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Back on Blogger, it was an excruciatingly slow process to add a link to somebody else’s blog or website, which is my excuse for not doing it as often as I should: adding three new blogs to my blogroll might have taken a half hour. But now, I hope, on WordPress, the process will be quicker, so it’s time to update by Links that you can see in the column on the right.

Please nominate in the comments good sites of interest to this community. Also, I could highlight a few good Twitter accounts (although in general I find Twitter to be resemble being pelted with thousands of ping-pong balls: not exactly painful, but not something I look forward to either.)

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  2. The Occidental Observer.

    Don’t pretend you don’t read it.

  3. A few twitter accounts worthy of consideration:

    Marc Andreessen: @pmarca (

    John Durant: @JohnDurant

    Fusion (as a foil for posts): @ThisisFusion

    Twitchy (Michelle Malkin’s tweet aggregator – a good barometer of mainstream conservative sentiment): @TwitchyTeam

    Mark Krikorian: @MarkSKrikorian

    Alex Nowrasteh (Cato Inst. open borders foil): @AlexNohrasteh

    Emanuel Derman (physics, finance, philosophy, etc.): @emanuelderman

    Mickey Kaus: @kausmickey

    Albert Wenger (VC. Conventional, left-of-center politics but open minded and interested in effects of tech on employment, etc.): @albertwenger

  4. Alex Nowrasteh’s twitter handle should be: @alexnowrasteh

  5. occidental observer
    counter currents
    irish savant

  6. Lion of the Blogosphere:

    Used to be Half-Sigma

  7. Club Orlov ( seems like an obvious choice for the Sailerati.

  8. James Thompson’s Psychological Comments

  9. Ed West at The Spectator

  10. I’m sure it is a pain, but a some of the sites you linked to on the old site are dead. Mencius has not posted in six months. Stuff White People Like has not been active for four years.

    Maybe go through and prune the dead ones.

  11. Mangan, antiwar originals, Pat Buchanan, Taki, Anatoly Karalin, Radix, Foseti (if he decides to post again), Handle, The Last Psyc..


    Arguably the best, most incisive writer in the English language right now.

    You, he, and heartiste are invaluable.

  13. Does David Goodheart have a regular outlet?

  14. To put it another way, the three most important contemporary writers/intellectuals right now are The Kakistocracy, Chateau Heartiste, and Steve Sailer.

  15. What’s a good way to use a search engine to link to a freelance writer’s work in reverse chronological order?

  16. Handle’s Haus, of course.

  17. In addition to what you already have:

    Mein Naturwissenschaftsblog

    Occam’s Razor (He has the best roundup of Wade reviews)

    Staffan’s Personalty blog ( Personality is heritable and thus clusters around populations. Staffan covers this well)

    Matt Ridley (He’s often wobbly, but he is one of few HDBers that writes for the mainstream and gives university lectures.)

    Handle’s Haus (He has the best list I know of person’s bullied by the PC police including HBDers. He keeps the list updated.)

  18. Riffle Raffle Thread Industries

    head to Forums-Based Chat

  19. I have to say, Radish Magazine has some of the best prose I’ve seen in years:

  20. Jerry Pournelle
    Gates of Vienna

  21. I appreciate the suggestions, but readers should keep in mind that a lot of these are already in my links.

  22. Lot says:

    Twitter is horrible, bringing an extreme nastiness and anti-intellectualism to a medium that once had high barriers to entry for nasty idiots.

    Please don’t encourage it.

    The only thing nice I can say about it is that it was cofounded by a guy who was on the verge of taking the Al Bundy route and selling women’s shoes as a retail sales clerk to make ends meat, and its current CEO is a failed stand-up comedian.

  23. I also vote for a purge of dead blogs, locked blogs, plus the unsubtle anti-semites (Udolpho, Dusk, KMac).

    Otherwise an interesting list that does not need to be augmented too much.

  24. Many thanks for the link to Uncouth Reflections!

  25. but I suspect you are at Max’s.

  26. I believe Gucci and Unamusement Park are Dead sites. Although the old Unamusement Park’s articles are still up online.

