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It was never exactly a secret that “clander,” the main writer of Stuff White People Like, is Christian Lander, but a nice interview of him by Gregory Rodriguez in the L.A. Times makes it public.

Yes, he’s a white person, not an Asian as various commenters theorized at length.

The comments on his site tend to be pretty funny in their cluelessness about his motivations. The most obvious analog to Christian, who describes himself as “a general snob,” is Tom Wolfe, but without all the exclamation points: a political and cultural conservative with a contrary streak who is an acute observer of status symbols not because he disdains material possessions but because he has strong aesthetic opinions about, well, stuff.

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An anonymous commenter offers a terminological suggestion that gets to the competitive white-versus-white heart of the people described in

I vote for calling them white rpeople instead of whitepeople. Then we could say “That’s mighty whiter of you,” etc.

Plus it would google better.

Speaking of the perils of family formation among whiterpeople, see “Parent Shock: Children Are Not Decor.”

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