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Whistleblower Fired (Different One, Though, So It's OK)
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From the New York Post’s Page Six gossip column:

CBS News fires staffer who had access to leaked Amy Robach audio
By Sara Nathan November 7, 2019 | 9:30am

CBS News has fired a female staffer believed to have had access to the tape of Amy Robach raging against ABC News, Page Six understands.

We reported on Wednesday that ABC News chiefs discovered a former employee could be behind the leak of the damning footage of Robach slamming the network for shelving her interview with Jeffrey Epstein’s “sex slave” Virginia Roberts Giuffre. Sources told Page Six that a former staffer had access to the footage of Robach as she aired her frustrations over a hot mike — and that employee was now believed to be working at CBS.

A TV source told us later on Wednesday that the woman was let go from CBS, after ABC execs alerted the rival network.

ABC sources confirmed to us that they’d informed counterparts at CBS about the staffer “as a courtesy.”

Isn’t there an old joke about a shipwreck, a priest, a doctor, a lawyer, two Great White Sharks, and “professional courtesy“?

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  1. Please, sir, let a foreigner in on the joke ….

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Doom
  2. Barnard says:

    I saw an article that Donald Jr. helpfully pointed this out to the hosts of The View this morning. They responded with shrieking and howling just like he expected. These people are putting out propaganda and entertainment more politicians should call them out on it.

  3. OT

    Update on the Younger case. The seven-year-old boy decided to attend school as a, you won’t believe it, boy. Defying his mother.

  4. Ironically Page Six doesn’t actually appear on page 6 of the New York Post.

  5. nebulafox says:
    @reiner Tor

    That poor kid. Good on him, standing up for himself.

    I sincerely hope that the ensuing memory-holing by the MSM and the gag orders on his parents means he gets to have as close to a normal childhood now as possible.

    • Agree: Dissident
  6. Tiny Duck says:

    Is this how the rationalization/deflection mill runs in Trumplandia? I know, it’s definitely Roy Cohn style counterattack mode. But meanwhile the evidence for the corrupt behavior & abuse of power of the Narcissist-in-Chief hasn’t gone away.

    Just listen to People of Color and there white allies (99% of the world). They agree with me and not you

    • Replies: @SixOfFive
    , @Dutch
  7. So if two Great White Sharks and a lawyer drown and end up at the bottom of the ocean does that qualify as “a good start?”

  8. El Dato says:

    The leaker is burnt in a heartbeat across as the Poloniuses of the meedja outlets give themselves “courtesy” reacharounds?

    That’s definitely not an anti-Trump leak but very much an anti-elite leak.

    Attention whistleblower: The Equadorian embassy is held by US lickspittles, do not go there!

  9. Lot says:

    ABC may have been right here. Giuffre made wild allegations (involving getting a job at Mar a Lago at 15, Al Gore, Bill Clinton, Dersh, Prince Andrew, etc) that look like they’ve proved false. She also has accepted a cash settlement.

    • Replies: @Prester John
  10. El Dato says:

    Isn’t there an old joke about a shipwreck, a priest, a doctor, a lawyer, two Great White Sharks, and “professional courtesy“?

    There is the one where you throw two of them into the sea: Pollution!
    And then you throw them all into the sea: Solution!

  11. Hail says: • Website

    (Edit: I realize now that you must be referring to the priest-doctor-lawyer joke, and not to “let me in on what this Whistleblower referencee refers to,” but I’ll post this anyway)


    The ‘whistleblower,’ in current-day US political-gossip lexicon (hence any other whistleblower being a “different one”), refers to an anonymous CIA agent who was assigned to the White House and got the impeachment process going by claiming, anonymously, that he overheard a phone call between Trump and the Ukraine President.

    If this doesn’t make much sense, join the rest of us.

    (See “Sainted Whistleblower Is Actually CIA,” iSteve, Sept. 26, 2019)

    The name of the “whistleblower” is now being reported very widely (though still not, afaik, via the MSM) as Eric Ciaramella (born Feb. 1986, Connecticut; elite, high-priced high school ’04; Yale ’08 [Russian & East European Studies]; and Harvard MA).

