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Tropical Truckdrivers vs. Canadian Ice and Snow: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?
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From the Toronto Globe and Mail:

How an immigration scheme steers newcomers into Canadian trucking jobs – and puts lives at risk

Immigration consultants and trucking firms with sketchy safety records have found ways to exploit foreign job seekers, sometimes with tragic results when unprepared drivers are sent out on the road, a Globe investigation finds


Mahan Singh remembers feeling terrified he would lose control on an icy highway and kill someone.

His new employer had sent the 26-year-old rookie driver out to navigate a semi-trailer through treacherous mountain passes. “There was no training,” says Mr. Singh, who had been in Canada as a visitor for just a few months when he got his first job here under a temporary work permit. “I was scared. I didn’t have any idea it would be like this.”

Mr. Singh, who comes from Amritsar, in northwestern India, had never experienced ice or snow. He’d never considered being a truck driver, either, but Canadian immigration consultants told him that getting experience in trucking could help him qualify for permanent residency. So, a year ago, he got a licence and found a company to work for in Surrey, B.C.

Mr. Singh says he had to give $10,000 in cash to GLT Transportation just to get hired, then put up with perilous working conditions for weeks on end. “I had two minor accidents in the first four months,” he says. “In my six-month driving period, I only was in Surrey eight to 10 days. Always, we sleep on the road.”

He has since found a better employer, but he is still appalled that a country like Canada allows reckless trucking companies to send nervous, unprepared newcomers like him out on the highway. “Everything is supposed to be by the rules in Canada,” he says, “but then, when I start work, I find out there are no rules.”

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  1. Peterike says:

    Peterike’s Law, Canadian edition.

  2. Asdf says:

    Doing the work Canadians wont do.

  3. He “came as a visitor” but he took the job because he was told it would “help him qualify for permanent residency?”

    Which is to say: “He came as a lying fraud and a scoundrel.”

    • Agree: GermanReader2, Ibound1
  4. Daniel H says:

    So the trucking companies, referral consultants and truckers are all Indian. Canadians are just bystanders.

    We are no match for these people.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  5. JohnBeck says: • Website

    A little while back, a whole hockey team in rural Canada was wiped out by a semi truck driver who went through a stop sign.

    The driver’s name? Jaskirat Singh Sidhu

    Sikhs are not only taking over the industry through ethnic nepotism, they’re also bringing in all the foreign coethnics.

    • Agree: bruce county
    • Replies: @bruce county
    , @Old Prude
  6. anon[293] • Disclaimer says:

    We have their recipes. They can go back now.

  7. In the linked article is this: “Among 29 of the carriers with federal approval to recruit foreign drivers (2016-2018), these 15 had at least three significant accidents in recent years.”

    Of the 15 companies listed, 13 are owned and operated by Indians. I couldn’t find details for Green Mountain Trucking so 14 of them might be owned by Indians:

    Gulzar Transport (owner: Satnam Singh (Lally))
    R. Mann Trucking (president: Rajinder Mann)
    TMG Logistics (CEO: Sukh Pandher)
    Bill’s Trucking (GM: Bill Buttar)
    JMG Carrier (owner: Malwinder Athwal)
    617436 B.C (president: Jaswant Virk)
    Super Bee Transport (president: Aman Rai)
    Northwest Freightways (president: Peter Sanghera)
    Premier Freight Systems (president: Leo Sohi)
    G&R Contracting (president: Surjit Gill)
    Chohan Carriers (owner: Sunny Chohan)
    Lally Trucking (GM: Ranbir Lally)
    SSB Trucking (director: Kuljinder Bhuller)

    Also in the article: “Among 29 of the carriers with federal approval to recruit foreign drivers, 15 were allowed to hire numbers in excess of their average fleet size.”

    Of the 15 companies listed, five are from the list above. Of the remaining nine, four are owned and operated by Indians. I could not find information on Apna Y Express (possibly Indian), Jasiv Enterprises (most likely Indian), Planet Pride Logistics (sounds gay), Green Mountain Trucking (from the list above) and Bay Bridge Transport. The remaining company appears to be owned by an actual Canadian.

    IGS Trucking (owner: Satwinder Sandhu)
    Chahal Bros Trucking (president: Mukhwant Chahal)
    Freightstar Logistics (president: Savy Khaira)
    GLT Transportation (president: Lakhwinder Samra)

    This is not just about incompetent Indian drivers and corruption, but the capture by Indians of road transport companies. What a joke.

  8. He’d never considered being a truck driver …


    Sikhs have entered trucking in North America in numbers. From what I see online, in India, they are stereotyped as interstate truck drivers. It appears to be a common career choice for young Sikh men with no special educational qualifications.

  9. black sea says:

    Mr. Singh claimed to have no experience in driving a truck, and no training in how to do so. I’m not familiar with the trucking laws in Canada, but if true this seems pretty amazing. Someone with no training wouldn’t, for example, be able to back the trailer into a loading bay at a warehouse, or at any rate, not with any consistency. Who would employ a driver who kept damaging or destroying the equipment? Something seems to be missing from this story.

    “Always, we sleep on the road.”

    Yes, that’s what truck drivers do. You can find out about this by talking to drivers or searching the internet. Trucking is one of those formerly blue collar, middle class jobs that now, for most drivers, pays poorly and demands a great deal of time on the road. For some. the money is good, but not for most.

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  10. @JohnBeck

    i used to live in vancouver. A good friend worked for a Dot Indian trucking company. The raghead owned 20 brand new KW tandem tandems. He knew where 11 of them where and collected the contract money where ever the other 9 were. My friend used to call driving a truck in Vancouver the Hindi 500. He told me one Dotter billed the city of Vancouver for a tandem dump and a rubber tired hoe and the brownie never owned either. Incredible!
    His favourite joke… “SUV accident victim identified as Pindunder Jeep”

  11. Hey, you have to break a few eggs to make an omlette; The Canada of tomorrow, and the US too, have to suck it up and take a few for the team to ensure our future multi-culti dreams come true.

    • Replies: @Olorin
    , @Nicholas Stix
  12. Anonymous[375] • Disclaimer says:

    “Sikh drivers are transforming U.S. trucking. Take a ride along the Punjabi American highway”

    “Palwinder Singh came to America from Patiala, India in 2001, and is one of the 138,000 truck drivers in California. He said the job appealed to him because it gave him independence, including the ability to grow out his beard and wear a turban on the job.”

    • Replies: @Anonymous
  13. It’s not a good idea to transfer ice road trucking skills from India’s Himalayas to North America.

  14. Alden says:

    There are many good reasons the Teamsters Union was created. Kick back bribe to get a job. Sounds like the good old days of 1890

    • Agree: Hibernian
  15. “Everything is supposed to be by the rules in Canada,” he says, “but then, when I start work, I find out there are no rules.”

    Oh, there are rules alright. They just don’t apply to you, Pahjeet.

  16. “Highway through Hell”

    • Replies: @JerseyJeffersonian
  17. istevefan says:

    We have their recipes. They can go back now.

    That’s a fu*king great retort. I’m so tired of milquetoast Whites saying immigration is great because of the food. I’m going to use that line for sure.

    • Replies: @BenKenobi
    , @Lurker
  18. El Dato says:

    People’s plans change. Dont be hatin’

    • Disagree: Cloudbuster
  19. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @black sea

    In Ontario, an industry sprung up of Indian owned and operated “truck driving schools” that catered exclusively to these Indians and was able to get around provincial regulations about driving schools by costing less than a certain price(although many also demanded kickbacks which upped the cost).

    The licensing tests for truck drivers were also a bit of a joke(this may have changed recently). About five years ago another Toronto newspaper did a series of investigations, tailing students taking truck driving tests at the Ministry of Transport’s main testing facility just outside Toronto. They found many did not even go onto the highway, despite the facility being in close proximity to three massive ones.

    As for many of these companies, if they get into any trouble, they just shut down and reincorporate as something else, with a cousin or uncle being the titular head of the company. It’s not like if Canada Cartage screws up. Read the article. Canadian police wouldn’t even tell one bereaved family what company the driver who killed their daughter worked for.

    There’s also the bloc-voting factor, which Sikhs in Canada have mastered more than anyone else. If government or law-enforcement goes after them, they’ll make sure everyone votes differently in the next election. Add to this the paralyzing Canadian fear of being seen as anti-immigrant and you have a recipe for exploitation.

    This is also fed by the fake Indian student pipeline. Note in the article how many supposedly started out as students. As far as I know, Canadian student visas permit holders to work a maximum of 20 hours a week(and more during the summer months). Not exactly conducive to a long-haul trucking job.

    • Agree: bomag
    • Replies: @Ibound1
    , @Mr. Anon
  20. Olorin says:
    @The Alarmist

    Precisely this.

    Tens to hundreds of millions of loonies lost, hundreds of injuries/deaths per year, and tens of millions in Canadian health care dollars spent is a very small price to pay to be enriched with food that smells like someone ate it a few hours previously, music that sounds like a cat and a bouzouki rolled downhill in an oil drum, and the wreckage of any future for your children (if any).

