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Was Mall of America Attack a Hate Crime?
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Yesterday, a young black man with a long rap sheet threw a little boy of unreported race off the third floor balcony of the giant Mall of America outside of Minneapolis.

Various news organizations are covering this horrific story in different ways.

For example, doesn’t mention it anywhere right now on its vast home page and has only covered it with short AP and Reuters wire service accounts. In contrast, has used its own reporter to write a story.

But there are some common features in all the media coverage. White the 5-year-old victim’s name has been reported as Landen, no national news account has mentioned his race.

There has been no speculation over whether this was a hate crime.

Does the normalization of anti-white racial rage in elite culture (e.g., speaking of Mall Hate, Ta-Nehisi Coates winning a $625k MacArthur Genius Grant for his memoir of the time a white woman said “Come on” to his son in a marked manner when the little boy was about to cause an escalator pile-up) trickle down to losers like this guy?

Nor have I seen any analysis of what does the perp’s ability to be walking free despite a long list of unprovoked attacks say about the Establishment’s recent obsession with Ending Mass Incarceration.

Nor have I seen any reporting on arrestee Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda’s immigration status. The name is unusual and non-definitive. The last name is Latin, the middle name African-American, the first name perhaps East African Christian. So he could be anything.

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  1. The article I saw called it the infamous “isolated incident.” You see, when a windstorm blows over headstones in a jewish cemetery, it is part of a massive white supremacist movement led by no less than the President of the United States. When whites suffer at the hands of blacks or immigrants, it is just “an isolated incident.”

    Also, according to the article, there was no relationship between the victim and perpetrator.

    No blood, no foul!

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
    , @guest
  2. Here’s my take, without reading the WP (which I will later). The guy’s crazy, does a ton of drugs, both legal and illegal. The family would have like to have him committed, but there’s no place for him. Law enforcement does their part, but the judges keep letting him out with all his false promises.

    Okay, I read the WP article. I stand by exactly what I said. No, it’s not a hate crime, it’s a crazy drug crime that nobody wants to acknowledge or pay for treating/punishing.

  3. Cortes says:

    I saw what you did there… 🙂

    Such horrendous hypocrisy from the “regime transmission belts formerly known as the media.” My gift.

  4. Hubbub says:

    White privilege, no doubt.

    • Replies: @Bubba
  5. Yes, he could be anything, but mostly he’s a POS.

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    …LOL!!! Look at all the little mens’ brains implode because a woman’s achievement has been recognised. Poor buggers appear to be in agony!!

    …In Trumps racist, misogynistic America, hero’s like Katie are marginalized, discouraged and never praised.

    …Rosalind Franklin is somewhere smiling

    …reminds me of Margaret Hamilton and her Apollo Guidance Computer source code

    …what’s with the person who decided to call this scientist “cute” [sorry]

    • Replies: @Ricardo Cruz
    , @El Dato
    , @Jack D
  7. @wren

    Sure seems like he hated that little boy.

  8. Ibound1 says:

    I never go to the Mall or any other place where I can run into the Third World Freak and Horror Show that America has become. I will only go to art house theaters, never large commercial theaters. It’s bad out there.

  9. Moses says:

    No mention of the 5 year old victim’s race means he’s White. Duh.

    Kind of like no mention of the patient zero vector for all these measles outbreaks means patient zero was a 3rd world immigrant. Media prefers to blame anti-vaxers rather than the ppl who import the disease.

    It’s all so tiresome.

    • Agree: YetAnotherAnon
  10. wren says:

    Reuters clears it all up for everyone.

    Man arrested after boy falls from balcony at Minnesota’s Mall of America.

    • Replies: @wren
    , @Known Fact
  11. Anonymous[233] • Disclaimer says:

    To be fair, the mother of the little boy said “come on” to Aranda on the escalator.

  12. CBS, “Tiffany Network” has this to say. This is the elite calling out their attack dogs.

  13. istevefan says:

    Yesterday, a young black man with a long rap sheet threw a little boy of unreported race off the third floor balcony of the giant Mall of America outside of Minneapolis.

    If I were in charge, after fixing immigration and initiating repatriations, demolishing the Mall of America has got to be in my top 50. I suppose if we got rid of the Somalis in the first place, I might have a change of heart. But from where I stand, I hear nothing good about that mall. It’s always a poster child for diversity gone awry.

  14. Anonymous[337] • Disclaimer says:

    White the name is surely the example of fruedian typo ?

  15. “at random”…you hear that, everyone? At random. Repeat after me: At random.

    By the way, the gofund me page has almost reached its goal of $250k. Just a few thousand short. Now, countdown to some black, probably female, columnist complaining that if this had been a black child…

  16. CCZ says:

    The very woke folks at The Root, black news from the black perspective, tell us all that we need to know about the incident.

    “CBS News reports an apparently mentally-ill man has been charged with attempted murder after tossing a 5-year-old over a third story balcony at Mall of America in Minnesota.”

    “Man Reportedly Throws a 5-Year-Old Over a Three-Story Balcony at Mall of America”

    • Replies: @YetAnotherAnon
  17. trelane says:

    When a person having black ancestry commits a hate crime it is a mental health issue. Whites who commit hate crimes are quite thoroughly sane, too sane if you ask me or somebody else.

    I often wonder how a white person could be so sane? Even myself, I’m not not so sane as to commit such a crime but the black fellow who is quite insane commits such crimes regularly.