    Here is author James Howard Kunstler commenting on the anti-Trump CIA “Whistleblower” affair, on his blog, Nov. 1:

    [The whistleblower is being reported to be] Eric Ciaramella, 33, a former Joe Biden staffer, Obama White House low-level NSC holdover, and John Brennan “asset” deeply involved in Ukrainian pranks during the 2016 election and subsequent disinformation leakage to the media since the early days of the Trump administration.


    The “whistleblower’s” trail winds through every shadowy turn of RussiaGate to the current phantasmagoria of UkraineGate, and connects the principal misdeeds carried out along the way including Hillary Clinton’s devious operations with Fusion GPS, the Comey-led FBI’s illegal entanglement with CIA spying on US citizens (including occupants of the White House), and lately the mendacious maneuvers of House Intel Committee chair Mr. Schiff.

    The notion that Mr. Ciamarella’s identity will remain officially hidden much longer is a joke, since his “complaint” lies at the center of the impeachment process underway, and sooner or later he will be compelled to make public testimony — unless Ms. Pelosi’s House majority votes to rename the USA the Haunted Forest of North America.

  12. Progressives feel no shame about flaunting the most blatant hypocrisy. In the case of politicians, they know the media won’t call them on it, and in the case of the media…well, there you go.

  13. @Lot

    “Proved false?”

    More like “not proven.”

    • Replies: @Lot
  14. Whiskey says: • Website

    No lawyer will file a suit for interference in employment.

    Little people have no rights. Anarcho Tyranny all the way down.

  15. Dan Hayes says:


    Paraphrasing Steve Bannon: It’s not a deep state; it’s a surface state!

  16. Locally in Detroit the ABC affiliate promoted an Anchor after he he was proven to have sexually attacked reporters and forced himself on interns in the parking lot. A former reporter victim sued, so they had the federal judge impose a strict gag order and threatened to fire any witnesses who told the truth.

    Meanwhile, there is a tort mill owning lawyer here, a real volume bottom feeder, who not only admitted to sexually attacking a woman, on tape, but has been under grand jury investigation for medical kickbacks and bribes for the last 2 years. Not only does the station spike any coverage, they have him on air as a legal analyst

  17. Lot says:
    @Prester John

    Hasn’t her claim she was 15 when she started to work at Mar a Lago been proved false?

    • Replies: @Mr. Anon
  18. @reiner Tor

    Creepy headline from that site:

    Feminists Melt Down After Learning Rapper Checks Teen Daughter’s Hymen: ‘Virginity Is a Social Construct’

    Makes him sound like he’s going all Eric Gill on her. But he’s hiring a doctor for that.

    Laughable statement from Maria Del Russo on Twitter:

    3. Men do not have ownership over female bodies, even if the man is the female’s dad.

    But not if the man is the state. Ruth Bader Ginsburg took care of that in 1979 with Duren v Missouri. The Senate piled on in 2016 with section 591 to that year’s defense bill.

    • Replies: @BB753
    , @Mr McKenna
  19. J.Ross says:
    @reiner Tor

    Hopefully he has an easier life now.

  20. @Hail

    As the Aussie blogger Caitlin Johnstone has pointed out, a man who works for the CIA is only a “whistleblower” if he reveals details of the CIA’s agenda or the CIA’s inner workings that the CIA prefers to keep secret. If he is spreading information intended to advance a CIA project concocted largely by John Brennan — in this case, the coup against the duly-elected American president — then the man is just another CIA spook, doing CIA spook stuff.

    • Replies: @Hail
    , @Hypnotoad666
  21. Hail says: • Website
    @Buck Ransom

    I looked up Caitlin Johnstone as I had not heard of her before.