    Diversity is salvation! Diversity is god! Atone for your ancestors’ sins by embracing diversity and all the punishments it lays on your imperialistic white shoulders! Curried buffalo spleen shall be your new holy communion!

    • LOL: Dan Hayes, Liza
    • Replies: @Louis Renault
  21. BenKenobi says:

    Remember when that pajeet trucker blew a stop sign and killed a hockey team?

    Oh right, there’s no pro-diversity angle to push with that story.

    • Replies: @Joe Joe
  22. BenKenobi says:

    I’m way ahead of you guys.

    You should consider donating to my non-profit NGO Recipes Without Borders.

    There are eight (8) ways you can donate to RWB…

  23. Aft says:

    is still appalled that a country like Canada allows reckless trucking companies to send nervous, unprepared newcomers like him

    We are also appalled that a country like Canada imports nervous, unprepared newcomers like him

    • Replies: @El Dato
  24. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:

    “Came to Canada as a visitor”.

    When will this blatant deceit on the public – enthusiastically perpetrated by the political class – that ‘settlers’, (that is permanent residents), are ‘visitors’ will stop?

  25. Anonymous[194] • Disclaimer says:
    @Daniel H

    If it hasn’t already happened, it will only be a matter of time before senior politicians and government officials are bribed with cash offers they ‘simply cannot refuse’ in order to make decisions favorable to subcon immigrants.

    After all, that’s the way it works in India.

    • Agree: BB753
    • Replies: @bomag
    , @ATBOTL
  26. Just to make it all better, these guys cross the border! I’ve loaded a few.

  27. from Punjabi Trucking Gazette…


    Authorities are reporting that an estimated 65,000 people were killed in a devastating road accident, when a tractor-trailer hauling 20,000 people collided with a chartered bus containing 45,000 people, officials say.

    The bus was reportedly heading for the Namajushritsar Airport, where passengers had hoped to board a flight of 138,000 people bound for Canada…

    • LOL: Forbes
  28. SigHeiler says:

    Ah more subcons. What more do we need? I compare the mestizo invasion to gangrene of the leg and the dothead invasion to progressing brain cancer. The former can be painfully managed, by an amputation here and there.

    As for the latter, you be the judge!!

  29. Mr. Blank says:

    Good grief.

    My little brother once tried to get certified as a long-haul trucker — this was well over a decade ago. He did get certified, although nothing ever came of it. He ended up in a lucrative but entirely unrelated field.

    But according to him, it was no joke — driving an 18-wheeler for a living turned out to be far more difficult than he’d ever imagined. And it wasn’t the hours that bothered him — it was the technical stuff that he had the most trouble with.

    His descriptions of his brief time as a trucker do not make me confident about importing slave laborers from the Indian subcontinent to do the job…

  30. Mr. Blank says:

    To be clear, I don’t really understand the specifics of “certification,” etc., for long-haul trucking; I’m just paraphrasing here. All I know is that my little brother made a go at it. He had to obtain a license, which he said was more difficult than he expected, then he tried his hand at it professionally, and it was WAY more difficult than he expected. He specifically complained about the technical aspects of the job.

    Make of that what you will.

  31. bomag says:

    …before senior politicians and government officials are bribed…

    From what I see, the sub-cons are getting everything they want with no bribing, just fast talk and working the system our nation wrecking “leaders” have put in place.

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  32. El Dato says:

    Well, it’s just like IT outsourcing, only more rubber-hits-the-road-ish.

  33. @Mr. Blank

    Former Illinois governor George Ryan went to prison because previously when he was in charge of driver’s licenses he took a bribe to issue a trucker’s license to some guy who’d repeatedly failed his 18-wheeler driving exam and then killed 6 people in an accident.

    I am proud to have voted for the losing Democrat, Glenn Poshard, in that 1998 gubernatorial election on the grounds that the GOP candidate ought to have been guilty of felony murder.

  34. SigHeiler says:
    @Mr. Blank

    slave laborers from the Indian subcontinent to do the job…

    wait till they capture the remaining market from the few canucks who still drive trucks for a living.

    Haven’t you seen the H1B invasion of tech stateside? dot indians are NOT the same as feather Indians or those from the ivory coast. They like to get to the top (of the pack) and surround themselves with their own (which means other Indians preferably their region/caste) which they seem to be pretty good at. Just like the Chinese.

    Asian invasion would be a lot more devastating to us in the long run compared to those mongrel tribes south of the border

    • Replies: @LoutishAngloQuebecker
  35. @Mr. Blank

    Backing an 18 wheeler into a narrow driveway is difficult. I used to drive to work thru the restaurant district of Chicago and what I noticed is that good truckers felt that they DESERVED to back up traffic until they got their backing-up just right.

  36. bomag says:
    @Change that Matters

    …the capture by Indians of road transport companies

    Regulatory compliance for trucking in the US is an onerous thing; I’ve heard Canada is worse in some ways.

    The natives are fed up with the system, thus an opening for those who don’t worry much about following the rules.

    Note the quote from the post: “Everything is supposed to be by the rules in Canada,” he says, “but then, when I start work, I find out there are no rules.”

    • Replies: @bigdicknick
    , @Mike1
  37. bomag says:
    @Mr. Blank

    Your little brother is more conscientious than the bulk of those backfilling such jobs.

    • Replies: @Wheel Holder
  38. Joe Joe says:

    But remember what General Casey said after the muslim psychiatrist murdered a dozen soldiers at Fort Hood. “As great a tragedy as this is, it would be worse if our Diversity was a greater casualty”!!! The hockey team deaths are a small price to pay for Vibrancy

  39. Semi-Hemi says:

    When I started reading I thought the headline had said “TYPICAL TRUCKDRIVERS”.

  40. Old Prude says:

    Our automation manager was interviewing Indians and I told him “They will tell you what you want to hear, and do what they want to do”. He said they told him they were in America for their Master degree, and wanted to get some experience then go back to India. There you have it. They aren’t going back to that sh*t-hole. They know we want them to, so that’s their line.

    When I’ve worked with them I play their game back them, smiling and telling them what they want to hear and then following my own agenda. Hell of a way to run a business, much less a society.

    • Replies: @PorkTastic
  41. Old Prude says:

    How about that Ukrainian punk who wiped out seven bikers and their girls in New Hampshire? As soon as I hear about the slaughter I knew, in my nativist heart some sketchy immigrant, working a scam had killed those schlubs. It sucks to always be right.

  42. Anonymous[245] • Disclaimer says:

    Huh? Just how are Sikhs “transforming” trucking? Are they bringing some new driving techniques not yet seen on US highways?

    Do the Sikhs have a religious objection to consuming caffeine? I wouldn’t want any Mormon truckers, for instance.

    “Mr. Singh was granted a special exemption to the state’s “Click it or Ticket” law from the California DOT so that he could affix his sword to his belt on the job.”

    • Replies: @Alden
  43. @Autochthon

    Mr. Singh says he had to give $10,000 in cash to GLT Transportation just to get hired,

    Human trafficing is more profitable that trucking.

  44. @bomag

    a lot of society is based on the honor system which is why immigration is so dangerous. Clueless white people don’t get that we are a unique people.

    • Replies: @El Dato
    , @Charlesz Martel
  45. @Olorin

    Atone for your ancestors’ sins by embracing diversity

    You no longer have to go abroad to be a missionary, now we bring the deserving to you. It works for the great green save the Earth religion too.

    • Replies: @Olorin
    , @Olorin
  46. Dr. X says:

    Immigration is, and always has been, about exploiting cheap labor. Period.

    I’m not a communist, but frankly Karl Marx was right about the greedy capitalist swine. They’d pimp their own grandmother on a streetcorner if they could make a dollar doing it.

    I think national socialism is the answer…

    • Replies: @anonymous
  47. mmack says:
    @Steve Sailer


    George Ryan had plausible deniability on that case. IIRC there was never a direct connection between the License for Bribery scam and him:

    What DID get him caught was a Nixonian decision to quash investigations into the license for bribes scandal and other corrupt dealings he had. The image of the Willis family and their six dead children due to a trucker who didn’t speak English and didn’t understand to pull off the road sealed his fate.

  48. Wilkey says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Sounds like a brilliant idea. If only there was a way to transmit a recipe from Mumbai to San Francisco without having to actually fly a 200 pound man, his wife, children, brothers-in-law, three cousins, and best friend “George” from India to California. Perhaps via some technology a guy in India is smart enough to master. And if the recipe is really complicated maybe send a video along with it.

    How to do that? Hmmm, we’ll have to come up with something. It may take some time.

  49. RAZ says:

    Trucking is the job classification with the highest numbers of male workers in something like 35 or 40 states. And trucking (at least long haul trucking) is primed to becoming driverless in probably fewer years than we think.

    How many trucks must there be loading up with produce daily at depots in the Central Valley of CA and being sent cross country? When driverless, can eventually send these from one depot in the Central Valley to another depot somewhere in the East having gone almost 3,000 miles cross country without having to figure out the Last Mile issue. No DOT mandated breaks. Will have to stop to fuel or charge but eliminating the cost of the driver would be a big savings and savings in doing so will spur the infrastructure for this.

