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Unbearable Whiteness

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To help promote his recent memoir, Elvis Costello (real name: Declan Patrick McManus) revived this video of his dad Ross McManus singing in about 1963. This video explains a lot about the son.
As I pointed out in my Taki's Magazine review of the Oscar frontrunner, La La Land: From Paste: By the way, here's a list of article titles featuring the "unbearable whiteness" cliche / racial slur I found earlier this year. My favorite was “The Unbearable Whiteness of Milk: Food Oppression and …" ... The film... Read More
From Slate: That's reasonable. Fernandez was likely ahead of most pitchers who make the Hall of Fame, although many pitchers who start out that well don't wind up in the Hall. Fernandez turned 24 on July 31, 2016, so this season goes in as Age 23. His lifetime record through age 23 was 38-17 with... Read More
First page on Google of a search for "Unbearable Whiteness" (a pun on the Milan Kundera novel and Daniel Day-Lewis movie Unbearable Lightness of Being): Search Results The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball - The New York Times The New York Times Apr 10, 2016 - Magazine | On Sports. The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball.... Read More
Oops, here's today's real most burning issue from the New York Times: The Unbearable Whiteness of Baseball By JAY CASPIAN KANG APRIL 6, 2016 By instinct, honed reflex and general contrarianism, I root for all “flashy” “showboats” who are “disgraces to the game.” ... As I grew older and started feeling alienated from my white... Read More
Joe "Anonymous" Klein of The New Yorker headlined an article in Slate: "The Unbearable Whiteness of Poland." Coming next in his series are essays on "The Unbearable Blackness of Nigeria" and "The Unbearable Yellowness of Vietnam."
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