  18. unit472 says:

    Malls need Walls! No adult without a credit card should be admitted. These are places for people to shop not for the underclass to wander and shoplift. It might be the only way to save brick and mortar retail.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  19. The last name is Latin, the middle name African-American, the first name perhaps East African Christian. So he could be anything.

    Or everything. Like Nipsey Hussle.

  20. anonymous[286] • Disclaimer says:

    Why do Anti Whites demand that EVERY white population be multicultural/multiracial?

    Why is open borders a White ‘Privilege’?

    ”Diversity” is entirely one way: taking white institutions and populations and turning them non white.

    How do our Anti White institutions and media justify this? Is it because of slavery? Colonialism?

    None of those things, or any other evil for that matter, are unique to White peoples. Nor have they been exempt from these evils. Not by a longshot. See: Turkey, Mongolia, North Africa, the Slavs, the Irish…

    anti racist’ is code for Anti White
    diversity’ is code for White G-

  21. White the 5-year-old victim’s name has been reported as Landen, no national news account has mentioned his race.

    Freudian slip, what?

    • Replies: @San Fernando Curt
  22. Was Mall of America Attack a Hate Crime?

    If Genius T Coates can get a MacArthur prize for his one-sided story of an alleged racist microaggression when a middle-aged white woman scolded his kid, whose dawdling black body was blocking her way on an escalator, then we should be safe in jumping to any conclusions about any unfortunate encounters between individuals of different races.

  23. @Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    Can’t remember where, but I think I recall reading about some multi-ethnic empire that in an attempt to keep the peace between its diverse constituent populations, it mandated severely increased penalties for crimes committed by individuals against members of the other ethnic & racial groups.

    Maybe an idea worth considering for our own empire plagued by racial & ethnic tensions?

    • Replies: @Redneck farmer
  24. Peterike says:

    “No, it’s not a hate crime, it’s a crazy drug crime”

    I see no reason that it can’t be both of those things.

  25. Per CBS

    “Police said Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda, of Minneapolis…”

    Going out on a limb here, Minneapolis… I say immigrant. Federalist says in just a few hours 225k raised via GoFundMe.. Which they will need.

  26. wren says:

    I wonder if Omar will have any comment on this, since Emmanuel may live in her district.

    Will she admit a guy did something? That would be at least more honest than Reuters here.

    Although it is likely she will now claim her life is in danger since the boy fell off the balcony.

    I hope Omar doesn’t take it out on the poor child’s mom for letting him fall off the balcony and putting Omar’s life in danger.

  27. @Jonathan Mason

    Even before the child’s race was confirmed, we all knew he was white. Even you.

  28. Peterike says:

    First I was surprised the WAPO allowed comments on the story. Then I read some. After about 40 I gave up, having witnessed an unending stream of abject idiocy. We really are doomed.

  29. Anonymous[270] • Disclaimer says:

    Sounds like the guy is a true nut and so, even if the whiteness of the boy contributed to his impulse to harm the child, we can never be sure. However, it surely is the case that – as in all other similar crimes – if the races of the perp and victims were reversed, it would be national news of a hideous racist crime, non-stop for several weeks.

  30. JimB says:

    Chinese Genetically Engineer Higher IQ Monkeys Because Why Not?

    Because the the next step will make reparations for slavery unnecessary.

  31. … Emmanuel Deshawn Aranda… The name is unusual and non-definitive. The last name is Latin, the middle name African-American, the first name perhaps East African Christian. So he could be anything.

    The first name Emmanuel is, of course, a common Jewish name, but it is also common in Haiti and in francophone countries. Emmanuelle was a notorious soft-core sex film.

    Deshawn is definitely an African American name, even though it sounds a bit Hindu. It is a variation of Shawn or Sean, which is Irish or Scottish Gaelic for John.

    Aranda is a Spanish surname which appears to be derived from a place in Spain, Aranda de Duero, which refers to the Douro river. It also refers to a group of Australian aborigines, but this usage seems very unlikely here.

    My guess is that the perpetrator has a Haitian mother, Hispanic father, and was born in the US. Haitian kids in the US often have American sounding middle names. Also many Haitians learn Spanish in school and move back and forth between Haiti and the Spanish-speaking Dominican Republic and mixed marriages are quite common.

    • Replies: @Lot
    , @Dude
  32. Bryan says:


    Yeah. And in a mall crawling with Somalians, he randomly chooses a white five year old to hurl off a balcony.

    The real wonder is that a family would tolerate a Somalian to live after such an act.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  33. Anon[685] • Disclaimer says:

    Christ said that it would be better that a millstone be tied around someones neck than for them to hurt a child.

    You know what? More Christian conservative whites SHOULD go into elementary, middle, and high school education. Being patient, helpful, motivating, and nice to kids that age can show all races that whites are really nice people, no matter what the MSM liars say.

    Pray for the little fella.

  34. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Thanks Steve for making an article out of this. I note that in no news coverage thus far do they show both the victim and the perpetrator. Breitbart isn’t covering it yet. They must know about it by now.

    It just occured to me that based on last name, the perp may be a black hispanic, FWIW.

  35. Bubba says:

    Indeed, this has to be at least the 3rd national news hate crime against whitey in the Mall of America.

    Here’s one of them – this Mall of America white victim suffers from a form of Stockholm Syndrome:

    And another –

    Incredible that the black attempted murderer had a history of harassment and crimes within the mall, but the still let him in to stalk and prey upon more vulnerable victims.