  50. Hibernian says:
    @Steve Sailer

    Poshard was the last moderate Democrat of statewide prominence in Illinois. Illinois once could be distinguished from CA, MA, MD, and NY. Not anymore.

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
    , @Corn
  51. JMcG says:
    @Mr. Blank

    In the US you have to have a Class A Commercial Driver’s License to drive a Semi Trailer. This was instituted around twenty years ago to cut down on truckers having multiple licenses in different states and supposedly to increase professionalism in the industry.
    Like everything else in this Godforsaken country, it’s become a joke. CDL schools are the equivalent of beauty academies now, run by grifters to extract loaned money from students with promises of high paying jobs in trucking.
    I have no doubt that there is a niche here or there that pays well, but they are few and far between.
    The drivers these schools put out are a joke for the most part. The pay is so low that drivers use their phone GPS instead of springing for the 600 dash mount that you can program with your truck’s weight and height and will keep you on appropriate roads.
    Not a week goes by that some idiot driven truck doesn’t hit a tunnel around here or get jammed into a place in which he can’t turn around. One jerk with a load of steel collapsed a historical wooden bridge a few miles from me a couple of years ago.
    It’s not like they even knock enough guys off bicycles to make up for all the bad stuff they do.

  52. @bomag

    This is quite long. It is so as I’ve seen North America for more than fifty years from its roads. The changes aren’t conducive to what many of you believe is necessary to “civilization”. You’ve been boxed in.

    I work as truck driver. Same age as Steve. Private college and the background to have been professor or pastor. Brains, and ambition. But handicapped by not reading people non-verbally. My “type” tends to a short life.

    Trucking, at least, allows one to determine who is the cause of stress. There are only so many pieces to assemble.

    That out of the way, I’ve been making cross-country trips to either coast since 1962 as a child. My father would shutter the business for up to a month and we’d travel by car. Then with aero, all-aluminum travel trailers. The US, Canada, and into Mexico. Visited 46 of the 48 before finishing high school. Watched the Interstates being built (for a period of several years we were opening twenty-miles PER DAY of new roadway), our last great feat as a nation save Apollo.


    We are westerners. My grandfather started driving well before the Great War. My father before the Second. One needed confidence & skill. The temerity to be without assistance save one’s own.

    The roads were once characterized by those who had the income and the will to keep up a cars maintenance. A 1960s full-size car was easily capable of 200k mile service with maybe a transmission rebuild. Men drove. Men who’d learned cooperation in the World Wars. Found the subject of cars, pertaining laws, and skill to be a safe conversational topic.

    Co-operation is the point to this post.

    As women joined the workforce, one made allowances for poor skill at the wheel. Change in awareness. Divorce, and then suburban sprawl made cars for every adult ubiquitous after being ethnically-cleansed from our cities. This is distinct from once being able to use streetcars. One car per household was a fine luxury, then an appreciated “asset”. No wonder the fun of the new model year.

    Whatever the validity of the (Lewis) Powell memo that “democracy” was getting out of hand circa 1971, there’s no disputing the disconnect between productivity and wages occurred. Then, inflation. The newest category class of vehicles was “contractors”, guys trying to make it on their own.

    By the late 1970s there was a subset that lived on the highways. Not just the glamorized Dead fans. Trucking didn’t pick up until the late 1970s (de-regulation; where profits went to only those who could borrow money cheaply; trucking had been characterized by individual owners who sacrificed time at home. But weren’t gone all that long. Had control over their lives), thus the change from what really was a “rush hour” twice daily was slowly transmuted to big cities with constant traffic. Can’t say I knew then or now who were these denizens of Stringtown (the never-ending Big Road), but that niche was being filled. And has only increased. “You” don’t see it, believe me. As a subject, it has no traction.

    After the 1986 amnesty a Mexican was less likely to have a broken car or pickup. By the middle 1990s when I obtained a CDL, pack behavior had become apparent. We’d had the national speed limit raised, but there wasn’t any longer the understanding that it’s relation to the conditions of road, load, traffic and weather wasn’t any longer in force. The upper posted limit is an artifice. Not a fact.

    The health of the road is the flow of the right lane. The travel lane. The passing lane was added at tremendous expense to allow the majority of traffic to move at a higher average speed. It’s not just limited access that the Interstates move vehicles along. There’s no legal travel in the left lane, per se, once a safe pass is completed. Goodbye to that also.

    In the middle 1970s, my friends and I could race the IH635 loop around Dallas on Sunday afternoons. Never change lanes. Only two gas stations open in the entire city. Today, there isn’t an hour of the day in our major metro regions that the roads aren’t nearly filled. I’ve tried bypassing one of the worst (Atlanta) at 0200 only to find commercial traffic jamming the lanes.

    Consult the “Mega-Regions of the United States” map. A colorized quick reference. Within these is so much traffic at all hours that traversing them isn’t at all easy. An hour lost to someone whose skill far exceeds your own.

    Between the Mega’s is so much traffic during the daylight hours — the work day — that you’ll wonder who (indeed) is minding the store. This is literally millions of cars 0800-1700. No explanation will be forthcoming. These are nearly all new or relatively new cars (no need to open the hood the first 100k miles my friends and I joke. “New” can be called seven years or less. No junkers. They’re so rare today to be notable; not so thru the 1990s).

    Who is paying these drivers to be out there? I drive 100k miles annually. The Denver Mega out to the crazed Charlotte-Atlanta Mega, roughly. Trying to say they are the missing from the employed category doesn’t cut it.

    Drive around your metro after midnight. Come up with a figure that predicts how many cars are about on major roads. And remember the police observation that past 2300, there aren’t any of them not engaged in felonious or misdemeanor activity.

    The Bubble of the Educated conforms to the DHS prediction: 90% travel to the same places 90% of the time. The same rounds. Cars are how to avoid others, and that blinds one. In the meantime an entire set of alternative structure has arisen. It’s not simply just-in-time trucking or WallyWorld & DG. It’s the unmooring of convention altogether.

    While you slumber in telecommuting or are in the suburb to suburb hubbub — only occasionally venturing to the hinterlands — know that it’s NOT AT ALL as you’d have found as recently as the 1980s: a traffic volume relationship to the workaday world.

    That’s gone.

    Explanations based on the number of people (government figures grossly low), or the mix of economies won’t work.

    Yes, rural America was transformed into a factory floor. Big trucks are the forklifts moving goods around. Yes, enormous amounts are being spent on long-distance electrical lines.

    Yes, America is today characterized by people who never go home except to sleep.

    Within the Mega-Regions conventional explanations appear to cover the flow of goods and people into, out of, and around. But don’t touch the traffic volume more than 150-miles from any city center (where 75-miles out is the limit for commuters and distribution).

    Again, who’s paying? Everyone needs a paycheck. Hasbara or troll. Side-grift of a politician. However many millions fall into a category found “explanatory”, it doesn’t.

    Co-operation has disappeared. I see it next to never in the attitudes of those driving cars, four-wheelers in truck driving parlance. I barely see it with truckers.

    Ever been stuck behind one big truck passing another? If you found yourself irritated it’s because you had no father to explain how the road works. The design elements. Or, he didn’t like you very much.

    What you should have seen was the truck in the travel lane slow to get the other one back over as soon as possible. Not because you were tailgating the problem (the left lane hasn’t any right of way), but because the big truck needs the room port & starboard afforded by the lane width and extra-strong shoulder. Etc.

    Put the borderline and fully retarded (80-IQ, not 70) into big trucks and the roads are a great deal more dangerous. They haven’t the visuo-spatial skills to use information from the mirrors, thus can’t extrapolate possibilities. It’s highly stressful for them to make a day of it.

    If anything goes wrong, the single answer is to hit the brakes. “Wrong” includes all four directional lanes of a major road braking for flashing blue lights ten feet off the shoulder. “Wrong” includes truck company safety departments telling them to surrender ROW to entering vehicles (which can’t enter as a pack and need 500’ of clearance to properly join ahead of a 65-mph truck), which causes them to enter YOUR lane with no clearance at all.

    The good old boy saying is, “you can’t fix stupid “.

    The Indians and others are incapable except they are ignored. Fake relatives chained to the steering wheel and living off a weekly $140 Com-Check. Wild driving and obvious corrupt practice to get business. Chains of Indian-owned truck stops (and brand-new major chain hotels built in East Bumfuck) that can’t be other than foreign money-laundering.

    You’ve already read or experienced that a Chinese and Indian overclass has been imported as your new direct supervisors. It’s also out there all across Stringtown. As late as the 1990s regional differences still existed. Not any more.

    Rural America won’t welcome you in the event of a you name it disaster. You’ve no relatives with farms. Their masters have made it clear to them via video Jesus pastors (cowboy church, google it) that the food factories WILL be kept running. And their children can operate the trackhoes to open and close slit trenches.

    Others have now established separate PHYSICAL networks across the USA. H1B is a civilized city problem.

    We won’t go into what it’s like at the borders.

    Co-operation is now an artifact of a lost age.

