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"What Really Happened at the Chicago Rally"

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I wasn’t there, so I don’t know for sure, but this Reddit account by somebody who went to the Trump rally in Chicago sounds a lot more plausible than the national media attempts to make the shutting down by leftists/minorities fit into the Narrative of Trump supporters as the New Nazis. Instead, what happened is exactly what you’d expect post-Trayvon: terrified suburbanites of all ages being bullied by inner city young people, both college leftists and street thugs, with the police and rent-a-cops being ineffectual so nobody could accuse their higher-ups of presiding over a “militarized” police presence.

Chicago flatfoots are furious at their brass that they weren’t allowed to wear helmets, among much else.


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  1. What’s interesting here is that the Left are quite happy to fight and intimidate their opposition, while the Right isn’t. What’s obviously concerning is that many of the right were cowered by their tactics. The establishment is letting this happen. I’m afraid that we might live to see the truth of Jefferson’s aphorism that the manure of liberty is blood. The goons won’t stop with kind words alone.

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  2. If it’s true that the police were telling Trump to cancel, then I have to agree he made the right decision. Call me a flip-flopper.

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  3. The establishment is letting this happen.

    No, they’re making it happen.


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  4. If it’s true that the police were telling Trump to cancel

    As with most things Trump related, it’s not.

  5. You better believe Rahm (tiny dancer) Emmanuel and his cronies have been laughing their azzes off ever since they held back any meaningful Chicago Police Department presence at the Trump rally. “We made damn sure he wouldn’t get to speak in our town!” “This is a vote getter!”

  6. If Donald Trump were to ever hold a rally in Oakland, it would likely make the Chicago protestors tame in comparison.

    The reason I say this is because Oakland shares a border with Berkeley and most Whites in Berkeley are communists. Also Oakland itself produces some of the most violent Blacks in the country. And when Black gangbangers and White communists unite for a cause, they are capable of creating a South Central style riot that can burn down Oakland if Donald Trump were to ever speak there.

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  7. Oakland and Berkeley behaved like uncivilized 3rd Worlders after it was revealed officer Darren Wilson would not be facing murder charges. And they would behave the same way if Donald Trump came to town.

  8. I was also at the rally and I can confirm that as an excellent account of what went down there.

  9. Trump said:

    If you see somebody getting ready to throw a tomato, knock the crap out of them, would you? Seriously. OK? Just knock the hell — I promise you, I will pay for the legal fees.

    That sounds like a reasonable response if you see someone getting ready to throw a tomato at any Presidential candidate who is giving a speech.

  10. Yes, but how did they alter Hillary’s fingerprints to look like Bernie’s?

    Does Soros have the technology for that?

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  11. Listen Bernie Sanders actually saying that Trump must control all of his supporters, but that he, Bernie Sanders, cannot be asked to take responsibility for his own supporters. Unbelievable.

    The link goes straight to the comment.

  12. He really needs to schedule a rally there then. He’ll have to have all his ducks in a row so that the inevitable violence could be irrefutably blamed on the left. I feel he did a poor job exculpating himself for Friday’s chaos.

  13. For starters, I never like to give these people too much credit. These are socially marginalized college “students” (that’s a fancy way of saying young people who can’t get dates) play-acting Europe 1848, Russia 1917, the Paris Commune, etc. I’m not sure they’re really calling for workers’ of the world to unite since I’m sure most actual “workers” wouldn’t want to be in the same room with these people (they’re weird, they stink). It’s street theater. It’s not that different for them than going to see some band nobody’s ever heard of or a poetry reading (do they still have those?) Most of their “classmates” go to the football game; they get a buzz out of disrupting almost anything normal.

    This is why the MSM’s treatment of these people is exasperating to me. They make it sound like the best and brightest young people, our “college students,” got wind of Generalisimo Benito Hitler staging a violent coup on their campus, and as much as it pained them, they just had to drop the calculus book to express their disapproval in a “protest.”

  14. Seems to me it’s the images of ordinary white people fighting back that’s driving everyone crazy.

  15. The rally was instructed to leave the pavilion, and I have to admit, the Chicago Police messed up bad here.

    We walked straight out of the building and into enormous packs of protesters screaming at us, with little police presence to protect the Trump supporters.

    A feature not a bug?

  16. Oakland itself produces some of the most violent Blacks in the country… burn down Oakland

    Sounds like Trump should definitely, definitely have a rally there, no?

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    In the pictures of the 1968 Dem convention riots, all the Chicago cops are wearing helmets. They probably didn’t want to evoke those images again.

  18. the redditor rightly speaks of the “regressive left,” a useful term that needs more attention; first they’re corrupt, then, if their politics are anything more than pose and affectation, regressive.

  19. One lesson I think we’re all supposed to learn here is that when Bernie Sanders supporters,, Black Lives Matter, George Soros, the Tides Foundation, and assorted other groups band together to forcibly shut down a Trump rally, it somehow proves how dangerous Trump is.

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  20. Waydaminit

    I thought this website was opposed to the militarization of the police. I hope people here aren’t against the militarization of the police except for Trump rallies.

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  21. I still find it amazing that the press can’t distinguish between Trump’s thugs meeting to enjoy each other’s company in peace, and BLM’s and La Raza’s thugs coming to a Trump meeting. The media wants to portray as innocent victims those arriving with the expressed purpose of shutting Trump up and dispersing his supporters.

    Shakespeare provides us with a framework to consider the problem: “Here lies the water. Good. Here stands the man. Good. If the man go to this water and drown himself, …he goes. Mark you that. But if the water come to him and drown him, he drowns not himself.”

  22. The title of this post expresses exactly the problem I see here–I don’t think there is anyone I could trust to give me straight reporting on what happened at the rally. Everyone always has a bias, but lots of mainstream people have been loudly convincing one another that Trump is so bad that anything done to shut him down is acceptable.

  23. No way did Sanders send people to protest at a Trump rally–that makes no sense. Various establishment types would probably like to shut both Trump and Sanders down, and Hillary has an obvious motive to smear both of them, but it could as easily be genuine Sanders supporters who also think it’s cool to try to stop offensive people speaking by loud disruptive protests.

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  24. I thought this website was opposed to the militarization of the police. I hope people here aren’t against the militarization of the police except for Trump rallies.

    Cops don’t have to be “militarized” in order to arrest people who are trying to suppress a political candidate’s freedom of speech and incite riot.

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  25. Blue collar whites are much more personal safety conscious today than they were a generation ago. Helmets are a big deal to them now.

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  26. Because of the rocketing cost of healthcare? Or just the gradual wussification of society? ;)

  27. One thing people always forget about 1968 was that the more ‘political’ rioters were spitting on US flags and singing Ho Chi Minh’s praises. That surely must have been like waving a red flag (!) to a bull; imagine how many Chicago (Irish, Catholic, conservative) cops had friends or brothers etc losing life and limb in Vietnam at that moment.

    If anyone could pull off having his own “Protection Squad”, all former marines in snazzy trenchcoats, it’s Trump.

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  28. Sanders didn’t “send his people”, ((various establishment types)) went looking for people who wanted to cause trouble at a Trump rally in exchange for $50 cash and the people they happened to find, who were willing to get involved in this kind of thing, happened to be Bernie people.

  29. This was a well executed false flag operation meant to damage both Bernie and Trump.

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    It kind of looks like the Left is trying to get Trump supporters to form their own Protection Squads for Trump so that they (liberals) can equate these protection squads with brownshirts and then “prove” that there are parallels between Trump and Hitler.

  31. Roger Stone says that the Hillary campaign hired the protestors who had Bernie Sanders signs.

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