  36. I don’t care where he is from, where his ancestors are from or what his skin-pigmentation hue is. That is an incredibly evil act. While it’s bad enough to sanitize the murder of an innocent 5 year old by calling it an “isolated incident,” the description also is not accurate, not that we should expect accuracy when wokeness overrides all in journalism.

    The evil act is not “isolated.”

    In recent years, mall violence has become a regular occurrence in the USA, leading to the dawning extinction of the malls that we all grew up shopping in, with murders of anyone much less a 5 year old not even entering the realm of possibility until recently, when mall murders became an evil trend. Each mall murderer seems to be trying to outdo previous mall murderers in evilness.

  37. Barnard says:

    Based on his history I would agree with you. He is so crazy I don’t know that race was a factor.

  38. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    This perp is why we need some way to take these kind of people and make certain they can no longer do stuff like this again. If the kid dies he of course should be executed, but that won’t happen in Minnesota. We need a camp to keep people like this out of society, we probably should sterilize him too. Castration would accomplish that end and make him more docile as well, perhaps along with some shock treatment and/or a couple of thorough hidings.

  39. Marky says:

    So I land on this island as a random black chick. I’m supposed to kill everyone else through fighting, totally solo, while harvesting resources and building things to assist me.

    /delete fortnite. What were these game designers smoking…

  40. Guy threw a three year-old off a balcony. Sounds pretty hateful to me.

    It’s not workable, but Jared Taylor’s idea to treat any interracial crime as a hate crime would reveal much truth. Which is why it’ll never happen.

    • Agree: GermanReader2
  41. donut says:

    Back in the 80’s I joined the Exxon “x” in LA . Exxon had contracted to fill in for a Texaco ship that had a long term contract for the run but had to go into the shipyard . So we would spend three days loading at Shell Dock #6 Long Beach , Ca . I believe the cargo was Coker Feed and it came aboard slow and real hot . So three days in Long Beach with TV and the papers , you might spend 4 hours on deck and not turn a valve or take the slack out of a line . The Third mate who’s watch I was on lived in LA and I told him how much I wanted to go to the La Brea Tar Pits so he had his gf , a good natured Asian Merican girl with a good sense of humor pick us up and take us there , oh she was hot too but no matter . Then a 24 hour transit to north to SF with TV all the way . After San Pablo Bay there were a lot of refineries . I don’t remember which ones we went to , at one Shell refinery just before the Carquinez Bridge I was on deck at dusk the sky was a SF orange dead yellow color suddenly there was like an ink spot in the sky that moved and shifted it was one of those mystifying clusters of birds that do that thing they do . So any way Sell dock #6 right ? The line handlers would be standing by and there was a dog on the dock he looked like he was in charge . The moment the gangway was down he would come up the gangway w/o so much as a” by your leave” and head aft to where the galley was . The Fleet Chef told us that he was picky as well and turned his nose up at some of the offerings . After a few trips I checked his collar : Selby Shell Dock #6 LO

  42. donut says:

    Back in the 80’s I joined the Exxon “x” in LA . Exxon had contracted to fill in for a Texaco ship that had a long term contract for the run but had to go into the shipyard . So we would spend three days loading at Shell Dock #6 Long Beach , Ca . I believe the cargo was Coker Feed and it came aboard slow and real hot . So three days in Long Beach with TV and the papers , you might spend 4 hours on deck and not turn a valve or take the slack out of a line . The Third mate who’s watch I was on lived in LA and I told him how much I wanted to go to the La Brea Tar Pits so he had his gf , a good natured Asian Merican girl with a good sense of humor pick us up and take us there , oh she was hot too but no matter . Then a 24 hour transit to north to SF with TV all the way . After San Pablo Bay there were a lot of refineries . I don’t remember which ones we went to , at one Shell refinery just before the Carquinez Bridge I was on deck at dusk the sky was a SF orange dead yellow color suddenly there was like an ink spot in the sky that moved and shifted it was one of those mystifying clusters of birds that do that thing they do . So any way Sell dock #6 right ? The line handlers would be standing by and there was a dog on the dock he looked like he was in charge . The moment the gangway was down he would come up the gangway w/o so much as a” by your leave” and head aft to where the galley was . The Fleet Chef told us that he was picky as well and turned his nose up at some of the offerings . After a few trips I checked his collar : Shelby Shell Dock #6 Long Beach Ca.

  43. Lissamine says:

    I am seeing rumors on Twitter that the Aranda name is an alias or stolen identity of some sorts, and that his actual name is Arabic/Somali. Supposedly there are criminal records and social media that match up. Anything confirming that yet?

  44. The Z Blog says: • Website

    I suppose in a country with laws, this could be a relevant question, but this happened in America, so no one cares. This is a country that bans books, has political prisoners and is inching close to unleashing state supported terrorism on whites. This is on CBS:

    • Replies: @CrunchybutRealistCon
  45. Anonymous[359] • Disclaimer says:

    The media has been saying “punch a nazi” for years. They define pretty much any White person as a nazi.

    Add a significant number of low IQ demographics and this is what you get.

    Thanks Boomers.

  46. Vinteuil says:

    I visited Minneapolis, once.

    Every. single. white. person I met there longed for his own extinction.

    I say: give them what they want.

    • Replies: @Desiderius
    , @Anonymous
    , @Moses
  47. @Vinteuil

    They long for your extinction, not theirs. They’re descendants of the Vikings, who were very good at that exact sort of thing.

    Careful what you wish for.

    • Agree: Vinteuil
  48. donut says:

    It’s , it’s ahh Tainted Love my Negro :

  49. Krn says:

    Almost seems common. Many news stories about (crazy?) Africans pushing white pedestrians into traffic, shoving waiting white commuters onto rail lines.