    You all looking forward to your crunchy beetle stew spiced with corpse remnants. I’ll point out that, culturally, you’ve been eating insects since TV took over 11/22/63. What was great music (the American use of orchestral instruments and art song; specifically, Nelson Riddle) became the trash too many of you believe is music: the Beatles and their progeny. Rock & Roll was just ghetto rap for whites. Three chords. One note.

    me, Me, ME!

    As above, so below. The invisible world of trucking (the most common “American” man employment category) is also at risk.

    If you aren’t aware of JIT vulnerabilities, you should make that a priority. Now imagine that Americans are effectively out of the game.

    Who is in a LEO uniform today wasn’t fifty years ago. No obligation to you. You’re the end remnant of the evil of Racism. The glory of the 1619 story is your disappearance. So, too, “who” is authorized to deliver relief supplies. Maybe just pharmaceuticals.

    A slowdown is all it takes.

    Meanwhile, a fleet of several million is daily on the roads. Who pays them?

    Good luck, and God bless.

    • Replies: @JMcG
  53. mmack says:

    My life experience with “Diverse” truck drivers, a vignette:

    The time is the late 1990’s. I’m in my house in the Southwest Chicagoland suburbs. It’s a Saturday afternoon and I look out the front window of my house to see a semi tractor-trailer parked on the street in front of my house blocking my driveway.

    “This is not good” I think, and I leave my house, walk down the driveway and over to the cab of the semi. In it I find a VERY confused Chinese man driving the truck.

    “Hey, can I help you?” I ask
    In heavily Chinese accented English (Engrish?) he says “I need find Julia Road.”

    Now, our lil subdivision had streets with women’s names (Karen Court, Lindsay Lane, etc.), but Julia Road was a new one on me.

    Again, since this is the 1990’s nobody has iPhones, Androids, tablets, GPS, nothing. However I do have a Yellow Pages with maps of the streets in my town. I go back into my house, get the Yellow Pages, return to the truck and stand next to him looking for a Julia Road near my house.

    After ten minutes of looking I tell him “Sorry pal, there is no Julia Road in this town”.
    He says “But I need deliver truck to warehouse on Julia Road!”

    A lightbulb goes off in my head, he means JOLIET Road, a few miles from where he is now, full of warehouses. So I tell him
    “No problem! You need to go to JOLIET Road. Go straight down the road you’re on until it dead ends. Turn right and take that road to a big stoplight. That’s 53. Turn left on 53, and 53 dead ends on Joliet Road. Then to have to turn right or left”

    Nope. “I need find Julia Road!”

    I reply “I just TOLD you there’s no JULIA Road, you need JOLIET Road, go to the end of this street, turn right, take that road to the stoplight, turn left at the light, and 53 dead ends at Joliet Road, the road you need!”

    “NO! I need JULIA Road!”

    Exasperated I yell at him
    ROAD!!!” 😡

    He starts to say in reply “But I need …”

    Finally I’ve had it. “Look pal, YOU’RE lost. I KNOW where I am and where YOU need to go but YOU are arguing with me! Fine, go find Julia Road on your own time just move your [email protected]&$ING truck from across my driveway!”

    I storm back in my house. Five minutes later the truck starts up and drives off. Goodness knows if the warehouse ever got their order. But no, hiring people who don’t speak or read English well to drive trucks should be no issue.

  54. Ibound1 says:

    When money is the “conservative” be all and end all, and third world diversity is the liberal be all and end all, why should we be surprised when there is a bipartisan effort to attract third world foreigners to our shores who care for nothing but making money.

  55. This story has all the believability of a little black girl getting her dreads cut off by roaming gangs of scissor wielding white boys.

    This guy had to pay a trucking company 10k just to get the job? Who would ever agree to that? That and the rest of this story just reads like bad fiction.

    • Replies: @Anon
  56. @Steve Sailer

    My sister’s post-divorce boyfriend owned and operated a Peterbuilt with two trailers behind, hauling dirt in Orange County to large construction projects — when he wasn’t drunk at the Huntington Beach bar where he hung out and met my sister. He was a good guy, a friendly drunk, and he gave me a couple of driving lessons when I was visiting.

    His old truck had a clutch pedal with what felt like three feet of travel. I was able to make turns out on the surprisingly empty roads where he took me. (There is an area like that, believe it or not.) Operating that rig was a huge pain-in-the-ass, and I admire drivers of big trucks who can do that day-in-and-out without causing problems.

    Whenever I see a semi, there is an old image in my head of a driver who looks like the Marlboro Man, a solid guy who could be played by Dennis Weaver (who starred in Duel, BTW.) Sadly, none of them are like that now, if they ever were.

    • Replies: @black sea
  57. @Steve Sailer

    I am proud to have voted for the losing Democrat, Glenn Poshard, in that 1998 gubernatorial election on the grounds that the GOP candidate ought to have been guilty of felony murder.

    Picky , Picky.

  58. @Steve Sailer

    “I noticed is that good truckers felt that they DESERVED to back up traffic until they got their backing-up just right.”

    This is your annoyance at being inconvenienced by the people responsible for delivering to you your first world conveniences talking.

    “DESERVED” has nothing to do with it. If the receiving dock is accessible only by blocking the street in order to back into it, what’s the alternative?* The trailer HAS to be just right, so the forklift or hand truck doesn’t fall through the gap between the dock plate and the edge of the trailer floor white it’s in the process of unloading. If it’s a refrigerated receiving area (as are likely plentiful in the food district), the trailer has to be straight in order to properly butt up against the insulators, otherwise, lots of money is lost when expensively cooled air is escapes out of the gaps.

    *Without going into a long post about it, an alternative since the time of your experience has been somewhat implemented.

  59. Ano says:

    Truck drivers from the Indian subcontinent are good people and perfectly safe responsible drivers. If crashes occur in the US/Canada it’s simply because of ice/snow and the fact Americans/Canadians drive on the wrong side of the road from Indians/Pakistanis. People producing evidence to the contrary are bad people guilty of bigotry.

    • Replies: @El Dato
  60. Mike1 says:

    “Regulatory compliance for trucking in the US is an onerous thing”. It’s not.

    There is virtually no regulatory oversight of any kind. The infrastructure exists: DOT, roadside weigh stations etc but they do nothing at all.

    • Replies: @bomag
  61. From Prince Edward Island, here I come a-smilin’,
    Where the mud is as red as tomadoes;
    All the way to Ontario, hi-yo the derry-o,
    With another big load o’ podadoes.

    I’m Zeke the Sikh, playin’ hide and seek
    With the cops from here to Toronto;
    Through settings rural and urban, just me and my turban,
    With another big load o’ padottoes.

    • Replies: @J1234
  62. @Mr. Blank

    I gave driving a go for awhile when I was in my early 20’s. I pulled containers in and out of port Newark/Elizabeth for awhile. I used to run a cement bulker between Mississauga and Lackawanna for Quikrete. I’ve driven flat beds, vans and all sorts of weird equipment. I even delivered liquor for awhile all over upstate NY.

    The most fun I had driving was when I drove for the carnival pulling rides like the himalaya, gravitron, ferris wheel, skywheel, etc. The carnival is where I learned the most about driving. I used to drive doubles for the carnival, even got pretty good at backing them up. With most companies the wheels never leave the pavement. With the carnival you get to place rides in the grass and pull them out of the mud in the rain. Also, the carnival equipment is maintained almost as poorly as the chassis at the port, so I got pretty good at fixing things in the dark, you know, things like air hoses, brakes, electrical connections, turn signals and brake lights. The traveling was fun. I drove everywhere up and down the east coast, S. Florida to New Hampshire and about as far west as Chicago.

    The thing I hated though, was that every single company I ever worked for expected me to lie on my log books and drive tired. They do not care about safety. It was a joke. I went to “trucking school” for 2 weeks where I learned how to parallel park and everything I needed to pass my written tests for the endorsements and my road test. In trucking school they were real big on how important the log book is, and how you can’t break the rules. In the “real world” we used loose leaf log pages that went in a three ring binder so they could always be altered to look legit. It was such a scam. I got to the point where I just didn’t bother with the log book at all because it was pure nonsense to appease the bureaucrats at the weigh station.

    Early in my “career” I had the pleasure of riding shotgun in a tractor trailer rollover hauling a flatbed of quikrete near Lansing NY. A gentleman in a blue pickup with a landscaping trailer pulled right out in front of us as we crested a hill top. All the locals said that was a very dangerous spot. Anyway, his toro riding mower got jammed in one of the front wheel wells as we crashed through his trailer, thankfully missing his pickup truck, thus ripping the steering wheel from my friends hands causing him to loose control leading to the rollover. It’s a good thing we had a flatbed with bags of dry quikrete and not a van or tanker or such as it absorbed much of the impact and lost momentum as we headed for the trees on the side of the road. Loudest noise I ever heard in my life. When my friend called quikrete to let them know what happened, all the dispatcher cared about was when the load would be delivered. Didn’t care about death or injuries, (fortunately there weren’t any) or the totaled Volvo and flatbed, or the gentleman’s new weed whip which was destroyed. It was surreal.

