cool, but that was hipster stuff that filtered down the class line only so far- the overall downscale turn was pretty evident already.

    The middle class whites I knew just went overboard, too- risky sex and drugs that were probably worse than what you saw in the 60′s. I watched preppy types literally going to the point of prostituting themselves within a couple of years.

    Then there was that micro-scene thing that whites love so much that really atomized them-made them doubt themselves so much. I’ve never seen anyone comment on this, but all the niche-ing, hyphenating, acronyming that we now associate with weak SJW character, came out of the late 80′s-early 90′s punk scene. For something that was supposed to be about aggression, that crowd struck me as curiously passive and childlike, even more than the hippies. All that insecure self- referential obsessiveness that SJW’s now indulge in started in that scene-within-a-scene mentality of punk types. I read punk zines as a kid and you could really see that crap taking over by the early 90′s.

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  38. but with different health outcomes…

    Yes, different, but not in the direction that you think. Alcohol (especially the moonshine that rural people used to drink) killed (and still kills) tons of people – a leading cause of death. It’s hard to say that marijuana (even the new high potency stuff) ever killed anyone. A fatal overdose is almost impossible. If we could completely transition from alcohol to marijuana in the US, death rates would go down considerably.

  39. says:
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    Is it possible through eugenics to raise to eliminate the White-Asian IQ gap, what is the consensus of the people here? How about a free and fair Harvard/Caltech/Williams College, but for White people only, with forced sterilization for whites under a certain IQ cutoff?

  40. says:
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    Some of your insights have a ring of truth, and I suppose there are always several than one explanation for a social phenomenon, a perfect storm of white lower-class disaster in this case.

    So, while I don’t discount his theory, I think we should consider some others as well.

    I take it he’s Jewish. Cherlin sounds Jewish. I could be wrong. I know a bunch of people named Chernin are Jewish. But maybe Cherlin isn’t Jewish. Whatever. Anyway, here are some other theories we should consider.


    The takeover of culture by degenerate Jews.

    There was a time when Hollywood was controlled by Liberal Jews but not degenerate Jews. Watch most Hollywood movies from long ago, and they are morality tales. Some are sexy, some are violent, but classic Hollywood was pretty moralistic with stuff like Shane, John Wayne movies, Ben Hur, and etc. But look at the culture that developed since the 70s, and it’s fair to say much of it is degenerate. Now, I’m for artistic freedom, and genuine artists made works like THE WILD BUNCH and TAXI DRIVER, dark and disturbing films but one that show us another side of the human saga all too often suppressed by old Hollywood.

    But look at slasher movies, porn, teenage trash comdies, foul TV shows with potty mouth humor, and etc. Or trash like Jerry Springer and all such other shows. What kind of impact will they have on the human soul? Generations have been raised on such trash since the 70s. Do Jews feel any responsibility? If Jews want the power, they have to take the responsibility. If Jews don’t want the responsibility, they should give up their power.

    It’s true that ‘white trash’ have been harmed by economic changes. ‘Free trade’ led to loss of jobs overseas. Massive immigration opened white working class to even more competition. But economics alone don’t explain it all.

    After all, people poor in material wealth but rich in culture and values can weather bad storms.

    Consider White People in the Great Depression. Those were terrible times, and white men and women were worse off than earlier generation. But if anything, the hard times made white men and women tougher, like in Grapes of Wrath.

    So, even if they didn’t have good jobs or any jobs, they had culture, values, family, ethnicity, identity, a sense of who they are. Back then, people didn’t have TV sets spewing garbage into their lives. And movies didn’t promote trash culture. And music didn’t encourage young boys and girls to act like thugs and whores. Also, white gentile elites care more about the white gentile masses, just like Jewish elites care about Jewish masses. In America, Jewish elites stand up for all Jews, even poor ones. Same in Israel. So, Jews have pride of identity and culture, even in hard times. But whites are no longer allowed to have a white identity since such would be ‘racist’. So, white elites just have their good lives and ignore the problems of the poorer white brethren and sisters. Black elites reach out to black masses. Hispanic elites make noise about Hispanic unity. But white elites like Bill Gates and Hillary snub white masses, white workers, and etc.

    Imagine Jews in the Exodus without Moses to lead them. They’d be lost and demoralized. There is no white elite to lead white people, and so many white folks feel lost.

    This is why so many whites have turned to Trump. He seems to care. Instead of sucking up to globalist Jewish oligarchs like Sheldon Adelson, Trump connects with the white masses. (He could be a phony and a fraud, but he speaks their language, which the cuckservative candidates won’t do. The likes of Lindsey Graham and Jeb Bush serve the globalist Jewish oligarchs who call for more immigrants, more free trade, more outsourcing, more homo agenda that means nothing to white masses.)

    Jews and White Liberals deserve much blame. As Jesus said, ‘man doesn’t live on bread alone’. Surely, poor white folk are NOT starving. But they’ve been fattened on junk-and-trash culture. Their souls are starved and poisoned. Jewish elites who run Hollywood and music industry just see white people as pigs at the trough. They are not humans beings worthy of decent, intelligent, serious, and intelligent culture. They are just animals who should be fed the junk culture of rap music, Miley Cyrus, porn, trash TV like Jerry Springer, ugly sitcoms where it’s all about f***ing and sucking, mindlessly violent movies and TV shows, tattoos and piercing, and etc. (Intelligent and affluent whites have access to the same junk, but their helicopter parents make sure that they eat the spinach, attend ballet lessons, read books, and study for exams, like Amy Chua’s family.)

    The elites are supposed to lead a people. Inspire a people. Elevate a people. But too many Liberal Jews in Hollywood, TV, and music just see the people(especially gentiles) as human trash. Jewish elites act as pushers and they push onto the masses the addictive junk culture of mindless hedonism, ugly narcissism, wanton thuggery, and trashiness. It’s like the movie IDIOCRACY. Just like David Sasson the Jew pushed opium on the Chinese, Jewish elites in pop culture push trash on the white masses. It’s gotten so bad that even a total skank like Miley Cyrus isn’t outrageous anymore. THAT is now the norm. And white girls are encouraged to act like Lena Dunham and worse trash on TV.

    (Thug trash culture is less threatening to blacks since they dominate. Black guys dominate sports and rap music. So, even as rap culture is degrading to blacks as well as whites, blacks at least have racial pride in being prime studs of bad boy thug culture, thus relegating white boys to beta-status. As white guys lose the respect and faithfulness of white girls who go off with black men who are deemed racially/sexually superior, they grow more depressed. Take the movie SPECTACULAR NOW. The white guy loses his girl to some awful Negro and has no future.)

    Why do Jews do this to the gentiles? Don’t Jews who run Hollywood and pop culture have some kind of moral responsibility? Must they see the audience as just a masses of pigs who should be fed with junk? Why treat the masses like junkies who need more doses of garbage culture?

    It seems Liberal Jewish Hollywood sees the gentile masses like Ayn Rand did. In THE FOUNTAINHEAD, one of the heroes is the newspaper tycoon Gail Wynand who despises the masses as a bunch of shi*s. He feeds them junk to rake in all the dough. Rand admired such men because they made money from the stupid masses and then used the money to serve the vision of someone like Howard Roark. Hollywood feels the same way. Give the people trash and rake in all the dough from the moronic audiences. And then use the money for a higher cause… like supporting Israel and Jewish supremacism. Neocon Jews or Liberal Jew, both are totally for AIPAC and Zionist supremacism over Palestinians who suffer like ‘white trash’ do. But too many ‘white trash’ get their worldview from Talk Radio that goes on and on about how conservatives must love Israel and hate Palestinians when, in fact, Jews see them and Palestinians in the same way: as subhuman trash to subjugate forever.

    Though white community is feeling the hurt, it’s no less true that the black community has been devastated since the 60s by rise of culture of ugliness, degeneration, thuggery, and etc.

    Even if death rates among blacks have been improving vis-a-vis the rate among ‘white trash’, let’s not fool ourselves. The conditions among black underclass is still horrible, and when it comes to killing by homicide, blacks dominate all other racial categories.