    Excellent writing and commentary:


    So there you have it. A mysterious stranger from the lying, torturing, propagandizing, drug trafficking, assassinating, coup-staging, warmongering, psychopathic CIA was working in the White House, heroically provided the political/media class with politically powerful information out of the goodness of his heart, and then vanished off into the Langley sunset. Clearly there is nothing suspicious about this story at all.

    In all seriousness, even to call this spook a “whistleblower” is ridiculous on its face. You don’t get to call someone from the US intelligence community a whistleblower unless they are actually whistleblowing on the US intelligence community. That’s not a thing. A CIA officer who exposes information about government officials is an operative performing an operation unless proven otherwise, because that’s what the CIA does; it liberally leaks information wherever it’s convenient for CIA agendas while withholding all other information behind a veil of government secrecy.

    A CIA officer who exposes information about CIA wrongdoings without the CIA’s permission is a whistleblower. A CIA officer who exposes information about someone else is just a spook doing spook things. You can recognize the latter by the way the mass media supports, applauds and employs them. You can recognize the former by the way they have been persecuted, imprisoned, and/or died under mysterious circumstances.

    From post dated Sept. 27, 2019, “MSM Defends CIA’s “Whistleblower”, Ignores Actual Whistleblowers, Caitlin Johnstone.

    The fact that an Australian is doing that level of in-depth commentary and analysis on internal machinations of US politics lends credence to my impression that Australian political news is essentially a regional extension of US news at this point.

    If you watch Australia’s ABC with this idea in mind, you realize it soon enough.

  22. BB753 says:
    @Reg Cæsar

    Virginity might not be a social construct, but it’s socially deconstructed. Judging by the picture of the rapper’s daughter, her virginity will soon be deconstructed.

  23. M_Young says:

    Funny thing is that multiple respectable news sources call Robach’s comments a ‘rant’. It’s anything but. She was quite in control, made perfect sense.

    • Replies: @J.Ross
  24. J.Ross says:

    Those words are automatically and programmatically assigned to signal political incorrectness and not to denote any actual character of the thing described — compare obsessed, lashed out, defensive, divisive, bigoted, controversial, debunked, racist, supremacist, extremist, and so on. We are living in the Soviet Union with better infrastructure and a worse space program.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
    , @bigdicknick
  25. @Hail

    Quite honestly, all of the most interesting news is coming out of the US: the President of the world’s most powerful nation facing down persistent coup attempts from within the intelligence community, supported vocally by the media and the increasingly-deranged leftist opposition, the military so far staying out of it, while in the background the short-term money markets are melting down again and the Federal Reserve is printing oodles of dollars to keep the sinking ship afloat while anybody who knows anything about what is going on is saying nothing.

    Few realise just how explosive this whole situation is. It is absolutely gripping. It’s even distracting from the slow-motion car-crash that is Brexit. The local news has nothing on it.

    • Replies: @Hail
  26. Hail says: • Website
    @Stebbing Heuer

    It is absolutely gripping

    I just realized the whistleblower’s name, Eric Ciaramella, starts with the letters C-I-A.

    This is getting weird.

    No writer would dare name a CIA agent character Ciaramella.

  27. @Hail

    If you are interested in reading more of Ms. Johnstone’s work, I’d like to suggest a column she wrote in July 2017 when the world learned of John McCain’s brain-cancer diagnosis. While the bulk of the Swamp and the MSM were all rending their garments at the mere thought of this gargantuan looming loss to the Republic, the clear-eyed Caitlyn penned a piece that is probably not taped to Meghan McCain’s refrigerator. The headline: “Please Just Fucking Die Already.” Enjoy!

    • Replies: @Dissident
    , @Harry Baldwin
  28. Elli says:
    @reiner Tor

    I thought the judge had ordered the father to take down the Save James site. Saying that friends are running it, not him, will be insufficient to defend him from contempt charges if he is supplying pictures to those friends.

    And contempt of court might make the judge reconsider her custody ruling. Father putting son at risk here.