    The strangest part though was the way the insurance companies got away with never paying for the crash. There were several overlapping forms of insurance. The tractor was insured, the rental trailer was insured, quikrete carried a policy on the load. Joint and several liability. But none of them ever paid for the cleanup. My friend owned the tractor, so he ate the loss on that, and had to buy another. For years people would call looking to get paid for the cleanup. All the insurance companies reneged on their obligation. I lost all faith in “insurance” that day. Glad no one was injured.

    Driving dosen’t pay well enough. It is not worth the hassle. It’s a horribly unhealthy way to live.

    All the liability is on the driver.

    I do think if “they” were serious about road safety and not just raising revenue with the cracker jack licensing scheme that we have, that every driver should have to pass a road test in a tractor trailer. If drivers had to parallel park a tractor trailer and pass a simple road test to get their driver’s license the roads would be much safer.

  63. BB753 says:

    I have a brilliant proposal for both parties! Instead of piecemeal invasion, why not let all of the billion plus subcoms move to Canada, so they can they can finally populate the northernmost parts of the Great North, and in turn have all white Canadians with their assets move to an empty India? I’m sure the tropical New Canada would fare better in a generation than New India, a frozen desert populated by famished and frozen subcons.

  64. @anon

    We still need to deal with their music and craft fairs/parades/festivals.

  65. Driving trucks is a relatively well paid job. Are Euro canadians actually uninterested in it?

  66. black sea says:
    @Buzz Mohawk

    There are a lot of truck and truck driver videos on You Tube, some of them boring as hell, some fairly interesting. I have a mild fascination with transportation work, so I’ve watched a good many videos about trucking — not a life I would want to live, particularly at this age, but there are worse ways to pay the rent.

    One of them was a documentary about drivers in England. The filmmaker kept trying to coax from the drivers confessions of lonliness and alienation, alone on the road and blah, blah, blah. None of them were having it. “After 20 years at this job, me an the missus would just get in each others way if I was home all the time. She’s used to it, and so am I,” was more or less the typical reply.

    If you forward to 2:00 minutes in, you’ll meet a guy who really, really loves his trucking. This guy is, as the Derb says, a manifestation of the old, weird America. Sort of reminds me of a cousin of mine.

    • Replies: @Buzz Mohawk
  67. Bill P says:

    This is old news. Sikhs have been building a transnational empire up here in the border region. In addition to trucking, they are taking over all the local small stores, firing all the Christians, and replacing them with “relatives” straight from Punjab.

    The locals are starting to resent them because of their ruthless ethnic nepotism.

  68. @AnotherDad

    Ja, very interesting program. For those who may not have caught the reference, this was a tv show focusing on Canadian operators of heavy wreckers. They dealt with difficult recoveries of highway wrecks, mostly of trucks, but sometimes of autos that went off the side into deep ravines & such. Their ingenuity in resolving the often catastrophic messes was a sight to behold. Dirty & dangerous work.

    The show mostly focused on the wrecker crews, but occasionally you heard a brief bit of conversation that involved the drivers of the wrecked rigs; from their patterns of speech, you could discern that they were subcons, and they likely well in well over their depth in the snowy & icy conditions on the mountain roads.

    But to be fair, one of the better wreck sorting worker bees was himself a subcon, Sammy, if I recall correctly, & he was pretty intrepid. I think that I saw in some later shows that he had established his own wrecker crew in the Toronto vicinity.

    I still see these shows being broadcast at night, nowadays on the Weather Channel.

    So, I bet that business will remain strong for these wreckers with all of these unqualified subcon truckers hitting the road. Bully for the wreckers, but too bad about all of the dead people, eh?

  69. JMcG says:
    @Bill P

    Same in eastern PA. I’m running out of beer stores to patronize. Beer stores are a manifestation of our antediluvian alcohol laws here in the keystone state.

  70. Some of us are old enough to remember the Knights of the Road.

    That is actually what truckers were called until sometime in the 1970s when greed took over. By the late 70s and early 80s the trucking industry ran on caffeine and methamphetamines. Often with meth dissolved in the coffee.

  71. I’m in the transportation field, and have spent a considerable amount of time on the road in Semis, in the Midwest, West and Southwest.

    A legitimate semi truck driving school costs the average guy who walks in off the street between $3000-$5000 dollars. It should last about 4 weeks, provided you pass each section.

    Often a trucking company will pay for an immigrant recruit to go to a truck driving school. Sometimes this is hilarious, because certain demographics that are heavily recruited (especially Somalians) are just too retarded to pass or even understand the paperwork/planning side of things. They get “held back” in truck driving school, for weeks.

    Most trucks, the vast majority of the new ones, are now automatic. This makes them much easier to drive and encourages companies to put less-competent drivers in their trucks.

    Big companies (Swift/CR England) tend to put new drivers in a truck with “trainers” with less than a year of experience. They seem to expect these drivers to drive team, which means one person sleeps while the other drives. As you can imagine, it’s sometimes difficult to sleep while in the back of a semi. This makes inexperienced drivers sleep-deprived and tired.

    There are definite differences in drivers depending on where they come from.

    Sikhs seem to be polite, steady drivers that will step in and help. Often friendly. Lots of Sikhs lately, mostly older.
    Russians keep to themselves, seem competent. Have been noticing a lot of Russians lately.
    Hispanics seem ok, may be different in the South than the Midwest. Entirely comfortable breaking hours of service rules, weight limits, etc – many have never driven past a scale.
    Afghans are idiots everywhere, are impolite but respond submissively if addressed by a determined and larger white guy. Absolutely crap trucks.
    Asians drive like maniacs and seem to be mostly local drivers – drayage and port runs on the West Coast and stuff like that. They have some of the worst maintained trucks I have ever seen. Some literally held together with duct tape.

    US truckers with any experience tend to hate, hate, HATE Canadian trucks. They’re all governed at 65, and driven by absolute retards who disrupt regular orderly flow of traffic.

    The biggest problem on the road are the Somalians. Lots and lots of accidents caused by Somalians. They make bad decisions and cannot improvise. Fortunately they tend to be sent out in pairs so they can help each other back in when needed.

  72. black sea says:
    @Andrey illyich

    Depending on which source you consult, Canadian truckers average $18 to $21 per hour, or $40,000 to $53,000 per year. In the US, truckers usually get paid by the mile, not while waiting to unload or pick up. I don’t know if it’s the same in Canada.

    Long-haul drivers do somewhat better, but have to live in their trucks for extended periods. It seems to me that they get jerked around a fair bit at warehouses, for example, arriving at the scheduled time for a load and being told to wait, without really knowing if that means 30 minutes or three hours.

  73. @anon

    I find Indian food too spicy (of course spices have been used in the tropical world to cover for spoiled and rotten food)

  74. El Dato says:

    Enforcer AI may be our only hope.

  75. El Dato says:

    Peter Beckett said he had no sympathy for Gill and his family.

    “I don’t think you can point the finger at truck drivers, it’s just an individual case,” he said.

    “I think we’ve done out own observation and no one will ever know because there’s been lies told, several times there have been quite a few lies told.

    “There’s been no remorse, no sorry, which is a little bit disappointing, but that’s the way it goes.”

    Gill, who came to Australia when aged 20, had only been driving a truck for five weeks before the crash and was married in the weeks beforehand.


    Maybe too soon:

  76. SafeNow says:

    I recently experienced an in-person driver’s license renewal here in Southern California. The “knowledge” test was administered in a separate room, signs proclaiming that no guests were allowed. Entering this separate, stringent, inner sanctum, I felt impressed; I was ready to renounce all of my pessimism about California. You know what’s coming: As I took my test at my computer, the fellow at the adjacent computer was consulting with his “mentor” standing next to him.

  77. Daniel H says:

    Well, quite on topic. I start my OTR trucking job with a major American carrier tomorrow. I will be mentored by a senior driver. Will be out 30 days without a break. If I pass the mentorship I can get my own truck. I will report back from the trenches.

    Now too many jobs/careers out there for a 55+ American with no academic credentials and a busted out sales career. I’m grateful for the job. I need to do it for at least a year to claw my way out of debt, then I may head out for the fracking fields. Few want to work outdoors in North Dakota winters.

    Observation: at the orientation, all the new drivers were prole/white American. Age range 25-60. The drivers I saw milling around the barracks (where they were awaiting assignments) were also prole/white American. Lots of drivers have no fixed abode. You can see numerous run down RVs in the barracks parking lot. They come in off a run (2, 3, 4, 6 weeks) and retire to their RV for a few days, or take a short trip. Pay is OK, just OK, but it beats stocking shelves at Walmart. Once I get going I can earn $1,500 per week. OK, but if trucker salaries had kept up with inflation over the past 40 years, truckers would be earning $110,000 per year. The deep state wanted Hoffa dead for a reason.

    • Replies: @Hunsdon
    , @black sea
  78. Only time in my life I ever voted D was that election. Poshard seemed OK, but Ryan started to pander (kiss ass) to identity groups that I can do without so I voted against him.

    Regarding trucking here in good ole “free market utopia” USA, what I see in the trucking industry EVERDAY is a head shaker. The clowns that come into our warehouse to drop off their product are laughable.

