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World War R

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From the Los Angeles Times: Governor Newsom said, "Personally, my hair, like every aspect of me, is amazing: I have American Psycho-level hair! "But I can see why you people with your mediocre hair want a law making it illegal for anybody to notice that you don't have
I'm not going to watch, but feel free to comment. Last night was World War T Night: Isn't it transphobic for Castro to apologize for thinking that transwomen need taxpayer-funded abortions. It's a stereotype that transwomen don't need an abortion. Everyone needs an abortion! Which sacred Intersectional group will be most lauded tonight? Maybe World... Read More
From The ACLU has lost a lot of its mojo relative to the SPLC and the ADL in recent decades, but Reparations sounds like a way to get media buzz back.
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