    In some ways, the violence among blacks may keep them less likely to commit suicide. They have more survival instinct since so many are out to get kill them. And black culture is very macho and tough. There is no sympathy for those who kill themselves. But the culture among ‘white trash’ is softer.

    Also, blacks may be more upbeat because it’s just part of their nature to be more ‘musical’ and ‘childlike’, as Cornel West once said in The Nation article or interview with Toni Morrison. Whites, especially northern-European whites might be more prone to depression due to evolutionary factors. For some reason, suicide rates have been highest among northern europeans and east asians.

    Also, blacks don’t read books, and the majority grew up with fathers. So, they don’t know anything about the past. Only thing they know is they are morally better because of MLK and civil rights, whatever it was. Blacks feel righteous even when they are wrong. Consider Black Lives Matter. Most dead blacks are killed by other blacks, but blacks feel morally righteous.

    (As for blacks and blue-collar jobs, the fact is MANY blacks did get blue collar jobs, but Jews and Big Business decided to bring in massive amounts of immigrants to compete with blacks because companies found black workers troublesome. Too much theft, too much bullshi*, too much trouble. Industrial towns like Gary used to hire tons of blacks. Many such places shut down long before the 80s when de-industrialization accelerated because American businesses found it difficult to maintain business with lots of black workers who were making more trouble than products.)

    IN contrast, due to the cult of ‘white guilt’, whites are blamed even when they are not at fault. For affluent whites, ‘white guilt’ can be a badge of honor — a way of virtue-signaling — and besides, their riches keep them happy. But for poor whites with no material security or comfort, ‘white guilt’ means they must not only suffer from relative poverty but carry the burden of ‘white guilt’. That is too much. If you’re rich and feel ‘white guilt’, it’s just an attitude of ‘virtue signaling’. But if you’re poor and feel ‘white guilt’, it’s a ball-and chain around your leg.

    Also, as integration rises between whites and blacks, poor whites will end up worse. This isn’t so among rich whites and Jews. Just think.. Cherlin is a privileged Jew(if he is Jewish) and he hangs around nice people. Even the blacks he hangs with are nice blacks with college degrees. They don’t commit crime. So, his experience of integration is with the Arthur Ashes of the world. He is a high IQ Jew with money, and he mixes with fancy blacks.

    But imagine if you’re a poor white guy with lower IQ. You are gonna mix with lower IQ blacks who are likely to be thuggish and criminal. Instead of Arthur Ashes of the world, you’re gonna mix with Mike Tysons of the world.

    It is a FACT that blacks are more muscular and tougher than whites. Also more aggressive. So, if you’re a poor white, you’re gonna mix with thug blacks who kick your ass. Also, you’re gonna be humiliated in front of white girls as black guys bully you. Your white male pride will further be damaged when you see more and more white girls(who lose respect for white guys who get beat up) go with tougher black guys and use their white wombs to produce mulattos. Interracial white women believe that black men are racially and sexually superior to white guys who routinely get pushed around by black guys.

    I know this because I grew up in an integrated community where the racial violence was almost entirely black on white, black on hispanic, black on asian, and etc. But I understand that Jews in the media and academia don’t wanna discuss this fact because their tribal power depends on baiting ‘white guilt’ over ‘racism’. After all, if white gentiles regained white pride and unity, who knows might happen? They might come together and challenge Jewish power. This is why Jews hate Putin for example. In the 90s, Jewish oligarchs took over the Russian economy. But Putin restored some degree of Russian national consciousness, and Jewish-Russians and Jewish-Americans see this as a threat to their domination. In order to keep white Americans feeling guilty, Jews must peddle the notion of endless ‘white guilt’ about blacks. So, Jews in media and academia suppress stories of black on white crime and instead remind white forever and ever and ever and ever about TO KILL A MOCKING BIRD when the current racial reality is like a gangsta rap song where some black thug yaps about how he loves to kick white boy’s ass and hump the white girl.

    Poor whites have lost everything. They got no jobs due to free trade and competition from immigration. Also, they get no representation & support from white elites. Jewish elites stand for all Jews, but white elites ignore white people who are hurting. Pat Buchanan in 1992 said the GOP elites should reach out to working class whites, but Jews in the media blasted him because Jews can’t tolerate white elites caring about white masses.

    You see, Jewish elites in America care about all Jews in Israel, even poor Jews. But white elites in America would be attacked viciously by Jews if they were to speak up for whites in South African who’ve been raped and murdered by tens of thousands since end of Apartheid. So, Jewish Americans have the right to support Jews in Israel/West Bank who use apartheid against Palestinians, but white Americans cannot even care about whites being raped and murdered in South Africa.

    If white elites must overlook the horrors in South Africa, they must also overlook the how white masses are hurting in the US.

    Poor whites have nothing. No jobs, no representation from white elites. And no cultural inspiration. They turn on the TV or go to the movies and they get trash. Instead of SHANE or HIGH NOON or BEN HUR, they get trash movies, ugly humor, and porny stuff that degrade young minds and turn adults into dumb slobs. Disney now encourages even young girls to dress like whores. Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and MIley Cyrus are all products of Disney ever since it was taken over by Jews.

    Imagine if Arabs took over the media in Israel. Imagine if Arabs filled Jews with Nakba guilt forever. Suppose Arabs forbade Jewish elites from supporting and caring about Jewish masses, and suppose Jewish elites served Arab elites instead of the Jewish masses. Suppose Arabs used Israel media, movies, and music to encourage Jewish working class and underclass to indulge in little else but pornography, ugliness, trashiness, and degeneracy. What would happen to the Jewish working class and underclass?

    White elites must become like Moses. Moses was a Jew who once collaborated with Egyptian elites. But he finally decided to side with Jewish people, even if they were slaves. And in doing so, he saved the Jewish race from permanent bondage. White elites collaborate with Jewish globalist masters. When will white elites turn Putin-like and stand up for their own people? Of course, this is what Jews fear most, and this is why they are doing everything possible to bring down Putin and Russia. Jews want to turn Russia into a whole big Ukraine:

    Now, Jews aren’t the only ones who come up with trash culture. Japanese entertainment is also destroying Japan by feeding the masses with trash culture. But in the US, Jews are doing it to another people. It matters. After all, how would Jews like it if Arab men controlled porn and used Jewish women as whores screwing black men?

    Poor whites also lose out to affirmative action. The main sacrificial lamb of affirmative action are not privileged whites but underclass whites. Harvard and other colleges use all sorts of methods to discriminate against white gentiles from less cosmopolitan areas.

    Also, poor whites lose out to be meritocracy and diversity.

    Just think. Suppose a rich white kid gets 130 on the test. Suppose a poor white gets 115 on the test. Suppose a middle class black guy gets 100 on the test. The rich kid with highest score will be chosen for meritocracy(many such whites happen to be Jewish). The black kid will be chosen for ‘diversity’ or affirmative action. But poor white guy who did worse than rich guy but better than the black guy will be left out.

    Rich whites sacrifice poor whites on the altar of affirmative action and diversity while they themselves succeed on the basis of meritocracy.

    And this is true of integration too. Look at American cities, and they are getting more white and Jewish(and Asian). Via gentrification and section 8 policies, blacks in cities are being relocated to less privileged white towns, suburbs, etc. Rich whites and Jews support such relocation on the basis of racial integration. They pat themselves on the back for being for ‘racial progress’. But in reality, this means fewer dangerous criminal blacks in the cities(that are being gentrified by rich whites, Jews, and homos) and MORE dangerous black thugs for the more depressed white communities.

    You see how this dirty game is played? San Fran is said to be so ‘progressive’, but its black population has actually gone down.

    Housing projects in Chicago have been torn down and blacks have been moved to small towns and suburbs. Oh, white and Jewish progressives support this in the name of progress BUT their own fancy parts of the city become whiter and more privileged than ever. How dirty!