    Don’t judge a book by its cover? Yeah, judge it. Between the hip hop attired young ghetto looking drivers, the real Africans who dress like they are going to the beach (flip flops, ratty shorts), or the few white guys in pajamas, its a sad sight.

    Our drivers wear uniforms and other than the untucked shirt after a long 12-14 day slinging 100’s of cases, they are true pros. Until I moved out of Chi, I too bought into the lazy white guy, won’t do the dirty jobs bit.

    Living in the country, now I see it is 100% bullshit. I see plenty of country boy white guys doing roofing, cutting grass for a living, digging ditches, etc. I trust these country boys behind an 18 wheeler. The other riff raff, no way.

    I see these mutts driving with their feet up, tablets and phones right on the steering wheel driving like they are kids in the back seat of their mom’s minivan. Swerving, changing lanes for no reason.

    And most every time when I see inside the cabin, its a typical.

  79. @black sea

    Thank you. That is interesting stuff.

    Trucking is one of those essential parts of modern societies that get overlooked. There sure are a lot of people like us, who write about what goes on, but meanwhile there are real people who do real things that get the food to our grocery stores, the tools to our hardware stores, and the lumber to our building sites.

    In other words, there is real work going on in the physical world about which we only talk about. Turn on your TV and pretend to watch “news,” for example, and you will see overpaid people who graduated from the right colleges and went right to work writing and talking about… what? About the real work that other people, like truck drivers, are doing? No, not really. They don’t know about that. They have never really been close enough to even know that they don’t know.

    Yet they are the “public intellectuals” who deign to form our opinions for us.

    Let them all take a few truck driving lessons, or maybe work in a steel mill for a while, before they tell us what to think and care about.

  80. Mr. Anon says:

    As for many of these companies, if they get into any trouble, they just shut down and reincorporate as something else, with a cousin or uncle being the titular head of the company. It’s not like if Canada Cartage screws up. Read the article. Canadian police wouldn’t even tell one bereaved family what company the driver who killed their daughter worked for.

    At least they’re not blowing up airplanes anymore:

    Invite the whole World – invite the whole World’s problems.

  81. Mr. Anon says:
    @Andrey illyich

    Driving trucks is a relatively well paid job. Are Euro canadians actually uninterested in it?

    The fact that it is a relatively well paid job is the reason that employers want to bring in foreign coolies to do it – so they can turn it into a relatively not so well paid job

  82. Of course qualified people should drive.

    And of course you miss the point. As always.

    The point is that truck companies don’t pay drivers enough and are constantly cutting corners and forcing drivers to work tired, etc etc etc.

    As always, corporations, companies, working on the principles of the “free market” are endangering everyone.

    And in classic CIA-approved diversionary manner, you blame it all on an Indian.

  83. @bigdicknick

    You are absolutely correct. Most of the rules in any society are unspoken- that’s what causes friction and misunderstandings between tourists and natives. The Anglo-Americans have different rules than the Southerm Europeans, for example.
    The new immigrants, who live in enclaves as advance scouts for the ever increasing army of occupation, care not a whit for the rules of the rapidly being dispossessed.
    I lived in Miami for years. Ask any white man about Cuban manners and respect for our laws and ways. Or black man, for that matter.
    Pieces of shit, most of them (not all).

  84. J.Ross says:
    @Steve Sailer

    It’s not a matter of entitlement, it has to be done that way. How many commuters yield to tow trucks with their lights on trying to pull off the shoulder? And why not? Because they’re being idiots. But giving yourself space for an unforgiving maneuver is a necessity, not a shortcut.

  85. @bomag

    They don’t need to bribe.

    White people are so terrified of being called racist, they just give in to anything, even if they know it’s wrong. The Indians don’t even need to call them racist. The white people know it’s a weapon at their disposal and fold before the race card is ever played.

    The threat of being called racist is so scary for white people that they will instantly cave.

  86. @SigHeiler

    Indians are a total disaster. I don’t know what to say. They are bad in almost every way.

    I just sit back and watch 95% of gullible white people get screwed by Indians every day.

    Bad times are a comin’ for North America… and it ain’t because of the Mexicans…

    • Replies: @PorkTastic
  87. @Bill P

    Don’t shop at Indian-owned stores. Even if it’s cheaper.

    When I go to a store and see a large number of Subcons working there… nope. They don’t get my money. It’s difficult, but it’s worth. I only frequent Christian, or white stores.

    • Agree: JMcG
    • Replies: @Anonymous
  88. JMcG says:
    @Wheel Holder

    One of the best comments I’ve ever read. Thank you for taking the time to write it.

    • Agree: Lurker
  89. anonymous[414] • Disclaimer says:
    @Dr. X

    Right, if done correctly, this time it will work.

  90. @Old Prude

    That’s the price you pay for letting a while bunch of people from low trust cultures. Ones either remains ignorant of the “changed dynamics” and adapts or see them slowly dismantle the place.

    Either way, one losses so I’d rather we adapt

  91. SDMatt says:

    The Brampton truck driver who caused a colossal crash on Burlington’s Skyway Bridge that caused $1.2 million in damage and injured three motorists has lost an appeal of his conviction and sentence.

    Sukhvinder Singh Rai, 38, was convicted of dangerous driving in 2016 in the July 31, 2014 crash. He was sentenced to one year in jail.

    Rai was driving a dump truck and had failed to turn off the power that operated the lifting and lowering of the trailer’s box. As he drove on the QEW eastbound approaching the Skyway, the box rose to a position higher than the clearance on the bridge and hit it, damaging it severely.

  92. @LoutishAngloQuebecker

    I just sit back and watch 95% of gullible white people get screwed by Indians every day

    That’s not good. You need to be using that as an opportunity to hammer since sense into them. That’s what I try to do. It’s not easy but there’s no choice.

    Fired me, the most difficult people are the main stream cuckservative types who can’t stop hymning about LEGAL immigration. After “muh Israel” its always about LEGAL immigration and IQ nationalism for these dolts.

    The genuinely naive dyed in the wool liberal usually does awaken after being taken for a ride one to many times but not the cuckservative. It’s like religion to him

    • Replies: @ATBOTL
  93. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @Andrey illyich

    Most of the companies mentioned in the article are fly-by-night operations who have no interest hiring local whites(or anyone not Punjabi Sikh for that matter). Many also expect kickbacks in exchange for a job, something quite foreign to traditional Canadian culture.

    I’d imagine another important part of the equation is subcon family structure. Many if not most of the subcons in Canada have multiple families in single-family homes, and this is their ideal. Childcare is ridiculously expensive in most Canadian major urban/suburban areas, and in a two income family where the husband is a long-haul trucker, you’d expect even more massive childcare costs unless the mother stayed home. Having grandma or uncle Jaswinder living downstairs mean that such families don’t need to spend nearly so much on childcare because there’s always someone to mind the kids. So I’d imagine the barriers to entry for trucking for an young Indian couple is lower than for whites.

    It’s also interesting that Brampton, the probably the capital of Canada’s trucking industry, is also Canada’s Sikh capital. You know what else Brampton is notorious for? Having the highest auto insurance rates in Ontario. To the point that Sikh political activists have tried to make it an election issue and (Indian)Brampton residents routinely lie about their home addresses in the hopes of getting lower rates. The actuaries have spoken.

  94. What happens when autonomous trucking become mainstream in a few years, guess all these foreign truckers would have naturalized by then so they ain’t going anywhere.

    Off highway mining haul truck driving pays big bucks; in Canada’s oil sands, with overtime drivers can earn around $170,000. About 30 years ago the Japanese construction and mining equipment giant Komatsu started devekoping autonomous haul trucks. A few mines around the world are now using their autonomous trucks. Komatsu is a leader in manned surface mining haul trucks.

    Komatsu autonomous surface mining dump trucks

    Today, Komatsu’s Autonomous Haulage System (AHS), which both operates and manages fleets of self-driving mining trucks with capacities between 200 and 400 tons, does so in mines at three locations around the globe. This month, Komatsu says it will hit a major milestone: 2 billion metric tons of material moved with these AHS trucks.

    Having been to the Middle-East, and noticing that Pashtuns dominate trucking, I am surprised they aren’t dominating trucking in Canada. I suppose the owners of the trucking companies are all Sikhs or Hindus and have an aversion to hiring Pashtuns/Muslims.

  95. anon[340] • Disclaimer says:

    We have their recipes. They can go back now.

    Even the one for Mulligatawny.

  96. Bill P says:

    Americans would do well to learn more about Sikhism. It’s an admirable religion in many ways.

    Sikhs are monotheists, stress discipline and look out for their own. The founding gurus taught that people should have their own national script and faith. Sikh women are chaste and endogamous. The men take their communal obligations seriously.

    In short, Sikhs are very well adapted to pluralistic societies.

    I don’t like what they are doing here, but it’s important to keep in mind that from their own perspective they are doing nothing wrong, and Christians’ welfare isn’t their responsibility.

  97. Lurker says:

    We’ve seen numerous communist regimes fall or fade away. There has only been one NS regime and that was destroyed by the most powerful military forces ever assembled, up to that point in time. Not really a clear case of it collapsing due to its obvious internal contradictions.