  50. Before they had reported any details of the perp’s identity, the first thing I wondered was if it might be a khat-crazed Somali.

  51. The father should have read Derbyshire’ s “The Talk” and stayed away from places like this mall where certain crime-prone demographics tend to congregate. I hope the boy recovers.

  52. istevefan says:

    They long for your extinction, not theirs.

    Just look at how the residents of sanctuary cities are squealing over the potential for Trump to dump the illegals in their cities.

  53. The victim’s name is Landen H-o-f-f-m-a-n. (writing his name out normally could be interpreted to be a tell of WN sympathies). A G-o-*-g-l-e search earlier this evening produced not one single link to the incident. It did produce a link to a gofundme that had already raised nearly $300K

    Some (4chan, twitter posts) have said the confusing name is a deliberate media misdirection and the attacker really is a Somali named Mohamed .

    Horrifying but if you been paying attention for the last few decades there is a never ending series of these type of attacks that usually get no national attention, a little local attention and then get memory holed.

  54. @Joe, Averaged

    Or “a random attack.” Such code phrases unwittingly give away that the attack was a racially motivated hate crime.

    • Replies: @Nicholas Stix
    , @SMK
  55. Was Mall of America Attack a Hate Crime?


  56. I hope and pray the boy makes a full recovery.

    The rising tide of black dysfunction/violence is as big a threat to the viability of brick and mortar retailers as online sales. Malls are particularly vulnerable.

  57. @wren

    Who takes a 5-year-old to MoA? Last time I was in Minneapolis, I wouldn’t even take my 50-something self to the place, given its reputation as a gang hangout.

  58. I wish people would stop saying libs want to end mass incarceration. They most certainly did want to imprison Trump’s transition team, they want to imprison millions of lawful gun owners and the recent Jerry Nadler hearing shows they want to imprison people who think differently than they do. They’re absolutely committed to mass incarceration of their political enemies.

    • Agree: Nicholas Stix
    • Replies: @SMK
  59. JimDandy says:

    The fact that a black guy is fucked up in the head and takes drugs doesn’t mean his decision to throw a little blond boy into the abyss was a color-blind crime!

  60. To choose between being plunged, tossed, or hurled is the only dilemma that the left has left for your children:

    Sorry Ta-Nehisi, but Between the World and bored identity, there’s only one hit on this screenshot that accurately depicts what really happens when the black hits the escalator.

    bored identity, of course, refers to BBC’s “Man Charged With Murder After Child Falls From…”

  61. Anonymous[167] • Disclaimer says:

    Every. single. white. person I met there longed for his own extinction.

    What do you mean? How did that manifest itself?

  62. Helo says:

    Just one more American tragedy.

    Who will be our Sulla?

  63. It will be interesting to see if the boy’s parents virtue signal “this had nothing to do with race”, “bad people come in every colour” etc. like the parents of the girl in Iowa who was raped and murdered by the illegal did.

    • Agree: Liza
    • Replies: @Liza
  64. No, a negro cannot commit a hate crime. Likely the negro recognized the five year white child as someone with ancestors who owned slaves. The negro is the victim.

  65. @stillCARealist

    Time to reopen the mental hospitals.

  66. explorer says:

    What’s it gonna take???????

  67. AndrewR says:

    Steve are you going to write about CBS openly inciting violence against “Nazis” including Richard Spencer? This is big big big. I know you’re great at writing articles about golf when you should be covered more pressing topics but you really ought to write about this.

  68. Whiskey says: • Website

    The more publicity, and believe me the media will publicize it, the more there will be copycats. That’s why the media won’t be able to resist publicizing this.

    Game theory of course says this will only accelerate until there are tit-for-tat retaliations or the government makes an example of anyone and everyone who even knew the guy. Either factor makes copycats think twice. Since neither will ever happen, given White men’s fatal flaw — extreme atomization and individualism, I expect with media baiting more and more White kids being thrown off balconies. And other killings motivated by anti-White hate. Isn’t this JUST what the NYT, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, and the Washington Post wanted?

    Black dudes never EVER mess with Muslim kids. Not ever. They are not suicidal nor do they want their whole families wiped out.

    And this brings a larger question — the government is worse than useless — it actively suppresses any attempt at Whites organizing for their self-protection unless they are Jews with connections: NYC has a gun ban save permitted people. And guess what? After lots and lots and lots of Black attackers beating the Orthodox of Brooklyn, De Blasio’s former campaign aide ran a special program. Hire her law firm, she would shepherd gun permits through the NYPD and make sure they were approved. Obviously the quid-pro-quo was money and votes for Mayor Bill through her firm. Wow just Wow, attacks on Orthodox Jews in Brooklyn plummeted after a few attackers got ventilated and took the room temperature challenge so to speak.

    So what course of action is there for White people who don’t want Black dudes throwing their kids off balconies or getting shot in the back of the head like the Kansas City serial killer (Black man early twenties hated White men and shot them while they were walking their dogs, most victims in their fifties or sixties)? Or getting the Reginald Denny treatment?

    Muslims have made it clear in the US that its a race thing, no White men need apply (White women welcome). The number of White males converting to Islam world-wide despite the instant advantages to Muslim men is minuscule so it must be both repellent to White men (easily understood) and Muslim men being mostly Pakistani or Arab want to conquer White men and enslave them not accept them. [There is nothing more valuable than the forced labor of White men — nothing.]