    By the way, Jews should shut up about integration. If Jews think it’s such a great idea, have Jews in West Bank integrate with Palestinians. They seem to building walls and using segregation. Also, American Jews seem to congregate in the fanciest and whitest areas. I don’t see them moving to black parts of Baltimore. I don’t see them moving to Detroit. Jews talk the talk but don’t walk the walk on integration. They just force it on poor whites who become victimized by black thugs.

    Jews need to come clean on this. I’m sick of all their lies. I’ve seen the reality in white neighborhoods that going down and down. I see the loss of jobs. I see white kids bullied by stronger black kids. I see white guys losing their women to black guys who push around white guys.

    Why is that a good thing? Would Jewish men like it in Israel if Arab men beat up Jewish guys and if Jewish women offered their wombs to Arab men?

    And it is a fact that racial differences do exist. I’ve seen it all my life in integrated towns. I’ve seen so much black on white violence and thuggery. So many white guys reduced to wussy boys who lose their girls to tougher blacks. Poor whites are becoming the biological slaves of blacks. A fact.

    We need to break out of PC mold to speak the truth, but Jews control the media:

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  41. “Black Weaves Matter”

  42. How much did the White American IQ pre-WW2 benefit from the fact that before WW2, the retards and the mentally ill were largely sterilized?

    Not much. The eugenics movement really got going after WWI and was (considered) discredited after the end of WWII when it became associated in the public mind with Naziism, so it’s heydey was a period of maybe 30 years max. The total # sterilized over this period (of all races) was around 65,000 – a couple of thousand per year. Not enough to make a dent in the gene pool.

    To really move the needle, the Ashkenazi Jews had to run their eugenic scheme for several centuries because you only get 4 or 5 generations in a century. A pathetic 2 generation effort couldn’t have any lasting impact even if it had been more widespread.

    As Steve has mentioned, Americans have incredibly short historical memories and attention spans. Eugenics is all the fad in one decade and a decade or two later, it is not only not only a fad, but the worst thing you could imagine – a total reversal. People in other nations (for better or for worse) remember (and fight over )things that happened a thousand or more years ago as if they happened yesterday (the Battle of Karbala which lead to the Shia-Sunni split took place in 680). But the other day I was listening to some pundits on NPR talking about Sanders associating Hillary with Kissinger and they said it wouldn’t work because most young voters don’t know who Kissinger is or why they shouldn’t like him.

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  43. What on Earth does that have to do with my comment? Or coal mining? Or, well, anything?

  44. I admit the whole mess over opioid abuse has always puzzled me because I can’t figure out who I’m supposed to be upset with.

    Am I supposed to be upset at the patients? I mean, if I were in real pain, I would want something to stop the pain. Questions about the potential for abuse would seem highly academic. I had to go to the emergency room a few years back because of a medical problem that was causing severe pain, and I just remember being so doubled over in pain that I could not focus on anything else. All I could think about was getting the strongest pain medicine they could give me, right that second.

    Or am I supposed to be upset at the doctors? If I’ve got a patient who’s clearly in severe pain, and I can give them a pill to stop it, what, am I supposed to NOT give them relief on the theory that they might get hooked?

    Or maybe I’m supposed to be upset at the drug companies? Why, because they made a pill that provides relief to people in severe pain?

    I’ve spoken to a lot of people who are fuming about the opioid epidemic, and OK, I get that it’s a problem, but who are they angry at? I live in Florida so I know all about the unscrupulous pain clinics that hand out prescriptions like candy, but it’s not like sketchy Doctor Feelgoods are an unknown problem in the medical profession. A lot of people seem to want to somehow widen the indictment beyond just a bunch of shady doctors abusing their prescribing authority, but I can never follow the logic.

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  45. And divorce dissolution is still overwhelmingly sided toward the woman. White dudes getting crushed from all angles.

  46. The early 1990s also saw an acceleration of social contract breaching, which was a feature, not a bug, of all the re-engineering and downsizing. NAFTA really blew that up, as entire communities were hurt by those actions, and families stressed significantly. Those would certainly contribute to more potential substance abuse, after seeing your governments and employers lie to you and essentially laugh about it.

  47. Good question.

    This phenomenon is startlyingly specific. 1) white, 2) middle aged (not young hellraisers), 3) women (not nearly as dramatic an increase among men), 4) lower income.

    So we are not talking about wild young ghetto men. Prescription painkillers sounds like it has the potential to explain these specifics. Then, add a crack down on prescription painkillers that forces prescription addicts into more dangerous illegal opium derivatives.

    There has been a general downward trend in death rates for many decades, so as long as whites are proportionally more interested in prescription painkillers than non-whites, it could explain things. (A substantial “if” I agree.)

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  48. Assuming narrow sense heritability of 0.5 for IQ, my understanding is that two parents with 160 IQs have kids whose expected IQ is 130, with a 15 standard deviation. That still means an IQ <100 is really low probability, like 3% or so.

  49. Politics is often about finding some villain to blame. In reality, this is mostly just a tragic bit of reality. The best pain medicine we have is addictive. That’s not such a huge problem if you need it for a couple weeks after a surgery, but if you need it to treat chronic pain from some injury or illness for months on end, you can end up addicted.

    We don’t have any good solutions to this. We can make it harder to get good pain meidice, and get fewer addicts and more people living in awful chronic pain. We can make it easier to get good pain medicine, and have fewer people living in unbearable pain and more addicts. In my lifetime, the pendulum has swung from one side of that nasty tradeoff to the other. I have no idea how you’d decide which side is better–probably it depends on whether you’re the guy with the screwed up back that’s leaving you in constant horrible pain, or the guy whose adult son is a junkie thanks to getting hooked on pain pills and going from there.

  50. Neoliberalism is a hell of a drug.

  51. > Well the median IQ in West Virginia is 98 or 99

    No it isn’t.

    > And remember that a 160 IQ Nobel Prize in physics winner has a 50 percent chance of producing a 100 IQ kid

    Absolutely not. Intelligence is largely hereditary. Even if this prize winner married far down to someone with an IQ of 120 he would still only have a 2% chance of each child having an IQ of 100 or lower. Most likely he would marry someone with an IQ of around 140.

    > But then the problem with IQ is that it does not measure EQ, common sense, or craftiness

    Actually, it is a fairly good measure of those things. There are plenty of exceptions of course.

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  52. It would be nice to see the pre-2000 data as well as absolute death rates (as opposed to the “change since 2000″ that we are looking at here).

  53. The # of people in pain is presumably fairly constant but the # of opioid prescriptions (and the profits of the drug makers) have skyrocketed. It’s possible that in the past many people with real pain didn’t get the relief that they needed but it’s also possible (likely) that many of the ‘scripts today are being written for addicts and not people in pain (though many people become addicted after initially getting opioids for an injury).

    I’m hoping that someday they will be able to distinguish in advance between people with addictive personalities and those who aren’t likely to become addicted. I’ve had opiates when I’ve broken limbs and had dental work and such and I couldn’t wait to get off of them (especially to be done with the constipation) but I was glad they were available when I was in severe pain and I would hate to be deprived of them just because some other guy might become addicted. But some people try them once and bang they are hooked and it ruins their lives more than temporary pain every could, so they should under no circumstances be prescribed to them. The problem is that as of now we don’t know who these people are in advance.

  54. The great thing about Ezra Klein is he seems kind of autistic. He sincerely thinks that intelligent people fall for his allegedly non-biased “Understand the News” approach, presented with no comments from the Thought Criminals of course.

    His inability to assess social cues means that his bias is more readily obvious than is the case with more nuanced media commentators. For this, I find him much more endearing than your usual propagandist.

    Got to love the sweatshirt. He had to work on that everyman look and of course he cannot pull it off.

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  55. It’s notable that the other bottom ranked states/territories of Nevada, Alabama, California, New Mexico, Mississippi and DC all come by their low median IQ’s honestly, by having large black or Hispanic populations. Only WV reaches the lower ranks by having particularly stupid white people.