    (Dunno how the earlier incarnation of this comment comes to be up there?)

  98. Lurker says:

    Close the borders, open the recipe books.

  99. AKAHorace says:

    They also make great security guards, soldiers, policemen and secondary characters in Bollywood movies.

  100. AKAHorace says:

    They also make great security guards, soldiers, policemen and secondary characters in Bollywood movies.

  101. Hunsdon says:
    @Daniel H

    You can do it. Never be ashamed to get out and look. Goal! It gets much easier with time.

  102. Anonymous[344] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill P

    Then why is half the Punjab trying to move to Brampton and Surrey?

    • Replies: @Bill P
  103. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    There was only one National Socialist regime, but there are lot of “national-socialist” regimes, including the one country that wouldn’t exist if Big NS had not been around. Others include Singapore and the PRC.

  104. @Bill P

    I don’t like what they are doing here, but it’s important to keep in mind that from their own perspective they are doing nothing wrong, and Christians’ welfare isn’t their responsibility.

    So engaging in ethnic nepotism while discriminating against prole Canadians is not doing anything wrong?? Like taking over a business, firing all prole canadians while bringing in their relatives from the Punjab is A-OK in your eyes??

    So let me get this straight. Letting the natives keep their jobs or not engaging in ethnic nepotism whether it is the trucking industry or IT/Tech is the same as donating to native charity or welfare for prole Christians??

  105. ATBOTL says:

    It will only be a matter of time before senior politicians and government officials are themselves Indians.

  106. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    I buy all my gas (or most of it) from QuikTrip, the Oklahoma based chain run by ‘Chet’ Cadieux, son of co-founder Chester Cadieux. They were both dicks and I told both of them that to their face. But, the stores are clean, the gas is fresh and clean, the shitters are clean, selection of stuff so-so, the coffee is fresh and not burnt like Charbucks. Most important: I’m not financing chain migration at QT.

    While driving through Dallas, Burt Holmes was intrigued by the success of 7-Eleven and decided to open a small grocery store in his hometown of Tulsa. He took on classmate Chester Cadieux as a partner in his planned venture. Holmes and Cadieux each invested $5,000, and three other investors put up $2,000 each for the venture.

    The first QuikTrip store was opened in a Tulsa strip mall in 1958, which sold a limited selection of groceries with high prices for the convenience. The chain grew rapidly, opening its first store outside Tulsa in 1964, expanding to Missouri in 1971 and Iowa in 1974.

    QuikTrip began to sell gasoline in 1971 as states legalized self-service stations. In the early 1970s, co-founder Cadieux eliminated slow-moving merchandise from the stores’ inventory, such as canned vegetables, and stocked a larger quantity of items, priced low for high-volume sales, such as beer, soda, coffee, cigarettes, and candy.[7] In 1976, it became one of the first convenience store chains to be open 24 hours a day. Also that year, it adopted its now-famous “QT” logo.

  107. ATBOTL says:

    A lot of older movement conservatives from the 60’s generation(I won’t call them boomers), are still positive about H1B visas increases and increased Indian immigration in general. They really give an ethnic group a lot of credit just for not being in your face hostile and thuggish.

  108. black sea says:
    @Daniel H

    Congratulations on starting a new career. Back when trucking paid better, I knew a guy whose dad had been headmaster of a private school. He grew tired of it, understandably, and became a trucker. He said his dad liked the worked better, and made more money as well.

    Trucking has its downsides, but it does seem to draw some people who don’t mind being alone with their thoughts and who like the relative independence. As a college student, I drove a laundry truck in a large national park out west. I’ve commented many times that in certain ways it was the best job I’ve ever had.

    You may enjoy this interview with a pretty articulate guy who’s written a book about trucking. He’s one of the few who does quite well from the job financially, probably because he’s bright and can speak comfortably with corporate executives. He’s done a variety of other things as well.

    • Replies: @Jim Don Bob
  109. anon[512] • Disclaimer says:
    @Bill P

    Americans would do well to learn more about Sikhism.

    I’m sure they’re fantastic people, but they have their own country. They have to go back.

  110. @Bill P

    Americans would do well to learn more about Sikhism. It’s an admirable religion in many ways.

    I’ve met a few Sikh guys over the years. and the ones I met were affable and cheerful. They seemed to take pride in being outgoing and positive. One of them mentioned something about their religion requiring them to keep a positive and optimistic attitude at all times about life here and now, rather than in the hereafter, and about it requiring engagement with community. Whether that actually affects them all at the level of individual personality, I can’t say.

    I do know the Victorian Brits thought well of them after defeating them, and praised their manly and frank qualities, in contrast to other sub-groups and castes in India.

  111. Anonymous[427] • Disclaimer says:

    I do know the Victorian Brits thought well of them after defeating them, and praised their manly and frank qualities, in contrast to other sub-groups and castes in India.

    I can admire a people without wanting them all here.

    • Agree: bomag
  112. @Hibernian

    Poshard was the last moderate Democrat of statewide prominence in Illinois. Illinois once could be distinguished from CA, MA, MD, and NY. Not anymore.

    Illinois was hardly unique. California had Edmund Brown, New York Pat Moynihan and Sam Stratton.

    Even today, there’s this:

  113. @obwandiyag

    The point is that truck companies don’t pay drivers enough and are constantly cutting corners and forcing drivers to work tired, etc etc etc.

    “Because they can.”

    So you agree that hiring immigrants is irresponsible and abusive behavior on the part of trucking companies.

    What should the minimum legal wage for an immigrant driver be? $50/hr? $75?

    How about a mandatory five or six days off– every week?

    Note that the Canadian driver in the fatal crash didn’t speak English. I don’t think that meant he spoke French. Why was he in the country in the first place?

  114. Bill P says:

    Because it works for them. Your question should be “why are my leaders letting my people get pushed aside?”

    There’s no law stopping you from asserting your community’s interests, is there?

    The point is that complaining about these people accomplishes nothing if you aren’t willing to put in some constructive effort on behalf of your own.

  115. Alden says:

    How about all us gun owners form a non profit Sikh sect. But instead of carrying a dagger everywhere all the time, our sect requires carrying a hand gun at all times without a government permit.

    $50 a year donation to our religion 20,000 members we’d have the money to hire the best attorneys to legalize our religious exemption.

    We’d be like Buddhists. For the religious, we could practice our old Christian jewish whatever religion along with Open Carry Sikhism

  116. @PiltdownMan

    I knew a white guy at UCLA MBA school who was a convert to Sikhism, wore a turban and carried a dagger and all that. Otherwise, his affect was that of a very conventional suburban Southern Californian of the Baby Boom generation.

    • Replies: @Olorin
  117. Alden says:
    @International Jew

    I’ve seen that movie a few times. Hilarious!

  118. @Bill P

    So in other words you have to spend your entire life like a character in the original “Night of the Living Dead,” eternally under siege on all sides by endless swarms and hordes of hostiles trying to get into your country so they can devour you; you can never, ever actually just live your life on your own terms, at ease in your own country which your forebears built for you, and not for random Punjabis and Sikhs and Gujaratis and Moslems and Chinese and Vietnamese and Ghanaians and Senegalese and Arabs and Pakis and Yemenis and Nigerians and Jamaicans and Bangladeshis and Morroccans and Hondurans.

    Instead you must spend every waking moment of your entire life boarding up the windows and doors to keep the worldwide foreign zombies out, people who have lived in their own lands for thousands of years but somehow could not figure out on their own how to not live in a sh!thole.

    That is what your shrugging “asserting your community’s interests” entails. That is what your “putting in some constructive effort” entails.

    Dayum, you are one glib mofo.

    • Replies: @PorkTastic
  119. Alden says:

    First reasonable comment you’ve made.

  120. Olorin says:
    @Louis Renault

    John Q. Publius’s The Way Life Should Be? series (presently at 13 parts) digs deep into the wizards behind the curtain of this recently syncreted NWOglobo faith.

    Not to be missed IMO.

  121. Olorin says:
    @Louis Renault

    Shoulda included this in my other reply re: John Q. Publius’s series but am slow tonight.

    Here ya go, Just A Poor Corrupt Official, with thanks to our host for indulging my copypaste the other night:

  122. Olorin says:
    @Steve Sailer

    his affect was that of a very conventional suburban Southern Californian of the Baby Boom generation.

    How did he manage the turban and dagger on the surfboard?

  123. @The Germ Theory of Disease

    He sure is glib without a doubt. Subcons after all have been modeling their verbiage after the jews hence the chutzpah

    Nonetheless, he does have a point. As long as corn fed whites don’t get off their fat asses, nothings gonna change. Sh*t happens. It’s life after all. Look at so many places in the third world. Coups, wars, disasters many of them driven by foreign interests and quite a few people still face it with solemnity and fortitude. They engage in massive protests at the risk of certain death, take up arms etc. I think things have to get real bad real fast for people to wake up. Aka the proverbial frog pan needs to be set on fire.