    Orthodox Judaism? Not the most welcoming of converts, the outfits are … not all that awesome, and they exist mostly in NYC and a few other Eastern Cities (never see any here in SoCal and I see Sikhs, Buddhist Monks, Muslims galore, etc.) Whatever movement, religion, organization, or whatever that accepts White men as their home and allows through local dominance of politics to self-organize on a racial/ethnic basis will be quite powerful.

    There won’t be any border enforcement. Its a free-for-all against Whitey. Government will actively suppress any White effort to push back against “Kill Whitey” quite literally. No escape save Malibu and San Francisco for Diversity. Which means every ordinary place in America will be filled up very, very quickly with “Kill Whitey” dudes from Somalia or Sudan or what have you and there is neither flight nor fight left as an option.

  69. @wren

    I want to hear what his congressional representative, Ilhan Omar, has to say about this ‘tragedy’.

    • Replies: @guest
  70. Ed says:

    The story isn’t about race, it’s about how it’s nearly impossible to have crazy people involuntarily committed

    • Replies: @larry lurker
    , @Anonymous
  71. donut says:

    Who are they to look down on us ?

  72. If you read the WaPo story, you get comments like this—-

    —-“I don’t know why WaPo feels the need to show a picture of the suspect. All it does is give rise to hatred and racial stereotyping, especially given the enormous number of men of color unfairly incarcerated in this country.”

    —-90% of comments talk about guns….”And name anything the NRA has done to improve the availability or effectiveness of mental health care. ”


    —-The half-century old trope: “I worked in the California State Hospital system when Regan became governor. He rightly recognized the crush its pension system would mean to the state. Instead of fixing the pension system he elected to close hospitals and services and dump many of the mentally challenged on to the streets. ”

    WaPo readers are insane.

    • Replies: @Anon
    , @PiltdownMan
  73. @Ed

    Why not both? Violent crazy people can still choose their victims non-randomly.

  74. A guess: He’s a 2nd Gen immigrant from the Dominican Republic or Haiti.
    Probably he’ll have an attorney defend him with a guilty plea but going for maximum leniency using a rationale of: too mentally challenged to know the consequences of his actions & full of anxiety, frustration at being denied opportunities in life.
    Truth is likely that he’s low IQ & violent; full of envy & inchoate rage at feeling like he’s not getting his share of the American Consumerist Dream. Perhaps the kid’s presence irritated him & he figured he’d see what it was like to throw him off the balcony. The same primitive rush that teen criminals get from hurling rocks at cars from a highway overpass.

    • Agree: Liza
  75. @stillCARealist

    Perhaps. But if a white man had thrown a black child off of a balcony, you can bet everyone would be talking about race. Media would be speculating that it could be a hate crime. It would get much more coverage. Buzzfeed would write articles about how we should be more wary of white males. It would never end.

    • Replies: @Joseph Doaks
  76. Cardano says:

    No information about the motive, but the victim is identified as Landen Hoffmann of Woodbury, Minnesota. I note that the source is a UK newspaper:

  77. @Desiderius

    I don’t think many if the Scandinavians in Minnesota are descendants of Vikings. They are more likely the descendants of the Scandinavians who stayed home rather than the Viking warriors who left to conquer foreign lands.

    The Scots-Irish in the US probably have more Viking blood than any other group. My heritage is mostly Scots-Irish and my DNA test indicates a significant amount of Scandinavian blood. I know my family history fairly well and none of my ancestors came directly from Scandinavia.

    As with most people, one group of my ancestors raped and pillaged another group of my ancestors.

    • Replies: @guest
    , @Anon
    , @Desiderius
  78. Anonymous[253] • Disclaimer says:

    The story isn’t about race, it’s about how it’s nearly impossible to have crazy people involuntarily committed

    It’s probably about both. The guy may have acted out of racial hatred. It may take a crazy person to act on his racial hatred in such a manner. A lot of POC would probably like to blot out White people but don’t act on it in this manner because they figure they cannot get away with it.

  79. Daniel H says:

    OT: Coffee rotting in the fields.

    The NY Times cannot keep its narrative from tripping all over itself.

    The caption of the photo below states: “Guatemalans harvesting coffee in Honduras, where there is a shortage of workers.” Why is there a shortage of workers in Honduras? According to the article which accompanies the photo, because all the farmers are joining caravans headed to the USA. And, according to the article, they are heading to the USA because climate change is destroying their farms. But the farms are evidently productive enough that they need imported workers from Guatemala. It’s all too confusing, isn’t it?

    BTW. That looks like green, lush farmland. No evident ill effects due to climate change by my eyes.

    • Agree: GermanReader2
    • Replies: @Harry Baldwin
  80. Lot says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    “My guess is that the perpetrator has a Haitian mother, Hispanic father”

    What percentage of black felons have their father’s last name?

    • Replies: @GermanReader2
  81. they aren’t really interested in reducing incarceration, they just want africans to not have to obey most laws. they don’t care much about the rest of the prisoners.

  82. Lot says:

    He’s white.

    The media won’t report that. Many articles also say he “fell” of the balcony.

  83. Death or injury by falling from a high place has been a pattern recently though not frequently. There was the woman who pushed her younger friend off a bridge, an airport employee who committed suicide inside the airport by jumping from a balcony and now this. More common is being harmed by kids throwing heavy objects off a bridge. There must be lots of places where there is danger of someone falling or being pushed to their death but it doesn’t seem to happen nearly as often as in past decades. Oh, except at the Grand Canyon where falling to one’s death happens more often supposedly due to selfies.