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  56. They’re not crybabies. They’re working class, and they’ve endured physical suffering all their lives. Ever done any roofing? Stood and tended a machine for eight hours? Choked on fumes when the wrong mix was poured? They have scars on their arms and pain in their backs from keeping the lights on and the market shelves full. They’re people who followed the rules and did the work of the country. They’ve been cast aside by the elites in favor of more pliable foreigners, and cowards who never worked up a sweat outside of a gym laugh at them.

    The country will go broke importing all the things that used to be made here, and where will all the smart people be then? How will they buy their luxuries? Who will protect them from all the non-Whites they profess to admire?

  57. Back home they are bakers, butchers and farm workers, part of a vast labor pool in Xalisco and surrounding towns, who hire on as heroin drivers for $300 to $500 a week. The drug trade offers them a shot at their own business, or simply a chance to make some money to show off back home — kings until the cash goes.

    They also have rules against selling to African-Americans because, as one dealer put it, “they’ll steal from you, and beat you.”

    I was very disgusted at reading this clinical description of people coming to my country to sell drugs. This does bring up a couple of observations.

    First, doesn’t this support Trump’s notion about what Mexico sends us?

    Second, doesn’t this support Trump’s notion that building a wall and enforcing our laws would help reduce the importation of drugs?

    Finally, what freaking lowlifes these people are. They are bakers, butchers and farm workers in Mexico, but in the US they push a product to susceptible individuals enabling their addictions and contributing to their early deaths. And it seems that their only hesitation to hooking foreigners in their own country on narcotics is to avoid a particular demographic that might turn the tables on them. These people are scum. I wish Trump would get ahold of this news and run with it.

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    White people are obsolete and are destined for the scrap heap. DEAL WITH IT. XD

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  59. says:
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    All white people should relocate to the planet Mars.

  60. says:
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    Of course Israel is the Jewish State, and affirming such may be among the least controversial things one could possibly say to a group of American Jews. …

    It appears to me that the same people who so vehemently call for Israel to be Jewish lack that same vigor when calling for France to be French, Germany to be German, or Sweden to be Swedish. …The establishment Jewish groups in the US, all of whom lock arms for Israel and lobby the American government to categorically support her at every turn, are the same groups that consistently call for open borders in Europe, increased immigration from the Middle East, a full-out embracing of multiculturalism, a weakened national culture, and a diminished Church…

    But it’s even more nuanced than this. The peculiar position of these Jews is not so much in their exclusive nationalist desires for one state. It is in their exclusive denial of such nationalist rights to the peoples of Europe. For some strange reason, there is a hate for the European race, and that hate translates into a desire for its ultimate destruction. After all, what better way to crumble Europe than to replace its volk? As it is said, “demography is destiny.” Every other country on the planet, especially including the Jewish State of Israel, is entitled to national self-determination—to an ethnic nation-state. Why must Europe be left out?

    That being said, with the Jewish question set aside, why don’t Jews about the European civilization and people as an issue in it of itself? The displacement of a people is no small exploit, especially a people that has played such a critical role in human history in the creation of Western civilization. With Europeans’ dwindling birthrates, the necessity to preserve the national identity of the European peoples becomes ever more important. Jews, whose homeland is the world’s shining example of the ethno-nation state, should be at the forefront of this fight. Jews, who understand better than most people the importance of continuation and preservation, should be at the forefront of the fight for Europe. It is selfish to stay out, and hypocritical to counter.

    Unfortunately, the Jews seem to be on the wrong side. Again.

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  61. This is a good example of how these days you’re not supposed to remember how long ago the Civil Rights Era was. A 35 year old man in 2013 would have been born in about 1978 and have memories of growing up from about 1982. The color barrier was not all that harsh in the 1980s

    This guy’s childhood would have been full of black cultural figures kicking ass, from Thriller-era Michael Jackson, to Purple Rain-era Prince, to Cosby Show-era Cosby, etc.

  62. says:
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    The one “white death” person that I knew well had an unfortunate childhood due to divorce. I don’t believe she or her brother ever knew their father as children. Her mother went through a couple men a year. It was the swinging 70s, the result of the 60s sexual revolution. Easy drugs and booze were available to both parents and kids. I’d like to see a study of the current deaths with respect to dysfunctional white families of origin, easy divorce, and widespread gateway drugs…

  63. What will happen to the white working class when the United States slides into the third world? Maybe they will be the first to take a major hit. I’m a white working class guy. But I’m an old one. Born 1944. I feel sorry for these guys today. White guys are learning how to be poor. Give them another ten or twenty years. They will adjust.

  64. I think Russia should still be your comparison even if you dismiss the shattered morale view of White American mortality rates. In Russia in the 90s vodka unlike many other goods including its competitors beer and wine had it’s real price drop. This was due to either or some combination of vodka production being more competitive, excise tax collection not occuring and political pressure to keep the price down. Combined with the end of Gorbachev’s anti-alcohol campaign this probably meant vodka became easily available and very affordable. The decline in stigma and increasing acceptance of drug usage has probably meant that opoid use is more acceptable and the decline in price as well as increase in availabilty may be the cause in rising white death rates. Personally I’m inclined to think that decreasing morale and availability have caused the rise in deaths.

    Paper on vodka in Russia:


    Interesting post on price of heroin (links to articles in post)

  65. Only WV reaches the lower…

    What’s with all the WV hate?

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  66. There is nothing demeaning about manual labor or factory jobs. This notion that they are only fit for inferior humans was promoted by white liberals and conservatives who detested the lower classes of whites that maintained the society we live in.

    In regards to education, it’s a sham for most workers over 35, after 45 it’s a total joke. No one is going to hire a Joe a former factory worker now turned Microsoft Certified MCSE, when a shop can hire a 22 year old Hindu from Bombay.

    One thing you are leaving out that the country suffered a massive off-shoring of jobs starting in ’92 thanks to NAFTA. It wiped out some 8 million manufacturing and tech jobs. And when they went it also took several service jobs with it. That’s how we got the Rust Belt. Then add in PNTR with China that accelerated the off-shoring of jobs and industry.

    Oh yeah then there is the H1-B visa workers that are decimating America’s high tech work force. Silicon Valley is 75% foreign workers now.

  67. White middle-aged males? That means they were in their early 20′s when Clinton and GOP rammed through NAFTA, GATT and PNRT with China. Of course businesses didn’t off shore all at once, it took years for the effects to become obvious and hammer communities into poverty.

    Other factors are the psychological. Most of these men’s self-worth was tied up in having a decent job that they could support their family with. Take that away from them and they die inside. They watch their families fragment and their communities die, while no one lifts a finger or raises a note of concern. They watch as Hollywood perpetually demeans white men as killers, dolts and cuckolds. And finally to rub salt into already raw wounds, they watch as the government shoves 3rd world savages into their communities.

    This would eat at any man.

    The fact it hasn’t exploded into widespread violence against the white elites that have waged a long war against them is just short of incredible. Maybe it’s not time yet. But this is a powder keg. Trump has tapped into this and started to awaken this segment of society. It should be interesting to see where it leads.

  68. How about regression to the mean? As poor whites lose the last vestiges of their white privilege their lifestyles and lifespans are regressing to the mean for poor people in general.

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  69. Who will pay for your EBT card?

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  70. Essex blonde Lauren Marbe, who has an IQ of 163, has a taxi cab driver as a father

    Taxi driver?

    The Knowledge, London’s Legendary Taxi-Driver Test, Puts Up a Fight in the Age of GPS

    The examination to become a London cabby is possibly the most difficult test in the world — demanding years of study to memorize the labyrinthine city’s 25,000 streets and any business or landmark on them.

    It has been called the hardest test, of any kind, in the world. Its rigors have been likened to those required to earn a degree in law or medicine. It is without question a unique intellectual, psychological and physical ordeal, demanding unnumbered thousands of hours of immersive study, as would-be cabbies undertake the task of committing to memory the entirety of London, and demonstrating that mastery through a progressively more difficult sequence of oral examinations — a process which, on average, takes four years to complete, and for some, much longer than that.