    • Replies: @bomag
    , @Reg Cæsar
  124. @Mr. Blank

    Any big trucking company is run by a crook(s). Smaller five or ten truck outfits maybe not so much, but I never worked for one of them.

    I dropped out of college during my second go round in higher-ed to take a year long break to drive across country. That was twenty years ago. Back then (maybe now? Don’t know) it was the understanding of DMV testers that getting your license meant knowing the basics, which means being able to drive on city streets, the highway, and parallel park. Acquiring real-world skills would be left to having an apprenticeship with your employer (Stevens, JB Hunt, England, Swift, etc.) involving being on the road (in the same truck) with an experienced drive for a month or so. In my case, after that, the company paired newbies up for an additional three weeks of team driving. After that, see the world, or really, the lower 48 and Canada.

    Anyone with an IQ of 90 and up can do it, providing they have decent hand-eye coordination, and spatial recognition (e.g. will my truck fit through or under there?)

    As far as the snow and ice mentioned in the story, I had a similar experience. The first time I ever say real (accumulated on the ground) snow was in New Mexico during a particulary intense snowstorm travelling through hilly terrain north to Albuquerque. Long story short, I slid a bit on the narrow two lane, and my rear tandems went off the road and got stuck.

    The ‘first time driving in snow’ story is a common one among Southerners who are truck drivers.

    It was a crappy and low paying job, but I did get to travel my ass off, and had fun a good deal of the time. Went to NYC three times and even drove a rig down Broadway (I wasn’t supposed to, I was lost).

  125. Medvedev says:

    “Hard-working immigrants with great work ethics do jobs Americans/Canadians won’t do”
    “Con artists with horrible work ethics will overtake American/Canadian jobs thanks to nepotism and bribery”

  126. Medvedev says:

    Mr. Singh, who had been in Canada as a visitor for just a few months when he got his first job here under a temporary work permit
    immigration consultants told him that getting experience in trucking could help him qualify for permanent residency
    Mr. Singh says he had to give $10,000 in cash to GLT Transportation just to get hired

    Conman lied to immigration officials about the intention of his stay (visitor visa, huh?)

    Employee, consultants, employers/trucking companies all of them are scammers who take over corporate America not due to their qualifications or excellent work ethics, but nepotism, scams, politics and bribery. That’s why STEM contests like code jam, hackercup etc are totally dominated by Chinese, Russians, Japanese, Poles, Koreans. But low-skilled Indian engineers are flooding the US and Canada, taking over companies one by one and getting to leadership positions. Gee, even previous Pepsi CEO was Indian.

  127. @The Alarmist

    Which team might that be? Not mine.

    • Agree: Dan Hayes
  128. Gee, even previous Pepsi CEO was Indian.

    The Pepsi CEO was an engineer? I thought she was an MBA/management consulting type.

  129. bomag says:
    @Bill P

    Because it works for them.

    Bleh. Modern immigration is mostly an opportunistic grift. It doesn’t reflect well on those partaking.

    Q: “Why did you have sex with that comatose woman?”

    A: “Works for me.”

  130. bomag says:

    As long as corn fed whites don’t get off their fat asses, nothings gonna change.

    Problem is that these “corn fed whites” are working pretty hard to enable the invasion. Just the other day, a bunch of nice whites were down on the courthouse lawn and in the building working pretty hard to keep an illegal from being deported. I doubt there are any Sikh counterparts working as hard for their displacement in their homeland.

    A rejoinder would be that they aren’t that stupid, which at least gets us to an honest appraisal of this modern invasion: the smart conquering the dumb; not all that crap about growing the GDP and helping displaced migrants.

  131. bomag says:

    no regulatory oversight of any kind

    Maybe some regional differences, but the West/Midwest are plenty tough.

    Do you know anyone running a legitimate trucking business in California? One guy I know had to build special trucks to meet the local (pissy) rules.

    Plus buying and maintaining the modern pollution control engines is a nightmare. I suspect immigrants just bypass the stuff.

  132. Corn says:
    @Steve Sailer

    The 1998 November elections were the first elections I was old enough to vote in. I also voted for Poshard. The only Democratic gubernatorial candidate I’ve ever voted for, but I don’t regret it.

  133. Corn says:

    I remember in the Ryan-Poshard contest Ryan claimed that Poshard (the Democrat) was soft on gun control!

    • Replies: @Reg Cæsar
  134. O Canada! Catching on to what we do here in the Yoo Ess of Aay are we? Hiring cheap foreign labor and pocketing the difference.

  135. @obwandiyag

    Trucking companies are by no means the only ones. Small to mid sized construction companies as well as companies in other industries (i.e. livery services, Uber etc.) who rely upon manual labor pull the same move. I’m sure it’s done in Canada too. I used to be in the insurance claims business and if I had a dime for every agent or broker who told me that half the companies for whom they placed insurance deliberately UNDER REPORTED (on applications for insurance) the actual number of actual employees, I’d be a millionaire. Most of these workers are either paid cash under the table or, come crunch time when one of ’em gets hurt and files for, say, workers compensation benefits, are described by the employer as 1099 “independent contractors.” These people rarely meet the threshold that separates employees from independent contractors. They are by and large at best semi-literate and have virtually no skills. In essence this is insurance fraud on the part of the employer.

    And the cost to the public? Probably in the hundreds of millions.

  136. @Bill P

    I have no interest in Sikhism.

    I follow the Bible.

    Sikhs can go be honorable in Punjab, good for them. But I have no interest in whatever it is that they do.

    Boomers make me sick with the model minority worship.

  137. @Corn

    I remember in the Ryan-Poshard contest Ryan claimed that Poshard (the Democrat) was soft on gun control!

    For whites or for blacks? It makes a difference. Hard for one is soft for the other.

  138. @PorkTastic

    As long as corn fed whites don’t get off their fat asses

    I thought the corn was rotting in the fields!

  139. Paleoconn says:

    The driver who killed those teenage hockey players in Humboldt Saskatchewan in 2018 may have been part of the same scam. He was two weeks on the job from what I recall and also a recent immigrant from the subcontinent although not Sikh, I don’t think.

  140. OK.

    If the article and comments mean anything, they mean that less money is going to truck transportation than was the in, say, AD 2000.
    Recent story: I get frequent package deliveries. Sometimes I’m outside when the truck stops and can talk to the driver (if he’s not in a super hurry and wants to). In the most recent such conversation the driver said that _all_ of the truck cleaners had been fired. No more washing trucks. Dirt in the hinges. Visibility down. All delivered package covered with a thin layer of dust.

    Reason given: gross malfeasance by all truck washers, no reason given for not hiring more. Likely excuse for cost cutting.

    Even US management isn’t dumb enough to cut out truck washing unless they had a mandate to reduce costs _right now_. In that case, management often drops all maintenance.

    I’d suggest that the importation of immigrants is not optional for the companies anymore. Their profit margin is so small that shippers can’t afford industry standard wages, so small (for the Canadian companies described in this comment stream) that shippers take the risk of fraud conviction to avoid payment for accidents, and treat drivers as expendables simply because there is a large supply of naive foreign drivers) and so small that the government doesn’t prosecute, figuring that fraudulent shipping is better than none at all..

    This ties in with inadequate income flow to urban areas. The US economy just isn’t that productive anymore (lacks labor and capital, not to mention management), and the urban areas continue to pull out money that should have gone to capital maintenance and improvement. If your capital goods yield more than 5% (say) and you take out a constant value more than 5%, you get exactly the same problem as not fully paying off your credit card. The value of the capital goods declines in the general form 1-(2^t), t being time, and the more the value has declined, the less capital remains, and the steeper this year’s decline will be. You go broke slowly, then rapidly. You can actually see this happening in urban areas where increasingly desperate attempts to get income are being pursued.

    The only way out of such a situation in civil life is bankruptcy. The people living on the anticipated income stream of your debt payments can’t do that — the stream is greatly diminished or eliminated. You are left with few capital goods, but even fewer obligations. Something analogous can happen to an entire society.


  141. @PiltdownMan

    Canadian Sikh terrorists blew up an Air India flight off Ireland in 1985 and killed 329 people.

  142. Anon[282] • Disclaimer says:

    The way I recall Americans, with their grandparents farmed in state-subsidized “private” old people homes (Medi-Cal ALW anyone?) and their children sent to college, asked to get tens of thousands in debt before they can drink the first beer, yeah, I am sure you can’t understand.

    What’s the 4D chess here? The man was unemployed. He paid 10K, to get access to a job where he made 10K in 4 months. After those 4 months, he was better off than before, and better than most US college graduates.

    Most of the comments here are about Indians stealing these great jobs. That should mean those are good jobs, worth paying for. But once the Fash sees the Foreigner did not get his job through the Indian mafia, the Fash starts moaning, ‘but muh truth, how can anyone pay 10K driver license’.

    Incidentally, that’s about the price of a CDL school in US.

    • Replies: @MikeatMikedotMike
  143. @Anon

    I didn’t go to college, but I do drive a truck. I’m going to go ahead and confirm that I know a lot more about the industry than you. Everything you just said that wasn’t complete nonsense is false.

  144. @black sea

    My idea of Hell would be listening to Judy Woodruff forever.

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