    • Replies: @reiner Tor
  29. Anonymous[236] • Disclaimer says:

    Deep State ‘whistleblower’ should be called co-conspirator or co-plotter.

  30. Harold says:

    Eric Ciaramella
    clear CIA liar, me

  31. @Hail

    Thanks for contnuing to (properly) put “whistleblower” in quotes.

    This is just one more of many reasons why Trump couldn’t succeed even if he were competent and disciplined. The federal government is full of enemy agents. They might as well be the MSM.

    How could anyone possibly clean it out and hire competent replacements?
    What would it really take?

    • Replies: @Realist
    , @kaganovitch
  32. @Buck Ransom

    Exactly. The point, if any, in protecting a “whistleblower” is to prevent retaliation by his employer. But in this case the CIA is more likely to give him a promotion for his domestic covert op. work.

    It’s also hilarious that the same journos who give themselves awards for publishing leaked and stolen national secrets on a daily basis refuse to say the name Eric Ciaramella.

    Ciaramella was so deep in the Biden/Ukraine/CIA swamp that I wouldn’t be surprised at all if he ends up being personally involved with the Bidens’ corrupt Ukraine kickback deals.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  33. Dissident says:
    @Buck Ransom

    While the bulk of the Swamp and the MSM were all rending their garments at the mere thought of this gargantuan looming loss to the Republic, the clear-eyed Caitlyn penned a piece that is probably not taped to Meghan McCain’s refrigerator. The headline: “Please Just Fucking Die Already.” Enjoy!

    To respond to that title alone, is going to the other extreme like that really necessary? What about the middle-ground, the approach our host Mr. Sailer took: neither lamenting nor praising the man (the late Sen. John McCain) but assessing his life and legacy unflinchingly while remaining within the bounds of civility and decency? Is that approach not a lot better?

    Also, the gratuitous profanity alone is especially unbecoming of a woman.

    • Replies: @William Badwhite
  34. @Hail

    A very good point about this “whistleblower.”

  35. @Elli

    The son is getting bigger and smarter, though. He possibly now understands the end game awaiting him and might have no desire to become a transgender abomination. Forcibly giving him hormones against his explicit will might be a bridge too far even for doctors willing to administer such “treatment” to ostensibly transgender children. The only thing the father could lose is his right to visitations. But now the mother also has to be careful, because the boy now coming out as a boy suddenly gives credence to the father’s original statement that it was the mother who pushed the whole thing right from the beginning, against the wishes of the boy. The boy defying his mother could be embarrassing to her if he started to assert that his father was right from the beginning.

    I’m also not sure the pictures were taken by the father.

    It’s actually possible that the mother, while a horrible person, is still not a monster, and after having won total victory over the father, decided that it was enough, and encouraged the boy to revert to being a normal boy. I know, I’m hopelessly naive.

  36. Realist says:
    @Mr McKenna

    What would it really take?

    Not an election.

    • Agree: HammerJack
  37. @J.Ross

    don’t forget “Screed” as in “James Damore’s anti-diversity screed”

  38. lysias says:

    Whoever in the CIA hired Ciaramella had a sense of humor.

  39. @Dissident

    Also, the gratuitous profanity alone is especially unbecoming of a woman.

    Agreed about the language. The same goes for men as well. To actually take the time to write/type an f-bomb, presumably to signal stridency, detracts from the message.

    • Agree: Mr McKenna
  40. @Mr McKenna

    How could anyone possibly clean it out and hire competent replacements?
    What would it really take?

    CIA = Central Intelligence Augean Stables

  41. @Buck Ransom

    Reminds me of the line I heard during McCain’s treatment: “There’s only one thing about John McCain I ever liked, and now they’re trying to kill it with radiation!”

    I’m with Caitlyn. Maybe this column strikes some people as going too far, but the gushing praise McCain received from the Swamp was far more revolting to me. Wasn’t it John Derbyshire who dubbed him The Worst Man in America?

  42. @Reg Cæsar

    Men do not have ownership over female bodies, even if the man is the female’s dad.