    The brains of London taxi drivers have attracted scholarly attention. Eleanor Maguire, a neuroscientist at University College London, has spent 15 years studying cabbies and Knowledge boys. She has discovered that the posterior hippocampus, the area of the brain known to be important for memory, is bigger in London taxi drivers than in most people, and that a successful Knowledge candidate’s posterior hippocampus enlarges as he progresses through the test.

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  71. […] USA: Why Are White Death Rates Rising? […]

  72. says:
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    I’m Chinese, and white people are about to be consigned to the waste basket of history, a handsome payback for the extraterritoriality clauses, Opium Wars, and the Burning of the Summer Palace I might add.

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  73. says:
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    So driving taxi cabs is a high IQ job? How come even 80IQ Pakis, Afghans, and Somalis can do it?

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  74. says:
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    You know that even Korean college graduates are having difficulty finding jobs so what goes around comes around for you too right?

  75. says:
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    I am sure there are more than high IQ Chinese and Indians to totally replace white people even if they all suddenly dissapeared tomorrow, so who the heck needs you or even the Jews to be around?

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  76. Troll here often?

    But even in your trolldom, there is truth: Why in the world allow admission to people nursing a sense of historical grievance? Stoke your hatred in China, but not here dear, is that clear, dear?

  77. As poor whites lose the last vestiges of their white privilege their lifestyles and lifespans are regressing to the mean for poor people in general.

    Hispanics have longer lifespans than whites despite their high levels of obesity. Not sure how long this has been the case-but it’s been quite a while.

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  78. says:
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    African-Americans, however, didn’t get a fair share of the blue-collar prosperity of the postwar period.

    Has this douchebag even met any black people? A couple of years ago I was at my son’s AAU basketball tournament in Toledo and was talking with some black parents from the other team who were in their 50s. Most of them were unemployed auto workers whose lives have been in decline for 20 years. First, they lost their jobs in Toledo, then they lost their commuting jobs in Detroit. Fortunately, it doesn’t cost much to live in Toledo. I’m sure the white folks there have a similar story to tell.

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  79. That’s why it takes a few generations to change the mean to which you regress, which is what we are actually after. And the mean can be changed, if your grandparents and great grandparents as a cohort are above the national average. If anything, it’s the assortative mating these days that is driving intelligence change for a subset of the population, but it’s exactly those people who don’t have many children and won’t make a dent in the population, leading to overall dysgenics. And they might also screw up their children with ultraliberal fads. Although there was an article suggesting that, in addition to the IQ of the nation, the IQ of the top 5% of the nation is very important for overall wealth (whatever wealth means these days – you’re very wealthy if you can afford a gated compound next to a favela).

    This recent interview with Richard Lynn is very interested. Mr. Sailer should post about it.

  80. Don’t they fall for it? I think they do. People love being told what to think in dulcet tones, and it was not an excess of critical thinking and skepticism that led America to the hole it is in currently, with the corporations, media and politicians handing it a shovel and chanting “dig, dig, dig”.

  81. Yeah, by all data, the 1940s-1960s were an economic golden age for blacks.

    It appears to be the influence of Genius T. Coates that the new orthodoxy is that the New Deal permanently deprived blacks. Which would have come as a big surprise to all the blacks who switched parties during the New Deal, but what do they know compared to Genius?

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  82. It would seem that the white population of WV is hugely dysgenic. The population of the state has been declining since WW2. In fact it is the only state that currently has a smaller population than it did in 1950. Where the dysgenic factor comes in is that since WW2, anybody who has anything on the ball left the state as soon as they were able (and it seems like every place I’ve lived I’ve run into someone with roots in WV). Their less-intelligent siblings were the ones who stayed behind and reproduced. So we’ve got about three generations of that going on. I’d say that’s enough to explain a roughly 4 or 5 point IQ difference between WV and the rest of the nations whites.

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  83. Jealousy.

    Most of these Ickie Bod Crane types have ugly cousins.

  84. Ever since they could measure it.

  85. Some of West Virginia’s problems are due to simply not having any major metro areas within its borders, but there being prosperous metropolises (e.g., D.C.) nearby. In contrast, Minnesota does well on state metrics because it has the biggest metro in the area inside the state. I wouldn’t be surprised if California’s Central Valley was like West Virginia, with the smartest kids from Bakersfield living in Santa Barbara and the smartest kids from Fresno in Palo Alto, but nobody notices because the Central Valley is not a separate state. Probably a lot of bright West Virginia kids are working at the Pentagon and living only 30 miles from the West Virginia border, but now they’re in Virginia.

  86. I think founders effect and small initial population had more to go with Ashkenazi IQ.

    This country has a long memory for Jim Crow & Slavery. We’ll never wait out the clock on that. Kissinger not so much.

  87. Excellent comment. I don’t have much to add other than seeing much of what you did here in the Northeast happening in the same time frame. The early to mid 90′s is when a lot of these larger social trends started to crystallize.
    I think many of these trends had their birth in the social upheaval/experimentation of the 60′s and early 70′s and took a full generation to fully unfold in the 90′s.
    I was born in 69′ and have clear memories of how solid and strong working class and lower middle class culture was in the 70′s, although it was clear the edges were starting to fray.
    By the early 90′s the wheels were starting to come off the whole thing as a much larger proportion of the working class and lower middle class was falling into clear dysfunction.
    By the late 90′s there really was a “f*ck it, it doesn’t matter anymore” attitude taking over among the white working classes.
    And it’s gotten a lot worse since then and is going to keep getting worse as the years go by. The borderline celebratory attitude displayed by the white academic/media class and their token black/brown pets is both disturbing and infuriating, and most working class whites see it for what it is.
    The backbone of this country has been broken and the class that did the breaking is standing back and laughing at the patient and reveling in his pain. Disgusting.

  88. It seems that most of the honkeys dying are past breeding age. So this is not much of a eugenics program.

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  89. What did I just read? I am shocked.

  90. West Virginia is the American version of an Eastern European country suffering from crippling brain drain. It’s the exact same thing. If you’re smart, you’ll get out because there are few frictions for establishing residence elsewhere (there being one American nation), and you never come back. This selection continuously impoverishes WV, because the smartest leave, the most ambitious leave and the most motivated to change something find it easier to go elsewhere. And so it is in Eastern Europe, especially the part which is in the EU. I’m 27 and my country has lost 25% of its population compared to when I was born, while in the middle of the adulthood of our baby boomers, when the population would have been the largest it ever was.

  91. Is there a difference in death rates when sex is factored in? Are white women and white men dying at the same rates. Anecdotally all the obits I have noticed recently seem to be of white girls overdosing on pain pills.

  92. Leftists and cuckservatives are always crying about how Trump is a narcissist and a bully and a demogogue. He, of course, is all of these things. What his detractors fail to note is that his rise is due to lack of better options. As much as I detest his personality and some of his stances (torture, cop worship, etc), I have no choice but to completely support him because no other candidate supports any policies that are good for non-wealthy white Americans.

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  93. Maybe the white working class death rate is higher than that of blacks and Hispanics because, on average, whites are more intelligent than blacks and Hispanics. The white working class, being on average more intelligent, realizes how bad things are getting in this country and that they are unlikely to get any better. Blacks and Hispanics, being on average less intelligent, are less likely to see how bad the future is going to get and, therefore, continue to live in blissful ignorance.

  94. If the Chinese and Indians are so wonderful, why are so many people leaving China and India? The Chinese and Indians seem to be real good at creating nations where most of the people live in poverty.

  95. That’s a feature not a bug of the EU

  96. And will you turn the United States into a poverty-stricken hellhole like China? Where will you guys emigrate to then?

  97. The only privilege that white people have is having higher average IQs than blacks and Hispanics.

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  98. Iffen, Too funny my friend.

  99. Steve, Grew up in Buffalo and started my working life installing machinery in factories in Western NY. Blacks were well represent in factory, steel mill, foundry, refinery and forge jobs . In some plants the majority of workers were black. Hard, hot, dirty and dangerous, but well paying employment existed on the NE in the 60s and early 70s. I later worked for a company that repaired blast furnaces and other steel making facilities, we had crews that were all black and well paid. Who knew? Anyone who really knows how to research.