    • Replies: @Known Fact
  84. guest says:
    @Joe, Averaged

    Isolated incident. Except this person has been thrown out of the mall for throwing things over the railing before.

  85. guest says:

    The Mall of America, which apparently is capable of speech, says this crime was “senseless.” So don’t go making sense out of his pigmentation.

  86. guest says:

    Are white people who do drugs and lack mental wellness immune to accusations of hate, too?

  87. Anon[856] • Disclaimer says:

    WaPo screens the comments and lets the ones they want through. Thus you get very skewed comments.

  88. guest says:

    The Vikings of our imagination are from medieval times. Norsks and Swedes didn’t start settling Minnesota until the second half of the 19th century. Even if they had the blood of horned pirate-kings, that’s almost a thousand years for it to have settled down.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  89. El Dato says:

    But there are some common features in all the media coverage. *White* the 5-year-old victim’s name has been reported as Landen, no national news account has mentioned his race.

    This must be the equivalent of a slave worker leaving a “help me get out of here” note in a just assembled product.

  90. Anon[856] • Disclaimer says:

    The Scandis in Minnesota tended to be poor farmers who emigrated to the US in the 1800s for a better life. Potatoes and vaccinations had increased the population in the home countries. The potato blight that nailed Ireland also got the Scandinavian countries, though not as severely. But it was enough to trigger the first waves of migration.

    But in the late 1860s, there were a few years of crop failures and starvation in Norway, Sweden, and Finland. That’s when the first waves of population really began to leave for the US, and they populated the upper Midwest.

    • Replies: @Pericles
  91. Just like Woke Nathan Philips with the Covington Boys, he didn’t see the human being in front of him, but was filled with the rage of 500 years of his personal oppression at the hands of every single white, and he “punched up” even though he threw the fascist infant three stories down. Throttling Hitler in the crib, as it were, just as even Jeb! once suggested.

    • Replies: @guest
  92. @guest

    The Danish pavilion at the 1964 World’s Fair had a sign expressing pride in their Viking heritage, but were glad that it was over.

  93. @Lot

    What percentage of black felons know for sure, who their father is?

  94. Anonymous[439] • Disclaimer says:

    He doesn’t look like a Somali – they all have a very distinctive look exclusive to themselves.

    Neither does he have a Somali name – which are pure Arabic.

  95. Anonymous[439] • Disclaimer says:

    As evil and heinous as this crime is, viewed on purely a symbolic level, what the western world’s Economist-run Deep State establishment is doing to white children – ensuring their inevitable eventual displacement, subordination and physical extinction – is infinitely the greater evil.

    • Agree: Craig Nelsen
  96. My grandmother owned, or so I was told, the land on which Metropolitan Stadium, and subsequently Mall of America was built, but lost the land due to her inability to pay property taxes during the Depression.

  97. guest says:
    @Fran Macadam

    ¡Yeb! went to UT Austin, so I suppose he wasn’t privy to his brother and father’s forbidden Skull and Bones knowledge of the Nazi occult. One wonders if he was ever informed that when you kill Baby Hitler he is replaced by a near-identical daemon.

  98. eah says:

    I don’t get it — is this a rhetorical question? — another form of “wry detachment”? — or is it a serious question? — if so, from whom do you expect an answer?

    Do you actually believe hate crimes should exist? — that they have not been used to, and will in the future almost exclusively be used to, target Whites?

    Have you reconsidered your practice of referring to Jussie Smollett familiarly as “Jussie”? — which minimizes the severity of what he did, which is wrong, since what he did was stoke hatred of Whites, which could very well have incited acts of violence against Whites, such as this mall incident.

  99. @FredCDobbs

    The Washington Post comments sections are usually unreadable, because of the great volume of organized trolling in defense of narrative “take” of the news report or opinion piece.

  100. Pericles says:

    The Somalians will understand if the White clan takes appropriate revenge.

  101. @Thin-Skinned Masta-Beta

    REPORT: More Blacks Receive Punishment For Interracial Crimes Than Whites. (AP) Experts don’t know why…..

  102. LondonBob says:

    There was a random stabbing spree in London, I have wondered about the race of victims and perpetrators.

  103. Pericles says:

    I’ve heard that literally a third of Sweden moved to America, so now you can estimate how many Somalians will come over. Filmed as The Emigrants, which I’ve never seen due to a reputation of being part of Swedish Depressing Cinema.

  104. @CCZ

    It’s odd. On the rare occasions mentally ill white men do bad things to minorities or Labour MPs, “mentally ill” never gets mentioned.

    IIRC the guy who shot MP Jo Cox had been asking for help the day before. If he’d shot a right wing Tory MP, the media ‘conversation’ would be all about the lack of support for the mentally ill.

  105. @Hippopotamusdrome

    Thank you for sharing that 2016 TEDx talk where she explains her algorithm.

    Interestingly, wikipedia says that “the Bouman-led 2016 algorithm was not used to create the final image of the black hole that was published in April 2019.”

  106. 95Theses says:

    “White the 5-year-old” has got to be one of the most deliciously ironic and prescient bit of journalism evah!

  107. El Dato says:


    You go girl.

    This is good stuff, a big step for mankind and an excellent result from an international collaboration.

    Sagittarius A* is next!! (It’s even bigger as (un)seen from Earth)

    I’m just disappointed that the Black Hole is apparently bog-standard spherical. Interesting approaches to Quantum Gravity would have predicted that it would be torus-shaped. The universe persists in being classical except when it doesn’t. Weird.