  27. XX Committee – – Interesting intelligence commentary by someone with an insider perspective but is not just parroting the establishment views

  28. ian welsh has interesting things to say

  29. HA says: Arguably the best, most incisive writer in the English language right now.

    What are you – twelve or something?

    “…unburdened himself of a 730 nanometer lament to Putin’s fang-faced global carnivory. While engorged of stupefyingly prosaic calumnies, the piece was… fear and lust for nuclear war. It’s horrible, it’s terrible, it’s…beautiful! It’s the written spectacle of a man ejaculating on his own tear-streaked face.”

    I don’t want to trash the guy — he’s definitely got something you might call flair — but I urge you to expand your literary boundaries somewhat, and then re-evaluate a little.

  30. My blog of course! . . .oh wait, it’s already there.

  31. Site that was a result of a purge from the original Alternative Right:

  32. Here’s PseudoErasmus’s blog roll:

    Chris Blattman
    Dani Rodrik
    Demography Matters
    Diego Valle
    Dienekes Pontikos
    Education Realist
    Elijah Armstrong
    Erik Meyersson
    Evolving Economics
    Growth Economics Blog
    Human Varieties
    James Thompson
    John Fuerst
    Libros de Holanda
    Michael Heller
    Peter Frost
    Peter Turchin
    Razib Khan
    Scholars’ Stage
    Social Science Evolving
    Staffan’s Personality Blog
    Steve Hsu
    Tino Sanandaji
    West Hunter

  33. If you want to add to the “Left” sites on your blogroll, you might consider The Nation‘s Patricia J. Williams ( She sometimes strikes me as a voice from a future world, where left-liberals have absorbed your criticisms, discarded the notions you most frequently attack, and found that there are plenty of reasons to continue in a politics that is by every definition “left.”

  34. The blog Cambria Will Not Yield is like Larry Auster on steroids.

  35. Elusive Wapiti, Spearhead Magazine (William Price), Return of Queens (authored almost exclusively by females), Dalrock, Dr. Helen (Helen Smith)


  36. Elusive Wapiti, Spearhead Magazine (William Price), Return of Queens (authored almost exclusively by females), Dalrock, Dr. Helen (Helen Smith)


  37. Elusive Wapiti, Spearhead Magazine (William Price), Return of Queens (authored almost exclusively by females), Dalrock, Dr. Helen (Helen Smith)


  38. I also vote for a purge of dead blogs, locked blogs, plus the unsubtle anti-semites (Udolpho, Dusk, KMac).

    Let’s be fair to KM.

    Without him how would we know Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together exonerates Jews as a racial collective of responsibility for the Russian Revolution?

    The damage MacDonald inflicted on anti-Semitism (through stupidity or intentionally?) warrants Jewry keeping him as anti-Semitism’s frontman:

    The second volume covers the post-revolution era up to 1970 when many Jews left Russia for Israel and other western countries.[8] Solzhenitsyn says that, despite the presence of Jewish Leon Trotsky, the 1917 February and October Revolutions were not the work of Judaism. Solzhenitsyn says that the Jews who participated in revolution were effectively apostates splitting from the spirit of tradition.[1] Solzhenitsyn emphatically denies that Jews were responsible for the revolutions of 1905 and 1917. At the end of chapter nine, Solzhenitsyn denounces “the superstitious faith in the historical potency of conspiracies” that leads some to blame the Russian revolutions on the Jews and to ignore the “Russian failings that determined our sad historical decline.”[9]


    The book has been described by historian Richard Pipes of Harvard University as “a conscious effort to show empathy for both sides.” and exonerating Jews for responsibility for the revolution: “No, in no way can it be said that Jews ‘made’ the revolution of 1905 or 1917 as it was not made by another nation taken as a whole”.

  39. You should update your Ed West link. He’s at the Spectator now not the Telegraph:

    Also, you should delete the Alternative Right link. It was an ugly anti-American site when it existed and is now a dead link.

    A general purge of dead links would be welcome too.

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