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  100. American Jewry’s Disgraceful Hypocrisy

    Well well well. It finally happened; a paper in “right wing” Israel finally crooked its little finger to help right-wingers in the places Jews are interested in living in.

    I’ve been saying what Segelman’s saying for the last ten years, mostly to the sound of crickets chirping, or cries of “ANTI-SEMITE!!!” Here’s hoping he has more success.

    Segelman could literally have pasted that piece together from my comments. Righteous Jew award inbound! Amazing piece. The only thing he missed was calling the “nuance” what it is; Jewish Supremacy. He also characterizes Jewish attitudes toward Europeans as “hate,” which I don’t (guess I’m just not as big an anti-Semite as he is); I see it more as criminal negligence driven by ethnic narcissism.

  101. How about regression to the mean? As poor whites lose the last vestiges of their white human privilege their lifestyles and lifespans are regressing to the mean for poor people in general.

    FIFY. These privileges are still very much alive and well in China, Japan, Israel, India, etc. So “white” isn’t the right word.

    But don’t worry, China, Japan, Israel, India, etc; the Georges of the world haven’t forgotten about you. You’re next.

  102. In my onetime steelmaking area in NE Ohio, Black wage earners did well when Euro-ethnic wage earners did well. They occasionally, and sometimes often, worked side by side in solidarity with one another. A big difference, I think, is that the Euro-ethnic working a jambar at a mill was much more likely to have a mental template of the good life of leisure and learning and civic responsibility for the sake of his children, than a Black guy working a coke oven, whose only personal and ancestral memory was menial servitude under West African and Anglo-American slave masters.

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  103. SS: This is a good example of how these days you’re not supposed to remember how long ago the Civil Rights Era was. A 35 year old man in 2013 would have been born in about 1978 and have memories of growing up from about 1982.

    Like those 40 y/o black so-called journalists here and there recalling the “segregated water fountains” in the south from their childhoods.

    The color barrier was not all that harsh in the 1980s

    I don’t recall any color barrier in the 1980s.

  104. What did I just read? I am shocked

    I’m still not ruling out an elaborate prank. Spoofing, hackers took over the site, etc. :)

  105. Lots of thoughts here about poor economic opportunities leading to despair and suicide, and maybe so. Today on the Plains Dealer they have an article and a chart that shows 1242 employees at Ohio State University made $200K or more, including Urban Meyers (football coach ) at $5.3 million and the basketball coach, Thad Matta , at about the same. Visit the website, click on the indicator for $500K or more and see how well academia pays. Startling incomes. Then see how many make $1 million or more…Wow. But remember, these are the people responsible in many cases for young people thinking that they have no chance at a good life. The evil 1% has everything.

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  106. I have to agree with this. The grunge music that came out in the 90′s was just so horrible I could hardly believe people liked it. Were they trying to one-up the awfulness of rap music?

    In 1990 I remember seeing the insane piercing on the kids around Berkeley (I assume they were 18/19 year olds). Multiple holes in the lips, nose, countless in the ears, chains connecting the studs. What the heck? Of course, then the 2000′s brought us the earlobe spreaders. I wonder what’s coming next with these barbarisms?

    But don’t forget that the 80′s, the decade before, was all about AIDS and drugs. The deaths from that were incredible. The SF Chronicle had a death section for AIDS (perhaps they still do? Or would it be non-PC now?) and people I had known wound up in it.

    Sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I guess that’s the theme here, yaqub.

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  107. Or at least he didn’t give an answer.

  108. Yes and no. There was availability but not at the dirt cheap price and strength. The same dollars would not have purchased the same dose and the same dose wouldn’t have caused overdoses fatal or otherwise.

    Our tiny community has had four fatal overdoses in the last couple months. We have the privilege of hosting a huge hispanic and Guatemalan community in which the gang members and criminals swim like fish in the sea. Guys who were in the joint at the time tell me that the heroin was the subject of conversation for months before it came up from Mexico.

  109. WV is one of the few places remaining in the US which have anything vaguely resembling a human culture. Lots of people die in the county in which they were born, surrounded by their kin. Rootless cosmopolitans hate this with a blinding, overwhelming passion. Whether the hate is born more of jealousy or more of fear I don’t know.

    iSteve has a lot going for it, but there is a strong undercurrent of Bryan Caplan.

  110. The left can’t justify its complete abandonment of the white working class unless it endlessly cites the sins, real or imagined, of the white working class.

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  111. says:
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    “Hispanics have longer lifespans than whites despite their high levels of obesity. Not sure how long this has been the case-but it’s been quite a while.”

    Tortillas less likely to kill than meth.

    Please Clap.

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  112. says:
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    Time to call him Ezra Clown.

    Please Clap.

  113. says:
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    It’s still sad. It means they failed as parents and won’t be around to be grandparents.

    Oral history in the family matters as much, if not more, than history found in books in the development of continuity and identity.

    All that will be lost.

    Please Clap.

  114. Decades of verbal bullying of naturally egalitarian leaning Indo-European folk is showing its natural price. Don’t you think shoating Indo-Europeans with non-existant claims of racism, white privilege et cetera isn’t going to have a mark? Don’t you think bullying leaves no marks? So no to racism; it’s time to stop this charade that’s is hurting innocent people out of malice, greed and lust for power.

    Why have you been silent?

  115. In Takimag a while back, Gavin McInnes had an article about how the much-stronger marijuana available today meant that developing a weed habit now is not like developing one when we were youths.

    Quite true, and that very point was made by, believe it or not, Justin Trudeau. When he was running for the leadership of the Liberal Party of Canada, answering a question about marijuana legalization, he said, “It’s not your mother’s pot.” People soon made the connection with his mother, and he didn’t use the line again.

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  116. (my comment went through before I could finish editing! Could you put this one in instead?)

    This is much ado about nothing, Steve.

    From the original Case and Deaton study:

    If the white mortality rate for ages 45−54 had held at their 1998 value, 96,000 deaths would have been avoided from 1999–2013, 7,000 in 2013 alone.

    First, if we’re going to chalk it all up to opioid abuse, the numbers don’t make sense. The CDC estimates that ~16,000-20,000 people die of opioid overdose every year.

    But for argument’s sake, let’s use the CDC’s larger figure. there are over two hundred million opioid prescriptions written annually. That’s tens of millions of people taking Oxy, Tram, hydrocodone, etc.

    20,000 opioid-related deaths per year, with a low-ball estimate of 20,000,000 opioid users any given year . . . the math doesn’t add up to any sort of crisis. What it adds up to is a tiny number of pill poppers who aren’t intelligent enough to practice basic tolerance-avoidance.

  117. I almost feel sorry for little Ezra Klein, well, almost. The poor guy really arrived on the scene after the party’s over. If Ezra was just starting his career back when it was still a world of just print or broadcast media then he could have had a sweet ride as one of America’s great public intellectuals, like Thomas Friedman.

    Everyone had to accept Friedman as one of the great thinkers of our time because The New York Times was mighty and therefore Thomas was mighty. Poor Ezra is weak because Vox is weak. Poor Ezra just has a website, a YouTube account and a bicycle, just like everyone else. No fair.

  118. I’m Chinese, and white people are about to be consigned to the waste basket of history, a handsome payback for the extraterritoriality clauses, Opium Wars, and the Burning of the Summer Palace I might add.

    1. If you’re pissed about the Opium Wars, Israel’s the country you should direct your anger toward.
    2. Thanks for admitting we’re justified in not wanting you here.
    3. When will you lot pay for the foot binding? Your list is pretty pathetic, so I figured there’s a low bar.

    I am sure there are more than high IQ Chinese and Indians to totally replace white people even if they all suddenly dissapeared tomorrow, so who the heck needs you or even the Jews to be around?

    There aren’t enough high IQ Indians around to make India worth living in, though. China’s not exactly a paradise, either. I see a lot more of your kind jumping out of the environments it creates for itself, than I do whites running for Asia.