    Einstein Gravity – 100% right (and now with gravitational wave observatories and neutron star binaries under precise scrutiny, non-Einstein Gravity ideas have barely life left in them at all).

  108. Black man throws white boy off balcony at Mall of a Metaphor.

  109. yarro says:

    Is there any presumption that, being private space, the Mall of America is responsible for basic safety? Particularly when the perp had been banned before? Look forward to seeing this explored in a lawsuit brought on by the boy’s parents.

  110. Amazon is a multi-billion dollar industry exactly because most people don’t want to go to the mall anymore. People don’t want to go to the mall anymore because, aside from the hassles of traffic and parking, it isn’t safe. It isn’t safe, because of the BLM effect.

    So, you see, things are working quite well for at least some of the elite.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  111. Jack D says:

    Of course these “you go girl!” stories giving her sole credit for a vast international collaborative effort involving mostly white and Asian males is ridiculous, but at least there is some small kernel of truth there vs. say Hidden Figures where they gave the black adding machine operators credit for the entire space program.

    The irony there is that the tweeting is done mainly by women who have no intention of (and no ability to) pursuing a STEM career, but they may lure some naive girls (not their own daughters) into such careers for which they are ill suited. Most people (male and female) have enough sense to avoid this kind of work with long hours and low pay – only a handful of nerds (though more than there is demand for, judging by the wages and job opportunities) are socially disconnected enough to want this kind of job, but with this kind of promotion more unsuited girls will be lured into it (and displace guys who are better suited).

  112. @miss marple

    You know you’re in a diverse area when the overpass is enclosed in mesh so the inhabitants can’t use your car for target practice.

  113. @The Z Blog

    Yeah, HiveMedia recruited a Nigerian-American Champagne Socialist to head up its Enforcement Division of the Overton Window Dialogue Control Corporation.

    >Thought Crimes & Hate Speech detected in sector 548-23.

    >Dispatching Volunteer BAMN-ADL platoon for immediate suppression.

  114. @Mis(ter)Anthrope

    We’re all descendants of one conqueror or another. The TFR of the slain is remarkably low.

    Not really very nice at all.

  115. @Nicholas Stix

    Why? The authorities never call a black-on-black, or black-on-Hispanic attack “random.” (I’m not sure about black-on-Asian attacks.) Meanwhile, in cases of white-on-black attacks, the authorities and media either assume they are racially motivated, or say that further investigation is required to determine their character.

    (When the cops describe an attack as “random,” and the MSM refuse to ID the respective races of vic/perp, we know it was a black-on-white attack.)

  116. SMK says: • Website
    @Nicholas Stix

    Almost every violent crime blacks commit against whites, especially violent crimes that don’t involve robbery, is to some degree a “racially motivated hate crime.” But has any black ever been convicted of a hate crimes for assaulting, raping, or murdering a white? Has any black, even one, ever been charged with a hate crime for assaulting or murdering a white?

    • Replies: @SMK
  117. @Lot

    Beautiful white genetics, but they already look cucked to hell. Many (even the majority) of white people are sheltered by their parents.

    A shame that such beautiful genes go to waste.

    I hate to be the one to point this out, but this kid would have gone on to be an anti-white virtue signaller, just like his parents.

    • Replies: @Lot
  118. Anonymous[346] • Disclaimer says:

    Women will always like shopping in person.

  119. SMK says: • Website

    “Hate crime” laws have nothing to do with justice, i.e., “equal justice under the law,” everything to do with politics and ideology, with empowering and protecting and pandering to non-whites, especially blacks, Mestizos-Amerindians, and Muslims, and persecuting, dispossessing, and hating whites who are heterodox and “politically-incorrect,” those demonized and vilified as “racists,” “bigots,” “haters,” “Nazis,” “white supremacists,” “white nationalists,” “xenophobes,” “Islamophobes.’ That explains why only whites are charged with “hate crimes” and why blacks, “Hispanics,” and Muslims are never charged with hate crimes against whites.

    and when “hate speech” laws are enacted in 10-20 years if not sooner,” only whites will be arrested, prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned for “hate-speech” for their heterodox and “politically-incorrect” views: e.g., criticizing and telling the truth about black criminality, especially black-on-white violence, average negro intelligence, “Hispanic” rape and gang culture, criticizing and telling the truth about Islam and opposing Muslim immigration, etc. In contrast, blacks, “Hispanics,” and Muslims will be free to hate whites, even to incite violence against whites, even to call for their extermination.

    And so it is in the UK, where Muslims were free for years and even decades to abduct, enslave, drug, gang-rape, torture, and even murder working-class English girls, including prepubescent girls of 10 and 11, and where Frayda Jansen and Tommy Robinson were convicted of “hate speech” and sentenced to prison for exposing these atrocities and criticizing and “harassing” Muslims.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  120. Lot says:

    Don’t be so sure, majority of white men and married white women in MN voted for Trump.

  121. Fun says:

    Is this an actual hate crime? Maybe the perpetrator truly hates whites in his heart of hearts, but who really knows?

    Based on his previous arrests, there seems to be something wrong with him mentally, but there is no evidence of him targeting white people. I mean the kid was white, but it’s Minnesota. The victim was likely to be white by sheer demographics.

    Maybe more will be revealed, if (..if) the media does its job.

    • Replies: @Steve Sailer
  122. @Daniel H

    they are heading to the USA because climate change is destroying their farms.