    Yet single mothers (which is to say most mothers, in most places, in Current Year USA) have no issue with having their sons’ sexual organs mutilated. Daresay a number of them enjoy the idea.

  43. @Hail

    She reminds me a bit of Ann C. Hope she moves to the USA soon.

    See? I’m not totally opposed to immigration after all.

  44. Doom says:

    The sharks don’t eat the lawyer–professional courtesy.

  45. A heart breaking interview with the woman who got fired even though O’Keefe says she was not the whistle blower. 7 minutes.

    It just depends on whose whistle is getting blowed.

  46. Mr. Anon says:

    Hasn’t her claim she was 15 when she started to work at Mar a Lago been proved false?

    And isn’t there a picture taken in Ghislaine Maxwell’s house of Prince Andrew holding her (Giuffre) with his arm around her waist? That certainly does not disprove that she knew him.

  47. Dutch says:
    @Tiny Duck

    You and so many others continue to miss the point.

    1) corruption and government are inseparable. Obama sent America’s children to fight in 7 undeclared wars intended to do nothing more than sow havoc in the ME so we could steal oil. He called us all racist while dropping 245,000 bombs on Africa (I dropped zero). Many thousands of innocents died for this corruption. This is beyond a disgrace and it’s splitting hairs to act like ‘our’ corruption was better than ‘yours’. Stop being a useful idiot. The US GOVERNMENT is corrupt to the core and has been for decades. All of it. We all know this

    2). Trump is just the bomb we threw in the room to announce our displeasure with point number 1. This narrative that we love him and he can do no wrong in our eyes is exactly backwards and wrong. He is a belligerent buffoon. He’s obnoxious and boisterous. We know this. But it’s a simple matter of leveling the playing field. Our corrupt government has always been fine posturing like they care about us while the run up debts, destroy our currency and our savings by extension. They let their cronies monopolize and/or outsource our industry and media. And they send our kids to die for it. We’ve simply acknowledged this. And realized we need our guy in the room for every discussion. And we got him. And no surprise the government is still corrupt. But at least now all their schemes come with the additional burden of having some belligerent crazy person philibustering, crapping on everything, and tweeting insults about them. And just as they’ve forgiven (or classified) their own lies and transgressions, we forgive Donald’s lunacy. Not because we like or agree with it. But because it’s accomplishing its intended purpose: disrupting the business-as-usual of our Uber-corrupt government and slowing down the War Machine. It’s kind of like when you spill something stinky on the floor and have to use some equally stinky cleaner to clean it up. Trump is our stinky cleaner. We know this. We accept this. You can stop telling about it now. It’s not changing our minds. Exactly what’s happening is exactly what was supposed to happen. We understand it’s in poor taste. But it was the only option they left us.

    I should note that the extensive conspiracy to frame up Trump as a ‘Russian Agent’ by the previous administration was by far the lowest low point our corrupt government has ever sunk to. Whole offices and agencies have destroyed 100 years of credibility. They verifiably lied, fabricated evidence, and denied the democratic process (and ticket) to Bernie Sanders. We just learned the case against General Flynn was completely fabricated too. Did you know our Congress has a $50 million fund to quietly settle sexual assault accusations by staffers. Been that way for decades and was hidden until just recently. It’s OUR money BTW, not their own. It’s vulgar. But Trump is the bad guy huh? For words? That narrative is a joke and you’re a joke for buying it…from the same old cast of known criminals. Sucker. Good luck with the rest of your life.

    • Replies: @MB
  48. Mr. Anon says:

    ABC. CBS. They are evidently serving the same interests and protecting the same people.

  49. MB says: • Website

    Thank you.
    IOW trolls have their purpose and the midget duck should feel validated.
    We shouldn’t have to explain the obvious, but there is always somebody that needs to get up to speed and TD has helped that process no matter how annoying his usual flatulence.

  50. @Hail

    We used to have a bloke doing public relations for the local casino called Mr. Neil Gamble.

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