    If we’d waited on China to create the modern world, who knows how long we’d be sitting around twiddling our thumbs?

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  119. You haven’t provided any evidence that “80IQ Pakis, Afghans, and Somalis can do it.”

    It’s interesting how often people obsessed with IQ fail to show signs of a high IQ themselves

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  120. “It seems that most of the honkeys dying are past breeding age. So this is not much of a eugenics program.”

    1) Much of what killed them started ruining their lives before they were past breeding age.

    2) The absence of a parent will probably reduce their children’s life prospects, possibly including their fertility rates.

  121. There is no mystery.

    Of course, while blacks have been swarming to Whole Foods in a frenzy of healthy eating, whites have only upped their consumption of chips and soda.

  122. Consolidation in a lot of industries, including retail, banking and agriculture, has helped decapitate a lot of rural areas. Jobs which used to be done locally are now done in the big cities. The local bank, grocery store, and department store used to be run locally. Now they’re part of national chains and the people who run the local stores are just managers. The people with the intelligence and ambition left. The professionals they still need locally – like doctors – often don’t want to settle there.

  123. Sex, drugs, and rock n roll. I guess that’s the theme here, yaqub.

    New culture for that New Economy.

  124. Who will pay for your EBT card?

    “I’m Chinese, and white people are about to be consigned to the waste basket of history, a handsome payback for the extraterritoriality clauses, Opium Wars, and the Burning of the Summer Palace I might add.”

    So who will pay for your penis enlargement treatments? That powdered tiger fang isn’t going to pay for itself you know.

  125. The author works at a university”Centre for Race and Social Problems”

    White workers historically have compared themselves against black workers, taking some comfort in seeing a group that was doing worse than them.

    He is white himself and surely would not come up with such theories just to get on in academic sociology, so what he says about his fellow whites must be true.

    Seriously though, blacks commit suicide comparatively rarely, and they have a very high opinion of themselves (for example obese black women often consider themselves attractively well fleshed or “thick”. I suppose availability of heroin is the easy way out, and whites are more vulnerable to objective reality; part of the current reality is fellow whites like Cherlin telling them they are malevolent racists.

  126. Obama carefully timing Supreme Court decision

    A big nomination fight over a black body SC nomination might help Hillary’s chances in November. But what if you don’t want to help Hillary? What if what you really want to do is keep her out of the White House, because when you leave office next year, you plan to create The Hussein Foundation and dethrone the Clinton Foundation, and you’d much rather have Trump in the White House as a perfect foil, than Hillary in there rigging the game against you? You certainly wouldn’t want to be caught sabotaging Hillary, but you really wouldn’t mind if she went down in the fourth, either.

    The best way to play it safe might be to carefully weigh your options and take your sweet time with it.

  127. That’s *all* whites vs *all* Hispanics. Likely only a small proportion of the white total are meth users. The lifespan difference is almost certainly mostly genetic in origin since it was discovered when it was first measured in the 1970s or 1980s.

  128. “The only privilege that white people have is having higher average IQs than blacks and Hispanics.”

    Then the question is if superior white outcomes of the past are explained solely by IQ differences. Or did poor whites have other advantages that blacks did not have, aka white privilege. So what might be happening is as white privilege is reduced to nothing white outcomes are declining to what would be expected given the white average IQ while black outcomes are improving to what would be expect given the black average IQ.

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  129. says:
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    You ever notice that hipster types are so earnestly PC?

    But being hip and being earnest are opposites.

    Should hipsters be described as hipsternest?

    Please Clap.

  130. Will you please stop linking your website in your posts until you update it and remove that disgusting photo.

  131. There aren’t enough high IQ Indians around to make India worth living in, though. China’s not exactly a paradise, either. I see a lot more of your kind jumping out of the environments it creates for itself, than I do whites running for Asia.

    I think one could reasonably argue that the West is harming China and India by even allowing their high IQ individuals to come. We are brain draining them which ultimately curtails their development and keeps the ones left behind in poverty.

  132. As I remember it, just about every driver of a black taxi in London was white, with loads of non-whites driving minicabs, which required no qualifications beyond a driver’s licence. Guys training for “the Knowledge” were a common sight, going around on scooters with a clipboard fastened to the the handlebars.

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  133. OK. Who will invent things for your legions of industrial coolies to make?

  134. JackOH, Really? Their “only personal and ancestral memory was menial servitude under West African and Anglo American slave masters.” The guys working the coke ovens in Ohio remembered slavery ? When was the last year of legal slavery in Ohio? Colonial days.

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  135. You learn things around here if you pay attention. I recently learned about “revealed preference”, a term from economics. Chinese come here because, no matter what they might say, they like it here better than at home, despite any inconvenience. That’s also why cute Chinese girls like White men.

    The envy must really burn.

  136. It is important to point out that America was the only nation to respect China, and advocate for her territorial integrity in the face of the other foreign powers who wanted to rip her apart.

  137. During the Great Depression, whites had it worse than previous generation. But did the same kind of maladies affect white men?

    In the 1930s, American workers had hope things would get better in the future. American workers today are quite certain, that barring some dramatic change (such as the election of Donald J. Trump to the Presidency, for example), that things will continue getting even worse.

  138. CJ, Trudeau announced today that his promised economic policies won’t work and they are going further into debt and that should fix everything. Canadian dollar down to around 65 US cents. That’s progress. Trudeau’s mom was a piece of work. Which brings to mind that the two symbols of Canada are the Maple Leaf and the Beaver….Margaret forgot to cover the Beaver with the Maple Leaf, famous photo.

  139. The left can’t justify its complete abandonment of the white working class unless it endlessly cites the sins, real or imagined, of the white working class.

    Agree 100%. And, that abandonment is indeed 100%. I don’t know how old you are, but I remember the old commies of the 1960s and 70s. It’s amazing how their progeny are now down 100% with the plutocrats, while anything with work boots and a lunch box is now considered 100% evil.

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  140. I feel exactly the same way and I’m not even American. Up here in Canada I was willing to vote for to vote for the two left of centre parties but they both went out of their way to repeatedly and explicitly insult me as a straight, White man. I ended up voting for the Conservatives even though their foreign policy was pathetically neocon-ish. They were like Glen Beck but without the tears and drama.

    I’m cheering for Donald Trump because if he does well then people will be forced to ask themselves why. Trump beating them is the only way they’ll learn anything.

  141. Tipping point was 1973; end of the post war boom. Country went from an era that had 30 months of recession in 30 years, to one that had 30 months of economic stability in a decade of near constant economic downturns; ’73 to ’83.

    UAW went from 1.6 members in ’79, to half a million in ’83. Start of the wipe out of the blue collar jobs, then started to wipe out white collar in ’92. And it continues.

    You might have noticed that any and all lefty economic studies use ’73 as the base year. As in ‘since ’73, wages are still 25% lower, even 25 years later’. ’73 was the high point for wages in the 20th Century. So if you want to trash the economic policies of the right, use that basis and everything looks terrible. It wasn’t until I got on the internet in ’99 and could easily research labor statistics did I have proof of why I had been seeing ’73 for the previous 20+ years.

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  142. Joe,

    In the steel mills in the South, blacks were not allowed into the better paying jobs. For example, in the craft unions they could only be laborers, they were never allowed to go on to journeyman. In the mill, they were never allowed to be a millwright. I remember when it was stopped in the early 60’s. It may have been stopped a lot sooner in Buffalo. I think that it is very important to understand exactly what it was like. That being said, that was over 50 years ago and my opinion is that situations like that are nonexistent today. That brings me to one of my pet peeves and that is the concept of white privilege. We hear about privilege now because the discrimination that actually did exist at one time has been done away with, and rightly so. Once you say that one group was slaves and another group was not and therefore eternal privilege, it will never go away. It has been defined by something that existed in the past and cannot ever be erased.