    Is this actually true anywhere? Obviously there are times of drought, flood, and other cyclical disasters that might make life difficult. But are there places that have been rendered uninhabitable by the 1.57 degree Fahrenheit the earth’s average temperature is said to have increased since the 1880s?

  123. Censorship and deplatforming of the Left and MSN are in order. Shouldn’t someone question whether or not the MSM and Leftist media contribute to antifa and black-on-white crime and violence? If obscure WNs and conservatives can be blamed, banned, and punished for having the wrong thoughts or blamed for the actions of lone wolf attackers everywhere on earth, then surely the hate-mongers at CNN, the NYT, etc. can be blamed for the violence and hatred that they promote with a much bigger megaphone and platform.

    • Agree: SMK
  124. SMK says: • Website

    They want to end the “mass incarceration” of violent and/or recidivist blacks criminals and, to a lesser degree, Mestizos-Amerindians, including legal and illegal immigrants -when, in reality, not nearly enough black and “Hispanic” males are in prison. The crime rates of St. Louis, Detroit, Baltimore, El Paso, Chicago, Los Angeles, etc., are proof of that reality.

    The want to imprison far more whites convicted of white-color and “process” crimes, first-offenders convicted of nonviolent and often victimless and mala prohibita felonies (i.e. crimes that are legal acts in many other countries.)

    The deranged Trump-hating leftists at CNN and MSNBC were outraged that Paul Manafort was sentenced by Judge Ellis to “only” 4-years in federal prison rather than the 20-25 proposed by Mueller, the sanctimonious zealot and “grand inquisitor.” At sentencing, Judge Ellis noted that Manafort was only indicted for these “process crimes” because of the Mueller witch-hunt. One leftist, a burly white male whose name I forget, even accused the judge of having a “hard-on” for Manafort, which explained why his sentence was so outrageously, scandalously lenient.

    By orders from Mueller, a fanatic and sadist, Manafort was entombed in solitary confinement for 9-months, I believe, in the hope that he’d be impelled to “compose and singe” so Trump could be indicted for crimes he either committed or didn’t commit and thus impeached and removed from office. Alas, the witch-hunt and coup failed in it’s mission but destroyed many lives nonetheless.

  125. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    I showed my wife, who is generally irritated and resentful when I show her these things because “It’s all I think about” but the picture of that sweet little boy got to her.

    Physiognomy is real – if you can read faces you can generally tell the evil/ psychos from the rest even as children. This kid is genuinely good.

    This is why they will not show him.

  126. Anonymous[373] • Disclaimer says:

    Still not covered by Breitbart. I guess since some MENA congressperson said something critical of Israel we must endure 50 articles denouncing her.

  127. I would definitely call this a hate crime but I doubt the police will classify it as such.
    Just a thought from a psychologist friend I knew: A lot of black hate is based in self hate.

  128. @Lot

    He looks like a young Richard Spencer.

  129. eagles says:

    I believe the Mall of America was featured in the Mary Tyler Moore Show opening.
    It sure has changed

    • Replies: @Desiderius
  130. Str5 says:

    Since we are hearing about it, it’s a good bet the little boy was Jewish. Why would Jewish media give air time to help a gentile family, especially when it could be used against multiculturalism?

  131. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    They used to have stores, much like Sams or Costco today where you needed a membership to get in. They could have malls on that basis too. You buy a membership at a nominal fee and if you cause any bullshit they pull your membership.

  132. Dude says:
    @Jonathan Mason

    Haiti… that was what I guessed. I haven’t known but one person from Haiti and looked very similar. I go to the mall of America 25+ times a year I see many Somalis there and he doesn’t look like one imo, also doesn’t look like he is African American imo. I know it’s a pointless comment for me to make and speculate out loud but I saw the comment saying he could be from Haiti or a parent could be from Haiti and decided to comment

  133. @eagles

    You must be a millenial.

    Bud Grant ruled the land on which the Mall now stands when Mary Tyler Moore was on and he wouldn’t have stood for one bit of this nonsense.

  134. @Fun

    You might have an outmoded view of demographics at the Mall of America.

  135. Liza says:
    @Johnny Smoggins

    Well, here’s a comment from one of the donors (Landen’s aunt) to gofundme:

    I am Landen’s aunt and on behalf of our entire family we feel your love! It’s amazing the feeling we are getting reading all your posts. Our focus is on the love and not the hate that brought us here. They say it “takes a village” but in this case the entire WORLD is responding. Heartfelt thanks again!

    On the other hand, here’s a comment from another donor:

    34 mins ago
    Praying for you little one. That dirty Somalian rat shouldn’t have been allowed into our country to begin with.

    LOL (forgive me, but I really am laughing out loud.)
    Only in Amerika.

  136. SMK says: • Website

    How fitting that this atrocity, apparently committed by a Somali or Somali/”African-American” hybrid, occurred during the trial of Mohammed Noor, the affirmative action Somali cop who shot and killed Justine Damond.

  137. Moses says:

    Every. single. white. person I met there longed for his own extinction.

    White or Fellow White?

    Whites basically are all Cossacks and Nazis to Fellow Whites. Fellow Whites long for White extinction.

    That is the best explanation for the outcome of their actions to remove White immigration preference and cram “diversity” down every White throat and town in America.

    They keep Israel as ethnically homogeneous as they can though. Weird.

  138. Anonymous[290] • Disclaimer says:

    Yes, laws passed to protect minorities from racist majorities also serve to protect minority criminals who prey on the majority.

  139. An effect of uncontrolled Muslim immigration. They don’t share our values

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