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White Death

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Life expectancy in the United States dropped again in 2016, the first time in over a half century that life expectancy declined two straight years. Death rates were up in people under 65, while down among oldsters. "Unintentional injuries" were up almost ten percent in 2016 over 2015. That includes car accidents, which have been... Read More
Marge's pill bottle says "Prozac" rather than "Vicodin," but we get the message: the last decade and a half of rising white death rates without anybody paying attention has been Trump fault's.
From the Washington Post: Look how lacking was the attention to the problem faced by African Americans that black movie stars traditionally only win a representative share of Oscars rather than more than their share. Do you realize this country went two entire years, 2015 and 2016, between black movies winning the Best Picture Oscars... Read More
From the Washington Post: U.S. life expectancy declines for the first time since 1993 By Lenny Bernstein December 8 at 12:01 AM For the first time in more than two decades, life expectancy for Americans declined last year [2015] — a troubling development linked to a panoply of worsening health problems in the United States.... Read More
I coined the term the White Death last year when attention finally turned to a remarkable fall in life expectancy among some white populations due to the lucky coincidence of economist Angus Deaton and his wife publishing a paper on the subject just days after he was awarded the new quasi-Nobel Laureate in economics. From... Read More
From The Guardian: Is the 'Ferguson effect' real? Researcher has second thoughts ‘Some version’ of theory linking protests over police killings to increase in crime may be best explanation for increase in murders in 2015, St Louis criminologist says after deeper analysis of crime trends Lois Beckett @loisbeckett Friday 13 May 2016 16.23 EDT For... Read More
From the NYT: Unfortunately, I can't yet find this data online. Update: Commenter Drake found it here. After receiving an advance look at the data, the F.B.I. director, James B. Comey Jr., expressed alarm Wednesday about the spike in murders in some major cities. Reigniting the debate over a “Ferguson effect,” he told reporters that... Read More
Via Andrew Gelman, here's a graph highlighting changes in male American mortality (all races) by year of birth. It shows a spectacular spike among later baby boomers in mortality. I've been pointing out since November that the spike in increases in deaths by (especially) drug overdose, suicide, and alcoholism seem to be centered in whites... Read More
We can ask this question about life expectancy first for people in the bottom quarter of the income distribution and then for people in the top quarter of affluence. According to Stanford economist Raj Chetty’s paper, the poor live longest where there is massive economic inequality, lots and lots of cops, and unaffordable housing: e.g.,... Read More
The New York Times' "Upshot" section has a long-running arrangement with economist Raj Chetty (who recently moved from Harvard to Stanford) to publicize his research on a vast trove of otherwise confidential IRS 1040 data without emphasizing the politically incorrect implications of his research. Chetty has now posted a new paper on life expectancies by... Read More
From the NYT: By ANDREW J. CHERLIN FEB. 22, 2016 315 COMMENTS IT’S disturbing and puzzling news: Death rates are rising for white, less-educated Americans. ... Both studies attributed the higher death rates to increases in poisonings and chronic liver disease, which mainly reflect drug overdoses and alcohol abuse, and to suicides. In contrast, death... Read More
This Super Bowl Rocket Mortgage commercial seemed to be aimed at regulators and politicians as much as borrowers. It was vaguely reminiscent of George W. Bush's speech at the 2002 White House Conference on Increasing Minority Homeownership and Angelo Mozilo's 2003 Harvard address about how Bush's regulators should get the message that old-fashioned standards on... Read More
More on the White Death: Drug Overdoses Propel Rise in Mortality Rates of Young Whites NYT By GINA KOLATA and SARAH COHEN JAN. 16, 2016 538 COMMENTS Drug overdoses are driving up the death rate of young white adults in the United States to levels not seen since the end of the AIDS epidemic more... Read More
Via Marginal Revolution, Robert VerBruggen at RealClearPolicy has an interesting graph of total death rates showing the White Death from drug overdoses (blue line). But most striking to me is the red line showing motor vehicle deaths. I would have expected motor vehicle deaths to be steadily declining as technology improves, with a modest speeding... Read More
West Virginia has long been notorious as the worst white state in the country, and the recent White Death has hit West Virginia whites harder than any other state's whites, with death rates among whites 45-54 years old increasing 41% from 1999-2013. Ohio isn't as badly off as West Virginia, but the middle-aged death rate... Read More
Blogger Sendil has kindly sent along a table he or she made from Center for Disease Control data on the change in death rates among whites (both sexes) age 45-54 by state between 1999 and 2013. It looks like it correlates with white drugs (opioids, meth), obesity, smoking, and low real estate prices (i.e., expensive... Read More
I know The White Death isn't as fun to talk about as, say, the KKK Invasion hysteria that swept the U. of Missouri yesterday, but it is a matter of life and death. Above are Andrew Gelman's graphs showing death rate trend lines for white women (pink) and white men (blue)* from 1999 to 2013... Read More
The growth in death rates among whites identified in late October by Case & Deaton for 45-54 year olds is turning out to be not restricted just to middle-aged whites. This week, Andrew Gelman pointed out that the age adjusted death rate was up 9% from 1999 to 2013 among white women age 35-44 (although... Read More
Statistics professor Andrew Gelman follows up on Angus Deaton and Ann Case's October paper on the increase in death rates among whites aged 45-54 with a graph showing the age-adjusted death rate among white men spiked in the early 2000s, then dropped back to about 2% above where it was in 1999 (in an era... Read More
Yesterday I was walking along and it occurred to me that some of the horrific change in death rates among 45-54 year American whites since the late 1990s relative to other groups in America and abroad may be due to changes over time in the average age of 45-54 year olds. Back in 1998, 45-54... Read More
The majority of the ongoing increase in death rates among 45-54 year old whites happened around 1999-2002. But nobody much noticed that it had happened until 13 years later on October 29, 2015, when the husband-wife team of Angus Deaton and Ann Case published a paper on it. Why not? Well, first, everybody might well... Read More
The big upturn in death rates among middle-aged whites was right around the turn of the 21st Century, say 1999-2002. So why so little publicity until this week? From the Washington Post: Prestigious medical journals rejected stunning study on deaths among middle-aged whites By Joel Achenbach and Lenny Bernstein November 3 A startling new study... Read More
Above is a graph from the new paper on increasing death rates among middle aged white Americans by Anne Case and Angus Deaton: "Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century." This graph shows death rates from the big three causes that have exploded among whites since 1998: overdoses,... Read More
Above is a graph from that paper by the quasi-Nobel laureate in Economics and his wife: Rising morbidity and mortality in midlife among white non-Hispanic Americans in the 21st century Anne Case and Angus Deaton This paper documents a marked increase in the all-cause mortality of middle-aged white non-Hispanic men and women in the United... Read More
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