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  143. Is being a taxi driver in Minneapolis or New York easier than being a taxi driver in London, because there are a lot of Pakistani and Somali taxi drivers even before GPS, and all the taxi drivers in Vancouver are Indian or Paki, I seriously doubt they choose to a career in taxi driving instead of going to law school.

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  144. says:
         Show CommentNext New Comment

    About WV’s IQ numbers, remember all those studies from the 70s about how Irish IQ was only a few points above the African American IQ? And now Ireland’s IQ scores are basically the same as Northern Ireland and the UK, despite massive outmigration, so I really doubt if the IQ of WV was really far from 100, so the figure of 98 or 99 is reasonable. And how much of WV’s IQ scores are due to the Flynn effect or drug/alcohol use lowering the natural IQ of the people there? What is WV’s IQ if you factor out the Flynn effect and alcohol/drug abuse?

  145. Don’t forget that government nonsense such as affirmative action is placing blacks in positions that their natural abilities have rendered them unfit for. Jobs and college positions are being given to blacks instead of more intelligent whites in the name of diversity and “social justice”.

  146. When the recent drop in oil takes full effect on the Northern Plains’ economy, the Xaliaco Boys network will have an easier time of it up there

    Our economy was never dependent on the oil boom in a remote corner of northwestern North Dakota. We’re going to be just fine. Williston has reverted to normal, not fallen into depression.

  147. The standards set for the “black cab” drivers in London are the highest in the world. Hundreds of theoretical journeys have to be learned by heart before they get the licence.

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  148. Iffen, Thank you for that thought. In the highly industrialized NE the unions were strong. Same job, same pay. Union building trades were more in line with what you describe, but fathers and grandfathers wanted their sons to follow in the trade. By the way, I worked my first job at Bethlehem Steel the summer after high school (1964) at 18 years old, next summer I was starting an apprenticeship in a building trade. Pay in both jobs was outstanding.

  149. The standards set for the “black cab” drivers in London are the highest in the world. Hundreds of theoretical journeys have to be learned by heart before they get the licence.

    This obviously produces intelligent cab drivers with great navigational skills, but in the era of GPS navigation it is largely irrelevant, especially now that London has formidable parking and access tariffs that exclude most motorists from the central areas. Does it produce safer drivers? That is the question.

  150. I’m not old enough to remember those days but I was fortunately born early enough that all this really toxic anti-white stuff wasn’t really part of my peak formative years. It seems to have gotten much worse under Obama especially since the 2012 election season.

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  151. And the irony is, the Chinese, who invented gunpowder and built the Treasure Fleets, were defeated in naval engagements by European fleets armed with cannons which had to circumnavigate the globe to get there.

  152. Pakistani Immigrant Cab Driver Pleads Guilty to Kidnapping, Raping Passenger

    covered an in-cab camera with a cloth, pulled over, and began assaulting her

    In 2010, Khan was arrested in New Jersey for allegedly soliciting prostitutes. Later that year, he locked a woman in his cab after demanding an extra ten percent tip, later pleading guilty to false imprisonment.

    Khan was also booked in 2011 for fighting with a passenger. Despite these offenses, he was permitted to keep driving cabs.

    Khan will serve no more than five years in jail

  153. There is always a risk of a Good Old Days Effect with this kind of thing.

    I often point to the process of civic sanctification of MLK Jr., which was already a fait accompli by the mid or late 1980s, or so is my impression, across most of the USA, with holdouts thereto crushed by the weight of political attrition before year 2000.

    That is nearly thirty years now.

    To be trained to sanctify Martin Luther King Jr. as the greatest American non-presidential figure in all U.S. history (this is literally the opinion of most White school students today according to polls) is a sign of deep malaise and points to loss of control of institutions.

  154. Good post.

    I agree that a good case can be made for the peak being the early to mid 1970s. The case would be based in data and not anecdotal. Fertility also slipped below replacement across the Western world around this time, for example. The list can keep going.

  155. Heroin distribution alone doesn’t explain the increased alcohol deaths. Your defeatism examples, such as post-communist Russia, ring truer.

    The White Death is a statistical mirror of the Trump phenomenon. Whites kept their mouths shut about what was happening to them until their predicament literally turned fatal. Now they’re ready to talk.

  156. I will never forget the picture of the crowds waiting for FDR’s funeral train and the black man playing the accordion while openly weeping. In fact, there are many such shots. I guess the trick is to rewrite history now and then as it gets inconvenient.

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  157. Do unicorns make better house pets or Jackalopes? Why bother asking about ‘white privilege, something that hasn’t existed for decades if it ever did? Look at what is happening now.

    White Europeans especially those from Northern countries need to work. They need purpose. They need something to do. With no prospects, no hope, no future they turn to self destructive habits like border collies will tear up your house if you leave them alone too long.

    Take away the jobs and utterly degrade and denigrate the culture and you will kill anyone. It’s simply hit a critical mass. You can call them lazy and losers but that’s pure ignorance. These are the men and women that made this country and raised generations of children here. They are robbed of their jobs, security, pride, and culture and supposed to just suck it up? Give them a chance give them jobs they can do and they will do them. The right half of the bell curve owe something to the left half that they live with. Especially if they take active steps to make their lives worse.

  158. 1973 was, I believe, when Hart-Cellar went into effect.

  159. If you have a link to that picture, I’d really like to see it.


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  160. My bad. I did say “menial servitude”, not chattel slavery, and, likewise, “ancestral memory”, received knowledge that most Black folks knew their ancestors were slaves. “Slave masters” doesn’t exclude wage slavers, but for clarity I ought to have added ” and later, Northern industrialists.” My knowledge of legal slavery in Ohio is shaky, but I’m 99% sure it continued in a small way under the Constitution past the colonial period. Ohio Atty. General Mike DeWine spoke only yesterday of human trafficking in today’s Ohio as slavery, and I think he meant “slave masters” who compel prostitution and domestic work for which there is some cash compensation.

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  161. We were talking about London, genius.

  162. Gail Wynand was not portrayed as a hero. The whole of your hypothesis collapses right there.

  163. JackOH, Thank you for your pleasant reply. Does the OH stand for Ohio, I have three kids and three grandkids living in the Cleveland area, so I stay up to date on all things Buckeye.

  164. Here you go, Joe.

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  165. Brutusale, Waiting for you to start singing, “you can call me Ale….”, but thank you. So in NYC it’s a Medical Director, makes me feel superior to all those states with high paid coaches…..of course college football in NY sucks big time.

    • Replies:
  166. “‘The color barrier is not as harsh as it was back then.’”

    Its more harsh, if you’re actually talking about job discrimination based on color. Instead of blacks falling behind due to a lack of talent, IQ, impulse control, etc, they’re being offered jobs in place of more competent whites. That’s the reality of the modern color barrier.

  167. I don’t think we can consign white people to that wastebasket without consigning the rest of humanity there. Whites have just been too darned creative and talented, and build high trust, prosperous societies where someone with talent can rise from dirt to fortune everywhere whites go that are the envy of everyone else. There’s a reason the immigration arrow always points in the direction of colored-> white. No one else seems to have the unique set of abilities. Asians have some of the cognitive talent, but lack the honesty, discipline, and goodwill towards their fellow man to create anything near as good of a society, even when they copy whites and have white help. Hispanics are better at the character issues than Asians, but are lacking in smarts. Blacks are just too lacking in everything.

    If whites go, so goes the upward arrow of humanity.

  168. As it does in MA. College hockey, on the other hand…

    Here it’s the head of the UMass Medical School; it does make you feel sort of superior.

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  169. Brurusale, Around here, or rather NYS, it’s College lacrosse, but damn Denver wins the National Championship. Of course they have players from NY, so that makes it all good.

  170. The Darkness—or though: Saint I see.

    And I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Write, Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord from henceforth: Yea, saith the Spir’–it, that they may rest from their labours; and their works do follow them. Rev. 14: 13 (KJV)

    Be a St.

  171. […] very premature death will significantly lower the White mortality rate, a startling statistic that puzzles many for no obvious home-grown reason other than that it is a symbol of White underachievement and […]

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